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  1. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  2. Why did the hipster burn his tongue?
  3. What do you think about the wrestlemania card?
  4. The Rock vs. John Cena WM28 Prediction?
  5. The Rock vs. John Cena WM28 Prediction?
  6. if the undertaker loses at wrestlemania, will you still watch WWE?
  7. Should I go to WWE Raw Supershow or TNA Slammiversary (06/10/12) or Las Vegas for my
  8. When I order wrestlemania 28....?
  9. On TNA, Did Austin Aries turn face?
  10. When is WWE's 2012 Hall of Fame airing on USA?
  11. Agree or Disagree: If done Correctly, Wrestling Feuds can Essentially create 'Literary
  12. Who here remembers Ralphus from WCW?
  13. Is Teddy retiring or something? Whats the reason for making Team Johnny win?
  14. Is there anyone who is going to Wrestlemania 28 this Sunday that needs a parking ticket i have
  15. Jey Uso or Derrick Bateman?
  16. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  17. do you miss the time when!!?
  18. Who Had The Worst Day-Wrestlemania Press Conference?
  19. Screw WWE sheamus he sucks?
  20. Wrestle mania Question?
  21. Which wrestling term do you think is used all the time?
  22. will the induction ceremonies to wwe hall of fame be televised? if so when and what channel?
  23. do you guys remember this wrestling section user?
  24. would you keep it Rock and Cena.....or rather?
  25. hoe much does wrestlemania cost?
  26. Are you sick of Brodus Clay?
  27. team teddy vs team johnny match at wrestlemania?
  28. Who Is More Important to WWE's Future, Cena or Punk?
  29. do you think wwe will have anything or say anything for Trayvon Martin at wrestlemania since its
  30. Do you think The Rock will come to The Raw in U.K.?
  31. What did you think of Raw last night?
  32. Why did they call The Rock a Tooth Fairy?
  33. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  34. Why is the crowd on RAW tonight so dead?
  35. What happen today (03/26/12), from 8:00 pm - 8:08 pm EST documentary of WWEJohn Cena vs. The
  36. New shot of undertakers bald look?
  37. Is it true that Michelle McCool said on twitter she is thinking of coming back?
  38. What are the chances of Cena and Rock getting physical tomorrow?
  39. Who's been to a WWE live show? If so, please answer!?
  40. About Anthony Nese, Is he a face or a heel?
  41. Who is the best heavy weight champion of all time from these promotions past/present?
  42. My yahoo profile pic is from rvs 2009, juding by his look what type of wrestler does he appear to
  43. Can the Big Show pin Shaq?
  44. Would Booker T make a good NBA player?
  45. Can John Cena (w)rap burritos?
  46. Does anyone know which Wrestlemania's The Undertaker has not wrestled in?
  47. Do more fans want to see Kane-Orton than Sheamus-Bryan?
  48. Outside of wrestling women who do you think is the hottest woman in the world plus WQ?
  49. Agree or Disagree:Epico and Primo should have a last minute WM match?
  50. What did CM Punk say that was censored to Jericho on the titantron on RAW?
  51. bring billy gunn back to wwe?
  52. hhh last of the era comment?
  53. Who Had The Worst Week?
  54. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  55. why do pro wrestlers always have wet hair?
  56. Has there ever been a candidate for Greatest of all time with less talent than John Cena?
  57. Beth Phoenix or Ezekiel Jackson?
  58. If you were a MALE pro wrestler, would you wear trunks, tights, or a singlet?
  59. Wrestling: What was your favorite part or promo of the Jericho vs Punk feud so far?
  60. Controversy about Macho Man Randy Savage being/not being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  61. Is Hulk Hogan the new GM of TNA?
  62. Top 10 Trolls in wresling section?
  63. WS: Can someone give me a pro wrestling hyperlink that gives details of what happen on TNA
  64. If a wrestling promotion wants to be based of storyline it better be damn good.?
  65. Do you agree with Matt Hardy comments concerning WWE wrestlers needing more time off?
  66. What is the undertaker and kane's last name?
  67. WS: Should I go to the WWE HOF 2012 since they are going to induct the late WWF wrestler (my boy)...
  68. Does Jack Swagger have the 3 I's, Integrity, Intelligence, and Intensity?
  69. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  70. If Jeff Hardy returned to the WWE?
  71. A- train returns to wwe ?
  72. has anyone ever defeated bill goldberg in a one on one match without cheating or any external help?
  73. Do you think it would be good to have Mick Foley Jim Ross as commentators?
  74. Do you think WWE should have a stable with Christopher Nowinski David Otunga Jack Swagger?
  75. Triple H's sledgehammer or Stings baseball bat - Which one has been more effective during matches?
  76. Divas match - Wrestlemania?
  77. Randy Orton or vs Kane - Wrestlemania?
  78. What are your thoughts on WWE possibly considering a Cena-Rock rematch at Wrestlemania 29?
  79. Need Help With a WWE Contest
  80. Is Mae Young still involved with WWE?
  81. Why do we put so much emphasis on The Undertakers WrestleMania streak?
  82. Wrestling fans - What are your top three other sports?
  83. Im starting a new group?
  84. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  85. Whats next for Cena after WM28?
  86. Did Triple H turn heel on Monday Night RAW when he confront the Undertaker?
  87. Wrestling Section: Here is proof that Chicago Knight is a sex offender.......?
  88. Who remembers Hanna Hardy of the wrestling section ? Who is she now ? BQ: Inside?
  89. Who else thinks its funny when you picture Owen Hart falling to his death?
  90. nWo members please report the person who answered this question, lets kick him off the WS?
  91. What happened to Tony Chimel?
  92. nWo Members who is the biggest loser on this page?
  93. Who else will laugh when the Undertaker dies ?
  94. Chicago Knight aka Johnny U has a target on his back?
  95. Breaking News: WWE signs Daniel Benoit to a developmental contract?
  96. Another ten points for my fellow members of the nWo?
  97. From this moment forward..........?
  98. nWo members..... Please answer this for BA?
  99. I have proof that Chicago Knight aka Johnny U is a sex offender?
  100. Can Mcbat join the nWo?
  101. Johnny U aka Chicago Knight I joined the nWo?
  102. Who do you think will be the next wrestler to die ? Take the survey...?
  103. Who is more stupid ? People who are into Efeds or people who think having a TC badge is a bid deal?
  104. nWo members..... Which user do you want kicked off YA?
  105. I heard the Dragon and The Chicago Knight aka Johnny U are gay lovers?
  106. Who else thinks its funny that Eddie Guerrero is dead?
  107. Why did the Chicago Knight aka Johnny U fake cancer ?
  108. Who wants to exchange BA's so in order to get the stupid TC badge?
  109. The Mcbat era has returned to the wrestling section?
  110. Who wants to help me get The Chicago Knights aka Johnny U kicked off Y/A?
  111. Who wants BA to be a TC?
  112. The Chicago Knight is a cheater and he faked cancer?
  113. The Miz the WWE Number 1 Jackass?
  114. What was A.J. Lee's Best Performance in the Indies?
  115. Would you be interested in a Mark Heny-John Cena feud?
  116. I killed King Kjors account. The Dragon Chicago Knight is next?
  117. Who wants BA for this question?
  118. Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat?
  119. Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat Mcbat?
  120. Will Shane O'Mac be returning anytime soon?
  121. Who wants to join my troll stable?
  122. What's the worst question asked in the Wrestling Section today so far and why?
  123. What other superstar/diva should embrace the hate Kane help?
  124. Should this be the order of the Wrestlemania matches?
  125. Do you think AJ will help Sheamus win at Wrestlemania 28?
  126. What's with the scaling back of mid-carders in WWE lately?
  127. Should I go to Hall of Fame, WM28, Raw Supershow in Miami since I'm going to Raw on
  128. What are your thoughts on the segment between CM Punk and Chris Jericho last night?
  129. Who are the Current General Managers of WWE Raw and Smackdown?
  130. Which ring of honor dvd would u prefer more?
  131. Ok guys, Seriously, Back off of WWE Champion CM Punks dog dying?
  132. Did Chris Jericho go too far with his promo last night?
  133. What are current WWE wrestlers/plotlines?
  134. Which WWE wrestlers do you think has AIDS?
  135. Do you think if Cena Loses he is going to dig up Eddie Guerrero's body and have Anal...
  136. Which WWE wrestlers look racist?
  137. How can WWE have a Hell in A cell match at WM when there outdoors?
  138. On a scale from 1 to 10, what do you give The Rocks performance on last nights RAW ?
  139. If you could turn 3 wrestlers face and 3 heel, who would you turn?
  140. Was the behind bottom of the Rocks guitar broken?
  141. Who wants BA in the wrestling section?
  142. what did you think of raw last night?
  143. WWE Fans, do you know who suspended Evan Bourne for drug abuse?
  144. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  145. Is it true that the Undertaker is in a sex tape with Hulk Hogan?
  146. Is it true that the 2012 Mcbat invasion will destroy the wrestling section?
  147. Who else thinks it would be funny if Hunter WS Jigsaw's account got suspended?
  148. Why does CM Punk Daniel Bryan suck so much?
  149. Who else thinks The Chicgo Knight aka Johnny U is Gay ?
  150. Who else thinks the Undertaker sucks?
  151. The Mcbat era has returned to the wrestling section and The Chicago Knight aka Johnn U faked cancer?
  152. Wrestling fans did you know ?
  153. Do you like The Rock?
  154. Who wants to help me report the Dragons account and get it suspended ?
  155. Does HHH pimp out his wife ?
  156. When is Chris Benoit going to come back to WWE ?
  157. John Cena Back thuganomics?
  158. CM Punk The Final Call is going to lose his/her account to being reported?
  159. Do you think Punk got emotional after what Y2J said about him and his father?
  160. Would you laugh if Ric Flair died?
  161. Who else is happy that Eddie Guerrero is dead?
  162. Who else thinks its funny that Owen Hart fell to his death?
  163. Who remembers the Mcbat invasion of the wrestling section ? Why do people still like WWE ?
  164. How would Mark Henry look like if he removed all of his fat?
  165. Whats Up With You Wrestling Trolls?
  166. Does WWE Universe need a The Rock vs Randy Orton Match?
  167. Does The Rock Fit WWE PG Era?
  168. What's up with R-Truth's poor performances in the Elimination Chamber match every year?
  169. John Cena Rapping This Monday?
  170. Anyone else think it's good the WWE is giving Cena SOME credibility going into WM?
  171. what's the name of the song played during velvet sky's entrance on tna wrestling?
  172. Why is The Great Khali still in the WWE?
  173. Tell me Your Top 10 favorite wrestlers and Top 10 least favorite wrestlers?
  174. What Time dose Superstars and NXT come on?
  175. What is John Cena gonna rap on Raw?
  176. What did you think of smackdown this week?
  177. Who Had The Worst Week?
  178. Now that Joseph Park is looking for Abyss, does that mean that?
  179. Can someone tell me if WWE '12 is worth buying for the Wii system?
  180. Old School WWE fans:Why do you think that the fans chose to boo The Rock over Hulk Hogan@WM 18?
  181. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  182. wrestling section, whats this guys problem?
  183. Should I have a sign that says Happy Birthday John Cena for Raw Supershow (04/23/12) on...
  184. Dolph Ziggler(with Vickie Guerrero) or Ted DiBiase(with Maryse)?
  185. Am I right when I say that Linda Mcmahon along with John Cena has ruined wrestling?
  186. Darren Young or Maxine?
  187. Who would win this random tag team match?
  188. Why is the Attitude Era so huge still?
  189. What's your biggest Wrestling memory of All-Time?
  190. My John Cena story. Your thoughts?
  191. Would Austin Aries be as good (or better) of a world champion as Bobby Roode?
  192. Do you think that The Rock vs Jonn Cena will surpass the legacy of The Rock vs Hulk Hogan@WM 18?
  193. How often do you find yourself looking up the biography and matches of wrestlers who are
  194. Did Devon make his face just like unmasked Kane?
  195. I changed my twitter username. +wrestling question?
  196. hey, ???t? ????????. stop ya pmsing! +wrestling questions.?
  197. Do you think CM punk is intelligent?
  198. do you think they should have given randy orton a chance?
  199. What happen to A-Train?
  200. What happen to Nathan Jones?
  201. WWE fans and WWE Superstars, is this possible that we want Vince McMahon back to WWE?
  202. Should WWE Book Cm Punk Daniel Bryan Ambrose Seth Rollings?
  203. Would Layla get fired if?
  204. Why doesn't Zach Ryder get vengeance at Kane and challenge him at Wrestlemania?
  205. do what extent are wwes matches scripted?
  206. Do you guys like Jack Swagger's new hair style?
  207. Who is happy to see Santino with a Belt?
  208. Whats up with Vicky and her two?
  209. Is anyone else dissapointed, and disgusted with the current divas division?
  210. Can you give a thumbs up for The Undertakers son?
  211. Would you like to see Big Show as the new Intercontinental Champion?
  212. Kelly Kelly vs Eve Toress in Bra an Panties Match?
  213. Alicia Fox 1st titantron - when she was in FCW?
  214. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  215. The Rock or Jack Swagger?
  216. Why does pro wrestling (and other similar sports like boxing and MMA) use belts as their...
  217. Did you notice the Victory Road promo during Raw?
  218. Who is/was the best??????????/?
  219. now you cena lovin kids wanna talk boring promo,what was that trash cena just put up?
  220. Who besides me want Shane McMahon to return to WWE and be GM of both Raw and Smackdown (thumbs up...
  221. What did John Cena say when he went and stood by his father because I accidentally turned the
  222. Wasn't John Cena Sr. Banned from WWE Arenas?
  223. Do you agree that when wrestlers and diva botches actually messes up a potential good match? BQ1?
  224. Wait whooooooo!, Did WWE really do that to Taker? but, Y?
  225. Did you know that Sheamus and Wade Barrett were secruity guards?
  226. Can i wrestle for a different highschool?
  227. Am I the only one who thinks that the term Smart Mark is an oxymoron?
  228. What does Shad Gaspard and Eve Torres faces look like of what is the names of the celebrities...
  229. Question for pro wrestling in general: When a wrestler says for example, they are a 9
  230. Does any one think they will make a Kane vs. Orton match at wrestle mainia?
  231. Which of these scenarios would ruin Wrestlemania the most for you if it really happened? +BQ?
  232. Does David Otunga have booze in his coffe cup because he refuses to watch WWE sober? BQs?
  233. Get 2 Points Here!!!!?
  234. What?s the highest grossing WWE WrestleMania ever?
  235. WS: When John Cena turns 40 on Monday 04/23/17 do you want him to make his retirement speech? BQ2?
  236. WS: Thanks for answering my questions about WM28 but I have decided to go to Vegas watch
  237. Didn't you like in the wwe when?
  238. Whats the best match of the PG Era?
  239. Rate these Wrestlers on a scale from 1-10 on Wrestling Ability?
  240. Rate these Tag teams From 1-10 on a scale of Wrestling Ability?
  241. Pick the winners of these WWE/TNA wrestling matches?
  242. What do you see the likes of Dolph Ziggler,The Miz,Mark Henry and Jack Swagger doing at...
  243. Pick the Winners of these TNA Wrestling matches?
  244. Who Had The Worst Week?
  245. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  246. WWE is getting rid of Drew Mcintyre?
  247. Kane attacks Randy Orton?
  248. When the hell will Super Sheamus lose a match?
  249. Is the crowd tonight on Smackdown actually a good crowd?
  250. Your thoughts on Teddy Long's inappropriate actions with Aksana?
  251. What the hell is wwe doing with drew mcintyre?
  252. Opinions on WS trolls?
  253. What happen to Evan Bourne?
  254. Question about updating WWE song to PS3?????? ?
  255. When do you predict the next boom period in wrestling will start? Similar to the 80s and
  256. Why did the WWE drop the The Miz R-Truth feud, just when the rivalry was heating up in time for...
  257. WS: I need you to answer this wrestling question below (Help Please)?
  258. Do you think the main purpose for the brand split in 2002 was to create competition since WCW was...
  259. What are your thoughts on a potential Kane/Orton Mania match?
  260. Alicia Fox,Jinda Mahal or Curt Hawkins?
  261. Alicia Fox or Jinda Mahal?
  262. So WWE forces the Rock to cut a lame promo to put over Cena and get a 50/50 reaction at WM,fair
  263. Do you remember when Smackdown and Raw had their own separate magazines?
  264. what do you think of my undertaker drawings?
  265. What makes WWE decide to use certain story lines in video games and not in real life?
  266. Do you think there might be a surprise return at WM28?
  267. Do you think John Cena will turn heel after WM28, just like Austin did after WM17?
  268. What do you think about my second wrestling poem?
  269. What kind of John Cena sign should I have at WM28 (04/01/12) and Raw Supershow (04/02/12)
  270. I think Chris Benoit is alive and well, this photo was taken a week ago?
  271. Who was the 2nd top face in the 80's:Savage or Ultimate Warrior?
  272. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT+BQ?
  273. Who you think wins at Wrestlemania, CM Punk or Chris Jericho?
  274. Will Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle face each other at Victory Road?
  275. Will CM Punk come back to Monday Night RAW Next Week?
  276. do you like cena or rocky?
  277. What current WWE Superstar should have a documentry on them?
  278. Are the people who now glorify The Rock the same people who resented him when he left in 2002?
  279. Do you think the advancement in social media has contributed pressure put on WWE creative?
  280. Will the WWE ever go back to having one world title ?
  281. Top 10 greatest WWE Faces and Heels?
  282. Are you expecting The Miz to interfere during The Rock vs Cena match?
  283. Do you think the advancement in social media has contributed to pressure put on WWE creative?
  284. What are your thoughts on last night's raw?
  285. What was the concept of the In Your House PPV?
  286. Should Benoit be in the HoF?
  287. WS: What was the announcement today (10 am EST) from the Broad of Directors about John L. and
  288. How would you rate the period of WWE from 2002-2005?
  289. What are some more potential Wrestlemaina matches to be scheduled?
  290. Did anyone else feel The Rock was talking them to death last night?
  291. Who was your first favorite wrestler? +bq?
  292. Now that Kane is done feuding with John Cena, what would you like to see WWE do with him now?
  293. Should WWE go back to TV-14 or TV-MA Attiude Era?
  294. What are they doing with Kane..?
  295. Who made better promos? The Rock or Dwayne Johnson? And No, they?
  296. When does Seth Rollins a.k.a. Tyler Black get called up to the WWE?(Sign my petition and ban this
  297. Why is Daniel Bryan so much better than Cm Punk?
  298. What did you think of Raw last night?
  299. Why have Cena vs Rock if everybody knows whos gonna win?
  300. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  301. How badly has the Rock slipped in being able to make entertaining promos?
  302. Kung Pao Chicken is one of my favorite chinesse plates?
  303. This is going to be one of the BEST wrestlemanias in wow, many many years?
  304. You can say whatever, but The Rock is carrying this WM 28, doesn't it?
  305. The Rock is a master of promoting a fight, doesn't it?
  306. Agree or Disagree:This will be The Rock's promo tonight?
  307. What's the weirdest dream you've had about a wrestler?
  308. Why doesn't John Cena and Zack Ryder join forces to beat Kane?
  309. Would this Wrestlemania match help the tag team division?
  310. Can kids watch TNA Impact Wrestling?
  311. Is TNA Impact wrestling finally getting to be better than WWE?
  312. wrestle mania 28 (My winner list) plz shares ur?????
  313. What would you do if..?
  314. Guys only. Do you think Beth Phoenix could beat you up?
  315. Do you want to see more midgets like Hornswoggle in the WWE?
  316. Hey wrestling section i'm back +bq?
  317. Josh Matthews vs. Justin Gabriel, who wins?
  318. Who would win this wrestling match?
  319. Who's better, A.J. Styles or Christopher Daniels?
  320. What would you do if you went to a wrestling show...?
  321. What would you do if Big Show...?
  322. What 3 current/active 45+ yr old wrestlers first come to mind, who can still perform at a...
  323. How Do I Join Wrestling Like The WWE?
  324. Questions on ordering a WWE PPV?
  325. What time (EST) and day of the week does Ring of Honor comes on (thank you in advance)?
  326. I haven't watched WWE in a long ass time! Fill me in?
  327. What wrestler lost his european and intercontinental title in one night, and wasn't even pinned?
  328. What are your thoughts on Drew McIntrye's new gay gimmick?
  329. Who would you pick to face The Rock at WrestleMania?
  330. Who is the greatest commentator of all time?
  331. Who was TNA Champion when it was first shown on Challenge?
  332. Do you think Alex Shelley will turn heel on Chris Sabin when he returns?
  333. How many wrestling fans are still virgins?
  334. Will Drew McIntyre turn face at Wrestlemania 28?
  335. What do you guys think of this?
  336. What's going on wwe wrestling?
  337. Should we take the air ($1200 rt), or Bus ($396 rt), or Bus coming Air returning ($400)
  338. IYO, why WWE did not give Rose Quarter a listing of who is going to be there for Raw
  339. Wht is Mick Foleys best match?
  340. twitter feud between cm punk and chris brown, real or fake? wrestling?
  341. Wrestling Section Good Users Plus WQ!!?
  342. Who Had The Worst Week?
  343. What Channel Is ROH On And What Time?
  344. WS: Are you ready for this huge snow fall who live in my state of MI neighbors OH, Windsor
  345. Do you think The Rock should pass the torch to John Cena?
  346. Has Kane lost his credibility as a monstrous heel?
  347. Who has John Cena Put over and made into a full blown main eventer?
  348. My detailed Wrestlemania XXVIII Card + Winners!?
  349. What Were Your Favorite Reigns Out Of These Titles?
  350. Who Would Win These Matches? Plus Bonus?
  351. Is Anyone Else Besides Me Impressed With Cody Rhodes?
  352. Who Are The Current TNA Champions?
  353. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  354. ok, ok are John Cena and Zack Ryder friends again?
  355. Rate These Superstars! + BQ!?
  356. Is it safe to say, fans pulling for Cena at WM28 wasn't alive(or watching) during the attitude era?
  357. Why do some wrestlers get to keep their ring names when they go to WWE but most don't?
  358. Who would win this Superheavyweight battle royal if all were alive and in their prime?
  359. Do wrestlers wear underwear when they are wearing wrestling tights?
  360. Do wrestling fans ever forget you're not suppose to like the heels?
  361. What is Chris Jericho's best match of his career?
  362. Is there a reason Triple H has tapped out at Wrestlemaina so many times?
  363. Is anyone paying strict attention to TNA or any other promotion during Wrestlemania season?
  364. Who is the best in the world on WWE Monday Night RAW and Wrestlemania 28?
  365. Why does Daniel Bryan always cheat?
  366. Why is Cena so much better than The Rock?
  367. What do you think of CM Punk's recent Twitter feud with Chris Brown?
  368. Is Super Sheamus gonna bury Daniel Bryan at Mania?
  369. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  370. What do you think of this Wrestlemania 28 card?
  371. Did anyone else think Cena was going to rap last night?
  372. Im a guess and say Stone Cold will guest referee for the GM vs GM at WM28?
  373. Do you agree with this sign David Otunga = Ratings?
  374. Do you want Kane to assault Zack Ryder again?
  375. Who would win this match?
  376. Anyone thought Eugene was returning while watching Elimination Chamber?
  377. Who is the most popular wrestling diva who did not wrestle on WWE?
  378. Why do Professional Wrestlers work as independent contractors?
  379. Does anyone else have low expectations for the WHC at mania this year?
  380. Which Wrestlemania had the best stage?
  381. So people are buying into Cena's bs from last night?
  382. Is it true that we will be getting Eve and Kane vs Layla and Ryder at Wrestlemania 28?
  383. Question about Eve's new gimmick?
  384. What do you think of Wrestlemania 28 so far?
  385. When the undertaker stopped on the ramp?
  386. Bad raw don't you agree?
  387. Why is people booing cena when he talks about the rock because its the truth?
  388. Who is the most wrestler who did not wrestle on TNA?
  389. Who will face CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 28?
  390. What do you already think of Wrestlemania matches?
  391. What did you think of Raw last night?
  392. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  393. What Will it take When Cm Punk Offer John Cena # 1 Contender for his title shot?
  394. Cm Punk Not the best in The World?
  395. Have you heard the latest injury updates?
  396. Why Did Triple H accept the Match at Wrestlemania?
  397. Is WWE John Cena going to be at WWE Super Smackdown live tomorrow night (02/21/12) arena
  398. Where's John Cena in the Royal Rumble Match in Tonight's Show?
  399. DAMN! Ron simmons is in the HOF :) Thoughts?
  400. What do you think about the situation between CM Punk and the singer Chris Brown?
  401. When was the last time they had a Diva involved in a main storyline?
  402. There we go, Eve got her heel turn?
  403. Did you laugh when John Cena told WWE Eve in the ring that he is disease free he wants to keep...
  404. Why don't WWE just cancel SD, and air RAW twice a week?
  405. where can i buy kanes predator mask?
  406. Attitude Winged Eagle or Big Gold?
  407. Who Had The Worst Week?
  408. Why doesnt santino never win a championship because his more fun and entertaining to watch?
  409. What did you think elimination chamber?
  410. Who Had The Worst Night-Elimination Chamber?
  411. greatest 10 wrestlers of all time WWE?
  412. You think John Cena can bench 575lbs?
  413. Why wasn't Road Dogg added to the alumni roster on
  414. Santino in the final Elimiantion Chamber survivor?
  415. OMG guys, i asked yahoo to unsuspend me they did! +wrestling question?
  416. what do u think about cm punk shaved his face?
  417. Alberto Del Rio back!!!?
  418. What is the match up for WWE Elimination Chambers PPV besides Raw Smackdown Chamber
  419. Does anyone else think this could happen at Elimination Chamber tonight?
  420. Could this tag match happen at Wrestlemania 28?
  421. why do they make the elimination chamber sound scary?
  422. are you excited that Chyna is getting back in the ring?
  423. Wow SANTINO in the chamber match, I guess they just throw anybody in the pen?
  424. How to use your own songs in wwe 12 as entrance music?
  425. Do you think he was lying to me?
  426. Suggestions on what could happen at WWE Elimination Chamber 2012?
  427. Was there only one elevation x match in TNA?
  428. Will Garrett Bischoff eventually face his father Eric in a match?
  429. The Rock WWF which match was this?
  430. Who besides me are going to be watching WWE Elimination Chambers PPV on Sunday (02/19/12)? What's...
  431. When will Christian return?
  432. Would this be a good diva themed Hall Of Fame class?
  433. Is Randy Orton going to be back in time for Wrestlemania?
  434. Would Sheamus vs Big Show be a good Wrestlemania match?
  435. Would this be a good Money In The Bank for Wrestlemania 28?
  436. Elimination Chamber 2012 predictions?
  437. By what time should i be there?
  438. Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart?
  439. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  440. Which of these legends is misunderstood the most? Hogan, Bret Hart,Matt Hardy, HBK, Cena,...
  441. Anyone else wish it was Drew McIntyre that won the Battle Royal on Smackdown?
  442. Can you rate WWE John Cena TNA Bobby Roode on their looks, wrestling skills, mic skills ...
  443. Who's the only black man in history to win an Elimination Chamber match?
  444. Agree Or Dissagree: Zach Ryder is EXTREMLY Overrated+ BQs?
  445. So are we are going to have a feud between Gail Kim and Madison Rayne?
  446. Can you sum up these wrestlers with one sentence each?
  447. Are Mark Henry and Kharma the same person?
  448. Tell me if u like these people as a heel or a face or a Tweener?
  449. WWE Pop Quiz (Ten Points For a Prize)?
  450. Why do pro wrestling fans seem to be morons?
  451. Why are there people out there who still think Benoit didn't off his family?
  452. When did Tyson Kidd turn into a face?
  453. Does Triple H have a tumor?
  454. Can you agree that Kane is the most underrated wrestler in WWE history?
  455. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT + BQ's?
  456. Undertaker vs dx at wm ?
  457. rate my two matches and pick winners?
  458. what are some of your favorite matches from wcw, wwe or ecw?
  459. do you think sheamus will win whatever belt he decides to go for at wrestlemania 28?
  460. Did miz drop anyone this week?
  461. I just wrestled with two guys in my MMA class, embarrassing result...?
  462. what was your favorite worst ppv for WWE TNA of 2011?
  463. Anyone here from the Tri State area pumped for Wrestlemania 29?
  464. What do you want WWE to make a DVD of?
  465. The iron claw vs the mandible claw?
  466. is it me or was matt hardy stoned at his TNA debut?
  467. Figure four leglock vs the sharpshooter?
  468. Why does everyone think Punk is gonna win at elemation chamber?
  469. DDT vs the Piledriver?
  470. who misses wcw (20 characters)?
  471. Frog splash vs. the 450 splash vs the swanton bomb?
  472. would it be stupid if i made a list of fantasy matches and had you all pick the winners?
  473. Do you think this whole Wrestlingmania concept will really catch on?
  474. Guess this wrestler (Really hard one!)?
  475. Some wrestling trivia!?
  476. Why was the Heartbreak Kid called HBK?
  477. If Kane is The Undertakers brother, does that mean The Undertaker is Kane's brother as well?
  478. Guess this wrestler! (A really easy one!)?
  479. What year was the 1996 Royal Rumble?
  480. Breaking News: Edge forced to retire due to nagging back injury!?
  481. Breaking news: WWE releases top diva Mickie James!?
  482. what pro-wrestling moves do you think are best for self-defence?
  483. Your thoughts about my wrestlemania card?
  484. Your reaction to WWE Champion CM Punk appearing on The Live Smackdown in Rockford, Illinois...
  485. So wrestling fans do you think that wimp Daniel Bryan is about to lose his title?
  486. WS: Your thoughts of my Detroit Red Wings making NHL history by winning 21 straight home games?...
  487. r truth turning face...........?
  488. Anyone notice Eve showing a bit off her ass at the end of Raw lol...?
  489. Could you see Zack screwing Cena at Mania and the Rock beating him?
  490. where did kevin nash go?
  491. who thinks HBK should come back to WWE as a full time performer?
  492. Why are there so many homophobes in the wrestling section?
  493. Trying to order ticketmaster tickets but captcha won't show up?
  494. Triple H vs. Shawn michaels at wrestlemania 28. Yay or nay?
  495. I thought cena was gay, why did he kiss eve torres on raw?
  496. why do people keep thinking triple H will face undertaker at WM28?
  497. did raw do anything special for valentine's day last night?
  498. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  499. What did you think of Raw last night?
  500. Undertaker vs Triple H?