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  1. Who'd Win Jeff Jarrett or Daniel Bryan?
  2. Why is everyone jumping on the AW bandwagon?
  3. What did Kevin Nash tweet to Vickie?
  4. WWE Poll:Your favorite WWE game is what?
  5. Your thoughts on WWE firing A.W?
  6. WWE Fans, how do you feel about Antonio Cesaro's first loss?
  7. What are some of the most amazing wrestlemania's of All-Time?
  8. What would you think of WWE booking a Wade Barrett-Brock Lesnar feud or match?
  9. What did AW get released for?
  10. can you comment my eddie gurrero video?
  11. What would be a good tag team name for Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks?
  12. how will WWE write off AW on-screen after his off-screen firing?
  13. Is Kurt Angle going to wrestle at the Olympics?
  14. Does Brock Lensar liked to be Called Bork Laser?
  15. What happened on TNA last night?
  16. Hornswoggle is reportedly in consideration to host the new WWE Saturday Morning Slam show?
  17. WWE:When is brock lesnar going to appear again?
  18. What will Rey Mysterio face on Summerslam?
  19. Anyone else hope Jeff Hardy will return to the WWE soon?
  20. Why Is Evan Bourne Not Making His Return To WWE From His Suspension?
  21. What will Randy Orton face on SummerSlam?
  22. FILL IN THE BLANK: The Greatest WWE Heel Of All Time Is ______________________?
  23. WWE Fans, does anybody know where is The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry?
  24. Why do so many WWE stars go to Tna, then come back to WWE?
  25. WWE:What is your favorite tag team moment between 1990-2008?
  26. Who'd Win Damien Sandow vs Sin Cara?
  27. If Cm Punk was to face Big Show one on one, how would Cm Punk be able to beat Big Show?
  28. Do women find Cm Punk attractive?
  29. If Big Show wins the WWE Championship, will he be unstoppable?
  30. Which of these best Summerslam Matches in WWE History?
  31. Who within WWE needs to spice up their characters?
  32. Which Pro-wrestlers do not care about their looks/physical appearance?
  33. Which Pro-wrestlers are WWE Guys?
  34. What month normally does WM packages go on sale? When does WM29 package tickets go on sale?
  35. What's your favorite wwe movie ?
  36. Hey WS!!! Im Alexa Jeff hardy fan! I love jeff hardy!?
  37. Who'd Win Damien Sandow vs Edge ?
  38. Any of you guys seen Olympic Wrestling yet?
  39. Why does the WWE Hype ....?
  40. Should NWO be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  41. Look guys, i know WWE is scripted!!!?
  42. John cena is a FAKER!!!! He taped out to...?
  43. The Dudley Boyz coming back to WWE?
  44. WWE:What channel did you like raw in best?
  45. Has WWE never heard of The Maury Show which has 3,000 + episodes?
  46. who else is sick of SeanzViewEnt?
  47. how did sheamus/the WWE manage to destroy Del rio's Ferrari?
  48. WWE:Who should change their theme song already?
  49. Whos a better wrestler? Cm punk or Daniel Bryan?
  50. Who plays the better heel?
  51. who would win this triple threat? 10pt BQ?
  52. What Would Javi Do????????????????
  53. Is raw still pg because at the beginning they said its not suitable for kids?
  54. What do you think of 3 hour raw so far?
  55. Does anybody else have high hopes for Damien Sandow as a great future heel?
  56. Do you think we will see blood at Summer Slam?
  57. Why wasn't there any standing ovation for Brock Lesnar?
  58. TNA:Who's the chairman?
  59. I have John cena standing tall next week. Do you?
  60. Which GM is better at screwing over the 'heel' wrestlers?
  61. Who is the worst heel of all time?
  62. FILL IN THE BLANK: ____________ Vs _____________ Is The Best Match I Have Ever Seen In The WWE?
  63. FILL IN THE BLANK: I Wish _______________ Can Come Back To The WWE?
  64. Who here remembers Kaval? ?
  65. What Are Your top Top Favorite WWE Matches in Attitude Era?
  66. Why does the WWE have writers if Vince will not let the writers be original, consistent?
  67. Vickie Guerrero annoying?
  68. Girlfriend of Antonio Cesaro?
  69. Best pro wrestling torrent site?
  70. Has Vince lost his grapefruits?
  71. which melbourne airport will wwe superstars will go to?
  72. WWE:What do you think was the worst storyline that involved Vince Mcmahon getting hurt?
  73. does anyone know if brock lesnar ever even watched the WWE when he was a kid or be fore his career?
  74. does brock lesnar have a twitter?
  75. Why is the Rock hated so much?
  76. What do you think of my predicted scenarios for World Titles(Summerslam to WM XXIX)?
  77. Who'd Win Antonio Cesaro vs Kurt Angle?
  78. WWE:If you ran the WWE,what would you do to it?
  79. sheamus vs lord tensai?
  80. do you think chris jericho constantly putting guys over is going to hurt his legacy in the long run?
  81. Does the WWE tag team division suck because...?
  82. How do people believe the Montreal Screwjob was real?
  83. TNA:Will A TNA Event in the UK show how better it will keep on getting?
  84. Does the wwe need general managers? Every general manager seem to be the same person...
  85. Does WWE Shop ship on Saturdays?
  86. What would happen if John Cena just collapsed and died?
  87. Is it true Vinny Mac has signed TV-14 rating for WWE beginning in 2013?
  88. If you are a John Cena fan this question does not relate to you?
  89. Drew McIntyre? Face turn?
  90. Does anyone know if TNA is coming to Sacramento, Ca. for a House Show this year?
  91. Does Dolph Ziggler look like Billy Gunn, walks like Stone Cold, dances like HBK, and wrestles
  92. @Professional Wrestling Addict, Welcome to the wrestling section!?
  93. Say you run Smackdown for one night only....what would your match card look like?
  94. Who's down to see ROCK vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 29!?
  95. Does Mickie James looks like Diane Lane?
  96. TNA:Your favorite moment of all-time?
  97. Which wrestler is for you a role model or a person of inspiration?
  98. Major difference between WWE and TNA?
  99. Will Booker T bring anything new to Smackdown as GM?
  100. Would Jinder Mahal make a good main event heel?
  101. Whats going to be the match type for Lesnar vs HHH?
  102. Who'd would have won Daniel Bryan vs Owen Hart?
  103. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, we proud to bring you the tag team champions of...
  104. On ROH, are the Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team the Wrestling's Nastiest Tag Team?
  105. WWE Fans, here is the poll of Damien Sandow! What do you think Damien Sandow will face on SmackDown?
  106. Which wrestling do you like the most to watch?
  107. WWE Fans, what do you think Kane will face on Summerslam?
  108. WWE Fans, here is the poll of Antonio Cesaro! What do you think Antonio Cesaro will face on...
  109. Should we call The Undertaker a HERO or an ANTI-HERO+BQ?
  110. I read on facebook just now the Undertaker died while practising with John Cena, rumor or truth?
  111. TNA:Give me a list of all the former WWE wrestlers that went to TNA?
  112. Why Do I Love Heels, Why do I hate John Cena , please help (serious answers)?
  113. WWE Fans, are you very happy about Kane Turns Face on WWE?
  114. Does anybody know, where is Teddy Long?
  115. Does anyone know of any GOOD wrestling forums that are highly popular?
  116. Who would win AJ Styles vs Y2J?
  117. Who will be the new general manager of SmackDown when Vince McMahon will hire?
  118. New Smackdown GM just revealed at tapings...?
  119. Who is the worst wrestler?
  120. Why Do WWF Fans always want to See Repeated Storylines?
  121. Who did Vince McMahon named GM for Smackdown on 07/31/2012?
  122. Wrestling Section:Have you ever laid the smackdown on somebody?
  123. Wrestling Trivia: 10 points!?
  124. FILL IN THE BLANK: ______________ Is The Hottest Diva To Have Ever Step Foot In The WWE?
  125. Who'd Win Christan Jericho vs Kings of Wrestling?
  126. Was high chief peter maivia ever in the wwe?
  127. ECW on SYFY pick winners and rate matches and show?
  128. YWWE Raw pick winners and rate matches and show?
  129. Do you go to Indy wrestling shows?
  130. Does John Cena looks like David Boreanaz on Bones?
  131. Wheres Husky Harris???????
  132. Does John Cena look like Mark Wahlberg?
  133. What did you think of raw last night?
  134. Does John Cena looks like Jean Claude Van Damme?
  135. How long as John Cena had that stupid green shirt?
  136. Who thinks WWE will not exist for there to be a 2000th episode of RAW?
  137. Did I miss the Heath Slater segment yet?
  138. Why does WWE keep replaying everything that happened every minute?
  139. Anybody just bored by this episode of RAW?
  140. Does Chris Jericho have a tattoo on his hand?
  141. What do you think about the Insane Clown Posses new song Chris Benoit?
  142. So...WWE Drops the ball again?
  143. Wrestling Section:If you had your own finisher?
  144. What did A.W. say regarding Colorado?
  145. Who is the worst wrestler of all times?
  146. Lol, Dolph ziggler botches the leg drop bulldog.?
  147. Do u think that AW will get realeased for what he said about the kobe bryan rape scandel?
  148. So now that WWE has made AJ the Raw GM, who will be the new Smackdown GM?
  149. YWWE Judgement DAy pick winners and rate matches and show?
  150. @Alexa jeff hardy fan. Lol u mad bro?
  151. Who else is tired of the stupid tout and social media garbage?
  152. Yo would win this 4 way tag team match?
  153. Who would win this over the top rope battle royal?
  154. Have you heard of Lucha Xtreme?
  155. Who'd Win AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler?
  156. Best Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals?
  157. XWSA sign ups new e-fed?
  158. Should they have You screwed bret chants in WWE 13 when HBK is playing?
  159. On TNA, did Claire turn heel on AJ Styles when she was mad at him?
  160. Randy Orton will be back tomorrow on Monday Night RAW.?
  161. What is your opinion of Randy Orton when Randy Orton return to WWE?
  162. What famous WWE star(s) was not at RAW 1000?
  163. I don't get it?? Drew McIntyre?
  164. Who is the better monstrous wrestler? Kane, The Undertaker, Ryback or The Great Khali?
  165. WWE:Who is your favorite GM of all-time?
  166. Who is the better muscular franchised wrestler in the world? Jack Swagger or John Cena?
  167. YWWE Smackdown pick winners and rate matches and show?
  168. Should Creative Bring back The McMahon/Helmsly Era storyline?
  169. YWWE Superstars pick winners and rate matches and show?
  170. Would you like to see The Warlord return to the WWE? (Must Read)?
  171. Brothers of destruction or D generation X?
  172. Who else wishes they bring back Bragging Rights?
  173. Who are your top 10 favorite wrestlers from WCW and ECW?
  174. top 5 worst name's of wrestlers. real or character?
  175. Wrestling Trivia: Name the wrestler according to their ring entry number. 10 points!?
  176. If John Cena is the answer?
  177. I dont get it. Wwe fires so much great people with skill yet they keep yoshi tatsu?
  178. WWE:What do you think AJ will do now that he is a GM?
  179. FILL IN THE BLANK: _______________ Should Have One More Match?
  180. Does anyone know where i can find a pic of Eddie and Vickie's Wedding day?
  181. Is shawn michaels the best wrestler of all time?
  182. YWWE ECW on SYFY pick winners and rate matches and show?
  183. Video clips of Shawn Michaels being a jerk in the 90s?
  184. Best Tag Team Ever Tournament?
  185. I was actually wondering, does cm punk who is straight-edge take medical drugs, instead
  186. Why does WWE fire/realease/make jobbers out of so much good talent?
  187. if john cena committed a extremely big crime like benoit, would wwe distance themselves from him?
  188. What's Worst: Cena not turning heel or the IWC constantly bashing Cena ?
  189. So it's WWE Raw now instead of Monday Night Raw? +BQ Will Hornswoggle be in WWE '13 video game?
  190. Confirmed: Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio WM29?
  191. Examples of superstars/divas who've put others over?
  192. If there was a Nexus 3.0, who would be in it?(8 members)?
  193. Who's catch phrase is this Top 30?
  194. Am i the only one that thinks Michael Tarver is awesome?
  195. What do you think about this video?
  196. Tell me what do you think of this Raw rating charts?
  197. SHOPTNA Question???????
  198. Aces and 8's: Good or bad for TNA?
  199. Wrestling Trivia: 10 points!?
  200. Who Else Would Like This To Happen Come Wrestlemania 29?
  201. Alex Riley Refuses To Comment On Cena Rumors?
  202. Name these wrestlers catchphrases, famous quotes, gimmick names, etc.: 10 points for first
  203. What Is The Stupidest Chant You Have Ever Heard From A Live Audience In A Monday Night Raw?
  204. Agree Or Disagree: The WWE Should Create A Stable With The Big Show, Tensai, Kane, The Great
  205. Random WWE fact or comment?
  206. WWE:Your favorte ppv event of all time?
  207. Are there any past or present WWE wrestlers you think could have competed in ECW?
  208. So do all of you guys watch SD on the internet or do you wait til it airs on TV?
  209. Should Sid Vicious start acting in movies?
  210. Why did wwe take Jim Ross off the show?
  211. WWE Raw? Raw Ratings From 1998 to Now.?
  212. Question is, how will The Rock LOSE the title after winning it?
  213. It's too bad Maxine had to leave the WWE?
  214. Am I The Only One That Doesn't Want The Rock Vs John Cena To Happen Again?
  215. wwf girl falls and hits her crotch on the ropes?
  216. Who Else Would Like These Amazing Feud's To Happen Come Wrestlemania 29?
  217. WWE Fans, are you very sad about CM Punk turns heel?
  218. Should I start watching WWE again?
  219. WWE:Do you miss the old ppv format?
  220. Did the Attitude Era have a bad impact on the society?
  221. What current wrestlers do you think should retire, or should have retired long ago?
  222. Stephanie should have walked in when Trish was teaching HHH yoga instead of DX, just like before?
  223. When watching WWE's Raw 1000 Episode did this really annoy you?
  224. Did you ever have a favourite out of D Generation X (DX) (BQ Also)?
  225. Ric Flair to manage Dolph Ziggler?
  226. Would you like WWE to bring back these kind of promo's? (Video Inside)?
  227. Wouldn't it have capped off the night if after punk turned heel The Fire Burns comes on
  228. 1. examples of kayface 2. where was flair 3. x-pac barely given attention?
  229. WWE:Did the 1000th episode of raw dissapoint you?
  230. is daniel bryan really going to be facing charlie sheen at summerslam?
  231. On a scale 1-10, what would you give RAW's 1000th episode?
  232. Did CM Punk prove on Monday night that once again he is The Best In The World?
  233. Isn't it pathetic how these cRock marks can only regurgitate his pablum and can not be original to
  234. is kelly really related to WWE superstar edge?
  235. WITHOUT any spoilers, who do you want to become #1 contender on Smackdown for the WHC?
  236. Do you think the WWE listen to us, the fans? (Must Read)?
  237. BREAKING NEWS : This is the reason why Stone Cold wasn't there?
  238. How long do you think AJ will be the GM of Raw Smackdown?
  239. A number one contender will be determined on this Friday's Smackdown for the World Title, who will
  240. Anyone know why the Raw Pre-Show was canceled?
  241. Really WWE Really??????????
  242. Botches last night? ?
  243. How long did the wrestling last, last night.......?
  244. Questions about Raws 1000th episode?
  245. After Tonight's Raw 1000th Episode Do Fans Finally Realize That John Cena Is The
  246. bryan vs sheen at summerslam?
  247. Did anyone else feel that the Rock was more natural last night?Like he was in late 90's
  248. Did anyone else notice that the Rock is back in cutting good old attitude era promos?
  249. Is anyone else surprised how the crowd turned on CM Punk in a split second and cheered the Rock?
  250. What are your thoughts on the ending of Raw with Punk, Rock, Cena, and Show?
  251. does WWE's travel plan make since?
  252. Kurt Angle's Milk Bath vs Stone Cold's Beer Bath ?
  253. Seriously.. No Stone Cold on 1000th Raw Episode?
  254. Did anyone hear what Brock Lesnar said?
  255. Since we're talking about crowds at the moment?
  256. What did you think of Raw 1000th show last night?
  257. Why isnt the wwe euro shop working any ideas?
  258. Is Brock Lesnar too rough and violent for a PG rating program?
  259. is John Cena about to retire?
  260. Did anyone else like how Heath Slater sold the Clothesline from Hell?
  261. Who else knew Cena was going to lift a shoulder?
  262. do you think those WWE polls tonight were actually...?
  263. Who thinks the WWE should have a little tribute to the Raw Superstars that passed away?
  264. Who agrees, Stephanie is the coldest woman in the WWE?
  265. Was The Rock tried to shake CM Punk hand on the way out ?
  266. Very Disappointing, No Undertaker On Raw 1000.?
  267. Is it me or did it look like Lesnar let HHH win that little skirmish?
  268. How many times did AJ sleep with Vince?
  269. AJ as GM, good idea or bad?
  270. So undertaker to come back at 2013 and face the rock at Wrestlemania?
  271. How would you feel if the new GM of Raw ended up being Mike Adamle?
  272. who thinks kane is going to interfere in the wedding today?
  273. You have to admit that Hand gag was pretty hilarious?
  274. why does PG make DX so cheesy?
  275. So, does this mean Rock isn't going to appear in the WWE again until the Royal Rumble?
  276. WWE:What is one thing your looking forward to on the 1000 episode of raw tonight?
  277. YWWE Backlash pick winners and rate matches and show?
  278. What are your top 5 least favorite WWE RAW moments and why?
  279. Why does Jerry Lawler mention that RAW is the longest running program on television?
  280. who is kevin and what does he do?
  281. Who do you pick as the NEW GM?
  282. How many of you DirecTV costumers are excited to have TNA back next week?
  283. FILL IN THE BLANK: ____________ Is A Jobber In The WWE But If He Signs With TNA He Will
  284. What do pro wrestlers use to create those fire balls they throw in their opponents' face?
  285. What do you think is the 'knock your socks off' angle towards the end of Raw 1000?
  286. What do you guys expect for tomorrow 1000 Raw?
  287. Has The Undertaker ever had backstage problems with anybody?
  288. Are Pro-Wrestling fans too serious these day?
  289. What did you think of this impressive match?
  290. Has CM Punk become a bigger draw than Randy Orton?
  291. Are The Undertaker and Andre The Giant in their prime lack of drawing power+BQ?
  292. Will jack swagger get a push this year?
  293. Is WWE making a mistake by not pushing Zack Ryder?
  294. Do they still broadcast Smackdown! and RAW on tv? If so, what day and time of the week?
  295. Who likes The Great Khali's theme song?
  296. Do you guys think having a 3hr RAW is good for business?
  297. Did Daniel Bryan turns face on Monday Night RAW before he get married with AJ on Raw 1000th episode?
  298. The Undertaker Has Been Confirmed To Appear In Raw's 1000th episode?
  299. Dolph Ziggler Angry At Sin Cara For Money In The Bank Near-Botch?
  300. FILL IN THE BLANK: The Funniest Moment In WWE History Was When ________________________________?
  301. I just saw advert of brock lesnar is gonna be at summerslam he hasn't even said yes yet....
  302. what do you think is going to happen with the Aj and Daniel Bryan wedding on this Monday's RAW?
  303. Is anyone as excited as me right now?
  304. What happened on TNA last night?
  305. does AJ not realize...?
  306. Is it possible that John Cena and The Undertaker also using POLITICS to get more success?
  307. FILL IN THE BLANK: _____________ is the worst Wrestler to have ever step foot in the WWE?
  308. FILL IN THE BLANK: Why is _______________ still in the WWE? Doesn't Vince Mcmahon know we hate him?
  309. FILL IN THE BLANK: _____________ should come back to the WWE?
  310. In the future, will the wrestling divas' match compete on ROH Wrestling?
  311. What do you suggest WWE does about the struggle to sell Smackdown! tickets?
  312. How many of you are losing out on TNA because Directv dropped Spike TV?
  313. WWE Fans, What do you think that The Big Show will face any wrestlers on Summerslam at? Here is...
  314. Who will get pushed first?
  315. Who would you put in a Wrestling Stable named The Rebellion?
  316. Has a sledge hammer ever been used as a weapon in a match where Triple H wasn't involved?
  317. Would You Say Vince Has No Clue on how to Build Todays Talent?
  318. WWE:Name someone that will be making an appearence in the 1000th episode of raw?
  319. wwe kids: why dont you watch tna for jeff hardy?
  320. What Are Your Thoughts on Stephanie an Triple H Taking Over WWE?
  321. Will Dolph Ziggler be a believable World Champion?
  322. Who'd Win Shelton Benjamin or Randy Orton?
  323. Chavo Guerrero joins TNA Impact Wrestling...?
  324. Should HBK have one last match on the 1000th episode of a Raw....?
  325. CM PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  326. If WWE superstars really wrestled each other who do you think would win?
  327. If WWE wrestlers really wrestled each other (not fake) who do you think would win?
  328. Would you like to see this storyline take place on the 1000th episode of RAW?
  329. What popular cooking oil does CM Punk rub in his hair before every match?
  330. a year ago i installed wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 to my xbox hardrive, if i uninstall it, to
  331. Who's bigger/stronger, Mason Ryan or Ryback?
  332. WWE Fans, are you very happy about Chris Jericho turns face on Dolph Ziggler by giving
  333. What is the 5 face wrestlers names in mind in WWE?
  334. CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan what's missing?
  335. Is TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries the ideal guy to be the face of TNA?
  336. Do you think Brock Lesnar needs to face the Undertaker one more time?
  337. Will DX crash the Wedding?
  338. When the lights went out, who thought Scottie 2 Hottie and Grand Master Sexay were going to show up?
  339. Would you mark out if Test makes an appearance on the 1000th RAW episode next week?
  340. Who's your favorite wrestler between Triple H, Stone Cold, The Rock, and Mick Foley?
  341. Do you think the American Badass Undertaker will never return?
  342. Is anyone else's mouth watering over the thought of a Ziggler vs Jericho feud?
  343. Does anybody know, what happened to Luther Reigns? Where is he, anyway?
  344. can you see this happen at the wedding next week?
  345. When did Cena give up the whole thuganomics thingy and start to become a soldier?
  346. I think Big Show just out Mic'd Punk?
  347. What do you think is gonna happen next week on raw 1000th episode?
  348. Does everyone realise that end if an era match was undertakers last match?
  349. Where was Kane at tonight?
  350. Agree or Disagree: Tonights RAW was much better than last weeks RAW?
  351. WWE:What finisher would you hate getting hit by?
  352. Is the Aj and Cmpunk storyline over?
  353. Do you know what CM Punk's new nickname is?
  354. Will John Cena turn Heel after he cash Money In The Bank Briefcase?
  355. Is Trish Status the Most Overrated Woman Wrestler in History?
  356. who else is mad cena won?
  357. WWE what had happened in the ppv so far? ?
  358. Does it really help to be a 'Face' wrestling fan?
  359. If you went to WWE LIVE but this happens?
  360. What did you think money in the bank ppv?
  361. Claire Lynch is Styles baby mama?
  362. Phil Brooks aka CM Punk's hair is really greasy?
  363. Who are the winners in WWE Money In The Bank Pay Per View?
  364. Your Money In The Bank Prediction (whoever gets the most gets BA!)?
  365. So they're charging me 160 for the tattoo?
  366. WWE:Has there ever been a time when smackdown seemed to be the superior brand?
  367. What did you throw at your screen, after Sheamus got lucky and won?
  368. So breaking news cm punk vs daniel bryan guess referee AJ will now be a No DQ match?
  369. Can I kick Sgt. Slaughter's butt?
  370. This is for, TNA and WWE fan. Thanks.?
  371. What do you think is more important to a professional wrestler?
  372. WWE Poll:Have you attended a wwe ppv event?
  373. Did Sputnik Monroe ever fight Killer Karl Krupp?
  374. How come there is three heels and one face equals 4 in RAW Money In The Bank Ladder Match?
  375. So undertaker has 3 opponents to choose from for wm29?
  376. Do you think Damien Sandow will turn face?
  377. What is Kelly Kelly doing right now?
  378. no holds barred movie?
  379. Who thinks Steve Redgrave is too big for his boots?
  380. Who would win in a match now.... RIC FLAIR OR SID VICIOUS?
  381. What was the personal story CM Punk mentioned in his worked shoot last year just before
  382. WWE:What will the wwe be like without john cena?
  383. Who would win these matches? Attitude Wrestlers vs PG era guys.?
  384. Directv dropped Spike, how much will this impact the ratings for TNA?
  385. Who will be the next wwe champions?
  386. All-time greatest tournament: Round 3?
  387. TNA iMPACT Wrestling year 2011-2012 summary?
  388. How many times did Kane turn face and heel?
  389. Who would win in a match now.... HULK HOGAN OR SID VICIOUS?
  390. I have a bad feelings with the 1000th episode?
  391. WWE:In the current era,what is one thing that will never happen?
  392. name the top 10 extremist wwe superstars of all time?
  393. Who'd Win Chris Jericho vs Sin Cara?
  394. How do you get a job setting up for indie wrestling shows?
  395. What would your WWE entrance theme be?
  396. Why did John Cena, Sheamus and Randy Orton like me?
  397. Who were the 2 wrestlers who got conscience in Wrestlemania history in the past?
  398. Who was Ric Flair's last opponent in WWF 1992 before going to WCW?
  399. Wrestling section, who's your favorite music artist?
  400. How is it chris jericho can lose so much and still stay credible?
  401. fill me in BQ...****************************?
  402. Did Chris Jericho go to ROH Wrestling before?
  403. Who's had a more successful career overall: Big Show or Christian?
  404. top 5 wwe couples of all time?
  405. anyone expecting a Judgment Day 1998 WWE Championship match ending rehashing at MITB this Sunday.?
  406. Do you WWE fans know its staged?
  407. Austin Aries or Evan Bourne?
  408. Why is Miz not in WWE anymore, and how come Batista didn't full-time return?
  409. Would you like if on the 1000th episode of RAW this came on the screen?
  410. Can I have your attention please? @Senor Booker?
  411. Is TNA creating more intriguing matches especially since Austin Aries is the new TNA champion?
  412. Is Hulk Hogan laughing at what the WWE is doing?
  413. Was that the worst Monday Night Raw ever?
  414. Is TNA better than the WWE now?
  415. Did kids ruin the WWE?
  416. who thinks Mr Mcmahon is the best and greatest wrestler and entertainer in wwe history?
  417. Why the hell is shouting yes, yes, yes so much fun and addictive?
  418. Is Hornswoggle actually the anonymous general manager?
  419. Has any wrestler ever died in the ring, all time?
  420. Do you think Brock Lesnar is watching Raw?
  421. in pro wrestling what was name of girl who was one of first divas pose playboy but couldnt...
  422. Was Scotty Too Hotty's The Worm one of the worst wrestling finishes of all time?
  423. After tonight's RAW program, who can still say it's better then TNA?
  424. Are you excited for monday night raw?
  425. Charlie Brown Vs Justin Bieber at Wrestlemania 29? (Follow Up)?
  426. Need a video of WWE wrestling where a guy from the audience has a mask..?
  427. Do you ever watch TNA online?
  428. Is anyone else missing Batista? Just a little?
  430. Does the WWE really think that people are buying santino's cobra strike?
  431. Who are the winners on TNA Destination X?
  432. Why didn't the WWE make a match between The Undertaker and Goldberg?
  433. Which wrestling period is more boring (Rock'NWrestling) or (The PG Era)?
  434. Who wins this I Quit match (Cena or Taker)?
  435. Who would win RVD(in prime) or CM Punk(in prime)?
  436. Why doesn't the wwe have any more bikini contest?
  437. Can anyone please describe what's the difference between The Undertakers and Sting's gimmick?
  438. Will Kane ever get an alternate attire?
  439. Who do you think the rock will face at summerslam?
  440. What Are People's Thoughts On Kenny King's Jump To TNA From ROH?
  441. watch should our next match card be?
  442. What do you think of this fantasy Wade Barrett return theme w/ titantron?
  443. WWE:What era were you a part of?
  444. Did Kenny King released from ROH wrestling?
  445. Chris Jericho...????
  446. who do you think will be the special guest wrestler will be this week on raw?
  447. What's a good theme song similar style to mark henrys?
  448. 10 Points for whoever gets these WWE Qs right!!!, What Former/Current WWE Superstar am i?
  449. how do i become a WWE superstar?
  450. Is tomorrows Friday Night Smackdown going to be a repeat of Tuesday Supershow?
  451. What were the fans chanting in Spanish to WWE wrestler Alberto del Rio in Texas?
  452. who else is getting annoyed at XI AMAZING IX?
  453. easiest 10 points ever?
  454. ECW or Attitude-era WWF?
  455. Whats yalls favorite WCW theme song?
  456. Should the WWE just get rid of the Intercontinental, United States, and tag team titles?
  457. do i have what it takes to be a wrestling superstar?
  458. Did you know the Lita has the word PUNK on the inside of her botton lip?
  459. Did you know that the original plan of Wrestlemania 21 was to have Brock Lesnar vs Triple H?
  460. Could you name all of the wrestling moves you've ever seen Hulk Hogan do?
  461. How do you feel about the Attitude Era superstars on WWE 13?
  462. How do you feel about Jake The Snake Roberts never winning a single title in the WWF?
  463. Can you workout when you're still sore from a workout?
  464. what are they doing with AJ?
  465. why are there goldberg chants?
  466. What do you think about my idea for Undertakers last match at Wrestlemania?
  467. Will anyone ever pass Ric Flair's 16 time World Champion record?
  468. Where can I watch last nights SmackDown?
  469. What is pro wrestling's real world title?
  470. WWE Fans, Did David Otunga call The Big Show a freak?
  471. what was your reaction when Tyson Kidd defeated Tensai in 10 seconds last monday Night Raw?
  472. When Will Rey Mysterio Return?
  473. Do You Agree Or Disagree With Bruno Sammartino's Decision?
  474. So ryback actually fought a wrestler?
  475. I can't watch SD/RAW on YouTube in United States?
  476. John Morrison and Melina are going to TNA!?
  477. Have you noticed that WWE didn't do a Brand Draft this year?
  478. Do you think Dolph Ziggler is going to break away from Vickie soon and become face?
  479. Who thought that was the best segment ever? AJ Lee, Punk and Bryan?
  480. Wwe....what happened between..?
  481. How many signs can you bring to SD and Raw?
  482. Who else thought Eve Torres looked hot tonight?
  483. Is wwe setting up John Cena or big show for undertaker at wrestlemania ?
  484. What did you think about DDP's return?
  485. Is AJ a heel or face...?
  486. When will WWE feed Ryback more?
  487. When is the GAB, this sunday (10 pts for card included)?
  488. Is Brodus Clay supposed to be the new Rikishi, dancing at the end of matches with people?
  489. Name any fact of the WWE +BQ?
  490. WWE Fans, are you very happy about Teddy Long will run up the show as the General Manager of RAW...
  491. taker wm29 opponent? rock opponent?
  492. Where do the female wrestlers on WWE and TNA wrestling get their clothing from?
  493. Name a wrestler who is great movie actor?
  494. Was their ever a better Hall Of Fame speech than ...?
  495. Why do grown men insist wrestling is not fake?
  496. Do you think that TNA has the potential to cause the next wrestling boom that WCW caused in 1996?
  497. Is it just me or Is rybacks character set on rhynos character?
  498. Agree or disagree: John Cena has ruined the RAW MITB match and made it predictable?
  499. wrestling baby name!!!?
  500. Do you think Chris Benoit was Murdered?