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  1. Will christian ever get a long title shot the he deserves?
  2. Does anyone else think that Wwe should do this...?
  3. hows that tna paper view going im not watching it?
  4. Who would you have wanted to win BFG series if you could choose?
  5. Could Cody Rhodes do the things athletically that John Morrison and Kofi can do?
  6. what do you guys think of Yoshi Tatsu new look?
  7. which wrestler you respect more?
  8. Which divas/knockouts of all time do you find more desirable?
  9. No Intercontinental Championship match at Night of Champions this year?
  10. I Need Help From Some Wwe Fans.?
  11. Have you ever cried while watching wrestling ?
  12. Did you know that the REAL conspiracy goin around these days is the fact that the Crock
  13. So i wuz talkin to mah man R-Truth yesturday, and he told me tonite on Rawr, i was gonna get got?
  14. Is is true that the truth shall set me free?
  15. Wrestlng Section did you know that...?
  16. can submissions take place anywhere in a falls count anywhere match?
  17. do submissions count in a 2 out of 3 falls match?
  18. I wish Daniel Bryan would turn heel?
  19. I wish Daniel Bryan would turn heel?
  20. Wait what! I s this right?
  21. Why is Goldust the hottest guy ever?
  22. Who are your personal Fave 10 wrestlers in YOUR TIME?
  23. About No Surrender ppv tonight. I read what was/is supposed to a spoiler?
  24. Do you think that WWE in 2011 are getting better and interesting?
  25. Which wrestler do You think is better like heel (Cristian or Edge)?
  26. Why did Rey Mysterio went out for surgeries?
  27. who do you want to see win cm punk or triple h?
  28. Undertaker is one of the oldest wrestlers still in the business!? It really is a blow!?
  29. Is Kevin Nash REALLY Fired?
  30. Has wwe had a show on christmas?
  31. Missed the main-event Of Smackdown...what happened?
  32. Who do you think will win the TNA World heavyweight title tonight at No Surrender?
  33. Who will be the final parring in the Bound For Glory tournament?
  34. Odd question related to wrestling?
  35. could andre the giant get drunk?
  36. who will win the bound for glory series tonight?
  37. Major Royal Rumble Update?
  38. Who has the best finisher in The WWE?
  39. Why Does WWE Buries Black Wrestler?
  40. Should Hornswoggle get released?
  41. What is up with NXT? Why can't they eliminate somebody already?
  42. Why was it a big deal when Undertaker won the Royal Rumbles after entering at number 30?
  43. Who deserves a push in WWE the most and why?
  44. We Do WWE Buries Black Wrestlers?
  45. Will Beth Phoenix defeat Kelly Kelly at Night of Champions?
  46. Trolls of wrestling + BQ?
  47. When Kharma returns, will she join the Divas of Doom?
  48. Why did Torrie Wilson never become the WWE divas champion throughout her career and Kell Kelly has?
  49. Invasion 2001 card REMADE?
  50. isn't it great that ??? W???? ????? Shawn Michaels is better than you?
  51. isn't it great that ??? W???? ????? Hulk Hogan is better than you?
  52. isn't it great that ??? W???? ????? X pac is better than you?
  53. isn't it great that ??? W???? ????? Erich Bischoff is better than you?
  54. who is better wrestler undertaker or sting?
  55. Is Eric Bischoff underrated as an on-screen character?
  56. How did Michelle Mccool go from being a inexperienced diva to one of the most talented
  57. Most ridiculous sell in the WWE?
  58. What if these 6 things happend?
  59. Please help me... What's the name of this song on this CPV Recap Video?
  60. how stone cold and the rock are overrated but they gave the young guys a chance?
  61. I preorder WWE 12 yesterday! Are you holding out on preordering until they announce the...
  62. Should WWE bring back over the top gimmicks?
  63. this is 10 reason why wwe The Rock sucks!?
  64. this is 10 reason why John Morrison sucks!!?
  65. Wrestling Section,did you know that the user Trollph Ziggler has like 4/6 Y!A accounts?
  66. why does wwe not hire writers that are older that 10 years old?
  67. What are your thoughts on these WWE Divas?
  68. Why did wwe replace mistico the real sin cara with hunico?
  69. What do you think of this little report?
  70. CeNation.trivia who won this match,difficult:medium?
  71. Does Vickie Guerrero need any more business associates?
  72. What do you think of this WrestleMania 28 match idea?
  73. Number 1 Reason why Vickie Guerrero is the best girlfriend in the World?
  74. Do you want to know of a cool video to watch right now?
  75. Is Alex Riley the goofiest idiot in the WWE?
  76. Do you know who is the current WWE United States Champion?
  77. What language does Jack Swagger speak?
  78. What do you think of this Yahoo! Answers Wrestling Section article?
  79. Who is mistico and hunico are they in wwe or any other show.?
  80. What did you mark out more for? Christian winning the Title at ER or CM Punk winning the Title...
  81. Is anyone else excpecting Robert Roode vs James Storm in the final's of the BFG Series at No
  82. Who Do You Think Will Highlight The Hall Of Fame 2012 Edge or VKM?
  83. Does anyone know the name of this wrestling theme?
  84. Is Gunner turning face and setting up a feud with Bully Ray?
  85. Sheamus: great face or annoying generic future Cena/Orton?
  86. who is more overrated hhh or hulk hogan?
  87. Why does the WWE dub over entrance music on it?s Classics On Demand channel?
  88. what is wwe planning for takers last wrestlmania?
  89. why wwe always ruin great gimmicks?
  90. why overated wrestlers always wins?
  91. September 11 (NOT a Troll)?
  92. What age was Randy Orton when he made his WWE Debut?
  93. Who actually likes CM Punk from the WWE?
  94. If u were in the wwe, what h-flying finisher would u use?
  95. So which tna wrestlers do you think Vince will sign when their contract expires ?
  96. Why in the blue hell is drew Carey doing in the wwe hall of fame are you serious bro ?
  97. Should Joe Hennig go in the single division and drop the name Michael McGillycutty?
  98. Who's more evil/has done more EVIL/VICIOUS things : Stone Cold (2001) or Triple H (2002-2005)?
  99. can someone tell me why people even like kelly kelly? + BQ.?
  100. Didn't WWE erase Benoit from their history?
  101. For those of you who answered my question...?
  102. Why does it bother people that WWE is fake as they say?
  103. What are the WWE Championship belts made out of?
  104. What is your favorite Hell In A Cell match ?
  105. Should TNA bring in a tag team called Chicken Money who walk around with a bucket of the
  106. Are the people who watch TNA the same people who still use Myspace, own a VCR, a sega MD an
  107. Do you agree that Hornswoggle v Chavo was the best feud of the modern era + BQ?
  108. Who is the following of the TNA wrestlers?
  109. Don't you guys think that real sin cara is not guilty of botching moves but his opponents are?
  110. Should Randy Orton v Mark Henry be changed to a bra panties Match?
  111. Don't you guys miss Batista, especially on smackdown?
  112. Eve or Natalya ur pick?
  113. do you think john cena and randy orton should stop winning titles and gave the guys a chance?
  114. WWE lied to me why would they do this?!?
  115. Why did Eric Bishoff kiss Stephanie Mcmahon?
  116. Do you think Natalya is hot in this video?
  117. Why is John Cena so gay?
  118. questions to ask wrestlers when i meet?
  119. how do i make my voice sound like booker T?
  120. Would Kevin Nash vs Mark Henry vs The Great Khali be a good match?
  121. Leaving The WS Because Of University.....+BQ?
  122. CeNation.trivia who won this match,difficult:medium?
  123. How much better was this week's Impact than both Raw Smackdown?
  124. What is your dream card for the WWF Invasion from 2001?
  125. Why are you clowns of the IWC so concerned about who holds the title?
  126. Who's the best user in the Wrestling Section top 10 list?
  127. why did people think John Morrison is better than Evan Bourne when he has less experience?
  128. Why do they have to give Alberto Del Rio a rumble victory?
  129. should the divas need a tag team division?
  130. Petition for WWE to go back to TV-14?
  131. How do you block or duck a sneak attack sucker punch ?
  132. Did WWE just break Kayfabe by having Sin Cara speak English?
  133. What happened to Drew McIntyre?
  134. Why are WM Crowds so dead?
  135. what is your dream card for the WWF Invasion from 2001?
  136. If Hulk Hogan Unexpectedly Showed Up On The Next Edition Of Monday Night Raw?
  137. Regal for next World Champion? (Plus BQ)?
  138. How can persuade my parents to let me join a wrestling academy?
  139. Would you give him one more chance?
  140. 1 hour tag team match, who wins between Parliament Funkadelic, and the Grateful Dead?
  141. Alright who wants to form a team to take all the trolls out of this section?
  142. Who is your favorite wrestler that has never won a world title?
  143. So why did the wwe had Cody Rodes buried Ted Diabase?
  144. Who's the GAY in TNA impact?
  145. Hottest wwe diva of all time?
  146. I have a question about wwe?
  147. does anyone know a link to jeffs last match at victory road where he was like under the influnence?
  148. What are your top 5 WWE Wrestlers Past and Current?
  149. IYO, What are the best hardcore matches you've witnessed? (BQ+)?
  150. where is Layla now....?
  151. Anyone else confused with TNA recently?
  152. Your thoughts on how WWE has less fans in the Smackdown arena then TNA in Alabama?
  153. word life, this is basic thuganomic.... im untouchable but im forcing you to feel me.?
  154. What 6 divas/knockouts would you invite to play extreme strip poker with?
  155. Do you think Jeff Hardy will keep his nose clean?
  156. What's up with Kurt Angle helping Jeff Jarrett?
  157. Please could you give me this link?
  158. EDGE IS RETURNING NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  159. is john cena 248 or 240pounds?
  160. WWE '12 Collector Edition Vote - The Rock vs John Cena Who has more votes?
  161. do you think john morrison should win world heavyweight championship?
  162. Did Sin Cara Speak On Smackdown?
  163. Who Could Take The Most Pain In The Proffesinal Wrestling?
  164. Who is the john cena of tna?
  165. Starting too loose my enthusiasm?
  166. What would happen if I told you that you were going to die exactly 1 year from now?
  167. Who Had The Worst Week?
  168. How will this work any thoughts?
  169. Why is wrestling so gay and why do you watch it?
  170. what is your dream wrestling match ????
  171. When will this conspiracy against Kurt Angle end? First they hack his twitter, then they frame
  172. Where is Old Beard these days?
  173. Don't you wish the commentators would shut up and actually talk about wrestling? (BQ Inside)?
  174. what happen to nexus the group cm punk was in?
  175. when will kevin nash come back?
  176. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  177. Who was the last WCW Champion?
  178. Who was the last WCW United States Champion?
  179. Who was the last ECW Champion?
  180. Who was the king of the ring winner?
  181. Why is John Cena in the main event?
  182. Who were the members of Evolution?
  183. Where can i get an autograph from a WWE Wrestler?
  184. Who are the members of Nexus?
  185. Where can i meet rey mysterio?
  186. What ever happened to the European Championship?
  187. Who Likes primo.............?
  188. are these wrestlers really gonna be playable in wwe 12?
  189. Who do you think is best in the mic on the WWE?
  190. Who is the TNA World Champion?
  191. When is the undertaker going to come back?
  192. Who are the WWE Tag Team Champions?
  193. Will Shane McMahon ever return to the WWE?
  194. Who is the United States Champion?
  195. Who should be the next tough enough trainers?
  196. Who is the Intercontinental Champion?
  197. Who is the WWE Champion?
  198. Is Kevin Nash really released?
  199. Two questions which top main eventers put alot of wrestlers over and which buried the most
  200. What are the only 2 wrestlemanias to not feature the Undertaker sense 1991?
  201. Do you think Jinder Mahal can be a World Champion?
  202. Is Great Khali good????
  203. Who is your favorite tag team champion?
  204. When is Edge coming back?
  205. When is Chris Jericho coming back?
  206. I want to become a WWE superstar?
  207. How old do i need to be to go to a WWE House show?
  208. Should JBL come back to WWE?
  209. JBL or Booker T as commentator?
  210. Does anybody even like Kevin Nash?
  211. Is it true that John Morrison and Melina are dating?
  212. What are the matches for Night of Champions So far?
  213. What is the main event at Wrestlemania?
  214. Do you think Jeff Hardy is finally going to come straight?
  215. Why has everyone washed their hands of Matt Hardy but are willing to give Jeff Hardy one more...
  216. Is it normal to look at porn once in a while(not trolling)?
  217. Is it me or does Brian Kendrick look like Justin Timberlake?
  218. Why is john cena so over with the crowd?
  219. Why do people hate David Otunga and Mike McGillicutty?
  220. Where is the undertaker?
  221. Who is underrated in WWE?
  222. Is Kane underrated or overrated?
  223. TNA Marks send me death threats when I criticise their brand - is this proof that TNA fans are
  224. How long until TNA goes out of business?
  225. Do you think Ricardo Rodriguez should wrestle?
  226. What do you think is more prestigious...the TNA world title or Zack Ryder's Internet title?
  227. Is Jeff Hardy in prison for 10 days a joke?
  228. Why is Matt Hardy so fat?
  229. Do you think Jeff Hardy is better than Matt Hardy?
  230. Why is Wade Barrett being treated like a jobber?
  231. in pro wrestling when smoke or mist is spit into the opponents face blinding them---what is...
  232. Question how can a wrestler get another wrestler fired because they botched a moove or they
  233. Do you think this Kevin Nash rumor is true?
  234. Who do you think wins at Wrestlemania John Cena vs The Rock?
  235. Who are the top 5 wrestlers in WWE and TNA?
  236. kevin nash released? what was the point of him returning?
  237. How many chapters are left in The Undertaker's career?
  238. Who is the WAT year champion the teanic?
  239. who want to go on wwe?
  240. Why is WWE a year off with Wrestlemania?
  241. Waht is the bset tinhg aoubt Jhon Cnea?
  242. Who do you think is the mystery guy in Wwe '12?
  243. Whoever like these knockouts, Velvet, Angelina Love and Winter...please..?
  244. Does any find it strange to make Winter the Knockouts Champ before Velvet Sky ? Plus BQ?
  245. Who'd win Sin Cara vs Charlie Hass?
  246. Would Christan vs Jericho vs Kofi Kingston be a Good fued for the Us title?
  247. Who Had The Worst Week-Superstars?
  248. What do u think are the chances of Trent Baretta being on WWE 12?
  249. What happened to the Anonymous GM storyline?
  250. Who thinks The Undertaker should win his final World Title at Survivor Series 2011 if he does
  251. Would you rather see The Rock vs John Cena or The Rock vs Kurt Angle?
  252. if you dont think Stone Cold is the best heel ever, watch this promo and tell me your thoughts?
  253. IMO The Rock is the greatest WWE superstar of all time, Agree or Disagree. Plus BQ?
  254. How did the pro gay wrestling company get John Cena in trouble?
  255. who the hell is del rio?
  256. Whose gonna win between king kong bundy and brodus clay?
  257. IF 5 on 5 match at survivor series betwween wwe and wcw was this way?
  258. Who would win between ultimate warrior and john cena in their prime?
  259. Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker?
  260. What would be your nominations for Match of the Decade (2000-2009)?
  261. In your opinion, who had the worst and who had the best Money in the Bank World title reign?
  262. Was John Cena Batista hitting the floor at the same time in the 2005 Royal Rumble planned?
  263. Who are The Trolls In here?
  264. Where is rules of wrestling?
  265. Do you'all like the spinebuster?
  266. is tna odb got kids or not or is she marry?
  267. When will you WWE marks imbibe the truth that TNA is the superior product?
  268. What is better - TNA or a Cat Fart?
  269. What ur top 3 finishing moves?
  270. Your fav IC champ US champ WHC and WWE CHAMP?
  271. Whos ya fav wrestler?
  272. Who do you think is the best everyday user in this section?
  273. Who is the real The Icon HBK Or Sting?
  274. Poll : Who is better looking guys?
  275. Is it fair to say that, wrestlers from Canada?
  276. Tag team wrestling match between these wrestlers?
  277. Why do Cena and Orton always win?There like the most overrated people in wwe since hogan?
  278. Christian or Randy Orton?
  279. No one can put down Randy orton isn't it?
  280. What's the 'deal' with Jim Cornette and WWE?
  281. Is WWE FAKE!!!! Or REAL!!?
  282. Does it and should it matter how marketable a main event heel is?
  283. Do you think the WWE would of been awesome if Eddie Guerrero didn't die?
  284. Do you think if Brock Lensar wouldve stayed in the wwe John Cena wouldnt be as big as he is now?
  285. Will kharma be the third woman to enter a Royal Rumble in next year's RR match?
  286. Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair?
  287. Who'd win this Match!?
  288. Does any one know the favorite wrestling game of the wwe and TNA wrestlers ?
  289. I know the wwe would not do this but.... (with BQ)?
  290. Rey Mysterio or Jeff Hardy?
  291. Is Randy orton finally the star he should be on SD?
  292. WWE Trivia Who won the last 3 royal rumbles?
  293. Who are your 2 favorite wrestlers from these comapnies : ROH, WWE and TNA?
  294. In 2013, WWE will be bought by..?
  295. Do you think Eddies death was the best thing to happen for Rey Mysterios career?
  296. who do you think will win at Night of Champions Cm Punk or Triple H?
  297. What WWE smackdown superstars will visit the UK in the November tour?
  298. what is a wrestling ring floor made of?
  299. Why Can't I ask a question??!! :O?
  300. A question about wrestling back in 2005?
  301. Will WWE Acept me as a wrestler?
  302. Do you think Kevin Nash getting fired is legit or is it another storyline like Daniel Bryan
  303. Who's the ugliest diva/Knockout in WWE and TNA?
  304. If John Cena faced the Undertaker at wrestlemania would they make taker win or cena win?
  305. Who do you think is the WWE superstar of the decade?
  306. Need Help Remembering Wrestling finisher?
  307. I want to become a WWE wrestler?
  308. Will wwe raw stay with usa network?
  309. The Truth about John Cena?
  310. Is John Cena the only real champion in the WWE?
  311. who is the most respected superstar right know in the wwe. Which wrestler does everyone respect?
  312. Which current Diva's are better at Wrestling?
  313. Take my Shoe Poll? Guys only! :)?
  314. for anyone else that thinks the NWO is reforming rate my NWO return?
  315. is there any good sites that tell you what might happen to the wwe?
  316. That question is only for those who hate cena ?
  317. Rey Mysterio Vs Sin Cara: Who cares?
  318. 2012 royal rumble winner?
  319. Why did HBK superkick Jeff Hardy here?
  320. Who's biceps are bigger john cena or the rock?
  321. Would you feel bad after telling a kid the WWE is fake or scripted?
  322. Randy Orton or Mark Henry?
  323. Which WWE Wrestler Has The Worst Submission 2011?
  324. When Chris Jerico will return to WWE?
  325. Who are the best tag team champions ever in WWE?
  326. Which WWE Diva has the hottest feet?
  327. Wrestling Section ADVISE !!!!!!?
  328. Could these two prospects wrestlers in FCW be the next Randy Orton Edge in WWE? More...
  329. Regarding Kevin Nash's Release...?
  330. what are the cheats!!!! at yahoo answers?
  331. Do u agree with my list of top 10 wrestling video games of all time ( only my opinion )?
  332. Why do delusional TNA Marks actually find Hulk Hogan entertaining?
  333. What do you think is more prestigious...the TNA world title or Zack Ryder's Internet title?
  334. Why is TNA Wrasslin full of dinosaurs WWE Rejects?
  335. When did WWE trademark future endeavors?
  336. did kevin nash really get fired?
  337. Breaking news : Undertaker is returning next
  338. Wrestling Section who do you think will take the user ??? ????? ?? ?????????? top 10 spot?
  339. Who are the worst faces in wrestling?
  340. Which Match Would You Want To See MORE+Thumbs up thumbs down game?
  341. Do you think they mis used Vader in the WWF?
  342. Is it true The Miz has his own Fantasy Football Radio Show on Sirius Radio?
  343. So how was your guys day?
  344. Why do wrestlers use tape on their wrist?
  345. Rate me as a user from 1-10?
  346. Why does Booker T never appear on Raw Supershow?
  347. Would R truth freak out if Hardcore pawn sell John Ceba t-shirt?
  348. Did Edge and Lita really have sex on WWE TV?
  349. who is the worst Diva in wwe?
  350. How do you feel about Mean Bean Bob's mother dying?
  351. What are some good Road Warrior matches you recommend?
  352. Why do people believe Kevin Nash is actually released?
  353. Are Cm Punk's fans really a tool? i think so?
  354. Is my Wrestling Work-Mate CM punk become like me?
  355. What do you think of my Merchandises? and Wrestling mic skills?
  356. What are the worst heels in wrestling?
  357. Are wwe Punk and Beth Phoenix dating?
  358. I'M SHOCKED. Why did WWE just release Kevin Nash after only coming back to WWE for 4 weeks?
  359. Wrestling Section special,Shoot interview?
  360. one hundred close and you're going to win a world heavyweight champion?
  361. who thinks alberto still wwe champ vs cena by DQ?
  362. I am a Legend in this WS? +BQ?
  363. who will face undertaker in this years wreslmania in miami?
  364. Did You Think Del Rio Was A Jobber When You First Saw Him?
  365. Which wrestlers in the WWE today have more skill(poll)?
  367. Will we have to pay for the WWE Channel?
  368. Does anybody think the WWE is going to give us to much of CM Punk?
  369. Which one? Randy orton or John cena?
  370. What do u prefer more:ger ur @ss kicked by stone cold or go to school?
  371. I think cena is the new hogan he always want the belt?
  372. Who Else If Very Happy With Mark Henery Right Now?
  373. What Do You Think Of Chris Benoit As World Chmapion In 2004?
  374. Thoughts on the WWE since HHH's control +BQ?
  375. chances of the rock being inducted into the HoF next year?
  376. Do you hate Cena, or his gimmick?
  378. When will wwe start to realize that the firing (Kayfabe) storyline doesnt work anymore?
  379. Has anyone seen the you tube video of CM Punk and John Cena singing?
  380. Why this section sucks now?
  381. Who's harder to understand? Jack Swagger or a parrot + BQ?
  382. Doesn't Eve's attire look great on her?
  383. Who has a nicer butt? CM Punk, Kevin Nash or Triple H?
  384. Do you men and women have period?
  385. Today is the day. The DVD of a God was released on this day 9/6/2011?
  386. Which of these was worse?
  387. Should any of these former Wrestlers be in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  388. What has Edge been doing lately?
  389. R-Truth and Miz best thing to happen to tag team division in a while?
  390. is Straight Edge Enigma a face, tweener or heel?
  391. Who are the 5 most arrogant users in the WS?
  392. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  393. Could someone list all of john cena current moveset?
  394. How many moves of doom does Orton have?
  395. WS Quiz: Can you name the wrestler who has been involved in the most PPV World Championship
  396. Is the miz from wwe gay...?
  397. World Wrestling Tag-Team Championship Tournament: Quarter-Finals?
  398. Do you think The Rock will cost John Cena the WWE Championship before WrestleMania?
  399. does anyone else think what carlito did to primo was wrong?
  400. What is WWE Survivor Series pre-sale password?
  401. How many of you good people are having a good time today? I seriously am.?
  402. Why does the Wrestling Section hate me?
  404. breaking news: john cena dead!!!!!!!
  407. What do you think about two of John Morrison's tag team partners are now teaming up?
  410. What would happen if a bomb exploded during the SD tapings tonight?
  411. How can people say WWE is bad , when for the past 3-4 years it has produced matches better
  412. CM Punk was talking about status quo. What does that mean?
  413. How many times has edge won the money in the bank match?
  414. Does Ric Flair sell out arenas as much as The Rock, Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan?
  415. Do you think 2010 was a horrible for the WWE?
  416. Is there any pre-2008 Hell in a Cell that neither wrestler bled?
  417. So is Del Rio starting his own heel stable?
  418. Don't you just love to put a stick UYA + BQ?
  419. How many wwe black wrestler have won the World title?
  420. CeNation Trivia,who won this match?difficult:85's?
  421. the Wrestling Section Trolls!!!!?
  422. who was the wwe diva that mr. mcmahon fired on raw?
  423. What was up with Hawkin's and Reks on Raw?
  424. Why do people think Goldberg is a good wrestler?
  425. Is Kevin Nash really fired?
  426. Do you like Angelina Love better or Winter?
  427. alex riley being in the same ring as sheamus, cena and morrison!!! REALLY?
  428. would sheamus drew mcyntire be a great tag team?
  429. sheamus better a face or heel?
  430. What would you do if you were The Rock?
  431. Michael Myers vs Brock Lesnar movie idea?
  432. Will the Wrestling Section be better now that school has begun?
  433. is smackdown on tonight or friday because i cant find it on tv?
  434. if cena moves were still called FU STFU do u think he wouldnt be booed as much?
  435. Is Zack Ryder going to defend his Internet Championship at Night of Champions?
  436. Who is the most over rated User in the Wrestling Section?
  437. With the WWE Network coming....will Monday Night Raw be on that channel or will it still be
  438. Can Triple H kayfabe fire John Laurinitis?
  439. Hotter: Natalya or Kelly Kelly?
  440. WWE Network.........?
  441. Did John Morrison piss the creative team off or something?
  442. Breaking News Hulk hogan has been singed to a wwe contract your thoughts?
  443. Who is the biggest Wrestling fan here and do you back it up?
  444. Which divas theme is the worst?
  445. What do you think Of Kelly Kelly?
  446. who is more overrated john cena or randy orton or hhh?
  447. AGREE or disagree? The Rock his Marks are all jealous of John Cena his success.?
  448. Is the wwe hypocritical by letting cole bully everyone on broadcasts while sponsoring? the...
  449. I dont know what character/gimmick i should play in WWE?
  450. What Would You say about this youtube channel about wwe?
  451. where can I rewatch raw to see the milf?
  452. World Wrestling Tag-Team Championship Tournament: Round 1?
  453. has a wrestler ever suck another wrestlers dik during a match?
  454. Is John Cena balding?Did anyone see the balding spot in his hair?
  455. Did anyone see the empty ring before the Inside Out trailer?
  456. Did Eve Torres botch several spots tonight?
  457. What do you think is the new concept for the wwe network show?
  458. Maybe Kevin Nash can now stop using Just For Men now that he's fired?
  459. What did you think of Raw last night?
  460. Who else was happy that the playa Teddy Long was on Raw tonight?
  461. Is this the laziest/sloppiest match in wrestling history,LINK INSIDE?
  462. If Shawn Michaels didn't get injured,would he have jumped to WCW?
  463. Life WTF John Morrison get's eliminated before Alex Riley?
  464. Do you think Vince McMahon has a crush on TNA president Dixie Carter?
  465. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  466. OMG! John Cena is the Best!?
  467. WWE Wrestlemania Match Card?
  468. So, the WWE has finally listened to us about Zack Ryder?
  469. Are u a fan of D-Bry?
  470. What diva you think that is beautiful and know how to wrestler?
  471. Do you like it how Beth Phoenix wears her pink underwear under her skirt?
  472. When will edge return?
  473. Doesn't it seem ridiculous that ...?
  474. Why did Hogan, Mick Foley, Ric Flair and Kurt Angle leave for TNA?
  475. i read that TNA ratings have dropped in the past few months. in your opinion, why is TNA
  476. I'm Japanese. I love WWE. I love Triple H. Do you like him?
  477. Anyone else tired of Yelly Yelly?
  478. Does Nash bring back the nWo?
  479. what did every1 think of raw?
  480. Double Standards with the WWE Universe?
  481. Is wwe raw 5/9/11 on in the uk?
  482. Do u think that Del Rio deserves to be the WWE champion?
  483. POLL : Matt Hardy or Kurt Angle? who is the better wrestler?
  484. Hahaha! Los rudos de RAW!?
  485. What's better? Undertaker 19-0 or Goldberg 173-0?
  486. Can Zack Ryder wrestle?
  487. What was the single best and worst moment of the PG era?
  488. What would you name Miz and Truth's tag team?
  489. What was the greatest Tag Team in the WWE in the 2000s besides Hardys E C and Dudleys?
  490. Told you! The Game will introduce cm (f)unk to the sledge hammer!?
  491. Did Natalya really just kiss Michael Cole?
  492. I Have a Good Match Idea For Night Of Champions?
  493. What the point of Nash being in the script?
  494. What happened to the INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE IN WWE?
  495. CM Punk is about to get got?
  496. Whenever you see a person in a john cena shirt do you want to punch them in the face?
  497. What days do they do TNA Impact tapings?
  498. In TNA (Wembely Arena) what row is FAN when your block is beside the entrance ramp?
  499. Why does everytime there's a WWE Championship match, Cena's always there?
  500. What does this mean when triple h called cm punk this?