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  1. World Wrestling Entertainment: Claim I'm kissing World Wrestling Entertainment's
  2. World Wrestling Entertainment: Claim I'm kissing World Wrestling Entertainment's backside I
  3. Who agrees if Big poppa pump Scott steiner,Sting and Goldberg was involved in the invasion
  4. World Wrestling Entertainment: Claim I'm kissing World Wrestling Entertainment's backside I
  5. Should Candice Michelle Come To TNA?
  6. SO this mask Kane and DB feud will basically turn out like the Kane vs cena feud?
  7. Professional Wrestling: Do you like Eric Young's New Signature/Finisher?
  8. Professional Wrestling: What problems do The People have with World Wrestling Entertainment's...
  9. Impact! Wrestling: Since people talk about World Wrestling Entertainment's Kane, when was the
  10. WRESTLING : Do you think the WYATTS will stay together longer than the shield?
  11. when will bo Dallas make his debut?
  12. Does Rusev crush Lana?
  13. brie should stop acting she annoying and sucks at it?
  14. WRESTLING : @ TOMMY....Why the "F" are you so sensitive?
  15. Is Brie Bella the worst actress ever?
  16. The WWE has made a lot of their fans into a bunch of big red softies here, you can't
  17. Demon Kane? We seen this fool teaching math to kids yesterday at a elementary, out of
  18. Demon Kane? We seen this fool teaching math to kids yesterday at a elementary, out of character
  19. Not bashing but how can u take wrastlin serious with this bray Wyatt story , like watching a
  20. Payback Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  21. Do you feel sorry for Big E not getting over as champ or he was doomed from the beginning?
  22. Professional Wrestling: Do people Over Glorify Kane 1997-1999?
  23. Wrestling: attention wrestling fans?
  24. Professional Wrestling: How over-glorified is World Championship Wrestling 1996 - 2001?
  25. Was Hogan vs Andre the most overrated wrestlemania main event?
  26. Do you think Michael Cole's mother deserved more than Michael Cole?
  27. If you were trying to escape from Kane in a car would you rather have a flat tire, or a...
  28. Professional Wrestling: What are some current Big Matches that people will more then likely
  29. Samoa Joe Underrated?
  30. World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW!: How bad was Albany, New York?
  31. Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle Wrestlemania 21 or Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle Vengeance 2005...
  32. Professional Wrestling: Why does the Internet Wrestling Community suddenly have an issue...
  33. Shawn Michaels vs Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson?
  34. Some people say Jack swagger sucks?
  35. Professional Wrestling: Why does Internet Wrestling Community want The Shield to break up?
  36. Is Cody Rhodes more groom than a French Poodle?
  37. What do you think of Booker T saying Brie Bella?s in it for the money?
  38. Do you agree with JBL the crowd should chant Alberto Del Rio's name on Cinco De Mayo?
  39. Was the camera guy that was in the backseat of Daniel Bryan;s car a camera man for Total Divas?
  40. Should Sheamus and Paige be deported simply because the sun hasn't hit them since 1997?
  41. Were you surprised that Zeb Colter didn't put Alberto Del Rio, Los Matadores, Rusev and Lana
  42. Anyone else notice that Rusev is going after the black superstars?
  43. Did you laugh when Batista just put down Dean Ambrose on the stairs instead of doing
  44. Would you want to join Adam Rose's Exotic Express?
  45. What do you think of how RVD met Paul Heyman? RVD reached in his back pocket took out
  46. What do you think of JBL saying Michael Cole doesn't have any friends?
  47. Do you agree with JBL if you have held the United States Championship for almost a year...
  48. Although Dean Ambrose held the United States Championship for 351 days the longest since
  49. Is anyone else happy that Dean Ambrose lost the United States Championship?
  50. how much do wrestlers get paid?
  51. Do you like how wwe has brie(whatever her name is) by Daniel everywhere he goes, she
  52. Rate the wwe storylines for 2014?
  53. WRESTLING : Don't you hate when 2 of your top favorite superstars squares off against...
  54. WHY SHEAMUS WHY??????
  55. Is Vintage Orton name of the move?
  56. So Otunga is the smartest wrestler (smarter than Sandow) because he actually went to Harvard
  57. Will we ever see another Stone Cold Stunner from Austin 3:16 himself ever again?
  58. what was your favorite Mick Foley Gimmick?
  59. Would you wanna see 90's Undertaker Chokeslam & tombstone bray wyatt?
  60. Is There Such A Thing As A Non-Virgin John Cena Fan .. !?
  61. How Can I Download The Undertaker Ministry Of Darkness in PS3 WWE 13? Is it free to download?
  62. WS: What was so great about WCW's Bill Goldberg?
  63. WRESTLING : Which move is more impressive : SUPER-MAN PUNCH vs BULL HAMMER MONTAGE?
  64. WRESTLING : GUY'S....IYO, do you think SHEAMUS should stay as face or go back to being a heel?
  65. Should they have picked a different town for the debut of Adam Rose?
  66. How are wwe fan excited to c a match three or four times?
  67. Sheamus vs Barrett to unify the belts at ss ppv?
  68. I thought del rio was going to quit?
  69. How many times do we need to see the same matches in wwe?
  70. If you could put any users in any wwe feuds, who and what will you choose?
  71. How many title matches has young had since winning and were they same?
  72. How many mid card titles does Barrett need to main event?
  73. Do wwe fans like bad acting?
  74. Who are the top three overrated men in wwe now?
  75. Wrestling: looks like wwe got the ninja turtles on raw?
  76. Are those wwe fans who liked those two midgets match at the ppv pathetic?
  77. did you catch that joke about CM Punk?
  78. What scenario do you want to see more?
  79. What do you think needs to be done to make RAW good again?
  80. Do you agree with my reason for thinking the DB running knee is weak?
  81. What does Cena have to do to defeat Bray Wyatt once and for all?
  82. WWE fans hate Daniel Bryan but if not him who do you want to be champion Cena again?
  83. Which is the coolest wrestling move in WWE currently, IYO?
  84. Is this the wwe fan motto?
  85. Bryan is going to loose the belt soon?
  86. Does anyone have a link where i can watch Monday Night Raw?
  87. Lesnar will destroy Bryan at ss ppv and take the belt?
  88. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2013?
  89. Alexander Rusev Vs Brock Lesnar What do you think?
  90. Will Road Dogg & Billy Gunn aka The New Age Outlaws ever become tag team champs ever again?
  91. What do you think of Nikki saying she wants Brie to admit she has a pe*is?
  92. What do you think of Brie Bella's mom saying Brie Bella is dark skinned?
  93. Do you think it was stupid of Summer Rae to say that she doesn't want anyone to know that...
  94. Which match would you rather see Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan or Kurt Angle vs Cm Punk?
  95. How should AJ lee when the title back when she returns?
  96. What do you think of Naomi saying with the birth control patch Jon Uso could get it anytime?
  97. What is Shawn Michaels Top 5 Wrestlemania Matchs in Order?
  98. How would you rate the Extreme rules PPV?
  99. How would you react if Naomi told you she got an implant to not have kids behind your back?
  100. True or false the crowd was kinda dead at extreme rules?
  101. Do you think there will ever be another ''Mr Wrestlemania''? if so who?
  102. Would you be upset if you kissed Summer Rae and she said that there is no Chemistry?
  103. Would Daffney and paige make a good team?
  104. Shawn Michaels vs Cm Punk?
  105. During their heyday, who had a more muscular physique - Lex Luger or The Ultimate Warrior?
  106. Professional Wrestling: Do you personally think CM Punk screwed his career by being known for...
  107. When Can I see the match between Floyd Mayweather Jr x Big Show.?
  108. Pro Wrestling: Do you think WWE should change Extreme Rules, Money In The Bank, Hell In A
  109. What the best sites with news about Indy Wrestling?
  110. Who would win in a match between Ronda Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr?
  111. WS: Who here remembers the segments with Dr. Shelby, Daniel Bryan & Kane?
  112. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about Tamina Snuka?
  113. Cm Punk vs Kurt Angle?
  114. WS: What was your favourite year in WWE history?
  115. Professional Wrestling: What in the hell was so damn impressive about Paige Vs Tamina Snuka?
  116. So i was wrong ric flair did not interfere in this match?
  117. Anyone else excited extreme rules is gonna end with yes chants?
  118. Professional Wrestling: How did World Wrestling Entertainment's Extreme Rules deserve these
  119. WS: Who would you like to see eventually defeat Daniel Bryan & become the new WWE Champion?
  120. Did Super Ultimate Daniel Bryan start his running knee finisher at SS just so Cena wouldn't...
  121. Is Daniel Bryan really loved or is it the chant?
  122. Professional Wrestling: Is there a single Solitary JCPF Fan around these here parts, do you...
  123. what is little johnny's real name?
  124. Professional Wrestling: What would you do, if World Wrestling Entertainment set up a
  125. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2012?
  126. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2011?
  127. Professional Wrestling: What is YOUR OPINION on 'The Man' Bill Goldberg?
  128. Professional Wrestling: Daniel Bryan Vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin/YES!/NO! Vs 'What?'?
  129. Anyone else tired of this. Bq?
  130. TNA: Does Impact! Wrestling have more talent then World Wrestling Entertainment, is there
  131. Mario VS John Cena in a wrestling match, who would win?
  132. Professional Wrestling: How was World Wrestling Entertainment's Extreme Rules 'Sub Par'?
  133. Where's Lesnar?
  134. Professional Wrestling: Have people forgotten the 101 of Professional Wrestling?
  135. Is the Wyatt Family too controversial?
  136. For those of you who thought the Shield/Evolution match was great or awesome?
  137. If you could bring back any wrestler?
  138. Favourite fued of all time?
  139. What is your thoughts on last night's divas championship match?
  140. Wrestling Section!!!! Did anyone else notice that Daniel Bryan found HHH's magical golden burial...
  141. Why the WWE show became boring?
  142. Professional Wrestling: Why U No Complain About 'Super' Cesaro?
  143. How many matches at extreme rules?
  144. are you exited for Adam Rose's debut?
  145. should WWE not have finishers?
  147. TNA wrestling fans: What should be the main event for Bound for Glory 2014?
  148. Which is more important, skill or looks for a female star?
  149. Who is the next big thing in wwe?
  150. Best moment in wrestling?
  151. Will wwe ever bring back the hardcore or cruiser weight belts?
  152. Which kind of fan are you?
  153. list the superstars who retired or got fired in 2013-2014?
  154. Is Kane still blind in one eye?
  155. Could the Attitude Era ever return?
  156. Who would win the battle of the spears?
  157. Who do you think is gonna win tonight?
  158. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2010?
  159. Should WWE take the E out since it is not as entertaining as it could be?
  160. What are your thoughts on the Cesaro win?
  161. were you surprised how good the WEElc match was?
  162. In your opinion, what are the wrestlers more beautiful (men and women)?
  163. Wrestling section here are some things i don't like about TNA?
  164. where is watch wwe ppv tomorrow?
  165. Wrestling section What will it take for jack swagger to get over?
  166. 10 reasons why cena sucks?
  167. Professional Wrestling: World Wrestling Entertainment's The Attitude Era?
  168. what are somethings you dont like about wwe booking?
  169. True Or False: If World Wrestling Entertainment broadcast Show to Show of every single episode of...
  170. Poll:Daniel Bryan or CM Punk?
  171. Which wrestlers should be turned into managers?
  172. What criteria makes a wrestler overrated?
  173. John Cena's I Quit match record? Plus BQ?
  174. Professional Wrestling: Do The People not understand the bare basics of how Advertising works?
  175. Professional Wrestling: Why is it hysterical that Internet Wrestling Community pays attention to
  176. is the the two man power trip(Austin and HHH) vs Kane/Undertaker feud underrated?
  177. Do You Agree That The Shield Defeating Evolution Would Be A Slap In The Face To REAL WWE Fans .. !?
  178. would you like wwe to be like this:?
  179. Who's ur fav tna star?
  180. Who's ur fav diva?
  181. would evolution still reunite if cm punk was still in wwe?
  182. Most overrated wrestler of all time?
  183. World Wrestling Entertainment: Why do people Underrated 3MB simple because of the assumed...
  184. WS; What do you think of these fantasy matches?
  185. Who would win Cactus Jack or New jack?
  186. Why do some people act like i if i say something bad about WWE than i have no point of being...
  187. How can someone be so stupid?
  188. World Wrestling Entertainment: Currently, what is wrong with The WWE Product?
  189. Professional Wrestling: Was previous World Wrestling Entertainment 'Diva' Maryse Good?
  190. What are your thoughts on the Menagerie debuting on TNA?
  191. What would be your ultimate Money in a Bank match?
  192. Did The Attitude Era Hurt Professional Wrestling? Because people expect swerves, when they...
  193. Professional Wrestling: Currently (2011 - 2014) has Matt Hardy been Underrated?
  194. What are your thoughts on AJ Styles winning the IWGP world title?
  195. Moving Seats at a WWE Event?
  196. Professional Wrestling: Are The Fabulous Freebirds one of the most unrated Professional Wrestling...
  197. Professional Wrestling: Do people have much hope for Double J Jeff Jarret's New
  198. Luna Vachon or Daffney?
  199. i think kane should win at extreme rules agree or disagree?
  200. Professional Wrestling: What do you think The People will be gripping about after World...
  201. WS: Can you rate Bad News Barrett?
  202. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2008?
  203. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2009?
  204. Question about wrestlers appearances?
  205. WRESTLING : What are your thoughts on how the wwe is currently booking BAD NEWS BARRETT?
  206. WRESTLING : Are you kidding me?....GUY'S, check this list of greatest wwe champions of all time?
  207. 2k's WWE2k15: What Portion of General Manager Mode from THQ's WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 -
  208. Professional Wrestling: What is this Stigma of me being a World Wrestling Entertainment Fanboy?
  209. WS: Will WWE 2k15 have a G.M Mode?
  210. Is Cesaro's new theme just temporary until he they give him something better?
  211. What do you think of "The Rocks cheat day"?
  212. WRESTLING : When you look back in the past....don't you realize how much of a joke the NEXUS...
  213. Which is more annoying in the section now? Bq?
  214. What will happen to the WWE when Vince dies?
  215. At extreme rules, will the Cenation leader prevail or will he be devoured by the buzzards?
  216. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2007?
  217. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2006?
  218. Can someone answer this question?
  219. Should Daniel Bryan change his theme to the Final Countdown?
  220. Professional Wrestling: From THQ's WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 - 2008 What was so damn...
  221. What are your thoughts on Batista leaving wrestling again for a few months?
  222. Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Malenko?
  223. Rate this tag division 1-10?
  224. If you could combine to matches, what would they be?
  225. Fantasy Matchup: Kurt Angle vs. Ultimate Warrior?
  226. If you could go back to any wrestling era, which one would it be?
  227. Do you think a feud between lesnar and kane could have been nice?
  228. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2005?
  229. World Wrestling Entertainment's Women Division: Whose more currently Overrated Alicia Fox,...
  230. Fantasy Match-Ups: Kofi Kingston Vs Shelton Benjamin/The Great Khali Vs Giant Gonzalez?
  231. Big Show vs Andre The Giant?
  232. is there a wrestler that you cheered for when you was young that now you cant stand?
  233. Wrestling section did anybody even take the Nexus serious?
  234. Why is Dave hytmen such a snitch?
  235. Is dave hytmen the Harry potter villain of this section?
  236. Low ki returning to tna as agent and wrestler, thoughts?
  237. Brie or Nikki Bella?
  238. Best tag team of all time?
  239. Top three divas now?
  240. Who's the best user on ws?
  241. Are A.J. and Punk engaged?
  242. if you took over WWE right now who would you build the company around?
  243. Worst diva right now?
  244. Why are people still complaining about the streak?
  245. Do you think Michael Cole saying Magneto wears bloomers is the dumbest thing Michael Cole...
  246. People who are blocking a certain user?
  247. Is there a boycott on here? Why ? For whom?
  248. Professional Wrestling: What did everybody think of Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall?
  249. What do you think of Michael Cole saying The Rock texts him all the time?
  250. Why do people not like dave hytmen?
  251. What's going on on this section?
  252. World Wrestling Entertainment's Extreme Rules: What's the best outcome if Kane wins?
  253. Agree or disagree: Wwe fans shouldn't mock any type of wrestling cause of these things?
  254. WS: What was some of the worst match types in Wrestling history?
  255. Can someone explain to me how Kurt Angle is overrated?
  256. Did anyone want Dean Ambrose to lose the United States Championship on Smackdown?
  257. Did the Funkadactyls leave R-Truth and Xavier Woods because they are now jobbers?
  258. Would you want to go to hell since it has Brie Bella and Paige there?
  259. Wrestling Section!!!! Why did Jon Moxley change his name to Dean Ambrose?
  260. What do you think of Michael Cole saying Bray Wyatt is a weirdo?
  261. Wrestling Section!!!!! What happened to Ted Dibiase Jr?
  262. What do you think of JBL being friends with Hugh Jackman?
  263. Wrestling Fans: Shall we Boycott Dave Hytmen?
  264. Agree or disagree, wwe is turning x men into a joke?
  265. How can wwe fans call tna fans a joke for liking tna, when...?
  266. Anyone hoping for a beer money reunion and one or two more tag title runs?
  267. When will Brock Lesnar die from a steroid overdose?
  268. Rank every current diva from hot to not?
  269. Anyone tired of this?
  270. Professional Wrestling: As of 2012 - 2014 what makes Kurt Angle 'The Cyborg'?
  271. Which is worst Tensai being made a joke or Shadows?
  272. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2004?
  273. Professional Wrestling: Everybody complain about WeeLC, come on Do It even though it's the same
  274. Do you Agree that Vince Mcmahon kiss my ASS club was to much for TV?
  275. What if... Mr. McMahon buys the LA Clippers?
  276. Why this wrestlers quit from NXT?
  277. What song was that?
  278. Who would win in a Triple Threat Match:Jerry Lynn vs Shawn Micheals vs Eddie Guerrero,in...
  279. Wrestling poll?
  280. WS: How tall is Stephanie McMahon?
  281. What would get you out of your element as a wrestling fan?
  282. The Greatest Ever Biggest 'Gimmick' Battle Royal...Who Wins..?
  283. Impact! Wrestling: What Excuses are The People going to make for Total Nonstop Action tonight?
  284. Wrestling Fans: What do make of this?...?
  285. Will people follow Bray waytt?
  286. are the yes chants dying down a bit?
  287. Why was Rusev in the 3v11 match?
  288. WWE Fans just laughed?
  289. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2003?
  290. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE : It was WCW that actually created the attitude era?
  291. what is your dream commentary team?
  292. Will Brodus Clay ever become the NXT Champion?
  293. Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk vs New Jack Hardcore Match who wins?
  294. Wasn't nice of John Cena to elevate Damien Sandow's career?
  295. Not enough comedy acts?
  296. WRESTLING : OK GUY'S.....Enough with this racial SHHHHH, can we continue normally?
  297. WRESTLING : Would you kiss vince Mcmahans booty if your job was on the line?
  298. Wrestling section is Dave hytmen the only one who likes Hornswoggle?
  299. Wrestling section is Dave hytmen the only one who likes Hornswoggle?
  300. WS: What do you think of Damien Sandow's Magneto gimmick?
  301. Is Spike Dudley dead? What about the other Dudley guys? What are they doing now?
  302. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2001?
  303. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 2002?
  304. Problems in WWE EuroShop?
  305. Do you think WWE should have made William Regal World Champion?
  306. Vince McMahon's Greatest match/Fued/Skit was?
  307. The Undertakers greatest match was?
  308. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 1999?
  309. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 1998?
  310. Favorite wrestlemania match?
  311. what's Jim ross 's best called wwe/WWF match ever?
  312. If you could bring back one wrestler from any era who would it be?
  313. Agree or Disagree is Shawn Michaels the best seller ever?
  314. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 1997?
  316. Do you think WWE is real?
  317. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 1996?
  318. What's your favorite Shawn Michaels match?
  319. Daniel Bryan vs Cm Punk?
  320. When did Trish Stratus start getting proper wrestling training?
  321. Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair?
  322. Which wrestlers made great heels?
  323. Shawn Michaels vs John Cena Raw 2007, Cm Punk vs John Cena Money In The Bank 2011 or
  324. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 1992?
  325. How crappy was this randy orton vs roman reigns match?
  326. for a nano second there did you think Cena was gonna turn heel?
  327. on a scale of 1-10 how terrible was the jackman skit?
  328. Bray Wyatt and a Children's Chorus... One of the most disturbing scenes in the WWE. Agree or...
  329. what if wwe started to booked unscripted superfights at wrestlemania?
  330. Which feud is better Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart, Daniel Bryan vs Cm Punk, Jeff Hardy vs...
  331. Is John Cena still the face of the World Wrestling Entertainment Company?
  332. Which of these are your favorite match of SummerSlam 1991?
  333. Favorite DX moment?
  334. Shawn Michaels vs Daniel Bryan vs Cm Punk?
  335. Shawn Michaels vs Cm Punk ?
  336. Who does the best dropkicks?
  337. What's your favorite match of all time ?
  338. Was Lita the most hated Heel Diva of all time?
  339. How Can I Get Rid Of Breaking Point Submission In PS3 WWE 13?
  340. Who'd win in an arm-wrestling match: 1990 Ultimate Warrior or 2003 Batista?
  341. Professional Wrestling: Do The People accept that Dixie Carter is the worst Try hard Vince...
  342. Adam Rose and Bo Dallas at house shows.
  343. @Dave Hytmen: With what you just mentioned about Jeff Hardy, why can't you say the same about CM
  344. Shawn Michaels vs Daniel Bryan vs Cm Punk vs Bret Hart FANTASY MATCHUP?
  345. How old were you when you first started watching wrestling?
  346. If you could bring back any old wwe ppv back what would it be?
  347. Do you agree with Bray Wyatt people would rather see John Cena suffer than smilie?
  348. how long before Bray Wyatt becomes World Champion?
  349. Most underated feud ever?
  350. Bryan will lose the title at summer slam ppv?
  351. Were you surprised to know Samuel Shaw has moved back to live with his parents after he...
  352. Ric Flair to appear on RAW?
  353. Yes Or No: Kurt Angle Should Sign With The WWE When His TNA Contract Expires?
  354. How is Daniel Bryan so buff on a vegan diet?
  355. What about this article on TNA's problems?
  356. Do wwe think their dance contest is entertaining?
  357. Name a underated match please?
  358. What do you think of my Wrestlemania 31 Predictions?
  359. Professional Wrestling: True Or False: Every Member Of The Shield is being pushed Currently?
  360. Professional Wrestling: True Or False: The Undertaker's Hall Of Fame Speech Has and Always
  361. top 5 wrestlemania matchs?
  362. WRESTLING : If you were part of the creative's working for the wwe.....what would you suggest?
  363. I want to be a wrestler?
  364. whats worse, been called a 'Bastard' or been called a 'Cream Puff'?
  365. Why didn't wwe book Bray to win at wrestlemania and start a new streak?
  366. are you bored with Alexander Rusev 'Squash' matches?
  367. Professional Wrestling: What did The People find so bloody atrocious about World Wrestling...
  368. Opinion on Brodus Clay?
  369. Wrestling: Daniel Bryan isn't an underdog?
  370. Is Miz vs Cena the worst Wrestlemania main event ever?
  371. The New breed vs the wyatts?
  372. I was always curious why these guys never held the WWE world title?
  373. will wwe forever remain pg?
  374. Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart ? fantasy match up?
  375. who's your favorite heel and face?
  376. is this the end of Rey Mysterio's in-ring career?
  377. Why Does Paul Heyman Never Tell Us That Brock Lesnar Conquered The Undertaker's Streak .. !?
  378. Would you watch an ALL Divas wrestling show?
  379. Professional Wrestling: How hard would you laugh if Jake 'The Snake' Robert's Son actually Main
  380. Do you think JBL was a great Intercontinental Champion?
  381. Are you a video game critic? Is it kinda your job?
  382. Do you think Austin Aries was smart in not trading blows with a convicted felon in MVP?
  383. Do you agree most fans who watch wwe are not true wrestling fans?
  384. So rocky Daye you are becmoning the next dave hytmen?
  385. Is it true that The Undertaker is retired now?
  386. If you had to be stuck in a Hell In A Cell match on your debut match for the WWE Championship...
  387. did boogeyman actually eat worms??
  388. How would you rate Noami´s music video on Total Divas?
  389. When was the first time that the WWE Hall Of Fame induction ceremony was put on DVD &/or TV?
  390. Are you looking forward to Naomi and Jimmy´s weeding on total divas?
  391. Who else wishes that Paige breaks AJ's streak as longest divas champion ever?
  392. Will Davey Richards be a maineventer in TNA eventually or not?
  393. Has anyone seen Chuck Palumbo new show on discovery car hoards?
  394. Why is there always a board with barbed wire under the ring?
  395. Chuck Norris vs El Torito (real question inside)?
  396. yes or no: tamina snuka is a REAL women wrestler?
  397. Will Wrestlemana 30 be put out on DVD/Blue Ray or not because of the WWE Network?
  398. WRESTLING : Why is CENA so popular & overrated when he cant even wrestle?
  399. If for some stupid reason The Wyatt Family adds a female to their stable who do you think it...
  400. WRESTLING : Who would you say is the #1 best commentator after the one and only... JR?
  401. What was the best People's Elbow ever?
  402. Do you think Adrian Neville will be a successful WWE Superstar?
  403. Did everybody enjoy tonights empty arena show presented by TNA?
  404. How would you rate elijah burke?
  405. WRESTLING : If the UNDERTAKER finally decides to retire?
  406. WRESTLING : If you were to replace ORTON & BATISTA in EVOLUTION?
  407. Have CM Punk Fans Realized That Their Idol DOESN'T Care About Them .. !?
  408. What is the greatest match of all time?
  409. Pro Wrestling: Do The People find it sad that Total Nonstop Action took the time to add an Alumni...
  410. Professional Wrestling: Do The People care about Total Nonstop Action's 'Pre-Show Party'...
  411. Professional Wrestling: Impact! Wrestling: Do The People Care about EC3 Vs Willow, EC3 Vs
  412. Professional Wrestling: How many Gimmick Matches as Total Nonstop Action done in the past...
  413. Professional Wrestling: Will The People be purchasing Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling's...
  414. When is Manny Pacquiao going to make a WWE appearance?
  415. Why were there Sting signs and why did security remove them?
  416. Is Lana a wrestler diva, or just a manager?
  417. Dixie owns the bearded thing, sorry Bryan fans?
  418. When is the last time the divas did a street fight?
  419. when do you think John Cena will retire?
  420. Do you think Sid Vicious deserves to be in WWE HOF?
  421. Wwe fans, do you know the difference between women and divas division?
  422. Is The Undertaker WWE Version of Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z?
  423. autopsy shows Warrior died of a heart attack, but did steroids play a role?
  424. Is it me or does Layla and Fandango kind of look like they could be related?
  425. Does anyone else wishes that AJ Lee doesn't come back?
  426. Why didn't DDP give Nancy Grace a diamond cutter?
  427. Am I the only one that doesn't like the wrestlers Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar or Ric Flair?
  428. Should Paige and Sheamus become an on-screen couple because they are both so white?
  429. Is TNA programming live?
  430. Are You Going To Miss Aj Lee Now That She's Taking A Break From WWE .. !?
  431. Why Is Paige So Ugly And Untalented .. !?
  432. Does Anyone Even Care That Masked Kane Is Returning .. !?
  433. Is Brock Lesnar A BIGGER Name In WWE Than ALL 3 Members Of The Shield .. !?
  434. What the best wrestlers from NXT?
  435. If You Could Have Witnessed Any WWE Moment LIVE, What Moment Would That Have Been .. !?
  436. Why Matt Striker quits from WWE?
  437. Best Undertaker attire?
  438. Who are more rich: Mr. McMahon or zuckeberg?
  439. Isn't great news AJ Lee is taking time off?
  440. Wrestling: how does a title become meaningful?
  441. Summerslam Main event announced?
  442. When is John Cena going to become a part-timer?
  443. What your reaction to TNA officially going out of business?
  444. Wwe isn't good at what they are known for?
  445. If wwe is so great why are their divisions pathetic and mediocre?
  446. Daniel Bryan will be the new mysterio?
  447. How can females watch wwe when they don't treat women right?
  448. Wrestlemania ppv match rumor?
  449. Will we ever see d Bryan vs rvd or Jericho?
  450. How is wwe mid card division great when their titles are meaningless?
  451. Is Jeff Hardy overrated?
  452. Is San Antonio a good wrestling city?
  453. What are your top 10 WrestleMania matches?
  454. do u actually think daniel bryan can be as good as john cena?
  455. What is the name of Daniel Bryan's running knee finisher? WWE (Wrestling)?
  456. What do you think about Jeff Jarrett's global force wrestling?
  457. what would happend if a wrestler lands on a reverse steel steps?
  458. Rate these divas by their looks?
  459. Why is Paige so overrated?
  460. how can i interact with john cena and batista?
  461. Whatever happened to the 30 day rule for defending your title?
  462. Battleground Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  463. Summerslam Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  464. Am I the only one who is not looking forward to this evolution reunion?
  465. If HHH vs Roman Reigns happens at Summerslam who will you be rooting for?
  466. WRESTLING : By the end of 2014....Which tag-team do you think will become supreme?
  467. If stone cold never went to wwe...?
  468. Why did WWE change Antonio Cesaro to Cesaro?
  469. what happend to christian?
  470. Why don't people talk about CM Punk?
  471. WRESTLING : Is CARLITO officially in the wwe roster?
  472. WS: Do you still consider Batista a Part Timer?
  473. which wrestler would you beat the crap out of with a steel chair if you had a chance?
  474. Rate My Wrestlemania 31 Card?
  475. Remember when WWF/E PPVs had Unique and cool looking stages?
  476. after Tamina gets the title from Paige.....?
  477. WS: Do you beleive in The Shield?
  478. did WWE basicley admit that they lied about 93,000 people being at WM3?
  479. have yall noticed wwe charethers that just changed and came back with diffrent names?
  480. WS: Do you believe in Evolution (The Tag Team/ Stable)?
  481. Ur opinion on tna resigning low ki to tna?
  482. Do you think jarretts company will take fans from wwe, tna and roh?
  483. WRESTLING : Does KANE have any connection with the evolution, since he's part of the authority?
  484. Currently, who is the worst wwe star?
  485. If John Cena turned heel...?
  486. WWE really needs to drop the WHC Belt! Do you agree?
  487. Booking Evolution's new Run! Thoughts?
  488. What was the Ultimate Warrior quote from WWE Monday Night RAW on 4/14/14?
  489. Getting back into watching wrestling help!?
  490. Once again, no respect for the dead?
  491. Whats the point of hiring Emma if they hire Paige and give Paige the title?
  492. Why did WWE break up Summer Rae & Fandango?
  493. Who is Ho Kogan?
  494. How would you feel if the Nwo wolf pack was to debut in wwe?
  495. Didn't TNA just waste 5 years with Hogan?
  496. Did WWE commentators get in trouble for reacting to the fans?
  497. Does anyone think ryback not axel but just ryback is being wasted right now?
  498. With WM over, can you stand more of the same merry-go-round?
  499. Money In The Bank Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  500. Who is the best current wrestler and who is the best wrestler ever?