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  1. does kane use propan for his pyro?
  2. how many simpsons christmas episodes are there?
  3. What happened at the end of Raw?
  4. Wrestling section user i caught cm punk drinking a beer needs to be punised! + wweq?
  5. so was raw gets rocked awesome or what?
  6. who should me and the guys cheer for the rock or john cena?
  7. me vs i caught cm punk drinking a beer in a fight to the death who would win?
  8. Lol No fruity pebble insight What do you think The Rock ate instead?
  9. WWE Top Faces - Rnd 2?
  10. LOL Cena's lady parts are trending worldwide?
  11. why is wrestling section user i caught cm punk drinking a beer such a bad troll?
  12. Was it wrong that the only enjoyment I got from this was the Rock Bottom?
  13. most overrated wrestler of all time dead or alive?
  14. When did Cody Rhodes lose his mask?
  15. Will John Cena turn Heel at the Survivor series?
  16. Can somebody inform me what's going on in the Wrestling Section?
  17. WWE 12: When are they gonna reveal the remaining superstars?
  18. Why is it taking so long for?
  19. WWE 12: Do you think you can play as Cody Rhodes without out the mask?
  20. WWE 12: Which superstars do you start out with?
  21. Thats all you get in WWE 12 for pre order?
  22. Who replaced christian on team Barrett?
  23. Do you see Nick Hogan as a future wrestler?
  24. are you the biggest jeff hardy fan?
  25. Is it gross to perform a mandible claw without the sock?
  26. What are your thoughts on last night's Monday Night RAW Super Show?
  27. Wow Cenas father can cut a better promo than John Cena?
  28. Why is wwe so obsessed with twitter?
  29. Do you still find The Rock attractive?
  30. Anyone else think Natayla and Beth Phoenix are hottttttt!!!?
  31. WS! Most annoying or hated user for you?+BQ?
  32. Why do I think John CENA is hot?
  33. How Long Until Raw Finished?
  34. beth phoenix vs lita who wins?
  35. why isn't Cody Rhodes wearing a mask anymore?
  36. I act like I'm a WWE wrestler to get over people watching me fear am I weird?
  37. How can wrestlers walk to the ring in front of so many people,how can be comfortable
  38. Finally The Rock has come Back?
  39. Did Cena own The Rock in that segment or did The Rock own Cena?
  40. Raw vs Smackdown, which show is better?
  41. Was anyone else extremely disappointed by tonight's raw's over hype?
  42. LOL...Did The Rock get the wrong person?
  43. Were you more happy to see mick foley instead of the rock tonight on raw? BQ?
  44. In How i met your mother does Barney marry Robin?
  45. Would you rather Punk go into Wrestlemania as the champ, or win it there?
  46. Why does WWE insist on completely ignoring the adult fans?
  47. Message for wrestling section?
  48. Are you excited for the 3-hour Raw tonight?
  49. gotta spear em all, you have a championship match on Sunday?
  50. How old does Bret Hart think he is ?
  51. Hips Don't Lie and Ziggler nWo?
  52. Who is your favorite CURRENT wwe superstar ?
  53. Is it me or does Huncio looks a lot like Mvp?
  54. When was the last time you seen this?
  55. What did John Cena mean when he told Mick Foley this ring is all I have (on 11/14/11 it was...
  56. Was Elizabeth Cena on this is your life John Cena or in this is your life John Cena book (I miss
  57. Finally the crowd has woken up?
  58. What tv channel in Australia (on foxtel) can i watch WWE Raw?
  59. Dont you think thar the wwe shoukd give us more cody Rhodes and less Cena, and orton?
  60. who hates the rock on WWE?
  61. im turning my back on you i caught cm punk drinking a beer, + wwe bq?
  62. Who'd Win Chyna vs Randy Orton ?
  63. Why does the wrestling section have such a hard on for the rock, when he isn't that good?
  64. What did you think of that segment between the awesome truth and the rock and cena?
  65. Why did The Rock tell John Cena on Raw tonight (11/14/11) on Raw, that Cena has lady parts?
  66. HAHA Michael Cole and JR?
  67. WS can any one tell me what happen so far on raw?
  68. WWE..this is your life segment embarrassing to watch?
  69. whats cody Rhodes new theme plus BQ?
  70. Why do the Divas matches always suck and end in less than a minute?
  71. Wrestling Section: Do You Have A Stream For WWE Raw Gets Rocked?
  72. Can someone tell me what happened on RAW so far?
  73. How come Cole won if he only had 1 point while JR had 2?
  74. Rate the wrestlers theme songs. 1-10?
  75. what would you name your pro wrestling company?
  76. Can you guess all of these wrestlers?
  77. Who Will Open Monday Night Raw Tonight?
  78. Can you see the Miz becoming a Hall of Famer later on? + BQs?
  79. who innovated the 'suplex'+ BQ?
  80. Who has a Sexier Face, Natalya Neidhart or Eve Torres?
  81. WWE Fans is Tyler Reks?
  82. TNA Turning Point results: who are the winners?
  83. Hips dont Lie, i'm sorry bro?
  84. WS I challenge dolph ziggler nwo for a match?
  85. WS what would be cm punk oppenent at wrestlemania?
  86. What does 'CM' stand for in CM Punk?
  87. WWE TRIVIA: Guess the wrestler?
  88. should my friend bill become a pro wrsetler?
  89. does the wwe use propane?
  90. should vince mcmahon return?
  91. WWE not selling replica belts anymore?
  92. should mr strickland have a meeting with mr mcmahon?
  93. This is why your mom isn't allowed into the Wrestling Section?
  94. what do you think of new wwe superstar rick astley?
  95. does TNA use propane?
  96. remember when kane had an affair with tori?
  97. do triple h and stephanie use propane?
  98. what do you think of the rock?
  99. Who screws up more in thier profession...?
  100. would it be cool if wwe had a thanksgiving special?
  101. What's your favorite Booker T quote? MultChoice...?
  102. if you could bring back one diva from the past which would it be?
  103. what kind of pie does the rock like?
  104. when will i get a title shot?
  105. was Turning Point a good PPV?
  106. How is John Cena's attire have anything to do with wrestling+BQ?
  107. Rock and Cena or Awesome Truth?
  108. im 13 and i want to be a professional wrestler?
  109. should wwe bring back the hardcore title?
  110. Whats more boring................?
  111. remember when kane fought the rock?
  112. who is the best wrestler from texas?
  113. 4 words to describe kevin nash?
  114. Wrestling Section, do you think this era of the wwe will produce any unforgettable legends?
  115. Why does TNA make their stable and tag teams have...?
  116. Why was Maryse relaesed (hey that kind of rhymed... sort of)?
  117. What happened at TNA turning point?
  118. If Cena wins WE RIOT!?
  119. Who is the hotter WWE diva?
  120. are you guys excited to see the Rock tonight?
  121. On wwe 12 can you edit the WWE superstars?
  122. Whats the match types on wwe 12?
  123. Does anyone else see eddie guerrero sign last night in tna ppv?
  124. on WWE 12 is there a 40 man royal rumble?
  125. Would The Rock Look Weird With Hair?
  126. Were nancy Benoit and her retard son just asking for that day?
  127. Will Goldberg return to WWE or go to TNA?
  128. What your opinion of Brogue Kick?
  129. Gail Kim new Knockout champion: Your thoughts?
  130. what do think of the section war?
  131. Remember when they used to yell sloppy Joe at Samoa Joe?
  132. How do you like your Undertaker cooked, rare, medium or WELL DONE!?
  133. What does If Cena wins we RIOT! actually refer to?
  134. WS? Are you excited for the 3 hour raw?
  135. WS? Do you think Serena had potential?
  136. Best European Champion?
  137. Who is WWE first Grand Slam Champion?
  138. What do you get if you pre order?
  139. Would you rather be in Chyna?
  140. Will John Cena vs Hulk Hogan?
  141. Do you see Cody Rhodes being more successful than Dusty Rhodes?
  142. Your favorite DX moment?
  143. Who do you think will return at Royal Rumble?
  144. Best Royal Ruble wrestler: Kane or HBK?
  145. How sad is it that the trolls in this section know more about wrestling that the supposed...
  146. why did eddie guerrero die?
  147. Sting vs Undertaker? Who Wins?
  148. Who Will The Rock Have A In Ring Segment With On Raw?
  149. Whats more likely to happen once Truth and Miz break up their tag team in the future?
  150. So what did you think of TNA's turning point? Best thing you liked/worse thing you
  151. Do you like Shawn Michaels as a heel or face?
  152. Will WWE Lose A Lot Of Adult Fans?
  153. In your eyes when do you think Cena will retire?
  154. Who wants to cyber-wrestle me for the section?
  155. Guess which wrestler I'm thinking about...?
  156. With what mindset do you guys watch WWE since it's all staged?
  157. What is your favorite soda Coke or Pepsi?
  158. If Cena wins, we RIOT!?
  159. Do you love Ankita Varma's helmet as much as I do?
  160. So... this must be the most activity the Wrestling section has gotten in some time, no?
  161. No disrespect but why is everyone asking poll questions here in wrestling section?
  162. Wrestlemania 28: the beginning of the end for wwe?
  163. Why do all the great wrestlers.....?
  164. guess who's theme this lines come from game?
  165. Why can't i get her out my mind!? (wq inside)?
  166. which is the best cell match?
  167. What's the name of this wrestling move?
  168. who was the first african american world champion in pro wrestling?
  169. (DDP vs. Beniot video) - What's the name of the wrestling move at 8:22?
  170. who was smackdowns best GM?
  171. am I the only one who honestly never found the rock 'electrifying' just too arrogant?
  172. I just found out something?
  173. who is the best female wrestler ever?
  174. remember bruiser mastino?
  175. is triple h washed up?
  176. who would win mark henry vs scott Steiner?
  177. Will There Be Another Series Of Tough Enough?
  178. is mark henry boring or what?
  179. Imposter Nexus, you actually expect people to believe you?
  180. Will We See Mick Foley Back In The WWE Tommorow?
  181. who are the top 5 wrestlers in tna impact this year and why?
  182. WS Who watching tna turning point?
  183. i'm new to this wrestling stuff which wrestler should i get to know?
  184. agree or disagree wade barrett is going to be a world champion soon?
  185. if you had to choose a celebrity to host wrestlemainia who would you pick?
  186. Best Face and Heel Diva.?
  187. did daniel bryan impress you last friday?
  188. russomania why were you being a jerk to me+BQ?
  189. will zack ryder ever win the u.s. title?
  190. Who'd Win (Crazy heel) Edge vs Viper Randy orton?
  191. Why is this section so dead?
  192. should kofi kingston win a world title soon?
  193. Rated rko or beer money?
  194. are you tired of mark henry being invincible?
  195. who do you think will beat beth phoenix for the divas title?
  196. who should be wwe and whc champion at wrestlemania?
  197. Which WWE Superstars in 2011 have been the most over with the fans and why?
  198. Beth and Eve entrance live HD?
  199. why is the wrestling section so dead?
  200. Are there any TRUE Hardy fans left that have NOT turned their backs on Matt Hardy?
  201. Why are all you fans such fakes you do know that ufc is better than wwe?
  202. WS When undertaker retires who will induct him to the hof?
  203. Fav Wwe Superstar?Round 11?
  204. who's your favorite wrestler?
  205. In WWE 12 is there gonna be the new 40 man rumble match feature?
  206. Will Chris Benoit ever get these thing ever again?
  207. do you know the truth about pro wrestling?
  208. Who else thinks the Rock needs to shave his goatee?
  209. WWE raw supershow this monday?
  210. why do you watch pro wrestling?
  211. Why does the Diva's division suck right now?
  212. Did Chavo Guererro Retire?
  213. why do you like pro wrestling?
  214. Can you edit the WWE supertars in WWE 12?
  215. Why does John Morrison wear those ugly fur coats?
  216. the truth about pro wrestling?
  217. What would be ur reaction to Chris Jericho returning and winning the Royal Rumble?
  218. please stop watching pro wrestling?
  219. why is everyone calling Kevin Nash a ninja after WWE Vengeance?
  220. what wwe superstars are the best on the mic in 2011 the good guys and bad guys?
  221. if you can name one wwe or tna wrestler to be in a other company who would it be?
  222. why do you defened pro wrestling?
  223. Which of these 2 autograph signings should I go to?
  224. Who Do you Wish Was Still in WWE?
  225. Is Triple H really as bad as everyone says?
  226. When was the last time Christian won a match cleanly?
  227. WS who will improve next year +BQ?
  228. why are wrestlers sometimes called athletes?
  229. why is it that wwe is more better than any other company?
  230. Describe a wrestlers career in one word?
  231. its been 6 years since Eddie Guerrero died whats your thoughts on him and whats his greatest
  232. no questions in the last four hours?
  233. Do you cheer hysterically, applaud, boo or throw objects ?
  234. do u agree on my wwe look alikes!?
  235. Whats wrong with Brodus Clay?
  236. WS PPV Judgement Day?
  237. how to become eligable to ticketmaster pre-sales?
  238. Why does WWE continue to employ Hornswoggle?
  239. what are the catch phrases of the year in wwe?
  240. beth phoenix vs chyna who is better why or why not?
  241. Like CM Punk said, And btching, and btching.. and btching?
  242. how did you find out eddie guerrero died?
  243. Serious question!!!!?
  244. Do any of you know the Jinder Mahal situation?
  245. what is your favorite current TNA KNOCKOUT and why?
  246. (Imagine) if they were no PPV'S would you still be watching wrestling?
  247. CMPunkCE0ofWS, i want a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgement Day?
  248. is Sabu going to be in wwe 12?
  249. How can you make a wrestlemania match card on youtube?
  250. what are your thoughts on new wwe superstar todd faudware?
  251. should kane's first match back be against thad mortonson?
  252. should ted win the ic title from cody?
  253. is ted dibiase's new gimmick cool?
  254. should wade barrett win a world title?
  255. could juan famiglio be the man to break takers streak?
  256. what are the top 5 Finishing moves on RAW And Smackdown This Year?
  257. is ted dibiase the fastest rising star in wwe?
  258. randy orton vs triple h at Wrestlemania 25 was it any good was it that bad?
  259. who was the best couple in wwe?
  260. Team Orton or Team Barrett? What team do you want to win at SS.?
  261. who will become champion after cody rhodes?
  262. When will wwe Kane return?
  263. should daniel bryan cash in before wrestlemania or wait?
  264. If John Cena was never a wrestler what do you think he would be doing now?
  265. why is it that there a ws matches but some users are not on them?
  266. why do all of you watch the wwe even though you critize it your suppose to be fans not hypocites?
  267. do you think gail kim will take velvet sky's gold tomorrow at turning point?
  268. rated rko or roh and bq?
  269. Can I Still Pre-order WWE 12?
  270. what are the worst wrestlemania main events to close the show in wwe history?
  271. Somebody called the cops for Randy Orton!?
  272. stingette im getting sick of you! + wrestling question?
  273. WS who is cmpunkhatestrolls?
  274. WS, Do I look hot to you?
  275. rate these wrestlers ring abilitys from best to worst?
  276. When will Alberto Del Rio lose his WWE title?
  277. Who is the best looking diva of all time?
  278. wrestling section, who would win this match? +bq?
  279. Who hasd a better booty Eve Torres or Mickie James?
  280. is tyison kidd and natyla dateing?
  281. Who Had The Worst Week?
  282. Who else thinks this is outrageous?
  283. What is your reaction about Stone Cold and Mick Foley having their separate talk shows in the
  284. Buy or sell Christian will win the WHC title again?
  285. Who'd Win Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Eddie Edwards?
  286. WWE Top 10 Heels - Rnd 4 (Semis)?
  287. in WWE history who are the legit toughest WWE superstars ever and what made them tough?
  288. Is Chris Benoit the best wrestler of all time?
  289. WS what match would be a dream match for you?
  290. Can The Undertaker ever be replaced?
  291. How impressive was Big Show tonight in that 3-on-1 handicap match?
  292. Do you think Dixie Carter putting Sting in a high TNA position was a way to keep him in TNA
  293. What did you think of Booker T's English accent tonight on Smackdown,LINK INSIDE?
  294. Wasn't Big Show a hypocrite when he said this tonight on Smackdown...?
  295. If Mark Henry is a grizzly bear,is Big Show a sasquatch (Bigfoot)?
  296. What is your opinion on Hunico?
  297. Why do I attract so many trolls?
  298. Booker T said tonight that Daniel Bryan has never had a girlfriend?Is this true?
  299. The matches for the WS PPV Backlash?
  300. What convinced Wade Barrett to pick Hunico for his team because I have no idea why he...
  301. Do you think everyone in the TNA locker room eyeballs Crimson since he is undefeated?
  302. What were your favorite Booker T quotes from Smackdown tonight (11/11/11)?
  303. Was Mark Henry a c**k-blocker tonight when my boy D-Bryan was talking to Kaitlyn and AJ Lee?
  304. Why didn't Wade Barrett or Randy Orton choose Mark Henry in their non-respective teams?
  305. Did you agree with Booker T tonight when he said Natalya always looks good?
  306. Is it a coincidence that everyone in Team Orton and Team Barrett hate each other?
  307. If Shawn Michaels didn't retire, who would he be feuding with right now?
  308. Do you think one of the TNA Knockouts should sleep with Garrett Bischoff to stay employed?
  309. So brou'g@' kick is back!!! ?
  310. why did Shane McMahon leave WWE?
  311. Do you think Daniel Bryan attacked Mark Henry with a chair to impress AJ and Kaitlyn?
  312. What WrestleMania logo do you like the best (inside)?
  313. Which Rivalry Was Better?
  314. Can Anyone Please Find Me A Picture Of The Rock?
  315. What's Up With Wrestling?
  316. WS what would happen if triple h knock on your door to tell you that you will get 17 million
  317. whats up with this annoying fued between wrestling section users i caught cm punk... and stingette?
  318. What did Robert Roode say about his actions last week?
  319. If this era in WWE is called the PG era,is 1998-2002 the TV-14 era?
  320. is wwe tryna copy tnas mexican americans with hunico primo and epico?
  321. anyone else think that Kid Kash looks like Owen Hart?
  322. do you think robbie e and zack ryder should have a fist pumping contest?
  323. Are you a member of The Fruit Loop Troop?
  324. Which wrestling era in WWF/E had more kids in the crowd:The Golden age or The Universe era?
  325. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown?
  326. WWE Wrestlemania Matches that Didn't live up to their hype?
  327. If YOU could ERASE one Wrestler from the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP History Who would it be and WHY?
  328. Youtube Channels that upload videos of Specific Wrestler?
  329. Will John Cena Ever Get A Bigger Ovation Than This?
  330. which wrestler in WWE has the best over all finishing move?
  331. WWE wrestler of the years, do you agree?
  332. WWE Top 10 Heels - Rnd 3?
  333. what company is otis brotis work for before wwe?
  334. do you like triple h?
  335. do you watch how i met your mother?
  336. is tna getting good it got more intersting?
  337. why did john cena get booed on raw?
  338. do you like zack ryder?
  339. did you know that john cena love me and we are goin out on a date tomorrow with my mom who will...
  340. do you like john cena?
  341. Finally! Finally! Finally!?
  342. If you were a wrestler,how would you book your last match?
  343. What do you think of me as a user?
  344. WWE Top 10 Heels - Rnd 2?
  345. WS what was the best moment of smackdown?
  346. What time was Randy Orton on Smackdown tonight Friday 11/11/11, and who did he wrestle?
  347. Need help for wrestling!?
  348. The look on Sheamus' face after that Bieber segment?
  349. okay theres a wrestling section user tats stalking me! +bq?
  350. WS who better as GM teddy long or paul heyman?
  351. Would it make any sense to put Shelton Benjamin?
  352. If anyone which superstars in ROH do you see WWE ever signing?
  353. your predictions on the NWO's members?
  354. Whos is the best and worst user in this section?
  355. @ Chritian user Why are you so mean?
  356. Fav Wwe superstar2?Round 9?
  357. what are your opinions on claudio castagnoli?
  358. WS WWE Releases ?Future Endeavors? T-Shirt, your reaction or opinion?
  359. did anyone else think that ted dibiase would get the first push when legacy broke up?
  360. Can I order from if I live in the UK?
  361. should dolph ziggler's world title reign have lasted longer?
  362. WS beth phoenix talk about how the other divas are barbie dolls but before she was one...
  363. WWE Top 10 Heels - Rnd 1?
  364. if you were GM of raw, superstars and smackdown what matches would you make on your show(give...
  365. do you think winter is hot?
  366. marysse cups would you eat them?
  367. question for maryse who are you really?
  368. Who'd Win (wcw) Rey Mysterio vs British Bulldog ?
  369. Fav Wwe superstar2?Round 8?
  370. What was the drama with Steph, Triple H and Chyna?
  371. whats everyones opinion of batista being named on wwe12?
  372. who's better triple h or shawn michaels?
  373. John Cena vs The Rock Wrestlemania 28: Who will win?
  374. who will win evolution or nexus?
  375. WS if john cena would sign a tna contact and bash tna do you think he will bring money for them?
  376. who is the only person to have been on both NXT and Tougth Enough?
  377. Your current favourite Wrestler+BQ?
  378. how long untill we start hearing?
  379. sorry about your damn luck vs it pays to be roode-who should i pledge my loyality to now?
  380. Who'd Win Trent Barretta vs Sin Cara?
  381. pro wrestling survey?
  382. Will The Great One Be At The 2012 Royal Rumble?
  383. Will The TLC Payperview be Something to look Forward to OR....?
  384. Do you think Smackdown will be any good tonight?
  385. The Rock Vs John Cena At Wrestlemania 28?
  386. Who'd Win Daniel Bryan vs (04) Masked Kane?
  387. who would win in a money in the bank ladder match?
  388. Do you think Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit would still be alive today if the wwe wellness...
  389. Why is this user bothering with me?
  390. Has their been a troll to get a TC badge?
  391. Who do you think will be world champion next year?
  392. For the people complaining about the WS matches?
  393. who is the most hated user in the WS?
  394. @CMpunkCEO. Can I have a match? Please read? Wrestling BQ?
  395. Who is hotter Vickie Guerrero or Karen Jarrett?
  396. Is Sara Del Rey a better wrestler than Trish Stratus?
  397. Who'd Win Diamond Dallas Page vs Randy Orton?
  398. Triple h or randy orton?
  399. Who are the well known decent users here?
  400. What do you miss most from the PG 14 Era?
  401. How will John Cena be remembered 20 years from now?
  402. Why does every WWE fan suck CM Punk's cock?
  403. Who is hottest diva in wrestling ring?
  404. Where Is Raw Being Held?
  405. Why Do Wrestlers Get Suspended For Using Steroids?
  406. Do you think it really hurts the WWE/TNA other wrestling productions when they have a ppv
  407. What do you think about TNA's turning point match card?
  408. The Ugandan Giant Kamala your thoughts on him was he any good?
  409. When was the last time The Rock and Kevin Nash were on the same show?
  410. Is anyone else ticked off that they turn bobby roode heel and broke up beer money tonight on impact?
  411. anybody out there who still lilkes the miz?
  412. Which Cm punk is better the straight edge or the nexus or the current cm punk and why?
  413. Who are the most under rated superstars of all time?
  414. Mark henry and randy doing spina roonie?
  415. Brock lesner again makes remarks about stonecold?
  416. What is GM mode gonna be like in WWE 12?
  417. The Rock or Breat heart?
  418. What WWE titles should the WWE bring back?
  419. Is Katie Vick Vick make believe?
  420. What is the best WWE theme music of all time?
  421. John Cena vs Undertaker who will win!?
  422. Would Edge and Randy Orton make good pig farmers?
  423. Who's the best GM in the history of the WWE?
  424. WWE 12- who's gonna be playable for road to wrestlemania?
  425. Is it true that Shelton Benjamin is going to be on WWE 12?
  426. Can't believe this week on Raw in Liverpool John Cena called Zack Ryder the 5th Beatle?
  427. Who else is getting Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3?
  428. Way do you watch wrestling?
  429. Why do you watch Wrestling when you can get girlfriends?
  430. Who else is thinks UFC is better than WWE?
  431. A former song about former wrestler, Chris Benoit?
  432. Is this true wrestling fans?
  433. Who's the best user in WS history?
  434. Wrestlers that are still in the WWE from the attitude era?
  435. Amazing red vs John Morrison?
  436. list of wwe best themes songs 1-5?
  437. Will there ever be inferno matches anymore?
  438. Did you know living colour were black?
  439. Is it true that the wwe wellness policy doesnt apply to main eventers?
  440. does anyone else think nash still can wrestle and possibly be world champion?
  441. was shelton benjamin the best u.s. champ ever?
  442. Why Does It Seem like every Wrestler is Green?
  443. Wrestling Section: Which Would You Rather See?
  444. should kimbo slice have went to wwe?
  445. Is Vickie Guerrero dating?
  446. which diva has the best pair of jugs?
  447. Why are cena's matches so predictable+BQ?
  448. who would win in a tickle fight between kelly kelly and eve?
  449. Do you think this happens?
  450. what your reaction be if kelly kelly debut a new theme song?
  451. which divas has the best pair of boobs?
  452. Which divas has the best pair of boobs?
  453. Is WWE Diva Natalya dating anyone?
  454. who's the sexiest diva in wwe and in tna?
  455. Which divas has the best pair of jugs?
  456. do you think its time TNA brought out a new game?
  457. Do wrestlers really care about winning championships?
  458. Which WWE Star do you think deserves a push?
  459. which superstars were better in either wwe or tna?
  460. What are your thoughts on wrestler Adam Pearce?
  461. Wrestling: Whos Your Favorite Wrestler Of All Time And Why?
  462. As holder of the money in the bank....?
  463. WS what was the biggest mistakes wwe or tna did in the past that you wish didn't happen?
  464. Non wrestling related question?
  465. if you could compare current superstars to WWE legends, who would they be?
  466. Do you think it's possible for Vince McMahon to create something bigger than WrestleMania?
  467. Are you a Cole-Miner?
  468. What does Japan have to do with wrestling?
  469. In your opinion, did Vince McMahon kill WWE?
  470. Vince winning the 1999 Royal Rumble: Stupid, selfish or genius?
  471. Which is better? TNA or WWE?
  472. Whether the rock had to play the movie?
  473. Do you think WWE should have more time in between PPV's?
  474. Do you think CM Punk was nerd?
  475. Do you believe Shawn Michaels still has one more match in him?
  476. Are you over the WWE Championship Spinner Belt?
  477. In your opinion, will John Cena turn heel before The Royal Rumble?
  478. This just pop to my head why don't the wwe have cyber sunday type of show on their network?
  479. When HBK said The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels has left the building, were you sad?
  480. Just like I said The Miz will be WS WWE champion forever?
  481. What are your thoughts on Shawn Michaels being number 1 on WWE's top superstars of all time list?
  482. who would in in this survival series WS match: Team Christian vs Team Brogue Kick?
  483. What wrestler comes to your mind when i say WrestleMania 24?
  484. Breaking News!! Jerry Lawler Admits he doesnt like being a commentator +Details inside?
  485. i demand a title shot?
  486. Is Wade Barret Underrated in your Book?
  487. WS Monday Night Raw Results! + WQ?
  488. What big moment are you expecting to see at Survivor Series?
  489. Who's better: Bret Hart or HBK?
  490. Christian injured at a house show? +Details inside?
  491. who would win in a tickle fight between natalya and beth phoenix?
  492. I just got John Cena's Number +BQs?
  493. What submission hold is your favorite?
  494. Guess who back in the wrestling section after absence?
  495. Do you remember when Shawn Michaels?
  496. I am the new General Manager of the Wrestling Section?
  497. What do you think about CMSkunkPanty-Mole?
  498. Which Team Will You Be On At Wrestlemania 28?
  499. Do you thin Aaron Rodgers is a WWE fan?
  500. Is the Great Khali retired?