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  1. WWE fans, what's going on with AJ?
  2. Does WWE pay some people to yell: CENA..CENA?
  3. Is anyone going to purchase a PPV to watch Johnny Ace wrestle?
  4. Who'd Win Cm Punk or Daniel Bryan in a Barbed wire steel cage match?
  5. Who'd Win Daniel bryan vs Shelton Benjamin?
  6. Is Ryback a face or a heel?
  7. Are we ever going to find out who the anonymous Raw GM was or are we just supposed to forget it
  8. So whats gonna happen with Lesnar and Heyman?
  9. Who Had The Worst Night(Viewers Choice)?
  10. Was Stone Cold a White version of Bad News Brown?
  11. Honestly, I asked the best questions in the Wrestling section withing the past hour?
  12. In what ways is being a WWE superstar harder than being a UFC fighter?
  13. what does the Great Muta think of John Cena?
  14. Remember when the Intercontinental Title meant something?
  15. Which WWE RTWM did you like better?
  16. Which WWE RTWM did you like better?
  17. How much more do you think we will see Paul E. now?
  18. Will Kharma ever return to the WWE?
  19. how long have you been watching wrestling on t.v?
  20. Whose Moonsault was the Best: Victoria, Lita, or Bull Nakano?
  21. What should I do I was goofing off so wrote I heart and the wrestlers name on the bulletin?
  22. Tell me how funny you think this is?
  23. How much is this old coke worth?
  24. If ya could have a interview with Dixie Carter what questions would you ask her?
  25. Return of Eddie Guerrero?
  26. What If John Laurinaitis Fired as a General Manager of Both Shows?
  27. What do they mean in wrestling when they say 12 time champion?
  28. Does anybody know where I can find the tv rateings for TNA prior to Hogan/Bischoff era?
  29. What does the term kayfabe mean?
  30. Who Had The Worst Week?
  31. What is Promission Wrestling?
  32. Why do people hate Batista? ?
  33. Why aren't Ziggler and Swagger in the tag team division?
  34. Will John Cena Return His Marine Gimmick?
  35. What year was Stone Cold Steve Austin most in character?....oh and The Rock.?
  36. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  37. Wresting...Random questions?
  38. Which pro wrestler would make the best President and why?
  39. Who is more smarter in this group?
  40. Who Had The Worst Day-Superstars?
  41. Whos better, Shawn Michaels or Edge and why? Also what happened to WWE Network?
  42. What Made WWE Lose There Value is it because of The New Generation?
  43. Buly Ray or Brock Lesner who wins?
  44. Did anyone know, who attacked Alex Riley in the backstage on WWE NXT Redemption?
  45. What is your dream match?
  46. IYO: Why is TNA Impact moving to 8:00 pm on Thursday May 31, 2012?
  47. Why is Linda McMahon's political career more important than WWE's financial future?
  48. Is johhny the new vince mcmahon?
  49. I watched raw the other day for the 1st time in 10 years. What the hell happened to Lesnar?
  50. Why doesn't WWE bring back the King Of The Ring Pay-per-view?
  51. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  52. Who do you think is the strongest heel now?
  53. Does anyone else agree that Val Venis was a Rick Rude rip off?
  54. Does anyone else miss Shelton Benjamins Mama?
  55. Who are all the divas in the image?
  56. Does John Cena need to end Undertaker's streak to redeem himself after losing at WM28?
  57. Will Ryback become one of Smackdown's top faces?
  58. This is what the Bella twins had in mind when they quit the WWE?
  59. IF you were a WWE wrestler?
  60. When did Cena start lifting?
  61. Is there any active wrestler in wwe or tna today except daniel bryan who is better than
  62. Is Brock Lesnar out of WWE?
  63. i have quit watching WWE?
  64. A WWE Question Michael Cole?
  65. Who'd Win Richie Steamboat jr vs Cody Rhodes?
  66. Bella Twins Released from WWE Contract
  67. Will Rey Mysterio be released from WWE?
  68. What are your thoughts on Brock Lesnar legitimately flipping out backstage?
  69. Where did the Bork Laser thing come from?
  70. Triple H or John Cena?
  71. who do you really think the GM of the WWE should be?
  72. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  73. What did you think of raw last night and is Brock gone?
  74. King of the Ring 2012 Finals!! (Plus BQs)?
  75. Why is Johnny laurinatius trying to be mr McMahon ?
  76. What exactly is WWE doing with Drew McIntyre?
  77. When will Triple H's arm get better?
  78. Why is the audience so dead + BQ?
  79. How sexy is Randy Orton (poll) + BQ?
  80. and people thought daniel bryan would go back to jobbing?
  81. Did you notice R Truth's change of hair style + BQs?
  82. What will be your reaction if John Cena's mystery opponent is ...?
  83. Remember in 2002 when Triple H and Brock Lesnar were buffed up?
  84. Do you think if Kurt Angle came back and his music played, would the fans still chant you suck?
  85. Why are there only two or three tag teams in the WWE right now?
  86. Why won't there be a storyline between John Cena's next opponent? Why are they announcing
  87. Why was the crowd cheering for Randy Orton but not Brock Lesnar or Chris Jericho?
  88. Who thinks Brodus Clay should just go away?
  89. Anybody else glad Brock Lesnar broke Triple H's arm?
  90. What do you think it's gonna happen on raw tonight?
  91. Who else wants Big Show to get out of the main event?
  92. What else did Brock bring to the WWE besides the pain?
  93. Did Brock Lesnar break HHH's heart?
  94. Who is the main event for Wrestlemania 41?
  95. Would it been funny if Brock beaten the daylights out of John Cena in front of those five
  96. Did Layla turn face while she was facing Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship at Extreme Rules?
  97. would you like to see undertaker and kane feud one more time?
  98. DO you agree Brock Lesner perfermance tonight was better than The Rock?
  99. Do you agree Cena haters are extremely immature?
  100. Extreme Rules results wwe?
  101. is anyone else tired of seeing kane lose and not being booked right?
  102. Who Had The Worst Week+BQ's?
  103. Did Cody Rhodes winning his match ruin tonight's PPV?
  104. Where's Layla El , haven't seen her in awhile,what has happened to her?
  105. Who Had The Worst Night-Extreme Rules?
  106. do you think edge's pep talk to john cena helped him beat lesnar last night?
  107. What did you think of Extreme Rules ppv?
  108. Is Cena still a face or a heel now ?
  109. Can someone please fill me in on WWE during 2011?
  110. What do you think of Cena winning?
  111. Can Mark Henry and Brock Lesnar live up to the hype?
  112. Are the WWE Bella twins married?
  113. Your Extreme Rules Prediction (whoever gets the most gets BA!)?
  114. WWE Sheamus question?
  115. who Else was mad cena won?
  116. Sucks being at Extreme Rules?
  117. Why is Daniel Bryan very over in Chicago?
  118. What were the backstage problems HBK had back in the day?
  119. Which INDIE wrestlers today (excluding FCW and OVW) cut the best promos?
  120. Would Kate Upton make a good WWE Diva?
  121. Who is ready to see extreme rules?
  122. Who would win in a legit streetfight - UFC Champ Brock Lesnar or a 20-year-old Mike Tyson?
  123. How is it possible for anyone to say Bret Hart doesn't deserve to get screwed in Montreal 1997+BQ?
  124. Did Aksana turn heel on Teddy Long while she's cheating on him to Antonio Cesaro?
  125. What time does WWE Extreme Rules PPV comes on at EST (today 04/29/2012)?
  126. What should we expect from the Chicago crowd at Extreme Rules?
  127. Where abouts is section B row L at a wwe event at the MEN arena?
  128. some exciting news is coming to the wrestling section soon... BQ?
  129. Do you think Ryback is going to draw money for the WWE?
  130. King of the Ring Semi-Finals 2012?? 2 BQ's?
  131. Which rivalry do you like better?
  132. Are these 2 things possible for Extreme Rules?
  133. Does this confirm that AJ will screw Daniel Bryan and help Sheamus win on Sunday?
  134. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  135. is jacob kaye related to matt sriker? wwe?
  136. Where's David Otunga at?
  137. when will undertaker come back, and what's next in his career?
  138. Rate and improve my wwe 12 event?
  139. who's the best wwe wreslter in the world?
  140. What was your favorite classic Brock Lesnar feud? + BQ?
  141. Would Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H be a better Summerslam main event than Lesnar-Orton?
  142. i was reading on
  143. Do you think this is a good idea for a Punk storyline?
  144. who else laughed when they tipped the toilet tna?
  145. Did people know that lord tensai is a-train?
  146. Does Randy Orton Need a Heel Stable to get Over As a Heel?
  147. Which was worse for Eric Bischoff -?
  148. Did the Bella Twins turn face?
  149. Did Eric Bischoff actually retired from TNA?
  150. Who'd Win Cm Punk vs Shawn Michaels?
  151. Would you like to see Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton at Summerlam (+BQ)?
  152. Should We See Lesnar vs Randy Orton Feud?
  153. Agree or disagree: rtruth, brodus clay and santino marella should form a trio tag team?
  154. Brock Lesnar started turning heel?
  155. What Direction is WWE Trying to take with There Once Famous Divisons?
  156. What Direction is WWE Trying to take with There Once Famous Divisons?
  157. who'd Win Rey Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan?
  158. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT+BQ's?
  159. What happened to Shad Gaspard?
  160. Who Els Can see Kurt Angle Returnin To WWE like Brock Lesnar did?
  161. Should Randy Orton Be Drafted to Raw or Stay Smackdown?
  162. Why do people say brock lesnar is going to leave the wwe again after wrestlemania 29?
  163. Do you think this WWE PPV concept would work?
  164. Did WWE Ruin Randy Orton By Giving his Success Early on?
  165. Who else hates the fact that RAW is a supershow every week and Smackdown isn't?
  166. Daniel Bryan is a face or a heel?
  167. Who Will Win At Extreme Rules Match - John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar?
  168. King of the Ring 2012!! Round 3?
  169. Why are people hating on Lord Tensai?
  170. What are your thoughts on WWE trying to start a new phenomenon?
  171. Link for photos of Sting's wife Sue?
  172. Matt Morgan's new tattoos are about? ?
  173. What do you think of John Cena and Brock Lesnar?
  174. Would Layla be better off as Brodus Clay's 3rd dancer when she returns?
  175. Original Wrestler Bio Help!?
  176. Who are some Chikara wrestlers?
  177. Who are some IWC wrestlers?
  178. What are some wrestlers who wrestle/ have wrestled in USWA?
  179. Who else loves Brock Lesnar is back and whoiping A$$ and bringing the pain?
  180. What time will the extreme rules pre show be on YouTube in uk?
  181. What did John Laurinitis mean during tonight's RAW?
  182. Where are all the true wrestling fans? Are you prove it?
  183. Are John Laurinaitis and Eve Torres a Megabyte and Hexadecimal wannabe?
  184. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  185. What is your WWE dream wrestling match?
  186. What did you think of Raw last night?
  187. Do you think Brock Lesnar gonna kill off pg era in WWE?
  188. What will happen to WWE if Brock Lesnar beats John Cena?
  189. What is the deal with Alex Riley....?
  190. What are your thoughts on Raw tonight?
  191. Who remembers when they made Shawn Michaels take a public urination test in the ring?
  192. Which Diva mentioned below was more crafted in the skill of wrestling?
  193. How do you feel on this statement about The People Power Era + 2 BQs?
  194. What is your opinion on the release of Andy Leavine + BQ?
  195. Whose legs looked nastier in the ring?
  196. What promotion was Unibomb in?
  197. What promotion was Eddie Gilbert in when wearing this attire?
  198. Who'd Win Abyss vs Sheamus?
  199. What exactly is WWE doing with Drew McIntyre?
  200. King of the Ring 2012!!!!?
  201. What are your thoughts on WWE firing Andy Leavine?
  202. What did Chief Strongbow die of?
  203. Who would win in a match between Chris Jericho and.......?
  204. Would A Match With Batista vs Lesnar Work ?
  205. Have you wondered what happened to moves like the bear hug?
  206. Would i have a chance to become a professional wrestler?
  207. What happened to Mike Knox, Carlito and Maven?
  208. AJ Lee or Curt Hawkins?
  209. Who's your favorite old school wrestler?
  210. what happened to stone cold steve austin?
  211. What was the longest WWE/F match ever?
  212. Why did TNA impact censored Eric Bischoff's last name?
  213. Who is the music artist for Mr. McMahon, X-Pac, DX, and Triple H's WM16 theme?
  214. AJ or The Great Khali?
  215. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  216. Why are there so many heels in the wwe?
  217. What is the best WWE Edge DVD?
  218. Why is the WWE making John Cena to seem vulnerable? Is Super Cena finally done? More details...
  219. Stone Cold says he Could Wrestle One More Match Or a Full Schedule if he had would you want to
  220. When will Jesus get a match on Raw? ?
  221. Who do you think is the better in-ring wrestler as far as skills and techniques?
  222. What is name of this move of the Rock from WWE?
  223. Why E-fed questions get so many stars?
  224. Hey wrestling section, its my birthday! +wrestling question?
  225. TNA: Your thoughts on the Open Fight Night idea?
  226. TNA: Why are they dropping the Bischoff name?
  227. What time was Wrestlemania on this year?
  228. does shawn micheals have twitter?
  229. Did Sheamus pay $500,000.00 fine?
  230. Why Do WWE superstars get paid a whole lot less then Football,Basketball players?
  231. Why Isnt Orton Being Build Like John Cena?
  232. why did cena and michaels fight at wrestlemania 23 if they went in as tag team champs?
  233. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  234. The future fake quote of the WWE?
  235. WWE meet and greet, help needed?
  236. Any Truth to what Brock Lesnar said this past Monday Night Raw during his interview that...
  237. I have a legit question about wrestling (not trolling)?
  238. what happened on smackdown in o2 london last night?
  239. List of wrestlers and when they started to learn to wrestle?
  240. Why haven't Stone Cold or Mick Foley wrestled a match recently?
  241. What exactly is an Extreme Rules Match?
  242. Do you think Kane is always in a hurry to leave from his welding job in order to make it to the
  243. 3 hour WWE Raw next week?
  244. Did anyone see that match? That is a classic example why the Tag-Team division is a POS?
  245. how would you guys feel about?
  246. Test your WWF knowledge! Who was the first?
  247. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  248. Who'd Win Chris Jericho vs Cm Punk in a I Quit Match?
  249. Jericho was in uk last night but why didn't he have a match last night on raw on tv?
  250. What did you think of the crowd reactions on raw last night?
  251. I believe that guy A.W. try to recruit marking henry and he was watching last match?
  252. So lets see if wwe jobs tensai (a train)?
  253. So when has the crossface become an STF?
  254. Does juventud guerrera still wrestle?
  255. Does juventud guerrera still wrestle?
  256. The Return of DDP? Diamond Dallas Page?
  257. The Return of DDP? Diamond Dallas Page?
  258. Did ya know Cena sang Happy Birthday to Vickie last night?
  259. Are you happy for Lesnar's Return?
  260. Is Michael Cole back to normal?
  261. if jeff hardy and kurt angle were in WWE?
  262. Why don't any wrestling fans KNOW THIS MAN?
  263. How excited are you for Raw tonight?
  264. Who are the winners on TNA Lock Down 2012?
  265. Poll:what do you want to be when you grow up?
  266. do you think the rock and john cena really respect each other?
  267. WWE'12 Good CAWs on community creations?
  268. who would win between taker and the rock?
  269. Did Goldberg ever lose cleanly in the WWE?
  270. ROH Wrestling live show question?
  271. WS: What would you say to Vickie Guerrero today (04/16/12), on her 44th birthday if you had a...
  272. WS: Do you think that Eric Bischoff will now return to WWE? (IMO, he is definitely better...
  273. What Happen to The Age Of Orton?
  274. if you have the ability to bring back 5 wrestlers who has never been world champions in the wwe...
  275. Who Will Win This WWE Survivor Series Match: The Nation vs D-Generation X?
  276. Would the following face/heel turns work in WWE? Why or why not?
  277. Had they not passed away, where do you think these pro wrestlers would be?
  278. What wrestlers do you think will be coming to the uk to the tv event?
  279. Thoughts on my WWE 12 story designer Wrestlemania matchcard? 10pts for a detailed opinion?
  280. Batista Vs Brock Lesnar would be a great Epic Match to see?
  281. Is Ezekiel Jackson still on WWE?
  282. Can someone explain this to me regarding Damien Sendow?
  283. Should WWE/TNA questions be allowed to be asked in this section...?
  284. Thoughts on my WWE 12 story designer Wrestlemania matchcard? 10pts for a detailed opinion?
  285. Thoughts on my WWE 12 story Wrestlemania matchcard?? 10pts for a detailed answer?
  286. in wwe why do they toll the bell 10 times when someone dies?
  287. My raw ep.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  288. in your opinion do you think cm punk is one of the best cause he never does drugs or alcohol?
  289. Lockdown Poll: Who do you got this Sunday?
  290. What is a wwe program that they sell at events (it looks like a magazine)?
  291. What is your favorite wwe ppv poster?
  292. Thoughts on my WWE 12 story Wrestlemania matchcard?? 10pts for a detailed answer?
  293. WWE Fans, did you contact the board of director before?
  294. Who Had The Worst Week?
  295. John Cena or Randy Orton?
  296. is the cena vs rock match at wrestlemania 28 worth watching?
  297. How long before Brock Lesnar is the WWE Champion or World Heavyweight Champion or Both?
  298. What did Brock Lesnar mouth first to Cena and then the cameras when he returned to WWE?
  299. when did wwe break up into raw and smackdown?
  300. Team Canada vs the Hart Family?
  301. Who Had The Worst Day-Superstars+BQ?
  302. Is there any feud happened between the Undertaker John Cena ever?
  303. Would Daniel Bryan Eve Torres be an interesting WWE power couple?
  304. Why doesn't the WWE rehire the writers from the Attitude Era?
  305. Will It Break The WWE That There Not Pushing The Talented Wrestlers?
  306. Did you know that Wrestlemania 17 had the most domestic WM PPV buyrates at over 1 million buys?
  307. Do you think Beer Money was a huge rip off of The APA?
  308. what was the 15th anniversary of raw about?
  309. Why was Daniel Bryan wearing a Yes shirt?
  310. Do you think John Laurinaitis will stay general manager?
  311. since it's debut has wwe raw always been 2 hours?
  312. Anyone Watch NXT!!!!!!!!!!?
  313. can someone give me a link of the taker/ddp stalker angle where sara talks?
  314. Do you think The Rock made a good or bad commercial for Fruity Pebbles?
  315. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  316. what week did JTG premiere his new style?
  317. What's your prediction match card for Extreme Rules?
  318. What happened to Ezekiel Jackson? And where is he?
  319. when sara was with taker in wrestling did she ever talk?
  320. can someone name all the wrestlers or people taker has posessed?
  321. Chris Benoit is a Murder?
  322. did taker ever take a bird to the ring?
  323. Who Do You Think Is The OVERALL Top Diva ; Lita Or Trish ?
  324. When Brock lesnar made john cena lip bleed...was that staged? ?
  325. What should I put on my John Cena's sign for Raw Supershow (04/23/12), on his 35th birthday? BQ1?
  326. What did you think of Smackdown last night ?
  327. can someone explain this link to me?
  328. Who was the diva HHH use to come out with (Not Chyna or Stephanie) before that time?
  329. What is the crowd chanting in this video?
  330. Why are people disliking Lesnar just because he's with Laurinaitis? I thought you people
  331. Is the wwe trying to make daniel bryan the new Chris Benoit?
  332. Doesn't ryback look like Batista ?
  333. Why could'nt they bring back Ric Flair for tonight's episode of Smackdown?
  334. What do you think about a john laurinitis faction?
  335. Who's better on wwe commentary booker t or micheal cole?
  336. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  337. Why do people not understand wht Brock lesnar lost so much weight and muscle mass?
  338. Would you rather see Taker vs Cena or Taker vs Lesnar at next Wrestlemania and why?
  339. Wrestling: Do you guys miss Melina's entrance?
  340. Do MY SHOES cost more than your house WOOOOOOO?
  341. Do you think would Win Brock Lesnar vs Chris Jericho?
  342. Could Wrestlemania have been a turning point in Daniel Bryan's career?
  343. why are cm punk and mark henry having a no dq match next week?
  344. Which wrestler reminds you of your father the most?
  345. was p diddy at wrestlemania 28?
  346. Who do you think will or should take the WWE Championship from CM Punk?
  347. Who are most 5 wrestlers you miss seeing in the wwe?
  348. who thinks the cena and lesnar feud is one of the best storylines wwe has done for a long time?
  349. i just read david otunga is actually a lawyer?
  350. If Shawn Michaels were to step in the ring for one last match, who should it be against?
  351. last night did they do a voice over when curly from three stooges impersonated hulk?
  352. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  353. What do you make of my WWE 12 story Wrestlemania card?
  354. Thoughts on my WWE 12 story designer Wrestlemania matchcard?
  355. What do you think of my WWE 12 story designer Wrestlemania matchcard? 10pts for a detailed answer!?
  356. 10 Most overrated wrestlers of all time opinions?
  357. Which wrestlers do you like out of this list?then rank the wrestlers you choose from best to worst?
  358. Who thinks that undertakers streak will end and who think it doesn't and why?
  359. Why is the crowd on RAW tonight so dead?
  360. Do you think WWE killed the gimmick of A-Train?
  361. What happened to TNA Daffany?
  362. Is Brock lesnar coming to the London next week Monday on raw?
  363. Who is your current favorite WWE or TNA wrestler? BQ1?
  364. Did you like TNA's World Title Ranking system that was introduced in 2010?
  365. Did Mark Henry just say World Heavyweight Champion?
  366. On WWE 12 on PS3, is it possible to edit a superstars appearance so they wear a custom made T-shirt?
  367. WWE what is a heel I've heard people talking about it but not sure what it means?
  368. is john cena back to his rapper gimmick?
  369. What did you think if wrestlemania 28?
  370. Fake sports fan why cant you see that your sport is inferior?
  371. Why do people chants YES! for Daniel Bryan?
  372. Did The Miz leading Team Johnny to victory at Wrestlemania benefit him in any way?
  373. WWE Champion Cm Punk, I have to waste 5 points to tell these people how much of a tool box you...
  374. who do you think is the better wrestler kane or undertaker?
  375. at the end of his match at WM 28 why was taker shaking his head?
  376. is it true that hell in a cell is so violent it messes up the referee's state of mind afterwards?
  377. who thinks the triple h and taker match at WM 28 was better than WM 27?
  378. Will Brock Lesnar be as good as shape as he was in 2003?
  379. at wrestlemania why was shawn trying to protect undertaker?
  380. why was april 2nd 2012 raw the longest?
  381. Who was the final two in the divas season of NXT?
  382. How many times has Alicia Fox been champion and how long has she had it for in doing so
  383. Name all the winners of all NXT Seasons?
  384. What did you think of raw this week?
  385. What do you think of Brock Lesnars return and will he stay ?
  386. Who Had The Worst Week?
  387. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  388. Why did Brock Lesnar kick Cena's hat?
  389. Which one help: WWE Raw Supershow on my birthday (06/11/12) in Hartford, CT or TNA...
  390. what football teams do wrestlers support?
  391. how does the wrestle mania 29 sweepstakes go?
  392. why do tickets to a wwe house show cost like 95$?
  393. How would I book the WWE until WrestleMania 29 Part 1 (Present - SummerSlam)?
  394. Should Chavo Guerrero go to TNA to revitalize his career?
  395. is jim ross back in wwe on a part time basis?
  396. is it me or does taker's new attire make him scarier looking then his other attires?
  397. is maria menounes a diva now?
  398. Wrestling section, whats wrong with stingette? +WQ?
  399. So is the rock back for good? and what about lesnar?
  400. Do you want the 'Yes!' Chants to replace the 'What' chants?
  401. Why The Big Show was crying at WrestleMania 28 ?
  402. WWE Supersars new channel FIOS?
  403. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  404. The Copy Cat Vs Rick 'The Model' Martel in a NO HOLDS BARRED match? How does it go?
  405. After watching this match (Youtube inside) how do you feel about the way people carried this person?
  406. Is WWE still rated TV-PG?
  407. Cena vs Lesnar, Punk vs Rock?
  408. If you could fire any WWE superstar who would it be?
  409. Why does Dolph Ziggler oversell everything?
  410. When is Rey Mysterio going to return?
  411. Why does everybody love Daniel Bryan all of a sudden?
  412. Why all this hate on Stone Cold all of a sudden?
  413. I'm Back, I believe I got a pop as big as Lesnar's, agree?
  414. What are your thoughts in regards to Rick 'The Model' Martel (BQ Also inside)?
  415. John Laurinaitis will be running the show on Raw and Smackdown very badly?
  416. what was the very last match of wrestlemania 28?
  417. how did taker get triple h to agree to wrestle him at wrestlemania 28?
  418. Did anyone notice something vaguely similar and familiar, last night?
  419. Would the Legend Killer be disapointed in the Viper?
  420. In what ways was evolution better than DX?
  421. What was the exact smell of what The Rock was cookin?
  422. Why is it that the crowd on the raw after wrestlemania is always a great crowd?
  423. will brock lesnar ever be in the hall of fame?
  424. Should WWE create a Daniel Bryan YES! t-shirt?
  425. Brock Lesnar. Quick questions?
  426. is it worth it to be WWE's Biggest fan?
  427. Do you think any of these WWE superstars could eventually be a World/WWE Champion?
  428. will there be a triple threat match in Wrestlemania XXIX?
  429. What are your thoughts on this information regarding Brock Lesnar's WWE contract?
  430. Brock lesnar vs PG era cena?
  431. What Is The Main Reason to you that TNA Cant Get Over like WWE?
  432. How Big Of Hypocrites Are Supposed Fans Against the Rock?
  433. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  434. If Brock Lesnar never left the WWE who do you thonk he would be bigger than cena?
  435. lesnar cena vs taker video inside?
  436. Is wwe turning CM Punk into a hypocrite?
  437. Brock Lesnar is BACK!!!?!?
  438. The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, The Rock and Lord Tensei!!?
  439. Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29?
  440. What's next for John Cena?
  441. Does this mean that batista is going to return to?
  442. Does it piss you off at all that the crowd chants for Lesner before he appears?
  443. Shall we name this new Era in WWE as Attitude Era II?
  444. Do You Think WWE Broke Randy Orton By Turning him Face?
  445. Is Brock Lesnar gonna Fight The Rock Now?
  446. Who else thinks tonight's raw is the best thing in 2012 for WWE.?
  447. will john laurinaitis get fired?
  448. What happened in the last 45 minutes of RAW?
  449. What are your thoughts of Brock Lesnar returning at the end of Raw Supershow
  450. will there be another once in a lifetime match at wrestlemania?
  451. Yes this is amazing!?
  452. Cena's last chance at wrestlemania greatness?
  453. Was that the greatest raw ever!?
  454. Wrestling fans, and actual Wrestlers, How would you explain how real wrestling can be?
  455. Ok lets determain WHY Brock attacked Cena?
  456. WS: What happen tonight (04/02/12), on WWE Raw Supershow from 9:00 pm - 9:37 pm EST (I missed it)?
  457. Name of edge song during hall of fame (BA to link)?
  458. i thought everyone said Cena was going to win that Rock would pass the torch on or some shlt...
  459. Does Ric Flair have 2 Hall of Fame Rings now?
  460. I dunno WM was kind of crappy since Y2J and Cody lost.?
  461. Does watching a match AFTER the PPV result lessen the experience of viewing the match?
  462. What is the 1st wrestling match on WWE/F or WCW or ECW you saw?
  463. Would a Rock cena rematch even matter?
  464. Where can I watch Wrestlemania 28 online after it's finished?
  465. What did you think about Wrestlemania 28?
  466. what was the name of the song machine gun kelly performed before john cenas entrnce?
  467. Who Had The Worst Week?
  468. How did you guys feel about wrestlemania? What did you like or didn't like?
  469. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  470. Worst Wrestlemania ever?
  471. Who are the winners of the match at Wrestlemania 28?
  472. Can anyone tell me who has won at Wrestlemani so far? I'm too broke to buy the PPV?
  473. How good was the HIAC match w/ Taker Vs HHH?
  475. Can someone answer my WWE wrestling questions below? (thank you)?
  476. There is no way the Peoples champ loses in his hometown!!?
  477. Anybody still pissed how they buried Daniel Bryan against Sheamus?
  478. Do we really need to see flo-rida singing?
  479. Where does Cena go from here?
  480. What happened to Edge's long hair?
  481. THE ROCK WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  482. Wow, King is being sarcastic...?
  483. For those who think that Cena is gonna win: why would The Rock agree to lose to Cena?
  484. Did Rey Mysterio not have a match on Wrestlemania 28?
  485. How many chair shots can the Undertaker take?
  486. Wrestlemania 28 live stream? Anywhere?
  487. Which match do you think will be the most entertaining tonight on Wrestlemania?
  488. Where can I watch WWE Wrestlemania 28 for free live on computer?
  489. Should I pay $65 for WM28 or watch it illegally for free?
  490. What do you think of Nigel McGuinness's commentary?
  491. Are they EVER going to reveal the raw GM?
  492. What is the wrestlemania match card?
  493. WM 28, starting time in India on which web site I can see it live?
  494. What time does WrestleMania 28 start and end?
  495. Brock Lesnar coming back to the WWE?
  496. Batista coming back to WWE?
  497. 19-1 or 20-0? at Wrestlemania 28 ?
  498. WS: I'm glad that I did not go to WWE Miami events, because I won $10,000 on my Mega Million...
  499. Wrestlemania 28 without Edge Feels so odd and lonely!! Don't you think, Edge should be a
  500. Why is Sheamus the only wrestler?