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  1. What episode of NXT? Dean Ambrose?
  2. Kane and Daniel Bryan?
  3. What match is scheduled for next weeks Wednesday night main event?
  4. As the fucking ideot called wrestlingjesus says that he has watched czw on tv but im
  5. Which wrestler had the best face paint ever?
  6. What is Christian York's future in wrestling and TNA?
  7. Wrestling should be R18?
  8. If TNA become bigger than WWE?
  9. About Aksana VS Katlyn match Last RAW ?
  10. 3MB vs. 3 Count: Who would win a 6 man tag team match?
  11. How old is pro wrestler Davina Rose?
  12. Could you believe the undertaker could lose a match in wrestlemania if?
  13. Why are WWE not using talent like santino and hornswoggle.?
  14. Is it me or are Aces and 8's bringing down TNA?
  15. How many of you remember the Undertaker's debut in the WWE?
  16. What would be your dream main event match at Wrestlemania?
  17. Will CM Punk break Bruno Sammartino's record as the longest reigning world champion?
  18. Why do some wrestlers need to get their butts beaten for 15 straight minutes?
  19. did TNA just copy WWE with this scandal with bully ray and brooke hogan like aj and john cena?
  20. Eric young beat done is his Farewell in tna?
  21. Ryback will have his revenge against those 3 men and CM Punk?
  22. Please name all the times TNA Copied WWE and When WWE Copied Tna what was the storylines and angles?
  23. brad maddox is so hot!?
  24. Who's Better:The return?
  25. Can CM Punk be a great opponent for The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29?
  26. Whats the best fued in WWE History?
  27. WWE: is Goldberg the person behind all the attacks on ryback?
  28. True or False Having a good crowd makes wwe matches better?
  29. Who would win these odd matches and how?
  30. If WWE went back to TV-14, how much would it change?
  31. Smackdown or raw? WWE?
  32. WWE vs TNA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
  33. Who should be the one that rings the bell?
  34. Why is Randy Orton Losing His Potienal at Becoming One of The Greats?
  35. hulk hogan or gary bettman ?
  36. What comes in your mind when I say 'Panda'?
  37. Who would win the following matches?
  38. Did you hear what happened to Lil Jimmy?
  39. Where can i watch replay of wwe raw episodes?Full video?And good quality.For free.thanks.?
  40. Which WWE video game series do you like?
  41. Which World Championship Is Credible: The WWE Championship OR The World Heavyweight Championship?
  42. Zack Gowen vs New Jack with a chainsaw. Who wins?
  43. What if Stone Cold Batista?
  44. WWE 13 Tights or street clothes?
  45. Who would like to see Kaitlyn win the WWE Divas championship?
  46. Which The Big Show Theme Song do you like?
  47. is miz turning face?...?
  48. Is blonde maryse's natural hair color?
  49. Why do older people hate john cena and why do kids hate cm punk?
  50. Did wrestling fans hate Hogan in the 80s as much as they do Cena today?
  51. What exactly is wrestling.?
  52. Wrestling first move?
  53. who are your favorite wrestlers and divas tag teams and stables?
  54. What would happen if Vince McMahon is dead?
  55. Did cocaine and steroids make wrestling promos more entertaining?
  56. Has The Undertaker ever lost a casket match?
  57. Wrestling fans to answer?
  58. What would be your reaction if Antonio Cesaro brought back the Ricola Bomb and yelled this
  59. What moves do men use when they are beating their women?
  60. WWE Main Event: The Miz or Dolph Ziggler?
  61. Why wont WWE lets ryback be wwe champion?
  62. How to become a WWE diva?
  63. Let's hear it for the Hitman!!?
  64. Why do WWE fans hate TNA and vice versa?
  65. If shelton benjamin was...?
  66. Best Divas/ Knockouts matches of all time ?
  67. What happens if you tap out after you grab the rope?
  68. Question about Rick Steiner?
  69. What Will be TNA or WWE Last Match If It Ends soon?
  70. Do you think they should throw Kofi Kingston and Justin Gabriel into a tag team?
  71. Why did the WWE choose to make Daniel Bryan an idiot?
  72. Have wrestling fans always been as cynical as most are today?
  73. Who will be the wwe champ at the end of 2012?
  74. Why do they call it the ruthless aggression era?
  75. What is the diff between reality and pg era?
  76. Have you ever met any pro wrestlers?
  77. The oldest debuted wrestler on WWE right now?
  78. The Undertaker WWE...?
  79. Next PPV event? WWE.?
  80. Anyone else excited about the fresh new young blood WWE?
  81. Whats your favorite high flying move?
  82. Is TNA, WWE fake ??.?
  83. Whoever gets this will get a free best answer?
  84. How is WWE so bad? IT SUCKS?
  85. WWE: LOL Why does the crowd cheering for heel?
  86. Do you think the wrestling industry is centered more in Florida or Connecticut?
  87. What did you think of Raw this week? (In depth)?
  88. Best WWE Wrestler of all time?
  89. ryback future wwe champ or whc champ ? if yes when do u think?
  90. kaz and daniels ........?
  91. why is the wwe making cm punk keep his belt and attacking ryback?
  92. Am I The Only One Who Hates A Boring (Dead) Crowd When Watching WWE Monday Night Raw?
  93. Is this AJ/Cena storyline proof Vince thinks we are dumb?
  94. Does anybody remember when Randy Orton broke his own arm?
  95. Does Wade Barett have a Roman nose?
  96. Is anybody else tired of the Alberto Del Rio And Randy Orton feud?
  97. Do you think CM Punk is carrying a rabbit's foot?
  98. What do you think John Cena and AJ Lee were doing in that parked car for an hour?
  99. Did anybody laugh when John Cena was hopping after he hurt his ankle?
  100. Is the reading level in the wrestling section really low?
  101. Who won the WWE match between john,cm punk and ryback?
  102. Why does John Cena get to kiss all the Divas?
  103. How do you feel knowing this fact about wrestling?
  104. Why are the commentator's so worried about a wrestler?
  105. Who else believes it would be stupid to give wwe title to the Rock?
  106. When will Vickie Guerrero go away?
  107. Who would win a Traditional Survivor Series Match: D-Generation X vs. nWo?
  108. Which wrestlers do you think have been underrated for many years now?
  109. I need help on adding all wrestlers?
  110. What is the point of wrestlers like Brodus Clay?
  111. What are your thoughts on the following wwe audience members?
  112. Do you feel the WWE is having too many controversial finishes?
  113. Does anyone remember when this happened?
  114. Did The Miz turn face at Survivor Series?
  115. What is the longest WWE title reign in history?
  116. Are Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose going to end up being fed to Ryback?
  117. What is your favorite WWE backstage segment?
  118. If C.M. Punk is the Best In The World?
  119. Its My First Year Wrestling For 8th Grade. TIPS?
  120. Who would win in a Prime match: nWo vs. The Hart Foundation?
  121. Where is Dusty Rhodes when you need him?
  122. Team TNA vs Team WWE Who Will Win?
  123. Was last night's Pay Per view entertaining?
  124. Do you agree C.M. Punk vs. Cena is getting to be tiresome?
  125. has rvd ever been a heel?
  126. Can C.M. Punk even be hated?
  127. Should R-Truth and Titus O' Neil get their own 'Black Announce' table?
  128. When will the undertaker return?
  129. Am i gay for being a fan of dolph ziggler?
  130. What is your favorite backbreaker variation?
  131. Who is your favorite attitude era superstar?
  132. what happens once john cena leaves WWE for good i ask this because john cena keeps getting injured?
  133. What is the monitor on the announce table for?
  134. Why didn't R Truth fight last night??!?
  135. Was Survivor Series THAT bad?
  136. New straight edge or nexus to be formed?
  137. Please Tell Me How Do I Watch Monday Night Raw 11/5/2012? Please Give Me Links?
  138. Is wwe 13 worth buying?
  139. WS : Name your top 2 superstars that you missed alot that are capable to return 2 action?
  140. Should WWE make a WWF vs WCW video game?
  141. Am I the only person who stopped watching WWE because of CM Punk's long cheating WWE title reign?
  142. Was Undertakers 20-0 streak scripted?
  143. Who do YOU think brought out the best in these wrestlers, in the ring?
  144. Who else agrees with Paul Heyman?
  145. Is it safe to say that Christian's window of time to shine in the WWE is over?
  146. What are your predictions for Survivor Series?
  147. Aj turns on Cena and Dolph cashes in his money in the bank?
  148. How's raw so far at school..?
  149. this makes no sense about ziggler?
  150. Heyman said Hogan couldn't beat cm punk pointing to number 9?
  151. Should I go to wrestling practice tomorrow?
  152. Why does Dolph Ziggler keep attacking John Cena?
  153. Sheamus angry with referee?
  154. Who do you think was the most overrated wrestler in WWF/E history?
  155. What was the best match at survivor series?
  156. when does Randy Ortons contract with WWE end will he leave?
  157. Bobby Lashley or Ryback?
  158. How bad was the Cena ankle roll?
  159. Do you think that WWE would misuse Dean Ambrose?
  160. Hard decision! please help!?
  161. I'm on the wrestling team I got slammed on my back and I couldn't breathe. How does it happen?
  162. What would you give to spend an hour in a car with AJ?
  163. What was your reaction when you found out......?
  164. Was there ever a wrestlemania where u actually thought the Undertaker was actually going to lose.?
  165. So how exactly did Vickie hack into Cenas voice mail and 'manipulate' the messages?
  166. survivor series is tonight right?
  167. Anyone else not excited for Survivor Series?
  168. Do you think R-Truth should turn Heel and feud with Kofi Kingston for the U.S. title?
  169. What color is John Cena new shirt?
  170. was john cena's chain gang gimmick an extension of his thuganomics character?
  171. Am i the only one who thinks these WWE superstars and divas would make great couples?
  172. Which WWE/TNA Wrestlers had you met?
  173. Who won at Survivor Series (just testing)?
  174. Which move is more effective? RKO vs Super Kick?
  175. What's anybody's opinion towards Kaval (Low Ki) being paired up with LayCool?
  176. When will CM Punk lose the WWE Title?
  177. What should i eat after weigh in's before a wrestling match?
  178. Why can't people watch their shows?
  179. Wrestlemania Ryback Vs Big Show ?
  180. Do you agree with Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  181. What do you think of The 2012 NWA Hall of Fame Class?
  182. Why were Sarita and Rosita not in The Knockouts Battle Royal on Impact Wrestling?
  183. Who would you like to see win the 2013 Royal Rumble match?
  184. Who knows CM Punk Will Win tomorrow Night?
  185. If Your Watching Survivor Series.. Do You Think Tensai Should Be Fired?
  186. if any of you want to watch survivor series 2012 here is the link?
  187. Ryback got screwed over twice man wtf!?
  188. What happend at survivor seriessss?
  189. Evidently John Cena is balding should he just shave his head?
  190. Is WWE coming out with another season of tough enough?
  191. Can someone please tell me the survivor series results?
  192. Rank these signature matches as you like them.?
  193. What did you think of the opening segment on Smackdown last night?
  194. 10 points: Wrestling Trivia?
  195. Who is hotter Kelly Kelly, Maryse, or Eve Torres?
  196. Which Tag Team Do You Like with Kane in WWE?
  197. WWE vs. TNA. which wrestling company is better?
  198. Is Kharma Coming Back To WWE ?
  199. YOUR Survivor Series 2012 Predictions?
  200. Can i buy raw tickets at the show ,or does it have to be online?
  201. What time in California the Wwe Survivor Series Start?
  202. who would have won if The Ultimate Warrior had signed with the NWA and wrestled Lex Luger?
  203. Do you think Caleb Konley or Adam Cole would have been a great replacement for Kenny King...
  204. Is anyone else happy to see more indie fans coming here?
  205. Who is CM Punk's greatest WWE Rival? Jeff Hardy Or John Cena?
  206. Which wrestling promotion do you prefer: CMLL or ROH?
  207. What are some good Japanese Pro wrestling/Puroresu that I should watch?
  208. What change needs to be made for wrestling companies to get more viewers?
  209. TNA fans: Who do you think is the best wrestler in TNA?
  210. Daniel Bryan has become too much of a sports entertainer agree or disagree?
  211. how do you put someone on top of the turnbuckle? WWE 13?
  212. are kofi kingston and julian marley relative someone?
  213. Who's better in prime: CM Punk or Paul Orndorff?
  214. Why does John Cena always have to main event ppv's?
  215. Wrestling fans, how do you feel about the wwe13 and attitude era mode?
  216. I think cm punk is terrible do u?
  217. What are the top 10 deadlift wrestling moves?
  218. Jack Evans OR Pac OR Kota Ibushi who's the best?
  219. What is this wrestling technique called??? 10 points!?
  220. who would win this hot matchup.between?
  221. Name your top 3 WWE Dream Matches?
  222. How do you think Brooke Hogan has been doing since being in charge of TNA knockouts division.?
  223. So why did Kharma never return to WWE?
  224. How did Cody Rhodes not die?
  225. are you a WWE fan or a pro wrestling fan?
  226. WWE: Who do you think is/was the strongest?
  227. I want to be WWE Wrestler, but is being 6 ft/ 6 ft 1 tall enough? And will i grow
  228. WWE Trivia: answer wisely?
  229. Why is JR only around when necessary?
  230. What do you guys think of this AJ Scandal?
  231. Will WWE Survivor Series 2012 be a success, or a failure?
  232. how do you lay someone on the table in wwe 13?
  233. Why do you hate John Cena?
  234. how can i watch wwe survivor series 2012 online for free?
  235. Who do you think would win these matches?
  236. Wwe twelve dream teams?
  237. Which do you you think is more unsatisfying for AJ Lee not talking to Cena or the nights...
  238. Did anyone else notice about the other shows on the USA network?
  239. How funny was The Great Khali's reaction when he got hit by the WMD?
  240. Could we tell if two WWE wrestlers were in a Hardcore Barbed Wire, after it was over?
  241. What is your favorite WWE Survivor Series matches?
  243. Does anyone have links to pictures of Mil Mascaras wearing his Japan Fiji mask?
  244. Your favorite moment ever in WWE? Top 5, thanks Bros :)?
  245. Does WWE RAW lose ratings later on, when 1 heel wrestler wins his match?
  246. Did Booker T prove he isn't a tough General Manager tonight on Smackdown?
  247. True or False: You are not a John Cena fan?
  248. How funny would it be if Big Show doesn't show up at Survivor Series to face Sheamus?
  249. Did Big Show asking if his opponent wasn't Sheamus prove he's scared of him?
  250. Has the Ryback hype slowed down?
  251. do you think team hell no will still be a tag team come wrestlemania?
  252. Who Do You Think Will Be The Soul Survivor(s) At Survivor Series This Sunday .. !?
  253. Could you blame Randy Orton for liking Mick Foley more than his Survivor Series team?
  255. Who was this black wrestler from the 90's in WWF?
  256. Do you respect Ric Flair?
  257. Can someone please tell me why WWE WM29 tickets are higher than WM28 tickets (just curious)?
  258. Am I seeing things, or is The Miz a face wrestler?
  259. Who sells better Dolph Ziggler or Apple?
  260. wwe vs tna who would win?
  261. What makes Sheamus think his Brogue Kick can work on The Big Show?
  262. Has The Miz accomplished more than any of the Survivor Series participants?
  263. why is wrestling so boring?
  264. Isn't calling Pro Wrestling "wrestling" kind of insulting to real wrestlers?
  265. Who is hotter Randy Orton or CM Punk?
  266. Kayfabe Wise:Who are the best wrestlers of all time in WWE(Not the hardest to beat,but most
  267. Did anyone find out what caused Jerry's Heart attack?
  268. Which wrestler is more of the Superhero for the fans under the age of 7?
  269. If you were dancing with a girl and Fandango came up to you and asked if he could cut in?
  270. Survivor series predictions?
  271. Is CM Punk the best heel in all of pro wrestling, If so why, if not who is?
  272. Was stone cold overrated as far as in ring work went?
  273. What is the point of the WWE Divas Division?
  274. Any thoughts on who attacked Kaitlyn at the WWE pay per view the other month?
  275. Why was Adam Copeland's name in WWF/WWE Edge?
  276. why wwe ppv theme went pop? while tna getting more rock oriented?
  277. Do you see randy orton turning heel at survivor series?
  278. Do you really think C.M. Punk is the "Best In The World"?
  279. who do you want the rock to face at wrestlemania 29?
  280. WWE Trivia: Who am I?
  281. NXT's Newest Tag Team -- "The Bombers"? (Video Inside)?
  282. Did Matt Stryker do something to piss off someone important?
  283. when will the attitude era come back to wwe?
  284. Big show is better than everyone in WWE?
  285. Do you think Ronda Rousey can armbar everybody in WWE and TNA?
  286. Is JBL only going to be on Smackdown?
  287. So now that Christian York "won" Gut Check?
  288. You are tied to Matt's kitchen chair?
  289. TNA has a PPV on Sunday are you going to watch it?
  290. A few home truths about Matt & Jeff?
  291. Why did TNA give Luke Gallows the name Doc?
  292. When Matt Bloom goes camping in the woods?
  293. Anybody notice that Fandangoo is now Fandango?
  294. So what exactly is the qualification to be the GM in WWE?
  295. My WWE 13 Championships/Shows/PPVs (Your Rates and Thoughts) I Need Help! (+1 BQ)?
  296. What do you think of my possible WWE 13 Championships? Rate and Thoughts on it?
  297. Type in John Morrison on google?
  298. A question for wwe fans?
  299. How much would wrestlemania 29 tickets cost?
  300. Agree or Disagree-Drew McIntyre deserves the World Heavyweight Championship?
  301. What are your thoughts on Awesome Kong making her return to the indies?
  302. What have you done on wwe 13 so far?
  303. Who do you think is going to take the empty spot on Mick Foley's Team?
  304. Do you now see The Miz as a wrestler or do you still see him as the ex-tv star turned wrestler?
  305. Who is the best heel in WWE?
  306. Was is right for Rock to beat Hogan at WM18?
  307. is dixie carter doing her best to make tna great, or letting too many people take over?
  308. How many times has Kofi Kingston pinned The Miz in their current rivalry?
  309. Out of these 3 titantrons, which one do you like the best?
  310. What happened to this section? Why is it so dead?
  311. Whats worse, TNA or WWE?
  312. Is it fair to say that John Cena is going to win at Survivor Series?
  313. Why are WWE using TNA storylines?
  314. Why is Cm Punk so scared of everyone?
  315. What do you prefer wrestling for fun with clothing or in a swimsuit?
  316. Whats worse, wwe or its fans?
  317. What are the chances that William regal will end undertakers streak?
  318. How wrestling is real........?
  319. What are your thoughts on Kahagas being the NWA National and World Heavyweight Champion?
  320. Is Micheal Cole the one to end undertaker's streak?
  321. Which jacket did you like better Al Snow's or Taz's?
  322. Who would you pin if you super kicked both AJ Styles and Bobby Roode to eliminate them from...
  323. How funny will it be if Austin Aries wins the championship and wears Jeff Hardy's face near...
  324. What do you think of Christian York getting a contract in TNA Impact?
  325. Do you think it really took Joseph Park an hour to get out of bed?
  326. How do you think Jeff Hardy will feel if Austin Aries wears his belt with his face near his crotch?
  327. How often does Rikishi fart in his opponents faces?
  328. What did you think when Taz said he was listening to Limp Bizkit and Guns N Roses?
  329. Why are Pro Wrestlers getting smaller?
  330. Do you think Austin Aries is the best wrestler in this universe and any other universe?
  331. POLLfor the men- would you do this for money?
  332. Harts VS Samoans match card who would win?
  333. Who should Cm Punk lose his title to?
  334. Should they have weight classes in Pro Wrestling?
  335. What's the story between undertaker and Kane?
  336. Do you think that Brad Maddox will defeat Ryback on RAW Monday?
  337. Did Austin Aries take a shot at CM Punk?
  338. Who Would You Rather Start Your Company With Kane Or The Undertaker?
  339. Should WWE create Regional Championships?
  340. What do you think is more important,skills or character(read description)?
  341. Did you know wwe wrestling sucks?
  342. Do you agree wit WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper's Comments about The WWE?
  343. What did you think of The Miz vs. Kofi Kngston Intercontinental Title Match last night?
  344. Retro wrestling fans, do you think Jake Roberts will be able to clean himself up?
  345. Your Top Three High Risk Wrestlers Ever?
  346. What thought comes to your mind when Prime Time Players come out?
  347. If RVD didn't leave wwe. How many world titles would he have held?
  348. Im jealous of colin deanleys skills?
  349. Is the wwe pg era over finally over?
  350. do you get turnt on, when you see your favorite wrestler in a underwear?
  351. Why does Vince McMahon continue to put Cena in WWE Title matches against Punk?
  352. WWE 13 & black friday?
  353. What are the chances that the ladder match ends in controversy?
  354. Who is going to watch IMPACT WRESTLING TONIGHT?! BQ:?
  355. Did you guys know that the WWE(WWWF) was TV-13(amost PG) before the attitide era?
  356. Question on TNA Style Wrestling?
  357. How do you take the top of the announce table off in WWE 13 (PS3)?
  358. Now that Linda McMahon lost for senate, do you see WWE putting out a more edgy product?
  359. 10 points for most accurate answers: Who do you think will go into Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion?
  360. Has Raw Deteriorated Because CM Punk Is Heel .. !?
  361. Have You Heard That Shawn Michaels is Rumored to Have Signed With TNA Wrestling?
  362. What did you think of William Regal's Performance tonight?
  363. what is missing from today's WWE to make it watchable and dont say TV 14 and Attitude Era Please?
  364. Whatever happened to Liam Catterson?
  365. What family is the Harts of japan?
  366. How fast do you think Ryback is going to beat Brad Maddox this Monday on Raw?
  367. Which tough guy would win a fight?
  368. I am backing a female pro wrestling tag team, what should their theme music be?
  369. What do you think the results for the WWE Title match at Survivor Series will be?
  370. What's do you see Antonio Cesaro going?
  371. How much did you pay for your Wrestlemania tickets today?
  372. Why now CM Punk has least number of fans?
  373. I want to quit wrestling?
  374. Is Dr. Wagner the undisputed most popular star in Mexico?
  375. Where are they.........?
  376. Remember when Shawn Michaels hit David Arquette with the Diamond Cutter at TNA Slammiversary?
  377. Do you like elimination matches better? Or single fall matches?
  378. Wrestling: John Cena or Jimmy King?
  379. Do you think pro wrestlers are egomaniac because of their character? +BQ?
  380. Will UNDERTAKER return to WWE before the end of this year?
  381. Will John Morrison return to WWE?
  382. WWE Fans, on WWE RAW storyline, did Vickie Guerrero blackmail John Cena and AJ Lee?
  383. Who would win a WCW World War 3 match (60 Man Battle Royal in Three Rings)?
  384. What Happn to Randy Orton Star Power he Once Had?
  385. Do you think the 5th and final member for Team Foley would actually be The Miz at Survivor Series?
  386. Who will replace Ryback on team Foley?
  387. Should Jimmy Hart Return to Manage Ryback?
  388. Does Anyone Know What Happend To Tamina Snuka ?
  389. Which wrestler had the most patriotic gimmick?
  390. when can you download ryback on wwe 13?
  391. Since Linda lost does this mean wwe goes back to pg-14?
  392. WWE Fans: Predictions on Cena vs Ryback vs CM Punk?
  393. Who is the legit toughest wrestler of alltime?
  394. Why did batista quit wwe?
  395. Is John Cena dead.......?
  396. What wrestlers come to mind when someone says..............?
  397. When Will Triple H Return To The Wwe .. !?
  398. Who's the best curretn power house in pro wrestling?
  399. Every football team sucks!?
  400. Now that Linda McMahon has lost the senate race?
  401. Are you a Ric Flair fan?
  402. Were you surprised to see Matt Striker not scared of Randy Orton?
  403. Do you think Booker T is not original?
  404. Can I join Varsity wrestling in High school even when I haven't played before?
  405. What Makes This Years WWE 13 Universe Mode Diffrent?
  406. How funny was Booker T's face when he was staring at Teddy Long?
  407. ryback or sandow??????????
  408. Where is Christian? Haven't seen him in a while.?
  409. How do I get wrestlers on old games?
  410. Do you like my wwe 13 story idea?
  411. What type of music does Chikara star Chuck Taylor listen to?
  412. Since Linda McMahon lost again what is going to happen with her and the WWE?
  413. poll for the men- would you do this for money?
  414. Should The Usos switch to Decaf?
  415. RYBACK vs GOLDBERG?? who wins?
  416. Do you agree Eli Cottonwood's promo about a mustache was one of the greatest of all time?
  417. Status on Bourne?????
  418. Finally Master Regal is wrestling on smackdown again?
  419. Who has a better beard, Damien Sandow or Jesus?
  420. has WWE Raw turned into a weekly Soap Opera?
  421. The top 5 or 10 legit toughest wrestlers ever?
  422. wwe 2013 UK tour ticket release date?
  423. can you tell real from fake?
  424. What do you think of my new faction/storyline (includes very small spoiler from raw)?
  425. whats the best in your opinion?
  426. What do you think JR and Cole would say if?
  427. Jack Swagger wants to be released from his contract?
  428. Should John Cena join the marines?
  429. What was the point of Mick Foley being on Raw last week?
  430. Is it just me, or is John Cena getting booed alot tonight?
  431. Would you agree that that was an epic crowd?
  432. Wrestling: Jimmy King or John Cena?
  433. Anyone else sensing a John Cena pipebomb? WWE14:ruthless aggression era based(;?
  434. Cuz of this wwe foolishness im thinking of not being a wrestler anymore?
  435. What are your thoughts on Fandangoo aka Johnny Curtis?
  436. why do john cena haters ????
  437. linda mcmahon ?????????????????????
  438. Name your WWE superstars and their Final Fantasy counterparts?
  439. Wrestling: Jimmy King or my hero John Cena?
  440. How many bad movies has former pro-wrestler Kevin Nash been in?
  441. Are we going to be hearing feed me Cena soon?
  442. Is WWE '13 better than WWE '12?
  443. Sheamus' Brogue Kick or Matt Morgan's Carbon Footprint?
  444. Are we supposed to believe John Cena and AJ Lee are not having a relationship if John Cena
  445. What do you think of CM Punk endorsing Barack Obama for president over Mitt Romney?
  446. How do we know that John Cena wasn't masterb*ting when he put that Do Not Disturb sign?
  447. Do you believe Big Show's hand is as big as a Slegehammer?
  448. Do you think WWE referees are missing the leadership of Earl Hebner?
  449. Do you believe Brad Maddox paid 2000 dollars for a tryout match?
  450. If you were Alberto Del Rio would you had ignored both Rosa Mendes and Maryse?
  451. what do you think of johnny curtis new gimmick? Video?
  452. Based upon the crappy roster, can any local jobber that wrestles poorly become a WWE wrestler?
  453. Who is the mystery opponent for the Survivor Series elimination match?
  454. Why is AJ Lee worried about losing her job if she can go to TNA Impact?
  455. What was it that AJ Lee likes that Dolph Ziggler was referring to?
  456. If you were on CM Punk's team would you quit being on his Survivor Series team because
  457. Will Edge ever have ever be a guest host on Raw or Smackdown ever again?
  458. What do you think John Cena and AJ Lee did in that room?
  459. Who do you hope to see as a surprise entrants in the Royal Rumble 2013?
  460. Is Reep John Cena's #1 fan?
  461. In WWE 13 how do you put titles on the line.?
  462. What do you think of WWE now being in a rating war with Phineas and the Ferb, Sesame Street and
  463. What wrestlers can you get for free on WWE13 online?
  464. Brock Lesnar and the WWE?
  465. Is Jim Crockett Promotions a PG bias illiterate?
  466. My WWE/TNA Tournament?
  467. What are your thoughts on the game WWE13?
  468. Why was Beth Phoenix released from WWE?
  469. Is there anybody over the age of 14 that defends the PG Era and thinks its the greatest?
  470. Who's better John Cena or Sheamus?
  471. Was Daniel Bryan ready to embrace a man?
  472. Does Wade Barrett use 2 versions of his theme now?
  473. So the Punk-Foley feud is over already?
  474. What's up with the John cena haters?
  475. what are those short videos of the superstars that are about to compete in a match called?
  476. didn't you think cena and ryback were going to fight tonight?
  477. Royal rumble 2013 predict the matches and winners?
  478. Thoughts on tonight's raw?
  479. What would you think if this match took place at a future wrestlemania?
  480. is wwe 13 as awesome as it looks?
  481. How do you think cm punk would have done in wcw?
  482. Why do people think real wrestling is gay?
  483. Why now kane has many fans?
  484. When was the last Heel vs Hell match?
  485. Why does dolph Ziggler spam elbow drops?
  486. Where can I watch WWE Raw for free?
  487. Do you want Alex Shelley to be in WWE?
  488. Is there any plans for the WWE to do this?
  489. What one wrestler not currently on the WWE or TNA roster would put Aces and 8's over the...
  490. The great khali best high flyer and hornswoggle best powerhouse?
  491. How do you like this video?
  492. Why is John Cena being deprived of his rightful championship status?
  493. Is Daniel Bryan face or heel?
  494. Does anybody else find this AJ/Vickie Guerrero/John Cena storyline boring?
  495. This guy sucks at promos?
  496. Who was Triple H waiting for last year?
  497. Do You Think Bruno Sammartino Should Agree To Be In The WWE Hall of Fame?
  498. Is it me or has WWE been paying no attention to its own rules?
  499. Is WWE going to get better in 2013?
  500. Del rio, must have one hell of a garage.. funniest thing jr has said today.?