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  1. Do you think WWE should give Zack Ryder a US title run?
  2. Who do you think deserves a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship title run in WWE?
  3. What makes a rassler a legend? Is it accomplishments or is any retired rassler with a
  4. Wrestlemania 28 card, first draft?
  5. What do you think of Edge (Almost) saying B**ch?
  6. Why do so many people think Shawn Michaels is the best wrestler ever?
  7. Who is the future of TNA in your opinion?
  8. Who is the future of WWE in your opinion?
  9. Which of these would make the wrestling section better?
  10. Should HHH-McMahon be fined for two million dollars for all the assaults on
  11. Would it be funny if Kermit The Frog turns heel on the Guest Host on October 31st?
  12. wwe superstars cancelled?
  13. How many of you actually buy Hogan's oh so sweet good bye speech?
  14. What year did the Attitude Era end what year the PG rating started?
  15. Is Sheamus vs. Christian inside the Hell in a Cell?
  16. what year did the PG rating started in the WWE?
  17. My Dream Wrestlemania Card! YOUR THOUGHTS?
  18. Im watching wwe rite now....?
  19. Will the World Heavyweight Championship match at W28 be 1-on-1, Triple Threat or Fatal...
  20. Why doesn't WWE Grant some Wrestlers their release when they ask for it!?
  21. How many of you still watch WWE Nxt!?
  22. Who is your favorite WWE Commentary right now!?
  23. Who is the hottest wrestler in The WWE?
  24. Which hell in a cell match are you most looking forward to?
  25. (SPOILERS) Sin Cara Hunico new attire?
  26. why doesn't randy orton punt anymore?
  27. WWE Hell In The Cell?
  28. Why did WWE let Daniel Bryan win the MITB, then turn around and turn him into a jobber? BQ?
  29. Why is Stone Cold afraid to face a real mang?
  30. What is the most hyped or over hyped match in the history of pro wrestling?
  31. Which Move Is Better : Aj Styles Pele Kick Or John Cena Dropkick?
  32. Who should the Undertaker feud with on his eventual return to the WWE and why?
  33. Which wrestlers from the attitude era would you like to see return to the WWE and why?
  34. Am I the only whos thinks kelly kelly is a bit over rated by the WWE?
  35. Even bigger newsflash on TNA?
  36. How much do pro wrestlers get paid in Japan?
  37. randy orton vs aj styles in a falls count anywhere?
  38. Which storyline would you like better?
  39. Are you addicted to pro wrestling?
  40. What wrestler did the worst job of living up to their potential?
  41. If the WWE brings back some old titles who should hold what title and why?
  42. What current storyline in the WWE right now is your favorite and least favorite?
  43. Im wrestling at 145 this year, what should i expect? how do i prepare?
  44. Should these following wrestlers be future Hall of Famers?
  45. Wrestling: Do you think that Mark Henry is a good World Heavyweight Champion?
  46. Is there any titles you would like to see the WWE bring back? and why?
  47. Top 3 wrestlers ever to you? 10th points 4 da best ansr. ?
  48. john cena vs michael cole 5 minutes of fame?
  49. How can the Muppets guest host Raw when...?
  50. ws should i change my name to a other wrestler name or keep it like MARSYE?
  51. wwe what it stand for in your opinion?
  52. Does anyone have REAL proof that the rumors about WWE Diva Kelly Kelly are true?
  53. Why do YOU think WWE Sucks!?
  54. dane white vs vince in money who richer?
  55. Batista vs mr. kennedy for the world title?
  56. What was your reaction when Lebron James turned heel and joined the nWo?
  57. Would you accept Shawn Michaels' coming out of retirement for one more match if it was
  58. What's your Opinion on Shawn Michael's and Rey Mysterio's in ring Chemistry? Should HBK and Rey
  59. do you watch tna often?
  60. what's wrong with undertaker?
  61. How many WWE wrestlers can stand a chance against an MMA fighter?
  62. Is Darren Young really Jawn Seena in blackface?
  63. Do tag teams hold wrestlers back?
  64. What was the point of having HHHH beat CM Punk at NOC?
  65. Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW)?
  66. Who is funnier Zack Ryder,Santino Marella or Eric Young?
  67. Who are your top 5 favorite current and top 10 older WWE superstars?
  68. john cena vs lil wayne in a rap match and triple h vs the big show and tommy dreamer?
  69. Will JCW ever get a tv deal like ROH did?
  70. hey guys I thought about it and their is one reason john cena can never beat the 16 times record?
  71. What can we do to get rid of these trolls in the wrestling section?
  72. Do you think we will see the return of Kane at Hell in a Cell and will he be masked?
  73. Who do you think is the next wrestler to be moved up to the World Heavyweight Championship scene?
  74. Does anybody else thing Hulk Hogan's micro championship wrestling is the dummest show ever?
  75. what ppv was the kane vs steve austin first blood match?
  76. Who Do You Think Will Win The 2012 Royal Rumble?
  77. Did Stephanie McMahon or Shane McMahon go to a university/college?If so,which one?
  78. Where can you buy a WWE Booker T t-shirt?
  79. Is Vince McMahon the devil?
  80. Which TNA Knockout do you think is hotter than a Mexican lunch plate?
  81. Do you think D-Bryan was happy to be involved in a storyline with the Bella Twins and Gail Kim?
  82. Do you want to be Broski of The Week?Booker T doesn't?
  83. Which two wrestlers or divas/knockouts would you most like to see in a boxing match?
  84. How come Booker T has far less title reigns than John Cena?
  85. Do you think Booker T watches Raw on Monday Nights?
  86. Do you actually go to
  87. Do you blame the Tough Enough trainers for Andy Leavine's WWE suspension?
  88. When Kevin Nash revealed that he sent himself the text,what was your reaction?
  89. Which WWE diva do you think has the best A.S.S.?
  90. Bill Goldberg's father Jed passed away in late 2006.........what was his cause of death?
  91. If you saw Mark Henry,would you run away from him?
  92. Is it true that Darren Young is a better wrestler than Lou Thesz,Bruno Sammartino and Buddy Rogers?
  93. What do you think would of happened if d generation x.....?
  94. who would win these dream matches?
  95. Can you do sweeps in high school wrestling?
  96. Pictures up last night ended up online, Im screwed?
  97. So has anyone bought an NWO shirt from wweshop recently?
  98. Who won all of the feuds between The Rock and Kurt Angle?
  99. iMPACT Wrestling vs WWE.?
  100. Does anyone remember this from Smackdown about a month ago?
  101. Did you like Darren Young being CM Punk's PRO on WWE NXT Season 1?
  102. kobe bryant vs kane one on one wrestling match but in real life not scirpt?
  103. Link to watch Randy Orton DVD + Question.?
  104. possible new theme for john cena?
  105. What was your favorite WWE PPV in the year 2004?
  106. Goblin Blogin Truce?? :D?
  107. Why can't wrestling fans just enjoy watching wrestling anymore +BQ?
  108. Where is Drew Mcintyre, Andy at!?
  109. Drunk Scott Hall vs Drunk Jake the Snake, who would win?
  110. Juventud Guerrera vs Aj Styles vs Essa Rios vs Chris Sabin vs John Morrison vs Mistico:who...
  111. Which Belt looked worse, Jeff Hardy's belt or the IC title with the yellow strap + BQ?
  112. How do you feel about Darren Young winning the WWE championship at a house show?
  113. I have to take a s**t?
  114. Who won all of the feuds between The Undertaker and Kurt Angle?
  115. Does anyone remember Tyler Reks from superstars?
  116. Who do you like more?
  117. what royal rumble was in san jose ca?
  118. Randy Orton Question?
  119. Wrestling: Kane's Return?!?
  120. Who are your top 10 all time favorite wrestlers that you have seen wrestler live?
  121. Wrestlemania - 2 Dream Matches?
  122. New New World Order!!!!!!!?
  123. Who won the World/WWE title fastest after debuting in WWE?
  124. John cena vs christan's mom. Who will win?
  125. WWE: First the Attitude Era, the PG Era, and now--the Conspiracy Era?
  126. Is Darren Young the next Shawn Michaels?
  127. Who won the feud between HBK and Kurt Angle?
  128. Is there a WWE 12 demo for PS3?
  129. IYO, what wrestler in WWF/E history is the best at dealing with legitimate pain?
  130. THE Question of all questions.?
  131. who is carrying the wwe right now?
  132. Who should have the right to win at WM next year, Cena or Rock?
  133. Are you very happy about Mason Ryan that turns into face?
  134. Stingetteblows can I cut you up into pieces hide you in the walls?
  135. Anyone else hate John cena?
  136. Former WWE star Matt Hardy found dead this afternoon?
  137. Why do people hate randy orton?
  138. WTF! How come JTG doesnt have an match at Hell in the Cell?
  139. Anyone got great wwe knowledge who can help with this one?
  140. Was the stone cold and mike tyson confrentation real?
  141. IMPORTANT QUESTION PLEASE!(Smackdown spoilers inside)?
  142. Why does Cena look disproportionate compared to other wrestlers?
  143. WrestleMania Travel Packages/Include flight?
  144. Which one was Taz's Catch Phrase?
  145. Hell in a Cell dark match?
  146. John Cena Sig (wwe12) question?
  147. When vince limo exploded what was going to be the story line?
  148. Why WWE Made The Best Submission Wrestler In 2007 Taps Out To John Cena?
  149. New Storyline for Cena?
  150. Will John Cena ever pull his head out of Vince Mcmahons A$$?
  151. in evolution of a predator too many fake scenes?
  152. How come no one has complained about Alberto Del Rio burying John Morrison?
  153. Was Henrich a rapist?
  154. Do you think the wwe is making Cena lose and win the title back on purpose?
  155. Awesome storyline for Cena?
  156. Would you consider this a dream match or a match of the year candidate if it happened?
  157. Is C.M. Punk still straightedge?
  158. What is the 4th largest Wrestling federation in USA?
  159. Who has Goldberg lost to during his time in the WWE?
  160. Who was the last black WWE or WHC?
  161. Can you name me everyone that was in the NWO?
  162. Do heels and faces really matter anymore?
  163. most underrated performers of all-time?
  164. do you wish ol' randy orton to be back?
  165. How come Floyd doesn't want to fight Pacquiao?
  166. The Miz and R Truth fired. What do you think this will lead to or what will happen next?
  167. who is the father of WWE 's superstar Edge?
  168. Undertaker vs. Sting @WM28?
  169. Are these guys future world champions?
  170. Put the following divas in order from hottest to least hottest?
  171. For guys: do u think if a girl who does wrestling is sexy?
  172. Were you saddened to hear about John's mother?
  173. how did wcw go out of bussines?
  174. For guys: do u think wrestling is sexy?
  175. John Cena has more fans on Facebook than The Rock. Is he more popular than the Rock ever was?
  176. do you agree what chavo have to say about john cena?
  177. Has the wrestling business changed for the better,worse, or hasn't really changed at all?
  178. Would it be right to have an nWo without Hall and Hogan +BQ?
  179. Who would win : JTG or Zack Ryder?
  180. who is the biggest evan bourne fan here ?
  181. Is CM Punk the New Stone Cold?
  182. what happen to china the wrestler?
  183. Who will end up with the better career, Cody Rhodes or Goldust?
  184. Is it normal for a girl who is obsessed with wwe?
  185. So who are the top 5 wrestlers in the wwe that had the best skills on the mic?
  186. Question about the buired alive match?
  187. Wwe tough enough tryouts?
  188. Will Ring of Honor be available on Surewest, in the Kansas City area?
  189. What was the deal with the Invasion?
  190. Who just saw that 50 top incidents of the WWE?
  191. Hello!? Drew McIntyre?! Where are you?
  192. is scott hall doing good? can he return for the nwo reform?
  193. JR and Jerry Lawler deserved that attack?
  194. What would be your reaction to this match if it happened at a PPV?
  195. What's in the WWE Programs and are they worth buying?
  196. What do you guys think of Ricardo Rodriguez?
  197. Anybody going to the WZ Forums?
  198. The Mexico Tour is Oct. 12-15 and Hell in a Cell is Oct. 2 who is willing to bet Del Rio...
  199. Which Match do you want to see?...?
  200. Will John Cena be a 50th time world champion before he is 40 years old?
  201. Is Shawn Michaels gonna be in wwe12?
  202. Why during the beginning of Raw did Punk say the arena he was in hate him?
  203. Does this mean WWE will have a new nWo?
  204. Remember when they used to show Michael Tarver backstage sending text messages on his phone?
  205. One of the Greatest moment in DX history!?
  206. Would Masked Kane vs Khali(2006 dominate version) be a good wrestlemania match?
  207. What do you think will happen next now with Miz and R-Truth (kayfabe) firings?
  208. wwe monday night raw question.........?
  209. Fail on the WWE wow......?
  210. Who will start the show?
  211. will I become a successful WWE superstar?
  212. Why doesnt Mark Henry have a T-shirt yet?
  213. Who will be fired tonight?
  214. sheamus or christian?
  215. Wild Samoans or Dudley Boyz?
  216. wow did anyone notice the original sin cara didnt botch on raw?
  217. Christian or Randy Orton?
  218. In your opinion, who would win this match between the two supermen of WWE?
  219. cm punk or daniel bryan (wrestling ability)?
  220. Who do you think will be in the new nWo?
  221. who do you think will get fired by tonight ?
  222. triple threat between del rio, cena, and punk at hell in a cell? thoughts anyone?
  223. Does anyone else think Kelly Kelly is not worthy of being a champion?
  224. cody rhodes or ted tibiase?
  225. What did you think of Raw last night?
  226. JBL had the most epic title reign?
  227. Which WWE Diva Search winner was the worst?
  228. Is it me or Did vicke look kindof sexy tonight i like them thick?
  229. Has Kelly Kelly achieved 'super' status like John Cena and Randy Orton?
  230. What was the worst Match at NOC?
  231. Who is the biggest tool in the WWE?
  232. Be honest: you never marked for CM Punk until after the shoot promo?
  233. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  234. miz an r truth fired . is this a storyline or a real firing? wwe?
  235. Where the miz and r-truth really fired?
  236. when will the rock come back to wwe?
  237. What is the greatest match in the history of TNA Wrestling?
  238. will stone cold ever wrestle again?
  239. whos your fav wwe wrestler?
  240. What do you think is the greatest match in the history of wwe?
  241. when will vince came back to wwe?
  242. do tna wrestlers make alot of money?
  243. do you likr the wwe...?
  244. what wwe wrestler your fav?
  245. How many PPV's has CM Punk main evented?
  246. Could Scott Hall win ?
  247. Can you guess the last TV-14 PPV?
  248. Agree or Disagree ??? W???? ????? is better than Team 3D and Wrestling Section?
  249. Agree or Disagree ??? W???? ????? is better than Nexus and Wrestling Section?
  250. Agree or Disagree ??? W???? ????? is better than dudley boyz and Wrestling Section?
  251. ??? W???? ????? your thoughts?
  252. Do you think a wrestlemania can ever have a 20 Match Card?
  253. Is Drew McIntyre, Layla,and Maryse in that line of superstars in development that Triple H was
  254. RAW 9/12/11 WTF was that ?
  255. Why is triple H a jobber?
  256. Me and One Man nexus vs CDMAX and Old Beard?
  257. Why is CM Punk not showing HHH some love?
  258. WS or The new World Order?
  259. Me vs The New World Order?
  260. i was High During RAW what happen?
  261. Scott Hall is the best there ever was and you know it?
  262. Now nothing in my life is even remotely related to wrestling, but when I was younger...?
  263. I want to challenge WWE's best wrestler in a fight, who should I try to get?
  264. Do you agree that no matter what John Cena does,the older fans will still hate him?
  265. I have a question about religion and Jesus Christ...?
  266. breaking news: matt hardy is arrested again for dwi yesterday?
  267. Where have Brooke Tessmacher and Tara been recently?
  268. Can someone make a paper bag themselves and cover their head with it and bring it to a WWE event?
  269. If Triple H loses at NOC,will Teddy Long be GM of Raw and Smackdown?
  270. What was your favorite match that Booker T has called in his young commentating career?
  271. Does Ashley of Hardcore Pawn,remind you of Stephanie McMahon?
  272. Do you think Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling will be a bigger success than TNA?
  273. Was Kelly Kelly's acting bad on Raw this past week?
  274. What would be a good Booker T sign to take at a WWE event?
  275. Do you take Triple H more serious with facial hair or clean shaven?
  276. Will masked Kane ever return..?
  277. Is Stone Cold as big a sell-out as The Rock is?
  278. Have you ever seen Hulk Hogan without a mustache?
  279. Does the Carter Family own Panda Energy or is Panda Energy a Parter of Company?
  280. Edge is scheduled for Hell In A Cell?He hasn't really retired then,right?
  281. If Hogan's Big Announcement is him leaving TNA who will be in change of running the show?
  282. Is Kelly Kelly's new finisher the roll-up?
  283. Will the drug addict Hardy brothers finally go away now?
  284. What Do You Guys Think?
  285. When Miz cashed in Money in the Bank on Orton, did anyone think that he would completely bury Miz?
  286. Do you have respect for Randy Orton since he put Cody Rhodes over?
  287. How do you do randy orton's backbreaker on smack down vs raw 2011?
  288. WWE Night of Champions or Mayweather vs Ortiz?
  289. If you could run your own company, what would your roster look like?
  290. do you think if wCw was not sold to wwf do you think wCw would still be around today?
  291. pretend if cm punk was a billionaire and bought the wwe how would things changed?
  292. Easy ten points.........?
  293. Will the rock defeat john cena at wrestlemania?
  294. Is It Safe To Come Back Yet?
  295. Cm Punk Hero Was Chris Benoit !! ?
  296. Did Bret Hart ever use roids, or any other drugs ?
  297. Why do you people answer trolls questions?
  298. Troll World Order Asks: How many people did your mom?
  299. Important info for the WS?
  300. Did you know Ted DiBiase Jr is better than you?
  301. Troll World Order Asks: Is Chris Benoit in your room?
  302. Mr Bunny Quote of the Day - Day 2?
  303. Wrestling fans, are you a Hillbilly?
  304. Ted DiBiase Jr is the greatest wrestler in WWE History?
  305. Troll World Order Asks: Do you laugh at people on wheelchairs?
  306. Troll World Order Asks: Do you fvck yourself with a screwdriver everynight?
  307. Who agrees John Morrison needs to become United States champion this Sunday?
  308. Who else is still a Peep?
  309. who your fav wwe wrestler?
  310. who would win these wrestling matches?
  311. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  312. How would this match turn out if there MUST be a winner?
  313. Troll World Order Asks: What's a girl?
  314. What cover should I get for SD VS RAW 2012 Cena or Rock?
  315. Am I the best in the world today at what I do?
  316. Important question about the Wrestling section?
  317. Why is everybody behind a homosexual like CM Punk?
  318. Are you jealous of CM Punk being able to hold a microphone?
  319. Question regarding sunglasses with crosses on the lenses.?
  320. Juan Cena Comeback!!?
  321. Any wrestling fans dare too..?
  322. Men and Women. Do you touch yourself when you see...?
  323. How much of when WWE and TNA cut promo's is Script and how much is just FreeStyle?
  324. 2010 TLC John Morrison vs Sheamus one of the best PG matches made possible only because of...
  325. Possible glitch in RDR: Undead Nightmare?
  326. Did you like how I beat Mason Ryan on WWE Superstars?
  327. Wrestling gimmicks based on movie characters?
  328. Do you know what happen to Rasslin fans in Alabama?
  329. Christian was Heath Slater's NXT pro?
  330. Ok why do all you people say TNA Sucks when they are the only company today who tries to make the
  331. Do you know any wrestler's favorite artists/groups?
  332. Will you vote for Velvet Sky to be on Dancing With The Stars,LINK INSIDE?
  333. Chris Masters doesn't understand why he was released but JTG wasn't,LINK INSIDE?
  334. If Kevin Nash returns to WWE,do you think he'll have his gray hair back?
  335. What's your opinion of Eric Bischoff?
  336. Do the WWE commentators fart in their chairs?
  337. Why did Bret Hart team with John Cena when Cena made a joke about people wearing sunglasses
  338. What do you think about Ric Flair appearing on The Cleveland Show on September 25,LINK INSIDE?
  339. Did anyone notice JR was ignoring Michael Cole more last night on Raw?
  340. Is Edge really a big return on Smackdown this Friday?
  341. Do you think WWE should release Undertaker since he only appears 2-5 times a year?
  342. What is the link for seeing smackdown spoiler for tuesday night.?
  343. If you could bring back 10 retired/left wrestlers to WWE who would it be?
  344. How can you tell if a wrestler has passion for the wwe?
  345. if wwe bought tna which 16 tna wrestlers would you keep?
  346. How much does Fat Ol' JR weight?
  347. Wrestling is which one of these?
  348. Let's go back to the old drawing board. Mr Bunny's quote of the day is?
  349. Major WWE Star Return Scheduled For Tonight's SmackDown Tapings?
  350. Why is Beer Belly Austin interested in a fat oiled up Brontosaurus like Samoa Joe?
  351. What's so great about 4 Horsemen?
  352. Did you know Ted DiBiase Jr is better than you?
  353. Why is TNA always booking these old dinossaurs instead of young guns?
  354. Who else thinks John Morrison is to much of nice guy and needs to drop Melina?
  355. How can WWE Fans still be fans of Old Man Sellout Hypocrite Jericho?
  356. Who only watches WWE mostly for CM Punk?
  357. Is it true Wrestling fans got molested as a child?
  358. Are there any WWE Divas or TNA Knockouts who don't have fake Boobs?
  359. Have you noticed how the stupid Meth Young Hardy fans have given him another chance?
  360. Why are people saying I should drop Vickie Guerrero?
  361. Do Wrestling, or should I say, Soap Opera fans wish they were gay?
  362. Who's winning at Night Of Champions?
  363. The Mark Henry push, good or bad in your opinion?
  364. Who thinks Rey Mysterio's son should continue the family name?Should the name Rey Mysterio be...
  365. wwe smackdown spoilers?
  366. whats your top 10 American pro wrestlers in wwe wwf history?
  367. What are the top 3 RAW Superstars who need to be pushed right now to the main event and why?
  368. what are the top 5 WWE Championship matches from 2004 to 2008?
  369. who are the top 5 Canadian wrestler's in wwe wwf history?
  370. Is Sheamus really that pasty white, or does he wear white make-up as a gimmick?
  371. Do you think that John Cena has been sucking up to people lately (in his promos)?
  372. will bully ray ever get over his lovers tiff with devon?heh devon moved on,why aint he?lmao?
  373. bully ray vs gunner vs beer money(and gunner won :o )?
  374. Welcome the latest troll in WS Evil Bunny?
  375. HHH v's Cm Punk match?
  376. Can anyone give me list of some cool wwe ppv's theme songs ? ?
  377. WWE finishers or TNA finishers or ROH finishers ? ?
  378. Random question but... Dies anyone else thin cm punk looks Irish?
  379. Which of these legends is most emulated by his peers? Flair, Bret Hart,Buddy Rogers,Matt
  380. Is Vickie Guerrero the greatest manager of all time?
  381. Matt Hardy video about his rebirth?
  382. Invasion 2001 card REMADE?
  383. The Rock vs HBK Wrestlemania XIX Who do you see winning?
  384. Why am I the greatest of all time?
  385. do you like Cody Rhodes current gimmick or His dashing gimmick?
  386. Which of these legends is the most admired? Flair, HBK, Undertaker, Hogan, Austin, Matt...
  387. Who Likes Primo................?
  388. What is your favorite quote from The Great Khali?
  389. Why doesn't the WWE fire that Mexican piece of junk Sin Cara?
  390. who is your favorite wwe jobber (currently)?
  391. Is JTG you favorite jobber?
  392. Randy Keith Orton is God!?
  393. Who will win Hulk Hogan or Bret Hart?
  394. Who is your favorite heel (currently)?
  395. Who kisses more ***? CM Punk, John Cena or Sin Cara?
  396. Is This A Good WWE Game Idea?P.T2?
  397. What theme song will you use for your CAW in WWE '12?
  398. Who is the most underrated wrestler of all time?
  399. Why is john Cena a jobber?
  400. Is it just me, or is Kelly Kelly getting fat?
  401. Do you think Christian will ever have a world title reign for more than a month?
  402. ok pg era has to be toned down so why....?
  403. Mark Henry or Randy Orton?
  404. Who is a better ring announcer justin roberts or tony chimel?
  405. did you know raw only hits a 3.9 viewing rating in usa which s way down from the highs of 8.9
  406. Who has better mic skills Cena or orton?
  407. is it me or is raw pretty boring when cm punk dosnt kick off the show?
  408. i just dont understand why vince and cena refuse to turn his carachter heel?
  409. How many attendants were at RAW?
  410. Which female wrestlers from WWE and TNA do you think has/d more talent and ability?
  411. Who here thinks Sara Del Rey is overrated?
  412. Who is better: AJ Lee, or Kaitlyn?
  413. Can we all agree that Kurt Angle is the greatest wrestler of all time?
  414. What did you think of last nights raw?
  415. Who do you think is gonna win CM Punk or Triple H?
  416. Is WWE or TNA better with wrestling?
  417. Do you think Edge and Lita should be inducted in the Hall of Fame the same year?
  418. hhh vs cm punk=casual fans vs smart marks(fans)?
  419. Do you think that WWE will be using Alex Riley as a jobber the following weeks?
  420. efeds out there ... what do you think?
  421. Matt Hardy 101 on how to ruin your career?
  422. Chris Jericho / The Miz?
  423. Number of PPVs is too much?
  424. who do you think will win at night of champions cm punk or hhh?
  425. Kelly Kelly oh how the times have changed?
  426. How can I get backstage passes to WWE? ?
  427. Where is he now? (ex WWE wrestler from WAY back)?
  428. Does anybody get the reason why TNA made Bobby Roode win the BFG series?
  429. Pre-Order WWE '12????????????????
  430. How come WWE couldn't handle Mr. Kennedy (Mr. Anderson)?
  431. how can i make 70dollers?
  432. is the rock going to be apart of tlc?ppv?
  433. Is it just me or has John Morrison hit a dead end ?
  434. i bet you 100 $ orton wins by pin are by dq?
  435. how freking epic was that promo?
  436. who do you want to win at noc Triple h or Cm punk?
  437. did cody just pin orton?
  438. If WWE ever gets serious about the Diva's Division?
  439. In TNA do they tape for 3 straight days and that's 3 Weeks of Impact that air on Spike?
  440. Ok so can we all face that both TNA and WWE are hurting in General?
  441. Is the WWE losing its edge ?
  442. Can you trolls of WS come up with something new for once + BQ?
  443. Trollapalooza sakskhohsaidodhuoas?
  444. Anonymous General Manager (WWE)?
  445. Does everyone here feel like a complete chump for buying into Edge's career ending injury storyline?
  446. Did the WWE dump the mike's because CM Punk broke character?
  447. Ricardo Rodriguez drank stuff to give him a boner?
  448. Kelly Kelly vs Vickie, match of the year?
  449. Who should debute in wwe ?
  450. Is This A Good WWE Game Idea?
  451. I have 4 question for a cowboy wrestler?
  452. Will The Rock Wrestle At Survivor Series?
  453. Why does the IWC act as if CM Punk is God?
  454. Which one of you are in University/College and are still coming to the Wrestling Section
  455. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  456. When you say Cena and Orton are boring do you mean their gimmicks or?
  457. WWE RAW or Smackdown?
  458. -Is Umaga Dead- help! ?
  459. Would you give a tombstone piledriver to a black handicap woman with AIDS, for $100000?
  460. Wrestling is REAL! My mama told me so, and she never lies.?
  461. Who is the nicest wwe wrestler you've met?
  462. Is it illegal to execute an RKO on a kid in wheelchair with down syndrome?
  463. Do you think Kelly Kelly is only Divas Champion because of her mass amount of Twitter
  464. Didn't we see Orton vs. Rhodes this past Friday?
  465. Kelly Kelly or Michelle Mccool?
  466. is raw back to being the same old boring show now that cm punk is not the focus of the show?
  467. Can someone explain to me why Mark Henry deserves the belt?
  468. are you going to watch wwe tonight?
  469. What do you do during diva's match if Beth or Natalya aren't wrestling?
  470. seriously...WWE stars should stop tweeting.?
  471. will you watch wwe raw tommorw?
  472. Who do you like more: Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker?
  473. Use 3 words to describe current WWE situation?
  474. Wouldn't this have made more sense last night?
  475. Why Did The Rock Have A Falling Out With Vince McMahon?
  476. Do you like Randy Orton? if so why?
  477. Will Cena or Orton ever turn heel?
  478. who are the most overrated and underrated wrestlers today?
  479. i bet no one can get this right which former wwe champion got the most mic time tonight?
  480. whose your favourite woman wrestler ?
  481. Have you ever wondered why ESPN doesn't air WWE?
  482. Rumors of Wrestlers Returning?
  483. Why is Primo Colon in the audience?
  484. So the biggest PPV of the year for TNA the main event is Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle..?
  485. Admit it you liked Rico(True or False???????)?
  486. Don't you think Finlay didn't get as much credit as he should have ?
  487. The Rock Or John Cena Who Do You Like Better?
  488. What's your favorite Wrestemania from WWE?
  489. Edge, Bret Hart Trish Stratus Set For SmackDown!?
  490. what do you think of the following superstars?
  491. what do you think of old beard that troll?
  492. Do you like Christian heel or face and why ?
  493. whose your favourite wrestler on Raw and on Smackdown?
  494. If your a Cena fan did you think he was a better wrestler when he was on his Smackdown years ago?
  495. Which knockout has the best wrestling skills currently?
  496. who would win these wrestling matches?
  497. What did the Attitude Era do well, and what did it do poorly?
  498. Should WWE have kept Sunday Night Heat and Saturday Night Velocity?
  499. Who is better as Sin Cara Hunico or mistico?
  500. How much did Vince Russo effect Chris Benoit's career in WCW?