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  1. Is Brock lesnar gonna come back to beat the **** out of Rybak at HIAC?
  2. Question for all WWE FANS?
  3. How can WWE do the Be A Star segment?
  4. What are your thoughts on JBL on commentary?
  5. Who do you think is going to return to the wwe before the other one does?
  6. So did you all enjoy this raw?
  7. Wwe fans to answer now?
  8. why should i get wwe 13?
  9. Should large breasted British Divas be billed from Titty Hill?
  10. Did David otunga really go to Harvard?
  11. Would you welcome back Mark Henry or should he retire?
  12. Wheres batista from wwe?
  13. Who else thought someone important will come out than vickie?
  14. Poll: How Awful Was The Crowd Last Night On Monday Night Raw .. !?
  15. List these wrestlers from best physique to worst?
  16. Are you excited for WWE 13?
  17. WS : Lets have our own wrestling awards 2012?
  18. Who thought what ryback did?
  19. What happened to Hunico & Camacho?
  20. Team WWE vs. Team TNA 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Team Match: Who would win this fantasy match?
  21. Does Wade Barrett have a good physique?
  22. Is the new ref on RAW, the one that AJ berated a few weeks back, Eric Bischoff's son?
  23. WS : If you were to choose a general manager for wwe raw.....who would it be?
  24. What will the ending be for Ryback vs CM Punk?
  25. Why did Raw general manager AJ resign?
  26. Anyone think A.J Lee is cute rather than hot?
  27. Damian Sandow is right about everything?
  28. Where did Raw take place?
  29. WWE event, row H. Good seat or not?
  30. Where's Christian wrestling at..RAW or Smackdown?
  31. Why Cant Todays Young Wrestlers Cross Over to Main even Status?
  32. is Sheamus OVERrated yet?
  33. Who else saw this coming?
  34. Why are the refs always around?
  35. So now what happens with AJ Lee?
  36. Ric Flair new gm of Raw and Smackdown?
  37. Who else are rooting for punk and the heels?
  38. Where is John Morrison?? I havent seen for a long time!!?
  39. I'm gonna return with a transexual gimmick?
  40. Where is your favorite place to hide the razor blade?
  41. Why does John Cena only know 5 wrestling moves?
  42. What do you think? Make changes if you please?
  43. Do you believe that John Cena cost AJ Lee a Job as a General Manager of Raw?
  44. Who's that standing by Kofi Kingston th one in the right black shirt?
  45. Who's standing on the right of Kofi Kingston?
  46. Nice costume randy orton has! he looks just like zack ryder and acted like him too! early
  47. How is aj out of the job for having an affair but hsve they forgotten stephanie and hhh or
  48. Why Is AJ Not Gm Any More?
  49. How stupid is matt? why does he insist on bothering del rio and team hell no?
  50. What ever happen to sakamoto?
  51. How Many Times Has Vicky Guerrero Been Gm Befor?
  52. On a scale 1 to 10,rate how much you like watching this in a match?
  53. Vickie Gurrero as the GM?
  54. So was AJ's affair with Ziggler?
  55. How did edge get his neck injury?
  56. Why does Cena look so damn skinny?
  57. What if Jack Swagger came back as a face and started a feud with Antonio Cesaro for the US title?
  58. Is AJ Going To TNA Is She?
  59. Why is the crowd so dead on raw tonight c'mon show some passion?
  60. What do you think Hornswoggle and Santino will be doing this year for Halloween on WWE?
  61. When are you getting WWE'13?
  62. Who doubts El Dandy?????????????????????
  63. Who is going to be your punching bag in WWE 13?
  64. Do you believe that the Hell in a Cell is HHH's proving ground?
  65. Does JBL hate Josh Matthews and Michael Cole?
  66. I Want To Know What Happened To Wwe I Stopped Watching It And Suddenly Its All Mixed Up?
  67. What matches (that are yet to happen) would you like to see from the current WWE roster?
  68. Did you know Perry Saturn and Triple H were tag team champions once?
  69. Where can I watch wwe hell in the cell ?
  70. why did the media fool people into thinking that WWE is fake?
  71. Batista returning at hell in a cell?
  72. Anime>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wrestling?
  73. Agree or Disagree Vince Mcmahon has killed wwe?
  74. What does TNA have to do in order to get bigger/better?
  75. Which WWE Replica belt should i get?
  76. Are you going to get WWE 13 the day it comes out?
  77. Why wasn't the 2012 royal rumble a 40 man one?
  78. I have a bit of a WWE game problem?!?
  79. Impact wrestling fans to answer?
  80. Does Raw stand a Chance?
  81. If Bobby Lashley stayed in the WWE do you think he would've been a world champion?
  82. Are you mad TNA sucks so bad?
  83. Can you create a title in Wii's WWE12?
  84. TNA must sign This person!!?
  85. Tna or Wwe? Why? Fire Away!?
  86. Could this be the greatest name for a stable?
  87. Who Would Have Made the Toughest Match for Trish Stratus?
  88. Wrestlemania 30 ???????????
  89. what word(or maybe 3 words...)come to your mind during the opening credits?
  90. has wwe created new shows?
  91. Will beer and pro-wrestling fulfill my entertainment needs?
  92. WWE, between 2007 to 2011 which year was the worst?
  93. wwe and the G ERA 2013?
  94. Is Trish Stratus the Most Overrated Women's Wrestler of All Time?
  95. why do people still compare orton to cena?
  96. So I guess the WHC Match isnt a Hell In A Cell Match? +BQ?
  97. Why is everyone in the WWE suddenly yelling, and acting delusional?
  98. why doesnt wrestling interest me at all these days, when i am actually a big fan.?
  99. Who's better on defeating undertaker?
  100. Is this the end of triple H?
  101. Why do wrestlers shake/flick their hand during a match?
  102. How come pictures of ugly a ** candice michelle came up when I typed in layla?
  103. Will WWE 13 have the new Raw entrance?
  104. Who are the possibilities to defeat Undertaker?
  105. Could XPAC ever come BAck in a wwe ring full time?
  106. Out of all people who needs a push..why Ryback?
  107. Fabulous Moolah and Buddy Rogers or Sara Del Rey and Daniel Bryan?
  108. will we see a 45 second repeat if ziggler cashes in?
  109. WWE and it's current era?
  110. Why does ECW have so many reunions?
  111. Middle school wrestling ?
  112. Is CM Punk vs Ryback at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship?
  113. What happened to Aksana?
  114. Where can I find boys wrestling WWE t-shirts?
  115. Is this video worse then it's still real to me?
  116. Who is the chosen one to beat undertaker?
  117. Best wwe finisher? Brock lesnar's f5?
  118. Cm Punk special move GTS Sleeper? Or Brock lesnar F5 which is better?
  119. Who do u think attacked Kaitlyn ant Night Of Champions 2012?
  120. McGillicutty a face?? I say awesome!!?
  121. Who was the largest man to be crucifix powerbombed (razor's edge, Sheamus' high cross)?
  122. Which is worse it's still real to me or Don't do it punk (links inside)?
  123. How painful is professional wrestling?
  125. Who's a better idle? Kelly kelly or Layla?
  126. Best wwe move? Mine is F5 brock lesnar.?
  127. Chris Jericho's done everything there is to do in wwe?
  128. Is Obama a member of Al-Qaeda?
  129. if jerry lawler never had a heart attack would micheal cole be heel stil?
  130. Do you think Kofi should host MIZ tv on Raw next week.?
  131. Guys if you fear for Cm Punk facing ryback please help me?
  132. Has Gail Kim ever given a male wrestler a happy ending?
  133. What do you think of a AJ Lee vs Stephaine Mcmahon match at WM 29.?
  134. What were your reactions to ryback vs cm punk being put on the card?
  135. What are your thoughts on Pro wrestler Brain Damage passing away?
  136. WWE Live Event Results??? Ryback Vs. CM Punk?
  137. What slogans or catchphrases would you give AJ other then yes or no?
  138. Why do a lot of people boo and/or hate John Cena so much?
  139. Who is the worst commentator in wrestling today? and all time?
  140. WWE Question Please Answer.?
  141. Has John Cena ruined the WWE?
  142. Do you believe the torch has been passed to Ryback as the next face of the WWE?
  143. Will WWE fire Sara Del Rey when/if her and Antonio Cesaro break up?
  144. If you remember who was the first wrestler you seen wear kickpads?
  145. Why doesnt Team 3-D/Dudley Boyz allow their students to go to wrestling shows?
  146. Why was The Undertaker's appearance at HBK's appreciation night wasn't shown live on air ?
  147. WWE and Twitter.....?
  148. Does Jindar Mahal look out of place in the 3MB?
  149. Who is yall's favorite Tag Team of all time?
  150. what would happen if a 200 foot Eve Torres came out and picked up Teddy Long and blew
  151. Ok lets say a 900 foot Kelly Kelly was up against a 625 foot Eve Torres in a fart
  152. On a serious note about wrestling?
  153. You think if I get a custom belt made they will make it with whatever I design ?
  154. Will The Ministry of Darkness Undertaker in wwe 13 have a different overall rating?
  155. Wwe replica belts????
  156. old wwe raw theme song?
  157. Question about Shawn michaels WWE?
  158. do you think vince russo almost killed tna in 2010?
  159. will triple h and undertaker ever be title holders and major forces again?
  160. WS : HEY GUYS......Good news ----------->?
  161. Wrestling match who would win?
  162. is Jeff hardy storyline with austin aries simaler to CM punks in 2009?
  163. Was Stone Cold ever a good wrestler his entire career?
  164. WS : When will mark henry return?
  165. Do you think Josh Mathews and AJ Lee have a secret alliance?
  166. Do you believe that the Hell in a Cell is HHH's proving ground?
  167. Who would win these wrestling match?
  168. Do you think Randy Orton and AJ Lee are having an affair?:?
  169. Team WWE Attitude vs. Team nWo?
  170. Is the WWE staged or real?
  171. Who is your favorite current Diva/Knockout?
  172. Are you surprised over the edge logo is in WWE 13?
  173. Is john Cena the one to end the streak of the Undertaker?
  174. Is it weird for a male to be inspired by a female wrestler?
  175. How do I add these things?
  176. is there a connection between Freddie Prinze Jnr and WWE being made for children?
  177. What if Bobby Roode goes to WWE?
  178. Who should Beth Phoenix face in her last match?
  179. What is wrong with WWE's Tag Team Division?
  180. Is john cena a future hall of famer?
  181. some times wrestlers are real as this story proves?
  182. tna future predictions?
  183. Who ruined Kaitlyn #1 contender match in night of champions?
  184. Who do u like the best............... Randy Orton or John Cena!?!?!?!?
  185. Ted DiBiase returns only to job too?
  186. Did CM Punk ever get in trouble for this?
  187. Do you feel WWE should have added a hint of racism to the Miz vs Kofi Kingston storyline?
  188. Tna/wwe dream matches want to see?
  189. Wrestling fans to answer?
  190. Tna fans to answer. no haters?
  191. why did the wwe release maryse at a young age?
  192. When do you think its appropriate for WWE to mention Chris Benoit again?
  193. Lol isn't the Miz just AWESOME?
  194. Has anyone else noticed this about Eve?
  195. WOW, Randy is back! (another Question 2!)?
  196. How do I become a wwe superstar after highschool?
  197. Former Wwe Wrestler Davari's Heroics Caught On CCTV Camera .. !?
  198. Anyone sick of AJ yet?
  199. Did Bruno Sammartino hate the WWF in the 80s?
  200. Would the Big Show have to hurry and quickly go for the pinfall really, really fast, after a KO...
  201. Will FWE or WWFX book Kelly Kelly?
  202. Will Bully Ray end up joining Aces and 8's?
  203. Why do the fans like Daniel Bryan?
  204. who is the tag team champions?
  205. If you were a wrestler who are 10 wrestlers you would like to wrestle?
  206. WWE Fans: Who is your favorite wrestler?
  207. does CM punk listen to rancid?
  208. So Ryback crushes a few local truck drivers and gets pushed to main event?
  209. Who's the best GM ATM booker or Aj ?
  210. who'd win, Mike Tyson or the Undertaker?
  211. What are some WWE backstage politics?
  212. Spoiler Alert Little Jimmy will win the next Money in the Bank payperview and go on to...
  213. when did the ryback cm punk feud begin?
  214. When Wade Barrett won NXT he was suppose to get a title match whenever he choose right?
  215. Do you think Stone Cold was a little too mean to this THQ interviewer?
  216. Who the ic title match on wwe main event on wednesday night?
  217. Which R-Truth gimmick is better What's up> Conspiracy guy>Little Jimmy guy?
  218. What game do you think Goldberg in wwe best...?
  219. How tall is Drew McIntyre real height not billed height.?
  220. lmaoo I'm taking wrestling in highschool and...?
  221. What's the point of NXT none of the starts after season 1 made it big?
  222. What happened to Mickie James?
  223. What are your WWE Hell in a cell predictions?
  224. Don't you wish WWE wrestlers would make it look real?
  225. When is Hunter Hearst Hemsley gonna return to the WWE and face Triple H?
  226. CM Punk -- Best in the World Blu-Ray Review?
  227. Should VInce McMahon really blame the creative team for Raw's low ratings?
  228. who's better? john or punk?
  229. whats going on with the wwe now in days?
  230. Do you think Tara's husband is worried about Jessie Godderz?
  231. Maryse Questions??? WWE?
  232. Were you surprised to see Austin Aries bring cookies as well as some balloons to Jeff Hardy's party?
  233. Did Bobby Roode carry James Storm during his entire career?
  234. Do you think Dolph Ziggler will be the next Undisputed Champion? If not, who will?
  235. Do you think Hulk Hogan needs to trust Bully Ray more?
  236. Where can i buy a john cena foam hand from?
  237. Rhaka Khan?? Opinions?
  238. How do you think Hulk Hogan felt being told to shove things up his ass by Matt Morgan?
  239. Do you agree with Bobby Roode, Should James Storm be kissing Bobby Roode's ass?
  240. If you were Austin Aries would you too had spit on Jeff Hardy's face on the title belt?
  241. Did you think those are things that are actually being said about Matt Morgan during the...
  242. My little brother beats me up?
  243. Who is cm punk vsing at hell in a cell?
  244. Do you agree it looks like Kane had a Fruit Roll up slapped against his face?
  245. Who do you think will be "future endeavored" during WWE's annual housecleaning?
  246. Chris Jericho or Cm Punk?
  247. What are your top 10 favorite WWE Matches of all-times?
  248. How can I become a WWE Diva?
  249. Is Antonio Cesaro the only wrestler in the WWE with actual "talent"?
  250. Who do u think will win?
  251. Is Bully Ray a face now?
  252. What are some good TNA tag team matches?
  253. Why watch wwe or tna?
  254. Which is better WWE Title or World Heavyweight Title??
  255. Should wwe change the ring's floor color because blue looked better on it if you saw the commercial?
  256. Could Eve Torres or Maryse?
  257. Did you know Jessie Godderz and his pecs are the future of tna?
  258. Otunga vs undertaker wrestlemania lawsuit match 20-0 streak vs 20-0 streak?
  259. Have you ever bought a replica belt of any brand or have you had one made?
  260. Has Anybody Else Noticed This Trend With Black Wrestlers Lately?
  261. Is TNA really a viable alternative to WWE?
  262. What NWA legend would you like to see win the NWA Heavyweight Championship one more
  263. Am I only the one who has lost interest in CM Punk since his heel turn?
  264. Does anyone like Ryback for this reason?
  265. Does Anybody Like Cm Punk ?
  266. I just watched bound for glory, on a scale of 1 to 10 what would you rate it?
  267. Did Chris Benoit Wrestle with or against ICP? Have you seen Chris Benoit music video?
  268. Does the Undertaker still wrestle?
  269. When will John Cena turn into a heel character?
  270. If Shelton Benjamin was the Best Pure-Athlete in WWE.Why did He Never win The WWE Or WHC?
  271. Why are the WWE and Kofi acting as if this is the first time he's been IC champion?
  272. Do you think Juventud Guerrera was one of the best cruiserweight wrestlers of all time?
  273. True or False: If the WWE stays PG forever then Cena will never turn heel?
  274. Who is the another masked wrestler in WWE similar to Rey Mysterio?
  275. Will Randy Orton ever start talking on the mic again?
  276. You think cm punk would be bigger then Stone cold In attitude era?
  277. Is the Miz trying to hurt Kofi a little bit cuz of the Trouble in Paradise Kofi gave Miz?
  278. is tna a reality show or just garbage?Bq why do people still watch tna when they know its lame?
  279. Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro vs Samoa Joe vs RVD?
  280. Can wwe diva layla el get any awesomer?
  281. Which theme song of The Rock is your favorite?
  282. Who is a better wrestler John Morrison or Dolph Ziggler?
  283. will tna bring back the six sided Ring?
  284. Could Batista or Lesnar do a better job against the Undertaker than Triple H did?
  285. How is kofi landing on someone with his butt supposed to hurt?
  287. What's the best nickname for the awful Ryback? Ryberg, Rybotch, or Skip Sheffield?
  288. Did you like both Stonecold Steve Austin and The Rock?
  289. Who is the strongest wrestler right now?
  290. Why dont you admit that Daniel Bryan is a better wrestler than every single attitude era wrestler?
  291. Do you think Ryback's undefeated streak will end at HIAC?
  292. Who is your favourite WWE heel/villain?
  293. Paul Heyman or Paul Bearer, who has had more influence in wrestling?
  294. Do you think CM Punk would be good in the UFC?
  295. Who would win a real wrestling match ?
  296. Why isn't Scott Hall A.K.A. Razor Ramon in WWE '13?
  297. When do you think Ziggler is going to cash in his Money in the Bank contract?
  298. Is WWE finally getting it right with Kofi Kingston?
  299. What are your thoughts on this past WWE monday's night raw?
  300. WS : HEY GUYS!......Real question (And please be honest) -------->?
  301. WWE Fans, How many times did The Big Show has Face/Heel Turn?
  302. Should Ryback challage Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
  303. What are Maryse and Michelle McCool like on real life?
  304. Michelle McCool or Eve Torres? Who is sexier and stronger?
  305. Would you like to be a jobber and were do they hire jobbers?
  306. Guys: Velvet Sky or Angelina Love?
  307. i want to go into wrestling?
  308. What do you rate Rybacks Matches?
  309. Guys: Stacy Keibler or Michelle McCool?
  310. What is worse: watching a Ryback match or chinese water torture?
  311. Kane is the last attitude era wrestler who is still full time. What is it about him that has
  312. WS Answer this..................?
  313. Did you know that the user Billy Bob Jones is bisexual?
  314. CM Punk vs Obama vs Romney in a debate?
  315. Is there any truth to the statement that Ryback is about as entertaining as paint drying?
  316. Is TNA XPLOSION real or fake?
  317. Is there a pair of wrestling siblings in which you thought the better one never made it...
  318. When is Chris Benoit gonna be released from jail and be allowed to return to WWE?
  319. On a scale 1 to 10 how would you rate Jushin Liger on each of his stats as a wrestler?
  320. Least favorite WWE Superstar?
  321. Should this happen...?
  322. Wrestling poll;based on overall skills?
  323. Do you think Ryback needs to cut more promos instead of just saying "Feed Me More"?
  324. WWE Question..............?
  325. How come WWE didn't let Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella) Use his Russian shoot fighter gimmick?
  326. What was the best WWF/E Hell in a Cell Matches of all-times?
  327. Thoughts about kofi kingston as being the new intercontinental champion?
  328. Has Hulk Hogan ruined his legendary reputation?
  329. Cm punk vs Ryback......?
  330. Who is one wrestler you like that most people hate?
  331. Will WWE '13 be downloadable or only on Disc?
  332. True OR False: Brock Lesnar will appear at HIC?
  333. Has undertaker announced his retirement?
  334. How do sumo wrestlers get their bodies to look like the way that they would look like?
  335. RHUMBOO OR RUMBOO 4 male Panda monk?
  336. Trish Stratus = Greatest Diva Ever?
  337. In all honesty, Don't you kinda miss the John Cena vs EDGE feud?
  338. Why can't there be a CLEAN ending to CM Punk Vs Ryback?
  339. Why doesn't the WWE start building Justin Gabriel as a main eventer?
  340. Bret Hart and Owen Hart vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit: Who would win the tag team match?
  341. Why can't t there be a CLEAN ending to CM Punk Vs Ryback?
  342. CM Punk | Straight Edge Society or Best in The World?
  343. is heath slater the biggest loser in wwe?
  344. Why did the WWE already announced that Kofi Kingston has already won the IC Title from The Miz?
  345. Do you cheer or boo if..?
  347. Does anyone suggest some matches of Ole Anderson in singles competition?
  348. Why do people keep thinking somebodies gonna interfere in the Ryback vs CM Punk match?
  349. WWE Fans, How many times did Goldberg win the world heavyweight championship?
  350. What divas would beat Michelle McCool in a REAL LIFE FIGHT?
  351. Which HALL OF FAMER was the 1st WWE champion?
  352. hi, I haven't watched wwe from about 10 months and I want to watch it again....?
  353. how much is Raw boring?
  354. Will WWE stop showing Kane on TV.?
  355. Are there any pro wrestlers that you are/were a BIG FAN of them, but they are considered bad or
  356. Why are the IWC saying Lesnar may interfere in the CM Punk Ryback HIAC match?
  357. Do You Want Ryback To Win The Wwe Championship At Hell In A Cell 2012 .. !?
  358. When Will The Rock Return To The Wwe .. !?
  359. I herd logos the new intercontinental I the only one that thinks this is wrong?
  360. Which move is more difficult to use Shell Shocked of Ryback or Neutralizer of Antonio Cesareo?
  361. would you rather watch iMPACT wrestling if?
  362. When is Jason Reso going to return is he injured?
  363. So, WWE Legends push Punk to face Cena & Cena just gives up his spot, really?
  364. why wwe divas half to be a certain look?
  365. On a scale 1 to 10 how would you rate Alex Shelley on each of his stats as a wrestler?
  366. Can someone tell me why WWE Randy Orton have not been on WWE Raw Supershow in several weeks
  367. Is it just me, or people complaining about John Cena just never ends?
  368. Based on overall talent,ability and physical prowess ;who do you like better(poll)?
  369. Who agrees if they make wade lose (cleanly) they messed up his character?
  370. Who put their body on the line more Chris Benoit or Mitsuharu Misawa?
  371. If You Could Be Any Superstar .. Past Or Present .. Who Would You Be .. !?
  372. Which Wrestler are you first going to play as once you get WWE 13?
  373. Do you prefer a baby-face or a #Heel?
  374. What is wrestling music?
  376. WWE Divas VS TNA Knockouts . ?
  377. Isn't hell in the cell no DQ?
  378. Ryback is so boring, why are WWE bothering with him?
  379. we all know cm punk will hold onto title at hell in a cell? but how will match be rigged?
  380. WWE: Where is Jack Swagger?
  381. Who has more fans Rey Mysterio or Cm Punk?
  382. Stacy Keibler or Michelle McCool?
  383. Guys: Best @$$ and legs in WWE history?
  384. Did you know Vince Russo created TNA's stable The Beatiful People?
  385. Stacy Keibler or Velvet sky?
  386. WWE TRIVIA: The Diva Division.?
  387. WS : HEY GUYS.....Did the undertaker return yet?
  388. Am I the only one who doesn't care about 'The Band' so long as McIntyre gets a push?
  389. Why does everyone think Trish Stratus is the best WWE Diva ever?
  390. WWE RAW , If I were GM tonight..?
  391. Ryback vs CM Punk hell in the cell!!?
  392. What r the wwe doing ryback will lose his 1st match ur opnions?
  393. Is WWE scared after Bound for glory Aces & Eights story line plus TNA hall of fame?
  394. ARE YOU KIDDING ME....?
  395. How can I get like the Lanky but Muscular Drew McIntyre not the fat bulky one workout please?
  396. Is The Undertaker A Heel Or A Face + BQ?
  397. Without Percy Pringle (aka Paul Bearer) are The Undertaker (Mark Callaway) and Kane (Glenn
  398. Is C.M punk really the best in the world?
  399. Do you think Eve is innocent, and this whole Kaitlyn thing could possibly be the build up for a...
  400. How will the wwe handle cm punk vs ryback?
  401. Should CM Punk face John Cena, Ryback, or the kid he backed slapped in the audience?
  402. Why are so many people praising Daniel Bryan and Kane?
  403. Which Raw intro and theme song did you like the most?
  404. Why do THQ have a demo available for WWE'13..?
  405. Why is Sheamus able to..?
  407. Why does Rosa Mendes wear her wrestling gear out to the ring?
  408. Who do you want CM Punk to face, Ryback or John Cena?
  409. Which WrestleMania matches would you recommend I watch?
  410. Why does WWE call their wrestlers "superstars" and the fan "Universe"?
  411. Can someone call Brodus Clay's mama about his losing streak?
  412. How screwed Is CM Punk right now?
  413. Now that Ryberg is set to lose at hell in a cell?
  414. So punk vs Ryback HIAC 2012 match will end in a ______?
  415. What is wrong with TNA?
  416. Does sheamus use gameshark to keep winning his matches? i feel like im watching wwe 12 with better..
  417. Well that was the first concert ever? the one man band didnt even start! I WANT MY MONEY BACK?
  418. cm punk knocked a few screw looses?
  419. Word on the street is a wwe referee is getting fired for screwing up despite what aj told
  420. Who's your favorite referee?
  421. Dammit kofi! he botched the move and hit miz's eye. it didnt seem scripted?
  422. Does the WWE still go on during commercial breaks?
  423. Would you boink Rosa Mendes?
  424. Why does wwe seem so repetive and predictable?
  425. how would you like it to be announced that WWE attitude era is back?
  426. Are you happy that Randy Orton is going to turn heel?
  427. Who else knows Daniel Bryan is going to win against The Big Show?
  428. So is Sheamus going to win against Wade Barrett?
  429. Are those pathetic fans in the audience more like sheep or actual people?
  431. Who was surprised and shocked, when Al Snow lost?
  432. Why do they always bring up the fact that Antonio Cesaro was a former rugby player?
  433. Can AJ Lee still go around and hit any wrestler or wrestling announcer?
  434. When 'Face' wrestlers have the World Title Belt, why do they put them 'on the line'?
  435. Isn't Randy Orton still on that 60-Day Suspension?
  436. Are you guys going to celebrate my 1 yr aversity in YA! in february?
  437. How soon will Ryback hit his 200 - 0 winning streak?
  438. Im still shocked to see kane defend brian after everything they've been through (not tge good...
  439. Is Garrett Bischoff also in the Aces & Eights?
  440. Will JOHN MORRISON make a returning to WWE?
  443. When do you think cm punk will debut the new title?
  444. Do you think it bothers Jeff Hardy that the crowd is cheering for Austin Aries at Bound For Glory?
  445. Do you think WWE is going to watch TNA Bound For Glory to see who gets control of TNA?
  446. How good was the street fight between Bobby Roode and James Storm?
  447. Who found it funny when the crowd chanted "We want head"?
  448. What do you think of Jeff Hardy becoming the new TNA Heavyweight Champion at Bound For Glory?
  449. What do you think of Rob Van Dam winning the X Division title?
  450. TNA Wrestling Bound For Glory?
  451. name the wwe superstars and their nickelodeon counterparts?
  452. nWo Hollywood vs. nWo Wolfpac WarGames Match?
  453. How is this guy in the list of the *top Answeres in Wrestling*?
  454. In a Prime match who would win Hulk Hogan vs Undertaker?
  455. How surprised were you when it was revealed Devon was the leader of Aces And Eights?
  456. WWE - Did you like Melina?
  457. Who's better in the ring - Kofi Kingston or John Morrison?
  458. Chris Jericho fans. Do you really know him?
  459. Should indie shows be required to have protective mats?
  460. How would you rate TNA's Bound For Glory?
  461. Hulk Hogan & Impact Wrestling..?
  462. Who do you think is far more Talented when it comes to wrestling ability: Bryan Danielson or...
  463. Should Dean Ambrose have a undefeated streak at extreme rules if he ever makes it to WWE's main...
  464. Would it be a bad idea to team up two wrestlers who have The in their names?
  465. Why did Eric Bischoff take so much pleasure in firing The Honky Tonk Man from WCW?
  466. Is TNA going somewhere with this Rob Van Dam thing?
  467. What would John Cena be like as a heel?
  468. Stonecold fans: Do you miss The Texas Rattlesnake....?
  469. What do you think of these 2 wrestlers?
  470. highest paid writer in wrestling?
  471. Would being placed in a camel clutch hurt more if you had a gut?
  472. What would be a good name for this tag team?
  473. Does the ring name Johnny Deathrow seem a bit tacky?
  474. Wasn?t Matt Morgan supposed to be going to the WWE?
  475. Is CM Punk legitimately a jerk in the locker room?
  476. Has Scott Steiner really used steroids or is that all natural body building?
  477. Why do all the Attitude Era fan boys say WWE sucks today.?
  478. WS Poll: Do you think C.M. Punk implements a better heel gimmick or?
  479. What do you think about The Great Khali?
  480. What are your predictions for Aries vs. Hardy at BFG?
  481. Which tag team did you prefer and why?
  482. Who are the winners of ROH Glory By Honor? What's the results?
  483. Who are the winners of TNA Bound For Glory 2012? What's the results?
  484. Who came up with idea to make devon the leader of aces and 8s?
  485. How do japanese people(who dont speak english) and wrestlers that speak english talk to each other
  486. Do you think TNA will have a prestigious Hall of Fame?
  487. Should Kofi Kingston bring his jamaican gimmick back and feud with Orlando Jordan?
  488. Is John Cena the greatest WWE "superstar" ever?
  489. Is Drew McIntyre's real height 6 foot 4.5 or 6 foot 5?
  490. Would you rather see CM Punk face John Cena or Ryback?
  491. is their a superstar who has won 4 wwe or wwf championships in his first year has a wrestler?
  492. Dolph Ziggler vs. Mr. Perfect (Prime): Who would win the match?
  493. Did Teddy Long look pretty with the blonde wig on Smackdown?
  494. What did you think of Batista's 1st MMA fight?
  495. How well known / respected is Adam Pearce in NWA ? Who has gone on from that to a betterknown...
  496. What Do You Think CM PUNK's Real Life Height?
  497. should i get wwe 13 or b ops 2?
  498. Should the WWE have a match in Havana, Cuba?
  499. Did Jeff Hardy really just win the TNA world heavyweight championship?
  500. Do you trust Bully Ray?