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  1. Any predictions as to when The Undertaker is coming back?
  2. Why do people say The Great Khali was a terrible World Heavyweight Champion?
  3. Should WWE Saturday Morning Slam! feature PG/G Superstars only?
  4. Should WWE have a midget wrestling show?
  5. Shouldn't the ten hits that Sheamus does be called the Irish whip?
  6. Do you agree that Jessie Godderz is better than the Miz and will be a bigger star?
  7. What are your thoughts on WWE 3 hour Raw show?
  8. Wouldn't Chris Benoit(if still alive) vs CM Punk be a great match?
  9. If you don't like wrestling, can you still be a good fighter?
  10. Why do TNA Wrestlers have crappy themes?
  11. Wrestlemania 29 - Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker?
  12. wrestling question ??????
  13. Was 2012 a good year for WWE?
  14. Will This Wrestler Be A WWE Future Hall Of Famer?
  15. Will this list of wrestlers eventually all be WWE Future Hall of Famers?
  16. Which TNA episode did Eric Bishcoff say this?
  17. What happened to Edcator LC?
  18. Can Paul Heyman speak for Ryback instead of Punk?
  19. Does WWE care about Wrestling?
  20. What are the first Ternary Jeopardous grapples that come to mind?
  21. Has John Cena suffered from Coccyx abrasion in his illustrious WWE career?
  22. Who is the "paramount" cunning linguist in the WWE at the moment?
  23. Rock Vs CM Punk at Wrestlemania? Read more inside?
  24. Why are they giving AJ this slutty gimmick she has so much potential but yet they keep sticking
  25. What ongoing WWE personality do you abhor with so much abhorrence, despite their
  26. Will The Rock Ever Lose All The Weight He Has Gained .. !?
  27. What superstars get the loudest pop?
  28. Who else thinks ziggler is one of the best things going in wwe right now?
  29. Does anyone else like miz as a face? I think i like him better and he should have been face a...
  30. What do you guys think about Big E. Langston?
  31. Ok so vince gets mad about low ratings but the reason there are low ratings is because its
  32. What do you think of "Jim Crockett Promotions Fan"?
  33. How can I be as strong as the slaves in the 15th century?
  34. Did Dolph Ziggler tap Kaitlyn in NXT season 3?
  35. How to eliminate a fat guy from a battle royal?
  36. When will wwe bring back the lions den match?
  37. WWE Trivia:Who saved Rock from getting released in the late 90's?
  38. How to win the intercontinental championship?
  39. How many men did AJ Lee sleep with?
  40. Which Kurt Angle voice do you like better?
  41. who would win this hot matchup.?
  42. Is there a reason Paul Bearer looked different during the Attitude Era?
  43. Will the fans ever let the attitude era RIP?
  44. If WWE ends this PG stuff will Cena be funny again?
  45. why does jim cornette hate paul heyman and ecw?
  46. Is Abyss better than Mankind and Kane?
  47. Why does TNA have such a small budget?
  48. Do you cry when your favorite wrestler lose?
  49. Do u miss how edgy tna looked?
  50. Who are your top 10 favorite masked wrestler of all-times and top 10 face paint wrestler of
  51. Why do people role play as WWE Superstars on here? They act like there the real CM Punk or...
  52. How will WM29 work out ?
  53. Who is hogging the spotlight in the WS right now?
  54. Why did Santa act like a heel on Raw?
  55. Tna vs wwe: which match would you choose to see?
  56. If eddie guerrero hadn't passed away,do you think vince would have brought vickie in?
  57. Which GM would you rather have come back?
  58. Catch me up on what happened in Wwe?
  59. Is vince mcmahon gay? I've heard of allegations made about him in the past by wrestlers!?
  60. What do I do to rid my fear of wrestling?
  61. Who played the "Psycho" role better: Victoria or Mickie James?
  62. Am I the only one on earth who like the Bella twins?
  63. Who is the perfect last opponent of Kane besides The Undertaker?
  64. Do you think Taya Valkyrie the hottest thing in AAA at the moment?
  65. Have you ever seened this match of Super Dragon in WCW?
  66. Will the follwing WWE superstars make a return in 2013?
  67. Do you think Keiji Mutoh and The Undertaker could put on a 5 star match at Wrestlemania?
  68. Can someone explain the Raven and Paul London situation?
  69. Do you think Mia Yim is stupid for turning down a offer to become a MMA Fighter?
  70. As a indie wrestler what am i suppose to do during the week if i'm a rookie?
  71. Spoiler alert: WWE reveals their Main Event plans (and storylines) for Wrestlemania 29?
  72. Is hulk hogan like Arnold swarchenegger?
  73. Easter bunny vs Santa clause wrestlemania 29?
  74. How did Big Show defeat Alberto in a WHC match on Smack!Down?
  75. Will Shane McMahon ever comeback to the WWE?
  76. Why does WWE tape SmackDown shows on tuesdays not going LIVE on fridays?
  77. What is a WWE Hall of fame?
  78. How come WWE never let us comment on their videos on YouTube?
  79. in your opinion who has always been better: stone cold or the Rock?
  80. Why would you continue to watch WWE if your over the age of say 18 and know its all scripted it
  81. How much money per year do WWE commentators like Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler make?
  82. Who Should Win This Diva Tag Team Match?
  83. Re:How is Del Rios armbar any different than any other armbar?
  84. Sexy time: which one would you like to see theosy?
  85. Why did'nt they make Kurt Angle in WWE 13 if he wrestled during the Attitude Era?
  86. Why do people waste their time watch Raw when it sucks?
  87. I have a question about wwe 13?
  88. Which match did you enjoy the most this year?
  89. is it true no mature adults watch WWE anymore?
  90. Who is the youngest WWE diva ever?
  91. Do you agree that wrestling was great when it had stars like...?
  92. Do women find CM Punk or John Cena attractive?
  93. Is Samuray Del Sol and Octagon related?
  94. I created this character in WWE 12, what do you think?
  95. Why doesnt tna do this?
  96. Should i buy wwe13 ps3?
  97. do you like aj lee as a face or a heel?
  98. How can I sneak backstage?
  99. How come stores never sell anything about TNA?
  100. What is the worst wrestling gimmick ever?
  101. What would the WWE be like if it wasnt scripted?
  102. Who is ur favourite Hospital Wrestler?
  103. What happen to chris sabin?
  104. Choose which one you would like to see the most?
  105. Does Punk still like the Cubs?
  106. Santa clause vs The Grinch wrestle mania 29?
  107. what was the year and date john cena was the WWE Champion last?
  108. Is wrestling hard.. I want to join the wrestling this year or next year will it be
  109. What does "The Whole F'n show" mean?
  110. 10 reasons why Ryback sucks?
  111. how many months does john cena have left in WWE it seems WWE is not featuring him as much?
  112. Why does Ron Simmons say "DAMN"?
  113. Is CM Punk champ longer than the Great John Cena?
  114. What do you guys think will happen with David Otunga?
  115. Does Fan Axxess for WWE '13 give me everything free?
  116. if you were aj lee who would you choose cm punk or dolph ziggler?
  117. Who are the most current underrated Superstar and Diva in WWE?
  118. i give up wwe after wm 29 if this pg crap keeps happening?
  119. Hulk hogan the next tna world champ?
  120. Is Michael Nakazawa american?
  121. Should Antonio Cesaro reform BDK with different members?
  122. Is Blue Bloods Wrestling Academy still open?
  123. Why didn't WWE just send Muhammad Hassan back to RAW if UPN had a problem with him?
  124. Who would be a better trainer for me Shoichi Funaki at the FunakiDojo OR Mike Quackenbush atthe
  125. What is this wrestling dive called?
  126. Should TNA move back to Monday nights?
  127. WWE! What is your opinion on my opinion?
  128. What's your opinion on the Bella twins?
  129. AM i a wrestling fan?
  130. Team Attitude vs. Team ECW?
  131. Why do people want to become WWE Superstars & Divas if the show is nearly bankrupty?
  132. Is Wwe Monday Night raw Live ? And also Wwe Friday Smackdown is it live on Mondays and Fridays ?
  133. Who is The General Manager Of Raw ? And Smackdown ?
  134. Do you think The Brogue Kick from Sheamus?
  135. What was your favorite Wwe PPV of the year?
  136. Who's more pathetic... A grown man being a John Cena fan or CM Punk claiming to be the best in...
  137. what are your top 6 dream matchs for wm?
  138. Is the Blu-ray version of WWE ECW Unreleased Vol 1 Blu-ray worth buying?
  139. What is your opinion on the WWE Rock vs. Cena - Once in a Lifetime DVD/Blu-ray?
  140. What is your opinion on the WWE Rock vs. Cena - Once in a Lifetime DVD/Blu-ray?
  141. Brad Maddox reminds me of?
  142. Are there in wrestlers in mexico that work stiff?
  143. Whats Better WWE OR TNA?
  144. Yes Raw was silly but it was a Holiday thing?
  145. Why does Senor Booker keep asking questions?
  146. Will John Cena find a new wrestling move under a tree?
  147. WWE Quiz: What year did Bret "The Hitman" Hart won the first WWE Championship?
  148. when do you think the next john cena shirt is coming out?
  149. If you could name an alcoholic drink after a wrestler who would it be, and what would it contain?
  150. After the Rock wins the WWE Championship, will you be willing to admit he's the GOAT?
  151. Are CM Punk and Lita dating?
  152. why is the undertaker barely ever appearing in wwe anymore?
  153. Do Wrestlers pay for their ring attire?
  154. Does any PG jobber have the balls to stand up to Vince McMahon and say the product is bad?
  155. Will the WWE ever retire the Divas Championship and reinstate the Women's Championship?
  156. Why do you watch TNA?
  157. Who else is about to stop watching tonight?
  158. In all honesty, what is the worst that could happen if I hit Santa with my car worth 125 thousand...
  159. Merry Christmas Wrestling Section?
  160. How come KANE has never been booed?
  161. Are WWE superstars allowed to go to other wrestling shows now?
  162. Please Rocky .. Come Back And Save Monday Night Raw .. Save The Wwe .. !?
  163. Are Veronica from Chikara Pro and Sammy Geodollno from AIW the same people?
  164. Do you think Amazing Kong/Kharma is big as Aja Kong and Bull Nakano?
  165. Does anyone know the name of this IWA monster character?
  166. Is Mickie Knuckles retired?
  167. Does Steve Corino have a contract with Ring of Honor?
  168. I'm going to make an AJ Lee kiss compilation Youtube video?
  169. which of these professional wrestlers were not on the wrestling team in high school?
  170. What do you expect from WWE in 2013?
  171. Who is the best ever United states champion?
  172. Who will back for you in 2013 year?
  173. When John Cena wins his 1st ever WWE Title?
  174. Who will the best wrestler on future?
  175. Is John Cena the most popular person in the world?
  176. who is your favorite wrestler?
  177. WWE Trivia: Who asked Santa to bring his Tag Team partner back on RAW?
  178. Why do the wrestlers always stand up when Kane goes for the chokeslam?
  179. Why didn't santa come with his sleigh?
  180. Wade Barrett lost eight consecutive matches?
  181. Who does the best Saito Suplex in Pro Wrestling right now?
  182. Do you like Cody's Mustache?
  183. Are you happy that the Zack Ryder is not here?
  184. Is this a beard vs beard match?
  185. Damien Sandow can't beat wrestlers with beard?
  186. Is Cm Punk becoming the new Floyd Mayweather?
  187. Why will John Cena fight Alberto Del Rio?
  188. is there any WWE on next week like RAW or Main Event the 31st of December?
  189. what are your created wrestlers in wwe 13, who else will you make?
  190. Who is Ryback undertaker Steve?
  191. Who is Rback undertaker Steve?
  192. Why does the creative team suck so bad?
  193. So is the crowd edited?
  194. Anyone else really enjoying this lumberjack match?
  195. Poll: Prime Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs. Prime CM Punk who would win?
  196. Are you a Heel or Face in Real Life?
  197. I started an e fed (online wwe) and it would help we got more members for the RAW brand
  198. Random ??? ????????? Questions?
  199. Why did kane shave his hair while he was unmasking in 2003?
  200. Who's the better pure wrestler Austin Aries or CM Punk?
  201. What are your thoughts on CM Punk?
  202. How stupid does WWE think we are?
  203. If u could create tag teams with the tna roster, who would u put together?
  204. Austin Aries vs. Tyson Kidd, who wins and how?
  205. Why do people think Bryan, Kane and Ryback vs The Shield was a good match?
  206. what's the difference between WWE 12, and 13?
  207. Does Chris Masters have silicon in his chest?
  208. WWE Trivia: Who was the 3rd member of the 2009 DX?
  209. Prediction for WWE RAW rating: 1.8?
  210. Are you afraid of The Iron Sheik?
  211. Why can't Sheamus speak normal?
  212. Nexus vs. nWo Who would win a 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Team match?
  213. Do you agree with Colt Cabana and Adam Pearce in this video talking about the NWA?
  214. What would be your reaction if Vince Mcmahon called Kofi Kingston Toby +WQ?
  215. Will RAW's ratings be low tonight?
  216. Who do you think the locker room wrestlers respect more,rock or punk?
  217. when will cm punk lose title?
  218. Chris Benoit theme song?
  219. Why isnt Randy The Macho Man Savage in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  220. Anyone have a link or something to this match?
  221. How did Dean Malenko reached no.1 on PWI 500 in 1997?
  222. Who's the greatest The Great Kabuki VS The Great Muta VS The Great Onita?
  223. What will be RD Evans/Archibald Peck's new gimmick now that sapphire is resting in peace?
  224. What is the move called where Sami Callihan swings on the rope and does a splash?
  225. What female indie wrestler would make a great Pink Ant in Chikara?
  226. Does it shock you that Chris Benoit is in the new WWE Encyclopedia?
  227. did tonypizzaguy really make wwe all stars?
  228. Why do people think Cm Punk is better than Big Show?
  229. Wrestlemania 28 Question ?
  230. Does anybody miss Mr. John Laurintius as Raw In-term General Manager and Vice President of...
  231. My Peeps, When will Christian return?
  232. who would you want to win this 6 man elimination tag match and why?
  233. How do WWE wrestlers travel exactly?
  234. WWE Raw Holiday Tour Dec 30th, Will C.M. Punk be at the show?
  235. POLL: Should WWE become more realistic?
  236. does wwe 13 have general manager mode?
  237. What saying of current Champions of WWE, TNA and Ring Of Honor?
  238. Whats your favorite finishing move?
  239. Does Dusty Rhodes have an accent?
  240. Is John Cena the only face wrestler to get booed in his own hometown?
  241. Where can I watch WWE TLC online free to watch on my iPad?
  242. Did World Wrestling Entertainment forgot to give the Tag Team of The Year Slammy Award?
  243. Who do you like more your hot Dixie Carter or vince mcmahon?
  244. I cannot watch a 3 hours of Raw?
  245. Question about WWE 13 game?
  246. What does it mean when people say a wrestler is too overhyped?
  247. Who's better Daniel Bryan or Cm Punk?
  248. in your opinion what the best ..... of 2012?
  249. Can Chikara Pro make the ant gimmicks big as the Tiger Mask gimmicks in japan?
  250. Who(besides EA) would you like to see make WWE video games now that THQ is going bankrupt?
  251. What was your favorite promo of the year?
  252. Do the wrestlers go home with there slammys?
  253. Is there a wrestler who has retired undefeated?
  254. Do you miss Jillian Hall?
  255. Who is your #1 person you would like to see a OMG return at the Rumble.?
  256. Who was a better wrestler,Brian Pillman or Eddie Guerrero?
  257. Anyone else annoyed with the Goldberg chants in Rybacks matches it's like enough is enough?
  258. Where is Jack Swagger?
  259. Should Miz return to his 2008 haircut?
  260. Has The Miz winned the intercontinental championship again?
  261. How can I become a Heel?
  262. Meat On The Table .. Yeah That's What You Are .. !?
  263. If you could see any fighting video game character in the WWE who would it be and who would he...
  264. How can a wrestler cut a promo with/or/if/a crack voice/if his voice is gone?
  265. when will WWE's ratings get like the attitude era and when will WWE have competition again?
  266. WWE Does anyone care about aj heart?
  267. Which section of the creative team would rather fire: the gimmick creators or the story writers?
  268. Agree/Disagree: THQ can't base WWE 14 off the Ruthless Aggression Era without Chris Benoit?
  269. Who's better cm punk or the rock?
  270. Seth rollins is heel or face?
  271. Should WWE Bring Back Raw And Smackdown Brand Extension Should there be a draft and why?
  272. Is randy orton illuminati?
  273. What if hercules (mythology)becomes a wrestler what would happen?
  274. I think that wrestling isn't actual fight although it is like drama, what is true?
  275. After Zack Ryder's Storyline with Layla?
  276. WWE match of the 2000's; do you agree?
  277. anti-grabbing/tackling techniques?
  278. How realistic is my WWE dream?
  279. In your opinion who is the best wrestler of the year, which was a better wrestler 2012?
  280. Do you think that NXT Anti Diva Paige is a good Wrestler?
  281. Do you still watch Smackdown?
  282. How come the WWE Divas aren't allowed to pose for Playboy?
  283. Do Wrestlers care about their theme entrance?
  284. How do you think a Chris Jericho and Nikki Minaj duet would sound?
  285. Is this funny or messed up of CZW?
  286. Big Show vs Cm Punk = RATINGS?
  287. Is WWE'13 worth getting?
  288. Why is the mighty "roids" not acceptable in wrestling?
  289. Why don't the fans bring the "Sheamus needs a tan" signs anymore?
  290. TrivPolia:Which sport is the hardest Wrestling or UFC?
  291. Does Ricardo Rodriguez live with Alberto Del Rio?
  292. What would happen if Cm Punk grow his long hair back?
  293. Is Brooke Hogan a virgin?
  294. How to Wrestle as a tall wrestler?
  295. Trivia:Who ended Jamie Noble's career?
  296. Should I stop watching wwe?
  297. is New Japan Pro Wrestling a great show just like the WWE?
  298. A lot of WWE viewers are homophobic, but WWE is pretty much gay foreplay ?
  299. Anyone else tired of the "Ryblack" jokes?
  300. What is WSU's website name(wsuwrestling dot com isnt working)?
  301. Can you guys tell me what's new about Wwe 13 Universe mode?
  302. Remember when being on a brand actually meant something?
  303. Has anyone got the clip of Kane Daniel Bryan and ric flair backstage on Monday night raw?
  304. Who is Ryback undertaker Steve?
  305. Who is Ryback undertaker Steve?
  306. Who is Ryback undertaker Steve?
  307. Is Bully Ray a "bully"?
  308. Original Bio Help?!!?!?
  309. Did eddie guerrero really marry vickie? I mean look at her,was he blind?
  310. Aj styles turning heel, three ways they can go?
  311. Why doesn't Undertaker go to TNA?
  312. Ryback Who is he idk him?
  313. WrestleMania 29 card and predicitons?
  314. How is Aj lee better than Natalya?
  315. Did Vickie Guerrero give WWE permission to mention Eddie Guerrero?
  316. What do you think of the rise of ryback!?
  317. If you could would you like to write for wwe creative & save the wwe?
  318. Should WWE make the switch to Nick Jr or the Disney Channel?
  319. What is the name of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's venue?
  320. I didn't see the Slammys, could someone tell me what happened?
  321. Zack Ryder and Layla Mistletoe Kiss on December 24, 2012 CONFIRMED!?
  322. Would you say wrestling today lacks star power?
  323. What's everybody opinion about Samoa Joe for this year (2012)?
  324. What happened to The Undertaker?
  325. Why does TNA only has one show every week and it's always at the same arena unlike the WWE?
  326. WWE match of the 90's; do you agree?
  327. Who was the best intercontinental champion of 2012?
  328. most handsome wwe superstars?
  329. Who are the sheild in wwe ??
  330. Who was AJs black jamacain body guard on wwe?
  331. What Wrestler stay Heel his whole career? An has there been one that stay face for his Whole career?
  332. how many four time state champions have there been in ohio high school wrestling and what
  333. Who were the longest reining tag team champions in WWE history?
  334. Hand-to-hand combat, Wrestling/boxing moves?
  335. Will Wwe build a story up to rock vs cm punk or?
  336. Is Impact really live?
  337. what has become of teddy long? smackdown gm?
  338. was tonights smackdown just a replay?
  339. please list ALL the heel / face changes of 2012 in wwe?
  340. Best way to get better and faster at wrestling?
  341. what do you think of ecw on tnn?
  342. WWE, match of the years 2000 to 2012; do you agree?
  343. Your Top 10 favorite WWE matches in the 2000's?(10 points)?
  344. How come WWE PG fans doesn't like?
  345. Ultimate the warrior (89-90) vs Kurt angle (2k3-2k6), who do you think would win this match?
  346. What was Amazing Red's stable name in CZW?
  347. what are the main things WWE HAS to work on and fix in 2013?
  348. The only reason R-truth lost at TLC is because Big Show beat him on Smackdown?
  349. Is Superior Quality 85 (PTSF) a wrestler?
  350. Why did "Ryback" win the Slammy Award Newcomer of The Yearif he was "Skip Sheffield in 2010s?
  351. What is better a "Slammy Award" or a World Champion?
  352. Are Lord Tensai's tattoos real?
  353. Why did John Cena lose 91% of his matches this year?
  354. What are the top 5 female wrestling promotions in america currently?
  355. What is the lamest chant in World Wrestling Entertainment history?
  356. WS, If you like/good with e feds please answer (description) + WQ?
  357. WWE RAW December 24, 2012 SPOILERS?
  358. Do you like more Jeff Hardy or Matt Hardy?
  359. where's mark henry gone?
  360. would you say john cena is stale or is it more john cena hasnt changed because of the
  361. Do you think WWE really views as competition even though they are not completing?
  362. why can't i find wwe raw?
  363. Who Should Rightfully be WWE Champion In WWE for 2013 And Why?
  364. How did John Cena break AJ's Heart?
  365. If David Von Erich had lived, would he have been made NWA champion?
  366. who is beter the rock or cm punk?
  367. What is your favourite way to build up a wrestler to the main event?
  368. How big is Big Show's weapon of mass destruction?
  369. Do you agree with my list for top 10 matches this year?
  370. Tna/jeff hardys, what do you think?
  371. What do you think of wwe 13?I( find ot great!)?
  372. Team SmackDown vs. Team Raw: Who Would win a prime match?
  373. did alberto del rio go face and then heel again a couple weeks after?
  374. is impact wrestling fake?
  375. Is WWE even a sports show anymore?
  376. Who else thinks that the shield vs ryback and team hell no was one of the best matches in a...
  377. Are you a cena fan? If not why?
  378. Agree or disagree wrestlers who keep their heel gimmicks as a face isn't always successful?
  379. Whos death was more shocking,owen harts or chris benoit?
  380. What would you do if chris benoit all of a sudden showed up on raw?
  381. WWE DVDs for sale + who do you think will win the RR? List of DVDs AND PRICES inside for those
  382. Who should the Undertaker fight at Wrestlemania?
  383. do the fans deserve John Cena?
  384. WWE DVDs for sale + what did you think of TLC? List of DVDs inside for those interested?
  385. since UFC gets higher ratings then WWE how could WWE defeat UFC in ratings and ppv vuys?
  386. How will you "The WWE Universe"(PG Era Fans) react when Shelton Benjamin returns and succeeds?
  387. Since WWE Superstars are always busy and on the road how can they make food what do they have for...
  388. Do you think Dolph Ziggler is the best too?
  389. who would win these matches ???
  390. Isn't wwe the best T.V. show ever?
  391. Just in case if you forgot your history...?
  392. Do you think The Rock will win the Championship at Royal Rumble? If so, will CM Punk leave again?
  393. How come Dolph Ziggler is still being pushed behind?
  394. Why did Lita and Edge have sex in the middle of the ring?
  395. WWE, Is Drew Mcintyre really a jobber because of Tiffany?
  396. Is Being A Face An Injustice In The Wwe .. !?
  397. Should I watch ROH as well as TNA?
  398. If Taker was to lose the streak, who will he agree to do it?
  399. is there going to Be a divas match At wwe tribute to the troops ?
  400. Who was the better wrestler between Ric Flair and Bret Hart? Why?
  401. Was Mick Foley playing Santa at the end of?
  402. WWE DVDs for sale + what did you think of TLC? List of DVDs inside for those interested?
  403. Sheamus dating Alicia Fox:Proven or Rumor?
  404. Anyone know who the pink-haired girl singing with Flo Rida was?
  405. has jeff hardy ever been a heel?
  406. Who Was the Greatest "Babyface" Wrestler in WWWF/WWF/WWE?
  407. wrestling section if you were a wrestler Q & A?
  408. If the Undertaker had a twitter how many followers do u think he would have?
  409. Do you actually believe wwe has improved, if you do, so sad?
  410. I have to say am a fan of the miz?
  411. Will WWE Release this new theme song soon?
  412. How much are they worth?
  413. my question got deleted!?!?!?
  414. Your Top 3 favourite World Heavyweight Championship matches?(10 points)?
  415. Describe CM punk (heel) in five ways?
  416. plz help how do I unlock sataday main event and one night stand on smack down vs raw 2007?
  417. how does every wwe arena look the same ?
  418. In your eyes will the WWE network flop big time and if so why?
  419. In your eyes will the WWE network flop big time and if so why?
  420. how does every wwe arena look the same ?
  421. plz help how do I unlock sataday main event and one night stand on smack down vs raw 2007?
  422. why is the undertaker considered one of the best wrestlers in history?
  423. Is Cena more over-rated than Hulk Hogan?
  424. BREAKING NEWS:Open only if you like Spoilers?
  425. Aj lee is married woman?she is mother?
  426. Should Teddy Long win a Slammy for most shocking?
  427. Will Flo Rida make it into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  428. Who wants to see HHH vs HBK one last time at WM 29?
  429. How long were Edge and Lita really together for?
  430. Standing Sea Fire: Lawsuit?
  431. Which match do you think should have been match of the year?
  432. Who thinks Cm punk is faking his knee issue?
  433. Anybody wanna connect with me on Facebook(Link Given)+BQ ?
  434. What is a good wrestling video game to get?
  435. Who will win in these WWE matches and why?
  436. What do you think about John Cena retiring next year?
  437. WWE John Cena vs Big E Langston?
  438. When wrestlers cut promo do they use their own words or follow the script?
  439. Do they use fake pops for "Tribute To The Troops"?
  440. Which game do you like better: svr 2010 or svr 2011?
  441. If jeff hardy leaves tna, would it hurt or benift tnas product?
  442. How to I grapple/wrestle with someone bigger than me?
  443. Who would win Jacqueline vs Naomi?
  444. Am I the only one that thinks Hulk Hogan is overrated?
  445. What were the fans chanting when the shield attacked sin cara?
  446. How many wrestlemania matches do you think the Undertaker has left in him?
  447. Would you be shocked if The Muppets got inducted into the WWE HOF?
  448. What good is it for a wrestler to have the MITB Case?
  450. WWE: I may be an hour and a half behind..?
  451. Undertaker or Triple h?
  453. Are Rey's and Sin Cara's injuries real or 'fake'?
  454. WWE: Is Del Rio a face now, or was that temporary?
  455. Random Questions about WWE?
  456. Who's a better wrestler?
  458. Did Melina date John Cena? (PIC)?
  459. in what ways is WWE better then MMA and Or UFC and Why Most Points for best answer?
  460. Is CM Punk really injured?
  461. Did You Laugh When The Fans Were Booing The Rock .. !?
  462. Did Anyone Else See CM Punk Ripping The Rock Off On Raw Last Night .. !?
  463. Will The Rock Show Up Before The Royal Rumble .. !?
  464. Will Dolph & AJ become the next Edge & Lita?
  465. Am I The Only One Who Gets Chills When .. !?
  466. Are you apart of the wwe fan council? (EASY 10PTS)?
  467. why is does the new hulk hogan dvd 3 disc have jr and lawler commenting on his old matches?
  468. As a Heel Randy Orton Could He Carry Raw again?
  469. why is wwe such kids crap and seseme street now?
  470. Would you welcome a Shelton Benjamin return to WWE?
  471. Who will win these matches?
  472. Do you think its too soon for Big E Langston?
  473. How can tna improve the x
  474. Whose a better/harder wrestler?
  475. Has John Cena ever been heel....I don't ever remember him being heel?
  476. Does anyone else really like this Dolph/AJ pairing? Do u also think they were working together...
  477. Who is the best member of the shield?
  478. I'm signing up for wrestling class but I have CP?
  479. What was the name of the guy Lita was with when she first came in to the WWF/WWE?
  480. Hogans know best: what is the worst?
  481. Who was better pro wrestler, Bob Backlund, or Nick Bockwinkel?
  482. Forgot what happend !!!?
  483. Wwe copy from old wrestlers?
  484. Worst ever rumble ending !!!!?
  485. whos going to be sad when mae young dies :(?
  486. Who do u think is the hottest ko in tna?
  487. Which WWE wrestler would you like to see in Ring of Honor (ROH) Wrestling?
  488. what is your favorite wwe boogeyman moment?
  489. why do people boo John Cena?
  490. I am gonna make a Diva character in WWE 13 any suggestions?
  491. According to you,Why is SmackDown so terrible now?
  492. Things that are wrong with the wwe?
  493. Why do you watch WWE?
  494. Is Shane McMahon on good terms with the other McMahon's?
  495. 5 points for the first answer to guess this quote?
  496. How hard did you laugh when CM Punk didn't win Superstar Of The Year?
  497. is the boogeyman here to stay?
  498. Should Tensai and Santino form a tag team?
  499. who agrees on this wwe moment?
  500. The Shield just doesn't spark like the Nexus did?