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  1. Will Brock Lesnar ever make a come back to WWE?
  2. a debate really is this a wrestling show anymore?
  3. Will TNA ever pull WWE fans in their company?
  4. Did you laugh when John Cena asked Zack Ryder scripted girlfriend Eve what that came
  5. Cena made an X with his arms, does that mean zack ryder is really hurt?
  6. Anyone notice Triple H almost started to laugh?
  7. Alberto Del Rio dissing Miz lol?
  8. If you had a wrestling company, what would the name of it be?
  9. Why was TNA Kurt Angle not on Against All Odds PPV on Sunday night (02/12/12)?
  10. Rate my Extreme Rules 2012 card?
  11. In you opinion, does Gunner's win over Garret Bischoff at AAO make?
  12. WS: Why are Taz and Kurt Angle not at TNA Against All Odds PPV tonight (02/12/2012)?
  13. Who do you have for tonight's TNA Against All Odds card?
  14. Today is my 3rd anniversary in the Wrestling Section?
  15. WS: What happen on TNA Against All Odds PPV tonight (02/12/12) from 8:00 pm - 8:45 pm (I...
  16. Should Michelle McCool be in the Hall Of Fame one day?
  17. did you guys know john laurinaitis (as johnny ace) fought undertaker(as mean mark) in wcw?
  18. what is up with people making new accounts almost everyday?
  19. what do you think of Del Rio ripping the Miz?
  20. When Natalya is in the ring,How does she control her farts,so she won't gas out everyone in
  21. Who could ever forget these ones?
  22. how long was rated rko together?
  23. WS: What happen on TNA Impact Wrestling edition for 02/09/12, (sorry but hotel I stayed
  24. Can someone rate this wrestling book title from 1-10 about former HWA Pro Wrestling Diva...
  25. how many dvd's does rock have?
  26. What would you think if?
  27. So Orton buries another one?
  28. What do you think of the HHH/Taker storyline?
  29. So will WWE give the Rock the win in Miami or risk one helluva riot and Cena's safety in South...
  30. who do you think should induct edge into HOF?
  31. Do you think WWE will have Undertaker do a warm up match before Wrestlemania 28?
  32. Who Had The Worst Week?
  33. confused about wwe hof?
  34. WS Poll: Who is the most overrated wrestler today?
  35. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  36. TNA competeing with wwe?
  37. In your opinion, has CM Punk really made WWE interesting again, as he proclaimed?
  38. Who is the hottest diva in WWE?
  39. Do you think it is funny when the wrestler brudus clay gets in the ring and does his dance?
  40. Do you miss seeing Chyna wrestle?
  41. Who Had The Worst Day-Superstars?
  42. does gangrel have real vampire teeth or are they fake?
  43. anyone know where to watch edge appreciation night?
  44. How meany kanes have WWE used?
  45. What was better about WCW Monday Nitro and Thunder than WWE Today?
  46. Wrestling : Who would win in a fight ?
  47. Do you think WWE should make a DVD on the life and WWE career of Christian?
  48. Will the CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho feud be one of the greatest feuds in History?
  49. Should John Cena have a Character Change?
  50. Why did Billy Gunn call himself Mr. Ass?
  51. Is Cena underrated, as a In The Ring wrestler?
  52. What should WWE should do to revive The Miz's career?
  53. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  54. Could we see a triple threat match at WM?
  55. Another fantasy booking question?
  56. Is it just me or does The Miz look like Bart Simpson?
  57. Who do you think Shamus will face at wrestlemania?
  58. If you could wrestle any WWE or TNA wrestler, who would it be?
  59. Sign up for Royal Rumble match at Valentine's Day Massacre?
  60. Should they turn TNA Impact Wrestling back into WCW again?
  61. How much $Money do you think Vince McMahon would sell WCW for?
  62. Do you think hornswoggle should face Beetlejuice who was in wcw?
  63. Do you think Stone Cold vs.Hogan, would've been a bigger match than Rock vs.Cena?
  64. If the main event at wrestlemania was a triple threat ladder match with?
  65. do you guys think this will be the year taker retires?
  66. why did ric flair choose to be known as a has been ?
  67. Do you hink Robbie E and Zack Ryder would be a good tag team if the both worked for the same
  68. Will Super Sheamus bury poor Daniel Bryan like he did Christian?
  69. Russo mania, i need the password to my email for just a miinute so i can reset my twitter.
  70. who else is pisses john is not fired?
  71. didn't d generation x have their own PPV?
  72. Dolph Ziggler needs pushed?
  73. Did you notice Justin Roberts?
  74. Would you sign a petition to sign Mark Loyd back into the WWE?
  75. Do you like Hornswoggle I think he should be replaced by the guy in this video?
  76. Didn't everyone love Chris Jericho promo earlier tonight when he said everyone is
  77. The Undertaker or R-Truth?
  78. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  79. What do you think about The Rock praising Bobby Roode (+BQ)?
  80. If you were a pro wrestler, what would your name be?
  81. What did you think of Raw last night?
  82. Do you think Road Dogg and R-Truth should form a tag team again?
  83. Who should the WWE's next pushed superstars be? (Interesting question, see inside)?
  84. Is Mark Henry suspended or fired?
  85. Who is more boring and predictable ? face Sheamus or face Orton?
  86. Would you like to see The Miz beat the undertaker at wrestlemania?
  87. Name one Singer who you would like to perform at Wrestlemania.?
  88. What do you think that The Big Show must do?
  89. Are you very happy about Mark Henry gets suspended by Theodore R. Long?
  90. If Dolph Ziggler had a Faction who should be in It?
  91. Where can I find the Diva's Table match?
  92. What's your prediction for these matches?
  93. WHERE Do you see the divas division in 2012?
  94. Why Does CM Punk Hate Chikara?
  95. Why are they doing a Daniel Bryan version of the SES Plee?
  96. Do basketballs hold grudges?
  97. Your opinion: How good could Jake The Snake Roberts have been if it weren't for his addictions?
  98. Is anyone else as excited as I am regarding (continued)?
  99. Who Had The Worst Week?
  100. who are the top 5 tna knockouts and wwe divas on the current rosters?
  101. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown(Part 2)?
  102. Who else likes Booker T as a commentator?
  103. Hacksaw jim duggan in a match?
  104. Why is the WWE making natalya Fart every week?
  105. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  106. Y No Undertaker 2night?
  107. Who here is actually interested in the rivalry that Orton and Barrett has?
  108. Do you think Garrett Bischoff will eventually become a top star in Impact Wrestling?
  109. What channel is Smackdown on?
  110. What were the fans chanting on the episode of smackdown after big show ran into aj?
  111. Does CM Punk have a girlfriend?
  112. Why was WWE Universe booing Y2J when WE all knew he was gonna feud with Punk?
  113. I need your help stopping a troll in the wrestling section?
  114. My way of turning Jericho heel, continuing the Jericho/Punk story, thoughts?
  115. why are the wwe divas sorry?
  116. Would Punk vs. Bryan in a title unification match be as interesting as Jericho vs Punk for the
  117. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  118. What is you're favorite WWE PPV?
  119. your thoughts on WWE Superstars who had the stuttering gimmick in the past did it work was it funny?
  120. Better promoer, Wade Barrett or Cody Rhodes?
  121. What are your thoughts on the biker undertaker the american bad a** which persona was better...
  122. Do you think that wwe smackdown here comes the pain was a good game?
  123. what are your thoughts on Kanes last run as world champion and does he deserve one more run as wwe
  124. Should Jeff Hardy and Undertaker have had a short feud in 2008?
  125. Why isn't raw the hottest show on cable tv?
  126. guess the wwe wrestler????????????????
  127. guess the wwe wrestler part two?
  128. what do you think about CM Punk's small pop he's gotten lately?
  129. Anyone else happy that Cena won't have a championship match at Wresltemania?
  130. Is it safe to say that it will be orton vs sheamus at wrestlemania?
  131. If Undertaker's opponent is Triple H at Mania? +BQ!?
  132. why was hornswoggle not in the royal rumble I am glad he was not?
  133. What are your thoughts on Evan Bourne possibly entering rehab?
  134. Who ever thought that we would see this during the PG era?
  135. Does anyone know the name of Wade Barrett's new theme song and who sings it?
  136. Did WWE forget about the woman who was supposed to beckon Jericho?
  137. stone cold/royal rumble questions?
  138. Peter Avalon or Ryan Taylor?
  139. Will WWE be good in 2012?
  140. Liontamer or Lionsault?
  141. Was the Royal Rumble appearance from Road Dogg just a one time thing?
  142. Would you like MVP to return to WWE?
  143. Why didnt Triple H accept Undertakers Wrestlemania match?
  144. What are some good themes for a WWE Face
  145. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  146. who else is pissed at taker for ruing the firing of john?
  147. What did you think of Raw last night?
  148. Who has already entered the hall of fame?
  149. I think I speak for everyone when I say we don't want to see this match a third time?
  150. Were you shocked by The Undertakers appearance?!?
  151. anyone else mad how they just made kane look?
  152. Since John Cena lost to kane at Royal Rumble, what do you expect?
  153. when is Undertaker Returning?
  154. Are you as happy as I am that The Undertaker has return? (Hopefully this WM will not be his last)?
  155. When Undertaker returns, who do you expect him to face at WM?
  156. Why no Kharma on Raw tonight?
  157. A crazy idea for Undertaker at Mania 28. (Bit of a read)?
  158. When do you think Brodus Clay will lose his first match?
  159. Isn't it kinda of funny when during a match, Stone Cold takes his time trying to get a weapon?
  160. Why wasn't the Royal Rumble sold out like it usually is?
  161. If Lauranitius is fired tonight, will there be a new GM announced tonight?
  162. Can you help me out on a mock royal rumble?
  163. Did you noticed this period of time of John Cena without a title?
  164. Do you think Punk/Jericho will finally ignite their feud tonight?
  165. When did The Undertaker first annoy you?
  166. What was your reaction to Ricardo Rodriguez last night?
  167. Who will Del Rio face at WM28?
  168. Who will Daniel Bryan face in the Chamber?
  169. What was the reaction you gave when Jim Duggan came out in the Rumble?
  170. When Del Rio returns, what will his new gimmick be?
  171. Socko vs. Cobra, who would win?
  172. Do you like Wade Barrett's new theme song?
  173. How much would you pay to see a joint WWE and TNA PPV?
  174. Was the ending of the World Heavyweight Championship match botched last night?
  175. What happens to Jericho now ?
  176. Your Thoughts on sheamus possibly facing the undertaker at wrestlemania this year but how would...
  177. Who Had The Worst Week?
  178. Will Triple H come back to Monday Night RAW to fire John Laurinaitis?
  179. Who Had The Worst Night-Royal Rumble?
  180. Isnt Dolph Ziggler doing what Rick Flair use to do back in the day e.g. showoff?
  181. Wasnt it nice that Kane was showing us that WWE has wheelchair access to their show with Zack Ryder?
  182. What will Triple H do to John litrunatius on raw tonight?
  183. What did you think of the royal rumble?
  184. What do you think of John Cena now that he isnt in the title matches anymore?
  185. What do you think of Sheamus winning the Royal Rumble?
  186. Who are the winners in Royal Rumble 2012?
  187. Glad Sheamus won the RR?
  188. What is Jericho's plan?
  189. Where is the WWE heading to at this moment?
  190. Why did WWE bring Chris Jericho back he did not win the Royal Rumble? Would his win overshadow...
  191. Triple H heel turn on Raw or over the next few weeks?
  192. Mason Ryan got a huge push in the Rumble today, don't you agree?
  193. Who didn't want or like the fact that Sheamus won the WWE Royal Rumble?
  194. Listen to yourselves please....?
  195. i went to Target today?
  196. Alright so who do think sheamus will face at wrestlemania?
  197. no big returns :( just loads of mid cards (royal rumble)?
  198. Can Dolph Ziggler sell moves or what!?
  199. Was this the worst Royal Rumble?
  200. How many PPVS do you buy per year?
  201. So any WWE Superstar can win the Rumble?
  202. 1 More hour until the royal rumble?
  203. How would you feel about Undertaker returning tonight and winning the rumble?
  204. Free best answer here if you guess right?
  205. You think any of these Royal Rumble senerios will happen?
  206. What are the chances of The Undertaker being number 30, winning the 2012 Royal Rumble and
  207. How would you react if Trent Barreta won the Royal Rumble?+BQ?
  208. What are your thoughts on Randy Orton admitting his lack of promo skills?
  209. Indy Wrestling: Creative Writers Needed?
  210. Who's funnier, Eric Young or Santino Marrella?
  211. who are the top dark horses to look for in this years Royal Rumble match and why?
  212. From a scale of 0-10 what are the odds of these 10 superstars going into the WWE hall of
  213. Join the Wrestling Inc. forums and win money!?
  214. What is the difference of the International version of WWE SmackDown and the USA version of WWE...
  215. Whos gonna win the rumble and who are the surprises (10 points)?
  216. What happened to Christian, and will he take part in the rumble?
  217. What title would you like to see come back?
  218. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  219. Who's going to win the Royal Rumble?
  220. Has Sheamus ever lost a match?
  221. WWE Tag Team Division Ideas?
  222. If my prediction for the royal rumble comes true, free drinks for everyone in the section?
  223. When did no mask Kane start to drop?
  224. where are the people in the wrestling section finding those pictures of wrestlers with...
  225. Who won the Royal Rumble the year you were born?
  226. Has wrestlmania or the royal rumble ever came...?
  227. Who Had The Worst Day-Superstars?
  228. Better stable? NWO or DX?
  229. I guarantee Sheamus will win this years royal rumble?
  230. Eve sucks at cutting promos?
  231. What was your favorite WWE feud of 2011 and why?
  232. What are your thoughts on Randy Orton wanting to feud with Alberto Del Rio and Kane?
  233. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  234. Why Brutus Clay won't have a real opponent?
  235. What do you think should be the wrestlemania 28 theme song?
  236. Who would you want to see returning to Royal Rumble the most?
  237. Who are 2 Modern Day WWE Superstars you would like to see team up to bring prestige back to the tag
  238. Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk, Who (in your opinion) will win the WWE Championship Match At...
  239. Zack Ryder was injured on Monday Night RAW (in your opinion) Do you believe John Cena is to blame?
  240. What are your thoughts on Edge being a 2012 Inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  241. Wrestling section, what are your thought on this? +bq?
  242. If Undertaker is the deadman, does that make michelle mccool a widow?
  243. Who (in your opinion) has the best chance to win Royal Rumble?
  244. WWE future this will happen if it stays PG?
  245. Celebrity vs. celebrity wrestling matches, who wins?
  246. would Edge and CM Punk make a good feud?
  247. why does laurinaitis let cm punk push him around?
  248. If you were a WWE writer, what would be your next stable?
  249. Name your top 5 wrestling managers?
  250. Who is the true Best Wrestler In The World Chris Jericho, or CM Puke?
  251. Harry Potter wrestlers version.?
  252. should you lift weights one day before a wrestling match?
  253. Last year at the royal rumble we saw Booker T Nash this year would you like to see Samoa
  254. will you stop watching wrestling if Hornswoggle wins the royal rumble this year?
  255. Is it just me or has the WWE went way down hill since John Laurinaitis became General Manager?
  256. What was your favorite WWE Pay-Per-View of all time?
  257. does anyone think DX will ever be in hall of fame?
  258. is wwe gonna be rid of john laurinaitis soon?
  259. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  260. When did you last watch WWE?
  261. what did you think of last nights raw?
  262. who do you think will win the Royal Rumble this year?
  263. What would you do if the Royal Rumble ended like this?
  264. why dose wwe push R Truth he failed the wellness policy and got a month ban?
  265. WWE: Is Zack Ryder suspended?
  266. funkasaurus is on raw next are you going to wait till he has finished to start watching raw again?
  267. Can you imagine a silent Highlight Reel tonight?
  268. Why did John Cena look at those little kids like that?
  269. What happens when Cena actually DOES Embrace the Hate?
  270. List of most legit wrestling schools near Louisiana?
  271. CM PUNK and JOHN CENA vs dolph swagger best match of 2012 so far do you agree?
  272. John Cena looking so angry serious (his heel turn coming nigh) on RawSupershow match tag
  273. what wrestlers who have won the royal rumble did not win there title match?
  274. Who is your all time WWE or TNA favorite wrestler current favorite wrestler (star if
  275. So ItBegins2012 isn't just for Jericho...?
  276. would you like to see nathan jones make come back at the royal rumble?
  277. what is the highest ratings TNA has ever had?
  278. do you think hhh will have the a title reign this year?
  279. Do you think wwe took a dump on the Cruiserweight Championship when they gave it to Hornswoggle?
  280. what is a jobber in wrestling???????
  281. Do you think Kane was still a SUPERNATURAL character during his time UNMASKED (2003-2011)?
  282. When will undertaker and rey mysterio return?
  283. Blind Fold Match Santino vs Drew?
  284. what was the first wrestling match you ever saw that turned you into a fan?
  285. Which special guests will be in the Rumble besides Foley?
  286. Sheamus wwe twitter? ?
  287. How would you react if these three wrestlers would return to Royal Rumble ???????
  288. Whats gonna happen in the triple threat cage match at royal rumble?
  289. ok mikey b here we go?
  290. Do you think Dixie Carter has ruined any chance of competing with wwe by bring in Hulk Hogan...
  291. What should Jeff Hardy's theme song in WWE 12 be?
  292. What was the worst thing a heel has ever done?
  293. how many john cena fans are on here?
  294. to all the stupid haters on the wrestling section?
  295. what is the worst thing about wrestling at the moment I think it is hornswoggle?
  296. ok why do people think it's funny talking about dead wrestlers returning to WWE?
  297. Do you think john cena will turn heel this monday on raw?
  298. Do you like Santino Marella?
  299. What wrestler do you like better out these two in the videos?
  300. what is the best John Cena theme?
  301. In what time specifically did they go from the red/white/blue ring to the attitude era ring?
  302. When Did Daniel Bryan Become So Hated?
  303. If the nWo were to return to the WWE who would be in it?
  304. Wrestling section user vs. user wrestling matches, who wins?
  305. What did Brodus Clay say last night during Smackdown? (Link + More Inside)?
  306. what would you do if this happend?
  307. what wrestlers were in TNA who moved to WWE with out being there before?
  308. Brodus Clay wanted to see what William Regal had? +WQ?
  309. Who Had The Worst Week?
  310. What Professinal Wrestlers Were Born On May 9th?
  311. How will you react if Drew McIntyre loses AGAIN?
  312. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  313. What are some good books about Wrestling?
  314. So since Orton will be in the rumble (bq inside)?
  315. WWE dream match this should be done?
  316. What did Perez Hilton say about Benoit and wwe?
  317. Should Alberto Del Rio return as a face?
  318. Will the Intercontinental Title ever regain its value?
  319. please tell me what are 5 positives and 5 negatives for john cena explain please?
  320. when is smackdown going to get better do you think they should get rid of it since raw have
  321. when is wwe comming back to baltimore 2012 (best anwser)?
  322. Who Had The Worst Day-Superstars?
  323. What is the best RVD theme?
  324. what title was better?
  325. YWWE Superstars pick winner and rate matches and show?
  326. what are the top 10 finishing moves in WWE of the past 10 years Please explain?
  327. what are the top powerhouse tag teams in WWF and WWE history?
  328. Hottest and ugliest wwe diva of all time?
  329. Undertaker Mick Foley Hell in the cell question?
  330. do you think that pretty soon the wwe championship will unify with the world heavyweight
  331. I have made a video of RVD what video should I do next John Cena or DX?
  332. the great kali WwE wCw eCW?
  333. what do you think of this video of Hornswoggles parents?
  334. What do you think will happen to Kofi Kingston?
  335. Is Dolph Ziggler ready to be WWE Champion?
  336. do you think hornswoggle will be in the wwe hall of fame in the next 5years?
  337. In The History of WWE ANd WWF History whats the top things you want WWE to bring back that is
  338. How CAN CM PUNK retain his WWE title at the royal rumble when the RAW GM Said He Will Screw CM Punk
  339. Who do you want, or think is going to win the Royal Rumble?
  340. would you like to see this tag team at Wrestlemania 28?
  341. When do you think Undertaker will return and who will he face at WrestleMania?
  342. so say john cena turns heel wont the people cheer him then and once he turns heel wont...
  343. Why do people like John Cena?
  344. When did matches become second to story?
  345. when did Stone Cold Steve Austin start saying what?
  346. your thoughts on TNA wanting to SUE WWE for ric flair being at this years hall of fame good
  347. what's with the goldberg vs taker promo at wrestlemania 28 video?
  348. Do you expect Undertaker to return as a different person or the same?
  349. is there a way to still look up wikipedias?
  350. What was the first WWF DVD to ever be released?
  351. If you could ask your least favorite wrestler one question, what would it be?
  352. Do you think the royal rumble this year should be Mini royal rumble like they had in 2008?
  353. Do you think god should give us back eddie guerrero in return for hornswoggle?
  354. when will wwe stop being boring?
  355. how would you some up Evolutions run in WWE and did they have an impact were they a successful...
  356. what was Miss Elizabeths last appearance in WWE/WWF?
  357. Randy Orton Evolution storyline mid 2004 to early 2005 what was your thoughts was it good please
  358. Should HBK, Kevin Nash, Triple H, and X-Pac come back as a stable?
  359. WWE - What was Hornswoggles name when he went into the adult film industry?
  360. Create the most dominant 5 man team you could think of to enter a traditional survivor
  361. Whos the most dominant tag team of all time?
  362. Has Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice ever fought each other?
  363. Do you believe Undertaker will face John Cena at WM 30?
  364. If you could ask your favorite wrestler one question, what would it be?
  365. Wrestling section, what heppened to french canadian diva?
  366. How would wwe entertane fans and keep ratings high if hornswoggle moved to tna?
  367. Im returning at the royal rumble?
  368. Identify this wrestler?
  369. WWE would get the highest ratings in history with this story?
  370. what will become of kofi kingston now that his partner is suspended what would you have
  371. We always see johnny texting who is he texting?
  372. Are you disappoint that Y2J did not wrestle?
  373. Who Are The Top 5 Teams that Should challenge for WWE Tag Team Champions or what teams...
  374. What did you think of Raw last night?
  375. can you believe 3 of the best wrestlers in the world are on 1 team?
  376. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  377. What did David Otunga do before WWE?
  378. Has the WWE made an impressive start to 2012?
  379. What Championships in WWE/TNA have changed hands at house shows?
  380. What did you think of Dolph Ziggler's promo on Raw?
  381. If John Lauranitus has 6 oranges in one hand and 6 apples in the other hand, what has he got? ?
  382. WWE '12 What is Universe Mode?
  383. Is it me or does John Cena seem to be getting more angry in the match?
  384. what is Chris Jericho doing?
  385. Would you like to see this happen?
  386. Anyone ever pictured this be what Brodus Clay would be like?
  387. Wrestlemania 28 a few good dream matches.?
  388. What do you think was the best era of wwe?
  389. Why does hbk suck??!!!!?
  390. Dissappointed with myself at wrestling practice ?
  391. Who is your top created wrestler and team in WWE 12?
  392. what is the web site were you can watch raw live with the chat box?
  393. Best matches of.....?
  394. wwe is making a chris Benoit movie 100 points in your option!?
  395. Wrestling Awards of all time?
  396. who is more technically gifted John Cena or Randy Orton?
  397. Time to get Alex Shelley back on television?
  398. is WWE leaning towards more tv 14 shows?
  399. So what are your thoughts on the new unified tag team champions?
  400. ok this is driving me nuts!?
  401. WWE Diva AJ died after what happened to her in past smackdown?
  402. Does anyone know of this Mark Silva character from WXW?
  403. Question regarding Candice Michelle?
  404. Primo Epico are the new WWE Tag Team Champions your thoughts is this a good idea will this...
  405. did andre the giant ever beat hulk hogan?
  406. Agree or disagree:WWE should get rid of the brand extension?
  407. Can someone post all the belts that are on WWE 12 XBOX360.?
  408. why is wrestling so fake?
  409. Who Are the most misused talents in WWE history please explain?
  410. If You could choose ANY tag teams from TNA or ROh or another wrestling promotion who would you
  411. do you like the dolph ziggler show off gimmic and why do you like it and is it a rip off
  412. who are your past and present favorite wrestlers?
  413. Can Masked Kane rewrite the wrong of the 2001 Royal Rumble in 2012?
  414. it SEEMS like Ezekiel jackson is ready to be a Heel again how should he turn heel and how...
  415. what are your thoughts on daniel bryan and the way hes been since being world champion is he better
  416. If You Were in Charge for One Day In WWE What are The top 5 or 10 Realisitic changes you would make?
  417. (LONG READ) Will WWE Fans finally understand the real reason behind Chris Benoit's incident by
  418. Storyline Wise : HEELS (who like to screw others) who later TURN FACE getting SCREWED suffering
  419. Does this look like a good Wrestlemania 28?
  420. Which AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels match was the best?
  421. What did you think of Smackdown this week?
  422. What are the Top 5 To 10 Worst Matches You EVER saw in WWE history or WWF for that matter?
  423. should there be more groups factions and or tag teams in WWE why or why not best answer gets 5?
  424. Who Had The Worst Week?
  425. Is the concept of a clean finish to a match undervalued?
  426. What are your thoughts on Brodus Clay's debut on WWE Raw?
  427. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  428. Did Sting make the right decision about NEVER joining the WWE?
  429. You favorite moment from Night of champ, Hell in a cell and Vengeance?
  430. I want to Know what are some of the BEST matches in WWF or WWE History Please list 5 or 10
  431. Will Ric Flair be at the Hall of Fame ceremony, and what will he say?
  432. Randy's gonna win Rumble cuz of Barrett/Sheamus thing?
  433. Is Crimson still undefeated?
  434. everyone wanted to see masked kane come back and now it seems no one likes kane i dont get it...
  435. why is it before the rock came back everyone wanted to see john cena vs the rock now it seems...
  436. ok i get it UFC is REAL WWE is fake but why order a UFC Pay per view for a 1 minute knock out?
  437. wwe 12 breaking news they signed a deal for big ten arena?
  438. WWE interested in Mike The Situation for Wrestlemania 28?
  439. Chris Jericho is doing a great job by not speaking to the fans or anyone else for that matter.?
  440. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  441. Do you like raw or Smackdown better?
  442. Is there a wrestler you do not like but like there entrance music?
  443. What is the deal with the Chris Jericho WWE storyline?
  444. Were WCW-fans more fanatical than WWF-fans and why?
  445. Possible returns for Jim The Anvil Neidhart and Jimmy Superfly Snuka?
  446. Wrestling Jokes and WQ's?
  447. Do you prefer Stables or Alliances?
  448. Can being a success in TNA harm your chances of becoming a Hall of Famer?
  449. Will RVD be in the Royal Rumble?
  450. Do you like the way WWE uses Santino Marella?
  451. How does wwe kane normally put his fingers when he does his ring pyro?
  452. What are your thoughts on the ratings for the main segments on this week's Raw?
  453. Is WWE NXT still considered an Competition show? Or just another Brand on
  454. D Bryan vs Cm Punk Vs Chris Jericho how would this match be how should it go?
  455. why is WWE not getting as high Ratings as they use to what needs to be done so WWE gets
  456. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  457. who will be the top key WWE Superstars to look out for in 2012 And Why?
  458. hate john cena or love him its proven he equals RAWS Rating rises when hes on viwership goes up
  459. Where can you see the ratings for RAW? And how do they get the ratings?
  460. your thoughts on the rumor that Wrestlemania 29 being in Dallas texas is that a big
  461. Who is better super eric or supercena?
  462. Best wrestler never to win a world title?
  463. When will today's NXT episode be on the wwe website?
  464. Who hates when wrestlers lean backwards and pose with fans cheering behind them for obvious photo...
  465. IF you could turn rey mysterio heel how would you go about it and please think in reality?
  466. could you explain if Edge was better as a good guy or a bad guy what made him so good?
  467. Jeff Hardy or John Cena?
  468. Who could ever forget this one?
  469. What is Diva's individual status of Natalya Tamina?
  470. Is play now mode seperate from Universe mode in WWE 12?
  471. Is WWE Raw getting way to predictable?
  472. Who should be the face of TNA: Jeff Hardy or AJ Styles?
  473. Who Should Kane Fued with in WWE 12?
  474. why do you think chris jerhico not talking at all what you think (best anwser is being...
  475. Did Anyone Els wanted to see a Orton/Taker/Kane Fued?
  476. Who else do you want to see inducted into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame?
  477. true wwe fan. will i be ok?
  478. WWE will they ever induct The British Bulldog into the hall of fame?
  479. Wwe Mason Ryan wrestle?
  480. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  481. Do you think undertaker to return to sort out kane?
  482. Do you like Justin Gabriel?
  483. Kane should have drove off with Eve?
  484. What are your thoughts about Edge being the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame on 03/31/12?
  485. Do You think Kurt Angle Will be in WWE Hall of Fame ?
  486. Who are the winners on TNA Genesis 2012 in results?
  487. Why was Goldust never given a good gimmick or a big push +BQ?
  488. Whos gonna win the Royal Rumble (prediction OR spoiler)?
  489. Husky Harris is he any good i heard he came back to a live event what should he do next?
  490. My WrestleMania 28 card...rate and pick winners.?
  491. after cena and the rock who you think will face cena at wm29?
  492. What Did Randy Orton HBk have in Common out side Of WWE?
  493. Poll: Who will win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tonight: Hardy or Roode?
  494. smackdown or raw. got to fill in some words here.?
  495. is a united states title run and a long one what jack swagger needs to get built back up?
  496. how would you plan a CM PUNK vs Kane for the WWE Title how should they feud how would it start?
  497. before WWE just how good of a heel was daniel bryan in ROH or Other wrestling promotions
  498. your thoughts on WWE adding a new stage titantron to All WWE house shows is this a good idea?
  499. WCW angry promo?????
  500. i really need to know if the TNA Pay per view today is worth ordering is it a good card?