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  1. Besides RVD, who is Jerry Lynn's greatest rival of all-time?
  2. Why does everyone think Maryse is talented?
  3. Who was the Greatest Wrestler Ever to Never Hold the WWE Title?
  4. WS who going to be the breakout star in 2012?
  5. WS pick your winners and BQ?
  6. Wrestling section royal rumble round seven. eliminate one person?
  7. WS: Your charade, is old as time.And its pathetic at best. ?
  8. WWE '12 Superstar ratings!?
  10. WS as of now do you think wwe will head to the right direction in 2012?
  11. Which Show Is Better-NXT or Superstars?
  12. Who do you think is the best left handed wrestler of all times?
  13. What would be good entrance music for a wrestler from alabama +bq?
  14. If a basketball shorts regular price was $34.99 and the sales price is $29.99 than what is
  15. what wrestling ppv did these matches happen and if you can give me a link for the matches
  16. WS if you were gm of monday night raw what would you do?
  17. List The Original Nexus Members By Their Skills?
  18. Does anyone think that Sting can be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  19. WS? Look, you apologized and those pencil pushers just showed you the damn door? Ha,
  20. WS how would you feel if shawn michaels was gm of raw and fired triple h?
  21. wrestling section royal rumble round six eliminate ONE person?
  22. who agrees with me?(more inside)?
  23. WS! some questions for you.......?
  24. rate my friday night smackdown week 6?
  25. WS has support of Eddie guerro's and Chris benoit's evil spirit. Will they get support of...
  26. WS rate my wrestling video?
  27. WS who you think will become the next breakout star sheamus or cody rhodes?
  28. Who do You think Danial Byran will face at wrestlemania one of these or...(official wwe poll)? +BQ?
  29. Wrestling section royal rumble round five. vote two people to be eliminated?
  30. rate my wwe superstars week 6?
  31. Is WWE losing money and about to go bankrupt?
  32. Does anyone know how I can get TC Badge?
  33. Four horsremem? Right here right now.?
  34. rate my monday night raw week 6?
  35. The New CEO Of Wrestling Section?
  36. 10 reasons why the John Morrison sucks !?
  37. Who is your favorite commentary?
  38. 10 reasons why the rock sucks !?
  39. Since when did you start hating me?
  40. I have come to terms with the WS- lifes a bi-atch?
  41. Important news from joey?
  42. Answer it please....?
  43. Important Information by Edge to WS!?
  44. I know that why WS is a g@¥ section?
  45. @ our GM of WS! Pls answer......?
  46. WS? Brittney chill out?
  47. The King Kong Diciples- A new troll has arrived?
  48. why does the mainstream sterotype wrestling fans?
  49. What wrestler did you like from? nWo, four horsemen dx and the nation of domaination?
  50. Juan Soto, why you have a monkey face?
  51. Who had the best executed ddt in your opinion?
  52. Who else thought the Vengeance match with Big Show and Mark Henry was dumb?
  53. Did you see that miscommunication or bad acting between Cena, Del Rio and Del Rios announcer?
  54. Jerry The King Lawler or Michael Cole?
  55. Which scott steiner finisher is the best in your opinon? Steiner recliner or the frakensteiner?
  56. WS: Choose these tag teams?
  57. who's hotter Katie Foxx or Barbie cummings?
  58. Why is LOD such a liar?
  59. Who do you think is going to be the new WWE GM to replace Johnny Ace (hopefully, it will be Shawn
  60. Do john cena's new gear atleast remind you of the chain gang john cena?
  61. Why did the TNA hire Russo?
  62. Where can I find the Wrestling section Hall Of Fame?
  63. wrestling:GM NATAYLA THE NEXT ICON?
  64. What's your reaction on Maryse being released with WWE?
  65. wrestling section royal rumble round four. eliminate 2 people!!!?
  66. You think John Cena can turn heel again, if so, why?
  67. WS I late wasn't maryse from the diva search and i don't believe it?
  68. wrestling section user royal rumble round three?
  69. Which WWE Superstar has the coolest nickname IYO?
  70. WS Does john cena look like a heel with his new attire?
  71. Opinions on Dolph Ziggler?
  72. Have You Ever Met Someone With The Same Name as a Wrestler?+BQ?
  73. Your favorite;Rock or Cena?
  74. My Only WS Show+New GM's+Wrestling Question?
  75. CeNation Trivia,who won this match?difficult:'05?
  76. Do You Believe That Anyone Can Carry the WWE After Vince?
  78. Wrestling section royal rumble round two?
  80. Which team will be good and which ones will be mad?
  81. The Great Koba vs Kurt Angle?
  82. ATTENTION. I SAID ATTENTION. As the flunky for the WS Champ, I challenge Toughest S.O.B and...
  83. I would just like to remind everyone...?
  84. wrestling section user vs user royal rumble round one. vote 5 people to get eliminated?
  85. What are the names of all of the WWE ppvs for this year?
  86. WS which would you accept randy orton as i.c champion or cody rhodes as world champion?
  87. Who Is The Next Break Out star to you to have a Impressive Legacy?
  88. Nite W why are you building a group that has no life?
  89. WS who was better nexus or fortune?
  90. If you had your very own wrestling organization, who would you get to be the franchise wrestler.?
  91. Which submission would you tap out of? Sting scorpion death lock or chris benoit crippler cross
  92. Sooo, who is this new GM of the WS?
  93. What move hurts the most? Shawns sweet chin music or sheamus brogue kick?
  94. John Cena why did you block me?
  95. goblin's right :) natalya's wrong:(?
  96. Does Rock dislike Cena because Cena wasn't born into a rich family?
  97. rate my friday night smackdown week 5?
  98. WS Rate my storyline?
  99. Why Do Wrestlers Tend to Limit There Move Set?
  100. yo wrestling, how much did you like dinosaurs when you were a kid?
  101. rate my wwe superstars week 5?
  102. Since WWE 12 has 3 Roads to Wrestlemania?
  103. yo wrestling, what's your favorite kind of flower?
  104. Goblin i will bring you up to date?
  105. tna:was it funny when ric flair said?
  106. What have i missed the last 10 years in WWE?
  107. Do you remember the WWE Armageddon ppv from 2004?
  108. WS pick your winners of king of the ring and BQ remember?
  109. Name a wrestler that has kicked out of the frog splash when performed by eddie gurrero?
  110. rate my monday night raw week 5?
  111. My Cm punk shirt or koffi kingston shirt?
  112. WS pick your winners and BQ?
  113. WS can you name me some all americans wrestlers ex:hulk hogan?
  114. How do I join the new world order?
  115. WS which of these tag teams are the best you can pick five or seven?
  116. Agree/Disagree Previous Randy Orton was better?
  117. Do you remember when this happened? (link inside)?
  118. I thought Vickie Guerrero was banned from ringside?
  119. WS who was a better manager bill aflonso or bobby heenen?
  120. Which of these famous singers would win a title in wwe first and which title?
  121. ??? W???? ????? is simply the best?
  122. ??? W???? ????? is Damn Real?
  123. As GM of the ws i have an annoucement and put agree if you like the decision?
  124. WS who ever want a chance at the belt sign you name plus BQ?
  125. WRESTLING FANS! do any of you remember.......?
  126. Lol @Cm Punk in the bullying ad?
  127. The Rock Asks why MAYRSE changed her name to Witnesses? Is it because she was fired from the wwe?
  128. Who Had The Worst Week?
  129. Which hell in a cell match was the best?
  130. What do you think about Daniel Byran after this video released recently + BQ? (best answer 10
  131. Do you feel that Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler have really restored the mid card titles?
  132. is it true kelly kelly slept with cm punk when he was dating beth phoenix?
  133. What happened to the Undertaker?
  134. (wrestling) they edited out John Cena's spit?
  135. Question to Cena G@¥Nation user?
  136. if you were in wwe answer these?
  137. Why do modern day heels think that being annoying is the same as being truly despised?
  138. 30 years from now,who will be rembered as the greatest wrestler hogan,taker,micheals or cena?
  139. Can Kane Tombstone Mark Henry?
  140. Will Kane be The Next HeavyWEIGHT CHAMPION !!?
  141. Is Mark Henry no longer World Champion?
  142. Agree or Disagree Best Rock Bottom and Peoples Elbow Ever?
  143. how can i make snow warmer?
  144. could somebody tell me why is the sky blue?
  145. Would you rather wrestle a Bear or an Alligator?
  146. Ice cream: Cone or Bowl?
  147. What's the best wrestling move to use on a very large dog?
  148. How do you get DLC packages for WWE 12?
  149. Who?s your favorite wrestler?
  150. Past vs present(poll).?
  151. When wrestling, what's the best color tights to wear?
  152. Am I annoying you...?
  153. Who would win a fist fight: Godzilla or King Kong?
  154. WS pick you winner and BQ: tell me if you want to join the next matches?
  155. Yo Miz We gonna start the Dirt Sheet?
  156. When was the last time you ate a dinosaur?
  157. do you think maryse should go to tna and team up with velvet to reform the beautiful people?
  158. Would you call Chris Masters and The Boogeyman Legends +BQ?
  159. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  160. i need and order of how to become a wwe superstar?
  161. Why did they released Maryse? Was it because of her injury? :(?
  162. WS*******how many agree that we should have a tournment***********?
  163. Why wont wwe make a movie starring john morrison..?
  164. WS Rate my storyline?
  165. Can you name these 10 mystery superstars.?
  166. Who will face Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania?
  167. Who'd Win Rhino vs Alberto Del Rio?
  168. Breaking News: on 11/3 Bobby Rhoode beats James Storm to become NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion?
  169. What does kayfabe mean?
  170. What was your first wrestling product you purchased? ?
  171. Should I be shane mcmahon or vince mcmahon for hallowen?
  172. Do you think it would be more interestig if Cena turned heel at Mania or the rock?
  173. Would you like to see another horror film by WWE Films (like See No Evil)?
  174. Im about to cry, wwe released the sexiest of the sexy, Maryse?
  175. Who'd Win JBL vs Daniel Bryan?
  176. Is anyone else annoyed that The Rock is teaming up with cena at Survivor Series?
  177. How would be if profesional wrestling was real?
  178. WS how many agreed that maryse was about to be the next to be champion but now since wwe...
  179. rate my PPV capitol punishment?
  180. WS would it be better for wwe to cut all the diva than waste there talent in wwe?
  181. Did CMPunk actually make WWE worse?
  182. whe esle is mad that wwe blocked Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 37?
  183. What do you think of my wwe12 the game roster?
  184. Will This be a Cool Tag team?
  185. the current series/season of WWE Next?
  186. have you Notice Rappers are mentioning Wrestling alot?
  187. why won't the wwe use the triple cage?
  188. Can't believe this was Triple H's first theme song?
  189. Would would win in a fight and both in their primes. The Undertaker or AJ Styles?
  190. Worst wrestling attire?
  191. How did Samoa Joe get a Number One Contender match?
  192. Would Christian (face) vs Wade Barrett at Wrestlemania for the WHC be a good match?
  193. WWE/TNA King of the Ring Round 2?
  194. WWE/TNA/ROH King Of The Ring Round 1?
  195. WWE Edit John Cena's Spit On Monday Night Raw?
  196. Will The Rock Return Live This Week On Monday Night Raw?
  197. Y!A King of the Ring Tournament. Who do you want to win? Round 5?
  198. Would Bruno Sammartino be proud of John Cena?
  199. rate my friday night smackdown week 4?
  200. Create a new concept for a match?
  201. who is the hottest ladie in wrestling wwe and tna?
  202. who that guy in the front row hat always wears a we hate cena shirt?
  203. Who would you rather win The Royal Rumble?
  204. why is sting still wrestling he seem old enough to be my grandpa?
  205. Who has made the most returns to the ring?
  206. are you goin to watch tna tonight?
  207. who did you watch when wwe and wcw was both on at the same time?
  208. What do you think of my WWE 12 Championship? Who are gonna be your champions?
  209. Who think's that Vin Diesel could've been a good wrestler?
  210. When will kane return to wrestling?
  211. rate my wwe superstars week 4?
  212. Is WWE johnny curtis married?
  213. Y!A King of the Ring Tournament. Who do you want to win? Round 4!?
  214. What do you think of WWE now ?
  215. Do TNA Also Break The Announcers Table?
  216. The Rock's catchprase says he can only beat jobbers?
  217. Do You Agree With Me That?
  218. Is batista in WWE'12 (see link!)?
  219. There was no WS last night- so who the hell is eric wolfgay?
  220. Do you lke C.M. Punk?? Easy 10 points.?
  221. What would WWE and TNA have to do to convience you to watch their PPV's/product?
  222. what happened on these dates in wrestling history quiz?
  223. Who'd Win (2007) Shelton Benjamin vs Alberto Del Rio ?
  224. Is HHH's character a rip off of The Franchise Shane Douglas's gimmick?
  225. Who was that wrestler that was supposed to face Undertaker at WrestleMania but got released?
  226. when will seth rollins make his WWE debut?
  227. Do You think Edge will make the Hall of fame Bq will christian make the hall of fame?
  228. Should the wwe take lessons from CZW?
  229. holy crap gail kim is back in tna? i didnt even know she got fired from wwe!?
  230. I hope everyone knows that Gail Kim didn't get fired from the WWE, she left theres a...
  231. is john cnea my favite potty stowry?
  232. Van Hammer vs Sid Vicious?
  233. Who thinks Beth Phonex is a boring Diva's champion?
  234. is your favorite wrestler, your y!a picture?
  235. WS what you think of my page?
  236. WS who was the dumbass who told my name?
  237. Did CM Punk sell out?!!?!?!?!?!?
  238. Christian using the spear?
  239. If John Cena never turned face, would he be as hated as he is now?
  240. Christian in the WS section? Dude like chill out? ?
  241. ************WS don't delete************?
  242. Why would The Rock say he he NEVER going away again when he left in like 1 week?
  243. Did CM Punk replace John Cena over merchandise sales?
  244. Who'd Win Davey Richards vs Chris Jericho ?
  245. Have you guys read this yet for WWE 12?
  246. how do you get the fancy font?
  247. Is there any other videos floating around the internet of behind the scene funny things like this?
  248. did this really happen? for tna?
  249. Create a concept for a match......?
  250. Madison Eagles vs Trish Stratus vs Lita?
  251. What wrestlers do you wish had a Road To Wrestlemania on WWE 12?
  252. Create a new match concept?
  253. Stingette stop reporting Christian (wrestling section)!!!!!?
  254. WS would you agree that john morrison is better than sin cara?
  255. so theres probably not gonna be a WS tonight?
  256. WS why is john cena terrible lol no why is john cena picking his partner when he knows...
  257. What's been happning in the wwe ?
  258. Christian is proved the best in WS?
  259. WS why is mason ryan better than heath slater?
  260. rate my monday night raw week 4?
  261. Anyone else think they should stop jobbing JTG and let him become a serious IC or US title
  262. Who Do You Want to See Carry The WWE ?
  263. Theres bunnch of cheaters in the wrestling section?
  264. Whos the most to blame for WWE getting so bad as of late?
  265. Is this another reason Cena might turn heel?
  266. Why dose everybody hate john cena?
  267. rate my friday night smackdown week 3?
  268. In your opinion, is Eve a bad wrestler?
  269. What Do You Think Of RTWM On WWE 12?
  270. So the WS world championship has the most history?
  271. Who was the original owner of WS?
  272. Razor ramon hows it feel to be beat by me?
  273. will triple h soon face nash? to get revenge?
  274. The Rock Or Stone Cold Steve Austin, Who Is More Popular?
  275. rate my wwe superstars week 3?
  276. Do you think Terrell Owens should be a wrestler?
  277. Who is the worse wrestler in the wwe?
  278. How many TNA events have you attended?
  279. Do you find this funny?
  280. a question about roh wrestling.?
  281. rate my monday night raw week 3?
  282. Is Drew McIntyre finally making a comeback? .Spoiler Alert.?
  283. When did you start watching wrestling?
  284. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  285. WWE VS TNA match card? ?
  286. Who would you like to be in WWE 12 that you know won't be in it?
  287. Which wrestler do you fear the most?
  288. What is the all time most remember-able match you have ever seen from professional
  289. Are You Serious Bro? Is Vince Really this paranoid +BQ?
  290. rate my PPV over the limit?
  291. What Would Be Your Reaction If Lita Returned On The Next RAW?
  292. When are the days that WS is on?
  293. Should john morrison turn heel?
  294. What storylines are you currently more interrested in?
  295. What is your openion about john cena..?
  296. What happend to brock lesnar and batista..?
  297. if you could bring back any superstar from this decade?
  298. if you were a straight man would you suck mc mahon to be champ or get a push?
  299. gene simmons vs randy orton who wins?
  300. Is Zack Ryder more entertaining than John Cena will ever be?
  301. What do you think of The PWG Card Fear In December?
  302. What do you think of Tag Team, Air Boom and Diva, Eve Torres?
  303. Is C4 extreme good if your a Wrestler?
  304. How many wrestling t shirts do you own?
  305. How much will a front row WrestleMania 28 ticket be?
  306. Refreshing John Cena's gimmick without turning him heel?
  307. WS what theme should I use for my ppv + how to put a playlist on your website?
  308. Where can I join a local wrestling club in my city?
  309. Goblin Bloglin, I would liek to be included in Christian's matches?
  310. Stevie Ray vs Booker T?
  311. Who a bigger star Triple H or The Ultimate Warrior?
  312. Do You Think Randy Orton or Cm Punk Should break Ric Flairs Record?
  313. Which wwe diva would you like to return?
  314. rate my friday night smackdown week 2?
  315. Wrestling. why is sin cara azul not wrestling this friday?
  316. Do You Think John Cena Deserved That Many Reigns?
  317. who would make the most epic tag team in wrestling?
  318. rate my wwe superstars week 2?
  320. is teddy long smackdown Gm in wwe hall of fame and should he be in it if hes not?
  321. What are currently your top 3 WWE themes?
  322. At what point would you say was the prime of these wrestlers' individual careers?
  323. Why is WWE still PG? Nobody cares about this PG garbage?
  324. Do you wish WWE superstars still used regular Jim Johnston songs?
  325. Is there any color shirt John Cena hasn't used yet?
  326. rate my monday night raw week 2?
  327. What does WMD stands for on the Big Show's shirt?
  328. Who else thinks Goblin Blogin' should face Troll at survivor series?
  329. June-August WWE Raw summary? ?
  330. WS was this a steal three games including svr 2011 for $70?
  331. Y!A King of the Ring Tournament. Who do you want to win? Sweet 16?
  332. my friday night smackdown week 1?
  333. Which CM Punk Theme do you like best+BQ?
  334. Goblin Blogin' can i be in WS?
  335. rate my wwe superstars show?
  336. Who deserves a push more: Cody Rhodes or Sheamus?
  337. Y!A King of the Ring Tournament. Who do you want to win? ROUND 2?
  338. How Much Do You Think It Will Cost To?
  339. Who was the worst champion: Santino Marella or Hornswoggle?
  340. Who Do You Think Is More Annoying?
  341. Who was a better wrestler, Molly Holly or Jacqueline?
  342. What Superstars did a king of the ring win not help them out or elevate them?
  343. Help my friends promo issues?
  344. my monday night raw week 1?
  345. Y!A King of the Ring Tournament. Who do you want to win? ROUND 1?
  346. Do the announcers always knows the outcome of the matches?
  347. How was the vengeance ppv?
  348. What do you think will happen at Rock and Cena vs Truth Miz?
  349. Do you think John Laurainitus is a good heel cuz of Punk?
  350. What does WWE need to work on now?
  351. Is FCW considered expensive with $1500 for a few lessons?
  352. Who generates heat better Vickie or Jinder Mahal?
  353. Do you like Michael Cole?
  354. How would you describe the interim GM John laurinaitus in 1 word?
  355. Is the Rock a sellout?
  356. rate my survivor series?
  357. HHH won't be fighting Undertaker at WM 28, D*** you wwe creative team, what do you think?
  358. Besides Orton, who would be a credible candidate to dethrone Cody Rhodes of the IC title?
  359. when wrestlers come out during entrance.....?
  360. who is the greatest Wwe champion in history?
  361. thoughts on the job john laurinaitis is doing?
  362. Will the rock be on raw live this monday?
  363. If edge was still wrestling, who would be his WM28 opponet?
  364. What is the last piece of wwe merchandise that you bought if any? +BQ?
  365. when is tna's monsters ball? november right?
  366. Andre The Giant is going to be in WWE 12?
  367. Would you let Natalya into your house at night?
  368. When can I watch ROH on Fox?
  369. Who's hotter: Rosa Mendes or Maryse?
  370. So is John Cena going to join the nWo (picture inside)?
  371. this isn't because i hate cena but the rock and john cena would make a crap tag team?
  372. Do you want to see this match?
  373. Who deserves a push more: Zack Ryder or John Morrison?
  374. Who deserves a push more: Wade Barrett or Daniel Bryan?
  375. If it were possible do you think Mr. McMahon would have his brain put in a robot so he can...
  376. WWE Universe, is Chavo Guerrero* pregnant? BQ?
  377. Grand finale. 30 man royal rumble. Vote the one who you think will win.?
  378. Who is the character that goes Are you serious bro in WWE?
  379. WS can you give me suggestion on how to make my site stand out +BQ?
  380. What wrestler does the RKO?
  381. I have a question about characthers of wrestling and I wanted to know the differnece between them.?
  382. Do you see these three familiar faces returning anytime soon?
  383. Could John Cena be making a heel turn at Survivor Series?
  384. Who do you think is gonna be next divas champion or whos gonna feud w/ beth for it ?
  385. Do you agree with these Theme Song changes for WWE '12?
  386. Where is Jeff Hardy now?
  387. When will vince mcmahon understand?
  388. WS what is your opinion on wwe trade marking broski?
  389. is wwe a family/privately owned company + BQ?
  390. Is The Boogeyman From WWE Coming Back On Halloween?
  391. WS wwe is changing survivor series match and more but what are your opinions?
  392. Will an International Company ever be huge in the United States?
  393. were there any emo wrestlers?
  394. What shoes was John cena wearing last night and where can I get a pair?
  395. Should I Go To A WWE Event?
  396. How much are these autographs worth?
  397. Has Smackdown's ratings gotten any better since Smackdown supershow?
  398. WS my fans or others lol read this +BQ?
  399. Was that a real sledge hammer that Kevin Nash used last night on HHH?
  400. John cena drooled????
  401. Who is happy The Rock is coming back at Surviour Series?
  402. Should WWE bring back the King of the Ring PPV?
  403. who is your favorite tna superstar?
  404. Was anyone else disappointed that the grizzly bear,Mark Henry wasn't at Raw tonight?
  405. Will we be getting a Rock tweet later tonight?
  406. Who is more rooted against:John Cena or Tim Tebow?
  407. Do you think the Bella Twins want Zack Ryder?
  408. Who is considering buying the 2012 WWE Calendar?
  409. What was more sick:Triple H with Katie Vick or John Cena spitting on the microphone?
  410. Why didn't WWE use Mark Henry to make Kevin Nash leave the arena?
  411. Do you think Cody Rhodes would get a WHC push hif he wore knee pads?
  412. The Headbangers Call Out 'Air Boom' would them coming back make the WWE tag Division Better?
  413. John Morrison lost again tonight.....?
  414. Who thought those JR photos were funny?
  415. How unbalanced does this tag team at Survivor Series seem?
  416. How come TNA doesn't have a video game coming out this year + BQ?
  417. What did you think of Raw last night?
  418. How poor would you rate RAW tonight?
  419. Would there still be a 5 on 5 traditional survivor series elimination match?
  420. Did anyone see the guy in the we hate cena shirt?
  421. Are you going to go see lita? In the Atlanta Haunted House - Chambers of Horror? + BQ?
  422. Why do you guys care if the WWE is PG or not?
  423. Why is the wwe dragging out the same matches and superstars over and over? +BQ?
  424. So did the mic have the Worst Night on Raw?
  425. Bring back season mode for WWE12 or 13?
  426. whats the plan for the wwe now?
  427. ok when did they announce a 41 man battle royal on smackdown?
  428. Is raw really the longest running episodic television show in history?
  429. Should TNA Leave Spike Tv and Go to Syfy?
  430. What PPV Is After Surviour Series 2011?
  431. List Of WWE PPV In Order?
  432. What do you think tna will be like in 10 years?
  433. Who'd Win Yuji Nagata vs The Undertaker?
  434. Billy Kidman 7 year itch or Evan Bourne Air Bourne?
  435. Can't you just see the in ring promo in your mind? The Rock?
  436. Why did the announcers acted surprise that Cena was going to choose The Rock as his partner?
  437. if you were head of Talent Relations for WWE, out of this list who would you hire and
  438. If you could rename any WWE Superstar's finisher, who's would it be and what would you change it to?
  439. WS I need help This is my first time having an e-fed and I need more member for the show on sunday?
  440. are you a lets go Cena or a Cena sucks person?
  441. Is Kevin Nash going to use Odin as his new gimmick?
  442. Semi final round. 30 man royal rumble. Which three will you eliminate?
  443. Why Do WWE Always Ruin The Rock's Return?
  444. Round 5. 30 man royal rumble. Which five will you eliminate?
  445. Did you see R-Truth's face when..?
  446. Is Ricardo Rodriguez the most entertaining secondary figure in WWE right now?
  447. What were Jericho's prime years in WWE?
  448. Is this the hint that Michael Cole might be retiring?
  449. Is WWE No Longer PG.........?
  450. What happened when they put triple H in the ambulance?
  451. Did triple H actually go to the hospital?
  452. How come Beth is wearind Candice's old dress?
  453. why did cena throw up the wolfpak sign does that mean something?
  454. If there were more tag teams and stables/cliques do you think the WWE would be more interesting?
  455. How to bearhug a woman in a mixed wrestling?
  456. How can John Cena be overrated when he don't get any credit?
  457. If I were booking Survivor Series 2011. (RATE)?
  458. Where Can I Watch Vengance 2011?
  459. Why Did Wwe Make The Ring Break?
  460. What's going on with all the botches Tonight on Raw?
  461. Okay isn't this whole WWE-Twitter thing getting out of control?
  462. Is this show still PG?
  463. Should they give John a vote of no confidence?
  464. Who else is tired of the same WWE storylines?
  465. WWE marks..... do you at least agree that TNA....?
  466. Isn't the crowd REALLY horrible tonight?
  467. Expect no girls to be coming to Raw next week?
  468. ever met a wrestler if so were they nice?
  469. What would Booker T's reaction be for Cena spitting on the mic?
  470. Will ADR ever be able to say a coherent sentence in English?
  471. Do the fans even get the skateboard references?
  472. Does Ricardo Rodriguez hate his life?
  473. How awesome would this be if this happend on Raw tonight?
  474. Why is WWE obsessed with twitter?
  475. Triple H is COO??....?
  476. So who won between The Big show and Mark Henry?
  477. Should Booker T just wrestle?
  478. TNA haters...... can you give me 3 reasons why TNA sucks?
  479. Johnny b bad v goldust?
  480. Which wrestler or diva in the wwe can dance?
  481. LOL anyone else get the joke John Cena made on WWE Raw?
  482. WS what are your opinion on these ppvs?
  483. which TNA tag team do you like best out of...?
  484. Why you mad #1:Why wrestling fans care so much about WWE being PG?
  485. How is Dixie Carter able to run a wrestling company if she doesn't even know how to enter a...
  486. What Wwe Superstars Deserve to Be WWE Champion/World Champion But Are'nt ?
  487. when the ring collapsed when mark henry and big show were in it was what scripted?
  488. WS rate my wrestling picture for my e-fed picture?
  489. When is wwe diva Layla and maryse returning?
  490. Why does TNA suck big time?
  491. Here Wrestling section, Let's play a game of spot the difference?
  492. Did you miss WWE Vengeance?
  493. WS which sounds better championship extreme wrestling or give me another name for a e-fed?
  494. Am I the only one that feels this way?
  495. Since Wrestlemania takes place on April Fools day, is it possible that Cena will win?
  496. Are we going to see another Last Man Standing match on Raw tomorrow ?
  497. Give me a Heck yea!! if you are getting WWE12?
  498. Wrestling Section Tournament Finale Part 2?
  499. What happened to Michael Tarver from nexus?
  500. On a scale to 1-10, how predictable would you rate the WWE?