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  1. How many title runs does Kurt Angle have?
  2. Why aren't we seeing any more good matches?
  3. Whose a better wrestler?
  4. Is Jack Swagger a poor man's version of Kurt angle?
  5. Who do you think is the future of the WWE?
  6. Jomo won back his Mojo,How's your reaction to this Jojo?
  7. Which WWE diva you want to see in playboy?
  8. Do you think that WM should be in Minnesota?
  9. Who would the Little Jimmies Cheer for if there's a match between Randy Orton and John Cena?
  10. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
  11. WHY do so many people see John Morrison being such a huge superstar in the future?
  12. Whos the most annoying person in WWE?
  13. Do you think the rock will got boo'd in NYC Madison square garden?
  14. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  15. Which users do you like and dislike in wrestling section?
  16. Question about the women's title?
  17. Can a wrestler file for unemployment?
  18. at survivor series why is it team barrett and not team rhodes?
  19. zack ryder for wwe intercotinental championship?
  20. should Zack ryder get fired?
  21. What is/was your opinion on each of these past wwe divas?
  22. Who in the wwe and TNA (male and female) do you think have the btrightest futures plus BQ?
  23. On your list of Ring Of Honor's greatest shows, where would Glory By Honor VIII rank on your list?
  24. Has the WWE done anything which was related to Michael Jackson?
  25. Do you think that Evan Bourne and John Morrison are on their way out of WWE?
  26. List WWE championships by importance (current titles)?
  27. If a past or present female reality star joined FCW to train to become a WWE Diva, who
  28. What Is the Most Realistic looking Finisher in Professional Wrestling History?
  29. How do you think the WWE would react if Stephanie McMahon leaked tons of nude pics of her?
  30. is wrestling real??????
  31. what if wcw would still exist do you think the other wrestling companies would still be in?
  32. How much would your views change on your favorite male wrestler if they hit/beat a women in real...
  33. What is your WWE Dream Match?
  34. . Which current two WWE male wrestlers and which 2 female wrestlers do you think probably...
  35. How would you react if the WWE introduced a new title?
  36. What is your favorite NJPW or Noah match of all time?
  37. If you were offered a WWE contract, but had a ridiculous and stupid gimmick planned for your...
  38. what happened to the wwe undisputed championship?
  39. Do you think superstars who was in wwe and go to tna still have a shot at the hof?
  40. Who'd Win Jack Evans Vs Edge?
  41. Who still like both Hardy's or just Matt or Jeff?
  42. Who was better:Freddie Blassie or Bobby Heenan?
  43. A special message to Christian?
  44. Does wrestler's appearance affect your opinion of his/her wrestling skills?
  45. If SmackDown!'s main color had to change (currently blue) which color would you want it to
  46. Wrestling Section: What Do I Have To Do?
  47. When you first started watching wrestling! How did you like it?
  48. which is your favorite kane vs undertaker match?
  49. who has the best finisher?
  50. Buy or sell: Austin Aries is the greatest heel of the 21st century?
  51. who do you think is the most?
  52. 2011 KOTR...Round 14! Finals! (+BQs)?
  53. who are the most over wwe superstars of 2011 the good guys or bad guys?
  54. how is wwe tlc match card looking!?
  55. what is your favorite rock match?
  56. did billy gunn ever become world champion?
  57. is zigglers sasage too small to be perfect?
  58. worst wwe wrestlers in your opinion ever name about 5 and why?
  59. Is roh a million dollar company?
  60. Why do people get all mad and get.......?
  61. do you think jeff Jarrett is underated?
  62. What's the greatest match to never happen?
  63. Is it true that wwe diva kelly kelly has had over 100000000000 Bf's?
  64. Do you think this is a cool FCW segment?
  65. who are the top 10 worst wwe superstars of all time in terms of wrestling and popularity?
  66. Why can't people cope with the fact that wresting is completely fake except for the moves?
  67. A special message to the WS?
  68. Did anyone laugh at what Jack Swagger said?
  69. Was Brock Lesnar The First Legend Killer?
  70. Fake = Scripted, so wrestling is Scripted which = Fake! Am I right?
  71. greatest wwe talk show segments ever are and why?
  72. Sexiest diva body contest?
  73. Who do you think is the slimiest, least trustworthy person to ever work in WWE?
  74. What Does The 'GM' Of The Wrestling Section Even Do?
  75. Who do you want to get pushed next?
  76. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Shane CrackMahon?
  77. Who's better Hulk Hogan or the Waterfall GlamaMan Beth Phoenix?
  78. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Kofi Queenston?
  79. Where can I watch dark matches?
  80. Owen Hart? Under or Over Rated? And Why?
  81. wrestling section trollmania has begun?
  82. How real was the old ECW?
  83. Why is Straight Edged Engima such a nerd?
  84. What do you think of Garrett Bischoff could he be the next big thing in TNA?
  85. Why did WWE have a live event in a small and nearly empty stadium in liverpool?
  86. How can we buy wrestlemania 28 tickets from the U.K.?
  87. What did you think of this weeks Raw?
  88. How did you feel about Kevin Nash's promo last night?
  89. wrestling section what are your thoughts on team randy vs team barret?
  90. I've been wondering how many people actually pay to watch pay per views from the wwe today? Do
  91. Boxing wrestling or differnt?
  92. will triple h ever be a world or wwe champion again why or why not?
  93. Message from Me The Messiah!!!?
  94. What are your thoughts on Chikara's wrestler Mike Quackenbush?
  95. Message to WS from Me Messiah!!!?
  96. Which Superstar and Diva do you think never lived up to their attention?
  97. Breaking News: TNA Kurt Angle found guilty today (11/08/11), for Reckless Driving in Front...
  98. will we ever see another buried alive match?
  99. I know things change but how many of you here honestly love the ws heremost of the time
  100. goldberg vs randy boreton?
  101. What is good about front row seats for wwe live television shows and wwe live tour?
  102. How much Does a Front Row seat cost at a WWE event?
  103. Team J.R. vs. Team Cole at Survivor Series 2011?
  104. Pls block my 2 accounts of same name The Messiah?
  105. i decided who gets thw money in the bank + bq?
  106. Which WWE superstar have you got a reply from on Twitter?
  107. Who do you think will be WHC next?
  108. How do I lose weight wrestler style? ?
  109. How do you get wwe superstars to reply to you on twitter?
  110. will chyna ever return to the WWE?
  111. Who's worst The miz ,mcman or Cmpunk or Hornswoggle?
  112. Raw will be 'Rocked' next week. What does this mean?
  113. How will Rock/Cena beat Awesome Truth?
  114. message to the wrestling section?
  115. Sin Cara vs John Morrison.....?
  116. Do you think Cena will slowy turn heel during his fued with The Rock?
  117. which superstar you wish have never turn heel or face?
  118. Who is the best heel of all time?
  119. Who Should Induct The Rock Into The Hall Of Fame?
  120. Who is the most overrated diva of all time?
  121. 2011 KOTR...Round 13??? Semi-finals!?
  122. 2011 KOTR...Round 13??? Semi-finals!?
  123. 2011 KOTR...Round 13??? Semi-finals!?
  124. Will John Cena have his own?
  125. What are your thoughst on last night's Raw?
  126. Do the commentators every just commente any more , are do they just talk about oter stuff?
  127. wwe and tna tournament round 19?
  128. wwe and tna tournament final?
  129. Rates tonights raw 1 - 10?
  130. Who had the worst return in wwe?
  131. Undertake or Kane who's better?
  132. When do you think Beth Phoenix is going to lose?
  133. When Kharma returns will she feud with Beth Phoenix?
  134. Who's better Hulk Hogan or The Big Slow?
  135. Who would win these matches?
  136. Will OVW be the next big thing next to FCW?
  137. The Rock or John Cena Who will win?
  138. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Johnny Cena?
  139. is it too late to save john Morrison s career?
  140. why do watch that boring wrestling?
  141. is kevin nash ever going to wrestle?
  142. why do you all hate me for speaking the truth about myself?
  143. who do you think will be a world champion first?
  144. stop calling my house?
  145. Why do you guys hate me so much?
  146. What really happened to the Divas, i used to be one of the biggest diva/woman wrestling
  147. i want to marry karen?
  148. What happened to Alex Riley?
  149. whatever happened to alex riley?
  150. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!?
  151. Hips Don't Lie!, why don't you like Porn? + WQ?
  152. wwe and tna tournament round 18?
  153. Wrestling, Buy or Sell: Brodus Clay will be a Jobber within a year?
  154. breaking news: Matt hardy has passed away?
  155. wwe and tna tournament round 17?
  156. Will the WWE utilize Hunico and Epico correctly?
  157. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  158. Do you think that Ryder's big push is caused by thousand of fans on Twitter etc..?
  159. Why is RAW still a super show?
  160. Will Rocky be tonight on RAW and how is he gonna make fun of Cena this time?
  161. Why is RAW still a super show?
  162. What move has the most obvious set-up?
  163. Yoko Ono VS Vickie Guerrero in a wrestling match who wins+BQ?
  164. What TNA or WWE wrestlers thats not wrestled in japan, do you think would be succesful there?
  165. Sence when did cena change his look?
  166. Would you go to miami to watch Rock/Cena?
  167. Was anyone impressed with that magazine cover?
  168. who is better goldberg or john cena?
  169. Where to buy cheap WWE superstar Big Show Knockouts Served Daily T-Shirt?
  170. TNA releasing a CM Punk DVD?
  171. How old is Phil Jack Brooks/cm punk today?
  172. What are my chances of getting Into varsity wrestling?
  173. survivor series real match?
  174. Would Dolph Ziggler vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship be a good sub-main event for
  175. Is The Rock Past His Days as a Wrestler?
  176. Attention WS answer my question please?
  177. which is a better wrestler?
  178. When was the last time RAW had a pop from the fans like when the Rock returned last week?
  179. What move as a finisher is more overrated The Rock Bottom or the FU (Attitude Adjustment)?
  180. If i said Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart was the greatest WM match of all-time, what would you say?
  181. Would you like it if Good Ol J.R. was the GM?
  182. Does RAW need Taker more than SmackDown right now?
  183. Was it WWEs or HBKs decision to go out and put over Taker two times in a row at Wrestlemania?
  184. Do you think Evan Bourne is to small to be a regular main-eventer?
  185. How many wrestlers have had to hear the You can't wrestle! chant?
  186. Does Takers gimmick make it easier for him to get over with the crowd?
  187. Bigger legend, HBK or HHH? Why?
  188. What's your top 5 wrestling moves that isn't finishing moves?
  189. Do you think HBK vs Kurt Angle should have been Wm21 main-event instead of...?
  190. What was the better match and why HBK vs Bret Hart WM12, HBK vs Kurt Angle WM21 or HBK vs Taker
  191. Who is your favorite McMahon?
  192. I missed the first 30 minutes of Raw. What happened?
  193. Would a Cena heel turn be as shocking and big as when Hogan turned heel in the 90s?
  194. What manager from the past would you like to see back in the wwe?
  195. Have you ever met a wrestler? If so, who was nice and who was mean?
  196. What is your favorite SmackDown! vs. Raw video game?
  197. Which one is worse: TNA or WWE?
  198. Do you think wade Barrett vs sheamus would be a good feud?
  199. You'd like if I frosted my hair like it was 1999?
  200. Who Will Return At This Year's Royal Rumble?
  201. Is Hornswoggle the same person as Elden Henson?
  202. What is the rumor about WWE Diva Eve Torres and African American men?
  203. would kofi kingston be a good wrestlemania opponent for undertaker?
  204. Can You People Please Help Me?
  205. was the muppets episode awesome or what?
  206. how can i improve in the ring?
  207. wwe and tna tournament 15?
  208. What would you do if the wwe made john cena into a jobber?
  209. How come all you people complain about PG Wrestling like WWE but then Bag on TNA which is not PG?
  210. Who are the top three technical wrestlers today +BQ?
  211. Does anyone really think WWE is real?
  212. why did randy orton drop his legend killer gimick?
  213. 2011 KOTR.......Round 12?? Plus BQs!?
  214. Will Jeff Hardy be in WWE 12?
  215. What is the first thing you will do on wwe 12?
  216. what the coolest thing you saw John Morrison do?
  217. is john cena the best wrestler on raw?
  218. How Would You React If WWE?
  219. Elimination Chamber Match, who will win?
  220. did they teach Owen Hart about Gravity?
  221. isnt it sad that eddie guerrero died in a fake?
  222. how many wrestlers can there be in the ring in the game WWE 12 at money in the bank event, 6 or 8?
  223. Did Brock Lesnar Bust Spanky Open?
  224. CMPunkGM, who is the WWWS World Heavyweight Champion ?
  225. What Was the Last Main Event Match to Happen in The Year of 2006 (10 Points)?
  226. who in the wrestling section is......?
  227. wwe and tna tournament round 14?
  228. Who's in your fav five....................?
  229. Who's Better Hulk Hogan or Bret The Hitman Fart?
  230. Who's Better Hulk Hogan or Weed Slater?
  231. whats JBL up to these days?
  232. What is an Ring of Honor Proving Ground match?
  233. Who was the first and only inter gender wrestling champion of the world?
  234. Who's better Hulk Hogan or John Jobberson?
  235. Which Diva Do you want to see in Playboy?
  236. Which superstars in wwe history,past or present would make a Complete Badass Survivor Series team?
  237. What is an ROH Proving Ground match?
  238. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Justin Gaybriel?
  239. Is Eve Torres The Best WWE Diva Who Is Currently Signed With The WWE?
  240. Do you think the rock and cena have already started rehearsing their Wrestlemania match?
  241. what do you think of girls that watch wreslting?
  242. if you could conduct an interview with one wrestler who would it be?
  243. If you ever become a wrestler,Who do you want to train you?
  244. Are any of the WWE Divas ......?
  245. CM Punk Shouldn't Be Used In The Same Sentence As The Rock?
  246. Why do people like Zach Ryder?
  247. wwe and tna round 10?
  248. wwe and tna tournament round 11?
  249. Don't you think it sucks that controversial matches of raw in ppvs have some or the other...
  250. Do you think wrestling would be boring if it wasn't scripted?
  251. Who are your current fav 10 WWE wrestlers?
  252. Did John Cena really own The Rock in this segment?
  253. Who is better on the mic, back stage events and cutting promos. Both in their prime. The
  254. wwe survivor series 2011 match card?
  255. will brodus clay win the wwe us title for the first time ever?
  256. What is the difference between a TLC match and a Ladder match in wwe?
  257. wwe 12 tag team list?
  258. wwe 12 default champions?
  259. will epico and huncio form a tag team in wwe?
  261. is christian on the tour?how do i get him to notice me? 3?
  262. What are your thoughts on what Jim Ross said?
  263. Why Did CM Punk Copy Chris Jericho?
  264. Which Tna/ROH/Independent promotion wrestlers Should the wwe Sign?
  265. Who Do YOU Want to win the Royal Rumble 2012?
  266. have you ever bearhugged a bikini girl into unconsciousness in a mixed wrestling?
  267. Planning to do a paint removal on my undisputed replica. Use nail polish remover?
  268. Take my Shoe Poll? Guys only! :)?
  269. Who else misses Deuce Domino?
  270. wich is more likely to happen at ss?
  271. Am I the only one who thinks Mark henry sucks?
  272. Which would you rather see for The Undertaker?
  273. Is John Cena gay?????
  274. Who is your best commentator of all time?
  275. best wreslting magazine out there right now to subscribe to?
  276. Do u think they held back jinder mahal's because he didnt get a crowd reaction or?
  277. Who will be a world champion first? Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrat or Dolph Ziggler?
  278. OKAy im going to wwe soon and i wanna meet a wwe superstar!(MORE BELOW)?
  279. is wrestlemania 28 sold out omg!?
  280. some wwe fill in the blanks (fun)HAVE FUN!?
  281. what wwe item you think i should get from wweshop!?
  282. Did The Rock decide to have a goatee, or did the WWE make him grow out one?
  283. Have I improved as a wrestling section user?
  284. HOW IN the hell is royal rumble scripted!?
  285. When Will Mr *Bang Bang Bang* Come Back?
  286. John Morrison Not leaving WWE? (10 points)?
  287. If you could hang out with any wrestler for a day, who would you pick?
  288. what are the top wwe video games ever and why were they the best?
  289. was JBL's title reign a down period for smackdown?
  290. GM of ws i demand a heavyweight title shot?
  291. Fav Wwe Superstar2?Round 6?
  292. CM Punk does the weather (video inside)?
  293. How do u want as the next Raw Guest Host?
  294. Who had the worst debut in WWE history?
  295. when john cena joined nexus it was a fail do you think they could of done so much more with
  296. what storylines are going to be in wwe 12 universe 2.0?
  297. which wrestlemania main events are more likely to happen?
  298. Here's why WWE Programming and pay per views are PG?
  299. Please rate my dream match card and pick your winners?
  300. What are my chances at either becoming a wwe creative writer or an actual wrestler ?
  301. When is the next pro wrestling PPV?
  302. Agree or Disagree,Chris Masters could of been a maineventer if?
  303. Do you think there were other superstars on the WWE roster who should have done the CM Punk
  304. why was hardcore holly never a main eventer or wwe champion?
  305. 2011 King of the Ring...Round 11!!!?
  306. wwe and tna tournament round 9?
  307. John Morrison Not leaving WWE? (10 points)?
  308. How many superstars have been released through the year 2010- the present?
  309. When Do You Think Khrama Is Returning To wwe, i'd like to see her beat the barbies again?
  310. Who'd Win (Legend killer) Randy Orton vs Sin Cara?
  311. royal rumble 2012 who should be the final 4?
  312. Why Is Primo Colon Still in the wwe?
  313. What do you guys think about this?
  314. What Would Your Reaction Be If?
  315. should kane ONE royal rumble before he wraps his WWE Days and why should he win?
  316. CMPunkGM, I still get my title match this Monday Night right ?
  317. what da hel come after six?
  318. this year in WWE what have been the greatest moments and memories you have?
  319. Who do you predict will be WWE's breakout star of 2012?
  320. Who do you predict will be WWE's breakout star of 2012?
  321. this year in WWE what have been the greatest moments and memories you have?
  322. Why does the new Triple H suck?
  323. Who In Todays Wrestling Is Closes To Ric Flair?
  324. He doctor tool I am agree with your 3 steps! +BQ?
  325. what is a good ECW match to watch?
  326. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Alberto Del Hero?
  327. where can i buy wwe dvds?
  328. mark henry should lose the belt pronto?
  329. Come on WS! I 'Edge' and me fellow user 'Dr. TOOL' has taken over this section. So, now......?
  330. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Christian 4 creeps?
  331. Will This Be John Cena's Next Wrestling Attire?
  332. Wrestlemania 28 dream card.Any good?
  333. is Rob van dam overrated?
  334. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Beard Bryan?
  335. Who thinks zack ryder needs a big push in wwe?
  336. Is Cody Rhodes in the Same League as Randy orton Now?
  337. in a wwe match is each move planed or go with the flow?
  338. is this section getting to boring?
  339. x fare punti??????????????????????????????
  340. Should the Rock use his Hollywood/Heel theme for Wrestlemania 28?
  341. Will the WWE superstars be making any appearences/doing sigings in Liverpool?
  342. Why are wrestling fans(ws) so negative about pro wrestling today?
  343. Is Daniel Bryan starting to look more like a main eventer?
  344. How much do TNA wrestlers get paid?
  345. Was Ted Dibiase's face turn a good idea?
  346. what are the next 3 or 4 WWE Superstars you see getting released in 2012 or before that?
  347. Impact Wrestling fans, what's your opinion of Matt Morgan?
  348. Since Evan is suspended who would be the perfect fit to replace him as Kofi Kingston's
  349. Does the wwe wellness violation policy apply to The Rock even though hes not an employee of the wwe?
  350. who better cm punk or christian?
  351. wwe and tna tournament round 7?
  352. I 'duke' anounce that I.....?
  353. Do you like wr......?
  354. If the great khali and viscera*were in a 90min iron man match, would it eventually become a porno? ?
  355. Do You Think That Smackdown Is Better Than Raw?
  356. which dvd should i buy the ladder match 2 or bret hart vs shawn michaels?
  357. If Undertaker never had his WM streak, how would Wrestlemania be?
  358. is john morrison a great athlete or a spot monkey?
  359. do you like britney spears?
  360. Choose a winner on my dream matches?
  361. we and tn tournament round 6?
  362. how do i flirt with a girl?
  363. do you like john cena?
  364. do you think that cena is a good wrestler?
  365. do you like micheal cole?
  366. Did you mark out when this happened?
  367. where did Alex Riley go?
  368. Who'd Win Billy Kidman vs Sin Cara?
  369. Should WWE add pyro to CM Punk's entrance?
  370. would taking my girlfriend to see wm 28 be romantic? or too expensive?
  371. Will Wrestlemania 28 Make More Than Wrestlmania 18?
  372. When the Divas of Doom, Beth Phoenix and Natalya split, who will turn face?
  373. Which HBK vs The Undertaker match was better?
  374. Breaking News The Miz and R-Truth are Gay?
  375. do you like katy perry?
  376. Wrestling poll this or that?
  377. re you a Face or Heel in real life +BQ?
  378. what color is your shirt?
  379. If Orton and Cena were a tag team, what would be a good name for their team?
  380. I'm the number 1 Cena hater in the Wrestling Section?
  381. CHICAGO BEARS,this question is for you?
  382. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Mickie Mouse Guerrero?
  383. Did they ever show anarquia's tattoo on tna impact wrestling?
  384. Beyond the Mat(Wrestling Documentary)2BQ?
  385. rate my friday night smackdown week 8?
  386. Who's better Hulk Hogan or The Earth's Strongest Man Mark Kenny?
  387. Who's better Hulk Hogan or The African Sensation Justin Gaybriel?
  388. Fav wwe superstar?round 12?
  389. What were the major events and feud in wwe for the past one month?10points sure?
  390. What were the major events and feud in wwe for the past one month?10points sure?
  391. what is the most bloodest match of all time?
  392. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Dolphin Ziggler?
  393. is CM Punk really against drinking alcohol and drugs ? or is it just part of the gimmick+BQ?
  394. which is better figure four leg lock or sharpshooter?
  395. if you were the RAW GM for one night and had the whole roster active, what matches would you set up?
  396. Mark henry vs kKane is an inferno match at Wrestlemania?
  397. What is the worst Wrestlemania Main Event of all time?
  398. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Michael Troll?
  399. why did the user i am the real stinget block me because i called sting old?
  400. when was randy orton at his best and when he was heel why was he so good at it?
  401. do you have a crush on any user WS?
  402. Why do so many people like dwayne 'the rock' johnson so much?to me,hes nothing but
  403. What is the best Wresltemania Main Event of all time?
  404. Does Rey Mysterio smoke?
  405. would you agree with me?
  407. Which finisher would you rather take Mark Henry's or the Big Show's?
  408. Who is the most overrated knockout/diva ever?
  409. What was your First Reaction when you found out Eddie Guerrero died?
  410. Should i keep Wwe super round 9 up till tommorrow?+BQ?
  411. wwould you pay 60 dollars a month to be able to watch wwe raw , SD and tna on spike?
  412. what should i do and what i shouldnt do when meeting ted d.?
  413. WWE Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD WTF?
  414. So one person whose a sl*t named kelly kelly wants to go toe to toe with a drug addict?
  415. Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes: Who's the better overall performer?
  416. Julius C +BQ...(more charecters)?
  417. how can I win her back?
  418. What is the better WWE band? Saliva or Limp Bizkit?
  419. How many IWC members does it take to change a lightbulb?
  420. rate my wwe superstars week 8?
  421. Will RAW and Smackdown be aired on the new WWE channel instead of USA and Syfy?
  422. Why do some people complain so much about talents like John Morrison or Christian to get a good
  423. Are you tired of the B. S.?
  424. How do Wrestlers prevent injury from the GTS?
  425. Do you think Scott Hall should have had at least one World Title reign?
  426. Who wins this Match : Team Bring It vs Team Cenation?
  427. Fav wwe superstar?round 9?
  428. What is your favorite WWE era?
  429. What was the most epic return of all time?
  430. does john cena have a good insurance plan?
  431. Do you think Shawn Micheals was scripted to win The Royal Rumble 2010?
  432. Do you think a feud is better when the 2 involved legitimately dislike each other ?
  433. Was WWE always fixed?were matches never real?
  434. rate my monday night raw week 8?
  435. Wrestling for the Worlds Smartest Man,Brogue Kick or any friend + BQ?
  436. Do you believe Daniel Bryan is going to wait until WrestleMania to cash in his MitB contract?
  437. What if CM Punk drops the CM and just want to be called Punk?
  438. Isn't Lord of Darkness the greatest use to grace the Wrestling Section?
  439. what would the wwe be with out john cena?
  440. Had any of you switched over to tna from WWE?
  441. Is it actually true WWE is bringing back the Hardcore Championship?
  442. 2011 King of the Ring...Round 8?? (BQ)?
  443. what do you like better pizza or hamburgers?
  444. How much creatine does Randy Orton take?
  445. Where on wwe website do you go to watch tonights NXT?
  446. wrestling section, I guess it's true.?
  447. rate my friday night smackdown week 7?
  448. Did You Get Goosebumps Whenever The Rock Did This?
  449. What are some crazy match endings in WWE history?
  450. Was Mr. Perfect gimmick modeled after a Nazi?
  451. what are you looking forward the most at WWE?
  452. What is your favourite wwe ppv and why?
  453. I'm cutting weight for wrestling?
  454. With the McCool return rumors and what happened last night do you think?
  455. @JuIiusC you didn't read the details?
  456. Why the WWE doesn't respect the wrestlers masks?
  457. If Waldorf and Statler done their typical heckling, what would think the one liners would be?
  458. What was that shirt that CM Punk wore to the ring tonight on RAW?
  459. How would these former wwe wrestlers help out the product today in thier prime?
  460. waiting for rock to return in survivor series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  461. You know when you're wrestling career is over with , when?
  462. Is WWE's Zach Ryder today's version of Scotty too hotty? BQ?
  463. Fav wwe superstar?round 8?
  464. what is your favourite jeff hardy theme song?
  465. do you like jericho's lionsault+BQ?
  466. Who has the best entrance music in the WWE 2day? ?
  467. Will Stephanie McMahon ever come back to WWE?
  468. my wwe day is set do you agree dec 18.,?
  469. Who else wants to join the Rated R Crew?
  470. Is it better to be an ignorant wrestling fan or a wise wrestling fan?
  471. Who do you think is an inspiration for aspiring black wrestlers?
  472. who is the knockout face if tna?
  473. Who wants to join a new group to take out trolls in the WS?
  474. Did Lita make an appearance on Raw last night for halloween?
  475. you is/was your wrestling role model?
  476. my last question tonight, if Cena was your dad would you?
  477. why does WWE games have blood, when the real thing doesn't , even if it is PG?
  478. what is the most thing you own that was from the wwe that you still have as a chlid?
  479. Will there be a storyline for The Rock?
  480. Do you genuinely hate any wrestlers?
  481. The Best In The World vs. The Rock?
  482. 2011 King of the Ring.....Round 7?
  483. Is Miss Piggy the most hated muppet ,right now, since she hit Hornswaggle,last night?
  484. wrestling section, which wwe/tna superstar would you have protect you if there was a zombie
  485. Wrestler's Real Names?
  486. Do you miss Shane O'Mac?
  487. Do you think The Rock is aging...?
  488. Dwayne The Rock Johnson is so built and big. Is he on steroids?
  489. Did the wrestling section die?
  490. which tag team made a bigger impact?+ BQ?
  491. Why do you watch wrestling if you know its fake?
  492. In WWE this year up to this point who has been the break out performer?
  493. OK, Will John Cena defeat 'The Great One' the rock at Wrestlemania 28 Next Year in Miami Florida?
  494. was Raw or Smackdown better this week and why?
  495. wrestling section, which wwe/ superstars/divas do you think are gay/in the closet?
  496. The Rock had the best mic skills in the history of wwf/wwe. agree or disagree?
  497. What is the biggest difference between?
  498. Can you name all of Chris Jerichos 1004 holds?
  499. does wwe still recognize randy orton as the youngest whc?
  500. WS: who would win in a hiac match justin gabriel or daniel bryan?