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  1. If you were in WWE would you rather be a heel or face and why?
  2. more overrated CM Punk or Undertaker?
  3. Wrestling section chose who better zack ryder or justin Gabriel?
  4. who's darker Booker T or Kofi kingston?
  5. If Jericho returns, will he feud with CM Punk over the title?
  6. TNA out did the wwe again didn't they?
  7. Who's you favourite wrestler in TNA?
  8. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  9. how would you rather buy zack rider or the miz?
  10. Zack Ryder is better than you?
  11. Does My Use Of CapsLocks Annoy You?
  12. Why do i feel like i'm the only one who notices this?
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating. Are you ready to see John Morrison at TNA?
  14. Would WCW have survived had it of not all been about Nash, Hogan, Russo, Bischoff and the...
  15. how can i watch wwe PPVs online in 1 part?
  16. who do you want to be the current WHC?
  17. who do you like better john cena or the rock?
  18. what do you think of china wanting to come back to the wwe?
  19. do you like zack ryder?
  20. Will this make tna better?
  21. Undertaker fans how would you feel if...?
  22. who do you like better big show or mark henry?
  23. What does john cena like about long Walks on the beach ?
  24. How can the wwe change to tv14?
  25. What do you like about John cena ?
  26. What is John cena doing now?
  27. Do you think John cena should be the face?
  28. Why is tna ratings not high like wwe?
  29. Should wwe involve more divas like tna does ?
  30. Do you watch tna.....?
  31. Did you know that china wants to come back to wwe?
  32. Where should I propose to John cena ?
  33. Should WWE have continued the storyline with Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly?
  34. Doesn't it seem that Eric Young is Impact Wrestling's version of Santino Marella?
  35. Help Wrestling section why can't I watch TNA today?
  36. What are you thankful for in WWE/TNA?
  37. Why can't current WWE Divas pose for Playboy?
  38. does the miz have a name for his double head smash move?
  39. anyone think this thanksgiving impact is so good it should be 3 hrs?
  40. Fav Wwe Superstar3?Round 11?
  41. Why are all wrestlers Pedos? For example undertaker and HBK?
  42. Does WWE John Cena have his own tour bus since earlier this year WWE showed Randy Orton tour bus?
  43. If you had 1 year....?(Read on)?
  44. Do you think cena should do something about him being booed?
  45. is mark henry in love with stephanie mcmahon?
  46. Do wrestlers ask other wrestlers for autograph?
  47. John Morrison,Tyson Kidd, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston or Cody Rhodes:who is the better
  48. Dont you agree that?(read on...)?
  49. Does John cena know I can see him?
  50. If Cena goes to TNA, will he change his name?
  51. Can Beth Phoenix crush a watermelon in between her thighs?
  52. If the punt kick can injure someone for a couple months, what other moves should be able to?
  53. Why is Sheamus so good?
  54. How can john cena and I fall in love and make wrestling babies ?
  55. Which one did you watch more back then WWF or WCW?
  56. What is your first WWE 12 match?
  57. Fav Wwe Superstar3?Round 10?
  58. What deceased celebrities could you have seen guest hosting Raw if they were alive?
  59. What was your favorite Matt Hardy Gimmick?
  60. Would john cena be the face of tna if he were to join?
  61. WHAT!?!?!? John Morrison may be leaving wwe????!!?!!!?
  62. Anbody else having a problem reversing moves on WWE 12?
  63. What's your favourite time of the year on the WWE calender?
  64. Would Daniel Bryan be a good world SD champion?
  65. Would you rather Husky Harris getting this hype Brodus Clay is receiving?
  66. daniel bryan NEW World Heavyweight Champion?
  67. What is the first WWE match you remember watching?
  68. Who is the most underated wrestler in WWE right now and who is most deserving of the WWE title...
  69. If John Cena wasn't in WWE who would be the face of the company?
  70. Will Matt Hardy ever wrestle for WWE or TNA again?
  71. Did you like Nexus in WWE ?
  72. How much di you all hate CM Punk ?
  73. FROSY the supreme, I'm serious about Slater?
  74. does anyone know when wwe 12 will be marked down to 19 bucks?
  75. Who is your favorite WWE Superstar at the moment?
  76. Since it's almost Thanksgiving,what are you thankful for in the WWE?
  77. Do you think the wwe should go tv 14?
  78. What do you think Booker T thinks of Heath Slater?
  79. What will wwe do about john cena boos on tv they can't ignore it?
  80. If Kane returns with the mask,will he bald then or have a long haired wig?
  81. Good wrestling takedowns?
  82. STAR this question if you haven't given up on Matt Hardy +BQ?
  83. Is there a 1600 x 1200 version of the WWE TLC 2011 Wallpaper?
  84. Have You Noticed That John Cena?
  85. Should CM Punk and John Cena become a tag team?
  86. How long will cm punk hold wwe title?
  87. Would you let your kids be a professional wrestler?
  88. Has a professional wrestling fight ever turn into a real fight?
  89. Do you think John Morrison should botch every move on his last night in the WWE or go out silent?
  90. Is The Miz going to turn face?
  91. Do you think Rock vs Cena at Wrestlemania 28 is passing the torch?
  92. How do you think Morrison plans to leave WWE?
  93. If john cena faced the devil in hell in the cell, can cena win even if chris benoit interfered?
  94. How long it would take for Goldberg to beat khali?
  95. Are you surprised Vince Mcmahon doesn't own a boxing company?
  96. what is that wrestling show that comes once a year and has 100m people fight and cant go on the...
  97. i wish people would stop saying the itbegins promo is kane!!!!?
  98. If CM Punk beat Ziggler in a Champ vs. Champ match, does that mean he is now the US Champion...
  99. WS! I want your openion?
  100. Should I Buy PS3 or Xbox 360?
  101. Everyone Zack ryder IMMORTAL is a creep who like to to smell my underwears?
  102. Do you think The Undertaker will return at TLC + BQ.?
  103. What do you think about the recent news on Hogan on yahoo's front page?
  104. who else is getting sick of the questions about masked kane and itbegins2012 promos on raw?
  105. Hey WS! Which gaming console you have?
  106. Rate and pick the winners of my WWE Afro Mania match card?
  107. Who are your favorite wrestlers outside of WWE and TNA?
  108. Is there another way of getting The Rock instead of pre ordering?
  109. possibility at wrestlemania?
  110. Bloody mary vs. Bloody Chris benoit. Who will win?
  111. Do you like WCW Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page the same way he likes you?
  112. What do you think is the sexiest thing that has happened in WWE/WWF history?
  113. Current WWE and TNA heels/faces?
  114. Mark henry vs bloody mary! Who will win?+BQ?
  115. Would you like to see a feud between kane kevin nash?
  116. Are you ready to see the viper Randy Orton in action this Friday?
  117. Do the WWE referees make up the matches?
  118. Who is the most skilled bearhugger in wrestling?
  119. Can WWE wrestler bearhug Sharapova into unconsciousness?
  120. WWE 12 Universe Mode questions?
  121. Why is John Cena the face of the WWE?
  122. Did anyone else know that midget wrestling is a thing?
  123. Stone cold vs the rock?
  124. Would You Rather (wwe questions) boys only?
  125. When will NXT Redemption (Season 5) EVER END!?
  126. What was your favorite knock out the big show has givin?
  127. Because of his divorce,is Hulk Hogan now broke?
  128. When will these WWE pro wrestlers become WWE or World Heavyweight Champion?
  129. So R-Truth has also failed his wellness programme is suspended for 30 days from the WWE?
  130. Why do so many people claim that Bret Hart was mid card during 1998 in WCW?
  131. why do people hate john cena?
  132. Should my friend join WWE?
  133. If you were a pro wrestler what would your signature maneuver be?
  134. Will WWE 12 be on sale on black friday?
  135. Has WWE CM Punk merchandise sales has past John Cena's merchandise sales (just curious, I like...
  136. Fav Wwe Superstar3?Round 9?
  137. Real men,real wrestling.Who would you pick in a street fight between Harley Race and Bob Backlund?
  138. Who'd win this match?
  139. Who would win in a triple threat match between Nash,May Young and Bob Barker?
  140. Fav Tna Superstar?Round 11 Finals!?
  141. which wrestling game had the best road to wrestlemania storylines? svr09, svr10 svr11 or wwe 12?
  142. Why was there no wwe bragging rights ppv this year?
  143. TNA vs WWE! WS you decide who will win?
  144. Fav Wwe Superstar3?Round 8?
  145. What was up with Jerry the king lawler today he didn't say a word ?
  146. Any effective submission holds for highschol wrestling?
  147. Rank these 1-3 raw smackdown tna?
  148. My Wrestlemania 28 Fantasy Card?
  149. Fav Tna Superstar?Round 10 Semi Finals?
  150. wwe12 question details inside?
  151. Fav Wwe Superstar3?Round 7?
  152. Austin aries Quick Question?
  153. On WWE 12, can you make your own brands (Using the create an arena) to be used in Universe mode?
  154. What happened to Jerry Lawler's voice last raw?
  155. which character are they using for nash?
  156. For those who have WWE '12,do you like the game and more specifically do you like RTWM mode?
  157. Does John Laurinaitis have a wildside as he told CM Punk last night on Raw?
  158. Do you think Booker T wants The Rock to beat John Cena at WM28?
  159. Not to sound like a troll,do you like my new avatar/photo?
  160. Fav Wwe Superstar3?Round 6?
  161. Did John Cena really cry at Survivor Series?
  162. Who'd Win Tiger Mask vs Stone Cold?
  163. Fav Tna Superstar?Round 9?
  164. Why does CM Punk slick back his hair before a match if the gel will come out during the match?
  165. Wwe itbegins2012 promo?
  166. Has anyone used this site, and can you verify it's trustworthy?
  167. Fav Wwe Superstar3?Round 5?
  168. Would Dolph Ziggler as the number one contender be a good match?
  169. Does everybody in this ws want to see Undertaker go undefeated at Wrestlemania?
  170. Fav Tna Superstar?Round 8?
  171. Alex Riley will be the next InterContinental Champion?
  172. Do you feel bad for hulk hogan? in the divorce he lost almost everything?
  173. What WWF/E title did you like better?
  174. For those who already got WWE '12, who else is using...?
  175. Dolph Ziggler Is Coming To Show The World, And Cody Rhodes Just Doesn't Give a Damn?
  176. Who else thinks that Julius C is....................?
  177. Who Els Feels Bad For The New Generation of Talent in WWE?
  178. Tag people in status?
  179. Who do you think is behind the 01/02/2012 it BEGINS video?
  180. If you see Cena drowning, do you save him or leave him?
  181. wwe smackdown spoilers, daniel bryan wins the world title.....?
  182. Hey how can i do a kip-up like HBK?+BQ?
  183. it begins january 2012?
  184. Well, all you WWE fans disrespected the best and now he's leaving! Good going!Should I just...
  185. Will WWE wrestler John Cena adjust my attitude?
  186. Anyone else love when wrestlers are rubbing up against each other?
  187. Do you think John Cena would be able to do this?
  188. What happened to the Brisco Brothers?
  189. does ne1 else think that orton rhodes and bourne r HAWT?
  190. Question about WWE Champion CM Punk?
  191. Why you watch wrestling when you know its fake?
  192. Is WWE 12 a buy or a no buy?
  193. Who do you think will win at Wrestlemania 28; John Cena or The Rock?
  194. So why are people here so against Mordecai possibly returning? + BQ?
  195. Why did R truth smoke the little jimmy after the best push he has ever gotten in his career?
  196. If masked kane returned,do you think it will be the biggest return of all time?
  197. One WWE joke. Your views.?
  198. wwe 12 poll ?????????????????
  199. I need to poop?????? ?
  200. Mordecai Will Reclaim his rightful throne in 1.2.2012. The Beginning of the End of the
  201. What's your fantasy WrestleMania main event?
  202. Mordecai Will Reclaim his rightful throne in 1.2.2012 The Beginning of the End of the Streak!?
  203. Top 10 Worst WWE/WWF Champions of all time?
  204. Is Alberto Del Rio the only WWE superstar with one finisher?
  205. Do you think John Cena will change his entrance theme if he turns heel?
  206. Quick Question about WWE 12? And to those of you that own it!?
  207. Who else misses the tag team of John Morrison The Miz?
  208. WWE 12 GAME ? What Matches can the Divas do?
  209. When on Raw last night did WWE give the link to the itbegins promo?
  210. Do you think WWE is reviving itself?+BQ?
  211. Why do wrestlers wrestle?
  212. do you like this song?
  213. Chris Jericho is not returning in January?
  214. Who was your favorite wrestler in the wcw NWO era that wasn't either NWO?
  215. Can wwe sue some for a Rock picture?
  216. What year did you start coming to the wrestling section +wq?
  217. Do you think Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan?
  218. Why do people think that cena turning heel will make people like him?
  219. what happend in the john cena promo tonight on raw?
  220. Your opinion on CM Punk and Austin Aries if they were in a tag taem?+BQ?
  221. when will the rock show up again?
  222. Old Wrestling Photos
  223. what happen to Bam Bam Biglow...?
  224. when is triple h coming back to raw?
  225. Agree or disagree, Cody Rhodes keeps getting better and better in the ring?
  226. when did Macho Man Randy Savage die..?
  227. Will Zack ryder still send you a autograph?
  228. Would this be awesome to see happen?
  229. Do you think that boy couldve been Chris Jericho's son Ash in that it begins promo?
  230. Was R Truth good on the mic on raw this week?
  231. What were your favorite Booker T quotes from Raw tonight (11/21/11),QUOTES INSIDE?
  232. What happened to TNA's King of the Mountain thing?
  233. what is brett the hitman harts nickname...?
  234. Is Chris Jericho Coming Back?
  235. Who would win??!?!?!?
  236. Did anyone else feel for Jerry The King Lawler since he lost his voice and didn't say much
  237. Why does WWE contradict itself?
  238. Would anyone else mark out if kane returned with his mask?
  239. so lets investigate 'itbegins'?
  240. what are your thoughts on the miz and r-truth?
  241. it begins.... mystery wwe youtube promo?
  242. How much does a WWE PPV cost in the USA other countrys as opposed to the United Kingdom?
  243. do you think Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins should team up again?
  244. update on sin cara injury from survivor series?
  245. pretty clear kane is returning in his mask?
  246. What do you think will happen to R Truth when he returns from suspension?
  247. Am I the only one here who hates CM Punk and The Rock?
  248. Who are the top 5 jobbers in the WWE?
  249. Why wasn't Jonah Hill on RAW tonight as guest host?
  250. who was john cena hugging at summer slam?
  251. Looking for pro wrestling trainer/school.?
  252. who should brock lesnar's opponent be?
  253. So is Kane returning with the mask?
  254. Who'd Win The Rock vs Shelton Benjamin?
  255. How to spinebust this guy?
  256. What happened to Broduc Clay debuting on RAW tonight?
  257. Will Brodus Clay ever debut?
  258. What do you think cena is going to say?
  259. Will WWE EVER do another PPV in the UK like they did with Summerslam 92 (Biggest event in history...
  260. Does anyone else shamuse needs more mic time?
  261. Chris Jericho 3rd coming?
  262. Does it annoy you that WWE no longer allow blading due to complaining parents saying it's...
  263. Does anyone else think a face r truth could be a good thing?
  264. Does anyone else see an ongoing trend here with the miz?
  265. Sin Cara out for 6 - 9 months due to injury, where will this leave him?
  266. John Cena is overrated?
  267. Why is john cena so soft now?
  268. When is the wwe network set to air in the uk?
  269. Is this a Undertaker return promo?
  270. What happened to jonah hill yesterday?
  271. Did anyone else see that fat kid try to high five Randy Orton?
  272. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  273. Is ring of honor hardcore?
  274. Wrestlemainia predictions?
  275. Whats all this it begins thing in the wwe?
  276. Hey wrestling section, what time do most users come online +wwe bq?
  277. here is another question about the promo for those who say it Jericho?
  278. Who do you think is a face now Miz or R Truth?
  279. What is your favorite wrestling move of all time?
  280. do you like zack ryder?
  281. hi should i go to raw?
  282. Is JOHN CENA Americas answer to this bloke ?
  283. Did you know my plank weighs a ton?
  284. what now for hunico?????????????????????/?
  285. Did you know when I was a kid, I could balance on my schlong like a kangaroo does its tail?
  286. do you like this song?
  287. Will the Big Show win the World Title/?
  288. do you like this video of cena kissing stephanie McMahon?
  289. Do you agree that The Rock should NOT have a 1 on 1 match with Cena untill Wrestlemania 28 + BQ?
  290. Does this mean Kanes comming back WITH his mask?
  291. Wade Barretts team DESERVED to get the win last night! (Thoughts)?
  292. Aside from the double homicide and suicide, do you repect former wwe wrestler, Chris Benoit?
  293. why did the wwe bleep out d*ouche bag but no other profanities in recent weeks?
  294. Is this good booking for hunico?
  295. When can we expect to see Kane return to the ring?
  296. the wwe cant ignore the boo john cena got what are they going to do about it as him being the face?
  297. What did you think of Raw last night?
  298. What do u think of Raw so far?
  299. Do you agree that Ziggler is one of the best move sellers?
  300. Who won between ADR vs. Ryder?
  301. do you like john cena?
  302. there was two return promo that came out today?
  303. What you think of these wrestler?
  304. When did hhh turned face for the first time....?
  305. Any links for Raw tonight?
  306. How long does it take Kelly Kelly to eat a footlong?
  307. Undertaker or Booker T?
  308. Should Roddy Piper debut in the adult industry as Roddy Pipeher?
  309. Does Cena sell moves poorly to show his strength?
  310. All wrestling questions here hardly has two answer,some guy asks about your shirt?
  311. did you think that beth Phoenix vs eve torres at survivor series?
  312. How I am I able to reach the buttons on the televison from 3 feet way without a remote?
  313. Do you star all of Frosty's questions because she's a girl?
  314. will the wwe do anything about john cena being booed?
  315. john cena or cm punk? who's better?
  316. Which Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania is best?
  317. What do you expect to happen tonight on raw?
  318. is john cena goin to be a heel?
  319. Should the Divas lose the clothes and get all oiled up when they wrestle?
  320. john cena or cm punk? who's better?
  321. Which Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania is best?
  322. What do you expect to happen tonight on raw?
  323. is john cena goin to be a heel?
  324. John Cena Entrance Tonight On Raw? (10 points)?
  325. Who is your favorite wrestler from this generation?
  326. how to lose weight fast for wrestling?
  327. Attention WS what has happen to this section?
  328. Breaking news Im the funnest users +BQ?
  329. If Kelly Kelly gave birth, would it even hurt anymore?
  330. so whos gonna be the face, miz or r truth?
  331. ws POLL: what state or country are you in and what time does raw and tna come on there?
  332. WWE 12: in WWE universe 2.0 this time could you actually be the GM?
  333. Who else is ready for WWE 12?
  334. Who do you like better me or christian user?
  335. What is the biggest heating rivalry in WS history?
  336. if shawn michaels is in the hof than will triple h be next?
  337. Who would win this 5 on 5 wrestling match?
  338. OMG why is stingette on the front cover of Yahoo?
  339. If you were SmackDown! GM for 1 day what would you do?
  340. If john morrison were to retire who would induct him to the HOF?
  341. why do people like WWE?
  342. What is the best year for you favorite wrestler?
  343. Hey WS: Where are you from?
  344. Don't you ever wonder what some of these users look like in the ws?
  345. is taker(undertaker)still in WWE?
  346. A special message to stingette?
  347. is taker(undertaker)still in WWE?
  348. A special message to stingette?
  349. What would be a good name for my WWE vs. TNA supercard?
  350. What match would you want to see the most at WrestleMania 28 CM Punk Vs. Stone Cold or John Cena
  351. who would your ideal tag partner be?
  352. Fill in the Blank _ is better than trolls?
  353. Who will win triple H or crimson?
  354. who's the Michael Vick of the WWE?
  355. which WWE Superstars had the best Dropkick and closelines in WWE History?
  356. What would you think if the 2012 Royal Rumble turned out to be......?
  357. Why is Edge and Batista in WWE 12?
  358. How Many Of You Are Going To Survivor Series?
  359. the next 5 years in WWE whos in the main event of Wrestlemania facing off?
  360. Unscramble the letters to spell the WWE Superstars name?
  361. A small detail from Raw: What is the thought process here, WWE?
  362. How does/did edge belong in the WWE?
  363. Who would win the following WWE Championship Scrambles?
  364. Boots To Asses.............?
  365. who has the biggest future.......?
  366. should mr strickland hire maryse?
  367. should my friend dale become a wwe referee?
  368. will wwe be coming to arlen texas soon?
  369. which does kane like more propane or Charcoal?
  370. will kane use propane for his pyro when he returns?
  371. how will you feel when user world champion makes the leader board?
  372. should john reedcorn team up with tatanka?
  373. Is Shawn Michaels the only person The Undertaker will ever tip his hat off at?
  374. Dear wrestling section user i caught cm pubk drinking a beer. why dont you like me or stingette?
  375. has twitter taken away the differnt world feel of wwe?
  376. should i let bobby watch the rock?
  377. why does everyone think user world champion cheats?
  378. do you collect wwe dvds?
  379. do you collect wwe trading cards?
  380. do you collect wwe urine samples?
  381. do you collect wwe video games?
  382. do you collect wwe magazines?
  383. do you collect wwe replica belts?
  384. how long should mark henry stay world champion?
  385. what are the greatest matches in the history of wwe and at what raw smackdowns or ppvs did they...
  386. do you miss percy pringle?
  387. batista vs mason ryan who would win?
  388. what are some of the best tag teams in wwe history who never won the tag team championships?
  389. do you like this song?
  390. Why can't I buy ringside tickets on the presale and can I buy it at general sale?
  391. who should make a surprise return at the rumble?
  392. do you collect wwe action figures?
  393. should jeff jarrett win a world title again?
  394. should goldust return?
  395. is the rock a bitter old man?
  396. what do you think of heath slater?
  397. do you watch superstars and nxt?
  398. what do you think of brodus clay?
  399. who is thw hotter diva/knockout?
  400. why did bobby lashley quit the WWE?
  401. if mark henry farted would the ring shake?
  402. who's your favorite user in this section?
  403. who has the best WWE entrance?
  404. do you like john cena new video of the rock?
  405. WS do you agree or disagree that they should have a title match every 5 months?
  406. Wrestling Section: What's Up?
  407. what is your favorite RVD match in wwe?
  408. who's the toughest man in pro wrestling?
  409. whatever happened to umaga?
  410. I heard a rumor concerning the storyline between The Rock and John Cena:?
  411. WWE Wrestler dead????????
  412. What happened to that wrestler with one leg?
  413. isnt it sad that eddie guerrero died in a fake sport?
  414. True or False. What John Cena Sr. said is how Vince Mcmahon feels about Cena?
  415. what are your thoughts on Kenny Dykstra when he was in wwe was he any good?
  416. What do you think of a girl wrestling? Yes or no? ?
  417. Will The Rock Be On The Raw After Survivor Series?
  418. John Morrison or Austin Aries?
  419. Do you have ever watch UFC?
  420. I am a CM Punk hater!!! Anyone else hate him?
  421. Be honest, Cult of Personality CM Punk entrance theme is cool?
  422. do you remember ring announcer jeff pukeass?
  423. do you like my matches?
  424. how is maryse doing tonight?
  425. Where can I watch the CM Punk vs Samoa Joe 60 minute 5 star match?
  426. Do you think Michael Cole being a heel has run it's course?
  427. Will CM Punks Cult of personality be in WWE 12?
  428. Who would win in a real life fight? The Rock or Triple H?
  429. who has the best gimmick in wwe?
  430. if wwe could get one from wrestler from ROH who should they pick?
  431. should kane challenge mark henry when he returns?
  432. How many years do you have to be good to get a scholarship to college?
  433. should stephanie mcmahon return full time?
  434. Do you think John Cena and CM Punk are making great faces of the current era?
  435. why do other sections invade us for no reason?
  436. My WWE 12 Tag Teams/Stables?
  437. How was Goldust's Shattered Dream finisher legal? + BQ?
  438. what really made R truth crazy?
  439. should shelton benjamin return to wwe?
  440. Do you think samoa joe should just quit TNA and go to the WWE?
  441. should hulk hogan return to wwe?
  442. What was worst MNF or Raw gets Rocked?
  443. Does gangril wrestle anymore?
  444. On wwe svr 2011 what are free agents exactly?
  445. Would you like Edge to return in the future as a Commentator? +BQ?
  446. Do you think Michelle McCool really is coming back soon?
  447. If you could be Raw GM for 1 day what would you do?
  448. WS open interview, anyone who wants an interview please answer?
  449. Who wins this Match: Team WWE vs Team TNA?
  450. is the undertaker dead?
  451. who do you think will win the 2012 royal rumble?
  452. Will We Now See The Rock Concert 3?
  453. wrestling section do you think disco stick by Lady GaGa is ws user i caught cm punks
  454. Unscramble The Wrestlers Names?
  455. who do you think will be the man to beat robert roode for the TNA world title?
  456. wrestling section, shoking news about i caught cm punk drinking a beer?
  457. wrestling section who is ur fav superstar?
  458. What are some great moments in Survivor Series history?
  459. the mr mcmahon death angle would of it been good if it had continued and whatd you think of it?
  460. In How Many Years Will John Chyna Retire?
  461. Hey who would win in a submission match between Cena and the Undertaker?+BQ?
  462. Which division in the wwe did they srew up more? the divas division or tag team division?
  463. Who do you want to get the final WWE 12 roster spot?
  464. WS who you think will win eve torres or beth phoenix?
  465. if wwe could bring in two wrestlers from TNA who do you think they should choose?
  466. do you think john morrison will be the next united states champion?
  467. How Painfully Awkward And Embarrassing Was?
  468. on a scale of one to ten how good was raw gets rocked?
  469. would you agree with me ?+ BQ?
  470. WS why so much love on Brogue kick what about the other users in the ws?
  471. agree or disagree john cena sr. was terrible on the mic?
  472. The Rock or John Cena?
  473. wwe funny sign idea's?
  474. What are your thoughts on Cody Rhode's new theme song?
  475. Why Is The Brogue Kick?
  476. Do you think that kelly kelly being on the over of maxim magazine is a disgrace to the wwe divas?
  477. Which wrestler do you find boring?
  478. is eve really that good looking?
  479. do you think kane will beat mark henry for the belt?
  480. are you happy nash is back?
  481. do you jump on the band wagon when a wrestler gets popular?
  482. who do you think really has a strong chance of ending the streak?
  483. who is your favorite ROH wrestler?
  484. who should get a push in wwe?
  485. CMPunkTeamBringIt! What the hell !!!?
  486. Why Was The Crowd So Rubbish Yesterday When The Rock Came Out?
  487. wait..didn't JR win the Michael Cole challenge?? (BQs)?
  488. which wwe superstars came the closest to defeating the undertaker at wrestlemania and what...
  489. Why did John Cena's this is your life segment sucked so hard?
  490. should john cena be a rapper again?
  491. VOTE The WWWS king of the Ring Tournoment Round One?
  492. The Rock Or John Cena?
  493. did wwe use propane for the pyro last night?
  494. should wwe invest in propane and propane accessories?
  495. did the rock use propane?
  496. does the john cena play boggle?
  497. why do wrestlers do drugs when they could just moe a lawn?
  498. do you think vince would be interested in hiring the propaniacs to open wrestlemania?
  499. should i let bobby go to a wwe show in arlen?
  500. are the best wrestlers ever from texas?