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  1. Who do you think is messing with Tyson Kidd on WWE NXT with the Japanese symbol?
  2. Reason why WWE intentionally doesn't build big stars?
  3. Who was better in their prime Shawn Michaels or Triple H?
  4. Is it Racist that The Black Ref only calls Divas Matches?
  5. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  6. Who is the greatest technical wrestler of all time?
  7. Which of these two wrestlers would you like to come back the most Brock Lesnar or Goldberg?
  8. If you could choose 1 wrestler to end Undertakers streak who would it be?
  9. how would you feel if i said i was a wwe fan; dont i have a right to like what i want to like?
  10. What was the most exciting first time championship win by a superstar in the WWE for you?
  11. what happened on raw tonight?
  12. Diva Fans upset with the wwe 12 roster?
  13. So who else thinks that....?
  14. An Idea for The Undertaker's last match at Wrestlemania! What do you guys think?
  15. Am i the only one treating a Cena promo like a diva match?
  16. Most Likely (WWE) list from least to most likely?
  17. Did Cena just say douche bag?
  18. I knew Nash's theme would be the old NWO theme, and I like it?
  19. What happened to McCool and Layla?
  20. Why is Orton on Raw...?
  21. Does JCW have a hard time finding young talented wrestlers?
  22. who were better ring announcers gorilla monson bobby the brain heenan or jerry lawler and the
  23. Should WWE release a Best of WCW Thunder DVD collection? +BQ?
  24. Anyone else not really impressed with Hunico?
  25. Who is your favorite WWE Wrestler?
  26. Why did McCool retire?
  27. Who will win this 6 man hell in a cell match ?
  28. What would happen if an EF5 Tornado hit Oklahoma right now while RAW is live?
  29. I have a question about meeting a pro wrestler?
  30. If you were the creative team how would you book Chris Jericho's return?
  31. How can we watch jack swagger watch raw?
  32. Was 2006 the best Trish Stratus ever was?
  33. Do you think smackdown should air live?
  34. Whats better? Rap or Daniel Bryan?
  35. Which wrestler do you most want to see turn heel?
  36. Do you think there will be a Sting vs Undertaker at WrestleMania?
  37. Could Mike Tyson(Prime) vs Kevin Nash(Prime) be a Good Match at WrestleMania?
  38. WWE/TNA wrestlers that wrestled in High School?
  39. Do you think WWE will Mark Henry a World Title Run?
  40. Did You think it was A b*tch Move by the WWE when they Made Cena get Drafted back to Raw on the
  41. Which Edge Spear Is Your Favorite?
  42. How do i know if a wrestler is willing to train me?
  43. Hey guys :] okay I need alittle help over here please...?
  44. are maryse and the miz still dating?
  45. Can anyone help me with my ring name?
  46. If John Cena were to get a new entrance song?
  47. If You Were In WWE,Which Brand Would You Start On Raw or Smackdown?
  48. Big show v. Mayweather?
  49. Is sin cara going away forever?
  50. Who would win in a real fight John Morrison or Brock Lesnar?
  51. Who is your favorite diva of all time!?
  52. Which wrestling ring mat is harder?
  53. Who Won The Feud-Alex Riley Or The Miz?
  54. I want to get at least 20 answers, please answer.?
  55. Who's sick of Christian his legal team?!?
  56. Why is Mark Henry being pushed?
  57. who is the best Sin Cara?
  58. Who would win in a real fight Cm Punk or Wade Barrett?
  59. WWE is going TV-14!!! I got Proof!?
  60. Can The CM Punk Vs Triple H Rivalry?
  61. What is your favorite WWE PPV of all time?
  62. Edge or john cena (...............................)?
  63. Favorite Wrestler of all time!?
  64. what would happen if randy orton or john cena goes to tna?
  65. Do you think Heath Slater likes the restaurant,Wendy's?
  66. AJ Styles was once in WWE in 2002,LINK INSIDE?
  67. Would you be interested in a Trish Stratus-Angelina Love match?
  68. Are Velvet Sky and Angelina Love best friends?
  69. Are Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres best friends?
  70. NEWEST Undertaker picture,grows hair back?LINK INSIDE?
  71. Did you know Velvet Sky competed in the 2007 WWE Divas Search,LINK INSIDE?
  72. Do you think Velvet Sky would go to WWE if offered a contract?
  73. Are the WWE Did You Know segments actual facts?
  74. in your opinion who will win the 2012 royal rumble?
  75. Will Booker T win the 2011 Slammy for Best Commentator in the WWE?
  76. Why was Wade Barrett going to face a jobber on Smackdown last week?
  77. Do you like Big Show current theme song?
  78. Who is more skilled in the ring, Natalya or Maryse?
  79. Why watch a fake sport known as WWE? +BQ?
  80. Would you like to see Velvet Sky and Kelly Kelly switch places?
  81. Who would be your picks If you could have Raw and Smackdown talents switch brands?
  82. OK would like you're help!?
  83. how much is chris jericho's new autobiography in IRELAND?
  84. how many times has steph mcmahon cheated on triple H Bfor real and how many wrestlers has she...
  85. Do you think WWE willl depush Heath Slater since his police incident?
  86. Which stephanie mcmahon is sexier?
  87. Do you think Vince is Going to Buy TNA in the Near Future?
  88. what do you do thinks better masked kane or unmasked?
  89. I'm At Level 2! :D BQ: What color do you like Mysterio's Mask?
  90. Mistico not Sin Cara anymore?
  91. Why do people think TNA is doing poorly?
  92. Your favorite Top 10 Masked Superstars in WWE history?
  93. WWE PPV 2010 Match Draft?
  94. When was the first time that Cena called his finisher the Attitude Adjustment instead of the FU?
  95. How come nobody ever mentions how bad R~truths wrestling skills are?
  96. Does anybody know who Mick Flow is?
  97. True or False. If Undertaker never loses at Wrestlemania WWE would be robbing us of a...
  98. when is jeff hardy ruturning?
  99. Does Bull Nakano deserves to be in the WWE HOF?
  100. Isn't cena a hypocrite?
  101. CUSTOM STORYLINES FOR WWE 12', Rate Plzz?
  102. Why don't people like John Cena?
  103. Who do you think has more Passion for the WWE?
  104. what smackdown vs raw?
  105. Do you think it would be a good idea if WWE have Justin Bieber sing at wrestlemania 28?
  106. The Undertaker Or The Rock?Who is Better? ?
  107. What do you think about Wade Barret's conclusion this Friday?
  108. What Day Is ROH Coming To TV?
  109. Did the rock really come back to WWE?
  110. Which match do you think CM Punk will be in at WrestleMania 28?
  111. In WWE, Who Has Your Favorite Entrance Music?
  112. what happened to the wwe diva pictures on
  113. Chris benoit chants on raw last week?
  114. In Wrestling Section Which team do you think is going to win?
  115. Who is the best wrestler right know?
  116. If You Were In WWE, Which Title Would You Want To Win First And Why?
  117. How Old Is The WWE Wrestler CM Punk?
  118. Which Wrestler Need To Turn Face Or Turn Heel?
  119. CeNation.trivia who won this match,difficult:83?
  120. who do you think will become the next Poster Boy after i retired?
  121. Whats with all the Chris Benoit hate?
  122. Agree or Disagree: WWE John Cena looks 20 years older than his current age of 34 years old?
  123. pretend if vince buys tna and make it pg-14 and have some tna talents and have the divas...
  124. Name the wrestler, Trivia?
  125. If The Rock Hadn't 'Done It All'?
  126. Who'd Win Randy orton vs Bully Ray?
  127. Do You Think the idea of accepting reality in the WWE is a good?
  128. Why Do You Guys Still Watch WWE (Not Trolling)?
  129. Best wrestler to never get a big push?
  130. Who is better in the ring, Natalya or Melina?
  131. Can anyone who watches TNA please tell me?
  132. Sin Cara and Hunico ?
  133. When was the last time Cena lost clean? +bqs?
  134. Who was hotter, Torrie wilson,Trish Stratus or Sable?
  135. Do you remember who Bull Buchanan is?
  136. Why does Alberto Del Rio call Rey Mysterio a little chihuahua?
  137. Would you like it if your friends called you a One-Man Rock Band?
  138. Is Jinder Mahal really married to Khali's sister?
  139. Did you agree with Bret Hart when he said Christian is an embarrassment to Canada?
  140. If Heath Slater were to get a haircut,would you take him more serious?
  141. wrestling section what do you think of EVan Bourne's brothers?
  142. my raw ep.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  143. Wrestling Trivia: Can you name the wrestler?
  144. Do you think Scott Hall should come back to WWE a smack around some of these young whipper snappers?
  145. Who do you like better Eve or Kelly Kelly?
  146. Do you laugh when Heath Slater talks on the mic?
  147. HI Matt Murphy This is The Surpise?
  148. What do you think Will Happen tommorow Monday Night Cena( yes I said Monday night Cena)?
  149. CeNation.trivia who won this match,difficult:EASY?
  150. WWE Botched on Friday Night Smackdown Had to do a retake?
  151. Rank the wwe divas from favorite to least favorite?
  152. do you think john SHEna will bEAT hulk HOgan?
  153. does lance storm have any autobiography's out?
  154. when is chris jericho returning to wrestling?
  155. Which Fued was Better Batista vs Triple H(2005) or Batista vs Undertaker(2007)?
  156. ok folks lets do this?
  157. All the ****+ matches edge got in his career : what was the best ?
  158. i still dont have a wrestling name?
  159. PLEASE ANSWER My girlfriend has cheated on me and now a professional wrestler wants to fight me...
  160. Who thinks for Cena vs The Rock at WM 28 the Special Guest Ref should be Stone Cold...That...
  161. If tgq actuallly listened and you could implement any wrestler into the game who would it be?
  162. WWE:Most Favorite Submissions?
  163. is the frog splash an overused finisher in professional wrestling?
  164. Do u like my created tag teams?
  165. Who gave Natalya the idea for the Double Sharpshooter?
  166. So, what happened with NWO?
  167. what would be a great wrestling name?
  168. Is Matt Hardy going to be back in Impact Wrestling with Jeff soon?
  169. Why are wrestlers billed heights so GREATLY exaggerated?
  170. Which is the most interesting and entertaining match of all time in WWe?
  171. Who is this wrestler?
  172. Who fought in the match in Smackdown against Heath Slater?
  173. Whose this masked wrestler (Pic) + What do you think about my E-Feds intro?
  174. where does randy orton live?high ridge or st charles?
  175. give your creative names for wwe shows?
  176. What do you think of the show I went to yesterday?
  177. Why is everyone so obsessed with Daniel Bryan?
  178. Rate the following wrestlers in their mic skills and their wrestling skills?
  179. Who would in this David vs Goliath match ?
  180. When a wrestler botches a move it makes them and wrestling look so pathetic?
  181. Can Ted DiBiase hack it as a singles wrestler?
  182. Who would win if their all in prime?
  183. Who are the five UGLIEST wrestlers ever?
  184. Who is the hottest Diva right know in the WWE?
  185. At what age can you sign up for wrestling school?
  186. Who has better mic and wrestling skills. The Rock or CM Punk?
  187. what do you think of mark henry and sheamus.?
  188. What was the point of Sheamus's count out victory only to get buried by Mark Henry after the match?
  189. do you think ted dibiase will ever become whc?
  190. wwe 12 question??????????
  191. when will jeff hardy be back to tna?
  192. Who's stronger - Evolution Batista or Ezekiel Jackson?
  193. Who is more Dominant - Mike Henry or The Big Shot?
  194. Did anyone else predict that Rhodes was going to attack Dibiase after the match?
  195. If I tweeted this to John Cena would he get it and would he reply?
  196. Please no one is answering!!!! People have been criticizing us and I want to know what you think?
  197. Was that the real Sin Cara on SD (Mistico) or his poor attempt at a body double (Hunico)?
  198. Why is comets.geo such a delusional TNA mark?
  199. What is a bigger joke - The TNA Product itself or the TNA Marks that actually believe it's...
  200. How many times did Kurt Angle wins the World Heavyweight Championship?
  201. Would Edge have left WWE anyway, even if he wasn't injured?
  202. Best WM according to IMDB ?
  203. what do you think of the nwa showcase compared to fcw?
  204. What do You Think of this Storyline?
  205. CeNation.trivia who won this match,difficult:WM 8?
  206. Is there any facts about the REAL Sin Cara coming back?
  207. Look at this picture of Austin and Punk from around 15 years ago + WQ?
  208. WWE CM Punk fans what would you do if?
  209. Why do WWE not mention the fact that Michael McGillicutty is Mr Perfect's son?
  210. Where is the boogeyman?
  211. Is it true Jeff Jarrett gave Booker T his first title shot?
  212. Mickie James acting completely different on Jenny Jones,MUST SEE LINK INSIDE?
  213. Do you think Aksana missed Teddy Long tonight?
  214. What would your reaction be if in the 2012 WWE Draft,Booker T was drafted to Raw,and
  215. Do you think Sin Cara (Mistico) will go back to CMLL as Mistico?
  216. Was that Aksana promo tonight on Smackdown dumb?
  217. What is the ONE adjective that best describes these fourteen TNA Wrestlers/Knockouts?
  218. Do you think Teddy Long will finally get his confidence to talk to Aksana tonight on Smackdown?
  219. What do you think Velvet Sky thinks of Kelly Kelly?
  220. When will Kelly Kelly get beat up by Beth Pheonix and/or Natalya?
  221. What do you think about Booker T mentioning he's playable on WWE '12?
  222. Do you blame Kevin Nash as one of the reasons why WCW went out of business?
  223. According to Christian,Bret Hart dresses like a 25 year old,agree?
  224. Am I the only one who sees big potential in the One Man Rock Band Heath Slater?
  225. Where are the following wrestlers...?
  226. WWE12 Alicia, Bellas, Gail and Melina?
  227. the wrestler and diva who did u find excellent in every field?
  228. Whos your favorite wrestler. EZ 10 POINTS IF SAME AS MINE ?
  229. No Davey, Hero and Claudio at the next ROH: Death Before Dishonor, does this mean they signed...
  230. Who Had The Worst Week?
  231. Haha damn did you see that?
  232. What was the WWE match of the week?
  233. Those boos for Christian are edited right?
  234. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  235. Should i team up with World Wrestling Entertainment+BQ?
  236. When did they change the way Suplex was pronounced?
  237. Can u give me a vid of Hardys comeback?
  238. Would WWE be better without Faces or Heels?
  239. Who is better - Jeff Harvey or Matt Harvey?
  240. Do you think Cena was embarrassed on RAW?
  241. Who Was That Guy Wade Barrett Was Supposed To Face?
  242. Lol...why are trolls emailing me+BQ?
  243. !!Vince McMahon Theory!!?
  244. Who really thinks Christian is going to win...?
  245. When did DeucE Domino leave WWE ?
  246. Which Has More Prestige-The US Title or the IC Title?
  247. Who is your Fave 5 in the WS?
  248. Do you watch raw, smackdown, or ECW?
  249. Anyone else sick of Christian?
  250. Who is the best wrestler in WWE?
  251. wwe tournament round 9 Semifinals?
  252. Hey guys just want to say this is my new account+BQ?
  253. What is the only wrestlemania where the WWE WHC IC European Tag and Hardcore title were all...
  254. Next 5 WWE Wrestlers to be released in your opinion?
  255. wwe tournament round 10 FINALS!!?
  256. Can the Reality Era beat the Attitude Era?
  257. What Do You Think Of Chris Benoit As World Chmapion In 2004?
  258. who's better Me or Randy Orton?
  259. who need help jeff hardy or matt hardy?
  260. Do you like CM Punk's Cult Of Personality theme song better than the one he used before?
  261. Why is The Rock nicknamed The People's Champ?
  262. I just heard that Bret Hart will be stepping in for GM of Smackdown tonight!! Is It True?
  263. did jeff hardy end up going to jail or not or is it still pending?
  264. Next 5 WWE Wrestlers in your opinion?
  265. Who would you take less serious in a match:Santno Marella or Eric Young?
  266. Who was surprised ODB and Jackie helped out Velvet Sky?
  267. Did Sting impersonate well tonight on Impact Wrestling?
  268. Did you ever expect Mickie James to act like this on Jenny Jones,LINK INSIDE?
  269. Was anyone happy we didn't see Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett tonight on Impact Wrestling?
  270. Why doesn't Triple H have any respect for Goldberg?
  271. @Brogue Kick Whats your beef with me?
  272. Why did Samoa Joe have to kick the camera man at the end of Impact?
  273. Do you think WWE will make Sin Cara new U.S champ?
  274. Will iMPACT Wrestling do a double taping at Knoxville, Tennesssee?
  275. Is Matt Hardy dropped when he is a baby?
  276. who would you fire zach Ryder or mark Henry?
  277. Isn't it sad that TNA sold 800 tickets for Last Night's taping?
  278. Do you think Muhammad Hassan will ever return to WWE?
  279. Who is more dangerous at this time:Samoa Joe or Mark Henry?
  280. What's weirder:Goldbust in your bedroom or a camera man in the room?
  281. TNA's top two highest paid Knockouts are Mickie James and Christy Hemme,LINK INSIDE?
  282. Have you tried JBL's energy drink,MamaJuana?Have you heard of his energy drink?
  283. Is the guy who went against Kid Kash tonight on Impact Wrestling a rip-off of WWE Superstar...
  284. now that matt hardy has been relased by tna whats next for him?
  285. Why do people say a wrestler is better than another when?
  286. Shark boy vs Doink the clown - who would win?
  287. Sheamus Barrat McIntire Stable?
  288. What is worse - belching or botching?
  289. What wrestler would you like to cut a promo on?
  290. Was the Sid Vicious leg break the scariest sight you've seen in wrestling TV?
  291. Do you think this will be the best way for Chris Jericho to return?
  292. is cm punk a heel or face?
  293. Who is the following of the TNA wrestlers?
  294. BVW presents Women Wrestling Association Episode #6. Is it good?
  295. professional wrestling poll?
  296. Are TNA marks lying to themselves?
  297. Okay I found out the best way for Jericho to return?
  298. are they really arguing or....?
  299. when is that old has been jerry the queen lawler going to get fired from wwe?
  300. Who is more over rated?
  301. What Arenas would you like to create When WWE 12 comes out? Read Description?
  302. who would win in a regular match between jeff hardy and sid vicious / pycsho sid?
  303. Do you think The Undertaker will return as Big Evil, or Deadman?
  304. Do you think Kane will return as Masked Kane or still the same?
  305. Which old-school belt design do you like more?
  306. will jeff hardy ever come back to wwe?
  307. Who do you think will be World and WWE Champion by the end of the year leading into 2012?
  308. If john cena is a role model for kids than why does he drink beer when a legend comes back to wwe?
  309. Who Had The Worst Week-Superstars?
  310. What is your opinion on Sterling James Keenan getting a WWE developmental deal?
  311. Where can i watch a free stream of this episode of iMPACT wrestling? TNA or whatever?
  312. Have you noticed how fat referee Jack Doan has gotten?
  313. What to expect Tuesday on Smackdown?
  314. will they be blood in wwe 12?
  315. when will nxt season 5 finish?
  316. will chavo guerrero return to wwe?
  317. Will Velvet Sky and Angelina Love ever become the Beautiful People again?
  318. Why didn't Monster Abyss help out Gunner and Steiner against Mr. Anderson?
  319. Hey, guys and girls, I need help finding deciding a 4th tag team for my fantasy wrestling
  320. Answer who would by eliminated and win this match?
  321. why did the monster abyss turn from being so sweet to being a monster?
  322. What do the WWE mean by saying *Name of wreslter* failed a wellness policy test??
  323. Will both the Sin Cara matches be on smackdown or will they edit out the first one?
  324. Do you remember the first wrestling match you ever saw or remember?
  325. What championships has Eric Young got in TNA?
  326. wwe tournament round 8 Semifinals?
  327. TNA Tournament Round 8 FINALS!!!?
  328. impact wrestling question ?
  329. Crimson vs Kurt Angle - TNA Tonight?
  330. Did anyone else read this?
  331. Agree or Disagree: Many wrestling fans these days are stuck in the attitude era?
  332. are the hardy boyz drug addicts.?
  333. Who is better - Kevin Stash or his best friend Scott Hill?
  334. Is Curt Henning one of the best wrestlers of all time?
  335. Which WWE diva team do you like best?DOD(Divas of Doom)or Bella Twins?
  336. Do you think Rhyno was underrated in WWE?
  337. What did you think of former WWE Star Maven when he was in WWE?
  338. What is your opinion on Buff Bagwell?
  339. Do you think AJ Styles was underrated in WCW?
  340. Do you think DDP was underrated in WWE?
  341. Dose anyone else remember the rumors of Eminem coming to the WWE back in 2006 or 2007?
  342. Where can i watch wwe ppv online?
  343. TNA Tournament Round 7 Semifinals?
  344. Did Andre The Giant pass away right after WrestleMania 3?
  345. Who is better - The Wiz or R Truce?
  346. which is better WWE or TNA and why?
  347. Would you like to see a new Smackdown GM?
  348. Who would win Big Show or Andre The Giant?
  349. Do you think Chuck Norris could succeed in WWE?
  350. wwe tournament round 5?
  351. TNA Tournament Round 6 Semifinals + BQ?
  352. Were you a fan of WCW?
  353. High school wrestling team?
  354. WWE and TNA poll(this or that)?
  355. Who is better - The Undertower or his brother The Big Blue Machine Wayne?
  356. By today's standards who do you think is the toughest active wrestler?
  357. WWE qames: Did you like All Stars ?
  358. What is 619? It is mentioned with Rey Mysterio's theme music and finishing move.?
  359. what happened to the anonymous general manager of Raw?
  360. Who is better - Jason Gabriel or Kevin Born?
  361. Did hardcore holly often get an erection during his wretling matches?
  363. TNA Tournament Round 5 Semifinals + BQ?
  364. Does Sin Cara have bad breath?
  365. Who is better - Wes Barrett or Darren Bryant?
  366. WWE Finishers 2011........?
  367. wwe tournament round 5?
  368. Is Crimson's streak in TNA a rip off of Undertaker's streak? Cant TNA come up with their own ideas?
  369. Who is better - Jeff Harvey or Matt Harvey?
  370. Who should TNA sign next?
  371. If TNA is so good, why did last week's impact only get a rating of 1.07?
  372. What makes Cena so appealing to kids?
  373. TNA Tournament Round 4 + BQ?
  374. Who had the worst week WS?
  375. wwe tournament round 4 FIGHT! + BQ?
  376. Do you think WWE only wants Robert Roode+BQ?
  377. Are the cheers/boos fake?
  378. Is CM Punk turning face?
  379. Does Booker T like Hulk Hogan?
  380. Are Shane and Vince McMahon on speaking terms?
  381. Who here is or was a fan of La Parka?
  382. What song that you like,could relate to a WWE superstar?
  383. What one ADJECTIVE best describes these fourteen WWE superstars and divas...?
  384. This Friday's Sin Cara-Heath Slater match re-taped?
  385. Do these match ups seem/is entertaining?
  386. Would you rather wrestle Andre The Giant or Yokozuna?
  387. If Sin Cara were to get released,would it look bad for Triple H?
  388. TNA Tournament Round 3?
  389. RR Quiz: Which winner of the Royal Rumble won by eliminating the least number of...
  390. When will WWE superstars come to England/UK to sign autographs?
  391. This is the list of those finishers which me and my friends have tried on each other ?
  392. Everyone knows Ken Shamrock was in UFC before WWF Right? sooo?
  393. What doo you think about the adult flim industry doing a porn parady of the Hogan family?
  394. What Wrestlers debut were you most excited for?
  395. People you wanted to Host Raw?
  396. what is the wwe 12 match list?
  397. what is the wwe 12 soundtrack?
  398. Main Event Mafia vs Immortal?
  399. Have you seen it lately cause I think it's lost?
  400. Worse match HHH vs Scott Steiner Royal Rumble '03 or No Way Out '03?
  401. The Miz and Eve Torres at E3 (video inside)?
  402. Do you need to be jacked to wrestle?
  403. what is the wwe 12 arena list?
  404. how long was goldbergs winning streak?
  405. So does Christopher Daniels wrestle for RoH or TNA?
  406. Would anyone love it if this happened?
  407. wwe tournament round 3 FIGHT!?
  408. Does anyone else find it sad that this has probably been Christian's best year in WWE?
  409. why did wwe lost the case when they started first and now wwf for world wildlife fund have the
  410. wwe night of championship predictions 2011?
  411. is any cm punk fans i am his biggies fans am from chicago pimp wwe?
  412. WWE 12': Any news on RoadToWrestleMania mode?
  413. I wanna join Ring of Honor?
  414. What happened between Michael Cole and Jack Swagger with the Lawler rivalry? + BQ?
  415. TNA Tournament Round 1?
  417. many actually make it...?
  418. If Cena were to have a heel turn, how would you have it play out?
  419. What's been going on in the WWE universe?
  420. What happened here? (TNA Question)?
  421. WWE POLL !!!!!!!!!!!?
  422. Funniest moment of the PG era?
  423. Who should Cody Rhodes face at NIght of Champions?
  424. What wrestler delivered the most finishers in one night?
  425. If I bring aBRING BACK MICHELLEsign to a WWE show?
  426. Do you think lex luger should come out retirement and whoop up on some of these young whipper...
  427. Who should face Kelly Kelly at Night of Champions, Beth or Natalya?
  428. Who should Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne face at Night of Champions?
  429. Why did Randy Orton grow a beard?
  430. Who's more of the Superman? John Cena or Randy Orton?
  431. WWE. What's happening?
  432. Which WWE Diva is next to be released?
  433. Who is your favorite WWE wrestler?
  434. Do you believe CM Punk is the face of wwe yet?
  435. Quiz: Which wrestler, out of the current WWE wrestlers, have had the most championship
  436. Kevin Nash (in his prime) or CM Punk (Punks in his prime right now)?
  437. Why are all the tag teams in the WWE a black guy and a white guy?
  438. What day of the month will it happen?
  439. Did Impact Wreslin(TNA) make a big mistake by announcing Jeff Hardy's return?
  440. Does anyone else think that john Cena is a boring wrestler to watch?
  441. Are they ever going to reveal why Nexus attacked Undertaker at Survivor Series?
  442. How did the Attitude Era begin and end?
  443. How would you react if this guy won the WWE title?
  444. Is there really a ghost in Matt Hardy's house?
  445. Should John Cena grow a beard like Randy Orton?
  446. wwe fans woman what color nike socks was the best?
  447. wwe fans woman what color nike socks was the best?
  448. what is wwe super smackdown?
  449. Have they announced a release date for the DVD of Money in the Bank 2011?
  450. Would You have liked to see this?
  451. Were Cole,Lawler,and JR nervous Laurinitis was at ringside?
  452. How do you think Hell in a Cell 2011 will turn out to be?
  453. CM Punk copies AJ Styles?
  454. So is CM Punk out of the title picture for now?
  455. What do you think of my review for last nights amazing RAW?easy 10 points?
  456. Is it official now that The Miz has been buried?
  457. WS Poll: Which three of these matches from so far in 2011 do you prefer?
  458. Does anyone know when CM Punk T-shirts will be available from
  459. What would happen if a terrible snowstorm hit Calgary tonight when the SD tapings are going?
  460. Do you think triple H will make cm punk the third contender since johnnny ace lied to him?
  461. What do you think it's going to take for Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair to retire?
  462. What do you think about this WWE Storyline?:?
  463. Why does wwe job Ezekiel Jackson?
  464. Poll: Which of these things do you think TNA Creative will do to Jeff Hardy next now that
  465. Poll: Which of these things do you think TNA Creative will do to Jeff Hardy next now that
  466. What do you think about this WWE Storyline?:?
  467. Why does wwe job Ezekiel Jackson?
  468. Is it only a matter of time before these great talents are future endeavored?
  469. Is it just me who doesn't give a sh*t about Cena vs The Rock at WM 28?
  470. Will bleeding or blading be back in the WWE with the Reality Era?
  471. Anyone else think that was a very bold statement by John Cena?
  472. Who won, Punk or Cena +BQ?
  473. Poll: Do you think Total Nonstop Action Wrestling will be a company by the year 2021?
  474. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  475. Who is better - Matt Harvey or Jeff Harvey?
  476. Who is better - Jim Morrison or John Swagger?
  477. Who is better - the Overtaker or his brother Dane?
  478. I want to know how to Apply a headlock from behind?
  479. When will Jeff Harvey be returning to TNL?
  480. Will bleeding or blading be back in the WWE with the Reality Era?
  481. what is a code for the twix wraper?
  482. ok the main event was great until that interference why is wwe misusing nash like that? + BQ?
  483. Who would win in a match Andre The Giant vs Big Show?
  484. What do you think of Evan Nash being back in the WWE?
  485. What did you think of last nights Raw?
  486. Who is better - Allan Riley or Kevin Bourne?
  487. Anyone interested in a FB E-Fed? +WQ?
  488. Who wants to bet that Jerry Lawler applauds Cena for putting on the most herioc match ever?
  489. Do you agree with my mystery text message sender theory?
  490. Haha. CENA sign guy messed up his C?
  491. funny fan threw cena's t-shirt?
  492. Why do people blame the PG-era for the reason WWE is crap?
  493. Finally The Great One has come back!!?
  494. who else misses the attitude era?
  495. Anyone else confused about the whole Cena/Del Rio scenario...? +BQ?
  496. Will John Cena lose tonight? If so, will it be cleanly?
  497. WWE Who Did Booker T's Spinarooni the best? Rock or Kane?
  498. what is your unforgettable moment in wwe?
  499. Who is better - Hawk Hogan or the Intimate Warrior?
  500. Miz and R-truth are going to form a tag team?