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  1. wwe fans your favorite storyline?
  2. These English fans are great they actually get behind it unlike our fans that sit quitely until
  3. Mick Foley vs Jun Kasai?
  4. Wwe 13 needs more menu music?
  5. If you were a WWE Wrestler,how would you want to win your first championship?
  6. When Jeff Hardy left WWE he said he would return, when do you see him returning?
  7. Your opinions....Do you think CM Punk will be the longest reigning Wwe champ in history?
  8. Don't You Just Love The Look On CM Punk's Face When Ryback's Music Hits .. !?
  9. How much longer will CM Punk be in the WWE?
  10. Wrestling: Will the Charlotte screwjob be remembered 10 years from now?
  11. Who will be Rock/HHH/SCSA/Cena/HBK in 5 years?
  12. WWE 13-what is everyones opinion on it?
  13. even though we are in WWE Pg is it true the matches in WWE are better now then in Attitude Era or...
  14. ?Questions about real athletic skill in WWE??
  15. How do you do mid-air finishers on WWE 13?
  16. Challenge: Who do you think will be the final four remaining at the Royal Rumble and how would
  17. When will Matt Striker and Josh Matthews finally turn heel?
  18. Will sheamus ever be a heel again?
  19. WWE 13, Change universe mode arena?
  20. WWE vs TNA 2013, who will win these matches?
  21. Bret Hart (Prime) vs. Kurt Angle (Prime): Who would win a 30 Minute Ultimate Submission match?
  22. If the rock faces cm punk at the royal rumble do you think he'll win?
  23. Is TNA just a reincarnation of WCW?
  24. How old is Daniel Bryan's beard?
  25. WWE obsessed fans, Sheamus?
  26. Chris Jericho fans, what is your most favorite match involving Chris Jericho?
  27. Chris Benoit (Prime) vs. Daniel Bryan: Who would win a 30 Minute Ultimate Submission Match?
  28. Your Top Three Commentators Ever?
  29. Why do some people say that The Honky Tonk man is ?The Greatest Intercontinental
  30. What would have happened if Owen Hart refused to do the stunt that ultimately killed him?
  31. Is Vince McMahon turning heel again?
  32. Could you see a Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus feud drawing money?
  33. Is Christian likely to retire soon?
  34. What was the one match with MNM?
  35. POLL;raw Or Smackdown Superstars Storylines Girls? etc whats better?
  36. WWE sheamus vs big show at HELL IN A CELL?
  37. I can feel the dark side pulsing through my veins...?
  38. Wwe 13 poll????????????
  39. Which WWF game is better for PS1?
  40. Who would win between ...........!!! 10 Points?
  41. what is this catchen wrestling ?
  42. Would Alexa Von Tess be great for iMPACT?
  43. Does kane wrestle like he did when he first made his wwe debut as the kane character?
  44. Anybody seen the Ricky Steamboat vs Rick Rude Ironman match?
  45. What would make a perfect Heel?
  46. How old were you when you first saw Ric Flair wrestle?
  47. Someone fill me in on what I've missed in WWE?
  48. How to do the Corner 10 punch combo.WWE 13?
  49. anyone watch the breaking kayfabe youshoot with lanny poffo? is it good?
  50. Have you guys noticed that in wrestling the guy who comes out last,always wins the match?
  51. How much is WWE Tickets?
  52. How many different steroids do the WWE wrestlers take?
  53. Why won't wwe ??
  54. Who would win these matches?
  55. has wade barrett lost momentum since becoming a singles star i feel hes missing something im not...
  56. Question about WWE and European fans?
  57. John Cena && AJ Lee Scandal?
  58. Who do ya think The McMahon's voted for?
  59. Is this normal for me to want this?
  60. Is Geoff Hardie the bestest wrestler of ever?
  61. Do you hate John Cena, and why?
  62. What are your thoughts on Ricardo wrestling under a mask again?
  63. Need help to decide to buy WWE 13?
  64. Are you excited for the proposed Orton/Ziggler rivalry for 2013?
  65. Don't you think THQ should add Wrestlers people would.....?
  66. is the Big Show the only wrestler who has?
  67. someone just told me wrestling's not real (you know wwe)?
  68. Cena fans, would you still love him if?
  69. wwe 13 question ???????????????????????????
  70. Should WWE commentators stop telling us who they think are going to be future World Champions?
  71. Which John Cena movie was better?
  72. Why is TNA always held at the same arena?
  73. What do I have to do to be a wwe superstar?
  74. WWE Sucks? now screw pg ERA for the 8 year olds agree?
  75. Who is more entertaining?
  76. Did you know Jay Lethal and AJ Lee dated once?
  77. do you think that john cena ???????
  78. If WWE was going back to the Undisputed Title who would you pick as the title holder?
  79. Will there ever be another raw & smackdown draft lottery?
  80. WWE Do u Think John cenas date with Aj LEE is Stupid fake?
  81. Why did Barbie Blank choose the ring name Kelly Kelly?
  82. Remember when John Cena owned The Rock?
  83. Why do people prefer WWE more than TNA?
  84. Will Brad Maddox get a push after his tell all on RAW?
  85. Why do wrestlers put oil all over themselves?
  86. Name a wrestler that you hate and why you hate them?
  87. If you could marry any female or male pro wrestler who would it be?
  88. Who has bigger boobs?
  89. When i take wrestling will my upper body strength and core improve?
  90. What are the Triple Crown and Grand Slam c'ship?
  91. Best exercises for wrestling?
  92. Whats going on in the wwe?
  93. What is the name of this song in this wrestling video?
  94. Wouldn't it be cool, if every show on the sci-fy channel, guest starred WWE's Edge?
  95. Why do cena haters say cena is overrated ?
  96. Which tag-team in the current roster is best?
  97. How would you rank the following wrestlers in order as all time greats?
  98. Road to Wrestlemania?
  99. Should evil Doink the clown come back?
  100. Which ex-WWE superstar is likely to return in 2013 and work on a full-time basis? +BQ?
  101. how to join wwe (world wrestling entertainment)?
  102. Global Professional Wrestling Alliance or National Wrestling Alliance(currently)?
  103. What do you wish was in WWE '13?
  104. wwe 13 or wwe 12 ????
  105. How does WWE 13 Fan Axxess work?
  106. 5-on-5 Elimination Style Match Attitude vs. New Generation vs. Golden vs. Ruthless Aggression
  107. What will happen in WWE if it is true, and John Cena actually did have an affair with AJ?
  108. Which wrestler or storyline did u like that everyone else thought was stupid?
  109. Song for Wrestling ... any ideas?
  110. WWE is so gay and stupid why do you like it?
  111. Who is jeff the killer?
  112. In your opinion, what was the worst PPV in wwe history?
  113. At wrestlemania would you rather see a lesnar vs triple h rematch or see lesnar take on the
  114. Do you think C.M. Punk gets the respect he deserves?
  115. On what day(s) does WWE SmackDown and Main Event tape?
  116. Multi-era Survivor Series tournament?
  117. Anyone exited for Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy's ladder match?
  118. How good do you think the team foley vs team punk match will be?
  119. Other than these three matches what was the most brutal match ever in WWF/E history?
  120. Tell me one word that rymes with "The Rock" + WQ?
  121. How come I lost in a wrestling match?
  122. Who is the WWE's best pure powerhouse of all time?
  123. should randy orton turn heel?
  124. Who Do You Think Is Stronger .. Ryback Or John Cena .. !?
  125. Who would win in a real fight?
  126. Do you find it annoying when vickie guerrero keeps saying excuse me?
  127. what do you think of aces and 8s on tna?
  128. How many times have you watched Smackdown and?
  129. true or false WWE is worst wrestling ever?
  130. Better wrestler kurt angle or cm punk?
  131. How do you actually do moves in WW 13 after grappling wt the A button(xbox 360)?
  132. Who would win in this match Current Cena vs Old Rock?
  133. is wwe 13 better than wwe 12 ?
  134. Reviews of WWE 13 likes or dislikes?
  135. even if linda mcmahon loses her campaign run Will WWE Change why or why not will it stay the...
  136. Ws: the handball section has 3 questions...?
  137. Are you flawless like laycool?
  138. What do you think about CM Punk?
  139. For people looking to get into pro wrestling is Fcw there best option?
  140. In your opinion :Who wins : when Cena is vs. Rybak and when Big show is vs. Ryback?
  141. If WWE re-signed Colin Delaney would he beat Tensai?
  142. is it a such thing as someone being a bad wrestler? or No?
  143. Is it true that Gangrel is a porn director now?
  144. Who do you think is the most popular WWe superstar?
  145. I want to sent a WWE Superstar an E-mail. Who should I e-mail?
  146. Did natalya really date cody rhodes?
  147. Do you think Cm Punk and AJ Styles would be the best tag team ever?
  148. Aside from stealing the spot from another promotion..(more inside)?
  149. Who do you think has capitalized the most?
  150. Who is more likely to become a fan favorite first?
  151. Who agrees Petey Williams is the greatest wrestler in history?
  152. which one had more fans during Attitude Era, The Rock or Stone Cold?
  153. Is Batista dead? (The one from fake wrestling)?
  154. Another Way In Which Ryback And Goldberg Are Similar .. !?
  155. Why Does Mick Foley Have A Car Crash In His Entrance Music .. !?
  156. When will the WWE give someone other?
  157. If C.M. Punk holds the title until Royal Rumble 2013?
  158. If we all start watching tna will WWE step it up?
  159. CM Punk, Straight Edge?.. meaning?..?
  160. WWE fans suck balls amiright?
  161. Who did you think was better Brock Lesnar or Chris Benoit?
  162. Who will win at Survivor Series?
  163. Which of this wrestler/superstar is the better of the pair?
  164. Who would win these matches in their primes?
  165. Don't you think wrestling would've been better if it wasn't fake and planned?
  166. wrestling question ????????????
  167. Are You Excited That The Rock .. !?
  168. Who would you feed to Ryback?
  169. did Brock Lesnar really left the WWE after SummerSlam 2012?
  170. Who is more stronger physically The Rock or John Cena?
  171. Is Ryback The New "Face Of The Wwe"?
  172. Do you think The Undertaker takes off his hat and rolls his eyes before eating his...
  173. In defence of John Cena, you know Bill Clinton is innocent too?
  174. Survivor Series Team?
  175. No Mercy or Perros Del Mal?
  176. WCW Halloween Havoc Reloaded?
  177. Is Daniel Bryan goat?
  178. Do you remember Crisp Penoa?
  179. Madison Rayne GIF - Good with computers?
  180. Does Vickie Guerrero have dirt on Vince McMahon , she gets yet another shot at GM ?
  181. WWE 13 Universe problem?
  182. what wwe match would be better and why?
  183. Do you think John Cena has aides?
  184. Where is the guitar man?
  185. Wwe 13 caw help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  186. Why hasn't WWE hired Hijo de Rey Misterio?
  187. Can i be a pro wrestler?
  188. Did you like Hardcore Holly?
  189. if you were gm of wwe what match would you make on summerslam?
  190. Should the WWE focus on making a new Cruiserweight division?
  191. What went down in the hotel room with AJ and John Cena?
  192. Jeff Hardy admitted he was gay?
  193. Did you hate how the main event on hell in a cell turned out?
  194. Has The legendary Macho Man Randy Savage ever lost cleanly to anyone else?
  195. A summary of WWE these past few weeks?
  196. Should Jerry Lawler retire from commentary?
  197. if you were gm of wwe what match would you make on tlc?
  198. Who has WWE 13' yet?
  199. Who' win Kurt Angle vs John Cena vs Undertaker?
  200. Do you think John Cena kisses Randy Orton in the shower and whispers "I love you" in his ear?
  201. Which one is the best overall: Sonjay Dutt or Muhammad Hassan or Daivari?
  202. Would you like to watch my daughter rassle a pig in the mud?
  203. Chris Benoit or Daniel Bryan?
  204. no one won the 2004 royal rumble?
  205. How good is wwe 13????
  206. Out of all the WWE celebrity guest hosts throughout the decades, who was the most skilled in...
  207. Which WWE Divas Has A Best Ass..? answer With Pic?.. get.. Full Points..!!?
  208. if you were gm of wwe what match would make on over the limit?
  209. WWE Fans: Would you would like to see Dolph Ziggler as a Face?
  210. Where do you rank the Undertaker in best wrestlers of all tme?
  211. Are these fair Stats for WWE 13?
  212. Should Dolph Ziggler Challenge The Undertaker At Wm29?
  213. Is Sting considered to be a "masked wrestler"?
  214. Who do you think would win in this match : Ryback or Goldberg (in his prime)? And why?
  215. Is CM Punk Not Going To Defend His Wwe Title At Survivor Series .. !?
  216. Besides the Rock, who do you think should beat CM Punk for the WWE title?
  217. Why are the announcer's so worried about Orton's shoulder?
  218. Is it bad that im tired of being a 15 year old cena fan i already stopped being a big one?
  219. Will they be making WWE 14 for the new xbox?
  220. I'm a wrestler can you give me a good theme for my intro ?
  221. Any other televised pro wrestling besides WWE and TNA, that I can watch on Time Warner Cabel?
  222. What is your WWE '12 CAW Roster?
  223. Who do you think has the hardest kick between these two wrestlers?
  224. Ac3 comes out tomorrow but.........??
  225. WWe raw holiday tour new York?
  226. When will big e Langston make is TV debut?
  227. SmackDown spoilers for November 2, 2012?
  228. Do these PPVs sound cool?
  229. What color shirt will John Cena come out with next week?
  230. Who was this wrestler in tna?
  231. what do you think who's going to be mick foley team and cm punk team ?
  232. Do you like Randy Orton's shaved haircut?
  233. Should The Big Show change the name of his Knock Out Punch?
  234. What should be AJ's reason to be hired back?
  235. Cm punk is ratchet! am i right?
  236. What would you rate sheamus on a scale of 1-10?
  237. Why is the WWE promoting the Rolling Stones?
  238. Who do you think would win this wrestling match?
  239. Will the Undertaker stay in WWE for 10 more years?
  240. Who is better cm punk or chris jericho y2j?
  241. Wrestling Poll WWE Universe! :)?
  242. Is everybody jumping back on Michael Cole's bandwagon?
  243. What Do You Think about tonight Aj VS Beth Phoenix ?
  244. Do you think this is the last match for Beth Phoenix?
  245. why is wwe so stupid now and cm anoying and overated lowering ratings? or the pg crap
  246. If you were a wrestler and had to pick a Team for your side?
  247. Well survivor series is gonna suck?
  248. aj styles v.s cm punk ??????
  249. Which WWE mid carders (Of All Time) would have been perfect World Champions + BQ?
  250. How many fans are whining and crying about AJ losing?
  251. Now that Beth Phoenix has officially been released from the WWE...?
  252. Why do you think Sheamus lost to the Big Show?
  253. Who is more talented Justin Gabriel, or Drew Mcintyre?
  254. Kids Ruining The WWE?
  255. What is your first match gonna be in WWE 13?
  256. How many wrestling fans were hit by Hurricane Sandy?
  257. How many people hate John Cena and Brock Lesnar?
  258. Does anyone feel sorry for JTG he doesnt even get his own music?
  259. Can you explain what has happened to WWE?
  260. Did Sheamus hold the title belt for over 300 days?
  261. how many of you little kids were mad because ryback was cheated from the title?
  262. So, what do you think of Big Show having the WHC title now?
  263. Where do you see Ryback in five years?
  264. Was anybody else disappointed with the teams?
  265. Who are your top 5 masked wrestlers?
  266. Does this seem strange to you too?
  267. kofi kingston, rey mysterio, divas matches not worth watching agree?
  268. Sheamus can no longer smack talk?
  269. My Awesome WWE Tournament 2?
  270. was the tag team tournament a waste?
  271. Should WWE hire Adam Cole to be Michael Cole's son?
  272. Anyone want to tweet to each other about the PPV?
  273. Why cant the wwe matches be as good as the promos hype it to be like punk vs ryback?
  274. Can anyone tell Randy's arm is hurting him pretty bad?
  275. Would this be copying NJPW?
  276. Great match between Cesaro and Gabriel, but are you seeing what I'm seeing?
  277. Since it is called hell in a CELL should there be steel cage matches?
  278. Who do you think Eddie Kingston will lose the Chikara Grand Championship to?
  279. Should Jinder Mahal use Freddie Mercury as an influence?
  280. Here it is punk vs ryback! what are your thoughts before it begans? who will win?
  281. Why do people think if Kharma comes back to the WWE the divas division will be ''saved''?
  282. Why did Del Rio have 'to job' for Randy Orton?
  283. What are your thoughts on Pac making his debut in NXT?
  284. What are my chances of marrying a luchadora?
  285. Anyone have a live stream to the Hell in a Cel PPV?
  286. ?Questions about the WWE Women's division??
  287. Should Tna Make a new wrestling game?
  288. Question bout the rock and John cena?
  289. WS : Dont worry guys....One day ryback will destroy the big show...TRUST ME?
  290. WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 PPV Predictions?
  291. Could this be the greatest wrestling entrance music of all time?
  292. Who's Excited For Hell In A Cell Today ?
  293. How cheap was that for Kane to DQ himself to keep the belts?
  294. Who is the hottest WWE Diva + BQ?
  295. So who here is getting WWE 13?
  296. Does Chris Jericho sound just like Steven Tyler when he sings?
  297. Most underrated wrestler today ????
  298. Who'd Win Brock Lesnar or Sheamus?
  299. Do you like Dolph Ziggler?
  300. Is Daniel Bryan a bit chubby for a Vegan?
  301. As of now, which show is better: TNA or WWE?
  302. What do you think my story for wwe 13?
  303. Does Anybody Else Miss CM Punk As A Face .. !?
  304. How come WWE wrestlers don't put on fast pAced entertaining matcha like they use to?
  305. Current wwe divas vs tna knockouts?
  306. Do you have to preorder wwe 13 to get mike tyson?
  307. Will You Miss The Undertakers "Legendary Streak" .. When The Phenom Retires .. !?
  309. Do you agree that John Cena is da stwongest and bestest wrestler evar!?
  310. Do You Think there working on WWE 14 . ?
  311. Poll: Do You Like Or Dislike Ryback .. !?
  312. Is my Christmas list good?
  313. I just got out of jail, what time and channel does WCW Nitro come on?
  314. Are the matches at wwe uk world tour in november set to change depending on the outcome
  315. The Great Muta vs. Masahiro Chono vs. Jushin Liger: Who would win a triple threat Match?
  316. Which match is better and why?
  317. is school worth missing for hell in a cell and raw?
  318. Do you guys think Austin Aries deserves to fight Jeff Hardy for the TNA title?
  319. Which one is better TNA vs ROH?
  320. Did they just say that CM Punk is champion for 343 days?
  321. How good do you think Antonio Inoki would have done in UFC in the 90s?
  322. says the rock is in wm29, cena is definitely in but wwe had a poster showing cena, rock
  323. Where Watch WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Online Live Stream and Replay for Free?
  324. CM Punk vs Ryback hell in a cell predictions?
  325. 10 points for Best Answer: Name 5 wrestlers, current, retired, or dead, that........?
  326. What are all the matches in hell in a cell?
  327. Good wrestling strategys? For high school any good sites?
  328. Does anyone know what WWE Teddy Long found on Eve Torres for Smackdown?
  329. What exactly happened between Shelly Martinez and Dave Batista?
  330. Will stone cold show up at hell in a cell?
  331. If i want to join wwe what would be good ring name my name is mike( only positive answers please)?
  332. Can Lord Voldamort smell what The Rock is cooking?
  333. Is Brock Lesnar going to be in WWE next year?
  334. What Do You Think Of WWE Divas Today . ?
  335. How did Sara Del Rey feel about Antonio Cesaro dating Aksana kayfabe?
  336. Which wrestler do you think should have retired years ago, but still wrestles?
  337. Regular show says wrestling is not fake!?
  338. i predict cm punk and big show win at hell in cell- what other matches are there?
  339. What happened with cm punk?
  340. why did tna replace velvet sky angelina and winter with gail kim and tessmacher?
  341. can TNA get sued for bubba ray dudley saying wwe on there show?
  342. Is there still a place in wrestling for cheese?
  343. For you when did the WWE become boring?
  344. Agree Or Disagree: Ryback Is "The Next Big Thing"?
  345. Is the dream match of HBK Shawn Michaels vs The People's Champion The Rock ever going to take place?
  346. is Daniel Bryan still going to wear no no shirt?
  347. Sheamus is a secret heel! how can you be a face and hurt innocent people doing there job which...
  348. POLL: WWE or TNA guys?
  349. Does Anyone Else Hate Randy Orton's New Hairdo?
  350. Is the blood in wwe real like on there elbows and stuff and knees and all that?
  351. if cm punk and brock lesnar had a feud going into wrestlemania 29 how would you book it?
  352. Do you think this will happen at Hell in a Cell?
  353. WWE match of the year 2012?
  354. What ever happened to kane's right eye anyways? i know he is blind there for sure but what happened?
  355. Lets hope they restore John Laurinaitus to the GM role of WWE Raw?
  356. WWE Royal Rumbles, agree or disagree?
  357. is it sad that the kaitlyn/eve storyline is the most interesting storyline on smackdown?
  358. Was this the most hilarious WTF moment in wrestling history?
  359. What are your thoughts on Hell In A Cell only having one match that's an actual Hell In A Cell...
  360. What would you say has been the best match of the decade so far?
  361. Will you be watching TNA tonight on SPIKETV at 8PM?
  362. How to become furious?
  363. Possible Survivor Series match card.....? My Predictions....?
  364. Why do people make Reviews about wrestling?
  365. How do I cut from 113 pounds to 106 pounds for High School Wrestling?
  366. 30 Women Royal Rumble Match who would win a fantasy royal rumble match?
  367. Anyone else thinking WWE will be dead in 5 years?
  368. Would it end punk if he lost to ryback by tap out?
  369. Why are wrestlers given flowers in japan before their matches?
  370. Does The Miz have a good physique?
  371. Do you miss the sycho r-truth during his fued with cena? also when he hated lil jimmy?
  372. Does anyone else hate that one specific referee during barret vs randy?
  373. How to survive a season of highschool wrestling?
  374. Anyone else noticing the reduced number of wrestling trolls?
  375. Create a list of the "Top Ten Whiners & B8tshes"?
  376. Ok, why doesn't TNA put Savage in their HOF if he's on bad terms with WWE?
  377. WWE or Ultimate Surrender:Which has the better women's division?
  378. What if goldberg was behind randy orton and speared him?
  379. Do you miss this match?
  380. What do you think of these ideas?
  381. Is CM Punk still a Cubs fan?
  382. Will WWE ever be the way it was before it changed to the PG rating?
  383. Do you feel sorry for Ryback?
  384. Why hasn't the WWE inducted Randy 'Macho Man' Savage yet?
  385. If you are part of the WWE Creative Team what idea would you bring to make both brands
  386. Do you think Hulk Hogan is using the contenders for the TNA Championship for his own personal...
  387. Do you think Aces and Eights are looking forward to the Women Devon said he had for them?
  388. Is Bully Ray telling the truth Nobody has kicked out of the 3D finishing move?
  389. Tna/wwe jeff hardy vs chris beniot Situations?
  390. Do you believe Hulk Hogan that Aces and Eights are gangsters and killers?
  391. Does Devon have to pay for Women because everyone in Aces And Eights is ugly?
  392. Do you believe Brooke Hogan when she said she wouldn't even touch Jessie Godderz?
  393. Why was Dino Bravo murdered and what would have happened if he wasn?t?
  394. Did anyon e hear soeone in TNA say, "Cut, Ok" to go to commercial break?
  395. How was Cyndi Lauper(no wrestling experience at all) be Wendi Richter's trainer?
  396. With all the eyes Jeff Hardy has are you surprised he doesn't have any in the back of his head?
  397. How do you feel now that Devon said, "Screw the fans, we're rich"?
  399. What if WWE headquarters in Stamford,Connecticut burnt down?
  400. If you could form a faction who would you include and what would you name it?
  401. Hell in a Cell 2012: CM Punk vs Ryback finish?
  402. What if Vince Mcmahon Sr. had sold the WWWF to Bruno Sammartino instead of VKM?
  403. TNA questions???????
  404. since Hell in a Cell is in Atlanta, do you think Goldberg will show up?
  405. Ok so lets say that The Rock wins the title at the Royal Rumble?
  406. Hulk Hogan has a sex tape out?
  407. What are your top 10 favorite WWE Matches in Ruthless Aggression Era?
  408. Wouldn't this be an exciting match type?
  409. When John Cena was getting it on with AJ, do you think he was wishing that?
  410. Tie breaker for Greatest Tournament of all time Round 1?
  411. Who is the best wrestler ever in the wwe?
  412. Are you tired of Yahoo Answers?
  413. Since tna gave rvd the x title to?
  414. WWE 13, how much will it cost?
  416. Can I buy WWE merchandise at Smackdown shows?If yes,Is it same as on WWEShop?
  417. Wrestlemania 29 card?
  418. Did you think AJ Lee would've had better taste in men than John Cena?
  419. Who Is The Worst WWE Superstar Or Diva Of All Time (Official) ?
  420. follow me on twitter @scousewrestling bq?
  421. Does anyone else think Ricky Marvin looks like a cute little Chinchilla?
  422. Wwe thursday night titans epsiode 3 plz rate matches.?
  423. what is your favourite wrestling game?
  424. WWE match of the years 2000 to 2012, do yo agree?
  425. What is your WWE 13 Universe 3.0 Schedule gonna look like?
  426. Who's the strongest: Mark Henry in prime, Bill Goldberg in prime, or Ryback in prime?
  427. Wwe fans to answer now?
  428. Who's Return Are You Anticipating More .. !?
  429. What,if any,is the 3rd option in pro wrestling?
  430. What's been the weirdest name you've heard given to a pro wrestling move or hold?
  431. Why does WWE display eye candy for the PG crowd?
  432. Why did they give rvd the x title?
  433. If there was suppose to be another Armageddon 6 man hell in a cell match, which superstars would...
  434. Ric Flair to return to WWE on Monday!!?
  435. What Will Happen To Ryback After Hell In A Cell .. !?
  436. Why Does Michael Cole Always Say "Oh My" .. !?
  437. Was kurt angle better on tna then wwe?
  438. Which Wwe Wrestler Do You Think Is Most Like His Wwe Gimmick .. Outside The Ring .. !?
  439. What did you make of Raw this week? (Plus other questions)?
  440. Is A.J. Lee almost done in WWE? Your Thoughts?
  441. could you show me the following moves of wrestling?
  442. What are most of the wwe superstars ages in the 2012 year?
  443. Would it shock you if Vince added commercial breaks in ppv's?
  444. Is Daniel Bryan's "No Lock" .. Just The Crippler Crossface With A Different Name .. !?
  445. How would you build the perfect wrestler?
  446. Do you consider kane a hall of famer?
  447. Should wwe have left cena fired until raw after wm28 then have brock return the same night?
  448. WWE Poll Which One . All Of The WWE . (Former WWE ) . ?
  449. How to become the best high school wrestler?
  450. WWE: how long intell "The Band" Splits up?
  451. Ok.So what was the point of CM Punk vs HHH at Night of Cmapions 2011?
  452. Did you know Alberto Del Rio's brother is in NXT?
  453. Hold on last night was the "largest lumberjack"?
  454. Top triple threat matches of the attitude era?
  455. Orton prefers to be a heel details inside?
  456. What would happen if....?
  457. Hulk Hogan New World Order. Message for you?
  458. How in the hell does John Cena steal Tv time away from other Talent when wrestling is scripted?
  459. Finally referee Mike Chioda is back?
  460. Which one would you rather see?
  461. Am I the only one who's tired of getting stereotyped just because I'm a Cena fan?
  462. Why does Steve Corino dress like a 12 year old skateboarder?
  463. What is your favorite Booker T line?
  464. WWE Monday Night Raw 10/22/12?
  465. TNA fans: Who knows who is this wrestler?
  466. Which gimmick do you prefer better?
  467. What was your reaction to Chris Benoit's death?
  468. which of these 5 entertained us more and better in wwe?
  469. Do you miss Booker T on commentary?
  470. Do you think Ryback will be able to beat CM Punk this Sunday at Hell in a Cell?
  471. Do you think that THQ is already working on WWE 14?
  472. Other wrestlers complaining about Brodus Clay?
  473. Who do you think should be the face of WWE and TNA?
  474. Where can I watch WWE Hell in a Cell online?
  475. Where's Mark Henry?
  476. Snitsky & Tensai, hating on McIntyre?
  477. Which is the best fued?
  478. Does anybody care about Mike Tyson?
  479. Does anyone agree with me?
  480. John Cena's FU name changed?
  481. Better wwe comentator? Jr or Michael cole?
  482. who thinks wwe should turn U and have cena and sheamus singing nursery rhymes?
  483. so wwe are looking to bury cm punk?
  484. How much longer will the WWE continue to sweep Ryback's dirt under a rug?
  485. why does cena always have to do a crap promo every raw about how he loves the wwe universe?
  486. Do you think it's a good idea having British Stable in WWE?
  487. Do Brock Lesnar and John Cena really hate each other?
  488. EXCLUSIVE: Ryback Botches "Shell Shock" Again at WWE House Show?
  489. why do only cena fans hate cm punk?
  490. Can I ask this question?
  491. Why don't wrestling fans help me?
  492. Question for all WWE FANS?
  493. Why WWE wrestlemania does not come to india?
  494. do u watch seanz view ent on youtube the wwe guy?
  495. TNA vs. WWE Fantasty Matches?
  496. Do you think the WWE is misusing Paul Heyman?
  497. WWE Monday Night Raw 10/22/12?
  498. Who are your top 10 sexiest women wrestlers, with a twist?
  499. 10/12 Raw draws lowest rating in 15 years, surprised?
  500. Please answer some of my questions about Pro Wrestling......?