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  1. Dose khali have injuries to his legs ?
  2. What would be your dream match ?
  3. What would be your dream match ?
  4. What is the Best WWE matches in the 90's?
  5. When will we see a new WWE Championship design?
  6. I have a major problem in working out?
  7. what would happen if BIG SHOW and SHEAMUS.........?
  8. What was the worst wwe/wwf match you ever seen?
  9. Mark Henry vs Big E Langston, who wins?
  10. Do you think its too late for Kurt Angle's return to WWE to be huge since no one will remember him?
  11. WWE Superstar of the Year award?
  12. A question about Standing Sea Fire?
  13. Is the boogeyman back full time in WWE or just a once off thing?
  14. What is the role of Ric Flair in WWE?
  15. What did you think of RAW tonight?
  16. Are you a Oner or doner with Jim Schwartz and Martin mayhew?
  17. Why did Vickie and AJ leave?
  18. What do you think of this wrestler I created in WWE 12?
  19. Hu wud winn tha mach be twean dolf ziglar end cofee kingstan?
  20. is WWE in the process of forming a new heel faction?
  21. Wwe fans to answer....?
  22. Do you think any of the WWE Superstars/Divas donated to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert?
  23. Why can we have a wrestler with the mic skills of CM Punk and body build of Cena?
  24. who else was shocked when ryback said owen hart?
  25. What was your reaction when AJ Lee said people at a gas station asked AJ Lee "Why?"?
  26. Why did AJ lee turn on John Cena?
  27. Should Punk have ripped the Philiadelphia Eagles for having the worst record in NFL history?
  28. What would happen if John Cena and Bobby Lashley re-enacted Huckleberry Finn?
  29. If I was Dolph Ziggler and AJ was onto me, I would __________________________?
  30. What do you think Triple H thinks about Ariel Winter's situation with her mother?
  31. in your mind when will WWE go out of business and please dont say it never will look at Wcw and Ecw?
  32. Who won the x division championship as suicide?
  33. Aces & Eights vs The Sheild?
  34. Why is it always exciting to watch MITB winners cash in heel or face?
  35. Who is tougher to beat: an angry Bully Ray or the Big Show?
  36. What are your thoughts on Miss Elizabeth?
  38. Why is Ricardo Rodriguez always saving everyone ?
  39. Is John Cena Italian?
  40. Did you know that WCW/WWE has never made a Goldberg DVD?
  41. What was so good about Sheamus vs Big Show at HIAC?
  42. Since Triple H will never win an Oscar or Academy Award, how bad did he want the Slammy award on
  43. Is Getting WWE 13 Worth it?
  44. Do you think AJ Lee betrayed John Cena because she didn't like the way Cena kissed?
  45. Y iz dof zigla so awsum?
  46. Is Vickie Guerrero right? Does no one care why AJ Lee betrayed our favorite hero, John Cena at TLC?
  47. Do you think John Cena attacked Dolph Ziggler because he didn't get the actual Slammy award on Raw?
  48. Do you think Triple H was nervous to go out in front of the crowd on Raw because of his haircut?
  49. Cody's moustache: good or bad?
  50. If you were in John Cena's position who would you date AJ Lee or Nikki Bella?
  51. Now that AJ Lee cheated on John Cena and likes Dolph Ziggler, would you still date her?
  52. When is The Undertaker coming back?
  53. why is john cena a moron and not turn heel?
  54. Agree or Disagree:WWE Question? 10 points for best answer?
  55. Sheamus is a Tree time champion?
  56. Is Big E Langston going to be the next Ezekiel Jackson?
  57. Is Alberto Del Rio suited to be a face?
  58. Why is Del Rio on the face team?
  59. Would Triple H not be anything if weren't for Shawn Michaels?
  60. Is it me or has hulk hogan ruined TNA?
  61. Do you think the Big Show is as good as Cm Punk on the mic?
  62. Did Alberto Del Rio turn face?
  63. Is AJ Lee now going back to black men to satisfy her?
  64. So Rock vs Cena will be match of the year?
  65. WRESTLING SECTION: Please remember that Smackdown is live tomorrow at 8PM/ET 5PM/PT on USA Network?
  66. It's Been 6 Years Since Kurt Angle Has Left The Wwe .. !?
  67. Does Anybody Else Love It When CM Punk .. !?
  68. Should Randy Orton Put a end to Undertaker Streak?
  69. If asked, would you riot the wwe to bring back the attitude era or at least a tv-14 rating?
  70. Has The Build Up For The Rock Vs CM Punk Been Ruined .. !?
  71. D-Generation X vs. Fortune: Who would win a Prime Match?
  72. There is going to be a slammy award this year?
  73. Who is your favorite wrestlers from the attitude era (top 5)?
  74. Is there going to be a WWE Slammy Award 2012?
  75. Will Dolph Ziggler become one of the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time when
  76. You miss Carlito don't you?
  77. Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Stephanie McMahon?
  78. Have you ever take a long hiatus from watching "wrestling"?
  79. Which show is better? WWE Main Event or WCW Saturday Night?
  80. What ever happened to Hulk Hogan?
  81. What do you think of Cody Rhodes' new mustache?
  82. what is your wwe top 10?
  83. Which WWE Superstar is the best on the mic right now?
  84. What is your top 100 WWE superstars?
  85. Do you think Jeff Hardy will return to wrestling one day?
  86. Why did wwe take out the introduction of sheamus' theme?
  87. ECW Dream Tournament: Who would win the Tournament?
  88. Sheamus is so hot that he even has guys after him. Wtf?
  89. Does dolph ziggler use spray tan?
  90. Jerry Lawler is great?
  91. Would I be considered the winner or loser?
  92. Can John Cena even turn heel from face, given the vast exposure of fan response to him?
  93. What WWE superstar is the only superstar to?
  94. What would you rate the following skills of these divas on a scale of 1-10?
  95. Who would win these fatal 4 way matches?
  96. Did anybody else hear the crowd chant Colt Cabanna?
  97. I thought this was a family show!! Lmfao?
  98. Who has been better lately?
  99. How can I unlock wrestlers in WWE13?
  100. How's WWE been lately?
  101. What did Scorpio Sky say?
  102. AJ or Vickie?
  103. Will Justin Roberts press assault charges against AJ Lee for slapping him across the face?
  104. Can pro wrestlers wrestle amateur wrestling if its an amateur wrestling match?
  105. Will WWE creative team ever get better?
  106. So the ending of Raw was pretty awesome huh?
  107. Rate my PPV 1-10???????
  108. Wwe: is it just me or?
  109. Is the TNA Ko's division becoming more like WWE divas division?
  110. Is the miz now corny?
  111. WWE signs. HELP!!!!!!?
  112. Would Melina vs Alicia Fox make for a better match?
  113. John Cena has earned the right to be in every Raw main event. Why does the IWC take such offense
  114. How lovely did Vickie look tonight?
  115. Why does Mick Foley only buy store brand soda?
  116. Why was John Cena stripped of the WWE title upon injury while CM Punk was not?
  117. Why Is Alicia fox Still Jobbing ?
  118. If Randy Orton or John Cena was sitting next to you, would you touch them?
  119. Tna/wwe wrestling trade part two?
  120. WWE Prime Match and Fantasy Warfare Match?
  121. What would be your reaction if Vince Russo won a CMLL body building contest?
  122. How would you rate Todd Keneley as a TNA commentator on a scale of 1 to 10?
  123. Who is more overrated, cena(wwe) or styles(tna)?
  124. Is it really wierd that a girl likes wrestling?
  125. Why did trish stratus have to use brett hart's sharpshooter move when she had her last match?
  126. Can sheamus REALLY pick me up with one arm!?
  127. why does hulk hogan always say brother?
  128. WWE trivia questions?
  129. tensai = a-train?????????????
  130. Do you think the Hardcore Championship would fit in the PG Era perfectly?
  131. If John Cena Did Turn Heel Now?
  132. Is WWE Studios profitable?
  133. why is cm punk better then stone cold steve austin?
  134. What is going to happen tonight on Raw?
  135. So who won in the Nate Diaz vs Benson Henderson fight?
  136. So what happened to Candice Michelle?
  137. who do you hope to see return at the royal rumble?
  138. Which card out of these 4 wm29?
  139. Whats a good twitter name for a highshool wrestler?
  140. Would you pay to see this Fatal 4 Way at WrestleMania 29?
  141. Why do pro wrestlers always target the spanish announce table?
  142. Who would win these matches?
  143. WWE PPV online????????
  144. Who do you think was/is the strongest wrestler?
  145. Do you think Vince Sr. never wanted the WWE to be as big as it is today?
  146. Do you ever get tired of the IWC always praising heels?
  147. going back a few years ago what was the rule in WWE if you didnt defend your championship...
  148. Help finding signed wwe autographed photo?
  149. Are there any WWE Stars that are Black Belts or higher?
  150. WWE Questions Anyone ?
  151. Is the ko division being revived?
  152. Who is the most coward wrestler of all time?
  153. what are 5 to 10 things WWE can do right now so RAW gets higher ratings in the future?
  154. Which is better? WWE or TNA?
  155. What is The Undertaker's secret?
  156. Question about WWE fans?
  157. Who would win in your opinion: Cm Punk vs Triple H if they wrestled Today?
  158. Do you think John Cena is a good Wrestler?
  159. Could aj styles be in aces and eights?
  160. is joey ryan from tna john morrison?
  161. Does any other girl like the undertaker from wwe?
  162. Y2J Or Honest Man Gimmick?
  163. Are The Shields working for Cm Punk?
  164. Can you really blame WWE for following pop culture with the spinner belt?
  165. Which promotion is bigger DDT or ZERO 1?
  166. How much does Cm Punk pay Paul Heyman?
  167. what years did RAW have worse ratings or lower ratings then we have right now?
  168. What are your thoughts on WWE revamping the divas division?
  169. Where is Evan Bourne?
  170. Do you think the Shield will help Punk retain his title pass the Rumble against The Rock?
  171. Are you going to be excited to see WWE TLC , ?
  172. Where is Eve ???????????
  173. 10 reasons why Hornswoggle rules?
  174. Story line ways how did the stone cold smoking skull belt come to be?
  175. Are these current wrestlers "weak"?
  176. The shield vs HHH 3-1 Handicap?
  177. Which match would you rather see? Taker vs sting or punk vs Austin?
  178. GUYS: Who would you rather date AJ Lee or Layla?
  179. The Shield....thoughts?
  180. Who would win these following matches?
  181. What ever happened to Zack Ryder?
  182. Your top 5 wrestling moves?
  183. Who would be the 2 finalists in a wwe diva ufc style match and who would win it?
  184. Does John Cena really deserve all the hate?
  185. At what age are you considered old in pro wrestling?
  186. Which 3 wwe superstars and 3 wwe divas would make a good cfuple?
  187. My WCW Starrcade + BQ?
  188. Why Do you think Jack Swagger was Used Right by WWE?
  189. People over 20 why do you still watch WWE shows?
  190. Damien Sandow apprentice picking?
  191. Who would u like to see as wwe champion?
  192. wrestling question ?????????
  193. Could I do wrestling with a bad knee?
  194. No mistake, is Bobby Roode TNA's best wrestler for this year?
  195. Difference between the tadpole splash & frog splash?
  196. Are you sure wwe smackdown will come back to live television?
  197. What does it mean when someone has your number?
  198. Are The Miz and Ryback Be The Next Faces Of The WWE?
  199. Who is interested in E-fed work?
  200. Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar,what winning?
  201. Why is the Raw matches shorter than the PPV matches?
  202. TNA: Who do you got for tomorrow night's Final Resolution?
  203. will Mr Sandow Find himself a, Apprentice?
  204. Booker T not one of the best wrestlers of all time?
  205. Why did alberto del rio take sheamus' knee pad off?
  206. What's on sheamus' kneepads?
  207. Why is tna still airing when no one likes it?
  208. Is The undertaker retired or not?
  209. Has anyone ever kicked out of a pinfall after randy orton did the rko on them?
  210. Is WWE'S Undertaker a pimp?
  211. Why doesn't velvet sky come to wwe?
  212. Best in the world=Worst ratings in 15 years,right?
  213. WWE: What is this thing ??
  214. Antonio Cesaro should gift R-Truth his United States Champion?
  215. Is natalya dating the great khali?
  216. How much more lamer and kiddie friendly can RAW and Smackdown get?
  217. Big Show might kill Sheamus at TLC?
  218. Is Velvet Sky a spit in the face?
  219. Will Big Show change Sheamus forever if he hits him with a steel chair?
  220. When is the TLC PPV?
  221. Why do wrestlers and referee get distracted so easy?
  222. sheamose is best wwe persom?
  223. Did The Great Khali stop working out?
  224. is wwe back in attitude era?
  225. Is anyone else watching CZW Cage of Death?
  226. Does Damien Sandow wear his dad's bathrope?
  227. who kane and why he wear mask?
  228. Who else hopes this injury ends CM Punk's career?
  229. Anyone else tired of Undertaker just wrestling one match then leaving after Wrestlemania?
  230. Why do non-pro wrestling fans call Wrestling fake?
  231. Evan Bourne VS Kofi kingston VS Sin Cara VS Rey mysterio ?
  232. Should John Cena go back to his bald look?
  233. is wwe real or fake i need know?
  234. What Sounds Better .. Raw Or Smackdown .. !?
  235. Do You Think Someone Will Interfere In The Dolph Ziggler Vs John Cena Match At TLC .. !?
  236. Would You Like To See The Rock Vs The Undertaker At Wrestlemania .. !?
  237. True/False: There Is Too Much Wwe On Television Nowadays .. !?
  238. Poll: Do You Celebrate When Your Favorite Wrestler Wins A Match .. !?
  239. Is The Royal Rumble The Most Exciting Match Of The Calander Year .. !?
  240. how come black wwe fans and middle age white fans age 20-40 hate cena?
  241. Which Wrestler Does The Wwe Title Look Best On .. !?
  242. what does john cena and a pokemon have in common?
  243. What are some famous defunct lucha libre promotions?
  244. Is it Show Time,Clobbering Time or Vader Time?
  245. Did you hear Mick Foley's commentary on the Javon Belcher incident?
  246. when did undertaker started only showing up once a year?
  247. So who were Aces and Eights?
  248. If you could be any WWE diva past or present who would you choose?
  249. Who do you think would win this Dream Traditional Survivor Series Match?
  250. Who agrees the Attitude Era was the most overrated era ever?
  251. Make some noise?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  252. WWE is my whole life!?!?!?
  253. So if WWE gets all of their ideas from Seinfeld episodes?
  254. So for the TNA fans out there?
  255. Is There going to Be a WWE Slammy awards ?
  256. Are Wrestlers classified as a human?
  257. who was or is the best heel in there prime? and why ?
  258. WWE VS TNA PPV Which one . ?
  259. who has the best name to suit there character in wwe?
  260. why isnt jeff hardy pulling promos on tna like he did with wwe?
  261. who is coming to tna wrestling on 1.3..2013?
  262. Why do wrestlers lose after a finisher?
  263. who is the best entertainer in wwe ?
  264. Your top 5 wwe divas?
  265. Does Manny Pacquiao fear John Cena?
  266. Does Santa Clause have your keys,or does he enter via the chimney+WQ?
  267. 10 reasons why The Great Khali rules?
  268. money in the bank THIS MATCH MAKES NO SENSE ( cena v ziggler)?
  269. Does randy orton look better with or without a beard?
  270. I thought big show had an iron clad contract?
  271. Does anyone else agree that sheamus should've been able to hit big show tonight?
  272. What a wellness violations mean on the WWE?
  273. Why does WWE refer to themselves as sports entertainment when it's pro wrestling?
  274. Who's shoot was better?
  275. what do kayfabe mean?
  276. Why didn't Owen Hart watch Raw on Monday?
  277. Who would win, The Undertaker (Lord of Darkness) vs. Randy Orton (The Viper)?
  278. i heard senor booker cheated in ws?
  279. Who did the most damage to undertaker out of all wrestle mania's?
  280. Which WWE superstars/Divas Has The Best Entrance Theme Song?
  281. what would you do if rick flair was in your kitchen cooking up a storm all the while screaming whoo?
  282. What is Owen Hart's favorite song?
  283. Is the WWE ever going to have a world champion between the age of 20-30 again?
  284. Would Big Show's KO punch work on Meng whose head is as hard as a rock?
  285. Why has Drew Mcintyre been turned into a joke?
  286. Does This make WWE Fake . ?
  287. Who was the only wrestler who's head was higher than The Big Show in May 1999?
  288. did velvet sky have a plastic surgery? she doesn't look like herself?
  289. does the iron sheik have brain damage?
  290. what happened to wwe fans?
  291. why dont steve wilkos wrestle?
  292. Would you rather be:in Aces and Eights and have all the girls or The Shield and make a...
  293. Why is CM Punk mean now?
  294. Should John Morrison and Melina open their own business?
  295. What is John Cena's real name?
  296. Do you think Aces and Eights and The Shield are secretly working together to take down
  297. Do you think Devon is jealous of Bully Ray because he is dating Brooke Hogan?
  298. Since Brooke Hogan brought Velvet Sky back, does that make you respect Bully Ray?
  300. Do the wwe commentators make a lot of money?
  301. ?I Have a Question about being a WWE Diva??
  302. Which car matches WWE's Ryback?
  303. Who do you think is coming to tna on 1 3 13?
  304. Is CM Punk the only WWE/Heavyweight Champion in history to?
  305. Who would you choose?
  306. Which TNA Superstars would look great in the WWE?
  307. What do you think would happen?
  308. Agree or disagree, making Rock announce his WWE title hunt was a big mistake?
  309. Who was ur favorite WWE GM?
  310. What indie wrestler has the best 2nd job?
  311. Wrestling/Football Poll:WWE or NFL?
  312. TNA's Samoa Joe VS the original Samoa Joe who would win?
  313. When do you think CM Punk will be able to compete again?
  314. Who would win and with which move?
  315. Rate the following wwe divas?
  316. Will You Be Happy Or Upset When CM Punk's Record Breaking Streak Ends .. !?
  317. Why didn't Hulk Hogan make Bully Ray or Austin Ares take a lie detector test?
  318. Do You Think Dolph Ziggler Will Retain His Money In The Bank Briefcase .. !?
  319. Do wwe commentators make good money?
  320. WWF vs WWE??????????
  321. What do you think of WWE Diva AJ Lee?
  322. Your favorite WWE RAW's theme song?
  323. What are your thoughts on Big Show mourning the loss of the twinkie?
  324. How long do you think CM Punk will hold the title?
  325. Don't you think this is cool?
  326. CM Punk really injured or storyline injured?
  327. Did the WWE break up the Nexus too soon?
  328. Where can I purchase real jelly wrestling mix with slippery slime used for jelly wrestling?
  329. help! Triple H is gonna kill me!?
  330. What is the best situation for this wrestling finsher I created and what should be the name of it?
  331. IF WWE was TV-MA instead of TV-14 back then.. how would the ratings be?
  332. Is velvet sky returning tonight?
  333. What are the chances that William regal will end undertakers streak?
  334. Wwe fans what do u think of this?
  335. How many fans does the WWE have?
  336. Seems like the divas division is too busy doing this instead of being good at wrestling?
  337. Why hasn't WWE mentioned Marianna Komlos?
  338. Who and which move would you choose?
  339. Who else is happy velvet sky is back?
  341. What are the chances that Antonio Cesaro will end undertakers streak?
  342. If Michael Jackson was wrestler?
  343. How many fans does professional wrestling have?
  344. Could Daniel Bryan be the one who retires Kane?
  345. Is Mark henry coming back to wwe?
  346. is sarita wrestling in tna ?
  347. Has there ever been a interracial couple in wrestling?
  348. cm punk or bryan?.....?
  349. Who's a better wrestler Dean Ambrose or Daniel Bryan?
  350. How long have you been a fan of wwe?
  351. will team no with ryback destroy shield?
  352. Is there any chance Cena will win the briefcase at TLC?
  353. dont people like idiot barbara realize cm punk is out of tlc?
  354. Should the FCC be blamed for the wwe pg 13 era?
  355. Who do you think will win: Cesaro or Kingston?
  356. How does sheamus manage to be so perfect?
  357. Could sheamus pick me up?
  358. has big show, kane or chris jericho ever been out of action cause of surgery?
  359. what if back then WWE was TV-MA like during the Attitude Era.. how crazy would that be?
  360. Hey boys!! Are you jealous that sheamus is the hottest guy ever?
  361. When Will Ryback Have His Wwe Title Match .. !?
  362. The transformation of Kane. Are you kidding me?
  363. will cena character ever change his character?
  364. CM Punk injured for real, does this mean Cena wins MITB, cashes in, last PPV image of...
  365. If the WWE has to decide...?
  366. Would you like to See velvet sky in WWE Divas division ?
  367. who wins the wrestling match rhonda signh or norman smiley?
  368. Has WWE PG brought in Many more girls as it pertains to fans and watching it on tv?
  369. even in WWE's Attitude Era Of RAW did RAW Still get beat in ratings by any other sport on TV?
  372. How many of you still remembers this WWE match?
  373. Not Just Bring Back TV 14 But How Can WWE Fix RAWS Really Low Ratings over the last few weeks?
  374. Who do you expect to return to WWE in 2013?
  375. Who will win in this wwe match?
  376. What happened to the sign guy?
  377. What do you think is going on Between Bully Ray and BRooke Hogan?
  378. If you could fire any 5 current WWE superstars and replace them, who would you replace and
  379. Who'd Win The Shield or Triple H?
  380. Your Thoughts On The New TLC Main Event?
  382. do you like justin biber?
  383. do you watch wrestling?
  384. do you like john cena?
  385. Do you guys think that John Cena will win at TLC?
  386. who faces ryback at tlc?
  387. Who has more passion for wrestling: John Cena or the Undertaker?
  388. Is Cm Punk' knee injury real or scripted?
  389. New evolution in wwe 13? Best team gets 10 pts?
  390. Guys, if kelly kelly posed for playboy, would you buy the playboy magazine?
  392. What Makes A Wrestler?
  393. will cm punk have to withdraw his wwe title?
  394. did u like it better when Taker was on raw or SD?
  395. What do you think about A.J & Natalya' Entrance ?
  396. Where is Velvet Sky TNA Wrestling?
  397. Isn't bully ray/brooke hogan thing like?
  398. wrestling section how would you feel if Edge had a recovery like HBK?
  399. Who else thinks TLC 2012 is a must watch?
  400. ?Questions about N-X-T and defunct Championships??
  401. How do you injure your knee getting slammed through a table?
  402. Is the royal rumble ppv more exciting then wrestlemaina?
  403. Do you think WWE pulling Punk from TLC was a smart move?
  404. Is any past divas returning to WWE 2012?
  405. would you continue to watch wwe is santino ended the undertaker at wrestlemania?
  406. What is rybacks appeal?
  407. aces and eights revealed ( possible spoiler )?
  408. who is more entertaining at the moment?
  409. what do you think of the following wrestlers?
  410. paul heymen v ryback? whos gonna win?
  411. who is the best wrestler at actually wrestling in wwe and tna?
  412. Who and what would u choose?
  413. Who and what would u choose?
  414. Which sport is toughr: Wrestling or Rugby?
  415. wrestling section. why do people think Great Khali can't speak english in real life?
  416. you got that one thing?
  417. does john cena like aj?
  418. do you like one direction?
  419. is "the shield" an answer to "aces and 8's?"?
  420. When was the last time a match between 2 big stars ended with a straight up, clean win.?
  421. is "the shield" an answer to "aces and 8's?"?
  422. Do you think Brad Maddox will be the leader of The Shield or join it?
  423. Why did WWE replace the TLC main event with Ryback/Team Hell No vs Shield?
  424. Ladies:Would you marry Ric Flair?
  425. Survivor Series tournament Semi-Finals?
  426. Do you remember the video game called WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It (PlayStation 2)?
  427. how do you become a wwe diva superstar?
  428. Did the Miz really do a yo momma joke on Cm punk?
  429. What happened on raw last Monday?
  430. Why Does People Hate John Cena?
  431. What four stars would you put on your own wwe version of Mount Rushmore?
  432. Bring the red ropes back to Raw?
  433. Does Alberto Del Rio Tan?
  434. Should Antonio Cesaro's Giant Swing be a signature move?
  435. Could it be randy orton the leader of shield?
  436. WS : Which combination of 3 do you find more important to you -------->?
  437. Pushed around and Bullied Wrestling?
  438. Favorite WWE interview segment?
  439. Are wrestlers away from their families more than any other type of atheletes?
  440. Has the father of Matt and Jeff Hardy died?
  441. When does sheamus have another match against bigshow?
  442. Can sheamus get any awesomer?
  443. Is Brad Maddox going to face the great khali?
  444. Did you know sheamus is the hottest ginger?
  445. Why is the world heavyweight champion teaming with mr money in the bank?
  446. What are the chances Vince McMahon is a victim of the shield tonight?
  447. Another tag team match ?
  448. WWE trying to turn Miz face is not going to work?
  449. Do you think they still celebrate "Chris Benoit Day" in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (April 18th)?
  450. Allow me to beg your indulgance for a moment?
  451. Did you like it better when undertaker was a biker on raw or the deadman on Smackdown?
  452. can you back arch in high school wrestling?
  453. What happened on wwe monday night raw tonight?
  454. Did Eve Torres Really Come out for Brad Maddox on RW?
  455. Am I the only one who thinks aj lee is overrated?
  456. Favorite wrestler, worst wrestler?
  457. where there ever be another breakout star like cena again if yes who?
  458. Why is WWE ruining "concept" matches?
  459. What was the main event RAW?
  460. Boxers are weaker than wrestlers,you know why?
  461. Would you agree with me that the WWE is predictable & Easy to tell who's going to win each match?
  462. Royal Rumble 2013 Matches?
  463. What grade would you give CM Punk's promo?
  464. So Is WWE 13 Any Good?
  465. What rating would you give Raw tonight?
  466. My thoughts on the SHIELD?
  467. wrestling section, why do you ask questions only bookers and the creative team can answer?
  468. If you were in WWE, how would you react if you had to tag with Damien Sandow?
  469. Where can I watch WCW/WWF attitude era full episodes?
  470. Will wwe ever go back to tv 14 instead of this pg era crap?
  471. IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, Is WWE TLC on Sky Sports Box Office or Sky Sports 1?
  472. who was stronger, Goldberg v Kane?
  473. I bought aj on wwe13 but how do I play as her? 10 points best answer?
  474. Which WWF / WWE wrestler been with the company ( WWE ) the longest ?
  475. Do you believe Brie Bella is dating John Cena?
  476. What question would you ask Damian Sandow to stomp him using Tout?
  477. Why do people still like Randy Orton (+BQ)?
  478. Is CM Punk the reason why you tune in to Raw?
  479. Do you think Paul Heyman looks like a Walrus?
  480. If those bow ties were the wrong color, why did John Cena take them from Vickie Guerrero?
  481. Team USA vs. Team Canada: Who would win a Prime Match?
  482. Why didn't Randy Orton attack the shield with Kane and Daniel Bryan, they attacked him after his...
  483. Who's your favorite wrestler from the Chikara wrestling promotion?
  484. Survivor Series tournament?
  485. WS : Between WWE & TNA.....Whos roster contains better well skilled wrestlers?
  486. Undertaker streak is real!?
  487. Wrestling ppvs question?
  488. Do you think WWE Sucks?
  489. Should the WWE unify both the WWE and World title into one title?
  490. What would the WWE do if TNA could actually compete with them in ratings?
  491. What do you think is the best pro wrestling school to train at?
  492. Do you watch the WWE because you like it or because it's the WWE?
  493. Do you think Vince cares that nobody really likes the WWE anymore?
  494. Did Teddy Long just cancel a tag team match?
  495. How would you rate Raw so far?
  496. Do you think The Shield will attack the Miz during the lie detector test?
  497. Will you forget the name Brad Maddox?
  498. WWE DVD Ideas? Good Choices?
  499. do u think cena will ever turn heel?
  500. do u think wwe raw is getting boring?