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  1. MARYSE i have a question for you.?
  2. Would you be excited if this were to happen?
  3. Why do i have to wear a jock strap for wrestling?
  4. Will sin cara (original) wrestle at vengence?
  5. Silly but interesting question?
  6. Breaking News : about wrestling ?
  7. ws since darren young is suspend does that mean he disqualified?
  8. does Lord Darkness take a kangaroo to get to school everytime ?
  9. Why is Sheamus referred to as The Great White?
  10. WS did you know that lord of darkness is a to R3porter that doesnt have a life ?
  11. are you my father victor ?
  12. Has this walkout storyline been the most negative received in WWE History?
  13. Why do WWE try to force superstars down our throats (Alberto Del Rio)?
  14. Who is your favorite WWE Superstar?
  15. Why do wrestling fans get upset when their favorite superstar loses when it's scripted?
  16. who do u think is going to win the royal rumble?
  17. Why doesn't Bill Goldberg have a neck?
  18. Who did a better spear, Goldberg or Edge?
  19. do you think lord of darkness pulled a judas on pook ?
  20. why lord of darkness care so much of who cheats and who doesnt ?
  21. would you rather have all the wrestlers on one show?
  22. Do you think it's funny how Michael Cole promotes twitter but he hasn't tweeted since May 1st?
  23. Who are your four top favorite heel tag teams? (BQ inside)?
  24. why does wwe always give john weiner a title shot?
  25. what do to get a wrestlers attention?to sign and take pics?
  26. Wrestling is fake so y do u watch it?
  27. Hottest/Cuttest WWE Couples? (You dont have to pick mine :) )?
  28. Do you think Michelle McCool should return?
  29. for some reason have you ever watched a John Cena match and knew he was gonna win
  30. Whos your fave WWE/ TNA wrestler?
  31. hey do you think Cena will turn heel again 10 years from now?
  32. hey is it true that the Rock will have the hometown advantage over cena at wrestlemania 28?
  33. Which World Title looked better? Stone Cold's Smoking Skull Belt or the NWO spraypainted
  34. What are the masks in wwe that some people ware?
  35. Perfect way to Unify the WWE Championship World Heavyweight Championship.?
  36. What would you do if Maryse told you she wants to do the French Kiss TKO on you naked?
  37. what do u think of this wrestler character?
  38. Stone Cold Steve Austin is reported to be hospitalized after being brutally attacked =(?
  39. How do you feel about WWE's Current Storyline Direction?
  40. your was your favourite wrestlers in these years?
  41. So HHH buries the entire 55 person roster and compare them to broomsticks?
  42. who here thought raw was pretty good until vince showed up to fire triple h's a$$?
  43. Do any of you make videos on youtube about wrestling + BQ?
  44. Is pro wrestling a sport or is it just scripted drama entertainment?
  45. who is better on the mic:The Miz or R=Tuth?
  46. How many folks have stopped watching WWE Raw ever since Triple H was fired from being COO?
  47. Battle of the Cruiserweights/X Division wrestlers?
  48. How ironic is it that Jim Ross got fired on the exact same date six years ago?
  49. Has anyone notice this about Sin Cara?
  50. What celebrity should Impact wrestling make the heavyweight champion?
  51. If you could change the month of the WWE Draft what month would you pick+ BQ?
  52. wrestling section what do you think of my created belt for my poster and my cm punk poster?
  53. Jim Ross being fired is only part of the storyline, right?
  54. Are Christian, The Undertaker, The Big Show, Triple H and Mark Henry the only legends left in
  55. What is your Favorite Wrestler of all time?
  56. I nominate you, HBK as Raw Interim GM, who else agrees?
  57. What is the Tagteam division heading?
  58. What do these 3 have in common?
  59. Worst finisher ever in pro wrestling?
  60. Will we see John Laurenitus (Johnny Ace) return in a competitive match?
  61. why wont wwe hire germans ?
  62. Does anybody know where I can find Undertaker vs Tajiri Smackdown 2001 for free?
  63. When should i return to wwe?
  64. The Undertaker vs Sting. Who would win in their prime?
  65. can you make up a conversation with the following wrestlers using their catchphrase or what they...
  66. Whom should i face at wrestlemania?
  67. Where do you think Edge is right know?
  68. Is your all time favorite wrestler in my top 10 favorite wrestlers of all time?
  69. TNA and WWE questions.?
  70. If you took over the WWE tommorow how would you run the company?
  71. What was the best match of Wrestlemania 27?
  72. who would win wwe superstar hhh or tna superstar crimson?
  73. what did you think about raw ?
  74. Who is your favorite Diva right know?
  75. Who is your Fave TNA Wrestler?
  76. nWo or bWo or Nexus or New Nexus?
  77. Who is the best High Flyer in WWE?
  78. Is Kurt Angle going to be in TNA's Bound for Glory?
  79. what your opinion in vote of confidence?
  80. Who is your Fave WWE Superstar?
  81. WWE or TNA or ROH or NJPW?
  82. Will you watch less raw again cause of the new GM Laurinatis?
  83. Starting to use CM Punk wrong?
  84. Hey can anyone give me in detail whats going on with john morrison in wwe?plz?
  85. Do you Enjoy WWE bringing Real Backstage work into RAW?
  86. so now that miz and r truth are back when is nash gunna come back with the nwo? what is wwe...
  87. Kill Michael Cole? Should we?
  88. Do you think Mason Ryan has what it takes to be one of the top faces on WWE Raw in the future?
  89. if it was your favorite tna knockout vs your favorite wwe diva who would be fight who?
  90. Who would win:a Viper(reference to Randy Orton) or a Grizzly Bear(reference to Mark Henry)?
  91. If the Superstars had continued the walkout,is it possible there wouldn't have been WM28 next year?
  92. Did anyone see Heath Slater tonight on Raw when all the Superstars came back from walking out?
  93. Do you think Booker T will replace JR on Raw commentary?
  94. What a coincidence,Miz and R-Truth were in the arena tonight?
  95. There were kids chanting CM Punk's name tonight on Raw?You've gotta be kidding me?
  96. Has Randy Orton officially joined Mark Henry's Hall Of Pain?
  97. Did John Cena supporting Triple H as COO make you gain respect for him?
  98. what would you do if this happened next raw?
  99. Zack Ryder turned his back on the fans when he walked out last week?Agree or disagree?
  100. Where can I go see the whole WWE 2012 roster at?
  101. If Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins (Major Brothers) aren't real brother's then.....?
  102. So WWE just totally murdered the walk-out story line?
  103. is wwe superstarstone cold dead?
  104. Which WWE/ROH/TNA wrestler do you think you look most like?
  105. ws which would be the match of the year?
  106. What was your favorite WWE storyline containing two incredible stars?
  107. From the top of your head. How many WWE/WWF legends can you name?
  108. Chris Jerico is an absolute legend and deserves to be inducted in the hall of fame. Agree or
  109. The Dashing Cody Rhodes gimmick was better than this dismantled face one right?
  110. Did The Great Khali got injured with Mark Henry?
  111. Is there a new faction in WWE?
  112. Would you like to see Rima Fakih debut on Raw or SmackDown!?
  113. !!Diva or Knockout!!?
  114. Would you all agree that? + BQ?
  115. Who is or was the most instresting diva or superstar?
  116. Where did the promo John Cena vs The Undertaker for the WWE CHAMPION lead to? What happened...
  117. John cena getting new ring gear?
  118. Who won the last time Triple H and John Cena had a match?
  119. Anyone else get a good chuckle out of the first segment/match of RAW last night?
  120. He's WWE '12. Your thoughts?
  121. masked kane or unmasked kane?
  122. Why do you think Cody Rhodes in particular was chosen for the psychopath angle?
  123. Which Wrestlemania 28 Card would be better?
  124. Is it an oxymoron for a show where people (kinda) beat each other up to be rated PG?
  125. Going to WWE today was lame?
  126. Stone Cold has passed in a tragic accident =(?
  127. What did you think of Raw last night?
  128. Who is that chick with Tamina?
  129. Does Vince Mcmahon Still Run The WWE?
  130. Whos voice was that!?
  131. 2011 WWE Diva Search is starting REAL soon if the rumors were true.?
  132. Christans new group will be the Heel tag team at SSERIES?
  133. What are all the wrestlers real names?
  134. Is kelly the worst diva of all time?
  135. Why does cody rhodes sound like that?
  136. What do you think should be the name of the Christian, Swagger and dolph stable or stable group?
  137. did you hear vince is making old beard COO ?
  138. Why is it that the WWE Championship is not important right now?
  139. i have a question for snowfish?
  140. Did you know Stone Cold Steve Austin is a broski?
  141. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  142. Why isn't Zack Ryder one of the few superstars supposedly competing tonight?
  143. Anybody else prefer face Christian?
  144. Who was the Secret Laptop GM of RAW?
  145. Bur or Sell: The WWE hurt Kane's career by removing his mask?
  146. More screaming and Ace?
  147. Beginning of Raw....?
  148. Brodus Clay....thoughts?
  149. Who will be the new COO?
  150. the muppets on monday night raw. what do you think?
  151. Why was Jim Ross fired again?
  152. Does Mark henry deserve the WHC? Has he been working harder than anyone else in the business?
  153. What was Triple H doing that everyone got mad at him for last week?
  154. Are Wrestlemania 28 Tickets Still Available Or Have The Sold Out?
  155. When Will Andy Leavine Make His Debut?
  156. The great John Cena just botched his line?
  157. Vince? Vince McMahon is here?
  158. How many of you liked Beth Phoenix's old attire compared to her current one?
  159. Is WWE Raw getting lame?
  160. Does anyone think Beth Phoenix could improve her look? By the help of Cody Rhodes?
  161. Best Wrestlers of the Noughties (2000 - 2009)?
  162. Hey guys do you know a tag team a few years back in wwe who came in full body golden attire?
  163. Do you like WWE divas or WWE superstars?
  164. smackdown vs raw 2011 ps3?
  165. Any raw spoilers?? pease serious answers?
  166. Agree or Disagree: WWE should Stay Away from Real fighting/wrestling?
  167. Agree or Disagree: After Undertaker, WWE should Stop with WrestleMania Streaks? + BQ?
  168. Who would rather have CM Punk commentating solo?
  169. Is raw live right now?
  170. There is consensus that chris benoit is the most respected man in wwe history?
  171. when is the next season of tough enough BQ thats scripted right?BQ2 wheres Andy?
  172. Should Morrison just leave WWE?
  173. have you been anticipating tonights raw since last week?
  174. What will end first the world or NXT season 5?
  175. Why wasnt the ???? GM put in charge of WWE Raw?
  176. Why do I get this feeling that John Laurinatis is up to something?
  177. So Johnny Ace announced Cena vs. Del Rio for Vengeance?
  178. do you want kurt angle to return back to the wwe?
  179. Do you think Triple H is sucking up to the crowd?
  180. Did CM Punk resemble a little kid getting candy when Triple H said he could commentate? LOL?
  181. Anything Goes Match: Amy Winehouse vs. Jeff Hardy?
  182. What 's it called in pro wrestling when wrestler's talk on the mic?
  183. Thoughts on everything on WWE RAW so far...?
  184. How do you feel about this years Survivor Series possible match?
  185. If Jet Li and John Cena were to fight , who wins ?
  186. Have any WWE wrestler ever won a world Title at a House Show?
  187. Did any WWE Wrestler ever Win a World Title at a HouseShow before?
  188. After 8 back surgeries, can Hogan withstand the scorpion death lock?
  189. Rate the following wwe wrestlers current theme song 1-10and which one you're favorite?
  190. When is Chris Jerico coming back?
  191. When The Undertaker retires will he get a big farewell like Ric Flair did?
  192. Anybody else miss Michelle McCool?
  193. Zack Ryder is still not in the RAW intro?
  194. Is Alicia Fox that comments on this, real?
  195. What happened to M.V.P?
  196. Has a male superstar ever received a stink face from a diva?
  197. How am I going to choose between 2 careers?
  198. Which wrestler had the coolest looking mask.?
  199. What is a good WWE biography video to buy?
  200. Wrestling survey/poll?
  201. Matt Hardy was on Scare Tactics?
  202. What do you think will be the Main Event tonight? (+BQ)?
  203. In any case scenario, do you think it is the proper time for Chris Jericho or Undertaker to return?
  204. Does it piss anybody off that SmackDown airs in Australia b4 it does in America?
  205. Am i the only one who was happy when Mark Henry got chock slammed thru the table by The Big Show?
  206. What is your favorite Edge moment in the WWE?
  207. Who would win in this triple threat match?
  208. Rowdy Roddy Piper was just on MTV?
  209. Do You Miss This Theme Song Of The Rock?
  210. Why is it so difficult to block all the terrorists in the WS?
  211. Will the rock be on raw after survivor series?
  212. How I would do raw tonight.?
  213. Question for the nwo leader. Plus BQ?
  214. Did The Rock and Stone Cold writer their own stuff or did they have TelePrompter (writer)?
  215. Which wrestlers have a bland gimmick, but are excellent in ring performers?
  216. How popular is TNA wrestling in the UK? ?
  217. John Superman Cena in a wrestling match against Meta Cooler who wins?
  218. How I would book tonights Raw? + Question?
  219. Who do you think will be the next face of the diva's?
  220. Since we are having a WS FPV, What is going to be the theme song?
  221. Do You Think Christian Is Better As A Face Or A Heel?
  222. Are Diva Tag Teams rejuvenating the Divas Division in any way, shape, or form?
  223. Whats your Opinion on Davey Richards?
  224. WWE brings up the past ? Refs walk out in 1999, Triple H becomes Champ!?
  225. What's your thoughts in the Sin Cara-Alberto del Rio match at WWE Smackdown?
  226. how many times has lesnar changed between heel and babyface in wwe?
  227. no wonder britan and america are dying and killing the rest of the world...?
  228. Do you remember when John Cena got drafted to Raw on the Highlight Reel?
  229. CeNation.trivia who won this match,difficult:93's?
  230. Which do you think was the most embracing thing, that was thane to Mr.McMahon?
  231. how can i beat guys in arm wrestling?
  232. Wrestling Section i am announcing the main event for the WS FPV All or Nothing?
  233. Has anyone gone to a WWE house show a day before a WWE ppv?
  234. what are some good created wrestling shows name?
  235. will alicia fox be in wwe 12?
  236. How can I sneak from the front row into the ring without being caught by security?
  237. Who else would laugh if...?
  238. [EASY] What Professional Wrestling Move is this?
  239. Who do you like better?
  240. what would the world be like if WWE and/or TNA or other ceased to exist?
  241. What do you think will happen on Raw tonight?
  242. Who'd win this match?
  243. what do u thinks gonna happen on raw?
  244. Who'll Randy Orton feud with next?
  245. Wrestling; Which Superstars do you think were key in WWF winning the Monday Night Wars?
  246. Wrestling Section what do you think of my bookings?
  247. What do you think of this video? The great CM Punk gets owned by Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  248. Undertaker vs. Sting?
  249. What if one day you turned to Monday Night Raw Supershow and.......?
  250. Why does everybody suddenly think Mark Henrys the toughest guy in the WWE?
  251. Do you like Wade Barrett or William Regal better?
  252. BROCK LESNAR in WWE12;D?
  253. What do you think about that?
  254. What would you change in the WWE if.......?
  255. how and the hell does undertaker gets in and out of the ring when the lights go out?
  256. If I showed up at your door, what would you do?
  257. how would you react if...?
  258. With Michelle McCool,Melina,Gail Kim and Mickie James no longer active in WWE(More inside)?
  259. Who is a better wrestler, Sting or Kurt Angle?
  260. Do you think Christain deserves the WHC?
  261. Wrestling vs Football?
  262. tna's abyss vs wwe's mark henry?
  263. Does Vince McMahon*own TNA?
  264. In your opinion, what brings prestige to a title belt and why?
  265. Is John Cena Still On WWE? 10 Points?
  266. Whose more annoying wwe fans or tna fans and why?
  267. Do you think JTG needs a push?
  268. Is SmackDown's middle card in trouble?
  269. has hell in a cell started yet if not what time does it start california time?
  270. Between TNA WWE, which company has treated popular ROH talent better?
  271. How long till CM Punk's popularity plummets?
  272. at first i thought two cin cara's was anoying but now its interesting one good one evil?
  273. wrestling fans which superstar do you like better between stone cold or hulk hogan?
  274. Who was funnier in this interview. The Rock or Chris Jerico?
  275. 2011 Slammy Award Winners?
  276. What will be the surprise match tonight?
  277. So if Orton hits the RKO on Henry tonight, does that mean he wins?
  278. are all matches gonna be in hell in cell cage tonight ?
  279. What's your WWE Vengeance 2011 predictions?
  280. Why does Kelly Kelly screams so much during her matches ?
  281. Do you really think CM Punk could defeat Orton in an actual wrestling match?
  282. Who is or was the best face and heel in WWE?
  283. How could you turn the women or kids against John Cena?
  284. Do you think Kelly 'Smelly' Kelly should stop 'wrestling' and go back to modeling ?
  285. What's your favorite WWE entrance?
  286. Anyone else happy that just happened Mark Henry is STILL champ and WWE is still getting better?
  287. Is anyone really excited for Hell in a Cell?
  288. What would happen if an undiscovered hurricane (10x more costly than Katrina) hit NO during HIAC?
  289. Where can I get more wrestling news?
  290. Do you remember a long time ago when Eddie guerroro passed out in middle of ring ?
  291. Do you think pro-wrestling would be different now if Eddie G and Benoit were still alive?
  292. where can I watch hell in a Cell for free on my laptop?
  293. who would be the heel/face?
  294. Why do now some CM Punk fans think he's better than The Rock or even Stone Cold in promos and on...
  295. Isn't it stupid The Undertaker (A LEGEND) took 17 years to win his first World...
  296. do you think curt hawkins will ever get another shot on the main roster?
  297. wwe or ufc toys which is better for your pocket?
  298. does zack ryder have a bright future in the WWE?
  299. @user toughest S.O.B why don't you have top contributor when you answer good answer?
  300. why is john cena hogging the title scene?
  301. smack down world tour 2011 in TX?
  302. did the miz really get fired?
  303. Del Rio or Sheamus? Who are you for?
  304. was kurt angle gonna cry?he looked like he was gonna cry?
  305. Who Should Have this Gimmick?
  306. do you think these predictions would make hell in a cell a good ppv?
  307. Are wrestlers called from FCW to the main roster by random?
  308. Your favorite Pro Wrestler ever?
  309. Who's a better wrestler Sheamus or Orton?
  310. If anything, what should Alex Riley add to his entrance to make him match more with his theme?
  311. What was the major reasons why WCW failed and did Vince Russo actually killed it?
  312. Predictions for wwe hell in the cell tonight?
  313. do you think that both sin cara's will be on wwe 12?
  314. Top 25 WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship reigns in days.?
  315. Please Help Me! How can Iconvince my brother to like WWE again!!!?
  316. Are you as excited about Cena defeating the Rock as I am?
  317. Has John Cenna ever tapped out?
  318. was this how the raw vs smackdown suvivor series thing happend in 2005?
  319. Who should have This gimmick?
  320. Which of these storms would do the most damage to you?
  321. Which wrestlers thats EVER performed are you more a fan of(poll)?
  322. Who do you think will make their return tonight at Hell in a Cell and are you ordering it
  323. Do you think Dixie Carter is being lazy and that's why she hasn't been on TNA in a while?
  324. So it looks like Aksana has lost interest in Teddy Long?
  325. Does Randy Orton turn to a viper when he's home?
  326. Were you surprised one of the Sin Cara's spoke English well?
  327. Should Mark Henry doing the World's Strongest Slam on Great Khali be number one on OMG Top 50
  328. Anyone else sees The Miz/R-Truth returning at HIAC / Raw Supershow?
  329. How come Sin Cara keeps changing his finishing move?
  330. Poll- true wrestling fans participate.....who do you think is the most hated wrestler of all
  331. What era of wrestling would you love to relive?
  332. Who do you think will be the WWE title holders by Survivor Series?
  333. Do you think there will any surprise returns for WWE Hell in a Cell ppv?
  334. Who do you think is a better wrestler The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels?
  335. what was your first ps2 game?
  336. Do you think WWE should get rid of the Raw/Smackdown brand split?
  337. Will A Wrestlemania Ever Be Held In?
  338. Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix-Hell in a cell?
  339. Who do you think will have the most successful career out of the original Nexus members?
  340. WWE Superstars are UFC fans?
  341. If Sting vs Undertaker ever did happen back then would it be better then HBK vs Taker?
  342. does anyone know what part of long island zack ryder is from?
  343. How to make my friend understand that wwe is scripted?
  344. Will I Be Able To Get WWE 12?
  345. Where The Hell Is The Rock?
  346. Would TNA Get Sued If?
  347. Agree or Disagree: The United States and the Intercontinental Championships should
  348. Why do people hate undertaker now?
  349. How is The Rock considered a legend! +BQ?
  350. who would win this 5 man tag match?
  351. Which wrestler has been into rehab the most?
  352. Who's better Julius C or Chicago the star guy knight?
  353. Breaking News: on the Hell in the Cell PPV?
  354. what was your fav year in the wwe that kept you tuned in every week?
  355. Merchandise of the day?
  356. Did you know Rated E's mother died of Syphilis last week?
  357. Why is the ws a cancer to many people?
  358. When does andy leavine make his wwe debute?
  359. Mason ryan????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  360. What will be your reaction if this main-evented wrestlemania ?
  361. Thoughts on this faction in WWE .....more inside?
  362. Agree or Disagree:The WS is the most active on PPV nights?
  365. Does alcohol consumption counteract steroid use?
  366. Why is there too many people on commentary on raw ans smackdown?
  367. do u think that cena should lose to the rock?
  368. Survivor Series Cena and Rock +BQ?
  369. Besides being face/heel what is the difference between Zack Ryder and the Miz?
  370. if there was a storyline you would like to put for cm punk what would it be?
  371. Who would win, Beth Phoenix or Jazz in her prime?
  372. ??Bow down to nWo?? nWo 4 life?
  373. wwe vs tna switch the superstars to the different show?
  374. Answer this question (just killin time)?
  375. Agree or Agree be yourself was the worst thing to be?
  376. nWo means we are better than you?
  377. If mason ryan uses f5 as his finisher will he immediately get an push and become popular?
  378. If mason ryan uses f5 as his finisher will he get pushed and become popula?
  379. Vince's Offer... Finish the story... (For Guys and Girls)?
  380. Was HHH's latest movie in theaters +BQ?
  381. what kind of Milk does Cena use for his fruity pebbles?
  382. Breaking News on the Hell in the Cell?
  383. where's the WWE champion of this section Stingette Blows?
  384. why is stone cold so bald?
  385. Anybody else think John Laurinitus will backstab the wrestlers that are in the lawsuit?
  386. Which women in wrestling would you choose to pose nude for playboy?
  387. Would an Ezekiel Jackson/Mason Ryan Tag Team Work?
  388. wrestling fans who agrees that wwe svr are boring because they have not put gm mode for years?
  389. Hell in a Cell predictions?
  390. What superstars do you want back at WWE and WHY?
  391. Is the hulk the GOAT wrestler?
  392. Do you like John Cena?
  393. How was it Christian's fault that Randy Orton had himself counted out ?
  394. Has anyone ever noticed this?
  395. Do you think Dolph, Otunga, Vickie, Swagger, Christian, Rhodes are thinking about nWo?
  396. hey what does MVP's name stand for?
  397. ever since kevin nash been in the wwe don't you think undertaker is doing this to triple h?
  398. Looking for the name of a masked Asian wrestler?
  399. do you all get emotional when watched late wrestler's tributes?
  400. When will DX return???
  401. Is Big Show still the Worlds Largest Athelete? I'm pretty sure u get sumo wrestlers who are larger?
  402. Do you think that instead of turnbuckles wrestlers should jump from moving airplanes?
  403. what was/is your best WWE storyline?
  404. What are your thoughts on David Otunga right now with RAW?
  405. Triple H isn't even on Smackdown tonight?Fire him?
  406. If Traci Brooks slept with Eric Bischoff,why is Kazarian still with her?
  407. Why do they call Hell In A Cell the devil's playground?
  408. How do you think Booker T handled the interview with Mark Henry?
  409. Was that the most electrifiying crowd tonight on Smackdown?
  410. Triple H is an AJ in Inside Out?Does he look like an AJ to you?
  411. Were you surprised by the RKO on Henry tonight?Does this make you have confidence in Orton for HIAC?
  412. Do you think Booker T was afraid Mark Henry was going to attack him tonight?
  413. Does anyone else lose sleep trying to figure out who is the real Sin Cara?
  414. Why is the WWE Smackdown Did You Know the same every week?
  415. Womens wrestling poll?
  416. Who else was happy Kelly Kelly finally got what she deserved?
  417. Was the TNA cameraman filming Roode and Styles talking after their match interrupting them too much?
  418. Anyone happy nothing happened to Booker T?
  419. Agree or Disagree: Triple H being COO has changed the way for his career and fans?
  420. Why will Mark Henry win this Sunday?
  421. who is going to be wwe champion at hell in a cell?
  422. Do you prefer the TNA car crash luchador style or the WWE American style ?
  423. Why did Kelly Kelly cry during that submission?
  424. I wish the wwe did this with nexus?
  425. Is John Cena modeled on Marky Mark?
  426. CeNation Trivia,who won this match?difficult:WWWF(world wide wrestling federation)?
  427. Which diva right now has the best body?
  428. Is RAW changing their name to RAW Super Show?
  429. Is there a rule book for professional wrestling?
  430. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  431. Who would induct The Rock in to the Hall OF Fame? +BQ?
  432. Would you consider Edge a legend?
  433. Outside of Christopher Daniels and A.J. Styles, what other duo on TNA can?
  434. Rock appear on raw and lays the verbal smackdown on jhon cena,and insults randy and punk in the
  435. Major update on TNA Bound for Glory?
  436. Will John Cena Drop The WWE Title?
  437. Are you going to buy Hell in a Cell Sunday night?
  438. @ ima gaye man how is the WWE tired of Cody Rhode's title reign?
  440. If Chavo Guerrero were to return?
  441. Let's not kid ourselves - Kelly Kelly is more attractive than most women. Do you agree?
  442. WWE/WWF Raw (Week 1) - Pick the winners + BQ?
  443. how come bubba ray dudley?
  444. Do you notice that John Lauranititus is taller than Triple H?
  445. Will TNA ever compete with WWE?
  446. Should Jeff Jarrett be in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  447. What are your thoughts on WWE's European Championship + BQ?
  448. How to go undeafeted in school wrestling?
  449. Agree or disagree: cena is the most charismatic. 10 points 4 the best reason. ?
  450. Can you take Mark Henry seriously as a heel after seeing this?
  451. Why is Mark Henry's beard so sweaty?
  452. the hunger games book or the lion heart book?
  453. which is better wwe mattel or wwe jakk Pacific?
  454. do you like triple h?
  455. nWo is Damn Real ! nWo 4 life?
  456. batista vs christopher daniels?
  457. aj styles vs daniel bryan?
  458. Were Giant Gonzales's muscles real in WWF?
  459. Did Mark Henry sell this RKO good?
  460. If wrestling had an off-season when would it begin?
  461. Since eve or kelly kelly is supposed to turn heel which do you think will ?
  462. Did Anarquia really get a tattoo from Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore last week on Impact Wrestling?
  463. Did Traci Brooks really sleep with Eric Bischoff three times?
  464. What does Booker T mean when he says,It's all about the dockets?
  465. randy savage vs owen hart who would win if they were both alive?
  466. When booker t is on commentary, is he really looking at porn and masterbating instead of
  467. Do you think Bobby Roode will cry if he wins the TNA Title at Bound For Glory?
  468. About the gm of raw? will he show his face or not?
  469. Ted Dibiase Jr. as WWE Champion?
  470. If WWE formulated their own wrestling body oil, would you buy it?
  471. Who do you think will win at hitc kelly ( c ) or beth ? ?
  472. Which Wrestling movie was worse? WWF's No Holds Barred or WCW's Ready to Rumble?
  473. do you watch wwe of often?
  474. Stingette and blows why not just... + (BQ)?
  475. Are the lowcards and midcards better wrestlers than the main eventers?
  476. What should this stable be called (Smackdown Spoilers) + BQ?
  477. Do the people who get mad when someone says wrestling is fake get mad when someone says movies
  478. What name would you call Ziggler and Del Rio? (plus BQ)?
  479. What would you wrestling fans do if the mystery character in WWE 12 was......?
  480. I saw a Stone Cold creamery?
  481. What did you think of Smackdown (Spoilers) (Also link to watch it early)?
  482. Original Sin Cara new costume?
  483. Stingetteblows Edge?
  484. Which Pro Wrestling Guest Appearance on a Sitcom did you like best?
  485. Bring back 1 superstar to make WWE good again who would it be?
  486. who's more PG Punk or Cena?
  487. who's your favorite and least favorite wrestler?
  488. I think for Undertaker's last Wrestlemania match?
  489. What was Andre the Giant's finisher?
  490. Is it true that women who are uglier than Kelly Kelly are jealous?
  491. who's better at wrestling Kelly Kelly or John Cena?
  492. Randy Orton Or John Cena?
  493. Wrestling Question: What is your favorite type of suplex ?
  494. Who is the winner of the 2011 night of champion?
  495. Why is Jericho complaining these days?
  496. Who is your favorite Wrestler in WWE?
  497. Do you think the WWE would hire the writers from Major League Baseball?
  498. Who Had The Worst Week-Superstars(From Spoilers)?
  499. if vince brought tna and ufc with his kids helps do you think they will success?
  500. Do you think WWE should have another invasion angle?