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  1. After Damien Sandow, is Bray Wyatt the next big thing?
  2. When will Mr John Laurinaitis make his very awaited return?
  3. will torrie wilson be in WWE13?
  4. What made John Cena so successful, exactly?
  5. This is how TNA can get better ratings and buy out WWE.?
  6. Where can I buy a bath robe like Damien Sandow's?
  7. Is Damien Sandow better than any teacher you've had at school?
  8. What happened to Batistwo?
  9. Which current wrestlers would fit in the Attitude Era?
  10. Is it true that CM Punk was supposed to be a WWE referee?
  11. Do you think Cena is still jealous of The Rock?
  12. Do you think JBL should have beat John Cena at Wrestlemania 21?
  13. How would you react if you encountered the great Damien Sandow?
  14. Do you think John Cena has ruined R-Truth's character?
  15. Who's better? Dr Shelby or Paul Heyman?
  16. Is Shawn Michaels the most overrated wrestler of all-times?
  17. What are your thoughts on Sara Del Rey going to NXT to train the divas(link inside with video)?
  18. Do you think Michael Cole should beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
  19. Who botches more Sin Cara or NFL replacement refs?
  20. Did John Cena finaly get his haters to buy his crappy gear?
  21. Who agrees that Honey Boo Boo has better programing than WWE?
  22. How many wwe DVDs do you own?
  23. Opinions on fans recording indy wrestling shows and uploading to youtube/internet?
  24. Why did TNA have 90% of there segments with Hulk Hogan this week?
  25. Do you think leo kruger is creepy?
  26. help? question about the new wwe show main event?
  27. Wrestling section: how would you react if this happens at HIAC 2012..... + bq?
  28. WWE Elimination Chambers Tournament, who will win?
  29. Worst gimmicks in pro wrestling?
  30. Who in your opinion are the top 5 wrestlers that if they never made it to wwe it would have failed?
  31. do You Think Ted Diabise Jr Should be in Dolph Ziggler Position?
  32. Ecw matches top 10................?
  33. what is next major wwe pay per view?
  34. What were some horrible WCW gimmicks?
  35. How can I get a job being a WWE referee? Also how much money would I make?
  36. Why does breast size matter in WWE?
  37. Orton just attempted the Punt Kick :O?
  38. How horrible did Dolph Ziggler looked wearing Tennis shoes with a suit?
  39. Do you think Paul Heyman proposed to AJ Lee after reading the Text messages CM Punk recieved from...
  40. Do you agree Ted Dibiase Jr. should get a WHC match?
  41. Who do you love more:your family or the Y!A Wrestling section users?
  42. Do you agree that Dolph Ziggler is overrated?
  43. Does Cena deserve to be the top superstar in the WWE?
  44. Did anyone notice WWE referee Brad Maddox was refereeing the Wade Barrett/Zack Ryder match
  45. Is tonight on Smackdown the worst pain you've ever seen Randy Orton in?
  46. Did you agree with Sheamus when he said MizTV is a "crappy, C-list show" tonight on Smackdown?
  48. Is Big Show the only man in the WWE roster that can defeat Sheamus?
  50. How embarrassed is Big Show that his last title reign was 45 seconds?
  51. Who do you believe tonight on Smackdown: Teddy Long or Eve?
  52. Who would pay to see Sheamus?
  53. Does Randy Orton competing injured tonight against Big Show make you respect Orton more?
  54. Who would win Rambo or Ryback?
  55. Why do people say Sin Cara botches alot?
  56. Do you think Big Show can really become the World champion?
  57. What was more impressive on Smackdown: Ryback picking up Tensai or an injured Randy Orton...
  58. How the heck can Eve suspend Beth Phoenix "indefinitely" if she isn't GM?
  59. If John Cena is "Superman", who is Lois Lane?
  61. If you were Antonio Cesaro, would you have broken up with Aksana backstage?
  62. What's the point og WWE being PG, if they keep bending the rules?
  63. who would u rather want in wwe 13?
  64. Why do people always say the Big Wreslers are boring?
  65. WWE: Who do you think attacked Kaitlyn?
  66. had chris benoit not killed himself and Linda McMahon not run for senate would WWE of went
  67. What something to eat before a wrestling match?
  68. is rayback a goldberg wannabe?
  69. Is WWE Trying to Replace John Cena in Sheamus?
  70. Who Should Replace John Cena Once hes No Longer Needed?
  71. If Ryback looses a match before he becomes WWE or World Heavy Weight Champion?
  72. I need a new wrestling buddy ?
  73. Will Hornswoggle be in a main event story line any time soon?
  74. Kelly Kelly has been Released from the WWE ... Thoughts?
  75. Do you think there will be a TNA version of The rise and fall of ECW in the next 5 years?
  76. What Mid carder Should Kurt Angle put over if he Returned?
  77. What are your thoughts on Kelly Kelly being released from WWE?
  78. What happened on last weeks WWE smackdown?
  79. When cm punk Vs Ryback at the hell in a cell ppv, will it be kind of like Brock Lesnar Vs.
  80. i enjoyed wwf but i have no idea where i can enjoy certain storylines online?
  81. Do you think it's safe to say that Dolph Ziggler will cash in at the hell in a cell ppv?
  82. Will Sheamus lose his World Heavy Weight Championship to Big Show at Hell in A Cell ?
  83. What is "WWE Main Event" on ION Television?
  84. Who has received the most undeserving push in the WWE?
  85. Why has there been so much talk of a new "Mega Star" lately?
  86. How would you react if you received a phone call from Vince McMahon?
  87. What kind of weapon does "Animal Murderer" Shawn Michaels use to hunt poor animals?
  88. Why is everybody in this section always bashing on Randy Orton?
  89. Do you think Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix will be done with wrestling?
  90. Do You Think That Wrestling As A Whole Feels Incomplete Nowadays ..?
  91. When Is John Cena Really Going To Be Replaced As The Face Of The Company ..?
  92. Does Anybody Else Find John Cena's Speeches Dull And Boring .. !?
  93. Where did Smackdown take place 9/28/12?
  94. Kelly Kelly Future Endeavored?
  95. 10 POINTS:Why did Shawn Michaels stop HHH from beating the crap of the Undertaker at WM 28?
  96. why isnt beth phoenix ????
  97. A question about the big show?
  98. the wwe has had a lot of story lines over the years and fans enjoy them so im asking whats your
  99. Do you like the tag team tournament?
  100. Do you think it was wrong for Eve to blame me?
  101. Would you like to see Ryback vs Linda Mcmahon?
  102. Who Will Brock Lesnar Feud With When He Returns .. And Will Paul Heyman Go Back To
  103. What Does CM Punk Have To Do To Gain Respect From The Wwe Universe .. !?
  104. Did Rock leave WWE after Backlash 2003?
  105. WWE Management Taking an Interest in ROH?
  106. Why have WWE not made a John Cena intercontinental world heavyweight champion spinner belts?
  107. TNA getting awesome lately?
  108. WWE Superstars 27th September 2012 Results?
  109. Is there wrestling at the special olympics?
  110. What should I do, I got into a fight?
  111. why when a new wrestling show is aired on tv it only airs in the states and canadian wwe...
  112. what would your reaction be if aj actually said yes to paul heymans proposal?
  113. who is more anoying paul heyman or eric biscoff?
  114. do you think john cena might retire becasie of his injury?
  115. A question about E Feds?
  116. Wrestling fans. Would you like to join us?
  117. WWE Cm Punk or John Cena?
  118. ?Questions about Vince McMahon??
  119. Wrestling poll: who is better kurt angle or daniel bryan in wrestling abilities+ bq?
  120. Ladies And Gentlemen I would like to inform you that?
  121. Why do People hate on John Cena?
  122. what are all the wrestlers you like and hate in the wwe?
  123. What would your reaction be if Honey Boo Boo became Raw GM?
  124. Are you glad WWE decided not to release the Attitude Era DVD?
  125. Do you agree that Kelly Kelly getting released sucks more than the beginning of the Attitude Era?
  126. What would you rather see on Raw?
  127. What animals will you be joining to watch Raw on Monday?
  128. How much would a set of WWF and WCW wrestling cards be worth?
  129. Why didnt samoa joe hold the new tv championship up?
  130. 10 POINTS:Why did Shawn Michaels stop HHH from beating the crap of the Undertaker at WM 28?
  131. Why can't TNA afford to buy a new tv championship?
  132. Can't ANX tag team outside of ROH and TNA?
  133. What are your thoughts on Kenny Bolin not being in OVW anymore?
  134. What was your take on Kelly Kelly's release from the WWE?
  135. Do you think as wrestling fans we can't accept the truth sometimes?
  136. Do you think Brooke Hogan is worried for Hulk Hogan?
  137. What do you think of Tara going to go on a date with Stacy Keibler and George Clooney?
  138. Do you think Brooke Hogan wants to get with Tara's Hollywood boyfriend?
  139. Were you surprised Sting had Hulk Hogan's back, Jack?
  140. Did you think Sting was mad at Hulk Hogan because he grabbed his bat?
  141. Earl vs Kendrick Lamar?
  142. Whos a worse botcher? Sin Cara in the ring or Scott Steiner on the Mic?
  143. What is up with Kane?
  144. Will you Miss Kelly Kelly now that's she's released from the WWE?
  145. Brock Lesnar's WWE Future Potentially Revealed.?
  146. WWE SmackDown: 5 Things to Watch for During This Week's Show?
  147. NWA/WCW match of the years 1982-2001, What do you think?
  148. Poll: nWo vs. D-Generation X WarGames Match?
  149. Can anyone tell me what happen on WWE Raw this past Monday?
  150. do you think kofi kingston?
  151. Why did Seth MacFarlane stop making king of the hill & south park?
  152. The Hart Foundation vs. The Four Horsemen WarGames Match?
  153. What happens if someone famous like Hulk Hogan or The Rock goes out in public?
  154. Your favoirate wrestling game intro?
  155. Why has Hornswoggle not been dressing up like Brodus Clay he looked cool when he took of the...
  156. What would your gimmick be if you were a professional wrestler?
  157. Who's match (wwe) fight For The Rock vs CM Punk and Who's wins?
  158. Are Sting and Hogan gonna call the band?
  159. Which wwe diva has the hottest body in the business ?
  160. Is eve torres still a villian in the wwe storyline?
  161. What do you think about girls wearing wwe t shirts in public?!!?
  162. Can eve torres revive the sagging fortunes of wwe diva division ?
  163. Why has Kofi Kingston not been released?
  164. Where are the former world champions?
  165. Why people hate the great khali?
  166. If the WWE Ice Cream bars were every manufactured and sold?
  167. Would Miz versus Cody Rhodes really work? WWE?
  168. Is it a chance that someday Edge might come back to the WWE? or No?
  169. Is Christopher Daniels Ripping Off Shawn Michaels?
  170. Why couldnt Santino come up with something original?
  171. CM Punk and Edge do you think these guys would have an intresting feud?
  172. *******how*to*become*a great*high*school*wrestler********?
  173. ?Questions about "Name Basing" in the WWE??
  174. Do you think Triple H will be a better chairman than Vince once he takes over?
  175. ryback vs cm punk monday night raw as of aj will it happen?
  176. will i make a good gm?
  177. Is Paul Heyman going to betray CM Punk?
  178. Mic foley tells punk that numbers arent really important.?
  179. Is wwe 13 The Video Game Gonna Be Good This Year?
  180. Vince McMahon question....?
  181. Should Mickie James leave TNA?
  182. Is Alberto Del (I get more title shots than John Cena) Rio the number one contender for HIAC?
  183. ?Question about the WWE Championships ??
  184. This is 5 ways ROH can get better.?
  185. Will this be your reaction when you get WWE 13?
  186. Why do so many people complain about John Cena & WWE being PG.?
  187. is Wwe 13 gonna have Create a championship?
  188. who is your favorite champion of all time?
  189. Why did ROH get rid of the ROH Pure Championship?
  190. When did the Giant González switch his gimmick to the Great Kahli.?
  191. who is the best champion of all time?
  192. So Team He// no really?
  193. When is Triple H coming back to the WWE?
  194. WWE top 12 current superstars, do you agree?
  195. WS : Why so many fans say brock will compete after he said he will never return to wwe...HELLO?
  196. Would A Face Turn Be Good For Dolph Ziggler?
  197. Who'd Win Kane & Daneil Bryan vs The Prime Time Players?
  198. Wwf question................?
  199. Who do you think Brock Lesnar will face next?When?
  200. Who'win Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs Sin Cara and Rey?
  201. Agree or disagree: Beth Phoenix and Eve will have a title vs career match?
  202. If Linda loses the Senate election, is she gonna make WWE PG-13 again?
  203. What If Kurt Angle Returns To WWE Who should he Feud with?
  204. WWE Superstars have twitter?
  205. Mick foley vs edge match?
  206. Wrestling question for all fans + bq?
  207. Whats your top 10 wrestlers of all time?
  208. Rate each of these WWE superstars as underrated,overrated or neutral?
  209. Whose CM Punk going to face at Hell in a Cell?
  210. Do You Think Cm Punk Will Try to Convince Randy Orton to Join Them?
  211. What do you think of Ryback?
  212. Monster Face's in Wrestling?
  213. Could Kaitylin's attacker be Michelle McCool?
  214. Where is Smackdown this Friday, what city?
  215. What are your top ten WWF/E Big Four Pay-Per-View Matches?
  216. WWE vs TNA Invasion, will will win these matches?
  217. What shirt was CM Punk wearing on Raw?
  218. Royal Rumble match of the years 1987-2012, do you agree?
  219. Why doesn't the WWE rehire the writers they had during the Attitude Era?
  220. What was the song played on WWE RAW?
  221. what match sounds best Undertaker vs Goldberg or Goldberg vs John Cena?
  222. Who would win Wade Barret vs Brock Lesnar?
  223. Has Edge and Triple H Feuded?
  224. Should John Cena/ Cm Punk Feud end in loser leaves Brand?
  225. If you Could Push Any Non used WWE Wreslter who would it be?
  226. Why cant cm punk just say theres nothing left to prove?
  227. What is this? Alot of people been getting tired of Ryback?
  228. do You Think Ryback Will be the Face of Smackdown one day?
  229. MY Hell in a Cell card (whats urs?)?
  230. Should Cm Punk/John Cena feud end in a Submission Match?
  231. Why did Heyman propose to AJ?
  232. ?Question about WWE ratings and time slot??
  233. ?Question about race in the WWE??
  234. What do you think about this WWE fraction reborn?
  235. Would You Say Ryback is Ready for the WWE Main Event?
  236. Survivor Series match of the years 1987-2011, do you agree?
  237. Does anyone want happens to those people who jump in the ring at a live wwe show?
  238. the hottest current diva in the WWE?
  239. Underwhelming response to Kofi Kingston?
  240. If Chris Benoit had showed up for his ECW championship match against CM Punk?
  241. Who was Bryan Danielson's (Daniel Bryan WWE) greatest rival in Ring of Honor?
  242. How exciting is it, when a wrestler gets injured so badly?
  243. Is AJ Lee supposed to be the new Mickie James?
  244. So does Kofi Kingston defeat Dolph Ziggler?
  245. Has Ryback matches ever piss you off so bad?
  246. Are you too old to listen to AJ Lee's entrance song?
  247. Is Kane considered to be the most embarassed wrestler on RAW?
  248. Are you surprised that Mick Foley would ever show up on a PG program?
  249. What is your idea for Kane's and Daniel's tag team name?
  250. How many more title shot matches will John Cena get against Punk?
  251. Who are your top 5 favorite WWE superstars of all time?
  252. WWF/E Wrestlemania match of the years 1985-2012, do you agree?
  253. what time doors open for raw next week in okla city ok?
  254. Road Warriors vs. Steiner Brothers vs. Dudley Boyz?
  255. How well do you think Ryback would do in a 2 on 1 handicap match?
  256. Which current wrestlers from the WWE roster would fit perfectly in the Attitude Era besides the
  257. Do you think John Cena could beat up Evander Holyfield in a real-life fight?
  258. Out of these "face" Superstars who do you think we make a good "heel"?
  259. Out of these "heel" Superstars who do you think we make a good "face"?
  260. WWE Fans, Will Aksana and Antonio Cesaro Be Together Again?
  261. The Attitude Era stars against the best of today?
  262. With beth Phoenix imminent departure, is the WWE Divas?
  263. Is it true Vince McMahon likes big guys?
  264. Mexican wrestlers... mask question?
  265. Who would you say is the John Cena of TNA?
  266. ? Should WWE resurrect Brawl for All and compete with MMA??
  267. How long would the following people last in the ring with Stonecold Steve Austin in his prime?
  268. ? Should Vince use W-C-W to create Women's Championship Wrestling??
  269. Will Daneil Bryan Take Over as The Next Baby Face?
  270. Does John Cena or Randy orton Need to Face The Undertakers At Wm 30?
  271. Years ago I received a flyer in the mail promoting a wrestling match in Las Vegas?
  272. are there really Dream matches into Todays WWE?
  273. Who would win in a pot smoking contest?
  274. Do You Think WWE is Misusing Daniel Bryan?
  275. who needs to face Undertaker at Wm29?
  276. BETH PHOENIX is leaving WWE?
  277. Better Mic Skills Jericho or The Rock?
  278. What do superstars have to do to violate the wellness policy?
  279. How do you like this video of Cody Rhodes FACE Custom Titantron 2012?
  280. Did Eve Torres Turn Face When She Was Congratulating Layla and Kaitlyn on Smackdown?
  281. Is there any hope for the wwe tag team division?
  282. Is Sheamus The Most Successful Superstar To Come From FCW?
  283. Your 7th favorite WWE superstar?
  284. So has CM Punk fully completed his heel turn now following Raw last Monday?
  285. Poll: Who Would Win a Attitude Era Tag Team Tournament?
  286. Does anyone else notice the colors C.M Punk has on his boots?
  287. What death did Beth Phoenix have in her family?
  288. Do you want another heel stable like the Evolution?
  289. Should WWE Brodcast The All New NXT on Syfy?
  290. WWE:Your favorite MITB Moment?
  291. XWSA Episode 2 Results please rate and promo?
  292. Do you think that Matt Hardy should have been given a brief WWE Championship run in 2005?
  293. Is The General Manager Mode on WWE '13 for PS3, Nintendo Wii and X Box 360?
  294. Where you really suprised that Randy tapped out to ADR?
  295. What time is Saturday Morning Slam on and what station?
  296. Why did WWE game makers take this path, instead of this other one?
  297. Who are your favorite wrestling divas?
  298. Doesn't TNA Theme Songs Sound Generic To You?
  299. Why exactly did Kurt Angle jump to TNA?
  300. Who would win this match?
  301. Is Ric Flair done with TNA?
  302. Did you know that wwe 13 brought back the special guest referee match?
  303. Who Wins? CM Punk(2011) Or RVD(from 2006)?
  304. Biggest Jaw Dropper In WWE History?
  305. Did you know that Stone Cold has signed 35,000 copies of WWE 13 (Austin 3:16 Edition)?
  306. ????Owen Hart Not In WWE 13?
  307. Did John Cena wrestle on Friday, 08/24/2012, in MO and if so then who did he wrestle?
  308. What wrestlers do you know, that are really mean behind the scenes?
  309. Are wwe limited viewing seats bad?
  310. Why is Alberto Del Rio keep get WHC matches?
  311. Is Rey Mysterio the only WWE superstar to enter the WWE as a face and never turn heel?
  312. Should Orton turn heel and start a heel vs heel feud against CM Punk?
  313. When Tensai Was Attacking Sakamoto When He Was Being Frustrated With Sakamoto, Will...
  314. Who plays Better as heel Randy orton vs Cm Punk?
  315. What Happen To Strong Heels like Triple H And Ric Flair?
  316. Are guy's cobras actually smitten with Aksana+BQ?
  317. FILL IN THE BLANK: ____________ Vs _______________ Should Happen At Wrestlemania 29?
  318. FILL IN THE BLANK: The Winner Of 2013 Royal Rumble Should Be _________________?
  319. What are your top 5 WWE Big Four PPV Matches?
  320. Have anyone of you seen Kane without his mask since he started back wearing it?
  321. What was the most unique match ending you've ever seen?
  322. When are Wade barret and Mark Henry coming back.?
  323. Is WWE setting up itself for Jericho vs Ziggler Wrestlemania 29 World title match?
  325. Should the Undertaker give up the dead man gimmick and go back to his biker gimmick...
  326. WWE:Are certain signs banned from WWE events?
  327. Proof that the Rock saved WWF from WCW and Stone Cold didn't(facts inside),your thoughts?
  328. Would you like it if The Rock ends The Undertaker's streak?
  329. Would you rather Raw be on for only an hour if it meant that it would be a better quality show?
  330. If CM Punk smoked weed, would you still consider him drug free even though weed isn't a drug?
  331. Whats the bloodiest match you've ever seen?
  332. Remember that time when Shane kicked Kane into a dumpster of fire (more in details)?
  333. Didn't Lil B get beat up by Lil Nico? (VIDEO)?
  334. Whats the hardest chair shot you've ever seen?
  335. Is this true about Chris Jericho?
  336. Is the WS better than Lil B?
  337. Doesnt Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar remind you of Paul Bearer and Kane?
  338. Is it good to be a Mark,a Smark,a casual fan or a die hard internet fan?
  339. Will there ever be someone as popular as ROCK or HOGAN or AUSTIN in PRO WRESTLING ever again?
  340. How long do you think AJ will last as GM?
  341. Vickie Guerrero are those legs, tree trunks, or ham-hocks?
  342. Why has Crimson went to OVW.?
  343. Does Brock Lesnar really abuse his daughter?
  344. Why does John Cena rarely ever lose a match?
  345. Who is CM Punk? Is it a guy or what?
  346. Girls: does Santino Marella get you wet?
  347. Who is/was the best looking diva in wwe history?
  348. who do you think is the greatest jobber of all time?
  349. Alrighty, 15 reasons why Dolph Ziggler SUCKS?
  350. What happend to the user woogieman?
  351. Will Alberto Del Rio get a rematch clause for the World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus?
  352. Have you noticed that the wwe went from promoting Playboy and See No Evil to promoting Scooby Doo?
  354. Does the WWE have a clue on what to do with Orton?
  355. Can you name some superstars that the the WWE released that they shouldn't have?
  356. What is the best moment of the PG era so far?
  357. What was more popular the WWF or Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  358. Night of Champions match card?!?!?
  359. On a scale of 1 to 5, how much potential do you see in WWE's Kaitlyn (+BQ)?
  360. Agree or Disagree: Jerry The King Loler deserved the kick to the head by CM Punk?
  361. WWE:Top 5 Favorite Promotional Posters?
  362. 20 valid reasons why Triple H SUCKS?
  363. Triple H high on McGillicutty McIntyre?
  364. I give to you guys, 15 reasons why the Yahoo Answers wrestling section SUCKS?
  365. I give to you guys, 101 reasons why John Cena SUCKS?
  366. Is The WWE Trying Too Hard To Make People Like John Cena?
  367. Austin Aries or CM Punk?
  368. Is Rey Mysterio still there on WWE?
  369. Will Chris Jericho and Triple H be the next 2013 WWE Hall of Famers?
  370. In WWE history, what did Chris Jericho beat?
  371. WWE Fans, did you miss Chris Jericho very much after he loss to Dolph Ziggler while his contract
  372. So, what are some of the biggest mistakes TNA wrestling has made in it's ten year history?
  373. Did brock lesnar actually leave or just a storyline?
  374. Chris Jericho Lost the match and Left WWE?
  375. WWE Fans, did The Big Show actually turn face again, is he a tweener or is he still a heel?
  376. What did you think of summerslam?
  377. What did you think of raw last night?
  378. WWE 13 roster issue 10 pts for good answer?
  379. which is better: SVR 11 or WWE 12 BQ?
  380. Chris Jericho?????????????
  381. I missed the first 10 minutes of RAW, what happened?
  382. What are your thoughts about WWE last night's pay per view, Summerslam?
  383. Should Brock Lesnar face CM Punk 4 the WWE title?
  384. Who else should WWE Brock Lesnar wrestle?
  385. does ryback remind anyone else of bane?
  386. does anyone else think wade barrett's eyes looked a lil retarded in his promos?
  387. did you know about cm punk?
  388. so thats how they are writing off chris?
  389. Ok, who else besides me didn't know that NXT still comes on?
  390. Where can I watch Summerslam from lastnight online?
  391. Why do some people fail to realize AJ's pro wrestling skills?
  392. Who wants to watch summerslam?
  393. Is Dawn Marie Black or White?
  394. Did you know that R-Truth is 40?!!! and Vickie Guerrero is only 44?!!!...wuhhh?
  395. When Rey Mysterio retires, do you think this is an okay storyline?
  396. where is charlie sheen?
  397. What do I have to do in order to look like and be strong like Brock Lesnar ?
  398. Who are the people that made the undertaker tap out?
  399. Oh no Fred Durst flipped off the camera, that is a no no?
  400. In the dvd, Top 50 omg incidents in wwe history, what are the 3 discs for?
  401. WWE Summerslam results,,,please?
  402. What matches do you want to see at Night of Champions (2012).?
  403. When is the rock gonna face the wwe champion?
  404. Who do you think is Brock lesnar gonna face next?
  405. How was SummerSlam 2012?
  406. Agree Or Disagree: Chris Jericho/Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar/Undertaker, Rock/CM Punk...
  407. Rate My Wrestlemania 29 Card?
  408. Who are the winners on WWE Summerslam? What's the results?
  409. Do YOU think Jericho vs Ziggler was the best match of the night?
  410. is triple H retiring?
  411. Four Horsemen vs. Racdialz 8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match?
  412. Your SummerSlam Prediction (whoever gets the most gets BA!)?
  413. 10 points for best answer!?
  414. what time does summerslam start in the uk?
  415. Could WWE vs. TNA EVER happen?
  416. Your thoughts on the WWE'13 roster reveal?
  417. Worst match stipulation ever ?
  418. Nation of Domination vs ECW Originals?
  419. The real reason why Edge retired?
  420. What do you think?(Summerslam).MY Predictions. Give me yours!?
  421. If you could put in a No DQ in any of the SummerSlam matches, which will it be?
  422. If Eve Torres asked you to cuddle with her, what would be your reaction?
  423. Why does Tensai's face looks like as if someone ran their car over it?
  424. If Scott Steiner is Freakzilla and Bully Ray is Calfzilla...?
  425. Why does Tensai's face looks like as if someone ran their car over it?
  426. Does anyone know why Angelina Love and Velvet Sky got released by TNA?
  427. In wwe, who was The Boogeymans tag team partner?
  428. WWE Fans, do you like that hoesky Eve Torres has been hired by Booker T as the general
  429. Will Eve Torres turn face again soon?
  430. Will Eve Torres screw the face wrestlers when she is the general manager assistant?
  431. How many times did Stone Cold Steve Austin wins the WWE Championship?
  432. The Corporation or The Ministry, your favorite group?
  433. Do you think Paul Heyman ever gets this?
  434. Who do the aces and eights look like too you ?
  435. Your thoughts on the new Hawkins/Reks?
  436. At what point in Undertaker's career did WWE decide to have him start going undefeated at...
  437. What are some must see matches, from either WWE or TNA, that I could youtube and watch?
  438. Is it difficult for a former pro-wrestler to be a commentator and call a match fairly?
  439. Rock Fans, what is the best thing about The Rock?
  440. Which Pro-wrestlers are friends outside of the ring?
  441. Which two wrestlers do you like better, Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara?
  442. Who would win a Summerslam Elimiation Chamber Dream Match?
  443. What are some matches of 2012 that exceeded your expectations?
  444. Name these wrestlers catchphrases, famous quotes, gimmick names, etc.: 10 points for first correct..
  445. 10-man Elimination tag team match: The Kliq vs Fortune?
  446. Have you realized the Cena has never beaten Taker?
  447. WWE:Do you miss automatically falling from the top of the cell in smackdown shut your mouth?
  448. How would you feel, if at the royal rumble......?
  449. Does smackdown vs raw 2011 still have online ? Because i want to download created characters?
  450. Rate These Two WWE Matches:?
  451. Which wrestler's theme from WWE and TNA do you like best?
  452. Why was Ryback crying?
  453. If HHH tried to hold back Jericho would you say he did a horrible job of doing so then? lol?
  454. Should WWE do a movie with Barney too ?
  455. WWE and Scooby Doo are making a movie?
  456. Why are WWE fans in the Wrestling section ?
  457. Wrestling fans are immature people?
  458. How can I get Borky like Bork Laser?
  459. WWE Fans, are you very happy about AJ became the Monday Night Raw's General Manager on RAW 1000?
  460. Are you very happy about Booker T cancelled The World Heavyweight Championship Match of Summerslam?
  461. Does anybody else think Sheamus needs to improve on the mic?
  462. Doesn't the WWE sort of remind you of the Three Stooges on steroids?
  463. Is this statement true about WWE?
  464. Should Ryback be put into an actual program now that he's finally getting over with the crowd?
  465. Which wrestler from the past had the most unique gimmick/character? Why was it most unique to you?
  466. Who would you rather have sex with?
  467. What is your opinion on JTG?
  468. Who do you predict to win the US title?
  469. WWE:Do you miss John Cena's days on smackdown?
  470. 2 questions about this past monday night raw and 10 PT BQ!?
  471. What are your Top 10 WWE SummerSlam Matches?
  472. When will Mark Henry return and will he be WHC again?
  473. What Are The Chances Of This Happening At The End Of Brock Lesnar Vs HHH At Summerslam?
  474. Did the hired thugs arrest Sheamus in Houston, Texas?
  475. Which Police Officers Arrested Sheamus?
  476. How is CM Punk a heel?
  477. Did you laugh when Brock Lesnar said, I'll see you at SUMMERSLAM!?
  478. XWSA sign ups new e-fed?
  479. Who are some people you think could make john cena say i quit?
  480. Is Chicago Made Punk a heel or not?
  481. Do you think WWE should bring back the Armageddon PPV in December to fit the End of the world theme?
  482. Anybody else hope Brock Lesnar beats the crap out of Triple H?
  483. Who els Want to see Tensai vs Rey Mysterio?
  484. Would John Cena vs Daniel Bryan vs Cm Punk Be a Interesting Match?
  485. Why won't Shawn Michaels just retire and go away already?
  486. this weeks wwe raw so far?
  487. who else thinks brock went to far?
  488. WWE:Do they still chant what? in the crowd?
  489. what did a.w. say to get himself fired from the wwe?
  490. Which TNA boss in charge who will fire Earl Hebner?
  491. whats happened so far guys?
  492. link me to safe live raw stream pls?
  493. FILL IN THE BLANK: Triple H's Opponent For Wrestlemania 29 Should Be __________________?
  494. Agree or Disagree about CM Punk?
  495. Who Would Have Won Lance Storm vs Mr Anderson?
  496. In 1995, Rate This WWE Intergender Tag Team Match:?
  497. Would you like to Barret and Sandow as a tag team, or see them in a feud?
  498. What is the alternate theme song to WWE Monday Night Raw?
  499. Who are the winners of TNA Hardcore Justice? What's the results?
  500. Who'd Win Booker T vs Daniel Bryan?