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  1. Will the WWE ever be the same?
  2. why are people cheering for all the heels all of a sudden? makes no sense?
  3. Who was the little girl Bryan was hugging at the end of Wrestlemania?
  4. Who Do You Think Will Attack John Cena Tonight .. !?
  5. Professional Wrestling: Do the people not recall how long Paul Heyman has been going after The...
  6. WWE Fans, do you like Daniel Bryan wins 2 matches, beating HHH and beating Randy Orton and...
  7. Was Undertaker losing a mistake?
  8. anyone know where i can watch the full Wresltlemania 30 show?
  9. Who should do the honours of inducting Taker into the Hall of Fame?
  10. Professional Wrestling: Did or Did Not The People think Bray Wyatt Vs John Cena was The
  11. So Here's What Happened: Oldertaker got hurt and decided to give Brock the win to save the match?
  12. What Do You Think Of This WWE Joke .. !?
  13. The Rock vs. The Undertaker - Wrestlemania 31?
  14. Should EVERY John Cena Match Be A Buried Alive Match .. !?
  15. Is Daniel Bryan the new goat face of wwe?
  16. Wrestlemania was terrible?
  17. do wwe wrestlers know the outcome of other superstar matches?
  18. Professional Wrestling: Which Professional Wrestling Tag-Teams did people find Underrated?
  19. I've been crying nonstop! The Streak is over?
  20. What is the worst Pro Wrestling game of all time?
  21. Professional Wrestling: Would people believe Michael Cole is better then The Undertaker and The Miz?
  22. WRESTLING : Paul heyman can talk S**T about other superstars except 1 : GOLDBERG?
  23. How awesome is it that the crowd is booing Rey Mysterio and cheering Barrett?
  24. What Do You Think Of The Crowd On Monday Night Raw .. !?
  25. if kane or stone cold broke undertakers streak would they still be complaining lol?
  26. WRESTLING : Is the YES CHANT starting to get on your nerves?
  27. Will The Undertaker come back to WWE again?
  28. Is Randy Orton going to be entitled to a rematch for the WWE WHC?
  29. I'm so pissed off! I can't believe this is happening! Why?!?
  30. HHHHHHHUGE SHOCKER:UNDERAKER'S STREAK IS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  31. Is this just me?
  32. Is the WWE crowd rooting for the Wyatt's, bad for business?
  33. Professional Wrestling: The People have to ask?
  34. so how do you feel about Daniel Bryan?
  35. Who stole the show last night?
  36. WRESTLING : Besides LESNAR....who should've been chosen to end TAKER'S streak?
  37. this was the worst wrestlemania of all time?
  38. Are You GLAD That Daniel Bryan Main Evented WrestleMania Before CM Punk .. !?
  39. If WWE knew they were gonna break the streak, then why didn't the just let CM Punk break it?
  40. Why is everyone crying and moaning about the streak ending?
  41. why in the hell are people cheering for the stupid wyatt family all of a sudden?
  42. WM 30 was great
  43. Superman Punch V.S Super Cena ?
  44. CM Punk's return with JR as his Manager !!?
  45. I'm blocking all wwe marks cause they are immature and has nothing smart to say?
  46. Hogan for Raw & SD GM ?
  47. Gunner is more relevant then majority of wwe roster?
  48. Should gunner and Anderson be a tag team since they both r war heroes?
  49. Does it matter what the Rock thinks ?
  50. If wwe is so great, why don't they any creditable tag division or divas division or middle division?
  51. Is it true Punks leave is hurting AJ's chance at the top ?
  52. Does the usos have the worst loosing streak in history?
  53. How is tna mistreating gunner?
  54. Do u tna haters even know this?
  55. Is Hogan good or bad for business ?
  56. Does Wade Barrett have a bad accent ?
  57. Is Total Diva's scripted ?
  58. Who is the best there is , the best there was & the best there ever will be ?
  59. I have two words for ya !!?
  60. Professional Wrestling: Martha Hart: Justified or Bitter Old Hag?
  61. Is it just me or doesn't Wrestlemania not feel like Wrestlemania anymore?
  62. Do you think The Usos Samoan entrance is bad?
  63. Is Charlie Hass a Hasshole?
  64. Why do u watch total divas and think it's cool when it makes grown woman look childish,
  65. How many pro-wrestlers have performed the classic faceturn?
  66. Why are the talent-free Bella Twins pushed so hard as top stars in the WWE?
  67. What is this strange pin move done by Rey Mysterio?
  68. Doesn't Cheeseburger have a lot of heart?
  69. What was the point of wwe hyping up drew mcintyre as the chosen one?
  70. Who are your top 5 current tna wrestlers?
  71. Professional Wrestling: Isn't it sad that I Don't Give A Damn about Gunner's Military Career?
  72. Will santino marella ever be built up again and win matches?
  73. Professional Wrestling: Why do people focus on the stupidest **** against World Wrestling
  74. When will Teddy Long return?
  75. Professional Wrestling: Why are people defending Total Nonstop Action's Treatment of Gunner?
  76. Do wrestling fans really watch ROH?
  77. Professional Wrestling: What's your opinion on American Wolves Vs Daniel Bryan & Seth Rollins?
  78. Are Kane and the Outlaws the new stooges?
  79. Professional Wrestling: Not to sound like a Broken Record but what makes The Wolves better
  80. Professional Wrestling: Where is Total Nonstop Action's Television Championship?
  81. Pro Wrestling: Isn't it funny how TNA_James talks about Steroids, yet ignores how Total Nonstop...
  82. What are your, WWE Top 10: Extreme Moments?
  83. Professional Wrestling: If Total Nonstop Action is such a golden Professional Wrestling
  84. Selling more tickets doesn't make one better than the other does it?
  85. Will WWE shut down RAW when they go bankrupt?
  86. Professional Wrestling: Sooo. Is Austin Aries going to get a rematch or has that already
  87. Does anyone remember when Ryback was suppose to be the next big star?
  88. Why does WWE keep stealing ideas from TNA if they are not a threat?
  89. Professional Wrestling: Who do you think Total Nonstop Action's 'King Of The Night'
  90. Professional Wrestling: What makes World Wrestling Entertainment's Kofi Kingston a Good
  91. Do you think EC3 is better than Randy Orton?
  92. Professional Wrestling: What's your opinion on Total Nonstop Action (Alone) 's Davey
  93. Why do people ignore the fact the cena does put OVER talent?
  94. Professional Wrestling: Why do people say I simple bash TNA but Praise WWE?
  95. Professional Wrestling: Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are the...
  96. Pro Wrestling: So if World Wrestling Entertainment had cards in which Professional...
  97. WWE exposed this is not a pg show?
  98. Professional Wrestling: Are people simple not getting what I'm talking about?
  99. Pro Wrestling Tapeworms: Admit it, Ring Of Honor or Total nonstop Action could be doing the exact...
  100. Congrats Vince Mcmahon just handed you the Company !!!?
  101. Professional Wrestling: Did I say anything about History between Tag-Teams?
  102. Will anyone break Fandango's wrestlemania streak?
  103. Professional Wrestling: People are saying my issues with Total Nonstop Action's Impact!...
  104. who's better jerry Lynn or rvd?
  105. Why didn't Ethan Carter get on Total Divas?
  106. So did WWE get rid of GM's ?
  107. Is CM Punk really not contracted with WWE?
  108. WWE Hindsight 20/20: would you prefer this Main Event at Wrestlemania 30 (Build & Results included)?
  109. Who is WrestlingAddict right now?
  110. Do NXT events even sell 200 tickets?
  111. Why does WWE influence younger children to be violent?
  112. WS: If all the WWE superstars were either Superheroes, or Supervillians.. ?
  113. WS: Who is/was the funniest wrestler you've ever seen?
  114. WS: Can you rank these 10 wrestlers according to Wrestling Ability?
  115. Who is the most attractive lady in pro-wrestling?
  116. Is brock lesnar an evil human in real?
  117. Top 10 favorite Wrestlers?Current and Former?
  118. Pro Wrestling misused talents?
  119. What is your predcition of the following matches. Thanks.?
  120. what makes a wrestler world heavyweight championship material?
  121. Isn't the pro-wrestling organizations do a fine job?
  122. Who is the nicest guy in profesional wrestling today?
  123. Whos inducting who in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  124. Where are all the RAW and Smackdown episodes on the WWE Network?
  125. Is Kurt Angle the most underrated wrestler ever?
  126. What are the ages of WWE fans here ?
  127. Why do people get mad about fans calling Daniel Bryan a Goat?
  128. Why this bryan, why this?
  129. Am i the only one who is not a big fan of the bighow?
  130. Who's the craziest Willow or Bray Wyatt?
  131. Steve austin vs mr.anderson in a steel cage match?
  132. Who is more of a maineventer cm punk or daniel bryan?
  133. Would this be a great WWE match ?
  134. Why is HBK Mr. Wrestlemania if Undertaker has the streak ?
  135. What do you think of JBL saying he'd be honored to work for Vickie Guerrero?
  136. Is Zeb Colter like watching a great coach or watching paint dry depending on how you look at it?
  137. What do you think of Michael Cole saying Bray Wyatt smells?
  138. Did Batista leave a real statement when he beat Sheamus?
  139. What do you think of Scooby Doo using a COO's bathroom, barking at kids and biting a security guard?
  140. What do you think of JBL saying Summer Rae a Stooge is the first he ever heard of that in...
  141. What do you think of JBL saying Michael Cole should stop saying people are suck ups because
  142. What do you think of Triple H saying Sheamus reminds him of a young Batista?
  143. What is your favourite edge match?
  144. Why is Daniel Bryan overrated?
  145. Wouldn't it be awesome to have Jackie Chan host Raw?
  146. WS: What are the best Divas the WWE has today, including NXT? (top 5)?
  147. Professional Wrestling: Why can't I seem to talk to anyone about Professional Wrestling without...
  148. Professional Wrestling: Would you have cared if The Usos simple beat The Brotherhood (Cody
  149. Would punk return if Vince said u return we will give u a 1 year world champ reign as a...
  150. If Roman Reigns was really the leader of the Shield?
  151. Why Does Roman Reigns suck so much?
  152. WRESTLING : Which superstar do you think has the most different gimmicks throughout their carreer?
  153. Have anybody heard JBL's commentary during ECW One Night Stand?
  154. Do you agree when austin aries return he should be pushed to the mainevent?
  155. Which move do you prefer the most and the least out of this list?
  156. What do you think of Samuel Shaw getting suspended for one week for cutting Christy Hemme's hair?
  157. If you snuck into The Knockouts locker room and Saw Christy Hemme would you cut a piece of hair?
  158. So should ryback just ask for a realese?
  159. What do you think of Christy Hemme telling Samuel Shaw she is not comfortable here anymore?
  160. So Kofi Kingston has the tour bus all for himself now?
  161. If you grew up in Willow's barn would you be nuts too?
  162. Is Velvet Sky without Angelina Love mediocre?
  163. Why does Abyss want the World Championship if he's already the TV Champion?
  164. Do you agree with Samoa Joe there is a line that Eric Young isn't in front of for the
  165. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Andre The Giant?
  166. Bobby Lashley and Mark Henry are better than Big E And Titus?
  167. Why Victoria and Gail Kim quit of WWE and why Candice Lerae quits of TNA?
  168. Willow is a character created by Jeff Hardy or by TNA?
  169. Professional Wrestling: Don't you love when people think explaining how the Maneuver is done...
  170. Professional Wrestling: What's your opinion on NXT Trainer Bill DeMott?
  171. Professional Wrestling: Okay. How the hell was Fandango trained by Legendary Killer Kowalski yet
  172. Who was your first favorite wrestler?
  173. 58 WWE wrestlers are booked on a matches for WM-30?
  174. Professional Wrestling: Why do people seem to hate Theatrics now?
  175. Professional wrestling: Do people even bother to learn the basics of Professional Wrestling?
  176. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling?
  177. Professional Wrestling: So Total Nonstop Action's Gunner is now using an F-5?
  178. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Wrestlemania III?
  179. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on 'Adorable' Adrian Adonis?
  180. Professional wrestling: Apparently there is no such thing as Variety in any maneuver ever performed
  181. If wwe great, why is their stocks down 15%?
  182. Big poppa pump vs big e langstan?
  183. WRESTLING : Would you love to see HHH once again as our WWE CHAMPION?
  184. Pro Wrestling: Will TNA_James, TNA_Trevor and The be grasping onto John Cena, Scooby-Doo and PG
  185. WRESTLING : What's up with seems as he not in action no more?
  186. WRESTLING : If you were to remake a new name for MONDAY NIGHT RAW : what would your show be called?
  187. Professional Wrestling: What are your opinions on Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling?
  188. You do realize Pro Wrestling is scripted right ?
  189. Is Chris Jericho ever coming back ?
  190. Which wrestlers are tna fans behind of?
  191. Is storm the top heel in tna now?
  192. Jericho was right the whole time "!"?
  193. Do you think dave hytmen and fair and balance have any kind of lives?
  194. Should Kofi get a WWE World Heavyweight Title shot ?
  195. What is the best wrestling match ever ?
  196. Why does everyone say Shelton Benjamin got buried?
  197. Did anyone hear the YES movement at TNA Yesterday ?
  198. If you had your choice of only "ONE" organization to stay ...?
  199. Who played the best Doink in WWE ?
  200. How does Cena bypass WWE's wellness program?
  201. How much money did Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Jericho, Mick Foley etc... Make
  202. Professional Wrestling: True Or False: Samoa Joe should have won at Total Nonstop Action's Lockdown?
  203. Professional Wrestling: Do people in this section even know what a 'Current Example' is?
  204. Professional Wrestling: What's Better Total Nonstop Action's Lockdown or World Wrestling
  205. Professional Wrestling: I know this will bite me, but does JCPF actually answer questions?
  206. If wwe is so great, why do they keep doing the same matches over and over again on raw...
  207. TNA Fans, About Knux (Mike Knox) and Garrett Bischoff? Are They a Face or a Heel?
  208. Would you like to see Christian come back home to TNA where he belongs?
  209. Has WWE improved since CM Punk left?
  210. How much does Wrestlemania cost?
  211. Why would any wrestler cry about winning a fake title?
  212. Is it true that HHH may have had a relationship with Shawn Michaels?
  213. Who will beat or meet trishes 7 title reign, Angelina love or madison rayne?
  214. Which is better when it comes to a wrestling division?
  215. How do I download old wwe episodes on my computer?
  216. Which velvet sky outfits do u like more?
  217. Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton will it happen?
  218. Doesn't velvet sky look busty ;)?
  219. Wwe fans on here are hypocrites?
  220. Looks like tna is doing fine?
  221. Who's the boring champion, borton or magnus?
  222. Who deserves a world title push, ey or santino?
  223. Can cesaro get the job done as a top face or heel? As of right now I feel like the best...
  224. Like WWE, the other pro sports are scripted as well +BQ?
  225. Who are you cheering for at Wrestlemania,John Cena or Bray Wyatt?
  226. When did heels become cool, and faces become lame?
  227. Professional Wrestling: How doesn't World Wrestling Entertainment's Commentary 'Call The Action
  228. Professional Wrestling: Why isn't Don West on Commentary for Total Nonstop Action?
  229. How can anyone like Michael Cole?
  230. WRESTLING : Here are a list of WWE tag teams by INITIALS : Can you name each of them?
  231. Professional Wrestling: Who do you think should be Commentary for World Wrestling
  232. Why don't WWE send William Regal to commentary instead of Michael Cole?
  233. Professional Wrestling: So. Total Nonstop Action can't even make their tickets Easily Accessible...
  234. Have you liked WWE much more since Cena has been out of the title picture for a while?
  235. So who do you think is gonna win the wwe heavywight title?
  236. Why do people prefer Adam Cole to Kyle O'Reilly?
  237. Who was the GOAT/Superstar in the years 1999,2000,2001, and 2002 in the WWF/E?
  238. Does Vince really love BIG E for some reason yet for no reason?
  239. Professional Wrestling: People do realize Hulk Hogan is Shilling the WWE Network right?
  240. Professional Wrestling: Sycho Sid, Scott Steiner or Mike Adamle Rate Worse to Not that bad on
  241. WWE Network: Whats your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Main Event!?
  242. Pro Wrestling: Why are people acting like Scooby-Doo/Celebrities where the focus of World...
  243. Is Colt Cabana as good as CM Punk makes him out to be?
  244. What young wrestler would you like Chris Jericho to feud with?
  245. WRESTLING : Don't you think 3MB is the worst stable evr since SPIRIT SQUAD?
  246. Can you really smell what the Rock is cookin ?
  247. Do you think any of the current stars can match The Rock (1998-2004) and Roddy Piper on the mic?
  248. Do you think Chris Jericho is underrated?
  249. Is Booker T being bashed by The Rock why Sting won't join WWE ?
  250. Is Vince still running things in any way ?
  251. Why in the hell Brooklyn Brawler is not on RAW last night?
  252. Who would win in a fight in their prime,Jackie Chan or Brock Lesnar?
  253. Did CM Punk really quit ?
  254. Should this be a WWE PPV Main event ?
  255. I want to be a WWE superstar?
  256. Did you know that Great Khali is the 7th highest paid WWE Superstar currently?
  257. Who do you think will win at wrestlemania 30 HHH or Bryan?
  258. Should Chris Hero join TNA Wrestling or should he remain in the independent circuit?
  259. When will newer epiosde of Raw be added to WWE Network? + TCW Second Chances results!?
  260. How many of these people who criticize Raw are former WCW fans?
  261. If Vince McMahon isn't racist, then exactly what is going on in the WWE?
  262. Was the Real Americans individual debuts impressive in the WWE?
  263. WRESTLING : What is your dream match that is still possible to take place?
  265. How would you feel if wwe brought spongebob to raw?
  266. WWE questions?
  267. Where would you rank Triple H? Top 10,20,50,100?
  268. Who Should do The Induction Speech for Razor Ramon?
  269. So they're holding Daniel Bryan back because he's a small guy (5'8")?
  270. Is Stephanie McMahon trying to be like Dixie Carter?
  271. If TNA is not a threat to WWE why are all their shows better?
  272. Should they bring back Heel Ziggler?
  273. I don't want to be a mark but guess what guys?
  274. Is Hornswoggle as WWE World Heavyweight Champ best for business ?
  275. I AM EXCITED! best movie of the year featuring a pro wrestler?
  276. Will it be weird when Roman Reigns growl and became Super Saiyan?
  277. Rosa Mendes at Wrestlemania?
  278. was the 1999 Royal Rumble the worst ever royal rumble match ever?
  279. Is it true Stephanie will have another run as Diva's Champ?
  280. Does WWE really promote bullying ?
  281. Will AJ Lee finally lose the Divas Championship at Wrestlemana 30?
  282. So do i have to pay 6 months up front? Wwe Network?
  283. Does anyone else notice some old WCW content seems to be missing on the WWE Network?
  284. why doesn't the WWE Network have the Starrcade 1990 pay per view?
  285. Could Kurt Angle ever return to the WWE?
  286. Tamina Snuka?
  287. wrestlemania diva invitational?
  288. Will Chris Hero return to WWE in the future?
  289. Why are wrestling fans complaining about Raw?
  290. Have wrestling fan's ever noticed how simple the Rock's finishers are?
  291. Why did Sheamus have to end his legendary career?
  292. What is Bret Hart's Malfunction?
  293. Did WWE really want to turn Cena heel?
  294. Taker, Taker, Taker?
  295. Aren't wrestling fans sick of bashing Daniel Bryan?
  296. How can u compare wwe and tna, when they aren't on even grounds?
  297. The best show during the brand extension (2002-2011)?
  298. Wrestlemania Diva Battle Royal?
  299. Which match do you think will be the WrestleMania XXX pre-show match?
  300. Isn't Kofi Kingston a great talent?
  301. What was the best last man standing match in WWE history?
  302. Is Tazz Heel or Babyface?
  303. Professional Wrestling: Let's be serious for a moment, what chances does David Benoit have being
  304. When Vickie called the divas out did Layla get the biggest pop?
  305. Bleacher Report: WWE thinking of making a 6 Man Tag Team Division, Smart Or Dumb?
  306. WRESTLING : Did you know that the UNDERTAKER is now a weakling?
  307. How would you rate the undertaker brock lesnar segmant on raw?
  308. Should the wwe put brock lesnar and the undertaker in a tag team match before wrestlemania?
  309. WRESTLING : How would you rate the MIC SKILL'S from each of these listed superstars (1 to 10)?
  310. Talk show raw was boring like how repeatmania will be?
  311. Has the WWE talent gotten back to it was in the 80s?
  312. Wwe has a new show, it's called talk show raw?
  313. Should WWE fans give up on the product?
  314. How will a fossil like The Undertaker perform in a match against Brock Lesnar?
  315. I'm going to a wwe event, are the 200 level seating good?
  316. Are you excited for a TNA video game on the xbox 360?
  317. Wrestling Section: Guess where I got this picture of CM Punk?
  318. So what's with Stephanie saying Triple H is the greatest in History?
  319. Professional Wrestling: Do you think Double J Jeff Jarrett would be dumb enough to pull
  320. Professional Wrestling: Using Words, not Footage; Explain what makes The American Wolves on 'The...
  321. Professional Wrestling: Total Nonstop Action does realize they are going to have to
  322. Tnas only problem with not be successful?
  323. Wwe marks are funny?
  324. WRESTLING : GUY'S...Which superstar do you think gave the most beating to brock lesnar in wwe
  325. Tna vs wwe: tiger uno vs sin cara?
  326. Are the Hardy Boyz a top 10 tag team all team?
  327. Professional Wrestling: Why did/Is ECW go under, WCW get bought out and TNA on their last legs?
  328. Professional Wrestling: Is World Wrestling Entertainment the issue or are Professional...
  329. Wrestling: tna promo on wwe's channel?
  330. Wrestling: wwe fans are pathetic?
  331. WRESTLING : What the "F" do HHH mean by REALITY ERA?
  332. Was Triple H hinting at ending the PG-ERA?
  333. Professional Wrestling: What did you think about World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW!?
  334. WRESTLING : The UNDERTAKER has become a weakling : AGREE or DIS-AGREE?
  335. What do you think of Jerrry Lawler thinking Summer Rae is a Go Go dancer?
  336. Pro Wrestling: Can you explain to me how WWE's RAW, Smackdown and Pay-Per Views been...
  337. can explain to me why any man would watch Total Divas?
  338. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying he would like to go out with Summer Rae just one time?
  339. Do Michael Cole and JBL sound like an old married couple?
  340. Does Scooby Doo look alot like Michael Cole at Wrestlemania?
  341. What do you think of JBL getting paid more than both Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler?
  342. Was anyone expecting Triple H to attack Michael Cole?
  343. Do you think John Cena, Andre The Giant, or Brock Lesnar couldn't go 21 and 0 at Wrestlemania?
  344. Is AJ Lee a real B*tch?
  345. Do you agree with Bray Wyatt could we see John Cena because his face is on every infomercial?
  346. What do you think of JBL saying the Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery is great except for Michael...
  347. Is Triple H the greatest COO in the history of the WWE?
  348. Do you agree with JBL does Naomi look good with an eye patch on?
  349. Which streak do you think is most likely to end at Wrestlemania AJ Lee's Divas Championship or
  350. Are you excited to see the 80's Has-beens Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  351. Wrestling Survivor Series Dream Team?
  352. Do you think Triple H isn't going to be Batista's friend after he said Stephanie has been
  353. Do you agree with JBL is Big E. Langston better at commentary when he's silent?
  354. Is Stephanie McMahon used to getting drooled on?
  355. Are you surprised to see Batista in regular jeans as opposed to skinny jeans?
  356. True wrestling fans Should tna bring back the televison title?
  357. Why did CM Punk walk out on the WWE?
  358. Professional Wrestling: True Or False: Billy Kidman was Underrated?
  359. Say Hello to the drunk guy !!!?
  360. Pro Wrestling: Do you think World Wrestling Entertainment's 'Captain Charisma' Christian should
  361. Is it true AJ Lee is gonna get buried because of CM Punk?
  362. Whose not watching Raw rught now?
  363. Is WWE in trouble?
  364. After Undertaker beats Brock should the wyatt family attack him setting up a match for next years...
  365. So the WWE uses Sandow, Ziggler and Kofi to carry Cena in matches but yet they want push them?
  366. Damn Michael Cole is annoying?
  367. I was happy for WCW and WWE to merge but now i see why my dad told me it would be a bad thing.?
  368. Who is more psycho: AJ Lee or Bray Wyatt?
  369. will cena win a title this year?
  370. Did Sylvester Stallone induct Hogan into the hall of fame became no one else wanted to?
  371. Is fake Razor going to be the Razor Ramon that gets inducted?
  372. Professional Wrestling: What did you think about World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW!?
  373. Why are they indicting Scott Hall in as Razor Ramon and not Scott Hall?
  374. Professional Wrestling: TNA Vs WWE/Bonus Question?
  375. Professional Wrestling: When did people get so blatantly ignorant, illiterate, blind and down...
  376. Who looks older Hogan or Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  377. What is that name of the pay per view where and episode of Smackdown! when Big Show & Mark...
  378. Why do people Boo/Hate John Cena now?
  379. Do you think El Torito was the one who drove the van?
  380. Summer Rae is wearing a red dress again Do you think El Torito will come out and chase her again?
  381. Wrestling: who's better, wwe sin cara(original) vs tnas tiger uno?
  382. Wwe: omg scooby doo was on raw?
  383. Wrestling: raw is a talk show now, wwe is DOOM!?
  384. Why does Bray Wyatt only do taped promos?
  385. Is Brock Lesnar going to F5 Scooby Doo?
  386. Wrestling: what was that, wwe is pathetic?
  387. Who is the best tag team in the world today?
  388. who is better????????
  389. would you watch a bb wwe?
  390. Ron Perlman a pro wrestler?
  391. Who cuts a better promo?
  392. Have you ever known a wrestler would b good?
  393. anyone ever meet john cena?
  394. who is better or prettier??
  395. Molly & Victoria/tara better than trish and lita?
  396. Why do people like untalented wrestlers?
  397. Who is better in the ring bret or shawn?
  398. is john cena a better wrestler than shawn michales?
  399. Who is the best wrestler in the world today?
  400. y is wwe so high up in wwe?
  401. who is best in the shield best to worst?
  402. who is better harper or rowan??
  403. Goldust better heel or comedy face?
  404. Do you think Bray should have apologized?
  405. What do you think Daniel Bryan and John Cena thought about Eva Marie's XXX photos?
  406. don't u think bella's are overrated looks wise?
  407. where is hornswoggle?
  408. What can I look forward to for Monday Night RAW?
  409. Is this a good marketing strategy for WWE?
  410. Professional Wrestling: Okay. When was the last time Celebrities took up more then probably Five...
  411. Professional Wrestling: Agree Or Disagree: Total Nonstop Action needs more Dixie Carter?
  412. Should WWE do separate weight classes like UFC does?
  413. What MMA fights would you sign if you ran WWE?
  414. Professional Wrestling: What's Your Opinion on 'The Virgin Slayer' Zema Ion?
  415. What is Damien Sandows favorite time to eat lunch?
  416. Professional Wrestling: So. Who actually cares about 'The King Of The Night' Kenny King?
  417. Professional Wrestling: What's your opinion/Does anyone care about 'Long Island Iced Z' Zack Ryder?
  418. Professional Wrestling: Why can't people seem to understand that Cesaro and Jack Swagger are
  419. Professional Wrestling: What's your opinion on Total Nonstop Action's The BroMans?
  420. Why did danial Bryan turn heal with wyats?
  421. did you lie how cm punk left the wwe?
  422. do you think the show divas is scripted?
  423. do you think cena willw in a wwe tile soon?
  424. do you watch tna on a weekly basis?
  425. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about 'The Most Must-See WWE Superstar' The Miz?
  426. Professional Wrestling: 'Did My Homework' still not sure what's impressive about The...
  427. Professional Wrestling: What was so special about Jim Crockett Promotions or the National
  428. Whats with the TNA fans in this section coming at us WWE fans?
  429. Professional Wrestling: Does Wrestlemania xXx prove how Ungrateful Professional Wrestling fans...
  430. Pro Wrestling: Are Total Nonstop Action Fans purely Blind or are they just one of those
  431. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Wrestlemania 2?
  432. Based on looks: What diva was most underrated?
  433. WS: Who is operating the storylines right now? Vince McMahon, or Triple H?
  434. What did The Rock say to offend Sting.?
  435. If you were in invited to Brie Bella's and Daniel Bryan's bus would you had accepted it?
  436. WS: What does Stephanie McMahon do outside the Storyline?
  437. What is your favorite Chris Jericho match?
  438. Is Natalya always fearful of new Divas that show up because of Tyson Kidd?
  439. Do you think Nikki Bella touched herself in the back of Daniel Bryan's bus thinking of John Cena?
  440. Does Eva Marie walk around like she's better than everyone else, putting everyone down?
  441. Do you think Paul Heyman has seen Eva Marie's XXX photos?
  442. Do people hate both Eva Marie and Camron because they didn't start in the Indies?
  443. What do you think of Nikki Bella looking at herself in the mirror when having sex in John...
  444. Do you believe Summer Rae's answer when she said she hasn't slept with anyone at work?
  445. What do you think of Nikki Bella saying two days without sex is a no for her?
  446. What do you think of Eva Marie's past of being an alcoholic?
  447. What do you think of John Cena saying he loves Nikki Bella?
  448. Do you believe in the break up ?
  449. Extreme Rules Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  450. Should all WWE titles be defended at every PPV event ?
  451. When are we going to see the rest of the wwe divas on total divas?
  452. Who was the first to kick out of a finishing move in WWF/E?
  453. Did Tamina really mean to knock out Nikkis tooth with the super kick?
  454. Professional Wrestling: Does Wrestlemania xXx prove how Ungrateful Professional Wrestling fans have
  455. WS: Name the biggest "disappointment" in wrestling history?
  456. who would turn face: cesaro or swagger?
  457. Diamond Dallas Page Or Randy Orton?
  458. Would you consider Diamond Dallas Page a hall of famer?
  459. Do you find it annoying when some people mention wrestling they atuomaticly say wwe?
  460. If wwe gave you the power to sign one wrestler who would you sign?
  461. What do you like and dislike about this undertaker vs brock lesnar feud?
  462. Who is the best of their time ?
  463. What's Kurt Angle up to these days?
  464. WS: In the Wrestling Section, would you call yourself a Face, a Heel or a Tweener?
  465. WRESTLING : Why is the WWE so affraid to see DANIEL BRYAN as our champion?
  466. Professional Wrestling: Why Complain about The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania xXx feud?
  467. BJJ to wrestling crossover?
  468. After Lita, who should be the next WWE Diva in the Hall of Fame?
  469. I'm 14 and I like wrestling is that weird I'm also a Female and in High School I love WWE?
  470. WWE Network not working, the video won't start?
  471. WRESTLING : Who would you rather see as the next CHAIRMAN of WWE?
  472. Is it the Bad A?s Billy Gunn or Bad as Billy Gunn?
  473. Do you agree its really messed up that guys like drew carry and donald trump is in the wwe
  474. Has Lilian Garcia ever been in a match?
  475. What's more important at survivor series to be on the winning team or to survive?
  476. What do you think of this WWE title match ?
  477. What is TNA?
  478. Will WWE ever have great wrestler again ?
  479. Regardless of his age, does anybody think that Chris Hero will return to WWE as Kassius Ohno in the
  480. Combine wrestlers to make new wrestler/team?
  481. Who is your favorite wrestler?
  482. If SmackDown and Raw split up.....?
  483. When will World Wrestling Entertainment host a retirees pay per view?
  484. werent lita, trish stratus and mickie james?
  485. Do you think Tigre Uno and Sanada will take the tag team titles from The Bromans?
  486. What are some wrestlers you remember who everybody forgot about?
  487. When will we see AJ V.S Tamina ?
  488. Does Batista have to wear smaller thongs since he dropped 100 pounds?
  489. Triple H or The Rock?
  490. WRESTLING : Who do you think was the best wwe champion since the past 10 years?
  491. WS: Which is the best Tag Team in all of Wrestling?
  492. WRESTLING : How many push-up's can you do?
  493. Professional Wrestling: Why do people seem to have an issue with Koko B. Ware being in
  494. Professional Wrestling: True Or False: 'The Beast Incarnate' Brock Lesnar is a ******* Human...
  495. Do you think that Goldust will make it into the WWE hall of fame?
  496. John Cena is a 14 time world champion. Can you remember each feud or even care?
  497. Do You agree Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponents Future to make it 30-0?
  498. WS: Can you name three wrestlers that everyone respects?
  499. What did really happen with CM Punk? and are there any chance that he come back?
  500. Was WWE disrespectful to Lita for what they did with Prime Time Playas?