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  1. The first question you ever answered in the Wrestling Section and BQ's?
  2. Hello to the NEW WS generation and BQ's?
  3. Tag teams, who is the better individual wrestler?
  4. WS Poll: The best of the best in 2011?
  5. wwe questions please answer?
  6. Two questions for wrestling fans?
  7. Randy orton injured..?
  8. Who Had The Worst Week(rematch)?
  9. Daniel bryan vs Big show match...?
  10. Who Had The Worst Week?
  11. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  12. What ever happened to Finley from WWE?
  13. Did Drew McIntire win or lose against Santino Marella?
  14. What was the 3rd WWE show that used to be on Tusedays?
  15. what can Drew McIntyre do next on smackdown so he don't get fired what would you have happen next?
  16. Have the Divas of Doom become Divas of GLOOM?
  17. Were the WCW Women's Championships considered as major Championships?
  18. Do you think Steroids and HGH should be allowed in wrestling or not?
  19. What's your favorite John Cena rap segment?
  20. What WWE wrestler is/was the biggest alcoholic/drug addict?
  21. What are your top 3 favorite WWE theme songs of all time?
  22. If you could pick 5 wrestlers to come back (just as good as they were in their prime), who would
  23. Will This Generation Of Wrestlers Survive after Triple H Undertaker Y2J can no longer Wrestle?
  24. Would a Face Turn Work For The Miz?
  25. How do you feel about Kurt Angle saying that WWE does not respect him?
  26. Tyson Kidd or Ezekiel Jackson?
  27. what do you think about WWE wanting to sign several TNA talents?
  28. WWE wanting to bring back to womans tag team championship your thoughts and is this a good idea?
  29. Are you interested in joining my e-fed called Nonstop Wrestling Action?
  30. What do you make of these rivalries/storylines I came up with?
  31. Will Cm Punk Daniel Bryan Replace The Wrestlemania XX Ending For Wwe?
  32. Hey gang! So! Beth or Kelly +BQ?
  33. Who would be a good replacement for Cole on the RAW announcing team and why?
  34. what are the current TNA Impact Wrestlers you would have face WWE Superstars and Why?
  35. Smackdown wwe/////////?
  36. Did anyone else get goosebumps when Chris Jericho returned this past Monday?
  37. Should the Undertaker just retire?
  38. What do you make of these rivalries/storylines I came up with?
  39. What do you make of these storylines/rivalries I came up with?
  40. What are your thoughts on WWE reportedly being interested in top TNA talents?
  41. What Are Some Watchable Matches i Could Book in WWE 12?
  42. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  43. Are both WWE's and TNA's tag team divisions stagnating now?
  44. How many different nicknames has your favourite wrestler had/got.?
  45. Describe your favourite wrestlers in one word?
  46. I know there are a million and one questions about Jericho but heres one more.?
  47. Is Dolph Ziggler or CM Punk Champ?
  48. Did Michelle McCool really marry the undertaker?
  49. What do you make of these storylines/rivalries I came up with?
  50. What do you make of these storylines/rivalries I came up with?
  51. what are the things TNA Wrestling can do to improve there ratings and product how can they compete..
  52. What are your thoughts on Mark Henry declining WWE's offer for time off to recover from his injury?
  53. Who would win in a powerhouse Independent match between these 5 wrestlers?
  54. When is WWE coming back to Smackdown?
  55. What do you think of these rivalries/storylines I came up with?
  56. Wwe for all the people who hated Jericos return?
  57. What do you think of these rivalries/storylines I came up with?
  58. What do you think about these rivalries/storylines I came up with?
  59. Why is it there arent more women into wrestling ?
  60. How hilarious is this clip?
  61. Do you think Hulkamania Is Still Running Wild or is it about time it got a zimmer frame?
  62. Do you think TNA will ever match the same rivalry with WWE like WCW did?
  63. Who Els Likes The Mask Kane?
  64. What,would you do if .....?
  65. What do you make of these rivalries/storylines?
  66. What do you think of these Storylines/rivalries?
  67. Has the WS section improved + WQ?
  68. Do you consider Rey Mysterio and RVD as two of the greatest upper-midcarders of all-time?
  69. how will WWE book the Danial bryan vs big show match how SHOULD this match go?
  70. when did you like him better?
  71. A battle of 2 of the most hated wrestlers who would you go for?
  72. Why do people think Y2J will be Heel which he didnt look like he was going to be?
  73. What does heel mean in wrestling?
  74. now that jericho returned and!!!?
  75. Has the royal rumble ever been this much predictable?
  76. What did you think of Raw last night?
  77. What did you think of Chris Jericho returning?
  78. Which wrestlers should have won these matches in their career but didn't?
  79. Why dose masked kane have a wig on?
  80. Could this happen by chance?
  81. who do you think will be in the whc match at wrestlemania?
  82. how was that the end of the world as we know it?
  83. Chris Jericho's Return: Can we put it to rest now?
  84. Chris Jericho still a heel?
  85. how dissapointed would you be if 1/2/12 is just the undertaker?
  86. Where exactly are the Jarretts?
  87. where can you buy y2j jacket from tonights raw?
  88. Don't you think Kane's not scary anymore?
  89. Will the Mystery man help Kane turn John Cena heel tonight?
  90. What would you do if Eddie Guerrero's music started playing after a random countdown on the show?
  91. I'm not surprised It was Jericho?
  92. Is wrestling as boring now as I think it is?
  93. Seems like Smackdown is taking over Raw?
  94. I thought you can't win the title by a countout?
  95. have you ever marked out out of anger?
  97. Is Hulk Hogan still the champ of the NWO?
  98. What are your thoughts on WWE's possible Royal Rumble plans (+BQ)?
  99. What are your thoughts on MVP's comments about leaving WWE?
  100. Why do American schools participate in wrestling?
  101. What would reaction be if Undertakers Wrestlemania streak was ended like this?
  102. Which Version Of Booker T was better WCW Booker T or WWE Booker T and Why?
  103. when the miz was wwe champion how well did he carry the title was he a good champion?
  104. WCW Big Show or WWE Big Show And Why was one better then the other?
  105. Storyline ideas for WWE 12 story designer?
  106. Ideas for tag teams in wwe?
  107. Name 3 superstars who you think will become....?
  108. what needs to be done to the WWE roster for it to be better and more in depth and have big time
  109. besides alberto del rio and the miz who else is left to face CM PUNK for the WWE Title what needs
  110. Best televised matches from 2010-2011?
  111. Story designer ideas for WWE 12?
  112. Storyline ideas for WWE12 story designer?
  113. If someome was to win the royal rumble?
  114. Would a feud between CM Punk and Randy Orton work?
  115. If TNA and the WWE were to have a rumble match together....?
  116. Any download links for Kabal's diss on John Cena?
  117. Best matches of 2011?
  118. Are you ready for the eye a tolla of rock n rolla, the former InterChristonental Champion
  119. Is there General Manager mode on WWE 12 for X Box 360 PS3?
  120. in 2012 what exactly does WWE need to do in your opinion to rebuild the tag division what...
  121. what are the top 5 main events from raw and smackdown you want to see in 2012?
  122. Questions about John Cena.? +BQ?
  123. so where is all this change cm punk talked about once he became wwe champion your thoughts?
  124. It's Josh Matthews the worst Ring announcer the WWE has had?
  125. What do you think of Brock Lesnar's retirement announcement?
  126. Who is Coming to Monday Night raw 1-2-12?
  127. Who Had The Worst Year?
  128. are u guys excited that y2j is coming?
  129. Who Had The Worst Week?
  130. we saw the break through of rhodes and wade in 2011 who else will break through in wwe in 2012?
  131. What did you think of Smackdown this week?
  132. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  133. do you REALLY think brock lesnar is returning to wwe and who should he face upon return?
  134. what are your thoughts on epico and primo as a team does it work can they last in wwe will...
  135. Did you like the idea of the Knockouts title being defended in the main event last night?
  136. Are there any wrestling (wwe) fan clubs i could join?
  137. Who is that chick talking to Danial Bryan?
  138. Can someone give me a link of how Randy Orton got injured on Smackdown on 12/27/11 in
  139. WS: If you had a chance to say something to Vince McMahon about the WWE Creative Team what
  140. Do you think wwe shown at night should be 18 certificate?
  141. what do you think about WWE bragging rights coming back to pay per view did you like that event?
  142. Stephanie Mcmahon looks to be in great shape now should she return to wwe what are your...
  143. Why would only 195lbs make a man bark?
  144. How much weight did Kurt Angle lose since WWE?
  145. WWE vs TNA Tournament You Predict The Winners Round 1?
  146. Do you think WWE hardly tried on Kane's new outfit?
  147. why hasnt cm punk changed the look of the wwe championship when he said he would he promised change?
  148. So I haven't watched WWE since this time last year, just returned from deployment (meaning no t.v.)?
  149. Bought WWE '12 and was wondering what the current WWE stables are?
  150. Is WWE really in trouble when mr mcmahon dies most points for best answer?
  151. Do you think when randy orton return he will be heel!?
  152. what do you think of randy orton now only being out for a few weeks what could this mean?
  153. what did you think of Bobby Lashley when he was in wwe what would you think if he made a return
  154. What are your thoughts on WWE considering Big Show vs. Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq) for Wrestlemania?
  155. which wrestling game is better?
  156. Who would win in a Street Fight Match... CM Punk or Sid Vicious?
  157. does Jake the snake still wrestle?
  158. Predications for 2012 HALL OF FAME? (WWE)?
  159. Breaking News: A lot of WWE Universe asked for a refund at JLA since Randy Orton is not
  160. WWE 12 submission..................?????????
  161. Can WWE do Without Randy Orton?
  162. With all the Injured Superstars how would you book Drew McIntyre Sheamus Wade Barrett how would...
  163. WWF/WWE match results and every single event that has ever happened?
  164. Do the top stars of the Attitude Era receive more respect than top stars of the PG era?
  165. Do you think sting has missed out on some really good money by not going to wwe?
  166. what did Santa left under the chairmanīs tree?
  167. Has the IWC killed off the impact that It begins return could have had?
  168. with about 5 major stars injured in wwe right now what superstars should really step up and...
  169. The Road to Wrestlemaina has started......?
  170. Who were your favorite wrestlers of all time?
  171. what can be done now that randy orton is out for 6 months what about all the other injured wwe
  172. Who makes up WWE's Casual Fans?
  173. now that drew mcintyre is back on smackdown what would you do with him to improve him whats
  174. do you think Vince will really let the Undertaker keep his streak at his last wrestlemania?
  175. Does anybody know if now that Karen Jarrett has been fired if Sting is going to announce...
  176. Which wrestler(s) did you think would become world champion but ended up as jobber?
  177. if the attitude era had not took place would WWE be around today or would of WCW put WWE...
  178. WWE'12 Heel Stable Ideas?
  179. Would will win the rr ?
  180. Whean the wwe network come on u think we see more hardcore?
  181. Chris Benoit collapse: Could it have been avoided?
  182. what do you think of David Otunga's wrestling ability and where should he better himself?
  183. we know cody rhodes and dolph ziggler had a great 2011 which superstars will have a good 2012 and
  184. pay diffrence between tna and wwe top talent?
  185. Will you Lose or Respect John Cena If He Turns Heel?
  186. should the wwe merge and unify all the championships once again?
  187. If Kurt Angle makes the olympic team in 2012?
  188. A few questions about Raw (12/26/11)?
  189. Whats is your favorite match type (TLC, Ladder, etc.)?
  190. do you like the role of david otunga in wwe would you change or improve anything?
  191. If dolph Ziggler wins next week do u think he will be champ at mania ?
  192. Monday night raw????
  193. John Cena is turning heel next month can you feel it?
  194. World Heavyweight Championship VS WWE Championship?
  195. The dumbest ending to Raw tonight?
  196. SAMOA JOE AJ Styles?
  197. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  198. But Chris Jericho said it wasn't him on Twitter!?
  199. Why did Booker T and Kevin Nash go from TNA to WWE?
  200. Who will date a wwe diva if u have a chance ?
  201. When is WWE going to sell Kane's Merchandise including the mask?
  202. What did you think of Raw last night?
  203. WWE: Tonight's RAW Main Event + BQ?
  204. Hahaha how great is The Miz?
  205. What is the best Ring of Honor DVD of all time?
  206. Something good should happen at the end of Raw?
  207. WTF aint The Miz in the gauntlet?
  208. WWE Smackdown Gaming Series Ratings In My Opinion?
  209. What is your favorite finsher move?
  210. How do you think the WWE will be going in 10 years?
  211. The destruction already begun?
  212. 2011 Match of the year?
  213. ?? ?? ???? ????? ??????
  214. Would The Rock/Rated R Superstar been a Good Fued/match?
  215. what are your all time favorite WCW matches in history?
  216. CM Punk to the SmackDown brand what are your thoughts and is this a good idea?
  217. when will Sheamus have another Storyline with a WWE superstar again or is he primed to win the...
  218. what can tyson kidd do next to improve and get noticed what should his next move be?
  219. how would you book a eve torres heel turn do you think it would be a good idea to do this?
  220. how can the steel cage match improve or get better under PG standards what could be added or
  221. I Need a Few Dream Matches to make in WWE 12?
  222. which one of the matches in wwe history are better then one another and why do you like it better?
  223. what needs to be done with tyler reks and jack swagger what would make them stand out?
  224. what year do you see ted dibiase Jr cody rhodes and dolph ziggler becoming the world
  225. What wrestlers would Make a Technical vs High Flyer Match if that makes Sense?
  226. When will we see Big show turn heel?
  227. How do WWE wrestlers learn how to act?
  228. Who should Cody feud with next over his IC title?
  229. do you think wwe has done the right thing with rosa mendas is her future good now?
  230. what is the real height of these wrestlres?
  231. What did you think of this weeks Smackdown?
  232. besides alberto del rio who are the top 5 contenders to CM Punks WWE Championship on RAW?
  233. Who Had The Worst Week?
  234. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  235. Was ECW responsible for a LOT of WCW's success?
  236. if john cena and daniel bryan had a feud what would you think of it how would it go?
  237. If WWE and TNA were to trade what wrestlers would you like to see swap over?
  238. Wrestlers who should retire?
  239. Wihat if the Miz turned face ?
  240. Why is Matt Hardy held to a higher standerd than Jeff?
  241. is zack ryder dad @ every wwe event!?
  242. What is a good song that should be used in a Wwe entrance?
  243. Without giving spoilers?
  244. Trying to find the name of a common rest hold. Help?
  245. My 2011 TNA PPV Rankings (In My Opinion) Agree or Disagree Share Your Opinion?
  246. Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle (Better Wrestler)?
  247. Best 2011 PPV Matches in my opinion please tell me what you think?
  248. Wouldn't it be better if....................?
  249. 1/2/12 Could it JBL? If not, who else you think it could be besides Y2J?
  250. WWE Shemus my pick to win this years Royal Rumble?
  251. Do you think Darren Burridge and Desmond Wolfe would be a good tag team in wwe?
  252. Best matches on WWE Superstars and NXT?
  253. will 2012 bring a new era in wwe?
  254. with whom should daniel bryan feud to not look like an underdog while he defends his title?
  255. which match do you want at Wrestlemania, Kane vs Punk(c) or Jericho vs Punk(c)?
  256. Is this the best explanation of wrestling to people who say its fake?
  257. What was the point of the WWE having Eric Escobar?
  258. Buy or Sell....................................?
  259. Who has more star power (Michaels or Austin)?
  260. What's up with Kanes costume?
  261. Who are the top 5 biggest superstars since the 90's?
  262. Is Kurt Angle past it?
  263. why was jeff hardy one of the most popular wrestlers?
  264. Who Is the Greatest ECW Legend in your opinion?
  265. What was your favorite RAW theme song?
  266. Does anyone else think Eric Young was hilarious tonight?
  267. Which TNA Knockout do you find the most entertaining (and why)?
  268. Boiled eggs or ice on my eye?
  269. do you think there will be a new era in 2012?
  270. Some people think Undertaker ISNT retiring at Mania 28?
  271. How would your reaction be if? +BQ?
  272. Summerslam 2012 Travel Packages question?
  273. Would Sheamus be as good of a candidate as face of WWE as CM Punk would?
  274. Can you make a title vacant in WWE 12?
  275. Has CM Punk started a revolution?
  276. Who will disappoint more at wrestlemania this year - The Rock or the Undertaker?
  277. If the WWE Network fails do you think the WWE will go under?
  278. Hello Wrestling Fans Question?
  279. was rey mysterio even worse than daniel bryan to hold the world title?
  280. how much is the possibility that cena will ever settle into being an upper mid carder?
  281. How come chicago always produce such legends like CM Punk and Johnny Knight?
  282. whose world title was more well deserved- jack swagger or daniel bryan?
  283. should the undertaker stay till 2013 so that we can have his last wrestlemania match against John
  284. If daniel bryan and rey mysterio can become world champions. ! Why couldnt Brian Kendrick?
  285. should Drew McIntyre win the Royal Rumble?
  286. right now in the wwe which wrestlers credibility is ruined to an extent that he can NEVER be
  287. would santino have looked a more credible world champion than daniel bryan?
  288. Which wrestler rarely or never makes a botch...?
  289. Who's more annoying: Ric Flair or Rey Mysterio?
  290. Do you think the Rock will stay after wrestlemania?
  291. Should cena wear a mask so that he gets lesser booo's?
  292. My Predicted W-W-E Face and heel turns 2012, The Miz face, Randy Orton heel, Cody Rhodes face,...
  293. Who else needs to be resurrected in WWE?
  294. My 2011 WWE PPV Rankings (In My Opinion) Agree or Disagree Share Your Opinion?
  295. who would win the big ladies title match.?
  296. Where can I find wrestling shoot interviews?
  297. Do you think AJ Styles looks like an MMA Fighter?
  298. CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan for the undisputed title at WM28?
  299. Why do you watch wrestling when you KNOW that its?
  300. is daneil bryan really a believable world heavyweight champion?
  301. Do you remember MVP's storyline?
  302. Why has everyone put their Hope into Y2J and Kane? +BQ?
  303. Why do people refuse to think wrestling is scripted?
  304. Why is WWE so fun to watch?
  305. What is a good wwe dvd?
  306. As Rock is the Great one Cena is the?
  307. Jan 2nd 2012 promo? Who is it?
  308. When is Awesome Kong coming back and how long has she being away now?
  309. John Cena or Michael Cole?
  310. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  311. I still say Kane is the Undertaker?
  312. What did you think of Raw last night?
  313. WWE Giving Alicia Fox a push?
  314. Do you agree with how Impact Wrestling has booked Mr. Anderson and Pope?
  315. Is orton - Barrett feud still ticking?????
  316. I thought they're wasn't blood in the PG era?
  317. What are your thoughts on this horrible turn of events?
  318. who are the top heels and faces on smackdown who should face Daniel Bryan for the world title?
  319. how long do you predict d bryan will stay world champion of smackdown what should happen next?
  320. If Shawn Michaels was never retired by The Undertaker, what do you think he would be doing now in...
  321. Mark Henry suffering an injury?
  322. tlc was better than money in the bank? and cm punk definitely is making wwe fun again?
  323. How did Daniel Bryan win the WHC?
  324. What are your thoughts on these comments made by John Cena about WWE?
  325. Does anyone have a stream of the TLC replay?
  326. So what did you guys think of the PPV tonight?
  327. Who Had The Worst Week?
  328. Who Had The Worst Night-TLC(WCW Edition)?
  329. Wht is the length of each side of the ring?
  330. TLC 2011 quick review?
  331. Who won at TLC (Just testing)?
  332. What if Cena turned heel?
  333. How do u like Barretts new tattoo?
  334. What happened to the Hardcore Championship in WWF/WWE?
  335. What do they do to the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs?
  336. Who are the winners on WWE TLC 2011?
  337. Who thinks Wade Barret should have won that match?
  338. Hey wrestling fans! Got something special for you! +BQ?
  339. Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's REAL?
  340. How do I meet george st pierre?
  341. in the year 2012 what top feuds do you want to see from Raw And Smackdown?
  342. WWE '12 Jacob Cass Question?
  343. This for WWE fan. Thanks.?
  344. If Smackdown Here Comes The Pain was on PS3 do you think these trophies would be included?
  345. Pick 1:Curt Hawkins or JTG?
  346. WS A Question. (for fun)?
  347. Youtube switched it's layout AGAIN! Its a MESS Why are they so flippin disrespectful and
  348. Kane has been moved to the Raw Roster?
  349. Buy or sell:Kurt Angle isn't interesting storyline wise anymore?
  350. What's your favorite entrance of all time?
  351. Why did WWF make that kid with one leg get beat up dragged backstage and thrown down stairs
  352. The Rock Is Overrated?
  353. who will win john cena vs undertaker?
  354. What does Cenas Rise Above Hate shirt mean?
  355. is kane wearing hair extentions like some blonde bytch?
  356. Just seen Survivor Series 2011, and did I just see John Cena horribly selling a Rock Bottom?!?
  357. The Rock vs John Cena. Do we REALLY want to see it?
  358. Mark Henry as the World Heavyweight Champion. We thought it would be horrible, but we were wrong?
  359. Why would we want to see Triple H vs Kevin Nash in a ladder match?
  360. Who is your favourite wrestler?
  361. 10 points in 1 hour for best answer :)?
  362. John Cena's possible role at TLC 2011?
  363. You will have a best answer at 8:47pm (1 hour) if I pick your bs?
  364. wwe tlc sign idea 2011 good funny ones!?
  365. Why dont people in the wrestling section give best answer to people who accually deserve it? +BQ?
  366. 10points best anwser why wwe tribute to the troops 2011 inside the arena insted of outside?
  367. How do I wrestle a guy twice as big?
  368. What are your thoughts on Tommy Dreamer being in CZW +BQ?
  369. Was it Kane or an impostor?
  370. Who is your favorite wrestler in WWE right now?
  371. what are your thoughts on Sean O'Haire in WWE in 2003 and how was his wrestling ability?
  372. are the cm punk signatures in the superfan package on wwe shop real?
  373. besides john cena what are the other reasons and factors WWE went PG why didn't it stay Tv 14?
  374. Are wear down holds the same as submission moves?
  375. how has this section been since i retired?
  376. How would you feel if Rey Mysterio ended Undertakers wrestlemania streak?
  377. Will there be a divas match at wwe tlc 2011?
  378. I've Finally found a Song That suits WS?
  379. When was Hulk Hogan's wrestling debut?
  380. Easy 10 (not a kane question)?
  381. Is Chicago The Best State To Hold A WWE Event?
  382. The Straight Edge Society?
  383. Who else just noticed the new Tattoo Wade Barrett has on his right arm?
  384. Do you think CM Punk likes John Lorinitus?
  385. Do you take Gunner on tna less seriously knowing he used to be security? BQ?
  386. Is tribute to the troops live right now? BQ?
  387. CM Punk truely does suck....?
  388. Did cena actually use some new moves?
  389. If John Cena is the question?
  390. What do you think of WWE Tribute to the Troops tonight?
  391. I miss Unmasked Kane :( ?
  392. Who Had The Worst Night-Tribute To The Troops?
  393. How many people in the wrestling category don't watch wwe?
  394. Where is Cena on your best wrestlers ever list?
  395. Since when did having mic skills mean the be all and end of being a top draw?
  396. J R vs michael cole freestyle?
  397. Did you notice that Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler didn't even acknowledge Kane's mask last night?
  398. wrestling section, Plankton is a terrible troll + bq?
  399. Between 2006 to 2010 which year was worst for WWE?
  400. what was the song playing for the nomenees for the game changer award?
  401. Will Vince be on tonight's show?
  402. Does anybody know this song from the wwe slammy's ?
  403. TNA and WWE,who do you think is better(poll)?
  404. When will r truth return?
  405. Brooker T and Cody Rhodes?
  406. will this guy be taken seriously?
  407. Who'd Win Mr Anderson vs Dolph Ziggler?
  408. Thriple h said undertaker Id gone do you think he retired?
  409. What is your favorite WWF/WWE Video Games and Why?
  410. Answer some questions?
  411. How do you feel about Evan's return tonight?
  412. What do you think of this Prediction about Kane?
  413. I changed the channel when Mary J Blige showed up?
  414. Don't you wish this crowd was at the Slammies last night?
  415. Cody RRhodes is my favorite current heel where o where can i get his hoodie and his mask?
  416. How can people assume that Kane was Undertaker?
  417. What do you think the 1/2/12 return promo is and who do you want it to be?
  418. Will rey have a match tonight ,and is he back for good?
  419. Are you surprised about Tribute to the Troops?
  420. Why doe Dolph oversell so much?
  421. What is the CORRECT name for this wrestling move?
  422. How stronge does the monster beth phoinx look getting pinned by that famouse girl?
  423. Who do you think the nicest heel outside of wrestling?
  424. TrueORFalse Nickleback on RAW was amazing?
  425. Why Does Vince McMahon Rely on WWF Wrestlers To Help Build Credibility for New Age?
  426. WWE Kane and Taker Storyline?
  427. I have a question about a storyline from a few years ago?
  428. Is it only me or the kane that returned walked and smirked like the undertaker?
  429. What do you guys think of Kanes return?
  430. Wwe 12 dlc attires, Kane masked?
  432. True or false you were furious on what pop lita got and road dogg got?
  433. Where was raw last night?
  434. What according to you are feuds and superstars of the following years(2000-2011)?
  435. Kane shouldn't be booked in a feud with Mark Henry?
  436. Would a Border cage match be good WWE match?
  437. What was the most disappointing thing at the slammy yesterday?
  438. Why did they remove Kaitlyn's heel turn from Smackdown?
  439. Who's return and/or debut is that January 2012 (the day the world will end) promo for?
  440. Was anyone excited that Road Dogg came back?
  441. what do you think of the new kane? like or dislike?
  442. Kane returned at a bad time?
  444. anyone else think Raw wasn't all that great tonight?
  445. Why did Beth Phoenix do nothing after Kelly Kelly slapped her?Is Kelly Kelly that intimidating?
  446. Do u like Kane's new attire?
  447. Could Triple H have been the one who was Kane tonight on Raw?
  448. WS Users Check this Video out?
  449. Why do people make fun of Bret Hart wearing a leather jacket in his 50s,yet Triple H wears leather
  450. That was the biggest chill thats went down my back since the return of Goldberg in 2003?
  451. Was Triple H angry tonight on Raw because he was on the Unsexiest Men of 2011 list?
  452. What are the 10 most unlikely things that will happen in WWE right now?
  453. Who else finds that womans voice on the Slammy Awards annoying?!?
  454. If Kane returned with Slow Chemical with his theme?
  455. Did you know that Kane's New Mask is a molding of the Undertaker's face?
  456. What would your reaction have been if Kane had the Sin Cara mask under the first mask he had
  457. What do you think of Kane's new mask?
  458. is masked kane a heel or was he just sending a message to mark henry?
  459. How would you have reacted if Kane took off the mask and It was Goldberg?
  460. How great are the boos for cena ?
  461. Will John cena get an opponent tonight ?
  462. Why does cena have no opponent for tlc?
  463. For how long will the wwe keep push cena as the face if he is getting booed?
  464. is it me or are the WWE RAW fans so boring last night they did not cheer or boo hardly?
  465. In the it begins 4th promo when the kid say Things will never be the same again?
  466. Is Vicki guirrao related to Eddie ?
  467. Hey were you upset with no divas matches last night?
  468. what happened at the end of raw last night?
  469. are you happy kane is masked again? give me your reasons?
  470. What Was The Best Part Of Raw Last Night?
  471. How does the WWE recruit new wrestlers?
  472. How was the new Kane return?
  473. Question for WWE '12 on ps3.?
  474. is it true that ted turner has bought tna wrestling?
  475. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  476. Wrestling fans What an amazing return........?
  477. What do you think of my WrestleMania ideas?
  478. How Would You Rate Last Night's Raw Out Of Ten?
  479. Even when The Rock isn't at a WWE Event..?
  480. What did you think of raw last night?
  481. Are you suprised with how many Wrestling Fans are Retarded?
  482. Are you disturbed by the constant pop-up of the Exorcist commercial?
  483. Why doesnt Kane look like the same as Kane without the mask?
  484. Kane is back in WWE! But was that the same Kane as before?
  485. I'm the happiest person in the World right now? :)?
  486. Do You Agree With Me That?
  487. Is there any one could beat Goldberg really, without cheating or helping from anybody?
  488. is kane still a face?
  489. I believe they are going with some sort of Kane Undertaker angle?
  490. Anyone else agree that control2012 promo is too overhyped to be shane and stephanie?
  491. Does Angelina Love look even prettier without make up?
  492. Kane is back omfg!!!!!?
  493. Answer some questions?
  494. Will The New Generation of WWE Guys Ever Be Looked at as Main event Matriel?
  495. Why is Samoa Joe a jobber now?
  496. Who do you think is this mystery man?
  498. How have you liked me as one of the verry few tr0lls heres?
  499. Is kane hinting at a feud with cena or punk?
  500. whos the bigger wwe legend? million dollar man or Mick Foley?