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  1. Should Paul Heyman Do Commentary Again .. !?
  2. If the boston crab was layla's finisher would other divas tap out to her?
  3. Will The Rock Be Able To Keep Up With Cm Punk On The Mic .. !?
  4. For everyone who hates WWE's PG rating.....who is making you watch WWE?
  5. 10 WWE Current Wrestlers/Divas with POOR Talent?
  6. If WWE is trying to push a PG product so badly, why are they so obsessed with the attitude era?
  7. 10 Current WWE Wrestlers with ACTUAL Talent?
  8. Hardy vs aries vs roode at Genesis ppv?
  9. Who would these submission matches between the following female celebrities?
  10. If nicki minaj was a wwe diva and had to have a submission finisher what would it be?
  11. Which system does AJ Lee play the Xbox360 or Playstation 3?
  12. What Role Should Christian in WWE Be At This Point?
  13. ...................MIke KNox?
  14. wwe needs replace their whole creatives team?
  15. What are your thoughts on WS Dolph Ziggler joining the nWo?
  16. How do i become a wwe wresteler im still in high school?
  17. Who's wrestling's greatest ever cruiserweight in any promotion?
  18. WWE Road To Wrestlemania?
  19. Each of these matches features 2 female celebrities and the submission hold used to finish the
  20. Who wants to see kurt angle return to the wwe & why the hell did he leave?
  21. who would win a catfight.?
  22. Should I start watching WWE again? (READ INFO BEFORE ANSWER)?
  23. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?
  24. Why does the crowd say What!?
  25. How can i make my own pro wrestling company?
  26. Why did wwe take out the thumbtacks?
  27. Would naomi make a good submission specialist?
  28. Do layla and aksana have potential to become good submission specialists?
  29. Anyone else want a three way with Linda and Mae young?
  30. Is Cm Punk healthy enough to get back in the ring?
  31. If John Cena end the Undertaker's streak, what will happen?
  32. What was the worst match ever?
  33. What dream match do you wanna see?
  34. Which wrestlers rock?
  35. In his prime, what was is that Hulk Hogan had that made him such a big star?
  36. What was the worst match ever?
  37. Which wwe wrestler sucks?
  38. How can I eliminate the stains on my granny underwear?
  39. Why did a brand new wwe 13 only cost me 30 dollars?
  40. 10 reasons why TNA is better than WWE?
  41. If you were turned into a vampire and had to mate with the person who turn you..........?
  42. Do you still like Chris Benoit?
  43. Which current WWE superstars would you have like to see in the former Brawl for All match?
  44. Who are your 17 favorite wrestlers of all time?
  45. WWE Road To Wrestlemania?
  46. What were some funny botches from 2012?
  47. Why does Low Ki/Senshi/Kaval scream when he does his moves?
  48. Is World of Sport the only pro wrestling company ever to have rounds?
  49. Who's a better commentator Booker T or Dusty Rhodes?
  50. can one train themselves to pro-wrestle?
  51. Why does david otunga have an awesome theme song but is a jobber?
  52. has anyone seen hulk hogan?
  53. How does Vince Mcmahon feel about Susan Saint James?
  54. How likely is cm punk vs steve austin...?
  55. What hotel do tna wrestlers stay at wembley london?
  56. Will Zack Ryder really defend his made-up Internet title against Dolph Ziggler @ WM29?
  57. do you think john cena will win the royal rumble? and other stuff to read?
  58. does anybody know if Alberto Del Rio?
  59. could raw go tv-14 this 20th anniversary?
  60. Ladies: Would you say Ryback is a good looking guy?
  61. How come there are no Female WWE Referees?
  62. WWE Road To Wrestlemania?
  63. what do you guys think of jeff hardy?
  64. Who likes this wrestlemania 29 match card?
  65. Dream matches of wwe choice winners..?
  66. If all of us in the ws met up all together in one place one day, what would happen?
  67. If all of us in the ws met up all together in one place one day, what would happen?
  68. what would your storyline be for a Cena heel turn?
  69. Opinions of WWE Royal Rumble?
  70. were can i watch wwe ppvs and dvds?
  71. My brother hates john cena because.....?
  72. WWE: when did people start liking Randy Orton?
  73. Should John Cena start rapping again?
  74. Was Shockmaster's debut live?
  75. Blue Demon Jr. (Prime) vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (Prime)?
  76. should John Cena turn heel?
  77. Do you predict that The Rock will win the WWE Champion against CM Punk at the Royal Rumble?
  78. If John Cena Walks Out Of Wrestlemania 29 Wwe Champion .. !?
  79. how much money would it take to go to a WWE EVENT?
  80. Raw's 20th Anniversary Is Close Now .. !?
  81. Would this help wwe's ratings?
  82. Why is CM PUNK so awesome?
  83. The 20th Anniversary Of Monday Night Raw Is Just 2 Weeks Away .. !?
  84. Which title below, should tna change the ko tag titles into?
  85. Who would win these submission matches?
  86. Will Shane McMahon ever return to WWE?
  87. If vicky guererro was a professional wrestler would she make a good submission specialist?
  88. Who would win these submission matches?
  89. What are some widely unknown wrestling facts you know of?
  90. Who agrees with these ideas for WWE listen to,me and the fans?
  91. Who would win a submission match between naomi and maryse and which move?
  92. Who would win a submission match between naomi and kelly kelly and with which move?
  93. Will Kofi Kingston ever become a world champion in the WWE?
  94. Does WWE make money from TV shows?
  95. WS : Do you think mason ryan will ever become a main eventer in the future in wwe?
  96. Is WWE copying TNA again?
  97. The Rock getting a title shot. Is nt he getting his rematch which he didnt have when he lost the...
  98. My Thoughts WWE 2012?
  99. what about THIS for wrestlemania 29?
  100. People who has seen tna star velvet sky b4?
  101. Who are some famous japanese wrestlers from the 1940s-1960s?
  102. Where have the following wrestlers gone (WWE)?
  103. Do you have to know how to wrestle in order to be in the WWE?
  104. WS : TRUE OR FALSE : Sheamus vs biggie langston would be a perfect rival?
  105. Who is the WWE Greatest Referee of all time?
  106. Since ROH was bought by Sinclair are they still part of GPWA?
  107. Tna knockouts vs wwe divas, whos hotter matches?
  108. List of all the WS nWo members 2011-present?
  109. Tna/wwe fans to answer?
  110. How to get a wrestling scholarship with no experience?
  111. Does Randy Orton feel his back when he does the RKO?
  112. What's better WWE '12 or WWE '13?
  113. please explain why everybody loves the rock?
  114. I have wrestlers in matches..plz choice!?
  115. Which One Of These Would Recieve A Bigger Ovation .. !?
  116. Tna vs wwe, look a like matches. who will win?
  117. who is better Sheamus or Vader?
  118. Does wwe own raw and smackdown?
  119. Could anyone name every superstar who wrestled in the Attitude Era?
  120. What Was The Best Wwe Moment Of 2012 .. (Options Inside) .. !?
  121. Tna fans to answer now. bq?
  122. When CM Punk Loses The Wwe Title .. !?
  123. Are you ready for the return of the most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment?
  124. Where can i watch TNA Wrestling British Bootcamp? It airs tonight on challenge but im gonna miss...
  125. Who do you think will win the Royal Rumble 2013?
  126. Where is viscera? 20 characters?
  127. Which 3 wwe superstars and 3 divas are not getting the recognition they deserve?
  128. Where can I get a cool looking shirt with pouches like the shield members wear?
  129. did aj lee ever do porn/have any nude pics?
  130. Why do people actually believe cm punk is the best in the world, even tho hes not?
  131. What show is doing better now, raw or tna?
  132. Do you think a fake sport such as the WWE or TNA deserves a hall of fame?
  133. No Matter How Many Times The Rock Leaves Us .. I Will Still Be One Of The Millions .. !?
  134. Should John Cena Be The Special Guest Referee For The Rock Vs CM Punk .. !?
  135. Dont you think naomi night and tamina would make good submission specialists?
  136. Why do users in this wrestling section, report you on yahoo answers for your opinion?
  137. Why Do The Wwe Destroy So Many Announce Tables .. !?
  138. Cm punk fans only !!!?
  139. How long have you been a wrestlng fan? Me 23 years,anyone longer?
  140. does damien sandow remind you of a past wwe superstars from the 80's if so who is it?
  141. elbow of disdain or elbow drop w/ push-ups?
  142. Who was WWE diva AJ Lee 4th boyfriend?
  143. just WHAT will it take besides another rating and competition For WWE's ratings to rise again?
  144. Will WWE ever go back to having a single world champion?
  145. How come The WWE refuses to get rid of the custom Cena WWE championship belt?
  146. WWF vs. WWE vs. TNA vs. ECW vs. FCW vs. MMA vs. WCW?
  147. Anyone else want to see a live love making show with Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon?
  148. Cm punk is prob the most weakest person in wwe locker room?
  149. Looking around as a wwe superstar i see a lot of loyal fans on here?
  150. I need help man I was the one who got mae young pregnant now she's tripping about me paying child...
  151. Whats better wwe svr 2011 or wwe svr 2010?
  152. Whats better wwe svr 2008 or svr wwe svr 2007?
  153. Where do babies come from?
  154. WWE Trvia(10 points)?
  155. WWE Fans, are The Shield more and more and more like Aces & Eights?
  156. What do you consider more important:Winning the Royal Rumble match or Winning a World Title?
  157. How many wrestlers have kissed Vince Mcmahon's "butt"?
  158. Would you marry Aj Lee?
  159. Can Big E Langston talk?
  160. WWE: Now Or Then superstars?
  161. What kind of conditioner should I use on my car I'm washing it?
  162. Did Alberto del rio steal ricardo's move set?
  163. I just found a used condom can I use it still?
  164. Wade barrett wins I?C??
  165. Just caught The Intellectual Destroyer in attention?
  166. Who would win on wwe Ryback or Big e langston ?
  167. Wladimir Klitschko vs Cain Velasquez vs CM Punk (Heavyweight Night of Champions Triple...
  168. why doesn't cena do us all a favor and just retire plus bq?
  169. Which diva has to most beautiful barefeet?
  170. What do you think Mae Young is going to name her baby?
  171. Who else thought it was Natalya who farted and not Vickie Guerrero during Mae Young's pregnancy?
  172. Who else marked out when Randy Orton returned?
  173. I have to thank Paul Heyman for schooling Brad Maddox on Raw?
  174. Is John Cena's outfit "cheap"?
  175. How did John Cena enter himself in the Royal Rumble match?
  176. Who is your top created wrestler and team/stable in WWE 13?
  178. So will Del Rio announce while Rodriguez drives up to the ramp?
  179. So is the hand going to have a brother now?
  180. Do you see this as a future stable?
  181. Why does ziggler always get covered on $hit?
  182. So Mae Young gave birth to Hornswoggle?
  183. What would you do if Ricardo actually won the Heavyweight Championship?
  184. The user 'Wade Barrett nWo'....?
  185. What was the best WWE moment of 2012?
  186. Dont you think that naomi night would make a good submission specialist?
  187. What was your favorite WWE farewell moment?
  188. Here are 10 reasons to hate CM Punk?
  189. CM Punk sucks, who agrees?
  190. With only 1 hour left of 2012, what's something you wish WWE didn't do this year?
  191. For anyone with good eyes: Who was Tensai talking to at the party?
  192. Which match would be more predictable: Ryback vs Paul Hayman or Big Show vs AJ Lee?
  193. Who wants to see Ryback vs Paul Hayman in a TLC match?
  194. Should Mark Henry return and help May Young win the championship?
  195. When is Jack Swagger returning?
  196. Are the shield still on NXT?
  197. Should Jerry the king Lawler turn heel?
  198. will wwe ever find another spooky superstar?
  199. will wwe ever find a new spooky superstar?
  200. Can straight people wrestle too?
  201. Favorite WWE Wrestlers and Divas?
  202. What is Davey Richards' NJPW theme?
  203. Should Kassius Ohno be in The Shield instead of Roman Reigns?
  204. WWE quiz (experts only)?
  205. Who would win these matches?
  206. Dont you think that naomi night and tamina would make great submission specialists?
  207. Who made up the name Bork Laser?
  208. Any news on Tough Enough winner Andy and runner-up Luke?
  209. Isn't it amazing how far Wade Barret has come?
  210. The 5 greatest talkers in wwe history are STONECOLD,ROCK,CHRIS JERICHO,RODDY PIPER & CM PUNK,agreed?
  211. why did john cena make fun of Aj Lee :(?
  212. Who else is piseed off Sheamus ruined a 3-1 handicap match?
  213. Which wrestler used Figure-Four Grapevine as his finisher?
  214. When Cm Punk did his promo in 2011, was all the promo approved by Vince?
  215. If WWE asked for to send money in to fire Hornswoggle would you do it.?
  216. Tna vs wwe, who will win?
  217. If you saw cm punk walking down the street,would you invite him to the pub for a beer?
  218. WWE Raw not live???? HUH?
  219. Will Randy Orton eventually take on The Shield all by himself sometime soon?
  220. did madison rayne ever kiss velvet sky?
  221. Who'd Win AJ Styles or Wade Barret?
  222. Was that actual cat $hit that was dumped on AJ and Dolph?
  223. What is wrestlemania axxess like+BQ?
  224. Where is kofi kingston from?
  225. Is John Cena balding?
  226. Do you think tna impact will be better than wwe raw this thursday?
  227. I reached level 5 today but i can no longer answer questions?
  228. Is Jerry the king Lawler really a king?
  229. Who Would Be Your Dream Wwe Superstar To Make An Appearance At The 2013 Royal Rumble .. !?
  230. Is There A Moment In The Wwe .. Where You .. !?
  231. Is Dolph thinking not again?
  232. Hornswoggle was the baby?
  233. Is Mae Young going to give birth to another hand?
  234. Watch Other Wrestling Companies...?
  235. Should Kofi Kingston be a main eventer in WWE?
  236. So is Alberto Del Rio a face now?
  237. Which female has a better @ss in wrestling history?
  238. If you can date a wrestler from tna or a superstar from wwe, who would it be and why?
  239. can anyone translate tensais theme in english to me?
  240. Ladies and Gents I just saved a ton of money by switching to state farm?
  241. If paul heyman suddenly become owner of wwe,what would change?
  242. WWE fans, do you think Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston will turn heel in 2013?
  243. Why does Vince make it tougher for smaller guys to get any kind of push?
  244. In your opinion who had a better frog splash Eddie Guerrero or Art Barr?
  245. Are we sure AJ Lee isn't a teen?
  246. Who has the best breast in wrestling history?
  247. How is Vince "unjustly prosecuted" by the government?
  248. Who is your top created wrestler and team/stable in WWE 13?
  249. is aj lee a special guest gm tonight on raw?
  250. Can someone tell me what's happened on raw?
  251. What Are Your Favorite Wrestlers?
  252. Wouldn't it be cool, having a personality like Maryse's?
  253. Looks like wwe stealing another tna idea?
  254. WWE Fans, did Vickie Guerrero turn face?
  255. Are these good seats for a TNA show?
  256. Team tna vs team wwe?
  257. Cm Punk VS The Rock, You Be The Judge?
  258. Did mark calloway play a part in the creation of the undertaker gimmick?
  259. Why does Vince McMahon likes bodybuilders so much?
  260. Why was raw on saturday?
  261. TNA vs. WWE..i have put wwe wrestlers with tna wrestlers select winner..?
  262. If john cena married your mother what would you do?
  263. what is the best wrestling debut of all time?
  264. How would you react if The Rock wins the WWE Chanpionship?
  265. What if WWE Invaded TNA?
  266. Who the best wrestler to come out of Cleveland,Ohio The Miz VS Johnny Gargano?
  267. What was match of the year in TNA?
  268. Who Would win a prime match?
  269. What would be your reaction if ICP took over WWE?
  270. i am AXe's little bro my ring name is phantom and i need a name for my finishing maneuver?
  271. Will ROH ever be popular as WWE?
  272. Is former WWE tag team The Rockers a stolen gimmick.?
  273. Why would spoil the winner of a match that hasn't aired yet (spoilers)?
  274. I hope you all have a wonderful year this 2013 coming up?
  275. Question for tna fans?
  276. Heel vs heel, what you think?
  277. Is Daniel Bryan a heel or a face? If he's face (or heel), when did he turn?
  278. Who is the best 'story teller' in the business ever?
  279. Is holding the IC or US champion not as prestigious as it was before the PG era?
  280. What do you think the matches at tna Genesis ppv will be?
  281. Will you the "WWE Universe" tune into RAW tonight, following the 2.2 rating last week?
  282. I keep having dreams of WWE and TNA? Does that mean i am meant to be a wrestler?
  283. Who is Ryback undertaker Steve?
  284. Who is Ryback undertaker Steve?
  285. Would You Want To Be A Wwe Superstar If .. !?
  286. Does Cm Punk Even Need Crutches .. !?
  287. Do You Think The Rock Will Compete At WrestleMania 30 .. !?
  288. Who is honourable WWE Champion?
  289. Who is Ryback undertaker Steve?
  290. Who is Ryback undertaker Steve?
  291. Who is Ryback undertaker Steve?
  292. Who is better john cena sheamus cm punk or big show?
  293. What WWE gimmick would you say is the most offensive?
  294. is Monday Night RAW no longer live?
  295. Anyone know when TNA is on in Irish time?
  296. Who do you think will win the tlc match on raw Ryback or cm punk?
  297. Whats the best web site to buy nd customize wrestling singlets?
  298. What could you say about wrestling in the 80s?
  299. Wrestlemania 29 predictions?
  300. Who needs to be in the wwe hall of fame that isn't?
  301. where can i buy dean ambrose jacket?
  302. Why is Hulk Hogan still alive?
  303. Should Randy Orton Be Carrying The Company As The Big Heel?
  304. Did Bret?Hitman? Hart and Shawn Michaels Really Make Up?
  305. When are WWE Events taped?
  306. Who was a bigger draw for the wwf during the late 70s/early 80s?
  307. Who do you think will cash the x division title for the title shot at destination x ppv?
  308. Would You Like To See A CM Punk And Brock Lesnar Feud .. !?
  309. Interesting fact about john cena?
  310. What if this happend?!?
  311. When pro wrestling has become predictable?+BQ?
  312. in your mind was 2012 the single worst year in WWE history and if not what was the worst year?
  313. True/False: The Rock Has Made You Look Forward To The Road To Wrestlemania More Than Usual .. !?
  314. If you could bring one of these wrestlers back from the dead. Which would it be?
  315. Would You Be Satisfied With .. The Rock Vs Cm Punk Vs John Cena At Wrestlemania 29 .. !?
  316. What do you think might happen at wrestlemania 29?
  317. Face or Heel?-Randy Orton?
  318. Re:Should Attitude Era wrestling come back in the WWE? If so why?
  319. The ''Squash Rey Mysterio Flat Match''?
  320. Do you think WWE is having a slump similar to their 1995-1996 year?
  321. Who are your current champions for your WWE '13 Universe? Who is leading the charge in your WWE era?
  322. What would you have said if the boogeyman became world champ?
  323. Wade Barrett winning IC Title?
  324. Would you Say Wwe is not Using Ryback Right?
  325. Who is your favorite independent wrestler(dont answer if you dont have one or know any)?
  326. Should the WWE test the writers for drugs? instead of the wrestlers.?
  327. Why do people think WWE wrestling is a sport? lol lol?
  328. What would happen if John Cena and Randy Orton went away?
  329. Which of these wrestlers are better?
  330. Who is a realistic opponent for the Undertaker at WM29?
  331. Is there anybody that has been inducted into the WWE h.o.f. that doesn't deserve to be there?
  332. Would you be surprised if John Cena wins the Royal Rumble?
  333. Is Rey Mysterio Big Show's worst enemy?
  334. If it was up to you would you vote in Paul Heyman into the 2013 WWE h.o.f.?
  335. What would your parents reaction be if you told them.....?
  336. What Is the worst Finisher Move in wwe Of all Time ?
  337. need cool finisher and name for wrestling name bonesaw?
  338. What is entertaining about watching oily men in tights rub and pin each other?
  339. About Antonio Cesaro ? + BQ?
  340. Do you think Extreme Rising has become the biggest indie promotion?
  341. Which WWE wrestlers during the Attitude Era didn't get along outside the ring?
  342. What records did you makes in the Stats in your WWE Universe in WWE '13?
  343. Choose Austin Aries opponent?
  344. What's going on in TNA?
  345. Does everyone know John Cena?
  346. When cm punk coughs up the wwe title,do you think he'll ever regain it?
  347. since RAW got a 2.2 rating will RAW start getting TNA Impact Wrestling ratings?
  348. Is David Otunga the smartest person in WWE?
  349. what website has the complete RAW ratings from the start to now or the oldest?
  350. Would Wwe Be Better Or Worse If Everyone Was A Tweener .. !?
  351. Who was the last wwe diva to pose for playboy?
  352. What would happen if Kerwin White ran for president?
  353. Does anybody know how many days it approximately takes to get your product when you order it from...
  354. Why did cm punk have his hair shaved off?
  355. What does Alberto Del Rio say before applying the Cross Armbreaker(10 points for correct answer)?
  356. Would you like to see The Rock winning the WWE championship?
  357. Anyone else think that Billy Kidman was one of their favourite WWE/WCW wrestlers?
  358. What do you think of this Jeff Hardy hoodie?
  359. should undertaker make a return?
  360. If the undertaker died tommorow,would you cry?
  361. Can you dig it....SUCKAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  362. What happened to Big Show last night was an outrage?
  363. Why is john cena booed every Raw and pay per view?
  364. Why do WWE fans support the PG era?
  365. Real wrestling cities?
  366. How come Jim Ross's lips never moves when he speaks on WWE Programming?
  367. where can i watch ring of honor?
  368. Face or Heel?-The Miz?
  369. Matches you might see at wrestlemania 29?
  370. Who feels like a little WWF/WWE trivia? These questions are truly for the educated fan, but...
  371. how to become a better wrestler?
  372. I'm tall and lanky, how can I be a better wrestler?
  373. Where can I watch ROH in England?
  374. This question is for user 'laila' ,why do you like cm punk so much?
  375. Remember that one episode of SmackDown where Big Show destroys Jack Swagger's trophy collection?
  376. Who else finds the whole AJ/Dolph storyline a little racist?
  377. Do you agree with The Miz, no matter what superstar AJ Lee spends New years Eve its going to...
  378. Do you think Zack Ryder could get a hot girlfriend fnext year?
  379. Why would Santino Marella learn the Brogue kick from Sheamus if he already has his signature move?
  380. How do we know Sheamus didn't plan on injuring Santino Marella so he can take his shot at the title?
  381. Randy orton and undertaker feud 10 points?
  382. Agree or Disagree: Juventud Guerrera was as talented in the ring as Rey Mysterio?
  383. How did Miz turn face?
  384. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?
  385. How do I get Ryback on WWE 13 if I can?
  386. Who will win these matches at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla DDT4?
  387. Who's a better wrestler Eddie Edwards or Jay Lethal?
  388. How old is pro wrestler Veda Scott?
  389. Is it true in WWE 13 that theres a story line for every superstar?
  390. What is your favorite japanese wrestling match of all time?
  391. Which wrestlers did Terri Runnels sleep with?
  392. are there any male wwe fans who look at more than a diva's looks?
  393. What's that thing above Cody Rhodes's lip?
  394. Is ?S|E|S?? (Zmb?? P??n?ss) really gay?
  395. people wanted a new wwe superstar in the mix and in the main event insert ryback and people...
  396. Why do everyone block me?
  397. do you think you can beat this guy in the ring?
  398. would john cena leaving WWE right now solve WWE's problems and would the ratings improve quickly?
  399. choose your champions?
  400. Why do wrestling fans always complain about everything?
  401. Wasn't that funny how big show got attacked by the whole roster?
  402. How the fuck do I do a Shawn Michaels Submission in WWE '13 (versus Bulldog)?!?
  403. Why does the shield always find a $hitty camera on the ground?
  404. Big shows laugh is hysterical?
  405. What are the chances that aj and ryblack will interfere in this match?
  406. So does this mean Santino won't compete for the main event?
  407. Do you think that something will happen to everyone on the Smackdown roster until Sheamus is the...
  408. What will you do if Santino actually wins the World Heavyweight Championship?
  409. Do you smell what the rock is cooking?
  410. wwe13 undertaker AE how to preform a chokeslam?
  411. WWE VS AJPW Match card pick winners and rate?
  412. I'm so bored! what can i do!?
  413. wwe aka wrestling polls?
  414. Is RVD still wrestling?
  415. Wrestlemania 29 perdiction?
  416. Is Jeff hardy a good or bad guy in TNA?
  417. Why has this section become so boring?
  418. Omg, help me im so bored?
  419. Meeting Wrestlers in Orlando Florida?
  420. Polls & Surveys section: Teens: Are your parents together?
  421. Who would Win This March?
  422. Would Anyone Like To See .. The Rock, John Cena & Ryback Vs CM Punk And The Shield .. !?
  423. do you think triple h only meant for more wrestle mania match for the undertaker or matches?
  424. Wrestlemania card rate please?
  425. Which Wwe Superstars Entrance Always Gives You Goosebumps .. !?
  426. Do You Think We'll See The Shield And The Rock Meet Paths .. !?
  427. Don't You Just Love It At The Royal Rumble .. When The Clock Is Ticking Down .. !?
  428. who should vickie guerrero manage?
  429. Has anyone else noticed these glitches with WWE 13?
  430. Will dolph ziggler face chris jericho at wm29?
  431. Can someone give me the name of some good female wrestlers to watch?
  432. is the Shield a new era in the wwe for 2013?
  433. Anyone have video footage of the WCW House Show LA Melee?
  434. before stepth got 'kidnapped' by the undertaker,what did vince do that made linda?
  435. Is it just me or is CM Punk starting to become a nuisance?
  436. DID YOU HEAR THAT?!?!!! Santino ain't competing?
  437. Is anyone else smelling a big e langston vs ryback pay per view in the future?
  438. OH YEAAAHH!!!! Big show vs Alberto Del Rio?
  439. Is their any feuds in wresting that goes beyond the ring and isn't fake?
  440. Past vs present, who will win. bq?
  441. If bigshow is the world's largest athlete, why is he such a p *ssy?
  442. Smackdown not on air on The Score???
  443. People who just saw the recent video from the shield tonight?
  444. Wwe fans to answers...?
  445. As a Wrestling fan,what would you like to do before you die?
  446. Did Big Show beat Sheamus cleany at TLC?
  447. Things wrestlers don't think to do?
  448. How much money is in the Money In The Bank briefcase?
  449. Why don't the wrestlers just wait until number 30 then enter the ring (Royal Rumble)?
  450. 6 Questions about WWE?
  451. Has Finlay from WWE ever really lost?
  452. What did you think of TNA's self proclaimed "MASSIVE MAIN EVENT" tonight?
  453. What are your thoughts on WWE?
  454. Would you join Aces And Eights if they offered you two women they offered the DOC?
  455. How did Kaz get the same ring gear as AJ Styes on TNA Impact?
  456. Was Hulk Hogan embarrassed to show up to TNA Impact because he saw Brooke Hogan kissing Bully...
  457. Do you hope this is the first and last bro off on TNA Impact?
  458. Is Aces And Eights trying to get The DOC to join by giving him those Women?
  459. Whats been going on in Impact?
  460. How to get a body like Tensai?
  461. Does John Cena date Nikki Bella?
  462. Is Alberto Del Rio A Face Again .. !?
  463. Are You Excited For Raw Next Week .. !?
  464. If you had the opportunity to meet any wrestler, who would it be?
  465. isnt it time kane retired? his act has gotten boring?
  466. how come a ted turner type guy did not join bischoff and make tna into a big wcw type thing?
  467. Will john laurinitis return?
  468. WWE Divas VS TNA Knockouts ?
  469. did jeff hardy injure his leg on Thursday's tna impact?
  470. where can i get a wwe dx snuggies?
  471. What age to start wrestling? Like what age do you have to start training, like in a school?
  472. why do so many people hate wwe pg?
  473. are we going to be subjected to rock vs cena 2? at wrestlemania?
  474. Tna vs wwe: wrestle for glory?
  475. How come Tommy Rich wasn't allowed to get another chance to be NWA champion?
  476. when will wwe tire of ryback and he gets fired?
  477. Was Verne Gagne ever considered to be NWA champion?
  478. Wrestlemania 29 card?
  479. Why do some fans compare black wrestlers to each other?
  480. Prime Kurt Angle vs. Prime Bret "The Hitman" Hart? Who wins in a Submission match?
  481. IS CM PUNK your wwe hero?
  482. Why do people like CM Punk?
  483. Will Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make the WWE the way it was again and make it TV-14?
  484. What would be your thoughts if WWE went "MA" rated?
  485. What were your thoughts on Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant match at WrestleMania III?
  486. What did you think of the 1st TNA bro off?
  487. What happened to ROH?
  488. Who do you think will win in Celebrity Showdown?
  489. do you think the WWE will ever buy TNA impact wrestling?
  490. WRESTLEMANIA card: true wrestling fans only?
  491. Is santino marella's accent faked?
  492. Do you think TNA will sign the new Mistico?
  493. Have any wrestlers in AAA and CMLL used Final Countdown as their entrance music?
  494. Which one of these wrestlers should be the next Chikara Grand Champion?
  495. Which promotion do you prefer OVW or NXT?
  496. Is TNA's bobby roodes name in reference to rick rude?
  497. Ronda Rousey VS Regular Guy?
  498. If you could pick the winner of the 2013 royal rumble,who would you chose?
  499. What did Eric Bischoff mean when he said this?
  500. Do you think Vince is scare to put The Undertaker into the hall of fame because of his gimmick?