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  1. Why is John Cena so garb? And who's your top 5 fav?
  2. Why doesn't CM Punk have the pepsi tattoo and his GI Joe Cobra tattoo in WWE video games?
  3. Did you enjoy the Sheamus Mark Henry segment on Smackdown when Sheamus turned face?
  4. What things could i do?
  5. How would it effect iMPACT Wrestling's rating plus BQ?
  6. For people who watch Zack Ryders internet show?
  7. Are those paper baggers Racist ? part 2?
  8. WWE's replica belt isn't actually real replica?
  9. will cena turn heel at summerslam?
  10. So it looks like Sheamus is a face now, do u think it's a good move?
  11. About the secondary WWE Championship title belt?
  12. who is taller: sheamus or jack swagger?
  13. How would you hold your championship title?
  14. So is WWE warming up the feud between Randy Orton/Christian for the Undertaker?
  15. What one moment in Pro Wrestling history would you show someone who is not a Wrestling fan?
  16. what was the match of the week ?
  17. WWE Would You Rather?
  18. What storyline are u getting sick of in the WWE?
  19. What is the record for the longest match that was not an Iron Man match?
  20. Why does Vince Russo come up with such pathetic storyline ideas?
  21. How many bags does Booker have now?
  22. Which Dinosaurs do you like better? The ones in the Jurassic Park movie or the ones in TNA?
  23. Do statistics matter in wrestling?
  24. You bastards tried to stop me. But that is impossible?
  25. What is your opinion on wwe superstar dolph ziggler?
  26. Do you think WWE pays more attention to ROH than they do to TNA?
  27. What was the worst moment of Smackdown?
  28. How did your favorite wrestler become your favorite wrestler?
  29. Who sucks more, Hulk Hogan or your boss?
  30. do non wrestling fans think that we think this is real?
  31. WWE who had the best spinebuster? The Rock, HHH, Booker T, or Batisa?
  32. Which wrestler would you rather sleep with poll(girls and guys)?
  33. why does AJ wrestle more then the winner of NXT?
  34. when is svr 2012 going to be out?
  35. Now that CM Punk is back on the action, What is the future of the New Nexus?
  36. Making HHH the Boss of wwe is the smartest thing wwe has ever done think bout the ratings....
  37. what did sheamus say that they censured it?
  38. Bobby Howard is hilarious?
  39. what wrestling comparison annoys you the most?
  40. Why are the wwe divas matches not as good as they used to be?
  41. Agree/Disagree, If Smackdown went live for every week, they could have better ratings than RAW?
  42. Do you think they brought CM Punk back too soon?
  43. Wrestling Section User Poll?
  44. What?!! Is Sheamus face now?
  45. 10 Question WCW Trivia?
  46. is the SvR 11 available on psp?
  47. PWI the biggest joke ever miz number 1 really all he has is mic skills?
  48. What do you think of Miz being the #1 wrestler by PWI standards?
  49. What is one moment that occured in the history of pro wrestling that every fan should...
  50. Should Undertaker retire at WM28, why or why not?
  51. What is one thing in the history of pro wrestling that everyfan should know about + BQ?
  52. Are you rating answer or the answerer?+ wrestling question inside .. maybe?
  53. Does anyone else like Alicia Fox?
  54. Did anyone notice that the Nexus had the same theme used by Justin Gabriel on Smackdown?
  55. did you like kenny dykstra in wwe?
  56. Am i the only one finds it weird that Maven Huffman is black?
  57. Is Smackdown worth getting some popcorn going?
  58. WWE HEaT or WWE Velocity?
  59. Tell me who do u think would win in this battel royal match?
  60. Cody Rhodes or Ted Dibiase Jr?
  61. What match have you seen so many times?
  62. What do you think of Sting taking control over in TNA?
  63. wwe wrestlers height?
  64. Who has the most fit body, John Morrison or Randy Orton+ DWC episode 4 and should i get my own
  65. Do you think if Shane didnt leave it will be him instead of Triple H?
  66. If WWE were to create a Ring of Honor Stable who should be in it?
  67. Can somebody please explain to me why do I have the most insane crush on WWE Diva: Eve Torres?
  68. Why am i being reported for not liking Cena? Why ask if you if you dont want the truth?
  69. Who is one wrestler you used to hate but now like?
  70. What would you do if you could re-create the Raw and Smackdown! rosters?
  71. Agree or Disagree, the PG Era is ending?
  72. What did you think of Rob Conway?
  73. Opinions on Renee Dupree?
  74. Did you like Smackdown's Cruise Weight division?
  75. What's your favorite 2006 WWE pay-per view?
  76. Has anyone seen the video of Scott Hall at that indy show?
  77. What do you think of this?
  78. Where do you think Melina and Maryse belong now?
  79. Which wrestler is this?!?
  80. What WWE PPV is coming up after SummerSlam?
  81. Royal Rumble (Round 9) PICK WINNER (Final 2) +BQ?
  82. Agree or Disagree? The Royal Rumble Match this year sucked?
  83. Do wrestlers usually go to college AND train to be wrestlers at the same time?
  84. Torrie Wilson or Candice Michelle.?
  85. How can anyone say the late 90s were a shitty era in wrestling?
  86. Why do you lose points for asking a question?
  87. The miz PWI wrestler of the year 2011?
  88. Is Ace Steel an underrated wrestler?
  89. Do you think CM Punk will change the WWE Championship?
  90. When does this season of NXT end?
  91. Royal Rumble (Round 8) Eliminate 1 (Final 3)?
  92. Did Randy Orton create his gutwrench neckbreaker ?
  93. Royal Rumble (Round 7) Eliminate 1 (Final 4)?
  94. is wwe fake or real? HELP RESPOND FAST!?
  95. who is taller: alex riley or jack swagger?
  96. Wrestlers and women of the Era's?
  97. Did you members of the IWC hate me for bashing that whore Kelly Kelly?
  98. what would be a good time to arrive at RAW?
  99. Would you like to see Mick Foley back in the WWE?
  100. Whats do you think will happen on Monday Night Raw?
  101. should tna sign more tag teams?
  102. have you noticed how unbalanced the wwe roster is?
  103. *Spoiler Alert* TNA iMPACT Tapings for tonight and next week, Your thoughts?
  104. why arent tna using the television title right?
  105. WWE fans Smack down is great remember to watch it !(no spoilers!)?
  106. Do you think the Undertaker is not as popular as he used to be?
  107. do you think cm punk will try something funny at wrestlemania 28 with the rock vs john cena?
  108. So ppl I read on Rey mysterio twitter that he's not retiring he said he still has more years to go ?
  109. CM Punk.............?
  110. Who is a good wrestler and better? Stone cold steave austin or the rock?
  111. Who DO YOU THINK is the going to be the next black World Champion?
  112. What is the Funniest WWE segment? Youtube.?
  113. DWC episode 4: Money in the Bank?
  114. Who are the top 5 superstars that you won't ever forget and for what+ DWC episode 4?
  115. Has R-truth ever had any classic matches in TNA or ever?
  116. Rate my 2011 WWE SummerSlam card?
  117. Am I the only one who thinks Rebecca Black is hot?
  118. What is going on with The Corre on WWE Smackdown?
  119. Wrestling fans: Do you agree being a great wrestler and being a great performer are different?
  120. Was the Anon. GM Angle a whole waste of time?
  121. Should Goldust have been a world champ?
  122. wrestling fans how do you feel about bullying and bullies?
  123. I noticed the main face of tna is hogan, rvd, abyss, and sting.. do you agree?
  124. Do you think WWE Is holding a grudge against the rock?
  125. Is Shawn Michaels the best Wrestler ever? +Sunday Night Carnage has moved to its own site.?
  126. How much has wrestling impacted your life?
  127. BVW presents Women of Wrestling Episode #3. Rate the matches/show?
  128. Who is more talented, Aj Styles or Chris Sabin?
  129. What did fat ol' jr say to jerry the pervert lawler?
  130. I missed raw monday... so I heard cm punk is back and wwe fumbled the storyline?
  131. Has CM Punk changed your mind about him?
  132. WWE Whats one thing that annoys you about John Cena?
  133. What stipulation do you think the Cena vs CM Punk match for the WWE Championship should
  134. If you could pick one wrestler to come back who would it be? +SNC has a website.?
  135. Hulk Hogan excluded, who is the most important wrestler in the history of the biz and why?
  136. who is your favorite masked wrestler ever?
  137. If Snookie and Lady Gaga was fighting over you , who do you WANT to win ?
  138. How tall are these wrestlers Billed height and real Height?
  139. Does anyone think Kevin Nash is bad for Scott Hall's recovery?
  140. Should Scott Hall call matches at ringside?
  141. In Smackdown Shut Your Mouth Season Mode if you choose RVD will you be the IC Champion in
  142. Are WWE NXT and Superstars on tv?
  143. How would wrestling be different if Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero never left us?
  144. Lets see if you can get the right answer WWE?
  145. Can you name The Professional Wrestler who was at Ben Roethlisberger's wedding?
  146. Greatest ladder match ever?
  147. Vote on episode 3 of DWC here while i make episode 4?
  148. In SvR games, is there any way to check/change a superstars Table finisher(s)?
  149. Do you think that wrestling has changed your life?
  150. who is the best athletic wrestler u have ever seen ?
  151. how do you cash in money in the bank on wwe svr 2011 on wwe universe?
  152. Name.. 5 Things .. That Hold .... Back WWE And/Or TNA ... In Your... Own ... Thoughts?
  153. do you think john morrison will ever be come wwe champion?
  154. When will Dory Funk Jr get another title bout?
  155. How would you rate HHH's first week as CEO on RAW+YWC Show Number 2 Results?
  156. can jerry lawler wrestle ?
  157. Answer .. If .. Your .. A ... True .. Wrestling .. Fan ?And .. Cool User .. Of .. The Day?
  158. john cena fans give me 10 good reason john is the best in wwe?
  159. Royal Rumble (Round 6) Eliminate 3 (Final 7)?
  160. who is your favourite diva currently in the wwe?
  161. 15 question WWE poll +BQ's?
  162. What do you think about what Orton said about Kelly Kelly?
  163. will kofi kingston ever be wwe champion or get big ?
  164. POLL: Do you watch NXT?
  165. Who else thinks that Alberto Del Rio Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston Evan Bourne?
  166. Who do you think are the three hottest divas or knockouts with a twist?
  167. WS Summer 2011 Most shocking and best moments(UPDATED2)?
  168. why does the undertaker have so much time off ?
  169. Do you think R-Truth is too funny to be a believable heel?
  170. Who are the top 5 most controversial people in pro wrestling?
  171. Royal Rumble (Round 5) Eliminate 3?
  172. Who do you think will be in the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania 28?
  173. Do you think that the WWE would ever turn John Cena heel?
  174. Colt Cabana's newest Art of Wrestling podcast is now online: interview is w/Beth Phoenix (+WQ...
  175. Do you think the Summerslam card will look like this?
  176. How much more can Alberto Del Rio take being the short end of the stick?
  177. What do you do at a live WWE Event besides just sit and watch the wrestlers/divas wrestle?
  178. Why do people say John Cena is gay?
  179. Should WWE slowly go back to TV-14?
  180. Who do you think The Undertakers opponent will be at Wrestlemania 28?
  181. Is there a reason WWE hasn't signed Hiroshi Tanahashi?
  182. Who are the Booker T' s F5?
  183. Why does everybody feel sorry for hornswoggle when he gets hit?
  184. Is it kinda sad how Curt Hawkins hasn't had a single match on RAW?
  185. WWE Questions...First Person to get them all right gets 10 Points?
  186. What ever happened to Brodus Clay and Mason Ryan in the WWE?
  187. Is Booker T going to be an unlockable wrestler in WWE '12?
  188. Is Sheamus turning face in the WWE? (Warning contains Smackdown spoiler for this week)?
  189. When did they start noticing Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak?
  190. Mick Foley is officially in talks with WWE, What do you think they will have for him creative-wise?
  191. First person to name all 5 of cena's moves and the 3 members of the WWE justice league get best...
  192. I think that WWE is stupid?
  193. why do we get like 200 comments a day , bashing john cena ?
  194. If you got to hang out with any 3 wrestlers you wanted for a few days, what all would you do?
  195. Which wrestler/diva did WWE humiliate the most?
  196. If you had the chance to make another Nexus Wrestling stable?
  197. Christian or Cm Punk - who is better?
  198. what happened on smackdown on tuesday?
  199. Were Jericho and Christian wearing anything during the towel incident ?
  200. anyone else about to watch The Miz on Lopez Tonight?
  201. if you owned a wrestling promotion who would you try to get in your company?
  202. Did nobody else notice.?
  203. will nwo reform and return to wwe?
  204. How many of you would have liked Rey's WWE title reign to have at least lasted to summmerslam?
  205. Has WWE improved since the CM Punk Shoot?
  206. Where did John Cena buy his WWE title belt? (+BQ)?
  207. TNA got a rating of 5.07, How can that be?
  208. Why do people hate John Cena ?
  209. Serious question for all WWE fans?
  210. ric flair and the top rope?
  211. Do you think CM Punk is going to leave the WWE soon?
  212. Is CM Punk going to keep the cult of personality theme?
  213. are you cenation or team bring it tell why?
  214. Punk or Cena, who's the real champ?
  215. Whats your Favorite Type of Wrestling Match + BQ (Old Beard and your annoying family should
  216. Who wants to join are wrestling section group + WQ?
  217. Do you think Sheamus was pushed to soon in WWE + BQ (Woo 16x and Curtis should read this)?
  218. Do you think that Kelly Kelly would give me some?
  219. Would you like to see Zack Ryder feud with Ziggler and go after the US title?
  220. Do you agree that Mr Kennedy was way better in the WWE than he is in TNA?
  221. Who is better at Wrasslin, CM Punk or Hulk Hogan?
  222. Who is your personal favorite from each of these teams?
  223. Who is your least favorite Wrestler in WWE right now and why? (Not including Randy Orton and
  224. Who would win a pot smoking contest between RVD, Jeff Hardy Hulk Hogan?
  225. why is wwe not pushing any new face stars to the top?
  226. ot of the three mick foley persona's which is your favourite?
  227. Who in your opinion, is the most underrated wrestler on RAW SD respectively that can actually be...
  228. What are the top 5 things chris jericho will do when/if he returns and when+DWC vote for episode
  229. Is Vince McMahon really step down as chairman of WWE or is it just storyline?
  230. Did you know that Triple H was supposed to bury CM Punk on Monday?
  231. With the exception of MITB 2011, when is the last time John Cena has been pinned clean in a 1...
  232. Do you think WWE will book The Rock to beat Cena at WM 28?
  233. Who would you want to make a faction and have who in it? +Sunday Night Carnage Website
  234. Why does the WWE act so stupid when it comes to their tag team division?
  235. Am I the only one who expected Rey Mysterio to turn heel on Monday after he lost to Cena?
  236. Who's better CM Punk or John Cena?
  237. if you were Chairman of the WWE for one day what would you do?
  238. Save us already PLEASE!?
  239. Is jhon cena fired from wwe after beaten by cm punk in money in the bank?
  240. WS Trivia! I haven't done this in a while, but give it a shot!?
  241. What was the real name for the Juvey Juice Hulk Hogan used to drink all the time like kids drink...
  242. What if WWE signed Kimbo Slice!!!!?
  243. What do you think was the reason that people stopped watching WCW?
  244. Summerslam 2011 Matches(Rate+Pick Winners)?
  245. How can people think Orton is actually a modern day Stone Cold?
  246. Who is your favorite wrestler from these countries?
  247. Edge and Stone Cold are pussies for retiring, when Hulk Hogan is still wrestling well into his 90's?
  248. Does anyone else think the Miz is overrated?
  249. If you have twitter or a facebook, answer this poll?
  250. Who do you think is going to be on the 7-11 SS cups?
  251. Did you know Amy Winehouse was a Y2J and RVD fan?
  252. what team did you use in wwe all stars?
  253. Should Michael Cole get a run with the US Title?
  254. Royal Rumble (Round 3) Eliminate 5?
  255. You know you're a wrestling fan when?
  256. What is better, Hulk Hogan or going down on your grandmother?
  257. What is the IWC and what do they do?
  258. Happy Birthday The Game Triple H!!!!?
  259. What time is Raw on in America + BQ for BA?
  260. WWE Live Tour RAW HELP!!..?
  261. Who are the worst Knockouts in TNA?
  262. Which WWE superstar would make the best used car salesman?
  263. Royal Rumble (Round 2) Eliminate 5?
  264. Which of these WWE Championship matches do you think we'll get at Summerslam?
  265. Do you think Triple H is doing a good job so far+YWC Show Number 2?
  266. Maryse or Titus O'Neal?
  267. When did you start watching wrestling ?
  268. In your opinion, who put on more legendary matches: Shawn Michaels or Undertaker?
  269. Do you think John Cena has improved since Money in the bank?
  270. who do you think undertaker will face a wrestlemania 28?
  271. Does the big pop Zack Ryder got on Raw prove that he should get a big push?
  272. Let's say that the WWE couldn't afford to pay the superstars for some reason, do you think any
  273. Royal Rumble (Round 1) Eliminate 5?
  274. What sucks more, Hulk Hogan or your job?
  275. Did John Cena matches with Rey Mysterio and Cm Punk not prove that he can do a LOT more than the...
  276. Why did Hogan bad mouth Edge for retiring?
  277. Answer .. If .. Your .. True ... Wrestling ... Fan ... ?
  278. Do you think Booker T is a good role-model for African-Americans?
  279. what was Chuck Liddel doing at the hall of fame?
  280. What was John Cena thinking when CM Punk came out to new music?
  281. So when should Dolph drop the U.S. Title and become WWE or W.H. Champion?
  282. favourite summerslam of all time?
  283. Which wrestler has cool pyrotechnics?
  284. What happened to this big push Rey Mysterio is supposed to be getting?
  285. Why did all the DWC episode 2 questions i have got deleted and by who?
  286. Do you miss the WWF? ?
  287. Anyone else agree that Smackdown are misusing their roster ?
  288. One Man Nexus ... Doesn't ..Deserve ... To .. Be . In .. The Top 10?
  289. Who is your favorite Smackdown superstar since 2005?
  290. Why is the WWE so scared to expand their moveset?
  291. John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio last night was a surprisingly good match!!...?
  292. Did someone hack Y2J's Twitter page?
  293. Why did all the DWC episode 2 questions i have got deleted?
  294. If you have twitter or a facebook, answer this poll?
  295. why is there two wwe titles?
  296. best african american wrestler, wrestling today?
  297. Is Kelly Kelly doing a good job at filling Michelle McCool's void?
  298. who you want to see Undertaker face at WM28?
  299. Do you think that Alberto Del Rio should have cashed in on John Cena after he won the
  300. How bad do you think the person who's buying this CM Punk shirt feel, right now?
  301. Whats a good stable name for this stable?
  302. did triple h do any favours by giving cena a title shot right after rey mysterio won?
  303. Which name sounds the coolest?
  304. cm punk fans: if john cena wins at summerslam or any other day how will you react?
  305. Would you prefer Chris Jericho's return feud to be against CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy
  306. Stacey Kiebler vs Torrie Wilson, who is hotter?
  307. Why do fans worship CM Punk?
  308. is shawn michaels is the raw gm?
  309. Do you miss chris benoit?
  310. Lita vs Trish Stratus, who was hotter?
  311. Royal Rumble (Round 1) Eliminate 5?
  312. Are there any cheaper CM punk shirts out there?
  313. Orton or edge+BQ(20 charactors)?
  314. What are some good websites for wwe PSDS/Renders/Cuttouts?
  315. Why do they do this? I am confused?
  316. will heath slater face turn?
  317. Question why do people who hate wrestling still watch it ?
  318. Who is a more talented wrestler, Rey Mysterio or John Cena?
  319. Do WWE Shop.Com Deliver To The United Kingdom?
  320. Who is your pick to become the next face of the company?
  321. Would it be weird to hook up with Michelle?
  322. What do you prefer: HBK and Triple H as a team or enemies?
  323. Christian or Randy Orton?
  324. Look, Skip Sheffield isn't under the Nexus on the Wikipedia anymore + 2 BQ?
  325. Who would like them to put the chants Lets Go Cena, Cena Sucks on wwe 12 video game?
  326. What makes you cringe more - sharp fingernails down a blackboard or watching Hulk Hogan on TNA?
  327. will sin cara return to wwe?
  328. Which Wrestler do you prefer: Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker?
  329. Do you think Angelina Love is one of the best female wrestlers today?
  330. what is the best wwe year to you between 2000-present?
  331. Do you think the dead crowd on raw might have screwed Ryder out of being on raw because that was
  332. anyone else not liking cm punks new music?
  333. What is your opinion on Brian Kendrick?
  334. Agree or Disagree: You dont hate John Cena you hate his Gimmick,he always wins,always
  335. DWC episode 2 and sign ups?
  336. WWE Summer Slam Matchup?
  337. What are the top 3 things you didn't expect last night on raw+ DWC episode 2 and sign ups?
  338. Top 5 heels and faces of today and of all time+DWC episode 2 vote ad sign up?
  339. So why where alot of wrestling fans pissed that the surprise was jr?
  340. Agree or Disagree: Respecting a wrestler is different from liking a wrestler ?
  341. Why do I still boo the opening and closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange?
  342. how do you feel about Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson kid fighting over a action figure leg on NXT?
  343. What are the top 3 things you didn't expect last night on raw+ DWC episode 2 and sign ups?
  344. WWE Tournament II, FINALS, PUNK VS. BRYAN, BA for fastest proper answer?
  345. Do you believe a wrestler has to win a world champion to get a major push?
  346. Did anyone else catch the major blooper on Raw?
  347. What is the name and artist of the song CM Punk came out to last night?
  348. Who was the biggest baddass and of which era?
  349. Professional Wrestling Name Generator inside find your wrestling name+Wrestling Question?
  350. Chris Jericho or Cm punk in overall and why?+DWC episode 1 last chance to vote and make it on...
  351. So which crowd sucked the most long island las Vegas or Hampton va ?
  352. Who Is the wwe champion now?
  353. Who Still thinks Wreslting is REAL?
  354. do you agree rey mysterio should of stayed champ?
  355. CENA FANS: why do you like john cena?
  356. Has the next Ring of Honor iPPV been announced yet?
  357. Do any of you see CM Punk in kind of a Hollywood Hogan image?
  358. WWE Tournament II, Pick your winners, BA for fastest proper answer?
  359. Whos you fav superstar?
  360. Question how did the pg era start ?
  361. Do you think it was bad idea for Kings of Wrestling to turn down WWE?
  362. WWE Tournament II, SEMI-FINALS, Pick your winners, BA for fastest proper answer?
  363. Why do people complain about John Cena always being champion when Edge was known for...?
  364. Wat is ur top ten best WRESTLEMAINA ever.?
  365. Do you agree that Cena always $crews up everything?
  366. Why do so many wrestling fans hate John cena?
  367. R-Truth will never be a world champion?
  368. Do u think yesterday raw was bad because ?
  369. Be Honest, Did you really know who Colt Cabana was before CM Punk's shoot promo?
  370. Did any of you watch the exclusive on +BQs?
  371. Chris Jericho or Cm punk in overall and why+DWC episode 1 last chance to vote and sign up for...
  372. Where would you rank the Triangle Ladder Match with EdgeChristian, the Dudleys, the Hardys
  373. Who is the current ROH world champion?
  374. whats with WWE raw last night both cena punk have a title?
  375. Can anyone explain this to me?
  376. WWE Tournament II, Pick your winners, BA for fastest proper answer?
  377. 32 Man Tournament Past/Present 2nd round, Please pick the winner?
  378. when cm punk came out last night?
  379. Do you have any ideas for a sign I can bring to the SmackDown tapings tonight?
  380. Have you ever missed an episode of Monday Night Raw, or late while turning it on?
  381. Anybody absolutely hate last nights raw?
  382. If you could choose 5 guys to keep out of the World title picture...?
  383. Anyone else think the knockout's tagteam championships are worthless?
  384. No question.... I want to settle things between Cena lovers/haters (Warning: Long boring rant...
  385. 32 Man Tournament (Past/Present), Please pick the winners?
  386. Wheres the New Nexus?
  387. Who has a better SpineBuster:Arn Anderson OR Triple H?
  388. Why do people make such a big deal about the ratings?
  389. Which wrestler has competed in a match in the last 36 pay-per views? Hint:It's Not John Cena, BA
  390. CM Punk cuts promo at the end of Raw: what are your thoughts?
  391. Is Triple H really go to SmackDown to become a wrestler again?
  392. What were your original thoughts on Chris Benoit's father suing WWE?
  393. Could Chris Masters move to Smackdown and be a main eventer?
  394. And the opposite of my other question: What TNA Talent could be better off in WWE?
  395. What did you think as Triple Cole?
  396. So will Rey Mysterio get his title rematch?
  397. What do you think of CM Punk returning so soon?
  398. What was your favorite raw moment tonight and why? + DWC episode 1 and sign ups?
  399. What are your thoughts on the wrestling E-Feds on Y!A?
  400. What do you think is going to happen on Raw next week?
  401. women or guys if you want to name your top 5 wwe...?
  402. WWE vs TNA(pick the winners)?
  403. Which TNA talent could be better off in WWE?
  404. Why CM Punk has a new theme song?
  405. how many times Chris Jericho has been intercontinental champion?
  406. Who your favorite wrestler from the Caribbean?
  407. was last night the start of a push for Zack Ryder?
  408. who are the currents WWE tag team champion?
  409. Am I the only one that thinks Dolph Ziggler is overrated?
  410. Now that there are 2 WWE champs....?
  411. Since CM Punk is starting to wear that shirt, does this mean that it will go on sale?
  412. What do you think of The Miz being #1 in this year PWI 500?
  413. Who else thinks this will happen? (+BQ)?
  414. do you keep a record of your favorite wrestler's wins and losses?
  415. who else is pissed cena won?
  416. what is the name of CM Punk submission move?
  417. how many times Cena has been world champion?
  418. Who thinks its crap that John cena got another chance at the title?
  419. what is the name of John Cena submission move?
  420. Punk promo's even outside of wrestling... LOL?
  421. current rivalries in wwe............?
  422. i will be cool in the future if triple h becomes a heel chairman?
  423. What do you think will happen now that CM Punk has returned to the WWE?
  424. WWE: Has anybody noticed.....?
  425. what did you guys think of raw?
  426. What did you think of Raw tonight+BQs?
  427. The Smarks of the IWC Seem To Hate Kelly Kelly and Want Her Off TV , WHY?
  428. Did Cm Punk just let Cena know that he is a paper champion and not the real world's champion?
  429. Are you just a little upset that Cena is the champion albeit fake champion...again?
  430. Giving him the push and him performing well with it do you think Mark Henry will?
  431. Aren't you just a little upset that WWE has stopped the Miz's momentum...cold?
  432. OMG This makes him a 12 time champion?
  433. CM PUNK CM PUNK CM PUNK CM PUNK!!!!!!!!!!?
  434. Didn't CM Punk use the theme he used last night in ROH?
  435. Miz is so funny.......?
  436. How do you feel on JR commentating on RAW?
  437. Does this mean Triple H was the anonymous GM?
  438. What did you think of last nights Raw?
  439. how did cm punk change your reaction to raw?
  440. Is Rey Mysterio going home a Champ?
  442. Is Alberto DR taking after Eddie and riding to the ring in cars?
  443. Why is the WWE SO FAKE?
  444. What does, You Can't See Me even mean?
  445. What your though Triple HHH bring back JR?
  446. Question so why did they screw Rey honestly I know they wanted to keep the cena punk...
  447. Is kelly Kelly the john cena of the divas because she never looses anymore and has 5 moves...
  448. what does roh have to do with cm punk and wwe?
  449. Your thoughts on Cenabeing Champ by the end of night?
  450. do you feel bad for Zack Ryder?
  451. I missed RAW tonight, the anonymous GM was still there?
  452. Was anyone else hoping HHH would be the guy wrestling Michael Cole?
  453. Is this the quietest crowd ever?
  454. Where can I see the wwe ratings?
  455. WWE ; Does Michael Cole have a man crush on the Miz? +BQ?
  456. I feel bad for ryder they made him vs Cole it's like a insult u can't wrestle a real superstar ?
  457. How come Bret Hart could never wrestle a clean match against Goldberg?
  458. Is it just me or people here act like CM Punk is the second coming of Christ or something?
  459. Wouldn't it have been cool if Punk came out to Miseria Cantare?
  460. Can Punk-Cena II top their match at MITB?
  461. Isn't it funny how Colt Cabana is more over than half the midcarders in WWE?
  462. Hasn't Cena been in some pretty good matches as of late?
  463. Did anyone else mark out when Rey locked the STF on Cena?
  464. Did you like Dolph Ziggler's new theme song?
  465. Who is the Ric Flair of Japan?
  466. Isn't 1 match enough for mysterio+ DWC episode 1 and sign up sheet?
  467. Did anyone else mark out when Zack Ryder's music played?
  468. Do you think we could see a ROH invasion in the near future?
  469. Do you think CM Punk is the face in this feud?
  470. Who is your favorite wrestler on Smackdown and Raw?
  471. So is Mysterio going to get the Christian treatment tonight?
  472. do you think the HHH took over a little bit ago and that is why WWE is picking up.. well raw anyway?
  473. do you still blame the kids for being pg(more inside)?
  474. Does anybody know where I can find a list of all people that have worked for WWE?
  475. Do you guys feel dumb for thinking CM PUNK was really going to leave for good?
  476. For females, who is your favorite and least favorite WWE Diva?
  477. Can you believe they let Punk use his old theme from before WWE?
  478. Overall, rate Raw on a scale of 1-10?
  479. Favorite part of RAW?
  480. Was anyone else kinda disappointed when Jim Ross returned?
  481. Did you hear the boos when HHH said new champion?
  482. Do you agree that actor Jake Gyllenhaal and singer Jared Leto look like CM Punk?
  483. 2 minutes and 40 seconds - Diva's match record this year?
  484. Oh My god.... John Cena gets a rematch.. am I a lil' high already?
  485. Ok now every one will talk about Ryder....?
  486. Funny fact: Ryder vs Cole lasted less than record-holding 52 second Diva match?
  487. WWE: Cena or Ziggler?
  488. what is evan bourne´s real height?
  489. If you have a Twitter can you follow me?
  490. Do you agree or disagree with my prediction on whats gonna happen on WWE RAW?
  491. Michael Cole botched water spit?
  492. Which female wrestlers are you more a fan of:past vs present(poll)?
  493. Do you think this would be the ONLY way to make Taker vs HHH III interesting if it happens?
  494. They kept the same design?
  495. Is the CM Punk Storyline the best WWE has done in awhile?
  496. Is Kevin Nash the most selfish bastard to ever grace the canvas?
  497. LOL did anyone notice that the wwe championship rey has is FAKE!?
  498. Shelton Benjamin + MVP would be.....?
  499. Would it be interesting (to you) if....?
  500. Where will Cena and 300 jobbers dine tonight?