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  1. Will you buy Night of Champions?
  2. Who do you think will be the WWE champion after night of champions?
  3. did you Know that the users Booker T and John Cena fan 4 ever have always like 16-26 open Questions?
  4. Did you Know the user Robbed Again was the troll Triple H?
  5. The End of WWE PG and their annoying teens fans are finally over the new era of WWE
  6. Will The Black Scorpion make Impact wrestling disappear like he did WCW?
  7. Where Can I watch WWE Raw tonight online?
  8. Why does the IWC always bash on The Miz?
  9. Is heel strictly a wrestling term or is it something more?
  10. Wolverine to host RAW?
  11. Should they bring back New Years Revolution?
  12. another raw supershow?
  13. If only ONE of these WWE legends could have a match at WM28 next year...?
  14. Agree or Disagree:This would be a awesome diva's division?
  15. Was the Matt Hardy vs Edge match real or scripted?
  16. POLL:Me or Hulk Hogan?
  17. WRESTLING: what year did you start watching wrestling?
  18. What question in the WS has gotten the most answers of all-time?
  19. How many La Parka's are there in wrestling?
  20. Did John Cena and Mickie James once go out?
  21. Did anyone want to be a wrestler as a kid,but when you found out it was scripted,you changed your...
  22. Did Eve Torres once have a crush on R-Truth?
  23. Apart from The Rundown, is there a WWE film that wasn't panned by critics?
  24. Is Crimson still undefeated in TNA?
  25. Is Smackdown Vs Raw 2012 Gonna be the exact same as SVR 11?
  26. who is getting wwe12?
  27. Who thinks it would be a good idea to have Cena win the WWE title and then turn heel?
  28. Why don't people understand that Hogan has passion for wrestling?
  29. Why are most wrestlers half naked when they compete?
  30. What would your reaction be if Heath Slater ended Undertaker's WM streak at WM 28?
  31. what is up with the anonymous raw gm? when will they let us know who that person is?
  32. Chris Jericho's best matches?
  33. Do you agree with WWE's top 10 masked wrestlers rankings?
  34. Is there a better role model than John Cena for kids?
  35. Chris Jericho Or CM Punk?
  36. Can someone explain to me what exactly is the Brand Split and what it would mean if WWE
  37. Why do people called this era thePG Era?
  38. Is Rebecca Hickenbottom And Stephanie McMahon Friends?
  39. do you like the wwe or tna better?
  40. Whats Rey Mysterio's rating in the WWE 12 game? ?
  41. what do you like better wwe or tna?
  42. Got contacted by ROH but I want to go to WWE?
  43. the 14 remaining superstars in WWE 12 are......?
  44. Do you think WWE need to make Undertaker heel again like he was in the late 90's?
  45. 5 Best matches in wrestling history?
  46. Is Chris jericho coming back to the wwe or is he finished?
  47. WWE wrestling survey?
  48. Why are the wrestlers today so boring compared to those in the 90s?
  49. WWE Gaminq : Any more info on WWE 12' ?
  50. Do you think Rock vs Cena is going to be a lot like?
  51. Who are the best and worst world champions of the 2000s?
  52. Who is your favorite rassla?
  53. Do you see these diva's making it to the HOF one day?
  54. True or false: If Jeff Hardy was in the WWE, him and R-Truth would of had a rivalry for
  55. do you now the real reason why wwf changed into wwe do you know why wwe is pg.if you get
  56. Who was the first person to win the WWE Championship?
  57. Which wrestlers had their best gimmicks by just being themselves?
  58. Did you hear the good news?
  59. Why does WWE rank Ric Flair higher than Hulk Hogan in WWE's Top 50 Greatest Stars DVD?
  60. WWE:John Cena or CM Punk?
  61. WWE 12 overalls, CM Punk and Triple H?
  62. What DVD's do you want to see released? Also what are your favorites?
  63. Which finisher cant you kick out of?
  64. Question about the rock and Stone cold - WWE 10 POINTS!!!?
  65. Am I the only one that thinks John Cena is a decent wrestler?
  66. Did anyone actually think Vince McMahon's death was legit and NOT a Storyline?
  67. Kane. With or without mask?
  68. When did the WWF become tv14?
  69. In your opinion, what was the last time in WWE where there were at least three 4 star matches...
  70. top best highflyers pick worst 2?
  71. My Smack down ep 3!!!?
  72. Who Loves John Cena..........?
  73. who is your fav wrestling tag team ?
  74. Is Punk heel or face (cuz of cena)?
  75. why are people so pissed with the hulk hogan vs sting bound for glory match?
  76. Kane return at Hell in a Cell?
  77. Is it true CM Punk is the best in the world?
  78. Who is more talented, Cm Punk,Christian or The Miz?
  79. Is Tommy Dreamer going back to TNA,LINK INSIDE?
  80. When the WWE goes to Mexico in October,will WWE Superstars/Divas do interviews on TV,radio,etc.?
  81. Have you heard Vickie Guerrero speak Spanish?Here it is,LINK INSIDE?
  82. Does anyone buy WWE Magazine or WWE Kids Magazine?
  83. Do you think Maryse is a good role model?
  84. Was this Randy Orton interview from Mexico scripted or real,LINK INSIDE?
  85. Is Vickie Guerrero Mexican-American?
  86. Is the WWE changing their tradional style of wrestling program?
  87. Have you heard Eve Torres speak Spanish?Here it is,LINK INSIDE?
  88. Christopher Daniels or Evan Bourne?
  89. Do you like WWE.........?
  90. Nash in WWE, love it or hate it? And why?
  91. Nooo, Your only smoking mirror, Nooo, Your only smoking Mirror to me - Cody Rhodes?
  92. What do you prefer: WWE or TNA?
  93. With the create an arena mode in WWE 12, if Kharma is in the game, would I be able to make a...
  94. Have there been any WWE Superstar/Diva releases in the past 3 months?
  95. When did divas matches become toilet breaks?
  96. Whose better on the mic: Christian or Randy Orton?
  97. Whose a better in-ring performer: John Cena or Triple H?
  98. how many times have Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena ?
  99. Would anyone else find it funny if at WM, Cena made The Rock tap in under 30 seconds?
  100. amateur wrestling greatest moment ?
  101. Can you buy front row tickets from ticketmaster in the uk for a london show and how?
  102. WS Quiz: Can you name the last time WWE had a PPV without John Cena, Randy Orton OR Triple H?
  103. Don't you hate it when Cena wins the WWE title too much?
  104. Anyone here a fan of the WWE and American Gladiators?
  105. do you like UberHaxOrNova?
  106. who is the best amateur wrestler in your mind ?
  107. More match type ideas (rate them 0-10)!?
  108. is Bruce Baumgartner the greatest amateur wrestler?
  109. Wrestler's youtube channels?
  110. How Can WWE Use 'Non-PG' Language In PG Programming?
  111. What do you think is going to happen at Impact Wrestling BFG this year?
  112. who was the WWE secret GM.?
  113. TNA boring and predicatable?
  114. CeNation Trivia,who won this match?difficult:WM XXIV?
  115. Who thinks that the Dragon Gate USA and the Evolve are overvalued?
  116. What do U think of hulk Hogan's micro Championship Wrestling?
  117. Rank the top 10 in WWE as in fan support and popularity. NOT your personal opinion of who you...
  118. Why do fight fans bash WWE?
  119. what city would you like to host wrestlemania 29?
  120. Which current wrestlers do you think are better as a face than a heel?
  121. Are u expecting Sin Cara (Mistico) vs Sin Cara (Hunico) Feud?
  122. What WWE titles are there?
  123. How much is a match between Colt Cobana against Daniel Bryan in WWE?
  124. Does any of yall wrestling fans remember this?
  125. did the undertaker kill the bushwackers?
  126. Where has Old Beard been hiding lately?
  127. Why do delusional TNA Marks actually find Hulk Hogan entertaining?
  128. Does anyone know any links for some good cm punk promos making fun of druggies ?
  129. WWE Fans, what would your reaction be if Hulk Hogan returned to Raw or Smackdown?
  130. How can you guys hate John Cena?
  131. Who are the current most powerful families in pro wrestling?
  132. Do you think Daniel Bryan is going to...?
  133. Quick WWE game. 10 points guaranteed in 15 minutes!?
  134. for summerslam last month, did you pay for it or watch it online free?
  135. Why does making a critical statement about TNA automatically make you a WWE mark?
  136. Who would you rather see return to the WWE - Myself, the Great Mike Adamle or Palmer Cannon?
  137. Why don't they include the entrance attire in WWE games anymore?
  138. has randy orton cheated on his wife ever?
  139. hey guys i found out why john cena and randy orton are not as good on the mic as they usta be?
  140. What do you think of that user The Dog?
  141. wrestling section why do people overrate John Morrison?
  142. If John Cena went into the UFC would his whole CENATION fan-base follow him as well?
  143. Will the WWE be dumb enough to resign Matt Hardy?
  144. When the undertaker retires, will he leave bigger impact on the wwe than the rock?
  145. What do you think about this Match Card + Rate each card?
  146. Who are the top 10 most popular wrestlers ever in the history of WWE/WWF?
  147. NWO returns to WWE (Dream Members)?
  148. Did you like D Generation X (DX)?
  149. where can i watch wwe night of champions 2011 free online?
  150. where do i get cm punk's t-shirt ? any ideas ?
  151. Whos in your divas fav five?
  152. Chris Jericho or Edge?
  153. Are Inferno,Buried alive,bleed or last man standing mathces banned from PG era?
  154. Shawn Michael or The Rock?
  155. Would TNA be worth watching if they booted Hogan, Bishcoff Russo, replacing them with Paul Heyman?
  156. Why didn't Mr. McMahon just fire Stone Cold?
  157. Rate the following superstar's current theme song? 1-10?
  158. What are efeds.....?
  159. What things would show up in the charts of female wrestlers?
  160. Who is #18 for Top 50 Greatest Superstars of All Time?
  161. Which is your favourite Jerry Lawler quote?
  162. Are You Surpise that The Miz Beat John Cena at WM?
  163. what is this about wwe supershow?
  164. So Chavo is gone.........?
  165. is Matt hardy better than Jeff hardy?
  166. How could the uso be a better team?
  167. is R-Truth a Good Wrestler?
  168. Where is Chavo.............?
  169. Have you bought a WWE slurpee cup at 7Eleven yet?
  170. Will The Miz win another championship before the year is out?
  171. Which WWE superstars entrance music would you use?
  172. Which WWE pay-per view was over hyped?
  173. Do I have to pre-order WWE 12 from a shop, or from home? Bonus question.?
  174. How is the Divas height done?
  175. ive been watching tna over the last few weeks and is it just me or can anyone else see an...
  176. What is the image from WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2011 start menu?
  177. is Sin cara a tweener?
  178. Who would you like to see in the New New world order?
  179. What finishing move would you use?
  180. What's the difference between Kevin Nash and Eric Bischoff?
  181. Is The Big O,Zack Ryder's friend,a wrestler?
  182. Does momentum exist in wrestling?
  183. Have you ever met a WWE Diva/TNA Knockout?What did you tell them?What did they tell you?
  184. Do you think Booker T is a Big Jimmy?
  185. Will WWE '12 be a letdown?
  186. If Orton can't stop Mark Henry,is Booker T the only hope Smackdown has left to stop Mark Henry?
  187. Do you laugh when Booker T says AWWW.SHUCKY,DUCKY,QUACKY,Quack.?
  188. Would WWE fire Kelly Kelly if Randy Orton recommended it?
  189. Why does no one talk about Booker T's match with Jack Swagger from this year?
  190. Did Eve Torres attend USC when Jets QB Mark Sanchez was at USC?
  191. Would there have been an Attitude Era without ECW?
  192. Did anyone watch Smackdown again tonight for Booker T's commentary?
  193. was smackdown on this Friday on 9/2/11?
  194. Not to sound egotistical,did I make Booker T relevant in the WS?
  195. All-Star Royal Rumble Match Contest?
  196. Who Do You Feel Are The Top 5 Most Impactful Wrestlers Of Allllllllllll Time?
  197. Who do you see as the future number one HEEL of the WWE?
  198. How do I make a wrestling video on youtube?
  199. Why did Maryse break up with Ted Dibiase?
  200. I Know Who Sent The Text?
  201. Why wasn't Stone Cold Steve Austin Undertaker in WrestleMania 16 (2000)?
  202. wrestling section which song is better for a entrance song for Air Boom{ Kofi Kingston ...
  203. tna or wwe ??????????
  204. most overrated wrestler ever ?
  205. john cena or aj styles ?
  206. most underrated wrestler ever ?
  207. James Storm Or Robert Roode?
  208. Whats the best way to make my WWE magazine reach out to people?
  209. Which game is better wwe'12 or smackdown hctp ?
  210. Who's Your Favorite WWE Commentator?
  211. Are the dudley boyz really brothers?
  212. Who do you see as the future face of the WWE?
  213. who do you think will win the BFG series?
  214. Have you EVER liked Cena?
  215. I watched TNA for the first time today...?
  216. Your thoughts on Jeff Hardy returning to TNA next week?
  217. Why is wrestling catagory under Sports?
  218. Did everyone knew who masked kane was before his unmasking?
  219. Who will win at WWE NOC? HHH or CM Punk?
  220. Would you prefer to have the brand extension end or keep going?
  221. What was this week's TNA impact like?
  222. Why did X Pac suck so much?
  223. Friday Funny - What's the difference between Sin Cara Dolph Ziggler?
  224. Last nights TNA Impact drew a rating of 1.06 - is the sinking ship finally about to hit the bottom?
  225. Is Chikara awesome or what?
  226. Top Three Submission Specialists Of WWE In 2011?
  227. I missed smackdown. Can someone give me a link to watch it?
  228. Who would win in a fight. John Cena or Lateef Crowder?
  229. In their physical primes, who was stronger - Batista or Kevin Nash?
  230. Weight loss and gain in WWE?
  231. Randy Orton theme song?
  232. Does anyone else think Velvet Sky is as good it not better than trish stratus when it comes
  233. Would you say Aj Styles is almost as good as a in ring performer as Shawn Micheals and Eddie
  234. Why isn't Alberto Del Rio wrestling against Sin Cara?
  235. Who is the blonde girl with Winter, TNA wrestling?
  236. Who is the worse commentator?
  237. Watch the new dog's debuting promo?
  238. Should Matt Hardy be locked up in a lunatic asylum?
  239. Why does Daniel Bryan keep jobbing?
  240. If a contestant did the RKO during an amateur wrestling event at the Olympics, would they get
  241. Diva/Knockout Question?
  242. Top Three Highflyers Of WWE In 2011?
  243. Who would you want more to return, masked kane or biker undertaker?
  244. What happened with Tiffany Drew McIntyre?
  245. Firday Night Smack Down episode 1?
  246. CeNation Trivia,who won this match?difficult:WM XI?
  247. What are they going to show on smackdown tonight? when was it filmed?
  248. Why does Cena get annoyed when other wrestlers call him super cena?
  249. WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Predictions ?
  250. wrestling section why do people call play by play commentator's announcers?
  251. Where can I find fighting lessons online for a 13 year old boy?
  252. Has Lesnar lost a match in WWE?
  253. CM Punk , what does CM stand for ?
  254. What ever happened to Daniel Puder?
  255. Will Velvet Sky appear on Impact Wrestling tonight?
  256. Is anyone else disappointed Karen Jarrett will be on Impact Wrestling every week now?
  257. Who are some of the greatest referees in wrestling history?
  258. How come when TNA does something good no one ever talks about but when they do something bad
  259. Is Goldberg's WCW winning streak legit?
  260. Was Chris Jericho describing the current product in his debut in 1999?
  261. Did Booker T ever face Goldberg when Goldberg was undefeated in WCW?
  262. Why did Jerry The King Lawler leave WWE during the ECW era?
  263. Another Styles-Daniels feud?Really TNA?Again?
  264. Why did Abyss help out Immortal this week,but last week he didn't?
  265. Did AJ Styles botch when he slipped on the rope at the end of the match with Daniels tonight?
  266. What do you think of this idea for an arena for wwe 12?
  267. The Wrestling Trivia Quiz?
  268. kharma/awesome kong is the strongest than beth phoenix?
  269. CM Punk became overrated now?
  270. TNA vs WWE and Quality?
  271. Tag Team match, who wins between Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand, and .....?
  272. is TNA star Nick Aldis Brutus Magnus Dating?
  273. Steel Cage matchup, The Who vs The Doors, who wins?
  274. Is Anything Known about CM Punk's Personal life?
  275. Who Had The Worst Week?
  276. which wrestler of wwe is Better in your opinion?
  277. Do you happy for WWE ? (Kevin Nash return to WWE)?
  278. Who's Better Bookdust Or The Rock Sock Connection?
  279. Who will win Cena or the Rock?
  280. WWE/TNA PPV Theme Song ideas?
  281. why dd i forget every thing that happens in tna after im done watching?
  282. What Is The Rock's Greatest Accomplishment In The WWE?
  283. How would you recreate the nWo today?
  284. Who heard Josh matthews say this on Smackdown live?
  285. Do you think the real Sin Cara will return?
  286. Why didn't Christopher Daniels shake A.J. Styles' hand after their match?
  287. do you think wwe screwed christian ?
  288. Rate my storylines (0-10)?
  289. Are there any WWE Training grounds in England?
  291. What was the point of turning Sin Cara heel?
  292. what is mr mcmahon doing now?
  293. what is stephanie mcmahon doing now?
  294. will ultimo dragon return to wwe?
  295. who is the wwe raw mystery manager?
  296. Who sings Otunga and McGillicutty's theme Power?
  297. Why do people prefer fake Sin Cara (Hunico) to the original Sin Cara (Mistico)?
  298. Are you suprised that TNA doesnt have?
  299. Was my uncle right to be angry at me for putting him on Smackdown vs Raw video game?
  300. Has a new era in WWE really begun called the ''Super Show Era''?
  301. do you think that this should be the storymode concept for the next tna game?
  302. Who has the most world championship reigns in pro wresting history?
  303. Is UFC 139 really going to take place in San Jose Nov.19?
  304. wwe kelly kelly and Alicia..Eve Heel turn?
  305. How hard will wrestling practice be for a guy who runs out of stamina quite quick?
  306. If Booker T would be given a superhero name,what would be his name?
  307. Wrestlemania Trivia. Name the 10 Superstars who have been in more than one main event?
  308. wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 custom tag teams.............?
  309. Worst user in the WS? And don't delete this question like last time?
  310. HELP! I'm so dam confused mystified as to why Sin Cara turned heel there somehow two of them. WHY?
  311. Do you think Booker T and Stevie Ray would make a good Batman/Robin?
  312. who is kharma? is new diva? but it is BIG.?
  313. wow wwe fucked up another good wrestler (sin cara) why would they do that?
  314. Did Booker T botch this pinfall,LINK INSIDE?
  315. Do you think it is time Randy Orton goes down the rankings?
  316. When's The Last Time You Cried Whilst Watching WWE?
  317. Is this a good way to get into WWE?
  318. Mickie James or Winter tonight for the Knockout title?
  319. Where and when does WWE Superstars air?
  320. So is Aksana still going after Teddy Long?
  321. who do you think is going to portray Sin Cara?
  322. Hogan passed the torch to Rock @WM18 +BQ?
  323. Sin Cara vs Sin Cara rumors?
  324. the best is ? 1.Undertaker 2.Shawn michaels 3.Ston cold 4.Bret hart 5. hulk hogan?
  325. What Would it be like to Date CM Punk?
  326. I am a wrestler,who am I?
  327. Rate these Divas (1-10 Scale, by wrestling talent)?
  328. Why do a lot of people criticize Orton's ring skills?
  329. Is it safe to say that MOST WWE Stars end up marrying Regular People?
  330. What happens if John Cena comes back to Smackdown! Where he truly belongs?
  331. In your opinion who is the strongest wrestler?
  332. Is Sin Cara really turning Heel?
  333. Top 3: Who is the greatest Native American Wrestler of all time?
  334. Have you noticed Cena has started bullying people?
  335. Do you think Kharma will return before WrestleMania?
  336. Am I the only person who thought that Edge vs Undertaker from WM 24 was better then Flair vs
  337. I'm watching TNA for the first time this weekend, What should I expect?
  338. Can Matt Hardy ever gain your respect after what he did last night?
  339. who will win john cena or the rock at wrestlemania?
  340. Does Barrett need a change to be a true main event star ?
  341. What's your Favorite WrestleMania of All Time?
  342. Do You Find CM Punk Sexy/ Attractive?
  343. Do You Find CM Punk Sexy/ Attractive?
  344. What's your Favorite WrestleMania of All Time?
  345. Can Matt Hardy ever gain your respect after what he did last night?
  346. who will win john cena or the rock at wrestlemania?
  347. Does Barrett need a change to be a true main event star ?
  348. Am I the only person who thought that Edge vs Undertaker from WM 24 was better then Flair vs
  349. I'm watching TNA for the first time this weekend, What should I expect?
  350. Is Sin Cara really turning Heel?
  351. Top 3: Who is the greatest Native American Wrestler of all time?
  352. Who Has The Better Mic Skills?
  353. What if WWE brings back the nWo?
  354. What if WWE brings back the nWo?
  355. the Career of Melina wwe!?
  356. Do you think that Matty Hardy's Girlfriend Reby is embarrassed by his actions his latest videos!?
  357. Do you think TNA would have better ratings if...?
  358. Has anyone noticed RVD is the Only Money in the bank winner to actually cash it in when
  359. wwe tournament semi finals?
  360. its my second time getting suspended from the PSN does that mean my account is banned please help?
  361. wwe tournament grand finale?
  362. Which Wresting fight was the most viewed Live? (not boxing or ufc please)?
  363. how to punch someone without seriously hurting them?
  364. Is this a good way to get into WWE?
  365. GWA Velocity, please rate?
  366. Lets play WWE 20 Questions but with.?
  367. What do you think about Sin Cara?
  368. How would you react if WWE let CM Punk use the Pepsi Plunge on Triple H?
  369. If HBK kicked me in the face how bad would it hurt?
  370. Do you think The Miz has good mic skills?
  371. What wrestlers thats ever wrestled in TNA and WWE are you more a fan of(poll)?
  372. What was the point of having another Christain vs Orton rematch if we all knew Christain...
  373. wwe tournament who's your favorite?
  374. have you ever told some one ' you can't see me like super cena?
  375. Who would you rather see as a Future WWE Champion?
  376. Is there any program, not necessarily a wrestling school but like a place for pro wrestling
  377. Can you think of two words to describe Matt Hardy?
  378. What's so great about that Reverse Stone Cold wannabe, yet rebellious like him, CM Punk?
  379. Which online wrestling federation will I have the most fun in?
  380. Why does WWE keep burying Wade Barrett?
  381. Rate my WrestleMania card (0-10)?
  382. Why is everybody calling The Rock a sellout if Old Man Jericho is even worse?
  383. Who'd Win Immortal or Evolution?
  384. Main Event Prediction between Orton and Christian?
  385. OK will smackdown be moving to tuesday night live?
  386. Dont you hate that they can leave throught the steel cage door?
  387. Why do some Undertaker fans get upset about his relationship choices?
  388. What was up with the WWE making Wade Barrett look like a bum?
  389. Who'd Win Dolph Ziggler vs Mick Foley?
  390. Britney Cheeleader why are you in the Wrestling Section?
  391. Is Triple H bad on the mic or what?
  392. wwe tournament who's your favorite?
  393. so who had more right points CM Punk or HHH?
  394. do chuck norris doing sumo?
  395. How Can an Ordinary Woman Date a WWE Superstar?
  396. wwe tournament 5 who's your favorite?
  397. don't you think its dumb for wwe to put the PG rating when you see all over the world
  398. Yup Christian gets buried again !?
  399. Should a 15 year old girl like me enjoy wrestling?
  400. Love that kevin nash is back, but whats up with him pushing triple h like that on the speacial tues
  401. Who has the most catching attention avatar in the Wrestling Section?
  402. With SinCara's heel change (Hunico) that means the real SinCara (Mistico) is coming back, right?
  403. wwe tournament 4 who's your favorite?
  404. Who was the biggest fail-NXT?
  405. Have you lost all respect for Matt Hardy after the video he posted?
  406. Is Matt Hardy the biggest douche of all time?
  407. if you could book next year's wrestlemania from previous wm matches which would you choose?
  408. What if wwe did a stiryline where a new faction deuted that was based on the Ku Klux Klan?
  409. wwe tournament who you favorite?
  410. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  411. What is your favorite entrance Theme Song ever!?
  412. Out of these tag teams wich one is the best and what do each of these teams have in common?
  413. What is your favorite Superstar Diva Finisher move?
  414. So I've been hearing that they are replacing the real Sin Cara with Hunicco?
  415. wwe tournament who's your favorite?
  416. do the undertaker and kane celebrate holidays together?
  417. What did you think of the Super Smackdown last night?
  418. When is super SmackDown on?
  419. wrestling section, why do people call Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson a highflyer/highflier?
  420. did randy orton and kelly kelly have an affair?
  421. whats so special about john cena ? i mean he is weak but every body likes him,i like him...
  422. Does anyone think John Cena is getting a bit funnier ?
  423. EPIC Professional Wrestling poll?
  424. Do you want to see a Jack Swagger Dolph Ziggler tag-team or rivalry face turn for Ziggler?
  425. is it official or not help?
  426. nWo Back ? Does this mean TV 14 aqain ?
  427. I missed RAW lastnight.. Was it anygood?
  428. Is WWE Raw live or taped?
  429. What is Matt Hardy thinking?
  430. Who all has Randy Orton buried?
  431. Was that the ORIGINAL Sin Cara out there tonight?
  432. Who do you like better?Mark Henry or Sheamus?
  433. 1st GWA Thursday Night Carnage results. Please rate.?
  434. Who else thinks R-truth The miz should be pushed and win tag titles?
  435. Anybody's shocked that Sin Cara might be a heel?
  436. On a scale 1 to 10 how would you rank these female wrestlers in ring skills(of all time)?
  437. Do you agree to agree that WWE would be better if it was TV-Y?
  438. Will wwe make a change or not?
  439. Do you like this theme song?
  440. Why was tonight's RAW such a big botchfest?
  441. Why don't pro wrestlers wear mouthguards?
  442. Do you study wrestlers in ring skills and psycholgy or just watch?
  443. How is WWE fake? they make it look so real?
  444. What WWE wrestlers that are in wwe right now will for sure go in the hall of fame in the future?
  445. what is the biggest difference between the rko, 3:16, code breaker, and rick rude's neck breaker?
  446. What would happen if an EF5 Tornado hit Wichita tonight while SD Is live on the air?
  447. why is cm punk stealing macho man's finisher?
  448. Do some wrestling fans think the Attitude era is a TV rating?
  449. CeNation Trivia,who won this match?difficult:EASY?
  450. Did The Miz debut a new t shirt on WWE Raw this week?
  451. Do you like the New Survivor series format? or prefer the old?
  452. Who do you want me to wrestle?
  453. Out of all the Elimination chambers that happened what was your favorite moment in that match?
  454. which finisher would be most painful?
  455. Has there ever been a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania?
  456. This Raw Main Event is Going to be Really Short Isn't It?
  457. So i'm a little confused is the brand extentsion over or not?
  458. Will Super Cena compete at Super Smackdown?
  459. Anonymous RAW GM Angle and Nexus/New Nexus?
  460. Do I have the look of a wrestler?
  461. is batista returning to wwe?
  462. Hello once again lowly peasants?
  463. Is Triple H vs CM Punk a Buried Alive Match?
  464. OK? So Triple H is facing CM Punk?
  465. I missed some of raw tonight so can anybody tell me thw matches that happend in order please?
  466. What are your thoughts of the possibility of no longer having a brand extension?
  467. jerry lawler douchebag?
  468. where can i get these john cena sweat bands?
  469. Who do you feel is the most underutilized wrestler in WWE?
  470. Who sent the text to Kevin Nash?
  471. Does anyone else miss Rey Mysterio's entrance?
  472. What was funnier:Lawler staying quiet in front of Otunga or Booker T being afraid of Mark Henry?
  473. Why aren't Beth Phoenix/Natalya attacking Kelly Kelly?
  474. When do you think DOD will have a tag team match with Kelly Kelly and Eve?
  475. can someone fill me in on the wwe?
  476. In the Randy Orton DVD,will he talk about Kelly Kelly?
  477. OVER/UNDER:2 more months of Sin Cara in WWE?
  478. Would Mark Henry vs John Cena have been a great main event for tonight?
  479. Do you think they put Triple H-Punk at NOC to get more PPV sales?
  480. has kane ever been a champion as a face for the entire title reign?
  481. Since Smackdown Superstars are coming over to Raw,why doesn't Booker T go to Raw?
  482. Was I right when I said Triple H will become like Hulk Hogan?
  483. Did John Cena kill the role of being a good guy?
  484. Am I the only one that sees Mark Henry as a dangerous threat in the WWE?
  485. How come Jerry Lawler didn't say all the bad stuff he said in front of David Otunga?
  486. Do you agree that John Cena is an insult to the adults intelligence?
  487. WWE Raw, does anyone else think Nash is acting like a little jerk 10 points?
  488. Who had the best nite on Raw,tonight?
  489. Will Kelly Kelly appear on Raw tonight?
  490. who are your top 3 favourite wrestlers?
  491. Has Sheamus got a bandage around his waist? I couldn't tell until it started to come off?
  492. I read that Sheamus was the second fastest person to win the wwe championship, so who was first?
  493. How many teams did Robbie Keane support as a kid?
  494. What did you think of Raw last night?
  495. better wrestler Chris Jericho or Kurt Angle?
  496. It's the same boring Divas match every week?
  497. Who are your top 9 ring announcers?
  498. What do you think of the cross-brand shows on Raw and Smackdown?
  499. Do you think Who sent the text? will become like Who's the RAW GM??
  500. Are you proud that Evan Bourne finally wins a championship in WWE?