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  1. Will this Years Wrestlemania be Themed?
  2. What's your favorite R-Truth quote?? (BQ Inside)?
  3. would you like for shane mcmahon to return for one time?
  4. Attention Dixie Carter, Russo, Bischoff Hogan - watch tonights Raw and learn how to put on
  5. since when does cena do the crossface?
  6. What do you think of the new Tag Team Champs?
  7. Did you think Mayweather vs Big Show was a Good Match or Terrible?
  8. Who was the Black guy celebrating witah Kofi and Bourne backstage?
  9. is WWE slowly stepping away from PG (BQ's)?
  10. Why does WWE always make John Cena some superman?
  11. Did anyone else find it hilarious when CM Punk called Kevin Nash Big Lazy?
  12. John Cena Sucks!!!??? who agrees?
  13. They really should make John Morrison WWE Champion!!?
  14. Did Kevin Nash get into a car accident because he was too busy putting just for men
  15. Who else is tired of seeing John Laryngitis on tv so much?
  16. Why is John Cena always in title matches?
  17. John Laurenaitus lied?
  18. Why does WWE love to push old guys?
  19. who would you rather see return to WWE?
  20. Why WWE Fans Or Wrestling Fans Hates Chris Benoit ?
  21. Are those boring chants, I hear?
  22. Who is your all time favorite wrestler and diva?
  23. When will Super Cena break Ric Flair's 16x Champion Record?
  24. It's obvious someone is going to screw Punk over, who do you think it is?
  25. Which line did you prefer,Kevin Nash's ''Shut your mouth and say thank you'' or Triple H's...
  26. Does Jinder Mahal remind you of an Indian version of ADR?
  27. Jack Swagger Title Shot?
  28. molly holly,jazz,jackie moore,or ivory:who is your favorite of the following?
  29. Do you think there's a chance that Kevin Nash could start appearing at House Shows?
  30. Punk vs Cena WIN END?
  31. McMahon-Helmsley Era #2?
  32. Who was the professional wrestler who wrestled in the 60's in a Batman costume?
  33. Night of Champions Card (NoC)?
  34. How many people are in a crowd at an ROH show? More than TNA?
  35. What would your ideal WWE roster be?
  36. Do you think a Championship Scramble PPV would work?
  37. Who was the oldest wrestler to ever enter the wwe? who was the youngest?
  38. why do some people say this bout the rock ?
  39. Who would win in a fight to the death... Beth Phoenix or Bull Nakano?
  40. WWE Game 2 (Lets play now!) :D?
  41. Do you think that Cena/Orton would be a cool tag team?
  42. Why does everyone think Taker is facing HHH at Wrestlemania next year?+BQ?
  43. How long would you think it would take someone to get a body like.?
  44. What did you think of RAW last night? (+BQ)?
  45. Is this statement true or false?
  46. Now tht Vicki Guerrero has lost some weight, do you think she looks better?
  47. Look into my eyes. What do you see?
  48. Should wwe just go back to TV-14?
  49. Are we potentially going to see a Jack Swagger -- Dolph Ziggler feud in the future ?
  50. Is there a chance Cena beat up Triple H in his locker?
  51. Poor JR,his hat was stepped on by Dolph Ziggler?
  52. If Cena were to align with CM Punk,how would Cena and Punk fans react?
  53. I thought Triple H said he would apologize to Cena tonight?
  54. Anyone laughed when Ziggler told Lawler,Vickie Guerrero was more in shape than he(Lawler) was?
  55. So Cena is mad at Del Rio,but CM Punk isn't mad at Del Rio?
  56. So Rey Mysterio is now out of the title picture?
  57. what do u think of this night of champions card?
  58. What did you think of last nights Raw?
  59. is HHH stpeh are going heel soon?
  60. Is this a logical explanation?
  61. What do you think the reaction of christian is gonna be?
  62. Does anyone believe Triple H when he said he knew nothing about what happened at Summerslam?
  63. Hasn't WWE become lame since Vince was fired?
  64. Which diva or knockout has the most beautiful body you have ever seen?
  65. WOW! He didn't win! That is just EVIL!?
  66. Missed RAW, Did I miss anything important?
  67. Do you like what the wwe is doing with rey mysterio?
  68. Why was John cena mad at Alberto because he cashed in the briefcase, isnt that wat ur supposed
  69. Should we accept the fact John Cena will never be heel?
  70. was cena telling the truth on his twitter?
  71. Should there be MITB equivalent for Diva's Division?
  72. Anyone glad that WWE saved John Cena until he came out at 11:02pm-11:07pm on Raw
  73. How many Vince McMahon's does it take to screw a light bulb?
  74. Will i win wwe wrestlemania xxviii trip?
  75. Was anyone actually glad to see Cena @ the end (non Cena fans)?
  76. Dolph Ziggler has a point, Lawler talks too much?
  77. Who are the best mic workers in wwe history?
  78. do you think Alex Riley deserves a title?
  79. what does the wwe night of champions poster look like?
  80. Was CM Punk only keeping his championship belt warm for Alberto del Rio?
  81. will sin cara and rey mysterio form a tag team?
  82. Did the WWE Belt looked bigger?
  83. Does the idea of Kelly Kelly becoming the next Trish Stratus disgust anyone?
  84. Is Del Rio going to defend the title against Cena at Night of champions?
  85. will kevin nash reform nwo?
  86. Can I get a link for Raw tonight please?
  87. What are some real dirty move sets and signatures and stuff for wwe smackdown vs raw 2011?
  88. Why do people who aren't even old enough to have a Y/A account?
  89. Imagine if Booker T was anonymous Raw general manager?
  90. Why is Alberto Del Rio WWE Champion before Kofi Kingston?
  91. Who wins, Mysterio or Del Rio?
  92. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  93. Is John Cena actually getting better?
  94. Will batista lose???
  95. Where is the Lita Vs Chyna @ Judgment Day Video?
  96. What top 6 wrestlers in the wwe today do you enjoy watching the most?
  97. So the Nexus no longer exists?
  98. Did you ever think you would see the day when two Mexicans main evented a RAW?
  99. What kind of role do you think Kevin Nash will play in this Punk-Cena storyline?
  100. Who else think that last night's botch was riley's fault?
  101. What happened to the deal ROH Wrestling had with ESPN?
  102. anyone else catch Ricardo Rodriguez screw up?
  103. Does anyone remember when Michael Cole?
  104. Does anybody else find it extremely annoying that Kelly Kelly has to scream about 90% of her
  105. Was the Attitude (WWF/WWE) NWO (WCW) era (mid to LATE 90S to very early 2000s) the GOAT? 619
  106. Anyone else tired of the anti-IWC crowd?
  107. Detailed answer about the end of RAW?
  108. So that Idiot ADR won?
  109. what were Jack Swagger and Vickie talking about?
  110. Could i ask how old you people are? and do you have a life? (read before you report this question)?
  111. What is Christian's gimmick?
  112. Why would WWE have Del Rio as the champ when Punk and Cena in the prime of there career?
  113. What did cm punk mean when he said it's not 1994 anymore to Kevin Nash ?
  114. Why is Kevin Nash and his just for men hair dye on my TV in 2011!?
  115. Which match would you prefer to see at Night of Champions for the Undisputed WWE Championship?
  116. There is no winning with some of you?
  117. Why aren't we complaining about Kelley Kelley?
  118. Wow! Stephanie has put on the pounds. Do you agree?
  119. Will Daniel Bryan cash in at or before Wrestlemania?
  120. Who should Challenge Alberto Del Rio for the championship?
  121. What would happen if a 10.0 earthquake hit California while RAW is live on the air tonight?
  122. HBK having a apart in this ?!?
  123. wrestling section CM Punk is RIGHT about the Rock's mic skills?
  124. Would you say Trish Stratus is the reason why we have models in WWE today?
  125. Which do you prefer? WWE or TNA?
  126. At the end of the day which tag team do you think is better?
  127. Do you think Kevin Nash will be on RAW tonight?
  128. Were you dissappointed by Edge's appearance?
  129. WWE : Does Kevin Nash have pubic hair on his chin?
  130. who is the greatest wrestler of all time ???
  131. Am I the only one who liked that match?
  132. When will Shawn michaels be back?
  133. Why is WWE backwards in the mic?
  134. NO new WWE Belt? How disappointing?
  135. Why did R-Truth job against Morrison?
  136. wat injuries did underaker suffer at wrestlemania. plus when is he makeing his return?
  137. When will WWE lose all it's money and be forced to shut down?
  138. How many of you know wrestling history. When did?
  139. Who was the person Kelly Kelly kissed at Summerslam,LINK INSIDE?
  140. Why didn't the referee wait until Cm Punk was standing on both feet before ringing the bell...
  141. Hey everybody you want the attitude era back it's on spike tv Thursdays at 9pm ?
  142. Would Vince sell me WWE if ?
  143. Who won WWE champion at Summer Slam?
  144. Am I the only one who wants Rey to win against ADR tonight?
  145. why are all the cm punk fanboys complaining about del rio winning the wwe title?
  146. Which wrestler do you think has the best in ring wrestling skills of all time?
  147. Am i the only person , who when i saw Lacey Von Erich from TNA................?
  148. should the wwe sign this guy?
  149. Early Night of Champions predictions?
  150. Besides Kane, HHH, and Randy Orton, has anyone else Tombstoned Undertaker?
  151. What did you think of the Mark Henry -- Sheamus match?
  152. were there any Technical problems during WWE SummerSlam last night?
  153. do you like HBK? The Heart Botched Kid?
  154. people are still complaining about cena's foot on the rope + (BQ)?
  155. Why do some people here think that CM Punk will have a rematch?
  156. Who thinks the WWE needs too?
  157. Who won at Summerslam for the championship, John Cena or CM Punk?
  158. WWE Did you see what Cee lo green did after his concert?
  159. how long will i hold my backyard federation wrestling championship belt?
  160. If you were put in charge of firing at WWE tomorrow and had to release 2 superstars which 2...
  161. do wwe high flyers lift weights?
  162. Why can't they give Daniel Bryan some decent entrance music?!?!?
  163. Prior to his incident, did the IWC love Chris Benoit?
  164. What's the name of the song that WWE uses for their live event dance offs?
  165. i need an good high flying move idea?
  166. My Night Of Champions Prediction?
  167. early night of champions predictions?
  168. What is more likely, Kane returns with mask or Undertaker returns with motorcycle?
  169. Kofi Kingston, R Truth, Cody Rhodes,John Morrison,Sin Cara or Randy Orton:Who is the more...
  170. how would i feel if hulk hogan?
  171. I missed Summerslam but i heard that once again WWE didn't have the balls to make Cena loose...
  172. What's your thought's on Del-Rio's victory? + BQ?
  173. What is Cm Punks Problem with the rock?
  174. What happened in the main event of Summerslam!?
  175. Where does John Cena fit in all of this mess now?
  176. According to Booker T,Kevin Nash is his friend?
  177. Are Teddy Long and Cee-Lo Green related?
  178. What are your thoughts on the WWE after last night's show?
  179. Whose on the wrestling section today?
  180. Why is TNA going down the toilet? alot of BQ's?
  181. Does Vince McMahon tell Randy Orton to keep his beard?
  182. So WWE is really going to try to make Kelly Kelly look tough?
  183. Anyone else think X-Pac will return soon to WWE and team with Nash and Triple H?
  184. People get upset with TNA using old guys,so are people upset WWE is using Kevin Nash?
  185. After the events of Summerslam,what would make Raw a success for you tomorrow night?
  186. What was the most shocking part at summerslam?
  187. Does John Cena have a rematch clause?
  188. wrestling poll???????????
  189. What did you think of SummerSlam tonight+BQs?
  190. does anyone know when the undertaker will be back in the wwe?
  191. What did you think of Summerslam?
  192. Pick your WWE returns?
  193. So who can beat kelly kelly?
  194. Is John Cena a better wrestler than Hulk Hogan?
  195. Best match at Summerslam ?
  196. So who returned:Kevin Nash or Diesel?
  197. Who Had The Worst Week?
  198. Anyone else see a new stable being formed on Raw?
  199. It looks like Sheamus is here to stay. What about Wade Barrett?
  200. Alberto,Diesel,Cena screwed?
  201. Did you see that at summerslam?
  202. Does anyone know what the WWE Live Commentary Radio looks like?
  203. What would you do, if you bought a TNA PPV to find out John Cena won the TNA World Heavyweight
  204. whats your top 5 fave heels(bad guys in wwe) of this decade?
  205. Will Christian get one more title match at Night of Champions?
  206. Why WWE why was that fair?
  207. Was tonight the beginning of a John cena heel turn?
  208. Rate Summerslam 2011 matches out of 10?
  209. Will Kurt Angle join the Immortal on TNA?
  210. does anyone ever feel bad for john cena?
  211. Does the fact that I do not like The Miz mean that he has successfully done his job?
  212. what do you think of summerslam 2011 results?
  213. do you think Kevin Nash?
  214. edge is better than randy orton?
  215. Anyone else find this hilarious?
  216. How can I lose 40 pounds in 3 months for wrestling?
  217. Why Sin Cara looks taller is a different person?
  218. Do you think the WWE will debut a new title tonight?
  219. Who do you think will win Christian, Orton or The Table?
  220. Kevin Nash is back to wrestle or it was just a 1 night appearance only?
  221. Is Alberto Del Rio the New WWE champion?
  222. Is Kevin Nash vs Undertaker possible at WrestleMania XXVIII?
  223. has there ever been a tag-team that consisted of a heel and a face?
  224. What did you think of the Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan match?
  225. Will this be the last Christain vs Orton match?
  226. Rey Mysterio is guaranteed to have a title match with the WWE Champion, tonight. Will he...
  227. whats up with all these short title reigns?
  228. What did you think of Henry vs Sheamus?
  229. Will Jerico come back to show C.M Punk who is the best?
  230. Why the WWE is having Hunico perfoming as Sin Cara now?
  231. Did you mark out when you saw Kevin Nash?
  232. Did ADR eat a Garlic Pizza before cashing in tonight on CM Punk?
  233. who won henry vs sheamus on summerslam 2011?
  234. Why did wwe give daniel bryant the money in the bank only to have him lose every match since?
  235. Is it stupid that wrestlers act like that a finisher is more painful than a regular move?
  237. How did cena get get screwed? ?
  238. In your opinion, what is the worst stable in WWE history?
  239. what will wwe do when randy orton runs out of people to bury on smackdown?
  240. What did you think of Kelly vs Beth?
  241. Del Rio....The Best right now, Agree?
  242. Who Had The Worst Night-SummerSlam?
  243. Gotta check out this new indy fed!
  244. Tna Hardcore Justice 2011 Pay-Per-View?
  245. Which match would of been better at Wrestlemania?
  246. Why is WWE Games so bad now?
  247. the miz, piazz sjgnd, john cena summerslam?
  248. wrestling fans, do you watch big brother show?
  249. im starting to like daniel bryan?
  250. How bad was Hardcore Justice?
  251. why is The Miz only a one time WWE champion?
  252. Which out of the two WWE Superstars would win a real life fight?
  253. I would not rather see anyone eles get back in the ring other then the rock.?
  254. Layla Kaitlyn vs. Beth Natalya?
  255. will the wwe get rid of the 10 year old john cena title and get a classy one like TNA or the one?
  256. Do you think the wwe sucks and isn't worth watching anymore ?
  257. What are your thoughts on Beth Phoenix and Natalya's comments after their matches last week?
  258. What are your thoughts on Melina being released from the WWE?
  259. How did your favorite wrestler do this week?
  260. Did Kurt Angle have a heel turn tonight when he used the char on Sting?
  261. Who else is a fan of IMMORTAL?
  262. Who won the TNA world title ?
  263. Did you LOL when Mr. Anderson said i know your behind me and sucker punched bully ray?
  264. so is Kurt Angle a 15x world champ?
  265. I live in the UK and where can I watch Hardcore Justice for free online or on TV?
  266. What match do you put Alberto Del Rio in at Wrestlemania 28?
  267. Who do you think will win the WWE title at Sumerslam?
  268. do you think this would be a good Wrestling Name?
  269. Did Kurt Angle just turn heel?
  270. What team or singles wrestler is the closest thing to the Road Warriors right now in wrestling?
  271. do i need to wrestle in high school to become a wrestler in college?
  272. what are the pros cons of raw smackdown........?
  273. Chris Masters is on this advert?
  274. why does tna never sign any ring of honor wrestlers?
  275. Why didn't Michael Cole kiss Eve's feet?
  276. Has anyone ever won the Royal Rumble after winning or competing in a match in the same pay per view?
  277. Is John Morrison loosing 3 matches in a row affecting his return?
  278. OMG! WWE Releases :(?
  279. Which one of these current WWE releases will you miss the most?
  280. Is it true Christian is leaving WWE soon?
  281. Who would you love to face in the ring?
  282. Which of the following do you think are future world champions?
  283. Why is everyone in this section so obsessed with The Rock?
  284. What's going to happen after summer slam? (Cena fans stay away)?
  285. Do the intercontinental, USA, Tag Team, and Divas championship even matter anymore?
  286. Looking back now since his release, should Vladimir Kozlov have won the WWE Title?
  287. Which of these shows currently airs on TV?
  288. What episode is it where Stephanie attacks Trish on top of the limo and Triple h is pulling
  289. The Karen Jarrett/Jeff Jarrett/Kurt Angle situation?
  290. What happend to the Undertaker after Wrestlemania 27?
  291. I don't know why we have Homeless people in MA?
  292. ------ are you gonna buy me ?
  294. why is tna so predictable ??
  295. Who is currently the THIRD best diva in terms of Wrestling?
  296. Why do everyone hate me ?
  297. CeNation,Trivia of the day,who won this match?
  298. Do you have to be passionate about a dream in order to chase it?
  299. Do you also think John Morrison is the most athletic superstar in wwe right now?
  300. samoa joe vs crimson at bound for glory?
  301. Who do you think were Michelle McCool's top 3 rival's(in order)?
  302. CeNation,the tough quote of the day?
  303. what is your favorite tna ppv?
  304. tna hardcore justice predictions?
  305. I want to be a pro wrestler in wwe but I don;t want to get hurt or injured in the process?
  306. Hardcore Justice without any HARDCORE matches?
  307. Who do you think is going to be the first one to break Ric Flair's record of 16 world title...
  308. Raw NON-spoiler matches for Raw in san jose 8/08/11?
  309. Will TNA Hardcore Justice be any good?
  310. What are the odds of the following getting fired(1-10)?
  311. do guys actually watch the divas matches for the in ring wrestling?
  312. Who will be the opponent for Zack Ryder?
  313. do you think sin cara could ever be a wwe champion?
  314. do you think john cena could be a good heel.?
  315. Which wrestling company would be better if CM Punk with the WWE title signs with them?
  316. Who do you think WWE has booked to win at SummerSlam between Sheamus and Mark Henry?
  317. Did TNA start to struggle the moment Christian left?
  318. Do you like Triple H as COO so far?
  319. summer slam predictions?
  320. What's your favorite wwe backstage moment?
  321. What would be you reaction if Vince Russo was the Anonymous General Manager?
  322. yes, i'm gonna be a wrestler and my name is gonna be shrinky dink, what do you think?
  323. top 5 greatest wrestlers in your opinion?
  324. Who's hotter natalya or Mickie James?
  325. Is there a way to download all the episodes of WWE from 1995 or 1996 to 2006?
  326. Why/How do you find wrestling entertaining?
  327. Who was the heaviest wrestler in WWE?
  328. who do you think will win the bound for glory series?
  329. Who would win kharma or chyna?
  330. Rate my changes to the WWE?
  331. what is the greatest champion vs champion match in wrestling history?
  332. Is there anything you like about TNA?
  333. Will sheamus get a world title shot soon?
  334. Was Big Show the first person to ever military press a 300 plus pound wrestler?
  335. Is CM Punk Heel or face?
  336. What is a better company WWE or TNA?
  337. Why did WWE release Melina Gail Kim?
  338. Im not sure what i want to do in life?
  339. Is the girl in the pic Sarita from TNA?
  340. What happened to Y2J ?
  341. what do you think of the latest creative meeting in tna with hulk hogan and vince russo?
  342. what new wwe wrestler has the most potential?
  343. How tall is kazarian tna I'n real life?
  344. Why is John Cena a Superman?
  345. Am I the only one that doesn't really miss Edge?
  346. Were you saddened to hear Old Beard was released by the Star Trek Fan Club + BQ?
  347. Vince McMahon, you cannot fire me?
  348. What happened to the wrestle Mark Jindrak?
  349. Will WrestleMania ever go to the Cowboys Stadium?
  350. Who else thinks Lexi. Sweethart. could be Alexa Jeff Hardy fan?
  351. Some Undertaker and Kane Questions I have?
  352. Why are John Morrison and R Truth on Smackdown AND Raw?
  353. Who remembers when I made out with Trish Stratus?
  354. Who do you think is booked to win at Summerslam, Mark Henry or Sheamus?
  355. Idea for WWE '12 game!?
  356. Does anyone else remember when the crowd used to chant?
  357. What do you think will happen with the New heel divas?
  358. When is Drew McIntyre going to have TV time on Raw/Smackdown + BQ?
  359. So is Aksana's becoming the new WWE diva?
  360. Was Melina Causing trouble?
  361. Now that Justin Gabriel is a face?
  362. Is Jesse from big brother really going to TNA Wrestling?
  363. What do you think off wwe releases?
  364. Release of Smackdown! Superstar?
  365. Brock Lesnar and f-5 in UFC?
  366. is Sheamus a face now? + YWWA Episode 1 Results?
  367. what you think about my creative idea, for r-truth, rate it, give opinion?
  368. Who is the best Diva search winner?
  369. What is the best wrestling promotion out of these?
  370. Natalya and Victoria or Natalya and Beth who's better?
  371. Do you think summerslam will be a major dissapointment?
  372. Reports say MORE WWE releases to come? Who do you think...?
  373. When Show and Kane return do you think they'll target Henry?
  374. Is WWE botching Sin Cara's return?
  375. What is the most impressive thing you've seen in the WWE?
  376. Agree or Disagree: John Cena outshined The Rock in their battle of words in early 2011?
  377. If you were a superstar in the WWE, at what age would you retire?+2 BQ's?
  378. Which WWE superstar, stands out to you?
  379. Cody Rhodes Mask issue?
  380. Which WWE Diva has the most wrestling skill in your opinion?
  381. Is the WWE Undisputed Championship going to have a new design after Summer Slam?
  382. Ok!!! TAMINA IS NOT GOOD!?
  383. Dolph Ziggler is injured?
  384. If Cena never came to the WWE, how would it change?
  385. When is the next WWE paper view?
  386. Of the 5 WWE Superstars/Divas released today, who was the most talented?
  387. Did you noticed that David Otunga?
  388. Which WWE superstars have you met?
  389. who's worse in the ring?
  390. Do you agree with the PWI top 500?
  391. Who Else HATES divas like kelly kelly and the bellas?
  392. Pros and Cons of being a Pro Wrestler?
  393. Who is better on the mic; Cena or Miz?+BQ?
  394. What would your entrance song be?
  395. what is your favorite abyss match?
  396. Was the Undertaker-Kurt Angle match planned from 2002-2003?
  397. Has anyone heard Mickie James' CD or music?
  398. what are your thoughts on RVD?
  399. Do you think the WWE Divas/TNA Knockouts gossip about their personal lives to each other backstage?
  400. does anyone out there in yahoo land like john cena?
  401. did you like cm punk in 2006?
  402. When do you think Booker T will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  403. What if WCW never created the NWO and WWF never created DX?
  404. Is the RKO supposed to break the announcers table?
  405. why does abyss get no respect on here?
  406. Why did my Eve Torres vs Kelly Kelly question get deleted? WTF?
  407. When is WWE making an appearence at San Diego?
  408. If wwe started a new show what would you want the roster to be?
  409. We need more question to do with Eve Torres.?
  410. Which of these wrestling superstars would you like to see make a appearance in WWE at least
  411. Agree or disagree with these pro wrestling statements(WWE and TNA)?
  412. What do you think of my highlights on the Bobby Howard (local competitor) vs. Mark Henry
  413. Is my Browski Zack Ryder going to start having matches on SD or will he just be Teddy Long's...
  414. Do most wrestlers who come back to their first match from a injurie sell the injurie like of
  415. Sheamus, there to stop Henry or just continue the storyline?
  416. Who is tired of TNA'S Immortal?
  417. Why there are two WWE Championship belt?
  418. When does big Andy (the guy that won tough enough) debut and which show is he gonna debut on?
  419. WWE Trivia: Who were the members of the WWF's version of nWo?
  420. Does it really make Sheamus the bigger man if he had to fend Mark Henry off with a chair?
  421. Your thought on Christian adding the Spear into his arsenal?
  422. Can Alberto Del Rio cash-in his briefcase on Cena and CM Punk?
  423. Should this guy be abolished from wrestling forever?
  424. Why did Hulk Hogan tell kids to take their vitamins when the type of Vitamins he took require a
  425. Who would win in arm-wrestling - Mark Henry or Ezikiel Jackson?
  426. can a girl beat a guy in armwrestling?
  427. Whose voices does Orton hear all the time?
  428. WWE Im going to name a list of Past Present Wrestlers,Compare, tell me who you liked better, ok?
  429. Triple H is now out of ring action for good?
  430. Why did WWE drop the Get Crunk Theme for R-Truth?
  431. Does this fact surprise you? + BQ?
  432. What is better, Hulk Hogan or a used condom?
  433. Do you guys like the idea now that Sheamus is a face?
  434. What wrestler would win a hot dog eating contest?
  435. what was your reaction Whe Cm punk came out Monday night? Mine was crazy! I Said HELL YEAH!!?
  436. whos the biggest risk taker Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy?
  437. What are the meaning of you got got by R-Truth?
  438. Have you noticed John Cena has been in almost every main event on RAW?
  439. What is CM Punks Gimmick?
  440. Does/did Sin Cara have a finisher?
  441. Whats wrong with john cena !!! why is he always after wwe championship belt !!!!?
  443. Who was/is the best/worst wwe champion, tag, cruiserweight, intercontinental, and...
  444. Make no Miz-Take miz is number 1?
  445. DOes anyone else find Cole, Lawler, and Teddy Long annoying?
  446. Is UFC real or fake??????
  447. What is your all time favourite squash match?
  448. Who is better - Hulk Hogan or Russell Crowe?
  449. Why does the WWE and Vince hate the Ultimate Warrior so much?
  450. whats likely to happen, wwe fans, and how would you respond?
  451. Do you delusional TNA marks actually think Hulk Hogan is doing good things for the pathetic company?
  452. Could Sheamus be a good face if they give him a good face gimmick+DWC episode 5 (no...
  453. has Rey Mysterio ever been a heel superstar?
  454. am i the last to find this out?
  455. WS is One Man Nexus and CDMAX?
  456. Will Old Beard win the Royal Rumble next year?
  457. Did you know that Randy Orton has failed to break the Announce Table on 5 occasions?
  458. Why does Randy Orton call himself?
  459. Who would win? The Animal Batista or Old Beard?
  460. Do you fans think I'm the greatest wrestler in WWE currently?
  461. Does Booker T have a crush on Rosa Mendes?
  462. Is Booker T a fan of John Cena?
  463. Alicia Fox botched that Scissors Kick tonight didn't she?
  464. Did anyone else think Booker T was going to attack Cody Rhodes' paperbagger tonight on Smackdown?
  465. Does TNA referee Earl Hebner like girls?
  466. Did Booker T teach Alicia Fox to do the scissors kick?
  467. Did anyone else feel sorry for the guy who went against Mark Henry tonight?
  468. Who do you think is the better tag-team?Muhammad Hassan/Daivari or Jinder Mahal/Great Khali?
  469. Christian, why were you so scared of Orton last night?
  470. Do you think Vince McMahon respects Booker T?
  471. What did you think of SmackDown tonight+BQs?
  472. Was that Ezekiel Jackson's wife and child on Smackdown tonight?
  473. If Survivor Series was removed which one would replace it out of the current PPV's as one of
  474. when did Kurt Angle left WWE ?
  475. Is Triple H abusing his powers?
  476. Does this mean we WON'T get a Sin Cara-Rey Mysterio dream match?
  477. What will happen after the CM Punk storyline is over?
  478. If you were a wrestler would you want to debut as a heel or face?
  479. Do you like or dislike The Miz?
  480. Thriple H on smackdown?
  481. what happened to the undertaker?
  482. Top 5 Indy Wrestlers?
  483. Stone Cold was one of the worst superstar in ECW?
  484. is Jinder Mahal ever going to be a main-eventer?
  485. What do you think of Randy Orton's Looks?
  486. would you goto the papers?
  487. Who Had The Worst Week?
  488. Now with Triple H as COO is there a need for the Raw GM?
  489. Favorite 5 Wrestlers ever?
  490. Which would you prefer? Rapper Cena(2002-2005), Marine Cena(2006-2008), or Super Cena(2008-present)?
  491. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown(Raw Invasion)?
  492. The Best of RAW 2011 DVD?
  493. The Best of Smackdown 2011 DVD?
  494. What did you think of Smackdown this week?
  495. Which former or current wrestler in your opinion used to be or is obsessed with being...
  496. CM Punk vs The Miz for the WWE Title? John Morrison vs Christian for the world title?
  497. How many Mexican American WWE wrestlers were there?
  498. summerslam 2011 matches?
  499. Whick Show/Brand did you like before and after WWe Draft?
  500. I need really creative poster ideas for John Cena and Alex Riley to take to Summerslam 2011?