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  1. Serious Question: Do you think Wrestlemania 28 will be Undertaker's last match?
  2. How can i get a ticket to the nxt WWE wrestlemania? ?
  3. I finaly get my US title shot?
  4. How awesome was that? Props to Laurinitis?
  5. Lilian Garcia Returns!?
  6. Who'd Win Shane Helms vs Sin Cara?
  7. Will The WWE Network Be Available In England?
  8. A message to WS From Main Event Mafia?
  9. Who is going 2 face Undertaker at Wrestlemania? (Wrestlemania Prediction)?
  10. Now we no there wont be a?
  11. Was WWE Raw Good Last Night?
  12. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  13. Is it true that I'm the most charismatic user of all time?
  14. Where do you expect to see John Cena in the next 10 years?
  15. What do you little jimmies feel when john cena touches you down there?
  16. Undertaker or Steve Austin? Who is Better?
  17. Are These Two The Same People, Please Answer This Is Killing Me?
  18. What are your thoughts on Chris Jericho doing Yoga?
  19. Why do wrestlers like STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN, EDGE,BRET HART?
  20. Is wrestlezone working on your computer?
  21. Here is the list to classify the users.?
  22. Huge Pro Wrestling Tournament? Round 3?
  23. Vote for your WS General Manager here......lets get it on?
  24. John Laurinaitis vs Vicent Kennedy McMahon in a I Quit Match?
  25. Biggest Pay-per view after Wm,RR and SS?
  26. i am 66 will the wwe still let me in as a woman wrestler?
  27. John Laurinaitis i am now cashing in my MITB to the W.S. Champion Batista!?
  28. Big Show vs Andre the Giant in a Hell in a cell match?
  29. will Dish network carry the the wwe network?
  30. Goldberg vs Gillberg?
  31. As the New member of Main Event Mafia?
  32. Triple H vs Owen Hart?
  33. Goldberg vs Tony Chimel?
  34. Is Masked Kane returning on 1/2/2012?
  35. Big Show vs Rey Mysterio in real life fight?
  36. John Laurinaitis is really...........?
  37. Undertaker or Edge? Who is a better wrestler?
  38. Is Eve Torres a latina?
  39. Did you find DLO Brown a crappy wrestler?
  40. What Was One of Daniel Bryan's Best Matches Since Joining WWE?
  41. Vickie will be fired by Dolph after this match?
  42. try watching wrestling while sm0king w33d?
  43. do you sm0ke as much as me wwe fans?
  44. frosty the supreme champion wrestling user?
  45. What wwe divas or tna knockouts would you like to see in a hair vs hair match?
  46. Who'd Win Tiger Mask vs Randy Orton?
  47. John cena, what part of nobody wants to see you in the wwe title match dont you understand?
  48. Will WWE Ignore the Possibility of a Triple H/ Alberto Del Rio Feud?
  49. wrestling section, i just made a twitter, follow me? plus BQ?
  50. What would be your thoughts if Michael Cole showed up in Ring of Honor Wrestling?
  51. Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior vs Bill Goldberg and Macho Man?
  52. i think the wwe itbegins2012 is for kharma?
  53. Who'd Win (heel) Randy Orton vs John Cena vs The Rock?
  54. Zack Ryder vs Kevin Nash i KNEW IT?
  55. Can you make a 'shoot' promo on John Cena?
  56. Maybe it's Karma since it showed in a diva promo?
  57. Your favrouite top 10 wrestlers?
  58. Why does every wwe diva have fake breasts?
  59. Is everybody ready to die at the hands of the Big Red Machine?
  60. Miz vs Randy Orton, as if we haven't seen that too many times in the past year?
  61. Christian vs Evanbourne?
  62. Dolph Ziggler vs Cody Rhodes?
  63. What's your opinion of Hunico?
  64. WWE music has finally entered the 21st century. Can we expect them to hire Skrillex for a...
  65. Why does Dolph Ziggler talk so fast in his promos?
  66. Huge Pro Wrestling Tournament? Round 2?
  67. whats your thoughts on jeff hardys wwe championship victory and his run as the top guy
  68. what happened with the cm punk kevin nash feud or was there ever a feud there?
  69. Huge Pro Wrestling Tournement? Round 1?
  70. Who in the wrestling industry do you think has a mental problem?
  71. what do you think of the Mic Work from The Rock JBL CM Punk Stone Cold and Y2J?
  72. How much would i be paying to train in japan plus the plane ticket?
  73. What Would be a Good Triple Threat Match Involving Randy Orton?
  74. Why can't people accept John Cena is never turning heel again?
  75. Knockouts Tag Champs in Impact Wrestling: Is it a good idea or bad idea?
  76. which championship is better and more prestigious the wwe championship or world title?
  77. nWo Simply the best........!!!!!!?
  78. Does the WWE Even Need Chris Jericho?
  79. Which TNA knockout is your favorite and why?
  80. WWE 12 Table match question?
  81. When was the first time Rey Mysterio used the 619-and called it that?
  82. Whats a good website like wweshop were I can buy the TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.?
  83. Will I still be able to watch Raw,SD and ppv's if i don't buy the wwe network?
  84. Who was the best in the wwe in the 80's ?
  85. What makes a GREAT wrestling match?
  86. Cut a promo on any wrestler on the current wwe roster?
  87. Who is randy Orton feuding with?
  88. What do you think has been the best PPV of 2011?
  89. Is wwe boring now or is it just me?
  90. who would you like to see perform a song at wrestlemania out of these people?
  91. Undertaker or Shawn Michael?
  92. Which Chris Jericho return storyline is better?
  93. Do you think Raven(Prime) vs Edge can be a wrestlemania match?
  94. WRESTLING SECTION! Name your five favorite United States Champions of all time?
  95. Question for 'WWE Champion Cm Punk' (+BQ)?
  96. Just WHERE is Desmond Wolfe?
  97. Will Tonight Be Another Filler Raw?
  98. If Cena, Orton and Punk didn't exist, who do you think would be the top 3 guys in WWE?
  99. WRESTLING SECTION: Name your five favorite WWE moments?
  100. Shawn Michaels Or Triple H?
  101. What wwe superstar do you think is getting paid the most?
  102. Where Can I Watch The Rock's Promo?
  103. Do you think that WWE's Cyber Sunday pay-per-views was a good idea or bad idea (and why)?
  104. Who had the better career? Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit?
  105. What was your favourite the HBK matches?
  106. Why do people talk about bringing old wrestlers back just for one last match?
  107. Wrestling Television Network?
  108. Your 3 favourite superstar and 3 favourite divas?
  109. Which other wrestlers (old or new) do you think could have survived New Japan Dojo AND Stu Hart's
  110. did nWO run out of gas + BQ?
  111. is it True that wwe is a part of the Illuminati im not saying that but that what it say in...
  112. is it true that john cena is working for the illuminatti?
  113. What was your favourite the rock match?
  114. What is your favorite move off the top rope?
  115. Goldberg vs Gillberg?
  116. John Cena is really..........?
  117. Who from OVW do you see as the future of TNA Wrestling?
  118. where can i watch full free episodes of ring of honnor?
  119. Why did my questions about gang bangs get deleted?
  120. Royal Rumble 2012.Does Kane deserved to win it?
  121. predict the locations for wrestlemania 29 and 30?
  122. why did RAW change its name to raw super show?
  123. why is cody rhodes holding the old IC title?
  124. Any one remember Charlie Haas with his cool different gimmicks copying other superstars?
  125. Human Suplex Machine ??? ??????? ??????,Hank hill,Devin Other respected users of yahoo!excluding...
  126. Does anyone else feel like there unnoticed around here besides me?
  127. should aj styles leave tna for bellator farting championships?
  128. Any indian users in wrestling section?
  129. do you think john cena is a man?
  130. do you like it when kelly come on tv?
  131. What's next for John cena Monday ?
  132. so about kanes return..?
  133. The ago of nWo will lasted?
  134. ??? ?????????.................?
  135. Oh my dear g@ wolverine team WS......?
  136. Is this statement about WWE true?
  137. What's John cena going to do on monday?
  138. Who is the greatest female wrestler of time (list inside) +Two bq's?
  139. Can this be the biggest match in wwe history?
  140. Who won this trampoline fight? Link Included.?
  141. Was Madison Ryane in The Beautiful People stable?
  142. CM Punk Team WS when am I debuting?
  143. Mark Jindrak vs Sin Cara?
  144. Will john cena ever win a different tittle to the wwe tittle again?
  145. What is it with nWo, MEM and WS?
  146. Hips don't lie...........?
  147. @nWoYahoo ??? W???? ????? 4 life?
  148. is it true that wwe been working for the illuminati all this years and even wCw too?
  149. follow the ??? W???? ????? on Twitter?
  150. Why is Straight ?dge eniGma such a buster?
  151. Why do MMA fans think they're so much better than everyone else?
  152. Do you like how TNA has Bobby Roode's family doing little shoots for his heel persona?
  153. Could a face turn for R-Truth be beneficial?
  154. Do you think WrestleMania can ever have 20 matches ?
  155. Why are wrestling fans typically more obese than other sports fans?
  156. Should Randy Orton Go Back to Cocky and Brash?
  157. What year did Wrestlemania offically die ?
  158. Which wrestler leads The Cult Of No Personality?
  159. Who is actually fighting agaisnt the trolls otherwise known as..?
  160. If Edge vs Terry Funk in a hardcore match happened at Wrestlemania 23 would it be
  161. Why can't Kevin Nash compete in a match on RAW already?
  162. How do you have matches over the internet?
  163. A question to all the WS users against the nWo?
  164. Which WWE superstar, past or present, would you say had a voice that didn't match their image?
  165. Where can i sell my wrestling figures?
  166. Since I have rejected the Joining letter of Main Even Mafia. So Which Group should I Join? NWO
  167. When will the miz get back in the wwe title hunt?
  168. True or False People who say wrestling is fake would be scared to wrestle them?
  169. do you like it when wwe is all in your face?
  170. do you like stone cold?
  171. Do wrestling fans wear brief outside their pants too?
  172. do you like wwe or tna more?
  173. Should Kane's WWE Return Be Similar To This?
  174. Do you think Lita will ever return to WWE?
  175. Who was the best wrestler to come from the NFL and make as a pro wrestler ?
  176. Football and Pro Wrestling?
  177. wrestling section this is it for team bring it +BQ?
  178. Who is more likely to return to the WWE in the future - Maryse, Batista, or Chris Jericho?
  179. Why do americans watch wrestling?
  180. Is becoming a WWE actor another way...?
  181. Is Wrestling Real or Fake?
  182. Who was a better wrestler, Ricky Steamboat or Jushin Liger?
  183. Do you think even wrestlers can be wrong when they give there opinion?
  184. Would TNA exist if WCW was still arround?
  185. Now that CM Punk is WWE champion , Mark henry is WHC champion and Beth phoenix is Divas
  186. If WWE does have Kane vs. Undertaker should the match be 2 out of 3 falls in a Cell?
  187. Why do I hate Randy Orton and John Cena?
  188. 6 team tlc match,any teams from any organization from any time period?
  189. why doesnt Air Boom wrestle together?
  190. when wwe bought wcw did hogan stay in wwe for a while?
  191. should that midget in wwe get more air time really like his segments?
  192. did r truth not know the little Jimmy's dont smoke weed?
  193. did really hogan leave tna?
  194. Did Eddie Guerrnero deserve his place in the hall of fame, AT THAT TIME WHEN GOT INDUCTED?
  195. what will make wwe go back to tv 14?
  196. do you like john cena?
  197. do you like zack ryder?
  198. do you like randy ortan?
  199. do you like jim ross?
  200. do you like john cena my man the one i love?
  201. u think ?????????????????
  202. How Long was Big Show in the nWo?
  203. user Hips Don't Lie! is that really you in that video?
  204. WS what would happen if wwe have the fans vote for the rookie they want?
  205. WS if a legend came back to the wwe who would it be?
  206. poll what is your favorite breakfast cereal?
  207. results for ws saturday night's main event?
  208. who is your favorite user in the ws section?
  209. does any other WS user have diarrhea because i currently do?
  210. mega wrestling fart man do vs boro jackson?
  211. Will next years wrestlemania be the best ever?
  212. Wrestling Section: Name your five favorite Hardcore champions of all time?
  213. How Long Will Cena Be Booed For?
  214. to the FAKE Stingette aka Britney?
  215. Wrestling Section: Tito Ortiz vs Kurt Angle who wins?
  216. WS saturday night's main event special?
  217. Fav Wwe Superstar3?Round 12?
  218. there coming out with a chris benoit movie whats your feelings and thoughts on this?
  219. im thinking about joining wrestling for my school?
  220. How does CM Punk avoid having to pay royalties to Pepsi for using their logo?
  221. How many episodes do you think zack ryder will make of z true long island story?
  222. Can someone find me the clip of Crash Holly doing this hilarious splash in TNA?
  223. Do you think UPN took the Muhammed Hassan Angle too seriously LINK INSIDE?
  224. Should WWE have this as the theme song for Wrestlemania 28?
  225. Agree or Agree nWo is better than the WS?
  226. who are teh mem and nwo of this section?
  227. How do I get more aggressive for high school wrestling?
  228. Why can't WWE and TNA fans just enjoy both wrestling shows and be friends?
  229. how long would it take for my facial hair to grow like Mark Henrys?
  230. nWo=Damn Real..................?
  231. TNA'S Crimson overrated?
  232. Why are you jealous of ??? W???? ??????
  233. your thoughts on ??? W???? ????? being better than you?
  234. Do you think that the WWE Championship should go back to Smackdown and the WHC belt should go...
  235. Which show do you think was better in 2004: WWE Raw or Smackdown?
  236. Whats your opinion for me as a WS!User Guyz ?
  237. Do you think WWE will bring in a new belt if so what one?
  238. Which wrestling stable do you think was better: JBL Cabinet or Evolution?
  239. I know their was a WWE Smackdown on Tuesday, the holiday special with Foley but ...?
  240. Was this group responsible for the PG era?
  241. Poll:Undertaker or John cena or HBK ?Whats your choice?
  242. can you see john cena ?????
  243. Who else hates paul the stupid troll?
  245. Should I take whey protein as a wrestler?
  246. do you think WWE in 2012 will be a good year will it also be the year of lots of returns?
  247. why do people think that 2012 will be the end of the world?
  248. What is Brodus Clays race?
  249. Do you think it a bad idea for having the Miz in The anti-bullying campian?
  250. what will you do if hulk hogan?
  251. Dream match anytime anywhere any wrestlers?
  252. which 5 superstars and 5 divas would you invite to your party?
  253. what are your thoughts on stone cold steve austin?
  254. santino marella is on the royal rumble poster. wtf wwe?
  255. Can you think of a wrestler worse than Robbie E?
  256. Hornswoggle and Sheamus Friends now?
  257. wwe sign idea's for wwe!help please choose some good 1's?
  258. Will Daniel Bryan cash in at TLC?
  259. Why in highschool wrestling you cant have any facial hair?
  260. Why does wwe not have ppv every two weeks cause I don't pay for it?
  261. Is Jesse Sorensen the next Randy Orton?
  262. wrestling section rate me 10 out of 10 + 10BQ?
  263. What wwe divas or tna knockouts would you like to see in a hair vs hair match?
  264. Why don't wrestling fans every yell anything good at shows anymore?
  265. Why are you nWo phonies hiding tonight?
  266. Do you like John cena?
  267. is the wwe title gonna get a new design?
  268. Tornament for beauty queen!!! Eleminate 2 mum's!?
  269. What kind of beard does Randy orton have?
  270. How long is a wwe raw live event?
  271. Remember when RVD was wearing the WWE and ECW championships?
  272. Will Wade Barrett ever get a title opportunity before Wrestle Mania 28?
  273. Attention: Now is your chance to enter the the ???? ????? ??f?? and take out the nWo?
  274. what matches do you think will happen at royal rumble in a month?
  275. im going to ww raw 2marrow need sign idea'S?please i wanna draw and have a funny quote?
  276. What did I just witness regarding wwe champion cm punk?
  277. What if John Cena won both wwe championship and WHC and held it both at 2 years,what will you do?
  278. Do you think my smackdown is better than johnny aces raw playa?
  279. If john cena turns HEEL what kind of IMPACT will that have on wwe and what will it do for john cena?
  280. in 2012 on RAW What Superstars Should become the united states champion?
  281. Why the hell do people answer these troll questions a lot?
  282. ??? W???? ?????, we coming for you!?
  283. Does the WWE Superstars get Christmas holidays?
  284. WS Is the miz and maryse still dating?
  285. would of randy orton got as far and big as he did Without Evolution?
  286. Why Are So Many People Hating On The Rock?
  287. which WWE Superstars on RAW SHOULD be WWE Champion in 2012?
  288. Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes?
  289. what are your REAL wishes for the WWE in 2012?
  290. Which superstar needs a heel and face turn the most?
  291. Would you give up watching pro wrestling to be with the girl/guy of your dreams?
  292. who is your favorite TNA star +BQ?
  293. What's next for John cena?
  294. Do you think Christian deserves that one more match playa for the WHC?
  295. Why do people act like the TNA Knockouts division is so much better than the WWE divas division +BQ?
  296. Do you think one day Sheamus will be a Hall of Fame member?
  297. Who Will Face Undertaker At Wrestlemania?
  298. which diva has the best booty in WWE history?
  299. WWE Non-World Champion Tournament Finals! Who do you vote as the champion?
  300. What was the name of the Irish wrestler from a few years ago that used to say....?
  301. 5-10 questions with Senor Booker?
  302. right now in WWE what current superstars should come together to be a tag team?
  303. Why do I never get best answer in the wrestling section?
  304. Who takes over WWE after Vince dies?
  305. Funny wwe poll?? Guarantee you will laugh?
  306. Should Tod Gordon get any credit for ECW?
  307. Am i the only one that thinks john cena and zack ryder should get a push as a tag team?
  308. user Teddy Long GM Of WS can i be your assistant?
  309. Battle royal for vacant ws title round 6?
  310. WWE Non-World Champion Tournament. Who do you vote to the next round?
  311. message for user CMPunkEvilSide?
  312. What is your favorite WrestleMania theme song?
  313. attention ws users we need tag team champions?
  314. Anyone else want Brock Lesnar back?
  315. is user Teddy Long GM Of WS a bored nobody who needs a job?
  316. My twist on It Begins?
  317. user Teddy Long GM Of WS your not really GM so just leave?
  318. Could Jan 2, 2012 be for Rey Mysterio?
  319. would you have liked a triple h vs the rock feud leading to WM 28?
  320. can cena ever turn heel?
  321. Are You A Fan Of The Most Electrifying Man In Sports And Entertaiment?
  322. When wwe turned The Rock and Austin heel did they lose any marchendises?
  323. Maxine or Derrick Bateman?
  324. Did anyone else got emotional from Punk VS. Del Rio's match?
  325. Agree or Disagree:The United States Title is holding Dolph Ziggler(and Vickie Guerrero)back?
  326. did you know jinder mahal's contract expires in december?
  327. What was the most amazing moment that your favorite superstar performed in or out of the ring?
  328. Have you noticed John Cena was more popular during 2005-2007?
  329. Which WWE superstar's picture is the most used in the wrestling section?
  330. Real fact! Bitter reality! Bitter truth?
  331. battle royal for vacant ws title round 3?
  332. Who Would You Prefer Won The Royal Rumble 2012?
  333. What is the point of the Tables Ladders and Chairs match?
  334. Will the IC title be on the line at Mania?
  335. Yes,yes did u get this?
  336. the last time a wm main event was announed it ?
  337. where is the user the dragon?
  338. WWE Divas championship will it blend?
  339. When will The Big Red son of b*itch return to wwf/wwe?
  340. Is this normal for a newbie Deadlifting?
  341. Did the Attitude era hurt or help pro wrestling+BQ?
  342. attention ws section users all titles are vacant?
  343. is christian too skinny to be whc champ?
  344. Just a question about WWE 12?
  345. Who is better big red machine or mark henry?
  346. will kane turn heel before taker returns?
  347. So I think reys last match should be agaisnt?
  348. what ever happened to user world champion team bring it?
  349. WS what would happen if wwe brought ROH would that shock tna?
  350. A bit stunt was planned for Sin Cara for the 2012 Royal Rumble?
  351. user world champion team bring it i'm calling you out cheater?
  352. What is it about adults liking fake wrestling like the WWE?
  353. is anyone else glade teddy long is now GM of the WS?
  354. battle royal for vacant ws title round 1?
  355. good signs and drawings i can do for wwe tlc ppv cause im going so i can end up on t.v?
  356. What did you think of Smackdown last night?
  357. Help required about the ''it begins'' promo?
  358. If Stu Hart was never born what would pro wrestling be like today?
  359. Special announcement from me duke!!!?
  360. cmpunkteambringit did you know?
  361. What are your favorite wrestling books?
  362. should the WS section be scrapped?
  363. who do you like more zack ryder or robbie e?
  364. are you excited for smackdown this friday playas?
  365. why can't orton beat mark henry or get drafted back to wwe raw?
  366. Have you ever been to a live WWE or TNA event? + message for stingette?
  367. Today is 1st december. World AIDs day!?
  368. are you made at me for stripping daniel bryan of the world title?
  369. Why chris bennoit is so..,.....?
  370. Do you prefer the 30-man Royal Rumble or the 40-man Royal Rumble?
  371. Question of the Day!! (December 1, 2011)?
  372. do you agree that from now on mark henry will be a major player in wwe?
  373. What WWE T shirt is better?
  374. as new GM of the WS i'm strpping all champions of there titles?
  375. Why do people think that Sting is the guy behind itbegins2012?
  376. Remember this RKO? Orton's weirdest moment?
  377. Who was your favorite WCW wrestler?
  378. Who is the former Women's Champion WWE is bringing back?
  379. how long have you been a fan of your favourite wrestler?
  380. Anyone agree that winning The Divas/Womens Titles is like a game of pass the parcel now?
  381. What is Undertakers worst achievement?
  382. Should Vince Russo return to television and feud with Crimson?
  383. Breaking news about wrestling section userhips dont lie?
  384. Who is the best Hardcore champion of all time?
  385. Booker T fans,what's the chance of Booker geting booked into a match at Wrestlemania 28 and...
  386. What is something positive you like about Vince Russo?
  387. Wrestling Section Jump off a cliff?
  388. breaking news about wrestling section users cmpunkteambringit and i caught cm punk drinking a beer?
  389. Based on talent: who would you pick(poll)?
  390. Agree or disagree Booker T is a bad commentator and Cole owns him every friday?
  391. Who is the one mid carder in WWE right now who deserves the biggest push out of all the other...
  392. POLL: is canada a well developed country?
  393. Do you miss your childhood?
  394. Poll : Gold or Diamond ...........?
  395. drinking and driving will not be a problem anymore. agree/disagree?
  396. Should WWE go back to 12 ppv rather than 16?
  397. What do you think life is for?
  398. Who gave you your first Best Answer in Y!A ?
  399. Why did they push Brodus Clay's debut back every week?
  400. Have you ever had a crush on an animated character?
  401. What's a name you like that starts with the letter M?
  402. Super SmackDown next Tuesday? World Heavyweight Championship Match?
  403. Why isn't tna pushing The British Invasion(Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus)?
  404. Just a cat wrestling video, real wrestling fellas?
  405. Is Daniel Bryan going to win the Heavyweight title next week?
  406. Does it bother you when Christmas music is played in November?
  407. There's no life without_____________?
  408. Would you be dissapointed if itbegins2012 turned out to not be chris jericho?
  410. As some of you know, Last weekend I made a huge Impact as the WS conspiracy Theorist only to retire?
  411. Wrestling Section, you know the User Hips don't lie?
  412. Why is Jim Cornette always ranting?
  413. What would be your reaction if WWE inducted Vince Russo into the Hall of Fame?
  414. What are your thoughts on Vince Russo wanting to push D'Lo Brown in the WWF?
  415. Did mark henry vs rikishi ever happened....?
  416. Is Carmelo D better than Pook S?
  417. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  418. Where Has Andy Leavine Gone?
  419. Will The Rock Get More Support At Wrestlemania 28?
  420. Did Martha Hart finally forgive WWE?
  421. If you could create a tommy dreamer vs cm punk storyline, how would you build it up to their major..
  422. In wwe 12 where can i find the wwe 12 attribute customizer which i downloaded ?
  423. What did you think of Smackdown today?
  424. Why do people support Shawn Stasiak the child molester?
  425. what high school john cena go to?
  426. when wil wwe superstar evan bourne come out of the closet?
  427. What Makes WWE Universe Mode Diffrent This Year ?
  428. Can we hope that The Rock is the trigger that makes WWE cool again?
  429. Is Hunico the Mexican heel Jeff Hardy?
  430. Is it a coincidence that a baseball appears at 0:12 in the 'It Begins' promo, when Sting...
  431. Is it just a coincidence that It Begins is an anagram for I Be Sting?
  432. Do you ever see Kurt Angle in Ring Of Honor happening?
  433. Should Beth Phoenix's catchphrase be Give it to me or I'll take it?
  434. Can Beth Phoenix crush an acorn with her glutes?
  435. Tilt a Whirl Slam and Spinning Side Salto... what's difference?
  436. Is Main Event Mafia an underrated stable among the fans?
  437. The wwe kept heath slater what the what ?
  438. Is it just me or has smackdown and tna have displayed better shows then raw for the last 2 months ?
  439. Once again smackdown show was way better then raws Smh ?
  440. Will Daniel Bryan get screwed next week on Tuesday ?
  441. Question about The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan?
  442. Who is the best canadian wrestler of all time and why isn't owen hart in the wwe HOF? ?
  443. Is Smackdown being the number one show from the wwe for wrestling fans instead of raw?
  444. Do you like Hunico's brawler style? Or did you enjoy him more as the fake sin cara? +BQ?
  445. Are you looking forward to D Byran's well deserved push finally coming now?
  446. So what did you think of tonight's smackdown?
  447. NXT should have been a 1 season show?
  448. Why dont People Talk About Todays Fueds Like they Once Did?
  449. Are they trying to turn Mark Henry Face? It sure seems like it to me, what about you?
  450. When exactly did alicia fox turn face? +BQ?
  451. Do You Think Randy Orton Could've Went Further with Legacy?
  452. Anyone know any songs like WWE Zack Ryders theme?
  453. How to do a spladel hold in highschool wrestling?
  454. Who is more over as a heel on smackdown? Vicki Guerrero or Michael Cole? +BQ?
  455. Why and when did Cena become face of the company?
  456. who is your favorite user +wwe bq?
  457. Which WWE superstar/diva entrance theme you want to change?
  458. Should TNA fire Bruce Prichard?
  459. When Will Percy Watson get a push?
  460. Who would win in a MMA match between Punk and ADR + BQ?
  461. I miss the good old TNA?
  462. Wrestling issues...............?
  463. Do you think Wade Barrett sounds anything like William Regal?
  464. Why is TNA still waisting their time on those X divisioners?
  465. when is kane and rey mysterio coming back?
  466. The Miz or Alex Riley?
  467. Is there a reason why the Miz?
  468. Is Kane Going To Return On January 2nd?
  469. Who would win:The Cobra vs Mr.Socko?
  470. WS why is it that wwe won't do the tribute videos any more?
  471. Who do you think wins the Fatal Four Way Tonight?
  472. Who'd Win Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio?
  473. Do you think that the Piggie James angle is why Mickie James left WWE for TNA?
  474. Why doesn't YA have moderators in the wrestling section to delete all questions posted by trolls?
  475. name all the wwe champoinships?
  476. If Chris Jericho isn't returning, then who should face CM Punk for WWE Title at WM 28?
  477. Could the 'it begins' promo be about brock lesner ?
  478. Tips on becoming a professional wrestler and wrestling schools ?
  479. Why is it that in Shawn Michael's Retirement speech none of the wwe roster came out and...
  480. Daniel Bryan Or Zack Ryder?
  481. Can Beth Phoenix's juice box defeat Undertaker's streak?
  482. Would Sting(prime) vs undertaker(prime) at wrestlemania in a Hell in a cell match . Would it
  483. Who will be the next one to be a jobber evan or john morrison?
  484. What was Edge's best MITB Cash in?
  485. John morrison or justin Gabriel?
  486. Hey wrestling section Im new to this section give me the head ups about wwe and tna?
  487. Wrestling who will shine drew or seth rollins?
  488. Who is the sexiest woman in wrestling at the moment?
  489. the rock or hulk hogan?
  490. How did Morrison get those abs? +BQ?
  491. WWE trying to turn Teddy Long Heel? SD SPOILER INSIDE?
  492. Where is Big Andy Leavine?
  493. The Legend of Randy Orton?
  494. Is the 2009 royal rumble good?
  495. Are wrestling title belts made of plastic?
  496. Do you prefer The Kings of Wrestling or TWGTT?
  497. Is John Morrison really leaving?
  498. Is Velvet Sky the face of TNA just like Cena is the face of WWE?
  499. Will this WM be the biggest?
  500. how do you join Dibiase posy?