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  1. In your opinion who is the best WWE Legend of all time?
  2. r the raw wwe segments backstage recorded before the show?
  3. What Are Your Final Predictions For Bound For Glory 2012?
  4. will cm punk face the rock at next wrestlemania for wwe title?
  5. This is my Move-Set when I get into Wrestling is it good?
  6. anderson silva v.s brock lesnar ?
  7. Legacy vs. Bob Orton, Dusty Rhodes and Ted DiBiase?
  8. Did you ever see Macho Man or Hogan live and in there primes?
  9. Has Awesome Kong/Kharma been booked for any shows since her departure from WWE?
  10. For those wrestling fans out there. Honest opinions?
  11. What are the planned matches at Hell in a Cell?
  12. What do you think of this current and former wrestler?
  13. Should John Cena go back to his bald look?
  14. Today's WWE Trivia! 10 points for the one who answers all the questions correctly first?
  15. Do you think the UFC and WWE have to compete for a fan base?
  16. How funny was it that Eve placed a Blonde wig on Teddy head?
  17. Is there a place I can get Hornswoggle Blue Ray/ clothing for really cheap apart from?
  18. When is wwe planning on turning "the apex predator" Randy Orton back into a heel, like he should be?
  19. Who do you wish was still in WWE?
  20. how did del rio say see what big show did in main event when smackdown is tueseday?
  21. What is John Cena's haircut?
  22. Tag Team Tournament 2 part 2?
  23. Why do you think John Morrison was so Under-Rated in WWE?
  25. Do You think Cm Punk Should Surpass Hulk Hogans Title Reign?
  26. WS King of the Ring Sign Up?
  27. TNA is under-rated! Wwe Smarks listen up!!!?
  28. Will Batista come back to WWE?
  29. Why IS John Morrison Not In wwe 13?
  30. Wrestling can make me Tough ?
  31. Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Benoit (Prime) vs. Owen Hart (Prime): Who Would win the Triple threat match?
  32. Post Attitude Era (2001-Present), what do you think was the best year in wrestling?
  33. is there ANYWAY WWE can get better ratings instead of making the product TV 14 again what needs to..
  34. Who do you think is the prettiest wwe diva?
  35. If mike tyson & stone cold fought, who would win?
  36. For those of you who watched Impact?
  37. What are some good moves to make a 13 year old kid to tap out?
  38. What makes Maryse hotter than Michelle McCool?
  39. Who'd win on a fight? Alicia fox or Michelle mccool?
  40. Was Gregory Helms underrated?
  41. Who'd win in a fight? Eve Torres or Michelle McCool?
  42. Angelina love or maryse?
  43. how do you get tickets to WrestleMania Axess?
  44. In wwe, can the wrestlers hear what the commentators are saying?
  45. Tna fans to answer now?
  46. Velvet sky fans to answer?
  47. What thing special do you think WWE would give to the WWE universe on SmackDown,21st December,2012?
  48. Wwe fans to answer now? undertaker streak?
  49. Do you Think The Undertakers Streak Should've Been Ended?
  50. Does FCW Wrestling run shows in america?
  51. Am i the only one that didn't care for the ruthless aggression era?
  52. tna bound for glory 2012 live FREE?
  53. Who do you have for TNA's Bound for Glory tomorrow?
  54. How can I get like Drew McIntyre from 2009-2010 I hate new 2011-2012 look?
  55. Which wrestlers are you most impressed by on WWE NXT?
  56. what do u expect From Raw this monday punk suspension ryback?
  58. Does anyone like Wade Barrett's new finisher " souvenir "?
  59. Why isnt Randy Orton in Big Main Event Storylines Like John Cena and Cm Punk?
  60. TNA Fans, Is John Morrison Tara's boyfriend from Hollywood, California?
  61. question for cena haters ????
  62. Your TNA BFG predictions?
  63. when do you think the wwe attitude era will return?
  64. even if WWE went TV14 rating is it true WWE would still suck because the writers are not good its...
  65. what are the main problems in WWE and what can WWE do to get higher ratings like in the late 90's?
  66. Is Cena vs Orton fresh enough now?
  67. Should I do high school wrestling?
  68. WWE Fans, Who set Kane and The Undertaker's Parents on Fire in Brothers Of Destructions' story?
  69. Who else thinks the blond wig in Eve's bag was stupid?
  70. Fill in the blank: The hottest wwe diva ever is _____?
  71. Who are the tallest wwe divas in recent history?
  72. Hottest blondes in wwe history?
  73. Who is your favorite WWE on-screen persona (non-wrestlers)?
  74. Why do you think Jeff Hardy parted ways with WWE when he was at his prime in WWE?
  75. Why did the undertaker cut his hair and why did Kane grow fake hair?
  76. Do you think Hornswoggle should replace Daniel Bryan as Kanes tag partner?
  77. Alberto del rio, to big for his own boots?
  78. why is rikishi not on wwe anymore?
  79. What is your thoughts on last night's WWE smackdown?
  80. So I got the new wwe magazine and they have a WM 29 poster?
  81. Mike Bennett and Maria or Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero?
  82. Did JBL just say IWGP and NOAH on WWE TV?
  83. Did WWE think about Heath Slater's nickname before they came up with this "band"?
  84. When is Randy Orton coming back to WWE?
  85. Who'd win a real fight? Maryse or Michelle McCool?
  86. I may sound like an idiot; but was the invasion with ecw/wcw vs. wwe scripted/planned back in 2001?
  87. Is *Jim Crockett Promotions Fan* the John Cena of the wrestling section?
  88. WWE Alberto Del Rio Money question?
  89. The past Raw just shows us why WWE should not go back to TV 14?
  90. When is Brock Lesnar going to make another appearance in a WWE pay-per-view?
  91. Who would had a better chance to end Undertaker's streak: Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit?
  92. What's the Difference betweenWWE RAW Total Edition &Smackdown vs WWE RAW..?
  93. Who'd Win Antonio Cesaro vs John Morrison in a WWE Ring?
  94. WWE: Why does Kane wear a single glove?
  95. What is kane's problem since brian tried to help him out?
  96. I know sheamus felt dumb after getting beat?
  97. who would win these wrestling matches ?
  98. Who sounds LOUDER when Vickie comes out yelling "excuse me!"?
  99. How come we can't tell Kane just got hit with the MITB case?
  100. what do you think about the announcers tonight? good or bad?
  101. Isn't a good thing those impact numbers were staged?
  102. Would you rather see another Stone Cold vs Triple H or The Rock vs Triple H match?
  103. Isn't Randy Orton supposed to be out for awhile, making a movie?
  104. Are you dissapointed tonight, since there is no Diva match?
  105. The Hardy Boyz or The APA?
  106. Will Ryback be the one that Vince will choose to end the Undertaker's streak?
  107. A simple question about Rhodes Scholars?
  108. Mega powers or edge and christian?
  109. Who'd Win Lance Storm vs Daniel Bryan WWE Ring?
  110. How cool was seeing Bully Ray put someone through a table again?
  111. does anyone know when Mark Henry coming back to wwe ?
  112. Do you believe Hulk Hogan when he said his performance on his sex tape wasn't up to par?
  113. What are your thoughts on Wensday night's WWE Main event?
  114. Do you think Austin Aries is being set up to fail?
  115. Is anyone else surprised Hulk Hogan didn't address his sex tape?
  116. Do you have a problem if Wrestlemania 30 is held in Los Angeles?
  117. Why Cant Vince Build Todays Superstars like the Old Days?
  118. What is your favorite lucha libre submission?
  119. Who Needs Pick Up Where Triple H Left off at as a heel Randy Orton or Cm Punk?
  120. who was a Better Leader Randy Orton or Triple H?
  121. Who is the most misused Currently Employed..?
  122. Hello there, why don't you respect the champion?
  123. Do you want CM Punk to pick Cena or Ryback? Why?
  124. Should this be Jinder Mahal's theme?
  125. Why do some wrestlers wriggle around when they're in pain?
  126. True or False: Had it not been for Owen Hart, the McMahon-Austin feud would have never happened?
  127. What do you think of my TNA Bound For Glory Results?
  128. Which team would win this match?
  129. How much is this signed jeff hardy photo worth?
  130. If big show and Brock Lesnar got in a real fight who'd win?
  131. Did TNA get the idea for Aces and Eights from this?
  132. When did you start watching wrestling?
  133. Why do WWE stars all wear really tight clothes?
  134. Recommend an indie promotion for me to watch?
  135. Dont u think it was entertaining when Cm Punk hit the fan?
  136. Anybody miss back in the day, like 20yrs ago when wrestling was cool?
  137. Who should face cm punk at hell in a cell? john cena,ryback or both?
  138. At what age did Kane start wearing his mask.?
  139. Who'd Win Kassius Ohno vs Rey Mysterio?
  140. Why John Cena had Elbow Surgery & When he got hurt ?
  141. is anyone going to bother watching tna today? BQ who could tna bring back so you'd watch it again?
  142. Who'd Win Kassius Ohno vs Sheamus?
  143. wresling fight into crowds?
  144. When will y2j return?
  145. What do you think Hulk Hogan is going to do tonight on TNA?
  146. Should WWE use the championships to seperate weight classes?
  147. What would be a good job for a indie wrestler?
  148. Who's better the Undertaker or Kurt Angle?
  149. Will wrestling help me in track?
  150. What are your thoughts on Punk possibly ending the streak?
  151. Will Jay Lethal be suspended for attacking Jim Cornette?
  152. Would you like to see Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel?
  153. wouldn't everyone just **** if Sting or Hogan was a member of Aces and Eights?
  154. WTF, did CM Punk seriously attack a fan during Monday's broadcast?
  155. The Hart Foundation (WWE) vs. Team Canada (TNA)?
  156. What is a good entrance song for a charismatic wrestler like hbk or jeff hardy?
  157. Is it possible that John Morrison could come back as # 30 in the 2013 royal rumble and win it?
  158. will Punk/Austin be bigger than Rock/Cena?
  159. 90 LB Wrestler High School?
  160. Tag Team Tournament 2?
  161. What celebrity do you think would make an awesome wrestler?
  162. Does anyone know where I can watch the CM Punk DVD online?
  163. Is wwe layla british?
  164. Do You Think WWE 13 Is One Of The Best Games This Year . ?
  165. Why is WWE burying Santino Marella.?
  166. WWE fans: What do you think of the One Hit Wonders; Slater, McIntyre & Mahal as a stable?
  167. Did you guys see the Hulkster rail that chick out in video?
  168. Tag Team Tournament Finale?
  169. The Winner of tag team tournament?
  170. Do you know why wwe wrestling sucks now ?
  171. OH MY GOD! you will never believe what I just found out?
  172. WWE, who thinks the fan CM Punk hit was a plant?
  173. Randy Orton or Wade Barrett or John Cena or CM Punk. Who's better?
  174. Divas who would beat Michelle McCool in a fight?
  175. Divas who area stronger than Michelle McCool?
  176. Who'd win in a fight? Michelle McCool or Amazon Amanda?
  177. Do you think Dwight howord Fake his injury and how long do you think he will be out for?
  178. Should WWE have there own version of Big Brother.?
  179. Why do people find Maryse hot?
  180. CM Punk's Promo June '11?
  181. Who is a better worker?
  182. did any of u see that guy that uploaded punk vs mchmahon wwe australia5? on youtube?
  183. Is this the greatest wrestling segment of all time?
  184. Can someone tell me what Hailey Hatred's entrance music is in this match?
  185. Trivia:Who was the first american IWGP Heavyweight Champion(be fair no cheating please)?
  186. What was the average attendance at indie wrestling show in the 80s+bq?
  187. If WWE and AJPW created a stable who would you put in it?
  188. What happend with Punk and the fan last night?
  189. WWE, Why does the IWC think the Attitude Era is coming back?
  190. Undertaker videos!!!!!?
  191. Who's crazier, Macho Man or Roddy Rowdy Piper?
  192. What happened to John Cena, how he got injured in his hand ?
  193. What Are Your Predictions For Bound For Glory 2012? Are You Looking Forward To this ppv?
  194. Do You Think Kelly Kelly Will Return To WWE ?
  195. I want The Undertaker to come back!?
  196. How does Wrestling not go Stale ?
  197. What are some promotions like IGF?
  198. John Cenas arms wont be better by Hell in a Cell so they threw in RoidBerg as a cover you think?
  199. Why can't Vince McMahon resign from wrestling?
  200. Do you have any ideas for a japanese inspired wrestling character+bq?
  201. In wwe 13 is there I quit matches?
  202. if I went to a WWE or TNA show wearing wrestling ring gear boots, tights etc you think theyd let me
  203. What would happen if a 250 foot Kaitlyn came down to the ring and?
  204. Which Video Game Was Better In Your Opinion Smackdown Just Bring It or Shut Your Mouth?
  205. So everyone wants Rybacks finisher to be the Clothesline right? How about this 2nd finisher?
  206. Name some attitude era stars?
  207. agree or disagree: NXT is more exciting to watch than raw & smackdown?
  208. What are your predictions for wrestlemainia?
  209. Can I please get a cheeseburger and fries, I'd like that to go please with a chocolate milk,?
  210. Who'd Win The Miz vs Dean Ambrose WWE fans?
  211. Your thoughts on the whole CM Punk backhanding a fan incident?
  212. I'm a famous wrestler?
  213. Will Bound for Glory ever have the legacy of Wrestlemania?
  214. who will cm punk face at hell in cell? would it be better if it was cena?
  215. What is more stupid R Truth & Little Jimmy or Joseph Park/Abyss.?
  216. whats your favorite Roidberg saying? are you waiting for him to say more than 3 words?
  217. What is up broskis, What should Sin cara and Rey Mysterio's official tag team name be?
  218. Agree or disagree: randy orton end stone cold's career?
  219. what will be alberto del rio's punishment be for ripping up the boys poster?
  220. Who do you think CM Punk will face at Hell in a Cell?
  221. What is your favorite wrestling promotion?
  222. Who has the best current entrance music in WWE?
  223. Will CM Suck's reign end @ Hell In A Cell?
  224. Who do you think would win between Sheamus vs Ryback?
  225. Agree or Disagree: Punk hitting fans proves that he is not handle being the face of the WWE?
  226. This is gold!!!! Vince has finally lost it!?
  227. Will Ric Flair ever officially retire from wrestling?
  228. who else think santino and ryder?
  229. who you think should undertaker take on?
  230. New and edited tag team/team tournament 2?
  231. Who Do Tou Think Argued With Vince McMahon?
  232. An I the only one who hates what they did to Kane?
  233. Who's the 2nd best wrestler after the Undertaker in your opinion?
  234. Is WWE looking to have Punk face Austin at WrestleMania?
  235. The new and edited tag team tournament 2?
  236. Have you lost respect or cm punk punching a guy for no reason?
  237. How do indie wrestlers pay for plane tickets to wrestle in other countries?
  238. What was Vince Mcmahon's state of the WWE address?
  239. Wrestlers who shoulda been pushed that WWE let go?
  240. how many of you think that Kofi Kingston needs a huge push?
  241. Who do you think is hotter?
  242. Am I the only one who wants to see HHH vs Punk 4 the WWE championship?
  243. What are your thoughts on WWE friday night Smackdown this past friday?
  244. Did a fan briefly try to attack CM punk by hitting him when he ran into the audience at
  245. What was vince thinking when he saw punk just hitting the guy TWICE the video is up on youtube?
  247. WWE: do you like the team The Encore?
  248. New and edited tag team/team tournament?
  249. Has Shawn Michaels ever did a another finishing move?
  250. Which theme is better?
  251. So what did I miss on Monday Night Raw is old geezer night?
  252. Why did daniel bryan stop chanting yes?
  253. 6 man elimination match for the Foley King of Hardcore cup?
  254. What are your thoughts on last nights WWE monday night raw?
  255. Whats a bigger jerk move in wrestling Overselling offense or underselling?
  256. Did CM Punk go Kenta Kobashi on that fan?
  257. Who would win a tag team wrestling dream match: The Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. The Rockers?
  258. what do you think wwe universe 3.0 will be like in wwe 13?
  259. Does Randy Orton Have A Mental Condition?
  260. Do you think Sheamus losing to CM Punk at WWE Main Event makes him look weaker?
  261. Are you attitude are fans happy that WWE brought you the attitude era to WWE13 the video game?
  262. Will HHH challage Punk 4 the WWE Championship?
  263. Cena question???????
  264. Why hasn't WWE signed Marti Belle?
  265. WRESTLING FANS : Give me 5 things you like about the undertaker (+ BQ)?
  266. Was that the worst decision WWE made tonight?
  267. WS : Ummmmm...where is matt morgan?
  268. Are surprised that some of the WWE fans haven't been complaining about the breast cancer thing?
  269. WWE Fans, how many time did Zack Ryder win the Intercontinental Championship belt?
  270. fellow wrestling fans?
  271. WWE Fans, how many time did Kofi Kingston win the Championship belts?
  272. Who's gonna face CM Punk at HIAC?
  273. Is this the greatest wrestling theme of all time?
  274. What would happen if a 100 foot AJ Lee came down to the ring?
  276. If you were going to make your dream match between any two wrestlers from any era and any promotion?
  277. What year did Rey mysterio win royal rumble?
  278. What does wrestling canvas feel like?
  279. Dont u think WWE is trying to looting us with the DLC?
  280. Match Between Punk vs McMahon: Awesome or Awful?
  281. Who's better overall RVD or Jeff Hardy?
  282. What was Sting's Theme song in WCW?
  283. Could vince announcement be that.......?
  284. Was that a planted fan or real fan that punk hit?
  285. Who's the nicest WWE Superstar in real life?
  286. Why is the best in the world always so scared of ryback. if he is the best then he rules...
  287. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIZ!!!!! leave your b-day wishes so i can send this link to miz so he knows...
  288. WWE question!?!?........?
  289. DANG Look at those nipples?
  290. who do you think will retire from 2013-2016(WWE)?
  291. Would you like to see daniel brian finally shave off that beared?
  292. Who Is The Best WWE Diva Right Now (Official) .?
  293. US championship vs Intercontinental championship question?
  294. Who Is The Most Annoying Person In The WWE . ?
  295. WWE TRIVIA: Hell In The Cell?
  296. Doesn't Del Rio leave the keys in the car?
  297. Wrestling fans to answer?
  298. Can anyone disagree that Zack Ryder looks like a jobber?
  299. Taryn terrell vs kelly kelly?
  300. The Kliq vs. The Hart Foundation?
  302. I never believed john cena was homo?
  303. Who's gonna win at Shine 4 Jazz or Saraya Knight?
  304. What do you think of the sign "Triple H's Only Fan"?
  305. What would be your reaction if Willow Smith did a flying crossbody of the top rope to Big Show?
  306. Who is cm punk defending his wwe title against at the hell in a cell ppv?
  307. Would You Say Vince Should Kill The Womens Division?
  308. Why exactly did the WWE rehire Brock Lesnar?
  309. My WWE Team Tournament?
  311. Who is the most hated wrestler of all time?
  312. Pick winners of these matches (TNA vs WWE)?
  313. WWE, what's more likely to happen?
  314. Did anyone here go to the House of Hardcore debut show if so what were your thoughts?
  315. Who would win here in this tournament?
  316. Kharmas replacement is Amazon Amanda!?
  317. What divas would beat Michelle mccool in a fight?
  318. how to watch raw with no lags ?
  319. What divas could beat up what superstars?
  320. Who Will Face Cm Punk At Hell In A Cell For The Wwe Title .. !?
  321. Who would win between these tag teams and why?
  322. Is WWE going in right way by scripting Ryback & CM Punk feud?
  323. How good is John Cena's mic skills in your opinion?
  324. is AJ Lee the hotest diva right now?
  325. Hottest tall diva ever?
  326. Who win in a fight? Maryse or Michelle mccool?
  327. Would you put the Kane vs Edge 2010 feud in your top ten?
  328. nWo vs. Four Horsemen WarGames Match?
  329. is it me, or AJ Lee get Tanned?
  330. The Hart Foundation vs D-Generation X?
  331. Who has the title in TNA right now?
  332. What are your thoughts on Cody Rhodes?
  333. What is your dream match?
  334. What happen to Elizabeth?
  335. In the Undertaker Mankind hell in a cell match; was it part of the script......?
  336. Which gimmick was better?
  337. How would Dave Batista fare if he faced the Mike Tyson of today last night?
  338. What would happen if the Undertaker lost at Wrestlemania?
  339. Thoughts on Vince McMahon making an appearance on tommorow's Raw?
  340. WRESTLING FANS : What finishing move would be better 4 ryback in your opinion?
  341. WS : Who's a better wrestler......batista or sheamus?
  342. Are you going to buy CM Punk's DVD on Tuesday? BQ?
  343. Make it in wwe as a short wrestler?
  344. What version of these superstars do you like better?
  345. Where can I get a Chris Jericho Alcoholic Gift Basket?
  346. In WWE 13, what will your created Wrestler's Finisher,Entrance and theme be?
  347. What is your favorite Booker T line?
  348. What do you think who won the WWE title at hell in a cell.?
  349. Do you think Sheamus is taking the 45 second world title reign of Big Show too far?
  350. Has there been any backstage or real fights in the WWE?
  351. Would you rather start as face or heel and why?
  352. Were you a fan of the late Umaga?
  353. Why did brad Maddox become a ref?
  354. King Kong and I wrestling for submission. Very erotic sight? or very entertaining to watch?
  355. Can't Eve Torres be a power woman like Beth?
  356. Does anybody enjoy watching Brodus Clay's or Tensai's matches?
  357. If Jeff Hardy Returned to the WWE who would be his rival/rivals?
  358. who is better. The NWO or DX?
  359. Whats your thoughts on Rybacks big win on SD? +BQ?
  360. Does anyone like Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio's new ring attire?
  361. Can someone tell me what these things are wrestlers wear on their arms?
  362. Professional Wrestling Fans: How Pro-Wrestling enter another time of prosper?
  363. What was the best matches of WWE Raw of all-times?
  364. Push one to main event level?
  365. Velvet sky is so hot?
  366. Ryback is being pushed as the next face of WWE?
  367. WWE TRIVIA: Basic Thuganomics?
  368. What is TNA like these days?
  369. Who is the Best Tag Teams in the WWE History?
  370. Is it true that kahagas couldnt make it in japan so he came to america to wrestle?
  371. Why do people say Ryback is a rvd ripoff if the same guy makes their attire?
  372. batista will most likely return to wwe after pg era ends! i saw an interview. your thoughts?
  373. Do you like CM Punk better as heel or face?
  374. who wins in a hell in cell match with ryback cs brock lesnar?
  375. My prediction for the start of raw?
  376. Who did you personally enjoy better Brock Lesnar or Bill Goldberg?
  377. Which Daniel Bryan chants do you like more:the old YES! chants or the present NO! chants?Why?
  378. What do you think about WWE 13?
  379. What would you compare wrestling to?
  380. What are the best wrestling moves to use in a match?
  381. Who would win in a Boxing match, Big Show or Mike Tyson in his Prime?
  382. Should Lita return and make a stable with Punk/Heyman?
  383. Spanish Essay: Compare & Contrast Ariel (Little Mermaid) to Genghis Khan -- help?
  384. Chris Hero or CM Punk?
  385. Whos better looking Layla or Eve torres?
  386. Who were some WBF body builders that became WWF superstars?
  387. Who would win Ryback or Goldberg?
  388. Does Saturday Morning Slam take place at an actual event called Saturday Morning Slam in
  389. Which wrestler next to have roid rage?
  390. Where can i buy WWE shirts in the UK?
  391. Wrestling Fans Who has been in the most "I Quit Matches"?
  392. Why do people keep saying John Cena died?
  393. Why are there people who call wwe kelly kelly ugly when she's clearly not?
  394. Do You Agree that TNA Superstars Theme Songs Aren't as Memorable as WWE's?
  395. Is the Hell in a Cell PPV the worst the WWE could have done?
  396. Who is better looking? wwe layla or kelly kelly?
  399. Is Dolph Ziggler the 'face' wrestler during this match against Punk?
  400. I wanna download wwe tout and my device/phone is not set to download it what should I do?
  401. Why does impact wrestling ??
  402. Were you surprised when Drew McIntyre reintroduced his "Chosen One" status?
  403. WWE TRIVIA: Enter The Next Big Thing?
  404. What do you PG era fans think after seeing this from a fellow PG era fan? (Link inside)?
  405. How would wwe go about it when undertaker dies(non kayfable. When he actually dies)?
  406. Pay off vs Perfect Plex?
  408. Who will win the tag team tournament, Rhodes Scholars?
  409. Whoud would you rather see face CM Punk at Hell in a Cell, Cena, Ryback, or a triple threat & y?
  410. Did Lilian Garcia just say Tensai was 936 pounds?
  411. Why Doesnt WWE See Much in Drew Mcyntire and Zack Ryder Anymore?
  412. If I buy WWE 13, what happens if I buy Fan Axxess?
  413. What happened to Doctor Shelby?
  414. Kevin Steen vs Bret Hart?
  415. Do You Think Ryback Should Specialize in Hardcore Matches?
  416. Who wants to see Crimson and Morgan continue their feud?
  417. Has a wrestler ever sneezed during their entrance, or during a match?
  418. Why don't they make a John Cena Vs CM Punk I QUIT match?
  419. What happened to Tensai's manager Sakamoto?
  420. SD is still a B show to Raw?
  421. How many of you have heard of te wwe plane ride from hell?
  422. Fortune vs. The Four Horsemen?
  423. Carly Rae Jepsen (More Inside)?
  424. What Is Your Favorite Wwe Moment Of September 2012 .. !?
  425. When PTP break up.. Who will go far in WWE?
  426. Is the Undertaker the king of the Goths.?
  427. Has Undertaker ever been suspended?
  428. Are you tired of seeing Big Show now?
  430. What are your thoughts on WWE's David Otunga?
  431. What's the situation with the undertaker wwe?
  432. So is Ryback getting a push with this Punk sht? WWE Championship (looks like it)?
  433. What's some funny wrestling rumors you heard before in WWE/F?
  434. Why was the "Lord" part of Tensai's name dropped?
  435. Why do the fans hate Team Hell No, when those guys are 'face' wrestlers?
  436. Do you think Kaitlyn would choke me with her big muscular legs?
  437. What if the aces and 8s tried to attack wwe?
  439. shawn michaels v.s hulk hogan ?
  440. What do you like about Ryback?
  441. who is hot: paige or eve torres?
  442. Who would win in a match, Ryback or Brock Lesnar?
  443. If John Cena died what do you think wwe will do?
  444. What's the best WM Entrance you have ever seen?
  445. Should Vince just buy out TNA?
  446. How would you rate last week's Smackdown?
  447. do you think wwe should move leo kruger to the main roster?
  448. How can TNA make they're product better?
  449. The WWE deal with Charlie Sheen have broke down and WWE are getting Justin Biber to take his place?
  450. How can I become a wrestler?
  451. What are the storylines going on in TNA right now?
  452. When will they have Santino's Foreign Exchange as a half hour show on RAW & Smackdown?
  453. Wanna get into the Japan wrestling scene. What matches should I watch?
  454. Did Daniel Benoit tap out to the cross face?
  455. why are people such hypocrits and get all angry at racist wrestling fans?
  456. WS : Do you think ryback will ever get to manhadle mark henry like he did 2 tensai?
  457. Why is Rey Mysterio wearing a question mark?
  458. What does WWE need to do to gain Cm Punk massive heat as a heel?
  459. What Do you want in WWE'13?
  460. What comes to your mind when i say West Newbury Massachusetts?
  461. Who agrees that the Aces & 8s story line has been going on for to long.?
  462. How many people hate brock lesnar and john cena and wish they would die?
  463. Is John Cena the greatest Submissionist ever?
  464. What is Sheamus's greatest moment as champ so far??
  465. is it wierd for me to do wrestling if im a girl?
  466. is it time That Time to build the Next Hulk Hogan in WWE?
  467. Best wrestler to use the Ankle Lock?
  468. How would you like to see the WWE end the longest running story perhaps in company history?
  469. Do you think WWE should unify the World Titles?
  470. Do you think WWE should purchase ROH?
  471. TNA Fans, what do you think of Samoa Joe?
  472. TNA Trivia: Who was the inaugural TNA World Champion?
  473. TNA Fans, About Devon, what happened to him that he didn't show up on TNA Impact Wrestling?
  474. What is a smart mark exactly?
  475. WWE Fans, did Beth Phoenix attack Kaitlyn at Night Of Champions?
  476. Do you think TNA will ever surpass WWE in ratings?
  477. What to do and what not to do in a fight with other person?
  478. Was CM Punk hinting at a Colt Cabana return?
  479. How do you feel about Rhodes Scholars?
  480. Was Chris Benoit's murderer ever found?
  481. Tell me ten reasons why John Cena is the BEST?
  482. John Cena _______________?
  483. would i be good to be in a storyline with cm punk anwsers?
  484. What would WWE do in this situation?
  485. My colleauges and I have been thinking of making Hornswoggle the WWE champion sometime
  486. WWE Fans: Do you think HHH will rise up again and Kick Lesnar or Taker's ass?
  487. If Ryback faced CM Punk what type of match would you like them to be in?
  488. has there ever been a wrestler like JOHN CENA?
  489. Who is the best Tag Team/Stable?
  490. Whos WWE's Next Big Stars after Cena and Sheamus?
  491. Do you think that it is too late for Undertaker (read details)?
  492. Any "Rocky vs Apollo Creed" stories you know of in Pro Wrestling?
  493. Why does Sheamus of WWE look like Chuck Norris?
  494. **2013** RoH will take over WWE?
  495. What do you think of this Wrestlemania card and rate?
  496. Isn't it awesome how Ted DiBiase Sr is better than you?
  497. Do you think Brock Lesnar will resgin with WWE?
  498. Why is Rey Mysterio's finisher so hard to set up?
  499. Since WWE Superstars is on Fridays now, why not do this with the show?
  500. After release of Kelly Kelly & Shaul Guerrero from, do you wanna see them in TNA?