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  1. Wouldn't this be cool ?? (Survivor Series Dream teams)?
  2. Suggest me a good E-Fed?
  3. When does TNA Explosion and TNA ReAction air on Challenge TV (UK)?
  4. Why is that people who stream wrestling PPVs still feel entitled to complain?
  5. Do you think we'll see Triple H vs. Kevin Nash at WM28?
  6. Is the only way Cena loses tonight is for the Rock to come back?
  7. What are your Survivor Series Predictions? I only threw down a couple?
  8. who actually wants to watch matches like Big Show vs Mark Henry?
  9. Is NXT just like a development show now?
  10. Where's WWE going with this whole Kevin Nash thing?
  11. I am watching Vengeance and I don't think The Undertaker will return?
  12. Did King just say that Mark Henry and Big Show are doing moves like Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne?
  13. Who Had The Worst Week?
  14. So overall what do you think about last nights vengeance ppv? + results + BQ?
  15. Did the undertaker return at vengeance October,23,11 Or do you now when he will return?
  16. Who Had The Worst Night-Vengance?
  17. Was the ... Dolph Ziggler -- Zack Ryder match any good ?
  18. Is it true that Zack Ryder lost to Dolph Ziggler?
  19. Is hardcore wrestling dying down?
  20. Memorial for Hornswoggle?
  21. Christian, you do have one more match?
  22. So apperently everyone wants a title shot?
  23. Results for our WS Vengeance PPV?
  24. WS Veangence PPV matches?
  25. Am i the only one who lost hope for The Undertaker?
  26. cody rhodes vs aj styles (wwe vs tna)?
  27. christian vs hernandez (wwe vs tna)?
  28. kane vs abyss (wwe vs tna)?
  29. john morrison or crimson (wwe vs tna)?
  30. randy orton vs mr anderson (wwe vs tna)?
  31. sheamus vs matt morgan (wwe vs tna)?
  32. sin cara vs austin aries (wwe vs tna)?
  33. Does this basically sum up what the majority of the IWC thinks about John Cena?
  34. All this loose rope around the rope and..?
  35. cm punk vs sting (wwe vs tna)?
  36. dolph ziggler vs jeff hardy (wwe vs tna)?
  37. mark henry or samoa joe (wwe vs tna)?
  38. awesome truth or beer money inc. (wwe vs tna)?
  39. Can you see Tyson Kidd making it far in The WWE?
  40. daniel bryan vs kurt angle (wwe vs tna)?
  41. alberto del rio or rob van dam (wwe vs tna)?
  42. who will be the undertakers wrestle-mania opponent this year?
  43. Are Any Of You Looking Forward To Vengance?
  44. when is the wwe vengence 2011 repeat on sky sports ?
  45. Face Hogan: Good or bad for TNA right now?
  46. What's Hogan's role gonna be in TNA now that he's no longer in charge?
  47. Wow it's stupid that WWE used this collapsed ring thing again?
  48. Can you rate WWE CM Punk and John Cena on their looks, wrestling ability, mic skills, ...
  49. Chris Jericho is Really An Asshole-As Well As Playing One in the Ring?
  50. What does John Cena new attire look like?
  51. The Rock needs to stay where he is?
  52. Do you think they made the WWE look bad having a wrestler get owned in a movie?
  53. Team SHAWN vs Team BRET?
  54. HOLY SH**!? What happened?
  55. New Cena T? Like it or Hate it? Rise Above Hate?
  56. Vengeance is a great PPV this year?
  57. Will they have to cancel Cena vs. Del Rio because of the ring?
  58. Would you watch Raw if it was just CM Punk talking for 2 hours?
  59. Question about Ted Dibiase?
  60. Did HHH really just F up his arm?
  62. Do you think Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are using Vickie Guerrero ?
  63. WWE Vengeance 2011 Results? (10 points)?
  64. WS which would be better to buy my brother the wwe 12 game or the glow in the dark jeff hardy?
  65. What happen at WWE Vengeance (10/23/11) from 8:00 - 8:08 pm EST? It did not start on my pc...
  66. Do you think Eve will turn heel and attacks K2 at Vengeance?
  67. Should there be a separate section for WWE,TNA, and any other type of pro wrestling?
  68. What happened to Kevin Nash?
  69. What do you think about the General manager of smack down?
  70. Doesn't it sound like Michael Cole Booker T king are reading a script while doing commentary?
  71. Why did the WWE put Kurt Angle over The Undertaker so many times?
  72. do u think sting should just come to wwe?
  73. Can you give me a direct link to Vengeance PPV?
  74. Is it true that The Undertaker Had Wanted Kurt Angle To End His Streak At WM22 But It Did'nt Happe?
  75. What is your favorite WWE video game? Or what are your favorites?
  76. Christian, post me a copy of the tournament you were in and WON !!!!?
  77. WS did maryse had a tattoo or no and video?
  78. TNA Champion's contract expiring [Who do you think it is]?
  79. Anyone else surprised WWE hasn't thought about having a Keiji Mutoh VS Undertaker match...
  80. I WANNA SEE IFyall can get these wwe questions right?(below)?
  81. Do you think kevin nash will interfere in the tag match tonight?
  83. Was the montreal screwjob just part of a storyline?
  84. Would you agree with what my friend said about The Undertaker. Agree or disagree and why?
  85. what is your fave wrestling match stipulation?
  86. WWE Divas Tournament Round 2 (For those who didnt do Round 1 Im doing it a different way...
  87. Let's say if you were the WWE Undisputed Champion?
  88. Why is wrestling seem toned down since Kiebler and Torrie Wilson left?
  89. Who won at Vengeance (Just testing)?
  90. Big Van Vader vs Batista?
  91. Goldberg vs Undertaker and Kane?
  92. WWE Diva Tournament Round 1 :V ?
  93. what was the first i quit match ever held in the WWE?
  94. Who won the first ever last man standing match?
  95. Rob Van Dam vs CM Punk?
  96. WWE Divas Tournament Round 8:) Finale!?
  97. Will WWE '12 have Create a Story mode?
  98. WWE Divas Tournament Finalie! Round 8 :]?
  99. only few hours left til the ws vengeance ?
  100. Chris Jericho vs A.J. Styles?
  101. Should Zack Ryder win the US title tonight?
  102. what do you thinka about adding undertaker to The rock vs john cena match?
  103. True or False:If Alundra Blayze had never gone to WCW we would have had better women
  104. What is most likely to happen tonight?
  105. What happened to nWo? + BQ?
  106. At WWE Vengeance is Cody Rhodes Defending the IC title against Randy Orton?
  107. Predictions for remaining 13 on WWE12 roster?
  108. My Mick Foley WWE Return Prediction?
  109. Great wrestlers to never win a world title?
  110. Do you Cena will win at Vengeance.?
  111. Do I ask grappling questions here or in martial arts?
  112. Do you agree with this top 50 superstars of all time list?
  113. If Del Rio loses at Vengeance, he still gets a shot to win it back.?
  114. Is The Undertaker supposed to make a return at Vengeance using his biker gimmick?
  115. Is it against some schools rules to have a girl on the wrestling team?
  116. Do pro-wrestlers today look smaller than say 10-20 years ago?
  117. who failed in wwe this year?
  118. anybody know a good promo theme for the undertaker?
  119. is john cena gay,and doin cm punk off camera?
  120. January 2012,6 I'll retire from nWo?
  121. do you expect gail kim to deliver on tna like she used or be another Jackie and Chyna?
  122. Kelly versus Velvet Skye?
  123. Who is better: Chyna or Lita?
  124. how would you feel if the wwe arena's were hot boxed in pot smoke like a concert?
  125. Is there a resemblance between K2 and Cena?
  126. Jerry Lawler Was A Better Commentator Back In The Attittude Era?
  127. Who is the black Sin Cara? does anyone else thinks its chavo guerrero?
  128. (UPDATED) Which animals do these WWE Superstars remind you of?
  129. A question about Booker T?
  130. Shouldn't there be an championship in the wrestling section for the best user?
  131. do you see TNA ever coming close to competing with WWE?
  132. What wrestler will you use the most on WWE 12?
  133. Which Eve picture is better to get signed?
  134. Randy Orton and John super man Cena vs LSS Broly?
  135. will we have to unlock anyone in wwe 12 plz answer me thx 4 ur time?
  136. Did I miss anything on Smackdown yesterday?
  137. Alicia Fox? Hotest diva?
  138. Who won at Vengeance (Just testing)?
  139. Is Smackdown's Tuesday-filming/Friday-airing suppose to be some kind of secret?
  140. John Cena and Fred in Fred2?
  141. Help, my friend is starving himself for wrestling and I don't know what to do!?
  142. WS what was the raw to war theme song?
  143. Who'd Win Alberto Delrio vs Rob Van Dam?
  144. do you like this wwe raw video?
  145. Whose side did you take at BATB 2000?
  146. Who thinks that Beth Phoenix and Natyla looked great last night?
  147. Why do people watch wwe?
  148. Who would you fire from WWE to allow Chris Hero to be on the roster?
  149. Which WWE Superstar would you want to hold the Cruiser Weight Championship?
  150. Wrestling Section: Which Superstars attire is your favorite?
  151. Why is Julius C such a WRESTLING NERD?
  152. Who do you think will face The Undertaker at WrestleMania?
  153. Do U see Shannon Moore as a singles champion if so wat title do u see him winning?
  154. If WWE still had gimmick divas matches would you still complain?
  155. Who do you think will win the 2012 Royal Rumble?
  156. Who'd Win AJ Styles vs Alberto Delrio?
  157. What are your thoughts on Mean Mark VS Johnny Ace in World Championship Wrestling?
  158. Who are some famous body builders today you would like to see in WWE+BQ?
  159. Wrestling Section Tournament Round 4 - Semi Finals?
  160. So what happens to Sin Cara Black now?
  161. Your favourite Company?
  162. What would you do or how would you react IF HIS HAPPENED.?
  163. Wrestling Section Tournament Round 3 + EIW Info?
  164. Who won at Vengeance (Just testing)?
  165. WS what do you think of my wrestling video?
  166. Favorite Lita era!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
  167. Does anyone know where I can buy WWE Raw 2 at? BQ?
  168. If Andrew Martin was still alive (Test)?
  169. Do you wanna take care of NCWO?
  170. Is Randy orton really a jerk in real life like everyone says ?
  171. WS AJ Styles and cm punk formed a tag team do you think they will do well?
  172. Is Teddy Long the most unpredictable man in pro wrestling?
  173. WS if drew McIntyre and wade barrett formed a tag team do you think they will do well?
  174. Who'd Win Carlito vs Sin Cara?
  175. Who'd Win Jack Swagger vs Alberto Delrio?
  176. Did you know that I will one day be THE GREATEST wrestler of all time?
  177. If Cena and Orton were a tag team, what would be a good name for their team?
  178. Which mid-carder do you think is the top merchandise seller in WWE?
  179. Isn't it weird that earlier in the year most people were saying that WWE '12 looked like a Fail..?
  180. Did the wwe just kill hunico career after unmasking him ?
  181. Did u see eve yesterday god damnnnnnnnnnn ?
  182. Check this E-Fed out? Better than the rest?? (BQ)?
  183. Do you think Stone Cold and Undertaker would have made an awesome tag team?
  184. was raw or smackdown better this week and why?
  185. what Was WCWs top rivalries in history top 5 or 10?
  186. has there been any word on when?
  187. Agree or disagree: This is how the Royal Rumble should end in 2012?
  188. Why is John Morrison so sexy...?
  189. Why does WWE Smackdown general manager Teddy Long like doing the bankhead bounce?
  190. Did You Notice Eve Torres Boobs got Bigger?
  191. Is Michael Cole the most over heel in the WWE?
  192. What do you think Sting as COO of Impact Wrestling?
  193. Payne the parasite,this question/answer is for you and don't worry your not blocked + BQ for...
  194. In your opinion, what was the best match on Smackdown?
  195. a small wrestling survey ?
  196. What are you fantasy matches?
  197. Yes or no: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks deserve a shot at the tag titles?
  198. Tna start making John Morrison t shirts ?
  199. Should WWE Network have a show like Survivor?
  200. Natalya is fine as eva, huh +BQ?
  201. Is jeff hardy going to stay clean?
  202. William Regal Or Wade Barrett?
  203. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  204. Are there people out there a fan of Christian?
  205. why zach ryder is getting push from the wwe?
  206. What did you think of Smackdown this week?
  207. What are you expecting from Vengeance this weekend?
  208. do u think wwe should go back to its old tv rating and why?
  209. am i the only one that thought vickie looked hot in wwe with the mexican dress on?
  210. WS World Wide Tournament winner and your WS Demolition WHC IS ?
  211. Looking to be a WWE old school wrestler for a halloween contest. Which would be more original...
  212. Is there any reason why the spinner version of the US title changed?
  213. Round 2. 30 man royal rumble. Which five will you eliminate?
  214. Why is it that ever since Michelle McCool retired?
  215. do you like this wwe raw video?
  216. What did you think of TNA's six sided ring?
  217. Need help finding a WWE Bean Bag Chair??
  218. Do you think this section has become more about trolls and fighting against trolls then
  219. I'm going to write Beth Phoenix a letter and I have no idea what to write!?
  220. Wrestling Section Tournament Round 2?
  221. Would you give The Big Show a hug?
  222. so, kane is yet to return...?
  223. Give the following wrestlers a rating out of 10?
  224. Do you think a handicap match could stop Mark Henry?
  225. Ideas to Reform WWE: Philosophy of modifying it with an old-school feel? What do you think?
  226. Are you excited to see the mask vs mask match between the two Sin Caras tonight on Smackdown?
  227. Does anyone know when John Morrison's contract is up with the WWE s? + BQ?
  228. who is the 10 wors wreslers in wwe?
  229. who is the worst Diva in wwe?
  230. if cody rhodes can bring back the old IC title cant they bring back the old wwe title ?
  231. WS World Wide Tournament round 3 ?
  232. The wrestling section WORLD WIDE tournament ?
  233. Who is your current favorite announcer?
  234. WS world wide tournament round 2 ?
  235. Matches for tonight's WS Smackdown?
  236. CM Punk will have the WWE title going into Wrestlemania 28?
  237. ' better take the kids out the room..dont want them to see their dad murdered in
  238. Did I just ask a wrestling question?
  239. WS World Wide Tournament Round 1 ?
  240. Results for tonights WS Smackdown?
  241. Hello Sports Wrestling Section enthusiasts, I am Saint Kickass..?
  242. The Messiah, will thou join me on t' Holy Conquest of the Wrestling Section?
  243. Check this site out? If you wanna join?? It's better than most Fed's online??? (BQs)?
  244. When did TNA change its slogan from.. Wrestling Matters to Promo's Matter?
  245. What do you think of TNA wrestling star Kurt Angle today?
  246. did the wwe cheat because raw used to be called raw is war? Not monday night raw?
  247. Are you enjoying the Jarrett-Hardy feud?
  248. WWE '12: Universe 2.0. Looking like it'll be epic?
  249. Tag Team match who would win?
  250. Why do a lot of people here hate TNA? Is it because they don't like that it's better than the WWE?
  251. WWE Diva Tournament Round 1?
  252. Its official, foley will be on monday night raw?
  253. Wrestling matters? Really?
  254. Is this the best that TNA has to offer?
  255. wow never tought running a WS tournament was so much work?
  256. the final forthe WS tournament!! with a few surprises?
  257. Time to make the WS fun again?
  258. The WS belongs to the Users and Trolls?
  259. and the winner of the WS tournament is......?
  260. Is there anything wrong with an edition of wrestling that's mostly based on storyline?
  261. Do you think the Hogan- Sting storyline is too similar to the Punk- HHH storyline?
  262. How much credibility did the WWE take away from Gail Kim?
  263. Do you miss the old cena?
  264. Is this was a bad episode of Impact Wresting? (Exept the maint event)?
  265. Who would you rather work for Sting or Triple H?
  266. Who do you think should face Cody Rhodes for the IC title?
  267. Better wrestler overall: Triple H or Kurt Angle?
  268. Who else can see Randy Orton as the next Intercontinental Champion ?
  269. do you think Vickie is hot?
  270. Did Anyone Eles See WWE Turning into what it is Today?
  271. Which TNA world title belt do you like more: the original one or the new one?
  272. Whatever happened to Alex Reily's push?
  273. Do you think Cena's fanbase would change if he turned heel?
  274. Since Ronnie is going to TNA, Does that mean Mikethe situation is going to WWE?
  275. where is the rock edge hiding?
  276. Are my arguments with user The Rock making me a bad user?
  277. I'm I the only the one who don't mind who wins out of The Rock and John Cena as long as
  278. Anyone know what I'm referring to when I say?
  279. Joe Henning or Drew McIntyre?
  280. what do you think about HHH will he survive in WWE ?
  281. Who Invented Sports And Wrestling?
  282. Which of these female wrestlers are you more a fan of(poll)?
  283. Round 3 of the WS tournament?
  284. The Undertaker Or John Cena?
  285. How were you like when Beth Pheonix and Natalya made Alicia Fox cry in the ring?
  286. What holds do you like better(poll)?
  287. WWE Who Would win these matches?
  288. Which Two Wrestlers Should You Never?
  289. I Will Stop Watching Wrestling If The Rock Loses At Wrestlemania?
  290. Breaking news the wrestler CM PUNK is.....?
  291. 30 man royal rumble. Which five will you eliminate?
  292. The Rock says the rock come from dark side and......?
  293. I am saying the truth that......?
  294. tna fans spoiler question?
  295. why am i enjoying this tna more than this weeks raw?
  296. Will bully ray become a future world champion ?
  297. Gail kim heel Stupid Stupid Stupid Randy Orton voice Stupid?
  298. What would be a better match?
  299. Do you agree that if a wrestler doesn't have a nickname that means that his character/gimmick sucks?
  300. Why is TNA's opening segment so long?
  301. Why would TNA push Hogan and Sting over other talents?
  302. If The Miz was booked to win the Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules...?
  303. Anyone find it funny when a TNA mark uses WWE as a excuse when TNA fails?
  304. Chris Jericho's Wrestlemania 28 opponet?
  305. Should the WWE have a offseason?
  306. Round 4, of the WS tournament?
  307. Round2 winners, the elite 8?
  308. what do you think about the TNA world champion ?
  309. the first ever WS tournament will start in 1 hour?
  310. Wrestling Section Tournament Round 1?
  311. If John Cena had a satanic pentigram tattoo how would that effect your view of him or even his
  312. Is Undertaker still recovering from an injury or something?
  313. is the best of monday nitro new dvd any good?
  314. When did you stop watching WWE or do u only watch during WM time ?
  315. i was just kidding guys ?
  316. Which of the following Undertaker theme songs do you like the best Rate each on. 1-10?
  317. WS FPV Bloody Bash Now?
  318. Who's the next 2 faces of Raw n SD?
  319. can i have everyone's attention please ?
  320. who would win this match of the masks from wwe and tna?
  321. Which Diva do you hope Beth and Nattie do this to next?
  322. What is the average price to be trained to be a wrestler?
  323. What Championship would you like to see restored ?
  324. WS vote now in the WS FPV All Or Nothing is on the most popular category of the WS + BQ?
  325. WS what do you think of the returning talent Christian the troll?
  326. Do you think TNA should retire the Knockouts Tag Team Titles?
  328. How do you feel about TNA'S newest wrestler?
  329. How long do you think James Storm will hold the title for?
  330. Do U agree that Hell in the cell 2011 was the worst ppv of all time?
  331. What would be a better Wrestlemania 28 Card?
  332. Trivia Question: Can you name the wrestler?
  333. Trivia Question: Who is this wrestler?
  334. what are some good wwe seats!?
  335. Does this theme song bring back memories?
  336. WWE Catchphrase Trivia (Easy 10 Points)?
  337. In your opinion, who is the greatest mid-carder of all-time?
  338. Will scott Hall be alive in a year?
  339. Why Is John Cena Getting Another Title Shot?
  340. The Rock? how did I come to know you in one day?
  341. How many matches has John Morrison won since his return from injury?
  342. Is WWE preparing an opponent for the Undertaker?
  343. How lame was the ending to the a.j styles v daniels bout at bound for glory?
  344. Who has the better tag team champions now and why?
  345. Do you find this hilarious or annoying?
  346. CM Punk or Triple H. Which one is the better wrestler?
  347. when is jeff returning to wwe?
  348. Would you stop watching wwe if Cena beats The Rock at wrestlemania?
  349. Wrestling....Fake or real...Will this ever be solved?
  350. John Cena or Randy Orton, who's more super overrated?
  351. Is wrestling fake....?
  352. Paradigm Shift in the WWE?
  353. Do you think storyline promoters come on to Y!A to provide speculation on upcoming fueds in WWE?
  354. So what does this mean for Dixie Carter? One of the main owners of TNA?
  355. The Rock says user zack rayder blocked me because.....?
  356. The rock says G@ marcus F@g of the day! I came from dark side and .....?
  357. Does anyone read wrestling articles from bleacher report?
  358. In a Hardcore match can a wrester use knives and machetes in the match?
  359. The Rock? your statement made no sense lol?
  360. The Rock? are you gay?
  361. The Rock? are you mad.....?
  362. Wow something weird just happen? + BQ?
  363. So is tna going to do a Bischoff vs Bischoff feud?
  364. Do you think this is funny and do you want to watch it?
  365. About the smack down! *5 ?
  366. What's your opinion on James Storm winning the TNA World Title?
  367. Do you agree that i am the best wrestling fan in the world?
  368. Who is most likely going to be Undertaker's opponent for WM28?
  369. Could it work? Wrestlemania main event?
  370. out of all my wrestling songs which one is best?
  371. who won the match between hogan and sting?
  372. How do i get a job in TNA?
  373. What is tna's largest attendance record for a PPV event?
  374. Which of these matches you want to see at Wrestlemania?
  375. AJ Styles in the WWE?
  376. Rude Dog, had the best idea for the WS?
  377. if you like eddie gurriero comment my video please?
  378. Worst Wrestling game of all time?
  379. Do you find it funny?
  380. Anyone else beginning to hate TNA?
  381. WS this day have been good to the wrestling section except for 3 or 5 answers it get 10
  382. What are the best wrestling shoes under 100$?
  383. This just in Christians mum is having sex with Payne?
  384. the troll had a good idea?
  385. For girls,who which one would you sleep with ,The Miz or CM Punk?
  386. Is it true that Trevor Murdoch smokes Mexican Dirt Weed?
  387. Question about some TNA Spoilers **************Contains Spoilers*************?
  388. Will they bring back ECW and WCW with the WWE network?
  389. WS What would you think if john cena wins this sunday and loses to a mystery guy who is seth...
  390. Which one of the female users in the Wrestling Section wants to become a Betterson?
  391. What user do you think is the biggest cheater in the Wrestling Section?
  392. What year do you think wwe went downhill and why do you think it was thst year?
  393. what is the diffrence between girls compression shorts v.s guys compression shorts ?
  394. Would you consider this the BIGGEST difference between the success of TNA and WWE?
  395. Did anybody else know this?
  396. My one year anniversary is coming up?
  397. whats better WWE in 2011 or WWE in 2008?
  398. Do you think thst if the wwe gave matt hardy a world title push, he would still be in the wwe?
  399. I asked this question once before, but?
  400. is these good seats for wwe tlc?Section FLR-4 Row V Seats 10?
  401. Which chihuahua would be good for a little girl?
  402. Why are there so many Wrestling Trolls here?
  403. Whatever happened to Lash Leroux?
  404. I want to apologize to everyone that liked me?
  405. Do you think that this lawyer gimmick will help elevate David Otunga?
  406. WWE 12? What do you think of this? (BQ)?
  407. Question about Kurt Angle (contains SPOILER)?
  408. In WWE 12? Who all are you gonna push in WWE Universe Mode 2.0?
  409. What did you think of the Hulk Hogan face turn?
  410. Why is the WWE called wrestling?
  411. Is john Morrison going to leave WWE?
  412. Pipe Bomb Match Cm Punk vs Paul Heyman?
  413. What was your favorite Vince McMahon moment?
  414. i totally forgot, when brodus clay was in the wwe at the beggining of the year, who was he managing?
  415. John Cena haters: are you going to watch The Reunion?
  416. What Wrestler is the G.O.A.T?
  417. do you like my new wwe avatar?
  418. why does wwe never mention tna?
  419. which match is better tna vs wwe?
  420. Wrestling fans: Who is the greatest superstar to never go to WWE,NOT named Sting?
  421. Are Samoa Joe and AJ Styles better than most of the wrestlers in the wwe?
  422. Is tough enough scripted?
  423. Brothers Of Destruction or D-Generation X?
  424. Which of these Kane and Undertaker do you like the best? Rate them both out of 10?
  425. WWE/TNA 50-Man Battle Royal final round! Who will be the winner?
  426. what are your predictions for WWE Vengeance.?
  427. What is your favorite WWE game?
  428. WWE/TNA 50-Man Battle Royal round 6! Which 3 do you eliminate?
  429. What do you think of this news about Cena losing to Del Rio at Veaneage?
  430. If you owned TNA, who would be your champions?
  431. List the WWE Champions from 2011 from Best to Worst?
  432. If you owned WWE, who would be your champions?
  433. Wrestling Section .... Who's The Real Toughest S.O.B?
  434. Who would win between this two?
  435. WWE/TNA 50-Man Battle Royal round 5! Which 3 do you eliminate?
  436. Reason why cena became stale?
  437. So tna has been around for almost 10 years now why havent they really accomplish anything?
  438. Will cena and hhh have another rivalry sometime in the future?
  439. what do think will be the championship in the wwe that will be retired?
  440. Who'd Win Mick Foley vs Wade Barret?
  441. If it wasn't for Eddie where would Mysterio be?
  442. What's the best match for the World Heavyweight Championship you saw this year?
  443. What's the best match for the WWE Championship you saw this year?
  444. What's the best match on Smackdown you saw this year?
  445. What's the best match on PPV You saw this year?
  446. What's the best match on RAW you saw this year?
  447. Th Rock says fake Edge the new nWo leave wrestling section?
  448. what would have happened if cm punk lost at money in the bank ?
  449. Brock Lesnar stone cold steve austin?
  450. WWE/TNA 50-Man Battle Royal round 4! Which 5 do you eliminate?
  451. Why is Christopher Daniels so obsessed in defeating A.J. Styles?
  452. What are some of the worst decisions that the wwe creative team has made?
  453. The WWE's Be A Star campaign?
  454. So the Ws Little Jimmy wants to make jokes about me as a user (wq inside)?
  455. Is it true that Toughest S.O.B is scared of squirrels?
  456. could the undertaker be suicude?
  457. Whats your favorite Theme Song for Kane?
  459. who will be intercontial champion if this 9 man match happened?
  460. Brodus Clay vs Mark Henry?
  461. What are your thoughts on Santino Marella's name being a tribute to Gorilla Monsoon?
  462. why don't wwe divas have characters?
  463. out of all these names which one is the best for wwe/tna?
  464. What did you think of Dolph Ziggler's promo last night ?
  465. who would win these fights TNA VS WWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  466. WS bobby roode was about to win last sunday but didn't because hulk hogan changes plans
  467. How disappointed where you that Bobbie Roode did not win the title after all that buildup?
  468. Which nickname do you like best for Dolph Ziggler -- Show Stealer ... The Heel ... The Natural ?
  469. What's worse : Hornswoggle as wwe champion or John Cena defeating The Undertaker at wrestlemania?
  470. Is john cena character based off of having the wwe title?
  471. which year did wwe lose most of it's views?
  472. who do you want heel now and who do you want to go face!!?
  473. rate each year of wwe?
  474. WWE/TNA 50-Man Battle Royal round 3! Which 10 do you eliminate?
  475. Did Sting win with hogan or will sting win or hogan win. IMPACT WRESTLING QUESTION?
  476. What is the weirdest gimmick you have seen from any wrestling organization?
  477. Who is not in the WWE hall of fame that you feel should be in there? +2 BQ's?
  478. who are the winners TNA vs WWE!?
  479. Will Zack Ryder become the next COO of the WWE?
  480. How do you feel about John Morrison about to leave the WWE?
  481. i think aj styles is better then john cena. do you agree?
  482. Is it safe to say wrestlers that smoke a lot of weed botch a lot and mess up thier lines for promos?
  483. what is John Morrison losing streak now?
  484. Who els wants to see a Jericho/daniel bryan fued?
  485. so why did wwe do the whole mystery general manager angle, but they never even told us who it was?
  486. Who else do you think will be in WWE 12?
  487. What are 5 possible songs you'd use as your theme in the WWE?
  488. do you think john cena is the face of wwe?
  489. did that punch that jim ross did to cole look real?
  490. Who was the better color commentator?
  491. Who would win an arm wrestling match? Scott Steiner or Chris Masters?
  492. How do I get out of this girls wrestling move?
  493. where can I find an album with this song on it?
  494. why are all the heel in wwe punks now a days?
  495. Why isn't Toughest S-OB in jail where red.necks like him belong?
  496. who is better kane, abyss, undertaker or suicude?
  497. Why do watch that wrasslin if you know it's fake?
  498. Wrestlemania 28 The Rock vs John Cena. Are you with Team Bring It or Team Cenation?
  499. Goldberg not having a neck was his greatest advantage?
  500. Who wins and how: Flyin Brian vs. The Texas Tornado...?