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  1. Is anyone else getting tired of the money in the bank concept?
  2. Wasnt this the best day in the history of the WWE?
  3. What are your overall thoughts on this week's edition of TNA Impact Wrestling?
  4. Has Zack Rider ever won a match.?
  5. Who are the contenders for MiTB so far?
  6. Does anybody know how many wins Crimson had before he lost his streak?
  7. Who is the most devious WWE Diva in history?
  8. How much longer are Rybeck and Sheamus going to keep winning?
  9. Should Randy Orton Be The Next Biggest Heel Since Triple H?
  10. where will the uk tapings of raw and smackdown be in april 2013?
  11. What is your opinion on Maxine reportedly being done with WWE?
  12. TNA Impact. I just wasted 10 minutes of my life watching Anderson vs RVD. Can't they make...
  13. Would Punk/Rock at WM29 be a good idea?
  14. What was your absolute favourite WWE hall of fame speech?
  15. Current WWE Roster veteran?
  16. who else is sick of WWE GM's situation?
  17. Do you think this is a good 16 man over the top rope elimination battle royal. Rate out of 10?
  18. IS the booing {heat} of Vickie actually that loud,or does WWE dub in the booing?
  19. Will the WWE ever have another PPV out of the USA?
  20. What do you feel the chances are of HBK becoming the permanent Raw/SD GM? (Read Inside)?
  21. Do you feel that when WWE announce who the new GM is, it'll be a choice to please the fans
  22. Do you know who said these quotes, WITHOUT looking them up!?
  23. How many of you actually think that WWE's audience is mainly kids?
  24. Were there any championship matches on WWE Superstars or NXT?
  25. Are there the face turn and the heel turn on ROH Wrestling?
  26. Do you respect CM Punk as a person?
  27. Do you think Damien Sandow is a future WWE or World heavywheight champion?
  28. Is Sheamus' music similar to Santino Marella's music since in both songs a person is screaming?
  29. Give me the best wrestlers in these 5 categories?
  30. WWE:What era were you born in?
  31. Who is the most talented wrestler in TNA + BQs?
  32. Back in the day, Who was Jerhicos manager?
  33. In your opinion, what's the best WWE match promo you've ever seen?
  34. Isn't the bikini battle royal match not suitable for kids?
  35. Why was RAW so boring tonight, rate from 1-10?
  36. Isn't it time for Wade Barrett to finally return?
  37. come on wwe, RYBACK was a MUST tonight. Why he didn't appear?
  38. So, Vickie put Cena, Jericho, Big Show, and Kane in the Raw MITB. Does that mean it'll only be a...
  39. John Cena said hes gonna make a historic announcement, Are You As Excited As I Am?
  40. who will be the wwe and world heavyweight champ walking into wrestlemania 29?
  41. No Holds Barred: Worth seeing?
  42. Guys: If you could have sex with two WWE Divas, which two Divas would they be?
  43. Now that john cena is divorced who should be his girlfriend. he can get any1?
  44. Is there a stronger more terrifying finisher than the AA?
  45. Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Trish Stratus only puts Trish Stratus Over?
  46. Can u guess who my favorite wrestler is?
  47. WS , Answer me these Questions!?
  48. What happened in TNA last week?
  49. Why is WWE producing so many comic relief gimmick wrestlers?
  50. Historic announcement by Cena tonight?
  51. What is your favorite non ppv match?
  52. When was the last time a wwe or world heavyweight champion match didn't main event the ppv?
  53. In your opinion, what has been the best WWE match promo in recent history?
  54. Has John Cena ever tapped out?
  55. Will cm ponk fight stones cole steve austin at wrestlemania?
  56. How tall is a wrestling guard rail? Just wondering because some fans jump it easily they're not...
  57. Is Michelle McCool pregnant?
  58. Is AJ Katie Vick's daughter?
  59. WWE:what do you think was the best quote in the past 5 years?
  60. Dual Championship Reigns: Should they exist in wrestling?
  61. What do you think of my Wrestlemania 29 card?
  62. Want the good old days of wrestling back?Its time to take action?
  63. How do you think Monday Night Raw Change in a 3 hour time frame?
  64. When will WWE make a David Otunga shirt?
  65. Do you notice that kane looks today extremely like the undertaker?
  66. Wwe: did u know kane has had 3 storyline gfs? Bq: can u name all 3?
  67. Can u believe what happened to heath slater :( ?
  68. Is WWE slowly building their tag team division again?
  69. Will Vickie Guerrero run up the show as the permanent general manager of both RAW and SmackDown...
  70. WWE Fans, tell me what does Lita's face looks like?
  71. Is this the greatest promo of all time?
  72. Why do Kane's and The Big Show's wrestling matches, last over 5 minutes?
  73. Let's make a cheers for John Laurinaitis gets fired!!!!?
  74. Why does this move look so damn stupid during a wrestling match?
  75. Was the TV title defended on TNA Impact this week?
  76. Why does WWE keep hiring crappy developmental wreslters?
  77. Wouldn't you love to see/hear Vince McMahon back on commentary again?
  78. Jack Swagger vs Kurt Angle...3 Stages of Hell?
  79. What is your favorite John Cena Wrestlemania match?
  80. When will Heath the one man band Slater get a chance at the intercontinental title?
  81. Since John Cena might be in the money in the bank, do u think he will win?
  82. Agree or Disagree: Kurt Angle belongs in the WWE?
  83. I would SH*T my pants of all the excitement if __________________ showed up for WWE's Raw
  84. who do you think would be a good fit for us champion?
  85. What do you think of this Laurinaitis storyline?
  86. Would john cena get mad if heath slater was my 2nd favorite?
  87. Did The Three Heel Wrestlers and Vickie Guerrero Turn Face?
  88. When Chris Benoit was alive, when was the last time that Chris Benoit turn heel?
  89. Can Jericho possibly face Taker at Mania?
  90. WWE - 1st Member Of The Class Of 2013 HOF Announced!!?
  91. Is Brock Lesnar more famous for being in the WWE or UFC?
  92. True or false, Shut your mouth has the best storymode of all WWE games?
  93. Daniel Bryan's nostrils (Serious question)?
  94. Who do you feel are the most underrated WWE legends?
  95. I don't know how true this is but from what I've heard WWE are going to ....?
  96. A quick question about David Otunga your thoughts towards him?
  97. As a WWE fan, do you find this frustrating to non WWE fans or people who think theyre too
  98. What were the best WCW matchs that took place in the summer ?
  99. Why did Linda McMahon have to become a political power hungry whore ?
  100. Will WWE ever make a Kurt Angle DVD?
  101. What would you think of Vickie Guerrero becoming GM of RAW or Smackdown (or both)?
  102. Body-builders, how do you deal with the volume of food you have to it?
  103. Should Molly Holly {Nora Greenwald} return to wrestling and go to TNA: Impact Wrestling?
  104. What would be your Main Event for Wrestlemania 29?
  105. Why the hell didn't WWE show Zach Ryder in his hometown ?
  106. Is John Larunitis seriously not going to be on either Raw or Smackdown anymore.....?
  107. Is it normal to not grow out of wrestling?
  108. Who else thought this was going to be a handicap match?
  109. Make up 12 Wrestling PPV names and the month they would be shown?
  110. Did John Cena beat The Big Show last night at Now Way Out?
  111. Who would win in an MMA or street fight, Brock Lesnar or Triple H?
  112. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  113. What is next for Sheamus?
  114. What do you think of the long island crowd tonight?
  115. Who Win John Cena vs Jay Lethal?
  116. Do you agree that Paul Heyman was a good commentator at Wrestlemania 17?
  117. Why does WWE currently have a crappy roster with crappy storylines as a result of crappy writers?
  118. Who are the 3 thugs that beat me up at the end of last weeks TNA?
  119. Can someone please explain how the WWE RAW tapings work now, it's confusing?
  120. Final predictions for tonight, and what time does it start?
  121. What happened at last night at WWE No Way Out?
  122. What do you think of AJ Lee? Is she a Face Or Is she a Heel?
  123. No More John Laurinaitis? and No More People Power?
  124. WWE Fans, are you very happy about Vince McMahon fires John Laurinaitis on WWE No Way Out?
  125. Do you think the computer will be the gm again and if not who will be?
  126. Who Had The Worst Week?
  127. Who is the best in the world? John Cena or Sheamus?
  128. Where you saddened when you learned of the Passing of John Laurenitis AKA Big Johnny?
  129. Who Had The Worst Night-No Way Out?
  130. What would be your reaction if?
  131. What the heck is the WWE gonna do without People Power?
  132. So lets see ricardo enters the royal rumble cheering for him?
  133. So the concept of this ppv is no way out?
  134. Which match would you like to see?
  135. How should Christian end his WWE career?
  136. Who are the winners on WWE No Way Out? What's the result?
  137. Who else is enjoying this new episode of Sunday Night Heat?
  138. Off subject question tonight but whatever happened to Jamie Noble?
  139. Your No Way Out Predictions (whoever gets the most gets BA!)?
  140. What will AJ do at No Way Out?
  141. Who's the best heel of all time ?
  142. Can I get asbestos poisoning from attending an event at Nassau Coliseum tomorrow night?
  143. Few questions about wwe?
  144. Who thinks A. J. is a little crazy?
  145. Are Ring of Honor seminars good?
  146. WWE No Way Out 2012 Predictions?
  147. Is the seat in Nassau Coliseum in section 219 Row J seat 15 WWE Raw show on June 18,2012 any good?
  148. how expensive are the WWE Raw T-shirts at Nassau Coliseum?
  149. Where in the world is John Morrison?
  150. Wrestling survey: Garrett Bischoff or The Rock?
  151. In your opinion, how well has AJ done with the role/gimmick she's been given?
  152. why was randy orton suspended?
  153. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  154. Is anyone else tired of guys like Big Show getting repackaged?
  155. Kane should win because he only had it once and it was not for long, he is gonna win cuz I said so?
  156. What are your plans for No Way Out this Sunday?
  157. Will WWE ever stop addressing it's fans as the WWE Universe?
  158. What you think about my proposal to make a better Divas division?
  159. Will Undertaker, HBK, or any other superstar that were in RAW's first episode?
  160. Does anyone know how long will Alberto Del Rio be out this time?
  161. Who are some wrestlers that you felt have had the It Factor since day 1?
  162. Has the door ever been opened any wider for Dolph Ziggler to solidify himself as a top star?
  163. Whos gonna win the triple threat this Sunday +BQ?
  164. Will The Rock be on the 1000th episode?
  165. Why aren't there separate sections for wrestling and wrestling?
  166. Do we miss part of SD when we watch it on YouTube before it airs in the U.S?
  167. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  168. Who is the #4 face now that Randall is gone?
  169. WHo is better CM Ponk or John Cena?
  170. Who is better CM Punk or The Rock(in his prime)?
  171. Is there a detailed story of the brothers of destruction?
  172. WHo do u like better, Sheamus or CM Ponk?
  173. Who are your world title picks for No Way Out this sunday?
  174. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  175. I am now really excited for smackdown every week because of Sandow? anyone agree.?
  176. Did Triple H go to college?
  177. What are Kurt Angles top 3 matches in the WWE?
  178. Why is The Undertaker afraid to face The Big Show at WRESTLEMANIA ?
  179. What do you expect of the 1,000th edition of Monday Night RAW?
  180. Can WWE Superstars marry the divas?
  181. Why is No Way Out titled as No Escape in Germany ONLY?
  182. How many people in the wrestling section are aware of this?
  183. What do you guys think to this card it's matches?
  184. Can anyone here remember how the Nasty Boys turned face?
  185. The anticipated Sin Cara Vs Rey Mysterio match?
  186. WWE Superstar - Who am I (Ten Point Question)?
  187. Where do they get Ryback's opponents?
  188. Are you still in shock at how the WWE perpetuated Kanes victory on Undertaker at Night Of...
  189. Do you think that the WWE should allow fans to reach out more to them? (Please Read)?
  190. Yet another Monday Night RAW and no mention or hint of Brock Lesnar?
  191. why did the wwe allow christian to attend tna slammaversary sunday if he is signed with wwe?
  192. Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro?
  193. Why did Mr.Mcmahon said No offense to Regal on Raw today?
  194. What are some wrestling feuds (from any promotion) that you feel were underrated?
  195. Do you think they should just keeping adding nobodies to Ryback's matches?
  196. Don't you think this song should be AJ's theme song?
  197. How many people don't know that Ryback was Skip Sheffield of The Nexus?
  198. why don't the wwe fire big johnny?
  199. Why was the crowd chanting Goldberg?
  200. Where is wwe supershow going to take place this Friday?
  201. Is Vince gonna fire Laurinaitis? or what, and who would replace him?
  202. Vince said Laurinaitis hired the wrong one legged wrestler, who cuz I didnt see no one?
  203. Goatzilla is started by, your thoughts?
  204. Anybody know the names of ring announcers from the 50's and 60's?
  205. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  206. What year was the McMahon/Helmsley era, what era was 2000-2001?
  207. What's Big Show gimmicks going to be when Mark Henry comes back ?
  208. How long before Ryback is in a real feud?
  209. Your opinion on Antonio Cesaro and Damian Sandow ?
  210. Will WWE ever make a Booker T DVD?
  211. Do you think mr McMahon is here to stay ?
  212. So Vince McMahon gets knockout by air punches not ?
  213. Whats mr McMahon gonna do to big show because he won't let the punch go?
  214. Why do you watch this wrestling crap when you know its fake?
  215. Whose crazier Kane or AJ?
  216. Obviously if the wwe creative team thought Laurinaitis wasn't good, then they would've removed him?
  217. The Little Jimmy gimmick was changed to an imaginary friend so that older people don't...
  218. WS: If a face superstar (anyone) turned heel, would you like them or boo them like the wwe crowd?
  219. Who Needs to Fill That Void Of Being a Super Heel in WWE?
  220. Do people still hate John Cena?
  221. Will Ryback ever get passed the Goldberg chants?
  222. Am I the only one else who can't stand Jerry the King Lawler more than Cole?
  223. Why do you people hate Michael Cole, Vickie Guerrero and John Laurinaitis?
  224. Do you think John Cena turning heel would be good for business?
  225. So when is Cena going to stop Rybeck's winning streak?
  226. WWE Fanz: Question for Ya'll?
  227. Buy or Sell: Brock Lesnar is watching Raw right now?
  228. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  229. Right now TNA is way better than Raw (admit it please)?
  230. Does anyone else hate Michael Cole as much as me?
  231. Is this the longest time the WWE title has NOT been in a MainEvent at a PPV?
  232. When is the last time Undertaker has been pinned clean?
  233. How do you think John Cena vs Michael Cole will play out?
  234. So how does WWE feel about their lowest Monday Night RAW rating ever since its first show?
  235. who would win this dog collar match?
  236. Is Damian Sandow Lanny Poffo reborn?
  237. Will Sean X-Pac Waltman and Road Dogg be apart of the DX reunion on the 1000th episode of RAW?
  238. Will we ever Witness a Cm Punk/ Wade Barret Feud?
  239. Do you feel like it's karma that Chris Jericho has never gotten injured in WWE?
  240. Who'd Win Lance Storm vs John Cena?
  241. Who'd Win Samoa Joe vs Dolph Ziggler?
  242. Is Brock Lesnar a fan of pro wrestling?
  243. Which WWE Diva (past or present) would you like to see in porn?
  244. At their peak of physical strength, who was stronger - Kane or Batista?
  245. Eddie Guerrero's Top 3 Most Exciting matches?
  246. When AJ Lee is on CM Punk's side, is she a face or is she a heel?
  247. If you could have the physique of any wrestler who's would you want ?
  248. Whats a legal consultant, I thought he was his attorney/lawyer?
  249. Have any wrestlers violated WWE's wellness policy three times?
  250. Who Had The Worst Week?
  251. Who'd Win AJ Styles vs Antonio Cesaro?
  252. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  253. How can I determine where I will sit at a WWE event?
  254. Can Sheamus Carry Smackdown By Him Self with Orton Gone?
  255. Why did Christopher Daniels and Kazarian keep on bothering AJ Styles about AJ Styles and...
  256. Where did Ezekiel Jackson grow up?
  257. Do you think Maryse watched was watching Raw when Brock Lesnar returned?
  258. Trivia: Name this former WWE wrestler?
  259. If raw goes to three hours what happens to superstars?
  260. who else is mad at bruce and taz?
  261. Who Had The Worst Day-Superstars?
  262. If you watched nWo Souled Out 97, what was your reaction?
  263. Why weren't The Dudley Boyz and The Hardyz included in the WWE '13 Attitude Era Roster?
  264. Why does FCW use people who currently are on WWE, why do they go on FCW at the same time?
  265. What happen on TNA Impact Wrestling from 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm EST (tonight 05/31/12)?
  266. Do you think Brock Lesnar followed the WWE after he left in '04?
  267. Where online and when can I watch FCW?
  268. Do you think former WWE wrestlers or Divas still watch the WWE even though they're no longer there?
  269. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  270. Should Madusa/Alundra Blayze be the Next Woman Inducted into WWE HOF?
  271. What is your opinion on Randy Orton being suspended?
  272. When will CM Punk be in the MainEvent at a PPV?
  273. If you were to pick a WWE wrestler..? ?
  274. Why was WWE Randy Orton suspended for 60 days?
  275. Who plays the Monster Heel better?
  276. Do you think Brock Lesnar watches Raw or Smackdown when he's at home?
  277. Is it Randy Orton Destiny To Be like Triple H an Flair?
  278. Bruno Sammartino the Living Legend vs. Chris Jericho, the Man Who is A Legend in his own mind?
  279. Do you think it was a good idea for the WWE to have the Big Show turn heel?
  280. Is Brock Lesnar still with the WWE? What happened to him?
  281. Was last night's RAW ending good or bad?
  282. Wow no john cena today? What a relief?
  283. when do you think undertaker come back to wwe. and what do you predict?
  284. need theme song for my fpw results slide show any ideas?
  285. Masked Kane DLC WWE 12 Question?
  286. What's your opinion on the concept of personalized championship belts?
  287. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  288. Are you watching ROH tonight?
  289. Which quote do you like better: Shut your hole, puke, and listen up! or Really, Really, Really?
  290. Which quote do you like better: You can't see me or I am the wrestling god!?
  291. is tonight's episode, pretty well an all 'FACE' win?
  292. What do you think of this?
  293. Do The Hardy Boyz have an official YouTube channel?
  294. wwe 12 breaking dixey carter new owner of wwe and rev is coming teaser?
  295. What would you do in WWE'13?
  296. What do you think of Kane and Daniel Bryan?
  297. Will AJ Lee turn back into the face or will AJ Lee stay as a heel?
  298. Why doesn't kane use Tombstone against daniel bryan?
  299. Do you agree with my wrestling philosophy? If not why?
  300. Who would win in this wwe match?
  301. Christian doesn't do spear no more cuz of Frog Splash?
  302. Poll: nWo vs ECW Oringals Who Will Win the Elimination Tag Team Match?
  303. Ryback looked like someone punched him in the left eye!?
  304. What's your opinion on the recent changes that have taken place in Impact Wrestling?
  305. Who's better Heel Bobby Roode or Randy Orton ?
  306. WS: Why did Undertaker go in 1999?
  307. Who'd Win Dolph Ziggler vs TJ Perkins?
  308. Who Had The Worst Week?
  309. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  310. Does Randy Orton think Evolution is a mystery?
  311. How was smackdown this week?
  312. Has a jobber ever became a big name Superstar?
  313. Was shawn micheals gimmick a male stripper back in the 90's?
  314. wrestling section, what should i do for my next youtube entry?
  315. What is your thoughts on this?
  316. Your thoughts on these comments by Jim Ross?
  317. WWE How do you like this???!!! 4? Does this make you laugh?
  318. WWE How do you like this???!!! 3?
  319. WWE How do you like this???!!! 2: Doe this make you laugh?
  320. Do you think The Undertaker should retire for good?
  321. Who wants to see Stone Cold vs. CM Punk?
  322. Who Had The Worst Day-Superstars?
  323. Do You Think Matt Jeff Hardy Will Come Back one more Time To WWE?
  324. What are your thoughts on TNA suing WWE?!?
  325. WWE How do you like this???!!! 1?
  326. Could we be seeing a new incarnation of The Corporation dominant stable in World Wrestling...
  327. What would have happened if Cena tried the Rise Above Hate gimmick in the Attitude Era?
  328. Who Is Looking forward to the Next Generation of Wrestlers?
  329. Will king mo be the next kurt angle?
  330. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  331. What if Randy Orton was Never In Evolution would he be where he is Today?
  332. Did Anyone Watch Ring Ka King? If So, What'd You Think Of It?
  333. Besides HHH, who else deserves the cerebral assassin name? Jake Roberts,Sting,Y2J, AJ...
  334. Why doesnt Randy Orton Get Major Storylines Like Triple H did in his Prime?
  335. What would happen if '99 Version of Rock faced the 2012 Version Rock?
  336. Will Bill Goldberg come back to WWE 2012?
  337. It is wrong for little A.J. to have to be Psycho after what Daniel Bryan did to her, he
  338. Why isn't big show getting fired because he got involved in John cenas match?
  339. Which of these ring-generals was the most technical? Malenko,Bret Hart, David Otunga,Benoit,HBK...
  340. Who do you think will be Brock's next feud when Lesnar finishes his angle with HHH in late summer?
  341. Which of these Legends is respected the most?Hogan,The Rock,David Otunga,Undertaker Flair, HBK,...
  342. Who do you think was the most hardcore wrestler that has been in WWE?
  343. Drawing #29 in the Royal Rumble?
  344. Its better to win MITB than the Royal Rumble?
  345. Would Undertaker ever accept a spot on Dancing With the Stars?
  346. Who had a better finishing move DDP or Randy Orton?
  347. When will Cm punk lose the title?
  348. Do you think The way Big Show turn heel made I sense?
  349. Why is everyone turning heel now?
  350. Does Lilian Garcia seem to have love sparks on Alberto del Rio?
  351. Did Longvirus lose vs John Cena?
  352. WWE: Christian has used the frog splash since returning to the wwe?
  353. Does Kane VS Daniel Bryan match on RAW make you very happy?
  354. Wrestling Trivia- 10points to the first user to answer all questions correctly?
  355. WWE: Does anyone else think that it's hilarious that the wwe won't acknowledge Tensai as Albert?
  356. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  357. Do you think if The Rock comes back, he will get a bigger pop than before since little...
  358. Will the WWE Board of the Directors demote Eve Torres the WWE Administrator?
  359. Damien Sandow's haters?
  360. Shouldn't Sheamus be fired?
  361. Were the WCW Chamber of Horrors matches better than HIAC?
  362. Who would win a match between Kamala Vs Abdullah the Butcher?
  363. What was that song they played during the 1000th Raw episode promotion?
  364. WWE: Am i the only one that saw that coming?
  365. Is Brock Lesnar still with the wwe?
  366. Who Had The Worst Week?
  367. Who else thinks that tna's world title is more prestigous than both of wwe's world titles?
  368. Wrestling section: Do you remember Sam Vescera?
  369. Who Had The Worst Day-Over The Limit?
  370. Who is ready to see Laurinaitis WIN?
  371. Do you think Zack Ryder,can use an axe against Kane?
  372. What did you think of this?
  373. What do you think of raw going to 3 hour show?
  374. Randy Orton and BQ??..?
  375. What happened to Heidenreich?
  376. Where is Drew McIntyre?? BQs?
  377. Are AJ Styles and Dixie Carter really dating and have sex? Yes or No and why?
  378. Cena lovers, why should I NOT boo Cena?
  379. Is TNA actually doing better than WWE ?
  380. Top 5 best years in wrestling since 1995?
  381. Can someone post me the titles Randy Orton held and what year/date he got it.?
  382. Who would win in a street fight between John Cena (2002) and Brutus the Barber Beefcake (prime)?
  383. What are your thoughts on the weekly 3 hour RAW announcement?
  384. Are WWE fans the biggest hypocrites ever?
  385. So WWE's YouTube finally decided to upload full Smackdown episodes rather than just NXT and
  386. What happened to TNA D'Angelo Dinero?
  387. At Over The Limit, will Randy Orton turn heel on Sheamus in the end of the fatal four way?
  388. Kayfabe wise : Is there any possible key/way to beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania CLEAN+BQ?
  389. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  390. Which other characters do you think WWE is bringing back?
  391. what is HHH record at Wrestlemania?
  392. rybak vs. slater tonight on smackdown?
  393. Would this be a good theme song for John Cena?
  394. Who Had The Worst Day-Superstars?
  395. What is the most predictable thing?
  396. What was a better moment: Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE title or Chris Benoit winning the WHC?
  397. Who was the better diva overall; Trish Stratus or Lita?
  398. When will you all admit that TNA is just as good as WWE?
  399. Do you wish you lived in Orlando, so you could go to all the iMPACT shows?
  400. how much money can Big Show get in unemployment?
  401. What does Buy or Sell mean?
  402. Who is the best dominant wrestler Goldberg or Batista?
  403. Who is the greatest World Heavyweight Champion that who is the best face wrestler in the last 7
  404. WWE fans, are very happy that John Laurinaitis will be fired in 4 days?
  405. Has WWE dropped the ball with Kane's Resurrection?
  406. Do you think any WWE or TNA superstars come to the YA wrestling section?
  407. big show to return at over the limit?
  408. should WWE pay more money to their superstars?
  409. What is the deal with Scott Steiner hating on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff?
  410. Do you think when WWE Raw comes to Connecticut, then Vince McMahon will make a TV appearance?
  411. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  412. Could you imagine Bork Laser doing this?
  413. What happened to Ted DiBiase Jr.?
  414. Matt hardy or Jeff Hardy? +bq?
  415. Did The Miz wrestle on last Raw Supershow?
  416. How much fake crowd noise does TNA put into their shows?
  417. Who has the potential to be the next Brooklyn Brawler?
  418. What would Vince do if he met Dixie Carter in person?
  419. Could believability be a problem with future Brock Lesnar matches?
  420. Who Could You See Eddie Guerrero Feuding with if he was Alive?
  421. Who'd Win Dean Ambrose or John Cena?
  422. why do monster heels like Lord Tensi and Mason Ryan seem Irrelevant?
  423. Should WWE Creative Fire Mr Laurinaitis or should they Continue to Develop his Character?
  424. Which WWE Superstar or Diva has a voice that doesn't match their appearance?
  425. Your opinion on this WWE MV video?
  426. Who thinks Big Show will turn heel and help Laurinitus (or however you spell it) win?
  427. Do you believe wrestling is real or do you think its fake?
  428. What do you think of this promo?
  429. Best WWE Wrestlers and Divas Songs?
  430. Who'd Win Sheamus vs Seth Rollins?
  431. Am i the only one who hates Brodus Clay?
  432. Mason Ryan wrestling again?
  433. Does Damien Sandow have the faith within his heart and within his soul?
  434. Is Big Show fired or what?
  435. Who agrees Mr. John Laurinaitis should get fired if he loses?
  436. Will Teddy Long become as the GM of both RAW and Smackdown?
  437. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  438. I quit watching tna many years ago but I ask: Why are hogan and Bishoff a part of tna?
  439. What do you think about this Revolution coming to the WWE?
  440. Is the WWE fake? Big Show fired and crying?!?
  441. Is Joseph Parks and Abyss the same person?
  442. Did Rob Van Dam have an injury?
  443. What are the chances we see a Kane-O-Roonie tonight on RAW?
  444. Who are the winners of ROH Border Wars? What is the result?
  445. Did Kurt Angle turn face to help out AJ Styles On TNA Sacrifice?
  446. Why is WWE ruining Smackdown so much?
  447. On TNA Sacrifice, who are the winners?
  448. About Antonio Cesaro, is he a face or a heel?
  449. wrestling section. i have a qiestion abiut kara the best in the world?
  450. Is James Mitchell returning to TNA to settle things between Abyss and Joseph Parks?
  451. Are any of you starting to watch TNA more now?
  452. Is he ever coming back?
  453. Playing a sport after skipping a season?
  454. Who Had The Worst Week?
  455. When Abyss has returned to TNA, is he the face or heel?
  456. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown(Viewer's Choice)+BQ's?
  457. wrestling section, can you sign this twitition to verify goldust's new account?
  458. I was watching some botchberg classics, but who were the biggest botchers in pro wrestling?
  459. What's up with the three amigos?
  460. Heidenreich is a hype?
  461. Why don't people use facts when trying to argue an issue?
  462. If you become the WWE General Manager, will you be the face general manager or heel general manager?
  463. Did Percy Watson attack Alex Riley and Derrick Bateman in the backstage on WWE NXT?
  464. What do you think of my satire on Hulk Hogan?
  465. Who Had The Worst Day-Superstars(Viewer's Choice)+BQ?
  466. is there a site (torrent) that lets me download old wrestling ppv/matches from 1985-2002?
  467. Poll: Which company is better; TNA Impact or Ring Of Honor and why?
  468. Breaking News on TMZ today (05/10/12): WWE Superstar John Cena files for divorce against...
  469. TNA Fans, are you very happy that Eric Bischoff is gone from TNA?
  470. How can i make my wrestling company better?
  471. How would you react if WWE's anti-bullying campaign changed their motto to...?
  472. Is brodus clay a knockoff of the godfather ?
  473. Were you a Raw or Nitro guy back in the day?
  474. Yoshi Tatsu or Tajiri, Also when will Yoshi get a major push?
  475. Do you think the Orton heel turn''s been the WWE's greatest decision this month?Rey
  476. Who would you be more afraid of if you ran into them at dark alley - Mike Tyson in his...
  477. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT(Viewer's Choice)+BQ?
  478. Did the bella sisters leave WWE?
  479. Does anyone else find Lord Tensai to be a JOKE?
  481. Would a Triple H vs Brock Lesnar vs The Rock vs Stone Cold match ever happen?
  482. Do you agree with Paul Heyman's statement from this past Monday night RAW?
  483. WWE fans, are you very very happy that Brock is quitting the WWE?
  484. Why should anyone be excited about the John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis match?
  485. It's a well known fact that Hulk Hogan is a douche. What is the one thing about him that you
  486. Will Vince McMahon come back to WWE to fire John Laurinaitis?
  487. Why did John Cena, CM Punk and The Big Show make fun of John Laurinaitis's voice?
  488. Who else is not buying this Lord Tensai character?
  489. Do any of you walk like Vince McMahon when no one is around?
  490. how to get rid of a PPV mooching jerk?
  491. can anyone give me a list of every single person Stone Cold ever stunnered?
  492. Is this the most insane wwe promo video ever?
  493. Is Christian still injured?
  494. Were you suprised when you saw Paul Heyman coming out in the WWE ring?
  495. How many of you are going to watch Dream Machines tonight + BQ?
  496. Where can current wwe superstars go find some charisma?
  497. Who'd Win MVP vs Damien Sandow.?
  498. So Daniel Bryan is basically Chris Benoit?
  499. Do you remember Gail Kim turns heel on Trish Stratus on RAW in 2003?
  500. Give me the list of Kane's path of destruction?