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  1. Masked kane was the g@yest return ever?
  2. Everyone in this tag match is wearing the same thing?
  3. So Kane is back now what?
  4. John Morrison is not released its a hoax?
  5. Is Lita hotter than any of the current WWE Divas?
  6. Look at all the Kane question ?
  7. Holy scheiße, did that tribute to the troops promo just show rey mysterio unmasked?
  8. Tonight on Raw, Was the Return of Masked Kane Really the Undertaker?
  9. Is that really Kane it didn't look like him?
  10. Did this Slammy Award just make Snooki a first ballot WWE Hall of Famer?
  11. What would your reaction be if Michael Cole appeared in a Be A Star commercial?
  12. So the WWE Championship will not hang in the Triple Threat Match at TLC?
  13. Cole got robbed?Agree?
  14. wwe trending star, CODR RHODES. can you guys trend itt please?
  15. Would you markout if kane returned tonight, do you think he will?
  16. When was the last time Dolph Ziggler had a BAD match?
  17. Who else was trying to read the envolope?
  18. Why did Jim Ross make a mockery out of himself?
  19. Oh you didnt know, you better call somebody! +wwe question.?
  20. lita schedualed to make a raw apperance?
  21. In the end of the Kane promo,did anyone else hear 2012?
  22. Is there anything more depressing than watching two middle-aged white guys rap in a wrestling ring?
  23. Is Michael Cole gonna win a slammy tonight?
  24. Over the edge 1999 should never have continued after Owen Harts death?
  25. Who'd Win Ricky Steamboat vs William Regal?
  26. worst opening segment ever?
  27. If booker t wins ic championship,will he be back on the roster?
  28. Now is the time we need Cena to own JR and Cole for this rapping thing?
  29. Did you notice the TNA sign in the crowd?
  30. Mike Adamle had more charisma than John Laurinaitis. True or False?
  31. Is the Undertaker really retired from WWE?
  32. how great is the crowd tonight?
  33. What would your Reaction be if John Cena won the Superstar of the Year?
  34. Do you think it would be big for Rhyno to return to the WWE and take the WWE Championship?
  35. CM Punk is the new John Cena?
  36. How good would it be to see the Dudley Boyz return?
  37. Message + wwe bq (20 characters)?
  38. If some wrestlers stood up to Vince Mcmahon would they would have survived longer?
  39. Should Undertaker retire soon?
  40. Did r-truth ever find out what's up?
  41. How do you like stone cold steve austin as a face or a heel?
  42. How many of you wrestling fans like it up the @@s?
  43. My birthday is in fifteen daysssss.??
  44. CWF - Championship Wrestling Federation - Episode 3?
  45. Do You Think The Stop Bullying Campaign is a Joke?
  46. Do you think Zack Ryder will have a match at WM28?
  47. Who's your favorite user here in the WS?
  48. Who'd Win in this Match no Script Sonjay Dutt vs Randy Orton?
  49. Who should stone cold come back to have one last match with, cm punk or lesnar?
  50. Can someone listen to this song and tell me if you like because i love it?
  51. any one pissed that aj styles is not champ ?
  52. Important message to CM punk's fans?
  53. Should Air Paris come to TNA and feud with AJ Styles as a heel?
  54. Hey John Cena WS World Champion?
  55. wwe dvd trade in at fye how much will i make?
  56. Do you like this John morrison video?
  57. since today is final resolution what are your predictions?
  58. What Do you think of this Theme song wrestling fans?
  59. Who do you want to win at TLC?
  60. What's the name of that wrestler from the 80's?
  61. Are you looking forward to the fourth it beigns promo?
  62. Name of this wrestler (image included)?
  63. You're going to face Undertaker at WrestleMania 28...?
  64. what are your thoughts on Elijah Burke/Pope Dangelo Dinero?
  65. Is This The Best Entrance In WWE History?
  66. What is john cena's best song?
  67. Do you think cm punk will defend his title in tlc?
  68. is wwe really going to change wrestlemania's name or is that just a rumor?
  69. Hey guys, I'm back. BQ?
  70. Does anyone like R-Truth any more?
  71. Which platform of WWE 12 did you get or will be getting?
  72. Should I tell my m0m that I got my first ¢rautch hair today?
  73. (Video) my explination. BQ?
  74. What is your favorite cereal?
  75. Would you go crazy if I told you that?
  76. All wrestling fans who are guys have secret crushes on cena and ortan?
  77. What are your thoughts on tonight's TNA PPV Final Resolution?
  78. Do you think CM Punk Team WS?
  79. Can I freeze my f@rts and smell them later?
  80. do you expect anything exciting to happen tommorow on raw?
  81. why are most of the users here mostly just attention wh0res (+WQ)?
  82. You guys need to leave the french canadian diva alone!?
  83. How many world title changes should there be per year?
  84. Do you like Justin bieber ?
  85. who were the worst superstars to main event smackdown over the years what superstars...
  86. What is 5 things wrong with wwe today?
  87. Are you Excited for Raw Tonight?
  88. How many of you use 2 different accounts for the WS!?
  89. Who is you favorite wrestler, Past and Present?
  90. Who is your favorite wrestiler?
  91. How do you like the rock? +BQ?
  92. Do you think that Kelly Kelly deserves the push she has been getting?
  93. who u think should win Superstar of the year?(wwe)?
  94. Girls, do u think that Cody Rhodes is handsome ?
  95. Which main event match do you want the most for John Cena vs The Rock will be facing at...
  96. How real are the pictures of skinny batista ?
  97. Vader vs Batista: Who wins? And how?
  98. What are your thoughts on tyler reks copying zack ryder to get over via youtube?
  99. Why wrestlers are so so hugh ?
  100. do you want Booker T to win at TLC?
  101. Does show monday night raw (wwe) or friday night smackdown ?
  102. where do you think john Morrison will end up?
  103. is kane returning at the Royal Rumble?
  104. what do you think about WWE 12?
  105. Who'd Win Rey Mysterio Jr vs Austin Aries?
  106. Will WWE ever turn the miz face?
  107. Who $ucks more cm punk or randy ortan?
  108. WWE what match would you bring back?
  109. Ok wrestling section I need a correct answer on this question about the bigest fall in WWE history?
  110. With the strict PG rating in WWE?
  111. Who Had The Worst Week?
  112. I've been hearing this word a lot lately, mostly in the wrestling section, what is WS?
  113. Will Cena turn heel at TLC?
  114. what is the most easiest way to make yourself bleed?
  115. What gives cm punk the right to call himself the best?
  116. Lol did u see when the fan told Heath slater to shut up that was priceless it should be nominated...
  117. Which of these wrestlers will return to the wwe Jeff hardy RVD or Kurt angle ?
  118. Even air born justin gabrriel needs to change thier finishing move?
  119. in the Past Would Batista vs Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania for the World Title be an Good Match?
  120. Was Dave Batista using steroids?
  121. We have never landed on the moon,your thoughts?
  122. Can you make a shoot promo on Kelly Kelly?
  123. Who did you vote for? Superstar of the year?
  124. wrestling section, follow me on twitter? BQ?
  125. who do you think will win at final resolution in the steel cage match with the two jeffs?
  126. I've stopped my troll'n ways and got rid of the nwo name tag, I'm team WS forever?
  127. What wwe/tna dream match would?
  128. I have a question why should benoit rest in peace ?
  129. What if Mcmahon gave Shaemus an evil superman type gimmick?
  130. When Is Rey Mysterio going to return?
  131. Easy WWE Multiple Choice/True or False quiz? 5 questions?
  132. WWE divas vs female celebrities(who is hotter in your opinion)?
  133. Wrestling Section: Randy Orton or Kane?Why? BQ!?
  134. what happen to the wrestling section it use to be good but now it gone down +Bq?
  135. Top 10 Wrestlers of all time and why?
  136. i just lost to a clown!?
  137. W.S., are you happy the Million Dollar Belt is making?
  138. @Nexus user why do you act like your the GM of this section when the ws is for users to answer...
  139. Mark Henry vs Big Van Vader: Who wins? And how?
  140. Who Will Win The WHC First?
  141. If you have changed any PPV's in WWE 12?
  142. Sting of 1994 vs Shawn Michaels of 1996. Who wins?
  143. why did my wrestling teacher say it was gay for me to be reading wwe magazine and muscle and...
  144. Is Mark Henry the most boring guy in the history of wrestling?
  145. do you like this video of john morrsion?
  146. is randy ortan faceing wade barret in tlc?
  147. DiBia$e wants to bring the Million Dollar Title to the W.S.?
  148. why do people think chris Jericho is coming back?
  149. CWF - Championship Wrestling Federation - Episode 2? CWF Bad Blood!?
  150. i knew that smackdown was shown last night on sky sports but i missed it, why isnt the repeat shown
  151. Will Brodus Clay Get An Ovation When He Returns?
  152. What if WWE Matchs were real and not scripted?
  153. who would win john morrison or austin aries?
  154. who do you like more stone cold or john cena?
  155. when will hogan's daughters appear on tna again?
  156. Who'd Win D-Von vs Dolph Ziggler?
  157. did wwe ruin hornswoggle's character by allowing him to talk now anouncing a match?
  158. Why Does TNA Push There Talent when there in there 30's?
  159. If you could improve WWE in one way, what would it be?
  160. are all the shows on wwe network gonna be pg?
  161. Vote the superstars SKILLS?
  162. Who'd Win John Morrsion vs AJ Styles in a Ladder Match?
  163. What did fans chant at John Cena during Eddie Guerrero's WWE Hall of Fame induction?
  164. Question for CM Punk Team WS?
  165. Is Alberto Del Rio overrated? (I like him)?
  166. have you ever been tweeted by a wrestler?
  167. Who will be the WWE Superstar of the year?
  168. Why is Lillian Garcia announcing?
  169. Cody Rhodes vs Dusty Rhodes both at their primes father vs son who will win?
  170. Do you like Randy Orton's Music?
  171. Masked Kane vs Abyss both at their primes who will win?
  172. Is This The Rock At His Very Best?
  173. Question for W.S. users?
  174. What channel is wwe network when it comes this 2012?
  175. which kane theme is your favorite?
  176. is the royal rumble a 40 man again or back to the traditional 30 man?
  177. Can Big Show Lift Mark Henry's Dead Lift like in the Olympics?
  178. Will Mark Henry Retire as WHC ?
  179. what is the name of the celebrity that won the WCW World Championship again?
  180. which finisher hurts more? The F-5 or The Attitude Adjustment Formerly known as FU?
  181. Orlando Jordan is ........?
  182. Booker T vs Cody Rhodes who will win?
  183. im here kane is returning at wwe tlc and just going to go off on big show and mark henry at
  184. John Cena is really..........?
  185. Cm Punk is _ _ _ _ _ 's former boyfriend?
  186. Who's better:Hayabusa or Sabu?
  187. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  188. Can someone explain to me what the Barrett Barrage is?
  189. Wrestling Joke : What did Undertaker yell to his brother when the storm was approaching?
  190. Has Jericho gotten more experience and knowledge since his early days?
  191. Hey guys, don't you think?
  192. Hey guys, did you know that the User Mike?
  193. how long will mark henry hold the whc title?
  194. What does it take to win a belt in wwe?
  195. Does Daniel Bryan Deserve to win the WHC Belt?
  196. Would you like to Batista and Brock Lesnar to return?
  197. Do you think Randy Orton is becoming more Overrated?
  198. do you guys know when kane will actually come back?
  199. Does a good wrestling school teach you to keep your mouth shut and listen and do not talk too much ?
  200. is wwe failing to promote cena as a face?
  201. was that brooke hogan front row at that acm awards clip?
  202. did stone cold wear his knee braces because of bad knees or was it part of his ring attire?
  203. Wrestling section what happen to this section?
  204. Do you agree with those who say that Kurt Angle is the best technical wrestler of all-time?
  205. Justin Gabriel's future?
  206. If you ran WWE??????????
  207. I'm nervous for my first wrestling tournament next week.?
  208. what should I do not to look like a bitch in wrestling school?
  209. Did you enjoy the miz interview with conan o brian yesterday?
  210. Who is The Big Shows (aka Paul Wright) wife?
  211. Worst choice of a Jobber EVER?
  212. wwe sheamus sounds like a duck?
  213. Is it okay if I don't take a shower one night after wrestling practice?
  214. During what year did the WWE title stopped meaning anything to you?
  215. Reason why becoming a wwe superstar is the best job ever.....?
  216. WWE best finishers of all time?
  217. Question about the WWE'12 Video Game?
  218. How did the wwe got popular?
  219. Can you name how many rivalries John Cena has had since his Face turn?
  220. CWF - Championship Wrestling Federation? Episode 2?
  221. if wwe create a faction with sheamus, wade barrett, drew McIntyre, justin gabriel, and william...
  222. Don't hate on me for this but, +BQ's?
  223. does anyone know when the user i caught cm punk drinking a beer is coming back the the...
  224. Who was the better leader during the nexus era wade barret or cm punk?
  225. What If HBK Moved To WCW In 1998?
  226. What order if any do you think these wrestlers would get fired?
  227. When is Rey Mysterio coming back?
  228. In the WWE, who do you think is the ugliest diva of all time?
  229. Watch WWE Smackdown EARLY!?
  230. wrestling section, rate these users 1-10. Bq?
  231. Why did ECW stop being extreme?
  232. What Is Your Favorite Rocky Quote?
  233. Who Should Drew Mcyntire Fued With to Get Back on Top?
  234. do you like john cena?
  235. who you like more john cena or cm punk?
  236. did you buy wwe 12or are you going too?
  237. do you like it when john cena gets booed?
  238. why is kane coming back with a mask?
  239. do you want cm punk to leave the wwe?
  240. do you know that john cena is better then cm punk?
  241. daily wrestleing poll +2 BQ'S?
  242. Who'd Win Desiel vs Cm Punk?
  243. do you think cm punk is over rated?
  244. do you want john cena to remain getting boos?
  245. do you think tna it boring?
  246. who should face The Undertaker at WM28?
  247. when will thee undertaker return?
  248. who chooses who win in this wrestling sections titles?
  249. do you watch smackdown?
  250. do you guys like it when john cena and i get together and beat up the rock?
  251. what can john cena do for you?
  252. what do you guys like about john cena?
  253. do you like the big show?
  254. A serious question about John Cena?
  255. Wrestling section, Do you have dreams of becoming a professional wrestler? (star)?
  256. if john cena doesn't beat ric flair 16x championship who will?
  257. Who $ucks more bret hart or hbk?
  258. how was sin cara able to remember his spots or cue's in the wrestling ring if he doesn't...
  259. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  260. are Taylor Rotunda and husky harris related?
  261. Why don't Vince Fire the creative team and hire new,a little old school one?
  262. Do you think the steel cage match with Jeff Hardy Vs. Jeff Jarrett will have the same...
  263. Who's films are better Hulk Hogan, John Cena or The Rock?
  264. Who here thinks Paul Heyman should come back to professional wrestling?
  265. why would wwe treat jomo like crap on his last night?
  266. Do you think Y2J will come back and pass the torch to Cm Punk?
  267. Batista W.S. Champion, I Voted for you Give me a title shot?
  268. Kofi Kingston vs Evan Bourne Who will win?
  269. This is a screw job JoMo Team WS Should still be W.S. Champion?
  270. What will be your reaction when the light goes off and then this song plays on Royal Rumble 2012?
  271. If Goldberg vs Stone Cold Steve Austin battle at Wm will you watch it?
  272. Alberto Del Rio vs JBL ,both at their prime who will win in a match?
  273. How did Batista Became the New W.S. Champion when he is not a part of TEAM WS!?
  274. If you win the RR what championship will you pick to battle at wrestlemania?
  275. Most Overrated Wrestler in the wwe besides John Cena?
  276. CWF - Championship Wrestling Federation - Episode 1?
  277. Is Stephanie McMahon the only female in wwe to.....?
  278. Does anyone else dislike cm punk ?
  279. Why does the wwe make big deal of undertaker streak when it's up to the writers who win ?
  280. Do you like John cena?
  281. Do you like stone cold?
  282. Is the undertaker over rated or not ?
  283. When is the WS Royal Rumble?
  284. Who is now the new W.S Champion?
  285. Ric Flair is a $lut for working in tna,he deserve to be their anyway because TNA is land of...
  286. WWE 2000-2005 storyline?
  287. Name the wrestler who have used sharpshooter during their matches? ?
  288. Who are 5 wrestlers that had the potential to make it big in the WWE but never lived up to...
  289. How long until wwe is moved to the disney channel?
  290. Razor Ramon should have won a WWF Championship back then, are you agree with me?
  291. How long do you think John Cena has until he retires?
  292. Does wwe make money out of house shows?
  293. Who did wwe rank top 5 in there best wrestlers?
  294. Will John cena ever know that one day he will marry me and we will beat up the rock...
  295. So what is TNA the place for former wwe stars that didn't make it to get 15 minuets of fame?
  296. OMG is it true that dwaine is leaving the wrestling section? plus bq?
  297. Is the relationship between Ryder and cena a foreplay to turn cena heel?
  298. how many 'firsts' are there left in wwe?
  299. Answer some questions?
  300. Do you like John cena ?
  301. I am leaving again for a while?
  302. (wwe//wwf wrestling history) Who won the first match in Wrestlemania history?
  303. What do you think of Ted Dibia$e? +BQ's?
  304. wwe - badass Randy Orton moments?
  305. What was the Perfect gimmick for Cody Rhodes in Your opinion?
  306. wwe - shouldnt nash vs hhh be the main event at tlc?
  307. What's your opinion of Devon from Impact Wrestling?
  308. I've heard about it but what exactly is TNA wrestling?
  309. What is your Favorite WWE Theme song?
  310. ??? ????? ? ¢????????, you still wanna be my tag partner right ?
  311. If Jericho does return on 1.2.12 do you think it would be his last run in the wwe?
  312. Was John Morrisons beard bad luck?
  313. Am I the only Cena Fan fed up with critics comparing Chain Gang with CeNation?
  314. In your opinion, what makes a 5-star wrestling match?
  315. In the end do you prefer wwe or TNA?
  316. if u could add 5 wrestlers to wwe 12 ?
  317. who is better sin cara or rey mysterio vote?
  318. What is the gayest finisher to ever be used? No literally.. Gayest Finisher.?
  319. Did The Rock go bald?
  320. What do you think is the worst finisher in the WWE in last 10 years?
  321. Do you think Kurt Angle will return to the WWE?
  322. What do you think is the best finisher in the WWE in last 10 years?
  323. Russo trivia:Who are all of the members of Russo's All-Cronies Team +bq?
  324. Were You Cheering For The Rock Or Hulk Hogan At Wrestlemania 18?
  325. Does Pro wrestling need more gimmick wrestlers?
  326. Would Randy Orton/Undertaker/Christan For World Title Been a Good Fued?
  327. Why do people Dislike Hogan so much now?
  328. Who Is The Real Toughest S.O.B?
  329. Your favorite dead wrestler?
  330. Why are they booing John cena all of sudden now more then usual ?
  331. The Spirit Squad vs The Nexus?
  332. To All those people that say Hulk Hogan cannot put on a classic?
  333. At a TNA IMPACT show, meet and greet are we able to bring..?
  334. Who had the most Unfitting theme song in Wrestling History?
  335. Why did Eddie gorraro quit wwe?
  336. Did it sound bad when john cena's dad said most of his fans were kids?
  337. Who does the best Suicide dive?
  338. Favorite bald wrestler of all time?
  339. Wrestling Section: Name your five favorite Stone Cold Steve Austin moments?
  340. What would be your reaction if at the royal rumble,This music plays?
  341. Can I help book someone's e-fed?
  342. WS: Name your 5 favorite tag teams of all time?
  343. The It begins promo I know !?
  344. Who Would've Won Brock Lesnar Or The Game Triple H?
  345. Do you think Dolph Ziggler should drop Vickie and step to the main event level ? ?
  346. Do you like John cena?
  347. Do you think Kevin Nash looks great for his age?
  348. Who would win in a Legimate,Real Fight between Brock Lesnar and John Cena?
  349. Batista vs Goldberg in Congo 2012 any updates?
  350. What kind of people obsess and literally stalk Jeff Hardy and wait outside his house?
  351. Can Ped make you a better athlete? +BQ?
  352. What sort of man is randy orton like?still cheating.?
  353. Who'd Win Booker T vs Kenny King?
  354. How much money does Randy Orton earn in a year now?
  355. Why did Morrison leave the WWE?
  356. AJ Styles? Will he ever be in the wwe or is he past his prime now?
  357. How do you think the wwe got those creepy kids to be in the it begins 2012 promo?
  358. Who would win in a triple threat match between Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio?
  359. was there a tna ppv last sunday?
  360. Owen hart's last desire!!!?
  361. Russo trivia: Who were 3 of Vince Russo's favorite wrestler while working in WCW?
  362. Kharma vs Beth Phoenix Who will win?
  363. Team WS is the new Main Event Mafia?
  364. cena fans, do you ever miss the days cena was over with everyone?
  365. why cant we all just admit that we are G@y wrestling fans?
  366. What are your thoughts on these comments made by CM Punk?
  367. Vince McMahon High On Bella Twins ( link inside )?
  368. wrestling users, do puppies have nightmares about john cena?
  369. Batista -W.S. Champion and JoMo Team WS are the same user?
  370. What happen to Kharma?
  371. What happenend to the guy that won Tough Enough?
  372. Batista -W.S. Champion and JoMo Team WS Wanna join my stable Evolution?
  373. I am the fastest User here to become a Top Contributor,any opinions?
  374. Do you think Justin Bieber can join the wwe?
  375. Do you like Justin bieber?
  376. wrestling section, follow me on twitter? plus bq?
  377. The Giant from the wcw looks like Big show with hair?
  378. Who has a bigger bulge when wrestling, ric flair, rko, or wade barret?
  379. what sort of man is randy orton like?
  380. I had done a good work yesterday!?
  381. What is the difference between ICarly and the WWE?
  382. best year in TNA history?
  383. Cm Punk Team WS and Chris Jericho Main Event Mafia are the same user?
  384. when is raw super show gonna end and be just raw agian?
  385. Any Twitter users here in the wrestling section?
  386. If Taker returns as a American Bad @ss will you be happy or get disappointed? +BQ 10PTS
  387. Which of these WWE Superstars deserve a push?
  388. What does the Miz see in black guys?
  389. What is your favorite WWE Wrestlemania Match of All-Time?
  390. What's the biggest lie WWE ever told us?
  391. So nobody understood this question?
  392. Why doesn't Ed Ferrara get any hate when he was beside Vince Russo most of his career?
  393. Who'd Win Juventud Guerrera vs Jack Evans?
  394. In WWE, we have met some of the greatest legends in wrestling. In your own words, what is a legend?
  395. Who deserves to fight undertaker at wrestlemania this year?
  396. Why do pro WWE fans fear TNA?
  397. I don't get this on wrestling WWE TNA etc?
  398. DO you think Christian can be back for tlc 2011?
  399. Will John Cena be forgotten in the future?
  400. Do you like Justin bieber?
  401. Do you like the Midcard Mafia show?
  402. Getting into FCW? Bonus Question?
  403. is jake the snake roberts one of wrestling's greatest minds whats your thoughts on him?
  404. Do you think a Attitude Era - Like WWE would fit into today's strict mainstream entertainment?
  405. Why does everyone tell me to go to college even though i want to become a pro wrestler?
  406. WWE 12 Paint Tool Question?
  407. What would your WrestleMania 28 main event(s)?
  408. who is the most popular wrestler of all time to never reach main event status in WWE?
  409. People STILL hating on CM Punk for Retiring Jeff Hardy?
  410. Would John Cena's theme song My time is now fit him as a heel or..?
  411. whats your thoughts on a kevin nash vs triple h match at WWE TLC Ladder match?
  412. Chuck Norris vs Goldberg?
  413. If WWE Hall Of Fame only inducted 1 wrestler per year would it be more special?
  414. Dolph Ziggler The Show Off gimmick?
  415. Does this sound like a good idea for a Type of Match in the WWE?
  416. Who'd Win Jamie Noble vs John Morrison?
  417. Which is the Better Tag Team?
  418. A messege to WS and Cm punk of WS?
  419. i apologize to the wrestling section user?
  420. Do you think the Good Guy in Randy Orton is getting old?
  421. How old were you when you found out that WWE was Fake?
  422. Which tag teams do you wish were still in WWE?
  423. was it scripted when cm punk won the title from cena and was leaving the wwe?
  424. Do you think that there is still a chance that Masked Kane wont return?
  425. Who's your favorite on the microphone?
  426. Who'd Win Brutus Magnus vs Sheamus?
  427. What position would Mark Henry play if he played football?
  428. What do you think of Jerry Lawler nowadays?
  429. Did that first match on Raw last night end a little lame or what?
  430. Who is hotter : Beth Phoenix or Natalya?
  431. What is the worst Ladder match in history?
  432. Where is Douglas Williams?
  433. An interesting question for both male and female wrestling fans....?
  434. A Question to Mr. John Laurinitis?
  435. What did you think of this weeks raw?
  436. Kurt Angle vs Undertaker in real life wrestling? I Know Kurt has the advantage but taker...
  437. Who invented Team WS?
  438. which gimmick do you like better? American Bad@ss taker or Dead Man Taker?
  439. Who is the WS Champion here?
  440. What are the titles here in WS section,besides the WS Championship?
  441. Main Event Mafia vs Team Wrestling Section,Who Will Win at a Internet Battle?
  442. do you want kurt angle to comeback in the wwe or stay in tna?
  443. Great Khali vs Giant Gonzales in a Hell in a Cell Match?
  444. Goldberg vs The Rock in a real life fight?
  445. What do you think will the new mask kane look like?
  446. A lot of the Old Original users of WS are now gone :(?
  447. Wrestling e-fed Brand names?
  448. Can you name some things about TNA that are better than WWE?
  449. Does Ricardo Rodriguez remind you of Josh Peck?
  450. Who is the Worst WWE Champion of all time?
  451. who would win these matches?
  452. In wwe 12 how do you play online?
  453. Is wwe trying to push Kevin Nash to much?
  454. In wwe 12 can you play against others online?
  455. what do women wear under wrestling singlet?
  456. Does John cena get booed in wwe 12 also?
  457. did you see that Orton vs miz match last night?
  458. should I use mouth guard when I wrestle?
  459. Breaking news! Wwe just got bought out by peta, so now we get to watch poop on mondays and thursday?
  460. Do you think That the Heel John Cena would Fit in with..?
  461. Who are your top 3 WWE superstars?
  462. Did you sign zack Ryder petition ?
  463. what is your WWE fave 5?
  464. poll: who is your least favourite wrestler?
  465. Which Wrestler had the better theme song?
  466. Am i The only one who thinks Mason Ryan is WWE Champion Material?
  467. Why was john cena,punk,the undertaker featured in kane's return promo?
  468. What will the Demon in red mask in pg era?
  469. I'm heterosexual, I can wrestle too?
  470. What are your thoughts on the Chris Benoit movie?
  471. Who deserves to win the Royal Rumble 2012?
  472. Is this the new wwe logo?
  473. name these lyrics!!wwe!!?
  474. is mask kane returning!?
  475. what is cena going to do in the wwe tlc ppv or what do wwe have instore 4 him?
  476. Huge Pro Wrestling tournament? Round 4 FINAL ROUND?
  477. When did Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards have their first match?
  478. Favorite WWE Superstars beginning with these letters?
  479. How can wrestling fans use the word overated? when wrestling is FAKE?
  480. can u beat ur dad at arm wrestling?
  481. does the rock vs john cena match REALLY need a special guest Ref In it why or why not?
  482. Do you think making your kids watch wrestling will make him grow manly?
  483. When did Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards have their first match?
  484. Don't you all think Lilian Garcia looks good for 45 ?
  485. Who was a better wrestler,Molly Holly or Mickie James?
  486. Who'd Win Umaga vs Daniel Bryan?
  487. Undertaker vs ? WM28?
  488. Is anyone else sick of these fans thinking that Cena sucks?
  489. Besides facing John Cena what are 3 other current WWE Superstars The Rock HAS to face
  490. Is Matt Hardy a wrestling legend?
  491. Wrestling follow me? BQ?
  492. Who do you feel deserves to be the 2011 Superstar of the Year?
  493. Is Vince Mcmahon,Stephanie,shane,and The Ascension coming to WWE on the 2nd in 2012?
  494. would you consider daniel bryan as a replacement for chris benoit ?
  495. Did you sign zack Ryder petetion ?
  496. Wrestling,why are you g@y?
  497. Does anyone else think cena haters should stop attacking John Cena so much?
  498. does anyone else find it ridiculous that zack ryder pinned mark henry?
  499. Who'd Win Kevin Nash vs Evan Bourne?
  500. why do people in this section hate you for having you own opinion?