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  1. Would John Cena's heel turn be the greatest heel turn in the WWE?
  2. is JOMO ok after that match?
  3. So what now :\ ? ( Spoiler Alert if you didn't see BFG)?
  4. Everyone answer. wrestling poll inside.?
  5. WWE/TNA 50-Man Battle Royal round 2! Which 10 do you eliminate?
  6. Would you like to see Michelle McCool and Layla (Flawless) return to feud with Natalya and Beth?
  7. Who'd Win Amazing Red vs Tyson Kidd?
  8. Do you think Triple H will turn on CM Punk at Vengeance?
  9. What did you think of Raw last night?
  10. Breaking news on the Edge user?
  11. Who's your favorite WWE superstar?
  12. Is WWE bad to it's wrestlers 10 points?
  13. Is Triple H Still The COO Of The WWE?
  14. Rate tonights raw from 1 to 10 and why?
  15. what are the top 5 things that WWE had in the past that they dont have now that you want to come...
  16. would it be cool? i mean for an extereme rules match?
  17. WWE/TNA 50-Man Battle Royal round 1! Which 10 do you eliminate?
  18. which of this is true? + BQ?
  19. WWE should introduce a Legend Championship?
  20. where to bring a girl on the first date?
  21. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  22. Did I hear it right? Rey mysterio is back?
  23. How many of you people here like watching RING OF HONOR WRESTLING, isnt it great ?
  24. why is wrestling fake?
  25. Do you like Jeff Hardy's current TNA theme song and titantron?
  26. Which of the following Jeff Hardy's theme songs do you like the best?
  27. Is The Rock ever going to come back and maybe even wrestle before wrestlemania or is it a one
  28. did you think Cena was turning heel when he hit Alberto with the steps?
  29. Whos You Think Is The Best Wresler Of All Time?
  30. who were the top 5 hardcore champions of all time in WWF and why?
  31. Alberto Del Rio vs Eddie Guerrero?
  32. Do you respect Edge user?
  33. Should i change my name to?
  34. Wwe make sure Orton sheamus chases Rhodes Christian so... ?
  35. How much will vengeance be on paper view?
  36. Is Vince really trying to break Flair's record through Cena?
  37. Whos You Think Is The Best WWE/WWF Chmpion?
  38. how come there are no questions about the actual sport of wrestling under this section?
  39. is wwe's maryse single or dating?
  40. is TNA's winter single or dating?
  41. I bet Alberto del rio is really pissed after the ovation cena got ?
  42. So i didn't see bound for glory so can anyone tell me was it good or was it bad ?
  43. Question did the ladder matches leave when Jeff hardy left because I haven't seen a ladder...
  44. Who else is gonna riot if cena beats the rock at wrestlemania honestly I wouldn't watch wrestling...
  45. Why are most people in Mexico City not brown?
  46. Does anyone else think HHH and Punk will renew DX?
  47. Who Win The Frist Money In The Bank Match?
  48. Who You Think Will Be Class Of Hall Of Fame In 2012?
  49. Okay who is ALREADY tired of laurinitus?
  50. Can the mexican fans understand the promos?
  51. Was It the Crowd fought for being quite or Raws fought for being boring?
  52. Why can't wrestlers on RAW use barbwire, broken glass or thumbtacks?
  53. Who will be the next User to crack the top 10?
  54. Would that be the ultimate bury for john cena?
  55. Who agrees that Curt Hawkins deserves a push more then Zack Ryder?
  56. Michael cole fail? I'm a wrestler you idiot?
  57. Why no love for alberto del rio?
  58. What would you do if this happened?
  59. would you like it if...?
  60. Now the that HHH the wrestler is coming back, when will we see the Undertaker?
  61. ws this is serious why do some of the trolls critize about tc users?
  62. What costume would be more creative? Mankind (shirt and tie) or Bret Hitman Hart and why?
  63. Is Austin Aries a good heel?
  64. WS I have something to say can you be a troll and a good user at the same time please don't delete?
  65. Are you sick and tired of?
  66. Who is your favorite Wrestler that isn't a main eventer?
  67. Why do so many people like The Undertaker?
  68. Who is the most respected male and female wrestler?
  69. Is Mick Foley still thinking about coming back to the WWE after his comedy tour +BQ?
  70. Why does The Undertaker looks older than his age?
  71. Do you think Cena is going to make an official heel turn at WM28?
  72. What Wrestlers lived up to their gimmick outside the wrestling business?
  73. what was or is Top 10 Greatest Wrestling Rivalries in WWE?
  74. What costume would be more creative? Mankind (shirt and tie) or Bret Hitman Hart and why?
  75. What costume would be more creative? Mankind (shirt and tie) or Bret Hitman Hart and why?
  76. what was or is Top 10 Greatest Wrestling Rivalries in WWE?
  77. Royal Rumble 2012 Idea?
  78. If you know him how do you feel about Mil Mascaras going into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  79. IYO, What are the best hardcore matches you've seen? (BQ+)?
  80. Which wrestlers would you have liked to see as a members of the NWO?
  81. Do you think we will see Jeff Hardy TNA champion again (+BQ's)?
  82. What was the worst match you have ever seen in the WWE?
  83. is wwe nexus better then n.w.o+BQ?
  84. After the Sin Caras are done feuding, do you think WWE will keep them both?
  85. Who do you think Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan's best chemistry as a manager was with in the WWE?
  86. If you could change one thing about the WWE's look, what would it be?
  87. Are You Happy Jim Ross Is Hired Back?
  88. If Randy Orton were to win the Intercontinental Championship, would you see that as a
  89. How do i make it in the wwe as much info as possible please?
  90. WS Need help for day of dead Im doing it on a wrestler but who?
  91. On a scale on 1 - 10 how gay is ??? W???? ??????
  92. Is Hulk Hogan the greatest african american wrestler of all time?
  93. WWE '12 - The People's Edition?
  94. Was anyone else confused by Hogan's face turn last night +BQ?
  95. @SOTD^-^ what is the website your putting does it has to do something with wrestling?
  96. what is the greatest thing to come out of the wwe? +bq?
  97. Is Jeff Hardy done taking drugs?
  98. Should i go top sleep or stay up and watch the rest of TNA Wrestling Bound for Glory?
  99. should wwe bring back crusierweight championship now that there are more high flyers?
  100. is there anything GOOD about john cena top 5 things?
  101. which wwe/tna superstar would you like to meet more than any of the others?
  102. whos gonna win the HHH Punk vs Truth miz match?
  103. Who are the winners on TNA Bound For Glory?
  104. So Angle retains.......?
  105. TNA or WWF Attitude Era.?
  106. Bound for Glory Results, what are your thoughts on the PPV? +BQ?
  107. does anyone know where i can find video where cm punk calls john cena a phony?
  108. Have you heard about Kurt Angle's Retirement announcement? +BQ (best answer gets 10 points)?
  109. Did hogan put on a good match at bound for glory?
  110. So is tna trying to channel the McMahon family fued with Bischoff vs Bischoff?
  111. WS I joined here this year and im a tc but why do all of you think that i should answer in...
  112. What are the names of the theme songs for wwe smackdown?
  113. Whos playing suicide on TNA now 2011?
  114. WS FPV All or Nothing will be this Wednesday?
  115. What do you think of my friend's youtube channel?
  116. TNA or WWE/WWF??????
  117. What would you like to see from the WWE Network?
  118. Who would win in a real fight. Sting or The Undertaker?
  119. Was Randy Orton the 1st to ever win a world title in a last man standing match?
  120. Who has won the most world championships in pro wrestling?
  121. Was Bobbie Roode screwed against Kurt Angle in the title match at BFG?
  122. WWE announces 1st HOF inductee for 2012?
  123. What is the most brutal match in pro wrestling?
  124. WM27 vs BFG2011, which was better?
  125. What's a TNA and how can it help my aproval rate for Car Insurance?
  126. WS is there abound for glory stream this late at night or repeat?
  127. wow!!! jerry lynn's theme at bfg? when was the last time you heard heavy metal?
  128. Why couldn't TNA give the people what they paid for?
  129. Can I watch Bound For Glory tonight on sky? When is it repeated?
  130. if you were a tna star would it make it more easier to enter the wwe?
  131. Spoiler alert! for sin cara vs sin cara?
  132. For the right price, do you believe the UFC president would let Lesner wrestle one more match?
  133. What are your WWE 2012 Draft Predictions?
  134. Would you rather be ......?
  135. Don't you just love Monday nights?
  136. Bound for Glory was much better then Wrestlemania 27, Agree? (+BQ)?
  137. Im about to watch TNA BOUND FOR GLORY tho i dont really watch TNA can somebody just update me on...
  138. did Bound for glory bearly start?
  139. TNA's knock outs are on, time to order a pizza?
  140. what do you think of the user Greatest athlete to step foot in a squared circle?
  141. Do wwe wrestlers not use steroids anymore because of the wellness policy?
  142. Who else is sick of Crimson?
  143. Which Sin Cara is Mistico Playing-Blue or Black?
  144. Should they bring back NWO Wolfpac?
  145. what would you do if john cena vs the rock wm 28 ends in a dq?
  146. Is Wade Barret going to be Elmo for Halloween?
  147. What if Eddie Guerrero were still alive?
  148. Who is your fav diva?
  149. TRIVIA QUESTION : Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids On The Block was a guest at which Wrestlemania?...
  150. TRIVIA QUESTION : What was the finishing move of this former WWE tag team? (Pic BQ inside)?
  151. Did anyone else hear the ECW chants from the jerry lynn and RVD match metal mayham?
  152. WS which is better a limited edition bret hart or limited edition terry funk and mick foley pack?
  153. TRIVIA QUESTION : Who lasted the longest in the 1991 Royal Rumble? (BQ Inside)?
  154. What are your Wrestlemania 28 Cards?
  155. Wrestling e-Fed title names?
  156. Is it just me or is the Spinner WWE Championship really ugly?
  157. Why do a lot of the people on the internet hate TNA?
  158. Wrestling e-Fed title names?
  159. Do you miss WWE actual backstage promos? +BQ?
  160. Do Randy Orton get a hard on every time he poses on the ropes? (GIRLS ONLY)?
  161. Why can't wrestling fans stop complaining about WWE and go watch another wrestling promotion?
  162. WS how many remember when ted dibease was set up by goldust and maryse thought he was seeing a...
  163. TRIVIA QUESTION : Which former WWE superstar wrestled in the early 90's without a foot? (BQ Inside)?
  164. who are all the N.W.O members from wwe?
  165. How much would Summerslam 2010 paperview cups sell for?
  166. TRIVIA QUESTION : Which former WWE wrestler managed The Beverly Brothers? (BQ Inside)?
  167. Why did Kurt Angle leave WWE after coming off a WHC Reign and Main Eventing Mania?
  168. do you think matt hardy or jeff hardy will ever return to the wwe?
  169. Will WWE be in business in 15 years?
  170. If you want to have a fight with someone which WWE match type would you choose?
  171. What are you looking forward to the most at Wrestlemania 28?
  172. TRIVIA QUESTION : Who made up the former WWE tag team The Colossal Connection? (BQ Inside)?
  173. TRIVIA QUESTION : Who stole the tag team title belts from The Hart Foundation in 1991? (BQ Inside)?
  174. TRIVIA QUESTION : Who's hair did Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake cut at Wrestlemania 6? (BQ Inside)?
  175. TRIVIA QUESTION : Who defeated The Repo Man at Summerslam 1992? (BQ Inside)?
  176. TRIVIA QUESTION : Who was the first ( ONLY) manager Rick 'The Model' Martel has in the
  177. TRIVIA QUESTION : Which tag team members made up Rhythm Blues? (BQ Inside)?
  178. Who do you feel will be inducted into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame?
  179. Do you think it's obvious that Hogan won't beat Sting tonight? (+BQ for Foxy??)?
  180. When owen hart died, did all of the fans have to leave right away? ?
  181. Why do people hate on John Cena....?
  182. Do you think we will see James Storm turn on Bobby Roode tonight (+BQ)?
  183. TRIVIA QUESTION : Who was the FIRST person to step in the ring with The Undertaker? (BQ Inside)?
  184. What did you think?????WWE FANS?
  185. Do You Miss MVP In WWE+BQ?
  186. do you think wwe should have a off season and why or why not?
  187. Should the WWE Network have a show called Pimp my wrestling ring?
  188. Anyone remember Michael Shane aka Matt Bentley? ?
  189. why was raw taped early this week?
  190. WS wow this has turn into a joke today it was ok at first but than a joke?
  191. WS my fans I have change my name?
  192. Who is the worst wrestler currently in the WWE?
  193. How would you feel if Rikishi gave you a stink face?
  194. I love the WWE, Do you love it?
  195. What is best pay per view in wwe(REASON)?
  196. hey if John Cena would've beat Rob Van Dam at One Night Stand what would've happened?
  197. TRIVIA QUESTION : Which wrestler (along with Hulk Hogan) appeared in the 1st NINE...
  198. Why haven't there ever been a black WWE champion yet?? (Don't say the rock bcuz he don't count)?
  199. So it's sin cara vs sin cara mask match?
  200. what would you do if cena beat the rock at wm 28?
  201. what locations would you put the following wrestlemanias?
  202. If you described wwe in one word, you'd say.....?
  203. what will matt moore do monday night against the jets?
  204. What if Bobby Roode doesn't win the TNA Heavyweight Championship?
  205. are deathmatches real?
  206. Does anyone else think Evan Bourne looks like this guy?
  207. Was the CM Punk push just stopped or are they waiting for something?
  208. TRIVIA QUESTION : Who did Shawn Michaels face in a match where NO HITTING IN THE FACE was allowed?
  209. TRIVIA QUESTION : Who in the WWE had the 'Worlds Strongest Man' gimmick BEFORE Mark Henry? (BQ
  210. nWo vote to kick out Goblin Blogin' say I?
  211. Does anyone else like Dolph Ziggler?
  212. Why does FCW have more talent then the main WWE roster?
  213. Why is FCW Noami, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins not in WWE main roster yet?
  214. Are you looking forward to tonight's ring of honor? + BQ?
  215. Would you rather fall off the Hell In A Cell through an announce table or?
  216. When do you think the tag division will pick up once again in the WWE? +BQ?
  217. Can WWE Kelly Kelly Wrestle?
  218. Say your a wrestler and?
  219. Who do you think should return for WM 28?
  220. what were the greatest matches in Halloween Havoc history?
  221. What do you guys think about WWE's Zack Ryder?
  222. Do you guys think I'm a good user?(+BQ)?
  223. What do you think about WS users?
  224. Michael Cole does a good job, agreed?
  225. What was the best championship matches from survivor series history any titles?
  226. what could of been the best storylines in WWE this year but were to rushed and never given a chance?
  227. why One Man Nexus soo overrated ?BQ ?
  228. Do you think the longevity of Laurinaitis being RAW GM will last? (+BQ)?
  229. Should Toughest S..O..B retire from the WS?
  230. Do you think Eve Torres is a good wrestler?
  231. Will sin cara azul wrestle monday night?
  232. What would WWE do if TNA wrestling got on that longest running show list?
  233. kevin nash is in the awe did hey leave wwe?
  234. Did you know that the EHE are a bunch of inbreds?
  235. Sooo it's this a war or what?
  236. Join the nWo today!!?
  237. What Does Richardo roudrigez say in del rio s entrance?
  238. How stupid is EHE? Really no competition?
  239. WS wow this has been a night first me telling you that i was about to quit this section?
  240. WWE POP QUIZ!!!!! 1st to get it right is best answer!!?
  241. Who will win this match?
  242. What is your favorite wrestling PPV ever?
  243. Did you know Vince Russo was head writer when these WWF feuds happened?
  244. Why does WWE Sheamus look so mean?
  245. How would you feel if Vince Russo came out and pinned Bobby Roode at Bound for Glory?
  246. What do some people mean when they say John Cena is a great Superstar but not a great Wrestler?
  247. So the iwc is starting to hate cmpunk now,sorry to say this but the iwc(including me)...
  248. Some people say Randy Orton Cheats on his wife, is that true?
  249. What NFL player would you like to see in the WWE?
  250. WS my fans I am here to stay in the wrestling section?
  251. Is anyone else sick of Christian?
  252. Your time is up, my time is now. You can't see me, my time is now?
  253. WS fans apparently I thinking about leaving this section?
  254. About the Users in WS?
  255. What was your favorite World Championship Wrestling match?
  256. WS who was famous back than hulk hogan or andre the giant?
  257. WS what was your first wwe item?
  258. WS how do you feel about vince coming out and ruining raw?
  259. was Raw or Smackdown the better show this week and why was one better then the other?
  260. if in the smackdown vs raw games you can make your own superstar how you can't do it in the...
  261. WS question for MARSYE* why do you say your the real one when i am?
  262. What do you think about Smackdown being number two on the episodic weekly show list?
  263. What do you think the new reality series of the WWE Divas should be called?
  264. Do you like where Zack Ryder's online show is going?
  265. What are your thoughts on former WWE manager Slick?
  266. Do you think Booker T watches Smackdown on Sci-Fi channel?
  267. what are the top 5 or 10 no holds barred matches in wwe history?
  268. What if WCW won the Monday Night Wars?
  269. who would be a better face out of all these wwe superstars?
  270. Did anyone else agree with Booker T that Matt Stryker could've won the Battle Royal tonight on...
  271. Why can't people rate a wrestler without using the words overrated and underrated?
  272. Would you wrestle for WWE?
  273. what will it take for the fans to care about the divas division in wwe what changes have to be made?
  274. What's your favorite WWE Finisher?
  275. Who Had The Worst Week(Star Studded week)?
  276. Did thee Undertaker stole his hat from the Amish?
  277. Which WWE Diva do you respect the most?
  278. WS real wrestling fans why is this section so empty not like 2007-2009?
  279. WS I know i been here this year but how do you think of me as a user?
  280. what wrestling events have you gone to?
  281. how do i try out to be a wrestler in the wwe or what things do i need to do?
  282. Why did wrestler Ron Simmons need so many people following him around?
  283. what are the top 10 survivor series matches since it started?
  284. When will NXT Season 5 end!?!?
  285. What are your thoughts favorite memories on former WWE superstar Tito Santana?
  286. Is This The Worst WWE Return In History?
  287. what are the top 5 or 10 survivor series pay per views in wwe history?
  288. Who is a better wrestler and who has had better wrestlemania moments. The Undertaker or
  289. What are some wrestling events where the wrestling ring was in water?
  290. Does The Sin cara storyline reminds you of Spider-man 3?
  291. Is This true about the undertaker and hbk?
  292. Where Oh Where Are Cm Punks Ice Cream Bars?
  293. Did people knew who masked kane was before his unmasking.?
  294. Was This A Good WWE Promo?
  295. Why is WWE wrestler Trent Barreta so clumsy?
  296. CeNation Trivia,who won this match?difficult:03's?
  297. Will AAA invade WWE RAW Supershow next monday?
  298. why is percy watson not on the WWE roster?
  299. How would you react if today WWE released the following superstars and divas?
  300. Is Cody Rhodes gimmick based off of Dr. Doom?
  301. Why doesn't WWE PPVS go to Milwaukee any more?
  302. Daniel Bryan or Justin Gabriel?
  303. Why isn't there more stretcher matches?
  304. Who is your favorite wrestler OF ALL TIME?
  305. what do u think about my WWE belts drawings?
  306. Hows my new NWO name?
  307. Which Jeff Hardy do you prefer?
  308. Which Sin Cara is the WWE original.?
  309. Who are your top five favorites wrestlers Right now?
  310. what do you think of this user ? +BQ ?
  311. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  312. what words would you use to describe Smackdown GM Teddy Long and who is the greatest GM
  313. Who else feels that now is the right time Tyler Reks got a push into one of the main shows?
  314. What are your thoughts memories of former WWE Superstar Rick 'The Model' Martel?
  315. Would this be a good heel stable?
  316. What are your thoughts memories of former WWE Superstar Adam Bomb?
  317. A really good little Wrestling match I thought I would share?
  318. What sort of Questions do you expect to be asked on the WS after WM28?
  319. Are you a fan of Heath Slater?
  320. who would be a better heel out of all these wwe superstars?
  321. Shocker orton wins the battle royal guess nothing will ever change ?
  322. Are you looking forward to super smackdown live?
  323. Wh team is better from TNA WWE?
  324. Your Pro Wrestling Gimmick?
  325. Will sin cara azul get a new mask? since hunico took his?
  326. Who would Be a Quality opponent 4 Undertaker 2 Face @ WRESTLEMANIA XXIII 2 b at a 20-0 win streak ?
  327. Who is the greatest WWE Champion of the 2000s?
  328. Are you a fan of Sin Cara (Azul) or Sin Cara?
  329. CeNation Trivia,who won this match?difficult:WM 3?
  330. Who was your favorite WCW wrestler?
  331. Who is the hottest wwe heel diva?
  332. Chris Hansen vs The Rock at Wrestlemania?
  333. do you think randy Orton is going to beat mark henry when he has a match with with the big show
  334. What do you think of my youtube channel?
  335. Why dont we see much of Drew McIntyre anymore?
  336. Who is more likey to be inducted in the hall of fame 2012 Edge or The Undertaker?
  337. Do you think Jerry Lynn will still be employed by TNA after this weekend?
  338. which r-truth theme song is better in wwe?
  339. Which 7 divas have the best bodies in there prime?
  340. Does anyone know how Sin Cara looks like without his mask?
  341. What Are You Going To Vote For WWE's First Reality Show?
  342. Whose farwell was more emotional. HBK or Edge?
  343. which intro in wwe would be the one you would use if you could?
  344. what is a sick intro song for if you were a wwe superstar?
  345. what are your honest opinions on wwe's apex predator?
  346. why does wwe not want jeff Jarrett?
  347. Any spoilers for SD?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?
  349. which wwe superstar do you think should go back to a previous gimmick?
  350. does the rko look like the stone cold stunner?
  351. Which wrestler had the worst theme in history?
  352. Is Undertaker ever going to be inducted into the wrestling hall of fame?
  353. The Undertaker vs The Rock vs Stone Cold. Who is the biggest legend from the three?
  354. Looking at Goldberg's successful undefeated streak storyline, should WWE try to push
  355. Who do you think set up Triple H?
  356. Does Edge deserve to be inducted in the hall of fame?
  357. Do AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels wives and kids know each other?
  358. WS who does more exercise basketball,hockey,baseball, tennis, soccer, or wrestling athletes?
  359. Where can i find some VHS tapes about the Golden age of wrestling?
  360. Is 1998-current the worst years of WWF/E?
  361. Is the rock still wrestling john cena at wrestlemania 28 ? i knew he would only be back for a
  362. i have a question for maryse?
  363. Will you still watch wrestling when the following superstars retire?
  364. How does this make you feel?
  365. this guy rules the wwe?
  366. Are we going to see a feud between Sheamus and Jinder Mahal on Friday Night SMACKDOWN?
  367. Do people still like Matt Hardy ?
  368. Drew McIntyre or JTG?
  369. Agree or disagree: In a pro-wrestling storyline, chaos is better than order?
  370. Which match would you rather see?
  371. Am I the only one who can't stand Sting's Joker gimmick?
  372. If u could pick any wwe superstar past or present who would be a good tag team?
  373. in wwe which one would be less surprising?
  374. Vengeance Quiz?????????????????
  375. there is to many pay per views and not enough time to build feuds do you agree?
  376. in the wwe history what are the top 10 cage matches?
  377. Should I wrestle even though i'm starting as a freshman?
  378. If you were to start a wrestling company, who would u hire?
  379. How long have the following wrestlers been in the wwe/wwf?
  380. Is TNA selling Hogan vs Sting short?
  381. Wrestling dirtsheets, PWtorch,lop,F4W?
  382. Question for Stingette (+ Wrestling Question) inside?
  383. Which promo was better and it just kept you guessing Chris Jericho's save us or Undertaker's 2
  384. Did the Macho Man give Stephanie the Laurinaitis disease?
  385. Is Laurinaitis a virus or a bacterial infection?
  386. Does Vince Russo have the Midas touch?
  387. Why Were DX At Smackdown?
  388. Will Kane Return With The Mask?
  389. robert roode and triple h?
  390. I was looking for a tag team which was in wwf/e.cant remeber their names.(read discription)?
  391. Does Jim Ross and John Lauranitis really hate each other in real life?
  392. Wrestling section what's your opinion on the user Edge is he secretly gay or something?
  393. Is there anyone that doesn't like Jeff Hardy?
  394. What was the real story behind Vince Mcmahon's incest angle?
  395. Do you think WWE sometimes watches TNA BQ inside?
  396. Hey guys do you remember when hhh attacked the rock with brass knuckles...?
  397. Agree or Disagree: Dolph Ziggler is a pretty bad US Champion?
  398. During triple h's last night as coo?
  399. Who's Jeff Jarrett facing at Bound for Glory?
  400. Favorite user in the wrestling section?
  401. How would u react if Cean beats undertaker's WM Streak?
  402. what were the top feuds in wwe wwf of the early 90s and late 90s?
  403. What are your favorite memories of WWE superstar The Big Boss Man?
  404. What are your best memories moments from these WWE superstars?
  405. What happened between Dusty Rhodes his son Dustin Rhodes (Golddust)?
  406. Do you think that the WWE is slowly but surely getting rid of the PG tag?
  407. Which WWE superstars should be pushed into Smackdown Raw, Should Tyler Reks get his
  408. What are your favorite memories of WWE superstar The Mountie? (Also known as Jacques Rougeau)?
  409. Are you beginning to respect Randy Orton?
  410. Is the end of Monster Abyss as a part of Immortal?
  411. When Ric Flair dies and becomes a ghost will he still go WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!?
  412. Have you ever seen a TNA house show live?
  413. Did Chris Jerico actually beat up Bill Goldberg back stage and in front of the other wrestlers to?
  414. What if JBL was the new manager of Arsenal? Would he do a good job of it?
  415. Which movie made more and made a better profit? the Rock's Doom or John Cena's Marine?
  416. Who was the best Heel ever in the WWE?WWF?
  417. CM Punk is awesome. Agree or Disagree?
  418. where to watch tna impact?
  419. Return of Masked Kane?
  420. Has anyone done vince delmontes program no nonsense?
  421. would you rather see 10 matches per impact or 5 with promos?
  422. Should Booker T come out of retirement go for it one last time?
  423. when is golddust coming back to wwe?
  424. How many times has wwe fired Jim Ross?
  425. Who is the best black WWE diva of all time?
  426. I dont care what all you marks say John Cena is best in the world?
  427. Do you think TNA is ruining Sting's legacy with the Joker gimmic?
  428. IF Tna went out of business, what are the chances Jeff Jarrett goes to WWE becomes a main eventer?
  429. Have you ever socked someone with brass knuckles in the face?
  430. Who'd Win Sheamus vs Brodus Clay?
  431. Buy or Sell: Cody Rhodes is the future face of the WWE?
  432. Dont you think that mask was the reason....?
  433. Do You Think CM Punk Used The Anti Cena Fans To Get Where He Is Today?
  434. The Suitcase...Finish The Story?
  435. Who Would You Like To See Stone Cold Take On if you had a Choice, CM Punk or Brock Lener?
  436. Jackie Moore, Victoria, Molly Holly,Ivory, Gail Kim or Jazz: Who was the better female wrestler?
  437. will the wwe be as good as the attitude era or the old wcw days?
  438. is mick foley coming back to wwe this year?
  439. Dolph Ziggler or Jack Swagger?
  440. Kurt Angle is going to win?
  441. Where is Snow Cone Steve Austin at?
  442. Which do you like better: Cage matches or Ladder Matches?
  443. What did I miss on last week's TNA Impact?
  444. WS Don't you think its weird for vince mcmahon not to be in the hof?
  445. Do you think Booker T will be fired in his hometown,similar to JR?
  446. Who's better:Mick Foley VS Sabu VS Jun Kasai?
  447. Question for Nexus new world order?
  448. Did you cry when Big Show cried last Friday night on Smackdown?
  449. Who would've Won : Sheamus vs Eddie Guerrero?
  450. Edge and Lita or Maxine Derrick Bateman?
  451. Check out this hilairous video + BQ?
  452. why does everyone hate Cena so much?
  453. will wwe 12 be worth buying whats the positives to this game and can you defend titles?
  454. any one want to join my wrestling e-fed this one is different you have real and e-fed news?
  455. What do you think these Wrestlemania matches will be?
  456. How big was wrestler Stan Hansen in america?
  457. Do you think WWE Will Bring back the Undisputed Wwe championship?
  458. After John Cena and Randy Orton who will be the next face of WWE in the next 5 years?
  459. So the entire Walk-out storyline was to get over Johnny ace as a Mega-heel?
  460. What If: John Morrison did the CM Punk shoot promo?
  461. 3 Hour Raw will be a Rock Reunion Party..?
  462. The pipebomb along with Punk's character has officially become a joke..?
  463. Who will have the better career: Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes?
  464. Is Jim Ross really gone for good?
  465. Anyone else looking forward to the Dean Ambrose VS William Regal match in FCW this sunday?
  466. Who's the future of the WWE(Top 6 Superstars, Top 2 divas))?
  467. Are you happy that The miz and R Truth are back?
  468. do you like my baId head and my snow cone glare?
  469. Its beign a while since he last wrestled?
  470. Is the WWE racist against John Morrison!?
  471. Did the Mayans predict the end of the world in 2012 or the end of Team Cenation at Wrestlemania 28?
  472. Which would be more recognizeable for halloween bret hitman hart or mankind in shirt and tie?
  473. Is there anyway to get good at wrestling fast?
  474. Why did JBL get relseased?
  475. Who was the longest reigning WWE Champion (including the old one as well) in WWE/WWF?
  476. Does Vince Mcmahon have very deep hatred for Ric Flair that is why Cena might pass his title regain?
  477. How long will Johnny Ace be the RAW GM?
  478. If Brock Lesnar had one more match would you prefer him to against Undertaker or Stone...
  479. Randy Orton or Jim Ross?
  480. Who'd win in a fight, The Big Show or The Average Sized Yet Experienced in Jiu Jitsu
  481. Will Kane be back by Surivior Series?
  482. Better Ladder Match: Y2J vs Benoit (2001 Royal Rumble) or Y2J vs Christian (2004 Unforgiven)?
  483. If John Cena and KElly Kelly are supposed to be good and serve as role models, then why are...
  484. (Spoiler) Would you believe me if DX started the show for the Smackdown Tapings?
  485. FCW or OVW?????????????????????????????????????????
  486. NJPW or ROH?????????????????????????
  487. do you like when Randy Orton Cena are in the same show or seperate?
  488. TNA or WWE????????????????????????
  489. What wrestler do you think WWE misued the worst?
  490. CM Punk or Chris Jericho??????????????
  491. Is the 2011 CZW is like the Original ECW?
  492. Who do you think is the six divas confirmed for WWE 12 DLC package?
  493. Do you think will anyone ever come close to break The Undertaker's undefeated record in
  494. I hope Hogan wins this Sunday?
  495. RKO - best looking finisher ever?
  496. Who would be the best person to end the Undertaker's Wrestlemania win Streak 19-0 ?
  497. What is the greatest wrestling match you ever have seen?
  498. Why do John Cena feel like he's the Number one wrestler ever?
  499. who do u think is going to be the top 5 main eventers in wwe 3 or so years from now?
  500. Does Triple H Have Twitter?