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  1. Who would win Brock Lesnar vs Kurt angle amateur wrestling match?
  2. Who else thinks Vicki should take a lie detector test also?
  3. Has anyone ever won a title in less than 18 seconds?
  4. Why is there a bumble bee on Raw?
  5. If u were to debut in the wwe what would your name be and some moves you would use?
  6. Unfair to Ziggler!!!!?
  7. Who's cena oppentent for tlc ppv?
  8. Who won the 50th match between Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara?
  9. Are the guys Damien Sandow choices from the audience plants?
  10. Wrestling Lord Humongous vs Exotic Adrian Street who would win?
  11. Is ric flair really signed with WWE again :D?
  12. Is Hulk Hogan the greatest wrestler of all time?
  13. Who is a better wrestler? John Cena or Randy Orton?
  14. Is it weird if i want to smell the sweat in Val venis's used wrestling tights?
  15. Why do people think it's weird that I find Val Venis attractive? he is so hot!?
  16. What WWE Wrestlers are from the South?
  17. Can someone please tell me where will WWE Raw be held at on Monday 04/08/2013 ( does not
  18. Who would win this match Tatanaka,Chief Jay Strongbow and Kaori Yoneyama vs El Apache,Mary
  19. Should Jeff Hardy return to Wwe?
  20. Does anyone know a website where i can get ths list of superstars in create mode?
  21. Do you think Ryback it being overpushed by Vince?
  22. To the wrestling section - you know its fake, right?
  23. could you answer this question?
  24. is dolph ziggler the best seller in WWE?
  25. Team Golden Era vs. Team Attitude Era: Who Would win a prime match?
  26. Does WWEs AJs Email Still Work?
  27. Didnt u enjoy more the storylines when u think they were real?
  28. What are some Wrestling nicknames that make u laugh?
  29. Why does the WWE make you pay money to watch there PPV's?
  30. What are some of the best matches in ROH history?
  31. Who is the current Raw GM?
  32. Who sacked Aj Lee?? Vince McMahon?
  33. Why isn't Aj Lee the Raw GM anymore?
  34. Will wwe raw ever go back to 2 hours?
  35. Who is your fav diva of all time?
  36. who is the best star to come out of the ultimate fighter and the best coach?
  37. when will Vickie Guerrero get fired?
  38. Would The Rock vs Cena vs Brock at WM29 for the WWE Title be Epic and one of the most watched
  39. Who raised the briefcase at KOTR 99?
  40. Who is better on commentary?
  41. who is your favorite wrestler?
  42. Who would win? Ryback Or Big Show?
  43. Which WWE eras do you like + BQ?
  44. Why didnt Al Snow show up?
  45. WWE: The Cubito Aequet?
  46. What are some good PRO wrestling schools in the southeast states?
  47. How do I create a tag team in WWE 13?
  48. Why People say Tna is full of Retirement home? +BQ?
  49. Wrestling trivia! Easy points!?
  50. is John Cena the only wrestler in WWE history that got chanted You cant wrestle from the crowds?
  51. Should TNA sign AR Fox?
  52. thinking about quitting wrestling!?
  53. Who are your 63 favorite wrestlers of all time?
  54. Will there ever be another undisputed champion agian?
  55. Where is velvet sky and angelina love?
  56. Do you think if randy orton fails drug test one more time they would actually fire him?
  57. Tna gut check Segment/love storylines?
  58. Should the Undertaker retire?
  59. WWE: What does Austin 3:16 say?
  60. Why is WWE so lame now?
  61. Who is a better performer , John cena or CM Punk ?
  62. how did your first wrestling match go?
  63. Did you think Kelly Kelly was divas champion martial?
  64. Why people can't get their own lives?
  65. Who Is The greatest male Wrestler and Female wrestler of all time ?
  66. WWE '13 DLC Info?
  67. What are some of your favorite WWE Matches from the Attitude Era?
  68. What was the best triple threat match in wwe history?
  70. How do I get my money back for wwe 13?
  71. Do you're best Ricardo Rodriguez impersonation of announcing Alberto Del Rio?
  72. Wrestling:Should The Rock be known as 'The face of the attitude era'?
  73. who else do you think is in aces nd 8s?
  74. who is the best in the shield?
  75. who is the pound for pound best ufc fighter?
  76. How many matches have there been in the El Generico vs. Kevin Steen feud so far?
  77. How many matches have there been so far in the Kevin Steen vs. El Generico feud?
  78. Do you think WWE should do this.?
  79. What you think Kharma vs Ryback?
  80. The Miz looks like the shamwow guy?
  81. What are some of your favorite WWE Matches from the Ruthless Agression?
  82. Is Wrestling a gay sport?
  83. Sheamus is the best. I wanna know who trained him?
  84. what are the main reason WWE Pay Per Views Buys Are down please name at-least 5?
  85. what Video Footage Does WWE Own Of Other Wrestling Promotions besides ecw and wcw?
  86. Who Would Have Been Trish Stratus' Toughest Opponent?
  87. Do You think alicia fox Can Wrestle ?
  88. does anyone notice that Michael cole Turned Face ?
  89. wrestling section which move is better?
  90. What were all the shows that contained the CM Punk vs. Raven matches/promos from ROH 2003?
  91. Where could I buy a Fan Made Wrestling DVD?
  92. What have been the 5 best events from Ring of Honor?
  93. How to get better at wrestling?
  94. Is there a DVD of the CM Punk vs. Raven feud from Ring of Honor 2003?
  95. Is John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio a Wrestlemania caliber main event?
  96. What is ur favorite WWE Smackdown theme?
  97. What WWE Replica belt should i get?
  98. Was John Cena correct when he said Dolph Ziggler is a man stuck in a teenage girl's body?
  99. 5 wrestlers that you dislike?
  100. Which company is better to watch TNA, WWE, or ROH?
  101. What would you do to keep Bully Ray away from Brooke Hogan?
  102. who will undertaker face at the next wrestlemania and will it be his last?
  103. What is the worst finisher of the last 15 years?
  104. Who would win Gail Kim vs Naomi?
  105. Which One Of These Is More Likely To Occur .. !?
  106. CM Punk is not the best in the world?
  107. Why tna sucks @ss...?
  108. Why wwe sucks @ss....?
  109. Has anyone here ever seen Starrcade '83?
  110. Ric Flair crapped himself during a match?
  111. Did John Cena really crap on himself during a match?
  112. Has there ever been tag teams champion by himself?
  113. Why aren't the Usos the WWE Tag Champions?
  114. Sheamus: 45 Seconds fella?
  115. What are the chances that HHH and Shawn Micheal will be in the royal rumble?
  116. Could it be possible that the 3MB is a new nWo?
  117. Who dies more: Paul Bearer or the Spanish Announce Table?
  118. What would your reaction be if khali and hornswoggle took on team hell no for the tag team...
  119. Oh my god, you've gotta be kidding me?
  120. why isn't abyss on tna anymore?
  121. Why did Macho Man hate Hulk Hogan so much?
  122. Who is better Mickie James or Melina?
  123. Chris Masters should not have been released agree or disagree?
  124. Will Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair ever retire from wrestling?
  125. where can i find night of champions 2012 where kaitlyn gets attacked?
  126. Who is a better wrestler overall Tiger Mask IV or Jushin Liger?
  127. should Mickie James turn heel again?
  128. Do you think vince and his team read wrestling news sites?
  129. Who is the best in ring wrestler of all time?
  130. Create a ppv, wwe vs tna?
  131. Create a ppv using the current wwe roster (including part time wrestlers)?
  132. Create a ppv using the current impact wrestling/tna roster?
  133. What are your thoughts on Dolph Ziggler's continuous progress?
  134. I fell asleep during SD what happened tonight?
  135. will john cena ever be able to defeat cm punk?
  136. will ryback ever be able to defeat cm punk?
  137. would you want ashely masoro to come back to the wwe?
  138. When's the next WWE Tribute to the Troops?
  139. Did dolph ziggler plan having big show help him?
  140. How did sheamus get his ring name?
  141. What do you think of The Shield?
  142. Guys who watch WWE plz help me....!!?
  143. wrestling section! if the Stone Cold Steve Austin- CM Punk feud happened . . .?
  144. What match and what wrestlers!!?
  145. What makes a good wrestler? (high school)?
  146. Did Rob an Dam look like Brooke Hogan at the end of the Austin Aries match?
  147. How does Brooke Hogan lay on her desk if its uncomfortable to lie on?
  148. Do you think Bully Ray is mixing business with personal?
  149. How funny was Austin Aries when he asked Brooke Hogan how she is able to lie on her desk?
  150. How do you think the TNA wrestlers felt about Hulk Hogan telling Brooke Hogan she can;t
  151. Do you think Rob Van Dam is a good dentist?
  152. People complain about Cenas five moves of doom, but like Ziggler?
  153. Do you agree with Taz Does the Psy Open Gangham Style suck?
  154. Least favorite wwe wrestler right now?
  155. What do you think happened to Al Snow?
  156. Are you a fan of Antonio Cesaro?
  157. Do you agree with Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan shouldn't date any wrestlers?
  158. Is their any one that thinks Kane should have ever won the rumble?
  159. Dolph, AJ and Cena....?
  160. Did Kane slew Able? Or did not?
  161. Is Julius Smokes a better manager than Bobby Heenan?
  162. how long before broadcast is nxt recorded?
  163. Why hasn't JBL WWE show debut yet?
  164. When they ask a wresler why.....?
  165. WS : Who do you wish makes a comeback at the royal rumble?
  166. How Would You Like The Undertaker To Return To The Wwe .. !?
  167. Which wm scenerio do u want?
  168. Quick question regarding WWE '13?
  169. If you were in WWE, what would your finisher move be?
  170. Who do you think is going to win this Celebrity Deathmatch?
  171. TNA Impact is on so where are the fans?
  172. Have there ever been any Bi Sexual/Lesbian Divas? Past or Present?
  173. What ever happened to scaffold matches?
  174. Tna: which one would u like to see?
  175. How come a guy like Arn Anderson never became a World Champion since he was a great wrestler?
  176. Has anyone actually smelled what the Rock was cooking?
  177. Who is the best wrestling manager of all time?
  178. What is the great tag team in wrestling history?
  179. Who is the better wrestler? John Cena or Hulk Hogan?
  180. Who is the best wrestler in WWE right now?
  181. If The Rock attains the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble?
  182. What is your list of the top five most famous wrestlers of all time?
  183. Tna: the new beautiful people?
  184. Big news for tna fans?
  185. What do you make of The Shield?
  186. Are the males in the audience jealous of cena because he so good looking?
  187. are jbl and michael cole a heel or face?
  188. Whos your favorite wrestler and why?
  189. Would 3 straight (dirty) losses at WWE Title shots to CM Punk hurt Ryback's invincibility + BQ?
  190. Since WWE's enforcement of the wellness policy, roundabouts how many suspensions have their been?
  191. I find WWE superstar jinder mahal weird?
  192. Why don't the WWE superstars sneeze?
  193. The wrestlers at my school laugh and make fun of me.?
  194. Why was john cena keep on looking at jbl during his match in main event?
  195. Is sheamus fat or skinny?
  196. Who agrees with me??
  197. Do you think it's a coincidence that The Shield is dressed like CM Punk in the WWE '13 commercial?
  198. How has William Regal never been a world champ?
  199. Do you think Zach Ryder ever wonders this?
  201. Rate this Diva Match: Natalya Neidhart vs. Bull Nakano?
  202. Who were the best tag teams in each era?
  204. Allow me to beg your indulgence for one moment ?
  205. Who would win in a Prime match: nWo vs. Fortune?
  206. Selling my WWE DVD collection, let me know if you're interested. CHEAP PRICES!! + Whats your WM 29
  207. question about edge's neck injury?
  208. Who are the biggest wrestlers ever?
  209. What happened to the user Riyanindia?
  210. What are some of the funniest botches in WWE history?
  211. Why did the WCW owner sell his company to Vince mcnamhon?
  212. Do you think the Cena/Ziggler fued has ended?
  213. Agree or disagree Raw needs to go back to 2 years and its own layouts?
  214. Selling my WWE DVD collection, let me know if you're interested. CHEAP PRICES!! + Whats
  215. How can tna improve their product(no wwe marks)?
  216. Guys who watch WWE plz help me....!!?
  217. Wrestling: How many wrestling matches should a weekly pro wrestling program have?
  218. Wrestling: If there were a roster of 56 wrestlers, would that be enough for two brands?
  219. Why does CM Punk think he's the "Best In The World"?
  220. Dill pickle chips. Would you KILL to get some?
  221. Who more handsome cena or orton?
  222. Who had a better gimmick?
  223. Has there ever been a moment in wrestling when you absolutely knew something was going to happen
  224. Which WCW match type was better?
  225. Why are all of WWE's shows on different channels?
  226. Would you be surprised if WWE came out with a DVD about Jerry Lawlers heart attack?
  227. I want some info on TNA?
  228. WWE Fans: An important question! Please read description?
  229. Does the WWE need good ol' JR back?
  230. If John Cena got fired do you think he would go to TNA?
  231. How do i always win in armwrestling?
  232. Saturday morning slam gets better ratings than TNA?
  233. What goes on JBL mind if he sees john cena in the ring?
  234. Help! Pro Wrestling Compare and Contrast Essay?
  235. How would you reacted if there was a wrestler taking a dump when Ziggler tackled Cena through
  236. How wrestling is real........?
  237. Wrestling weight class info?
  238. is undertaker coming back in 2o13?
  239. who is tired of same old crap with cm punk? wish his reign would end?
  240. Who's better: a prime Bill Goldberg or an old school Kane?
  241. If tna decided to do?
  242. Is the Shield a boring group?
  243. Do you think HHH could take on the shield?
  244. why should the rock become WWE Champion when hes not in WWE much what sense does this make?
  245. Is it true that Ric Flair is going to being RAW's new GM?
  246. Does the user dark Ricky have a job?
  247. Greatest Wrestler of All Time tournament Semi Finals?
  248. How on earth do wrestlers not get hurt?
  249. Why do people hate John Cena?
  250. BQ + BQ + WQ + BQ + WQ?
  251. Where to watch a WWE PPV?
  252. Why Antonio Cesaro acts like a powerhouse?
  253. I just got WWE 13, and I'm waiting to play. How is the gameplay?
  254. When will vicki gurerro retire?
  255. What do you guys think the WWE will do with the 3 NXT in the future?
  256. Does Jerry Lawler have prove those 3 guys who attacked Ryback are connected with CM Punk?
  257. Is RAW still considered 'entertainment', when the wrestlers you are for....lose?
  258. Is Rey Mysterio a ginger?
  259. When will the WWE take away CM Punks WWE Title?
  260. Would You Rather John Cena .. !?
  261. How many WWE PPVs has John Cena been in and can you please list them all?
  262. Who Do You Want To Win The Feud .. The Rock Or CM Punk .. !?
  263. why is Daniiel Bryan?
  264. Feed me less BS and more matches?
  265. What do you think of girl wrestlers?
  266. Is Ryback improved or is he botching still overall is the novelty wearing thin?
  267. What do you think Cena would do if?
  268. I missed high school wrestling tryouts can I still make the team?
  269. is there any tag team wrestlers who wears black attires?
  270. Has this been the best RAW of the year?
  271. Who does the finisher OLD SCHOOL PILEDRIVER in WWE ?
  272. When will Triple H have a match again in the WWE?
  273. If you were interested in Rosa Mendes would you defend her and go on a match with Great Khali?
  274. Wrestling Trivia- 10points to the first user to answer all questions correctly?
  275. Who would win in a Prime match: nWo vs. Team Canada (TNA)?
  276. When or Will the WWE ever get rid of the World heavyweight title and just have one major champion?
  277. Why is Jerry lawler being perverted with his commentary tonight?
  278. Who laughed when Big Show punched the chair and couldn't break it?
  279. Was the one female dog in the ring AJ Lee was referring to John Cena?
  280. Since Primo and Epico didn't defend Rosa Mendes from The Great Khali and Hornswoggle are they
  281. Why didn't Kane and Daniel Bryan help out Ryback from The Shield?
  282. Do you agree with Alberto Del Rio, no woman is going to take Hornswoggle seriously?
  283. Where do you think Vickie Guerrero bought those Robes for John Cena and AJ Lee?
  284. Is 365 days being the WWE Champion something to celebrate in this era?
  285. Do you think Rosa Mendes and Alberto look better than John Cena and AJ Lee?
  286. Are any of you happy that John Cena didn't get to kiss AJ Lee again?
  287. If you were Daniel Bryan would you embrace people calling you Goatface?
  288. Do you think the Raw Active polls should be done on Yahoo answers?
  289. Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs "Macho Man" Randy Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth) Who would win a match?
  290. What do you think of AJ Lee saying She likes to see John "Cena end up on top"?
  291. Would you like to do some dancing with Alicia Fox?
  292. Would you want a kiss from Rosa Mendes and buy her flowers?
  293. Has anybody seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation?
  294. Did Alberto Del Rio really just cleanly squash The Great Khali?
  295. Wwe dlc question 10 points best anwser?
  296. Should tna work with shine to improve the ko division?
  297. We run 20 minutes for wrestling I usually try tire myself?
  298. Who would win Jacqueline vs Daizee Haze?
  299. Does anyone else feel like it is time to end Kane and Bryan tag team?
  300. Are the "WHAT?" chants the best chants in the wwe?
  301. Why did owen harts wife sue the wwe after owens death?
  302. Greatest Wrestler of All Time tournament Quarterfinals?
  303. when do wrestlemania 29 axxess tickets go on sale?
  304. Can i be a pro wrestler?
  305. Do you dislike AJ Lee? Or Like her? And Why?
  306. Go watch this youtube video.Wrestlemania 20 Goldburg vs Brock Lesner. WWE sucks now compared
  307. How would you react if John Cena went to TNA?
  308. How much money can I get for a WWE king of the ring snapback signed by Randy Orton?
  309. Is it just me or is ric flair the most overrated wrestler ever?
  310. Can someone tell me if WWE Randy Orton injured or taking a vacation again he not on Raw
  311. How Annoying Were The "What" Chants On Raw Last Night .. !?
  312. Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns, who else wants to see it?
  313. Ryback or Brock Lesnar?
  314. can someone tell me something about the current u.s champ? Anything.?
  315. Justin Gabriel's mic skills UNDERrated?
  316. is daniel bryan a heel or face?
  317. Good WWE documentaries?
  319. Which do you feel is/was more successful? The original ECW, or TNA?
  320. Bret Hart suggested The Undertaker that 'taker should drop his deadman gimmick' your thoughts?
  321. Johnny Swinger desires one more run, should he get one more chance?
  322. Roman Reign vs The Rock, rate out of 10?
  323. Is Roman Reigns related to Luther Reigns?
  324. Which Would You Rather See .. !?
  325. WWE WrestleMania Fantasy Warfare?
  326. Will Team Hell No lose their wwe tag team titles?
  327. I really can't take kane seriously no matter what anymore?
  328. Why do the referees act like they are dead after the weakest shove?
  329. Why hasn't Samoa Joe been more successful within his pro-wrestling career?
  330. Is there any wrestler, within TNA, who is capable of being champion for a full calender year,...
  331. Besides The Rock, who else could make a exciting return to the WWE to challenge Cm Punk for...
  332. Was Trish Stratus last match in WWE really worth it?
  333. What does John Cena and TNA have in common?
  334. Do wwe refs have a microphone on them during the matches?
  335. Name 5 WWE wrestlers that chewed gum in their entrance to the ring?
  336. Message me if you're interested in WWE DVDs, selling for cheap prices (list inside) + WQ?
  337. What's wrong with the WWE RAW crowd?
  338. Do you like the gesture Antinio Cesaro does with his arms?
  339. Message me if you're interested in WWE DVDs, selling for cheap prices (list inside) + WQ?
  340. Who will face rvd this thursday?
  341. Wwe raw question ?????????
  342. Is john cena the most popular face of the wwe?
  343. So the polls are obviously fake?
  344. WWE Fantasy Warfare Pay-Per View?
  345. Do you think it would be an insult to Macho Man Randy Savage that Punk passed his 372...
  346. who are you voting to face cm chump tonight?
  347. What wrestler do you love and hate the most?
  348. Are you jealous that I can speak five different languages and you can't?
  349. Who are some of the strongest wrestlers ever?
  350. What if this happened in american pro wrestling?
  351. John Morrison and M.V.P. Montel Vontavious Porter both expected to sign new contracts
  352. Can Seth Rollins be a huge breakout star in the future of WWE and have similar success
  353. Does Damion Sandow have more charisma and wrestling ability than The Genius Lanny Poffo
  354. what are the main reasons WWE won't go out of business or be bought out by TNA Roh Or Another
  355. Whats the wrestling move when you throw your opponents head to the ground i need to know the name?
  356. If you can eat one part of Ryback for breakfast. What part would It be?
  357. Greatest wrestler of all time tournament round 1?
  358. Why do WWE Fans answer my questions if they don't know who im talking about +Wrestling Question?
  359. Who is this wrestler?
  360. Preview for Raw tonight?
  361. Do you think that Brad Maddox could possibly be the leader of rollins,reigns, and ambroses faction?
  362. Will John Cena ever turn heel?
  363. with john cena not really being the main event as much always getting injured is cena
  364. How did the WWE buried alive match work?
  365. why cant wwe do right thing and have ryback and cena vs 3 thugs who mugged ryback?
  366. does the undertaker still weigh 305 pounds?
  367. How can tna improve their product(no wwe marks)?
  368. How many of you are true wrestling fans?
  369. Would you like to watch Bigshow vs TheKhali bullrope match carrier on the line?
  370. Will Big Show lose his world title?
  371. Will CM punk be beaten for his wwe title?
  372. Why is a legend like Mick Foly tossed around in the wrestling business?
  373. Road Warriors vs. Demolition vs. Powers of Pain: Three Way Tag Team Match: Who would win...
  374. Which was the greatest ref bump you ever saw?
  375. Do you think CM Punk and Paul Heyman are aligned with Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns?
  376. Who led the WWE in each eras?
  377. Is it okay to like wrestling?
  378. Why do people keep banging on about cena being shoved down our throats?
  379. Do you agree than no American can defeat Antonio Cesaro for my United States Championship?
  380. Jeff hardy return possible..?
  381. How many of you engorged yourselves this Thanksgiving?
  382. What's up with wwe fans?
  383. What would be your reaction?
  384. On the scale to 1 to R-Truth, how dark are you?
  385. Is Brad Maddox still with the WWE?
  386. On the scale of Sheamus to R-Truth, how dark are you?
  387. Anyone wanting to train to be an pro wrestler that lives in Oregon?
  388. Does Alberto Del Rio have more charisma and wrestling ability than Ted DiBiase Sr. had
  389. How do I unlock aj lee in wwe 13?
  390. Dudley Boyz, Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian vs. Road Warriors, Demolition and Powers of Pain?
  391. why is wwe fake? ten points?
  392. which wwe diva looks better out of these choices?
  393. Was "Across the Nation" ever used in the Attitude Era?
  394. Why does WWE likes to waste talent?
  395. Which wrestler in tna or wwe can play dc comic villian bane?
  396. What is Brad Maddox wwe theme song?
  397. Is 3MB the future???????
  398. Is Sheamus going to face big show at tlc?
  399. Anybody in Oregon wanting to train to be an pro wrestler?
  400. Can speed make up for lack of reach?
  401. Who do you think has the worst gimmick in WWE?
  402. Where can I find old ROH matches in their entirety?
  403. John Laurinaitis just came out with a new sports drink?
  404. How many fans does John Cena have?
  405. Did you know that for 3 of his 10 years in wwe john cena has been wwe champion?
  406. Who would win in real life fights and why?
  407. What part of WWE is real and fake?
  408. what if wwf bought ecw during the attitude or ruthless aggression era?
  409. Does Rey Mysterio wear his mask while engaging in sex acts?
  410. Can you rate my tlc match card and give different matches and other types?
  411. Are there any wrestlers who are in their 80s?
  412. Do u like Brodus Clay?
  413. Was there any homeless person to become a wrestler?
  414. Who is better titus o'neil or Darren Young?
  415. Do you miss Carlito??
  416. Jesus Christ, How long has it been? +WQ?
  417. What wrestler/ wrestlers does your family like and dislike?
  418. Do u prefer a 3 man booth or 2 man in wrestling commentary?
  419. Who is hotter in tna?
  420. what is better gts or sleeper hold?
  421. Do you pefer the Elimination Chamber to be a title match or number one contender match?
  422. You know I used to hate Antonio Cesaro, but he is very impressive?
  423. JBL vs. Ted DiBiase: Who would win a prime match?
  424. Why people are hating?
  425. Who should be the leader of aces n eights, that will make an impact in wrestling?
  426. Did the WWE reveal that the Rock is going to be the new champion at Royal Rumble?
  427. Who are some WWE wrestlers that are Christian?
  428. Who is your favorite WWE Superstar and/or Diva?
  429. Why do people bang on about rybacks size? 6"3 really,really,really?
  430. Isn't WWE RAW Stupid?
  431. If you stuck in an elevator with a wrestler, who would you want it to be?
  432. Road to Wrestlemania?
  433. Oh No! Is One Direction singing at WM?
  434. anything cool on smackdown tonight?
  435. Which is better TNA or WWE?
  436. Why are Lucha Libres/Luchadores not more popular in the US?
  437. Who is the leader of the trio Ramon Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose?
  438. Why John Cena & Del Rio stick their nose in Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler's business?
  439. It is all the same but little different?
  440. In the matt hardy, edge, and lita controversy, why was everyone on matt hardy's side?
  441. Does anyone have john cenas rap album & if so wats it like?
  442. Dont u hate these Wrestling reviews?
  443. Do you think Sheamus and his friends bought the most expensive pints since Booker T said he'd pay?
  444. Why did Brooke Hogan want Turkey if Austin Aries could've gave her the stuffing?
  445. Do you think Sheamus ever thought about a giant with a steel chair?
  446. Do you think Brooke Hogan ever thought of having the last name McMahon on her wedding day?
  447. Did you notice John Cena was checking out AJ Lee as she left the ring?
  448. Was this a career making week for Dolph Ziggler?
  449. If you were Booker T who would you want as your assistant Eve Torres or Natalya?
  450. Why wasn't Ryback's appetite satisfied on Thanksgiving?
  451. If Dolph Ziggler was to kiss AJ Lee would it bring out the woman in her?
  452. If you were John Cena would you have feelings for AJ Lee?
  453. If you had to choose between Ryback or Alberto Del Rio as a tag partner, who would you choose and...
  454. True or False.........?
  455. Are you ready for Sunday Night Riot? + Will Ryback ever win The WWE championship?
  456. 10 points! Name 3 wrestlers that could perform some of the best promos in the wrestling business?
  457. Why does the championship not change hands when the champion is pinned in the WWE anymore?
  458. Why hasn't Drew McIntyre wrestled since joining 3MB?
  459. Is rosa mendes a better wrestler than kelly kelly?
  460. Are you a Paul Heyman Guy or Eric Bischoff Guy or Vince McMahon Guy?
  461. Is TNA Open Fight Night scripted?
  462. What's the point of this whole AJ/Cena scandal AJ isn't even the GM anymore?
  463. Friday Night Epic + When will Ziggler Cash in? When he does do you think he'll win?
  464. Where is the Undertaker?
  465. How good do you think my friend's Stonecold Steve Austin impression is?
  466. how did hulk hogan, shawn michaels, stone cold, and john cena became so popular?
  467. will cm punk get record one day of 2800 days with belt?
  468. Good Wrestling PPV names?
  469. What are your predictions for the 2012 slammy awards?
  470. If you were to add the term "Vince Russo" in the dictionary, what would make its definition?
  471. So is ryback now going back to facing jobbers?
  472. So are you ready for Kane vs Santa on Christmas?
  473. wrestling match ???????????????
  474. the undertakers streak?
  475. You know James Storm's TNA entrance theme lyrics?
  476. What happened to Lillian Garcia?
  477. there is alot WWE is doing wrong right now but what are a few things WWE is doing right?
  478. What are your thoughts on WWE being interested in El Generico and Rocky Romero?
  479. Has Jon Moxley Ever Been A Face In His Career?
  480. Can you rate my wwe 12 tag teams and give me more tag teams?
  481. what do you REALLY like about john 'super' cena?
  482. How do I gain weight in the form of muscle?
  483. Is Ryback in the picture?
  484. if kurt angle came back who do u see him fueding with?
  485. Why do people think CM Punk and Kane are bullies but not John Cena? Kayfabe?
  486. Was Kofi Kingston the black guy in Highschool Musical?
  487. I'm a wrestler can you give me a good theme for my intro ?
  488. How did you reacted when Kofi Kingston said he's like a Wildcat?
  489. What stars should tna sign to x division, to make it great agian?
  490. If Velvet Sky isn't in TNA anymore why is her profile still up?
  491. Who is one wrestler that you like that most people hate?
  492. If you could have sex with any female or male pro wrestler who would it be?
  493. Do you think Evan Bourne will ever be pushed? Do you think Cena will ever be heel?
  494. Do you get bored with WWE story lines now a days?
  495. Can you list ALL of the money in the bank cash in's?
  496. Is the undertaker the ugliest wrestler ever?
  497. is seth rollins a heel or face?
  499. Will WWE The Undertaker be wrestling at WM29 and if so then who is he wrestling? BQ?
  500. Why does the wwe not show the wwf logo anymore?