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  1. Payback Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  2. Which rocky is overrated?
  3. What are your top ten Undertaker matches?
  4. What is the ugliest wrestler you ever saw?
  5. People really go over board when they go and call daniel bryan a great wrestler?
  6. Who should challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after Kane?
  7. When some people say TNA ratings is dropping?
  8. would you want to see Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle One last Match?
  9. Who is truly a worse wrestler?
  10. Which one of the wwe superstars would have been more or less judgmental, back in 2010, Chris...
  11. Would someone give Stephanie McMahon someone to feud with, please?
  12. Name wrestlers who died because of steroid abuse?
  13. Bray Wyatt PROMO?
  14. What you think of Natalya?
  15. Robbie E the tna version of wwe santino?
  16. Will Disney buy wwes pg butt?
  17. Is Daniel Bryan not a good heel?
  18. Who's worst, cena fans or Bryan fans?
  19. Best tag team in wwe and why?
  20. Why are wwe fans so gullible and believe things in pro wrestling is real?
  21. wwe ppv schedule 2015?
  22. Agree when wwe rips off tna nobody has a problem with it?
  23. How do you feel about TNA bringing back the six sided ring?
  24. hornswoggle a insult to wrestling?
  25. Anything tna haters complained about in hogans era, tna is fixing and ur still not happy?
  26. Do you think Undertaker should have retired earlier than he did with the streak intact?
  27. WS: Does anyone really care about Dance Contests?
  28. Has Undertaker ever beaten Brock Lesnar at a PPV?
  29. What's a combination of Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?
  30. Who benefitted the most when Brock Lesnar left the WWE?
  31. Why do some people want the crusierweight championship back?
  32. Has the Ultimate Warrior ever faced Andre The Giant?
  33. Why was wwe allowed to use Legion of Doom for the Road Warriors when Marvel owns the rights to
  34. A question about wwe and ultimate warrior?
  35. What finishing maneuver would you say is the most dangerous?
  36. who is a better faction NWO or Evolution?
  37. Is Christian going to retire?
  38. Is WWE pokemon?
  39. Which is more sad Undertaker at Survivor Series 2003 or Wrestlemania 30?
  40. Is it true that Rocky Daye is Gay? Why is he always angry?
  41. anyone else estatic for the return of evolution?
  42. WRESTLING : So...Whats next for AJ LEE in the wwe, seem as if she's about to fall out?
  43. WRESTLING : Out of all the lost superstars that passed away through out the years?
  44. WRESTLING : Whts your opinion on the current state of RVD'S carreer?
  45. Why does Michelle defend Rocky Dayes pedophile behavior?
  46. Are Wrestling fans Bo-lieving yet?
  47. How many people within the IWC would have the guts to talk trash to wrestler's faces?
  48. How long did the Ruthless Aggression Era exactly last?
  49. what do you think about paige's debut ? and winning divas champ ?
  50. ARE you a fan of Lex Lugar the total package?
  51. Who agrees that Fit finlay is underated?
  52. How long do you think the feud between Evolution and The Shield will last?
  53. Did evolution really get back together?
  54. WRESTLING : Who do you think is currently more overrated : BRYAN or CENA?
  55. To all tna haters?
  56. Bryan is the new john cena?
  57. Daniel Bryan is the new john cena?
  58. Professional Wrestling: Did The People think John Cena's DX-Esk Picture Shtick worked?
  59. Professional Wrestling: The People would like an Explanation on what makes Randy Orton 'Intense'?
  60. Professional Wrestling: The People defended Brock Lesnar yet now that he's Broken The Streak
  61. How long will Daniel Bryan's push last?
  62. Rate these Wrestlers out of 10 (In their primes)?
  63. Why does it seems most fans only want WWE to succeed and not other wrestling company's?
  64. Are religious people freaking out because HHH said believe in Evolution?
  65. Professional Wrestling: Do The People realize Brock Lesnar is 'The Streak Conquerer'?
  66. WS: Do you like seeing Hornswoggle sometimes?
  67. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying if you get Bray Wyatt mad the entire trailer
  68. What do you think Nikki Bella thinks John Cena saying he'd take out Bray Wyatt's mother out to
  69. Do you think the eleven men who faced The Shild are going to get paid a little extra by
  70. What do you think of JBL saying Daniel Bryan is a 1 and Brie Bella is a 10?
  71. What do you think of JBL saying he's moving to Russia?
  72. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying Fandango and Summer Rae broke up because Summer Rae...
  73. How fake would it look if The Shield win against eleven men?
  74. Who would you rather have in your corner Lana or R-Truth?
  75. Why doesn't Deadmanrising follow anyone?
  76. What do you think of Paige apparently going to the same tanning salon as Sheamus?
  77. Are you surprised the Child's mom from that Toys R Us commercial didn't think Sheamus
  78. How would you react if you saw Sheamus and Big E. at Toys R Us wearing thieir Wrestling gear?
  79. Are you surprised The Authority allowed Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella to take days off to go on...
  80. Who was a better tag team, Motor City Machine Guns, Paul London and Brian Kendrick or Muscle
  81. Do you think it was classless that Randy Orton and John Cena didn't wear a Ultimate Warrior shirt?
  82. Professional Wrestling: What do The People think about Kevin Nash being Underrated?
  83. How awesome is it for kane holding that mask?
  84. Anything tna haters complain about, tna try's to fix it and they still complain?
  85. Since cesaro is the king of swing, should he feud or partner up with fandango?
  86. Will Bryan be another victim of wwes push and stop?
  87. Will Jarretts company have a women's division or will start without it and add later?
  88. Professional Wrestling: Does 'The Exotic Express' Adam Rose remind any one else of Russell
  89. Any early Extreme Rules predictions?
  90. Since Damien sandow was on the mic on raw does that mean he's going to start winning?
  91. Who do you think will win at Extreme Rules Evolution or The Shield?
  92. Why isn't wrestling unscripted?
  93. WRESTLING : Which 2 superstars do you wish to see feud against one another that in the...
  94. The end of Ezekial Jackson?
  95. Will wrestling ever be cool again?
  96. WS: Is Fan Dan Go terrible, or is he booked badly?
  97. Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler?
  98. Does Paige Wish She Was A REAL Woman Like Aj Lee Is .. !?
  99. Am I The Only One Who Thinks That Layla Is Ugly .. !?
  100. Do You Think Masked Kane Is Going To Be In The Main Event On Raw .. !?
  101. Why Can't WWE Fans Respect Brock Lesnar For Breaking The Streak .. !?
  102. Don't You Just LOVE Paul Heyman .. !?
  103. Does ANYONE Care About Alexander Rusev .. !?
  104. Who do you want to be inducted into the Hall of Fame from the current roster?
  105. is this article true or not?????...
  106. Match up WS users with WWE superstars?
  107. WS: How much you you like/dislike Bad News Barrett?
  108. What New Shows Should The WWE Network Provide?
  109. Ultimate Warrior's Cause Of Death Revealed, Thoughts?
  110. Thoughts On The WWE Crowd Today?
  111. Okay, let's be realistic?
  112. When do you think Triple H will retire?
  113. Will Vince eventually change the name of Wrestlemania to Sports Entertainment Mania?
  114. WRESTLING : Which superstar do you think made the most impressive debut?
  115. So Stephanie McMahon replaced Flair as a member of Evolution?
  116. Rikishi vs. Yokozuna: Who would win?
  117. Should The Wyatt Family Turn Face .. !?
  118. Why Is Paige Trying To Act CRAZIER Than Aj Lee .. !?
  119. I'm Calling It Now, Cesaro Will Win The IC Tournament .. !?
  120. Do You Think Adam Rose Is Gay .. !?
  121. Do You Agree That The Divas Championship Doesn't Suit Paige .. !?
  122. Oh No John Cena Is Trying To Be Funny Again .. !?
  123. Yes!, Rybaxel Wins, Rybaxel Wins .. !?
  124. Why Isn't Ryback In The Intercontinental Championship Tournament On Raw .. !?
  125. Is Raw Going To Be Boring Tonight Without Daniel Bryan .. !?
  126. When will Alexander Rusev win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?
  127. Do you agree that Aj styles is the best wrestler that is in the indy's and better than most...
  128. What ECW Originals could actually wrestle other than Tazz and RVD?
  129. is undertaker done?
  130. Did Brock Lesnar deserve to end the streak?
  131. Does anybody else dislike Daniel bryan?
  132. If the WWE changed back to two main championships ( WHC and WWE) who would be the champion(s)?
  133. giant swing or 10 beats of the bodhran?
  134. My Fellow Users: What is your opinion on the current state of the Wrestling Section?
  135. Why does WWE treat Natalya like a Joke?
  136. What do you think of Nikki Bella wanting to break tyhe bed with John Cena in his new place?
  137. What do you think of Tyson KIdd saying "we as Divas are so strong"?
  138. Do you think Cameron and Naomi's horrible music is better than their mediocre Wrestling careers?
  139. What do you think about Eva Marie's ex boyfriend cheating on her and she saw it with her own eyes?
  140. What do you think of John Cena never saying no to Nikki Bella?
  141. What do you think of Nikki Bella saying when Cena turns forty she wants to give him a
  142. Do you wish the police would've stopped Naomi's music video shoot?
  143. How funny was it when Naomi's costume ripped?
  144. What do you think of John Cena saying he was watching porn to Nikki Bella?
  145. Will the Tribute show be like "RAW is OWEN" or like a Chris Benoit show?
  146. Do you think Roman Reigns is overrated?
  147. Wrestling Fans: What is your top three WWE Stables of all time?
  148. What's a combination of John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista?
  149. do you think smackdown is ending?
  150. WS: Who's better: Edge or Jericho?
  151. Compare wrestling section users to wrestlers?
  152. Who else gets that feeling in their tummy when Alexander Rusev is on TV?
  153. Who is your favourite wrestler that is named Alexander Rusev?
  154. Why are people booing Rey Mysterio?
  155. In their primes, who had bigger arms - Batista or the Ultimate Warrior?
  156. will batista be inducted in hall of fame??
  157. which match would be better; bryan vs rock or cesaro vs brock?
  158. WS: Which was the BEST Monday Night Raw?
  159. When the Undertaker is driving fast on the highway, is he called the Overtaker?
  160. WS: Can you name your top 3 favourite Submission Holds?
  161. Overall in your opinion who is the better wrestler/entertainer?
  162. If pro wrestling would have been consider a sport what will be its rank in sports popularity?
  163. Before Kane Retires do you think he will ever go back to the Attitude Era Mask & Body Suit?
  164. Did Sting Say Anything About Ultimate Warrior's Passing?
  165. Pick 8 "divas" that you think CAN wrestle.?
  166. WRESTLING : If you were a part of the creative team 4 the wwe....what are 5 ideas you'll come
  167. Which WWE Superstar Has The Best Finisher .. !?
  168. WRESTLING : Todays phrase : "FEED ME MORE".... Can you name a super (s) that fit these letters?
  169. WRESTLING : Why isn't HBK playing a part of the authority with HHH & STEPH?
  170. WS: Which was better, Wrestlemania 28 or 29?
  171. Who would win the following matches?
  172. Top 5 WWE superstar debuts?
  173. When I Was a Kid Kane Reminded me of Michael Myers & Jason Voorhees?
  174. WS: Which was the best feud of the past One Year?
  175. Do you think Sable looked better in 1996-1999 or 2003-2004?
  176. Pick 8 divas that you think can/could wrestle?
  177. hey guys i have noticed something?
  178. Who did Sandow upset?
  179. Who do you think will be the one to induct Kane into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  180. Do you think we'll ever see another Inferno Match?
  181. Is Undertaker the greatest superstar of all time?
  182. Did Cesaro come out to his old theme last night? I didnt get to watch.?
  183. Now that the streak is over, what will be the next thing to carry Wrestlemania?
  184. Why do fans think the WWE hall of fame is based around their personal opinions?
  185. WWE: Paige is already better than Lita, Trish, and AJ Combined?
  186. WWE Wrestling: Isn't Paige the most perfect Womens Wrestler of all time?
  187. WS: Predictions for WWE 2k15?
  188. What was that pig noise the Ultimate Warrior was doing on Raw?
  189. Who Is Sexier, Aj Lee Or Paige .. !?
  190. WS: Which is the best Wrestling entrance ever?
  191. WS: How has "being a Professional Wrestling fan" changed you as a person?
  192. How much gold does Goldberg have?
  193. Alright, I haven't seen anyone else ask, so I will?
  194. Is ODB proud of her husband for winning the World Championship?
  195. Who is this Michelle user? Why is she sooo mean and annoying? Is she Rocky Dayes sister?
  196. WS: "Goonies" Sequel Confirmed?
  197. Ending Taker's streak: good or bad move by the WWE?
  198. Who agrees that a jobber can go on a winning streak like the milwaukee brewers and still be a...
  199. Why does this always happen in WWE?
  200. Where to watch Pacquiao/Bradley II onIine?
  201. WRESTLING : Is the SHIELD getting controlled by our champion DANIEL BRYAN?
  202. WRESTLING : Just because the fans cheer for a wrestler.....does that officially makes them a face?
  203. With Eric young as champ, new possibilities a head?
  204. Wwe isn't perfect?
  205. Do you think tna and Jarrett are secretly working together?
  206. Are some wwe fans dumb or clueless?
  207. Why are people hating on tna for pushing a good talent?
  208. Who's the babyface in the cesaro swagger feud?
  209. Do you think the WWE will ever change back to WWF & Go back to TV-14 one day?
  210. Why Did CM Punk NEVER Get A "You Deserve It" Chant From WWE Fans .. !?
  211. Wrestling fans: What's with the sudden influx of all these troll questions?
  212. In your Opinion who was more Intimidating Attitude Era Masked Kane or Andre the Giant?
  213. What is your Favorite Attitude Era Kane Moment ever?
  214. How come undertaker's streak has ended?
  215. Where can I find WWF, not WWE, free Mp3 downloads?
  216. Who will be the new GM of smackdown now that Vickie has left wwe?
  217. I like Brock Lesnar a lot more now?
  218. will batista ever regain title?
  219. Do TNA really think Eric Young is a draw?
  220. u think i can be a good wrestler?
  221. jeff hardy new gimmick?
  222. When will we see The Shield in a wwe film? what kind of movie will it be?
  223. Do you miss the Attitude Era Masked Kane aka The Monster/The Big Red Machine/Undertaker's Brother?
  224. don't you think attitude era Kane should have held the title for more than 1 night back in the day?
  225. Why doesn't WWE Network have recent Raw and Smackdown episodes?
  226. What do you think of JBL telling Michael Cole not to worry about correcting himself since
  227. Do you agree with John Cena is he the measuring stick for WWE?
  228. How come there was no "Raw after Wrestlemania" extravaganza?
  229. which wwe wrestlers should return to wwe?
  230. Do you think Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are watching Smackdown on their wedding day?
  231. How much sooner will TNA be as popular as the former World Wrestling Federation?
  232. Why did it take Zeb Colter a long time to find out Cesaro is a "sneaky immigrant"?
  233. Does JBL know a lot about bad commentary?
  234. What do you think of JBL saying RVD reminds him of everything he wanted to do but
  235. Do you think Fandango approached Layla or did Layla approach Fandango?
  236. WWE: I welcome myself back to the Wrestling Section?
  237. What do you think of JBL saying he gave Rybaxel the name but didn't think they'd use it it's a...
  238. Would you want Paul Heyman to take Michael Cole's spot on commentary?
  239. WWE fans, I have 3 questions?
  240. WRESTLING : How many wwe superstars that you know starting with the letter "S"?
  241. What's more impressive,speed or agility?
  242. Did you think The Undertaker lost the match at Wrestlemania because he's retiring?
  243. WS Promo and Info.?
  244. What are the chances of TNA, ROH or any major wrestling promotion outshining WWE in the next decade?
  245. Can you guess who these wrestlers are?
  246. If HHH wnated to screw Daniel Bryan why didn't he stip him of the wwe title for attacking wwe...
  247. WRESTLING : Isnt LOS MATADORES the most boring tag team of all time?
  248. why are people acting like it's so great that EY won the world title? it's like if wwe
  249. WWE: Who Do You Want To See Get Inducted Into The 2015 Hall Of Fame?
  250. Why do people cheer for the bad guys in wrestling today if Vince pays them to get booed?
  251. Getting back into watching wrestling - need help?
  252. Why do some wwe fans act like wwe don't copy tna and other wrestling promotions?
  253. Why do people want "old wrestlers" back?
  254. Professional Wrestling: Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling: What did The People think...
  255. Bob Backlund vs Sin Cara?
  256. Was it disrespectful for wwe to have Jack Swagger destroy the Andre the Giant trophy?
  257. Wrestling Section - Why is Rocky Daye such a smartazz?
  258. Has there ever been a time where the Divas save the male superstars ?
  259. Professional Wrestling: Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling: What did The People think about...
  260. I dont think the Taker/Lesnar match was scheduled to end that way. Am I stupid?
  261. WS: Which was the best match that happened on Monday Night Raw?
  262. What is your favorite Triple H theme song?
  263. Payback Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  264. Top 5 most shocking moments in WWF/E history?
  265. Should WWE have an off season?
  266. Did Vince McMahon poison the Ultimate Warrior?
  267. Do you miss the Attitude Era Masked Kane?
  268. What do you think of Eric Young winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship?
  269. If Christy Hemme wanted to talk to you about commitment would you had done the same thing Samuel...
  270. Did you know Magnus has his own locker room?
  271. If Christy Hemme told you to go anywhere she wants, do anything she wants would you?
  272. How much money do you think Dixie Carter paid Bully Ray?
  273. Is Kurt Angle the type of guy who will tell you something in your face or on Twitter?
  274. Kurt Angle or Shawn Michaels? Who's better?
  275. WS: What does a "draw" mean in wrestling terms?
  276. WRESTLING : Which superstar would you say puts out the best PROMO'S between ROCK and CM PUNK?
  277. WRESTLING : Wouldn't a LESNAR vs LASHLEY feuds be one of the best ever currently in the wwe?
  278. WS: Do you admit that an awesome crowd can make an awesome show?
  279. WS: AJ Lee is one of the BEST Divas of all time?
  280. When wade barrett was a "member" of the corre was that the only time he was a semi baby face?
  281. What do these wrestlers have in common?
  282. What do you think of that insufferable windbag Nancy Grace attributing Owen's death to drugs?
  283. Who the hell is Nancy Grace?
  284. Now that The Ultimate Warrior has left us...?
  285. what memory do you have about the ultimate warrior?
  287. What song was played on raw on undertakers loss promo?
  288. why did the WWF/WCW never have a Character like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees in the 80's or 90's?
  289. How r they copying, when Eric young storyline is totally different from d Bryan storyline?
  290. Why are wwe fans so desperately trying to find any thing on impact show & try to compare it 2 wwe,..
  291. Should tnas be live when they do those ppv on spike tv?
  292. Will Eric young ever be world champ?
  293. Tna gunner has a better title history then majority of wwe roster?
  294. Do you think tna is teasing a beer money reunion?
  295. Does anyone have that video with the wrestling siblings?
  296. Who will face Magnus for the world title?
  297. Anyone else notice that talk show raw was botchmania?
  298. Why are people do upset with takers lost when people knew he was going to loose soon?
  299. Will "Did I Do Dat" and "Dave Hytmen" be inducted to the Hall of Fame next year?
  300. When will Magnus loose the belt?
  301. Should they bring king of the mountain match back?
  302. Beer...,.............?
  303. How Was Dusty Rhodes as a Booker?
  304. What exactly is the Reality Era?
  305. Anyone think lashley is going to fast and it makes him look sloppy?
  306. Who misses the Attiude and Ruthless Agression Era?
  307. Im one of the biggest undertaker fan but i am going to ask?
  308. Would you consider Stone Cold Steve Austin The Greatest WWF entertainer ever & one of the
  309. Which is more important to you and why?
  310. What is your favourite memory of The Ultimate Warrior?
  311. who else is shocked the Ultament warror died?
  312. Do you agree with this as much as some hate cena you can't deny he has a passion for the buisness?
  313. will the masked 90's kane persona ever comeback?
  314. What was your most memorable/favourite Ultimate Warrior match?
  315. Do you agree that wwe should have never unified the titles?
  316. who is your fave wwf wrestler not wwe?
  317. Are some wrestling fans stupid?
  318. Did The Ultimate Warrior/James Hellwig know that he was dying?
  319. will we ever see Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1 more match? is it possible?
  320. Whom in the Wrestling Section would you like to meet?
  321. LEid tapa vs tamina who would win?
  322. Who's better in wrestling? Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar?
  323. What is your favourite Wrestlemania arena?
  324. Which deceased wrestler do you miss the most?
  325. Opinions on Paige being our new divas champ?
  326. New E-Fed starting, sign up now? +Wrestling Questions?
  327. WRESTLING : Do you think the WYATTS can ever become successful as FACE'S instead of HEEL'S?
  328. Professional Wrestling: What's The People's opinion on Professional Wrestling Commentator Joey
  329. WRESTLING : Was the ultimate warrior and sting really close friends by any means?
  330. Professional Wrestling: What do The People think about these recent conspiracy theories?
  331. WRESTLING : Do you think CURTIS AXEL will ever make it as a main eventer?
  332. WRESTLING : Why is it that most superstars become more popular after death?
  333. WWE don't like Wrestlers Cruiserweight?
  334. What are some of your favorite matches The Undertaker has been in?
  335. Why do boxers wear gloves but wrestlers don't?
  336. Which superstar do you think should be inducted into the 2015 Hall of Fame?
  337. The Undertaker vs John Cena... Why didn't it happen?
  338. WMXXX: With an entrance like that, don't you think Triple H should've won?
  339. Would you rather have Joey Styles calling matches on RAW?
  340. Is it possible that Ultimate Warriors death is a storyline?
  341. What do these wrestlers have in common?
  342. Wrestlemania 31 can be entertaining without undertaker's match ?
  343. HHH dresses like Shao Kahn but fights like...?
  344. Do some fans under-rate Booker T?
  345. Isn't it fun to mock Cena?
  346. why do most people like Natalya so much?
  347. Alright, let's say Cena broke the streak?
  348. Was Ultimate Warriors death a conspiracy?
  349. Don't people know it was hard work beating the Streak?
  350. Does Brock Lesnar continue the streak?
  351. How can HHH beat Lesnar at WM but Undertaker can't?
  352. Professional Wrestling: Which Professional Wrestling Video Game is better 2k's WWE2k14
  353. Pro Wrestling: Why do The People complain about World Wrestling Entertainment 'Watering Down'...
  354. Professional Wrestling: What Are The People's Opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment Hall
  355. Who do you think will be the next to debut?
  356. Will Paige be allowed to keep her NXT womens title? Will she be on NXT and Raw and Smackdown?
  357. What was Hulk Hogan's beef with Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior?
  358. What happened to obese men in wrestling?
  359. I need help finding a video or details of a WWF Wrestling episode...?
  360. Can the WWE use profanity anymore?
  361. Jeff jarrett new company?
  362. Andre the Giant vs The Giant (WCW) vs Big Daddy Cool "Diesel" Who wins?
  363. do you think Andre the Giant vs The Giant (WCW) Would have been an awesome match to see?
  364. Do you think WCW will ever comeback?
  365. Everyone is talking about Ultimate Warrior, he was great?
  366. WS: Has Randy Orton grown TALLER?
  367. A moment of silence for The Ultimate Warrior?
  368. Has Antonio Cesaro turned face?
  369. What wrestler, or any other athlete do you think could beat the legendary,grandmaster Donnie...
  370. NON-WRESTLING : You have a whole collection of what in your bedroom?
  371. What is Matt Hardy up to these days?
  372. What did you think of the crowds very funny reaction after Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker?
  373. Why is the Big Show always jobbing?
  374. Who here thinks that Jerry Lawler really needs to go?
  375. The Undertaker-Brock Lesnar WM30?
  376. How the Ultimate Warrior die so soon after being on RAW just last Monday night?
  377. Why Do People Say That Paige Is SEXY When She Is UGLY .. !?
  378. WRESTLING : Do you think its time fore the UNDERTAKER to retire now.....or not?
  379. How do you feel about AJ Lee finally losing the Divas Championship?
  380. Why did the WWE end the Undertaker's Wrestlemana streak?
  381. Did the Ultimate Warrior foreshadow his own death on RAW?
  382. RIP The Ultimate Warrior. What is your Favorite Warrior Match?
  383. When will Wrestlemania 30 be on demand on WWE network?
  384. What is your favorite Ultimate Warrior moment?
  385. Who's better on the mic?
  386. WS: Did you know...!?
  387. WS: Will the WWE still have a Money In The Bank match?
  388. Agree/disagree: If The Undertaker cared about his fans he wouldn't have decided to lose
  389. Agree or Disagree: This has been the most shocking week in WWE History?
  390. When does WWE Superstars and NXT come on?
  391. How come they didn't consider The Rock to end the streak?
  392. Why did the script writers have AJ Lee lose the way she did?
  393. WRESTLING : Why the "F" is the wwe so afraid to make CENA a heel once again?
  394. The Shield are faces now do you want to see them whoop the wyatt family?
  395. WRESTLING : Do you think jack swagger is still capable of making a big mark in the wwe?
  396. WRESTLING : You know whats very sad --------->?
  397. WRESTLING : What is BRAD MADDOX up to in the he no longer GM?
  398. Wrestling: why r people so excited?
  399. So roman reigns has three moves of doom?
  400. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse daniel bryan becomes wwe champ?
  401. how can john cena get the fans back on his side?
  402. Why is everyone crying about a streak?
  403. What is your favorite WWE show?
  404. When has Dave Hytmen ever said anything good about TNA?
  405. Is the Shield Scared of THE BEAST BROOOCK LESNAR?
  406. How do you feel about Paige as the new Divas Champion? Why did Ezikiel Jackson depart from WWE?
  407. What is John Cena's Malfunction?
  408. Here is a list of all the TNA World Champions, notice anything?
  409. Wrestling Section Whats with users just copying and pasting their answer from question to
  410. Shouldn't a wrestler always go out of the business putting someone over?
  411. Are you still upset about The Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania?
  412. When will we hear from The Undertaker again?
  413. Do you think we will see Undertaker vs Lesnar rematch at wrestlemania 31?
  414. Is Global Force Wrestling a good or bad name for a wrestling promotion?
  415. What is the WS User, "DeadManRising TCW's" thoughts on Lesnar breaking the streak?
  416. So why did they decide to end the streak AND... why Lesnar?
  417. Why did the script writers have Paige win the title right away?
  418. Is Chris Jericho ever returning to WWE?
  419. Will Vince McMahon ever comeback & fire Triple HHH & Stephanie & re-take over?
  420. Did WWE become much better since CM Punk left?
  421. Is NXT trying to be ROH?
  422. If WWE fans like to talk about me more than wrestling what does that say for the direction
  423. Are you mad that Aj Lee lost the divas championship?
  424. What WWE diva would you like to marry?
  425. Professional Wrestling: What do The People think about TNA_James claiming The Shield to be...
  426. Professional Wrestling: What are The People's Opinion on People comparing Daniel Bryan's
  427. Pro Wrestling: Someone seemingly ignored from World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night...
  428. Professional Wrestling: Can The People Tell Me They Don't Mark Out When Roman Reign Spears,
  429. What's the plan now for wade barrett?
  430. Did Brock Lesnar just check Undertaker into the nursing home?
  431. What do you think of The Chicago Cubs and the WWE having something in common, a goat is at the...
  432. Are you glad that AJ Lee didn't lose the Divas Championship to one of the Total Divas cast?
  433. What do you think of JBL saying he still has it its just not that good?
  434. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying he's got to get a Rosetta Stone so he can talk to Lana?
  435. What makes Hulk Hogan more believable than John Cena?
  436. Professional Wrestling: Do THE PEOPLE really think Heel Miz make a difference?
  437. Do you think AJ Lee won't get the Divas Championship anymore because of CM Punk?
  438. Why is it that Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and Drew Mcintyre are not used?
  439. One Word to describe Lana's Legs?
  440. What do you think of Eric Rowan being banned from going to the zoo?
  441. What do you think of Jerry Lawler liking Summer Rae as much as a pig likes not being Bacon?
  442. What do you think of Jerry Lawler wondering where he would go if he was fired from WWE?
  443. Do you agree with Jerry Lawler Triple H's most embarrassing moment happened at Wrestlemania 30?
  444. WRESTLING SECTION: I totally forgot to tell you guys something!?
  445. Pro Wrestling: Would The People explain When & How World Wrestling Entertainment Professional...
  446. Professional Wrestling: Come on THE PEOPLE Bash John Cena like Parasites, follow the Shepard to
  447. WRESTLING : Isnt it funny how the WS talks about TNA only Thursday nights....LOL?
  448. WRESTLING : Isnt it sad how RYBACK is just about already forgotten?
  449. Does the internet make WWE less enjoyable?
  450. Professional Wrestling: Would The People explain to me how 'The Big Guy' Ryback could have been...
  451. Professional Wrestling: Why is World Wrestling Entertainment becoming 'The Bray Wyatt Show'?
  452. Professional Wrestling: Whose do The People think is worse from NXT Bayley, Bo Dallas, CJ
  453. Professional Wrestling: Why do The People say that today's Professional Wrestler wouldn't
  454. Professional Wrestling: How long before The People turn on Paige?
  455. Professional Wrestling: Could The People imagine 'The One' Brock Lesnar and 'The King Of...
  456. Professional Wrestling: What did The People think about Alexander Rusev?
  457. What do you think about Y2J's tweet concerning Raw?
  458. Pretty good show eh?
  459. So the crowd cheer daniel bryan but boo rey mysterio?
  460. Is the wwe ripping off tna with the sheild maskes?
  461. WRESTLING : So whats next for the WYATTS?
  462. WRESTLING : What do you think is in the mind of CM PUNK at the moment while away from WWE?
  463. WRESTLING : Which superstar was your favorite inductee this past weekend in the 2014 HOF?
  464. Professional Wrestling: People do realize that IF The Undertaker didn't get injured, the match
  465. Why do people claim TNA crowd are dead?
  466. If all the current WWE superstars today were the talent during Attitude era would WWE still be a...
  467. Why is it that a newcomer like Samuel Shaw can be more relevant than Luke Harper?
  468. Professional Wrestling: Why can't people enjoy Professional Wrestling as a show?
  469. What do you think of Lesnar breaking the streak?
  470. Professional Wrestling: Could Brock Lesnar have Botched the Belly To Belly Suplex which...
  471. Professional Wrestling: What's more obnoxious Bo-Lieving or #Emmalution?
  472. Professional Wrestling: Was Wrestlemania xXx's Streak End the best way to go out?
  473. Aside from the ending, what do you think of Brock vs Taker at Mania?
  474. Professional Wrestling: Can The People name how hypocritical it is to state somebody kicks out of...
  475. Professional Wrestling: Would The People prove to me how 'The Territory System' made
  476. Professional Wrestling: Will The People Agree on this subject?
  477. Professional Wrestling: Why Do The People Not Complain about 'Super'"Stone Cold" Steve Austin?
  478. Professional Wrestling: Should Wrestlemania xXx The Beast Vs The Streak even count Now?
  479. Who beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
  480. WRESTLING : Who would survive in a triple team battle royal?
  481. Does wwe realize yesterday wasn't April Fools day?
  482. Paige new Divas Champion?
  483. WRESTLING : Which manager is the GOAT : PAUL HEYMAN or BEARER?
  484. Is the Shield going to screw the Authority tonight?
  485. Yes or No: Do you think Paige or another NXT Diva will debut tonight?
  487. Last time I watched NXT Paige was NXT Women's champion, who holds the title now?
  488. Why is Emma so ugly and annoying?
  489. What did you think of the shocking outcome of WWE WM30 last night?
  490. Chris Beniot WM 20 and Daniel Bryan WM 30?
  491. WRESTLING : Why isn't the WARRIOR running into the ring?
  493. How do you feel about the streak being over?
  494. WRESTLING : Is'nt it AMAZING how the SHIELD have nevered yet layed hands on the BEAST?
  495. Why do fans act like it's Brock Lesnar's fault that wwe offered him a multi-million
  496. Tommy: What do you think of Lesnar breaking Taker's streak?
  497. What is your reaction of the PPV. Thanks.?
  498. Chris Benoit is overrated. Not cena & hogan?
  499. what is a good WS catchphrase?
  500. Is Russell Brand going to start wrestling in wwe?