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  1. What are the WWE writers thinking giving Alberto Del Rio the belt?
  2. Why doesn't Undertaker fight a Diva at wm?
  3. does it frustrate you that wwe dvds and comps have a lot of the same matches on them?
  4. Who was the "ArmBreaker" in ace's and 8's? best answer 10 points(:?
  5. Shawn Michaels is sooo overrated!?
  6. Daniel bryan rr winner vs wwe champ the rock?
  7. Which Cody Rhodes gimmick did you like best?
  8. Anybody Else Notice That The Rock .. !?
  9. Isnt It Funny How The Rock Haters .. !?
  10. What do you think of tna focusing on only 4 ppvs this year?
  11. What if orton punk ryback taker rock lesnar and cena quit?
  12. Shawn Michaels sucks!!?
  13. Do You Think Cm Punk's " Pipebombs " Are Overrated .. !?
  14. Do You Like It When The Rock .. !?
  15. Does Anybody Else Love It How .. !?
  16. Who Are You Most Looking Forward To Seeing At Raw 20th Anniversary .. !?
  17. Who Has More Fans .. The Rock Or CM Punk .. !?
  18. Where can I watch Smackdown live online?
  19. At what time is Smackdown gonna air tonight?
  20. Where is all this Cm Punk hate coming from all of a sudden?
  21. If Tna had Slammys awards who would win this?
  22. should tna have kept the karen jarrett/ traci brooks rivarly?
  23. Why does Dolph Ziggler keep saying Cena had a terrible year when he himself had a worse year?
  24. WWE Diva with the hardest slap?
  25. Would it be better if WWE turns Ryback as a heel?
  26. Why does WWE ignore some of the stars that had passed away?
  27. What is the worst team?
  28. What legend vs wwe superstar do you wanna see?
  29. What wrestler can you compare what animals with?
  30. High School wrestling?
  31. How did Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin break down racial barriers in WWE?
  32. What if their was a shooting on live WWE televison?
  33. A question for SMART wwe fans?
  34. How did Scorpio Sky(Harold from WWE) get his name?was 2 Cold Scorpio his mentor?was he inspired by..
  35. What are your thoughts on PWG Star Brian Cage being on Impact Wrestling tonight?
  36. has a fan ever been kicked out for masterbating to a divas match in the audience?
  37. I have been hearing rumors that Jeff Hardy will return at the rumble?
  38. why is cm punk still champion? when anyone with any smarts knows ryback?
  39. CM Punk and Chris Jericho VS Bruno Sammartino and Superstar Billy Graham in a wrestling...
  40. is wwe tough enough scripted?
  41. Did wrestlers and promoters get any hate from the fans when everyone found out that pro...
  42. what is your wwe top 7?
  43. why do you watch wwe when its G now and sheep food?
  44. Can you believe this is Ric Flair?
  45. When will the Undertaker retire?
  46. WWE Smackdown Tape Delay?
  47. My WCW Monday Nitro + BQ?
  48. Can you change Shawn Michael's pants in WWE '12?
  49. How much money do you think it will take to make Brock Lesnar sign a Full-Time contract?
  50. How much money do you think it will take to make Brock Lesnar sign a Full-Time contract?
  51. Hbk or rocky and why?
  52. SPOILER ALERT: Alberto Del Rio new WHC?
  53. is wwe nxt scripted.?
  54. True or True: Brock Lesnar, Batista and Bobby Lashley, Ken Shamrock (younger) could kick
  55. Who will eliminate the most superstars in this year royal rumble.?
  56. brooke hogan kiss my *** club?
  57. Undertaker vs Alberto Del rio Wrestlemania 29th?
  58. will another member of aces and 8's be unmasked tonight? 10 BQs(:?
  59. Has Sheamus & Randy Orton Got a 5 moves of doom aswell as Cena?
  60. Imagine this were to happen?
  61. Which Is Your Fav Couple In WWE HIstory? BQ?
  62. What was the best wwe fan attack?
  63. Isn't it time randy orton became world champ?
  64. what happened to brodus clay?
  65. what happened to Andy?
  66. In your opinion what was the GREATEST match at mania?
  67. What would happen if someone calls The Undertaker a Mark?
  68. Would this have been a good idea?
  69. Do you think corey graves could be a big star in the future?
  70. What do you think is gonna happen with Ziggler?
  71. Who do you think will win at the Royal Rumble: The Rock or Cookiepuss?
  72. Why were people who jumped from AWA rewarded while people who jumped from the NWA were punished?
  73. Has the WWE become entirely too predictable?
  74. Why do the main brand matches suck balls?
  75. will dolph enter rumble match itself as world champ? (contains SD spoilers)?
  76. When will Wrestlemania come to england?
  77. Your top 5 female wrestlers?
  78. how do i win wrestling matches?
  79. Do you find brooke tessmacher attractive?
  80. is beth phoenix going to tna? 4 Bqs?
  81. Has Randy Orton been demoted to mid card?
  82. Which match you looking forward to most,rock v punk or r rumble match itself?
  83. who will be the final 4 left in the rumble?
  84. are there smores sold at ryeback merch stands?
  85. Did the (let's go cena, cena sucks) chants end?
  86. Do you find tna knockout brooke tessmacher attractive?
  87. Which WWE Wrestler would you go to dinner with?
  88. Did anybody have trouble downloading the wwe 13 dlc?
  89. Who is better in the ring?
  90. What would be worse rock vs cena part 2 or taker vs hhh part 4?
  91. When did CM Punk mention Tyson Kidd in a promo ? was it on the last RAW?
  92. my wrestling coach said I need to go to the beginner class? should I feel offended?
  93. Would this guy be undisputed champion?
  94. can you name every single wrestling game that came out for nes, snes, and sega genesis?
  95. Why cm suxs still champpion and not johnn cena?
  96. When Ryback Was About To Win The Wwe Title On Raw .. !?
  97. What about this rumored card for WM29? How does it rate versus past WM?
  98. What are your thoughts about Cm Punks pipebomb last night? BQ?
  99. Tna fans to answer...?
  100. Tna vs wwe, fan vs fan?
  101. Is it me or does the audience seem like actors too in WWE?
  102. 3 hottest divas from wwe,tna and nxt?
  103. In your opinion what were the top 5 indie promotions of the late 90s?
  104. Do you find nxt diva paige hot?
  105. When will wwe just give up on del rio?
  106. will maryse ever go to tna? BQ?
  107. Will melina ever return to wwe? or go to tna?
  108. What is tnas top 4 ppvs of the year?
  109. Is wwe 13 not available for purchase anymore?
  110. who's tna biggest star other than hardy?
  111. Should Paul Haymen just ditch WWE and relaunch ECW?
  112. What did you think of the Rock's appearance on RAW last night?
  113. Is anyone worthy of ending The Undertaker's streak?
  114. Tna/wwe: who will win?
  115. Can you please tell all the Words,Sentences that Rock used to insult CM Punk on 7/1/13?
  116. Whats gonna happen to The Rock on SD (Since theres spoilers) what are they?
  117. How many already know CM Punks going to beat The Rock at the Royal Rumble?
  118. The Undertaker's streak will end!!!?
  119. How many "Mr.Wrestling" were there?
  120. Should the Harts (including Tyson Kidd) go to T.N.A?
  121. Where's the big show going? contains spoilers?
  122. elijah burke aka d'angelo dinero back to wwe?
  123. Since Jack Swagger isn't seen much anymore (more inside)?
  124. if you had to choose. who is the best on this ws?
  125. So let me guess the next few weeks would be about who are winning the promos between Rock and Punk?
  126. How/why did WWE create so many clones?
  127. Wrestlemania Match Card that would never come true Pg style?
  128. Wrestlemania Dream match card?
  129. WS : I need your opinion (PLEASE BE HONEST!) -------->?
  130. Wrestlemania Dream match card?
  131. WS : From a scale from 1 -10 : How much would you rate Antonio cesaro?
  132. Is Aubane apart of Millstreet?
  133. Who' win a wrestling match Jim McDonald or Phil Mitchell?
  134. Why are some WWE fans assume silly things in there questions?
  135. Is wrestling trying to suck on purpose?
  136. When becoming a wrestler is it possible making such requests such as?
  137. Is Jericho the best wrestler to alway lose to mid carders?
  138. can you customize each superstar on wwe 13?
  139. Who is has more talent in the WWE roster?
  140. Will rey mysterio retire this year?
  141. What is your reaction to Del Rio beating Big Show for the WHC?
  142. Is mr anderson tna's cm punk?
  143. a interesting fact about the Tna "whc" 2 Bqs?
  144. Would you say the The Rock /Cm Punk segment was the best segment in a while?
  145. Dixie Carter's kiss my *** Club?
  146. Do you think WWE made a mistake screwing Matt Hardy over?
  147. What happened in Monday Night RAW?
  148. will cm punk def the rock at royal rumble?
  149. Is there one pro wrestler who's not interested in wearing a championship belt?
  150. My name is Mr.John Laurinaitis?
  151. The Rock's promo last night was awesome...........?
  152. Most indestructible team predictions?
  153. If you could pick any wrestler to return for one night at the royal rumble this year who
  154. Do you think the rock deserves to win the championship?
  155. Sheamus and finley tag team champs?
  156. what are your favorite finishers?
  157. Considering growing a goat beard like Daniel Bryans?
  158. What do you think WWE would do if John Cena committed suicide after murdering someone
  159. How funny was CM Punk's face when he got Rock Bottomed?
  160. Since CM Punk revealed WWE Superstars don't care about the fans is this something that
  161. Why does CM Punk whine about the WWE to the crowd instead of Vince McMahon?
  162. Which team was more dominant?
  163. Why are ws users such sheep when it comes to wwe stars?
  164. If you were a wrestler who would you pick as your first oppenent?
  165. who world like to see in wwe hall of fame?
  166. Uh oh the guy that says the same thing (the rock) vs the guy that speaks his mind (cm punk)?
  167. Could john cena the man behind the shield ?
  168. The Rock is going to win at the Royal Rumble guarandamnteed?
  169. Is it true Roman Reigns is The Rock's cousin?
  170. What are the top three TLC matches of all time?
  171. What are some cute female wrestler names?
  172. Why do Punk calls his promos pipebombs?
  173. Since Stone Cold will be on RAW next week, will he confront CM Punk?
  174. Who's the best wwe diva thats current?
  175. If it weren't for Triple H's Sledgehammer shot?
  176. should layla el turn heel?
  177. where's vacne archer?
  178. If you could go back into the past?
  179. Do you think the "great one" can box with God?
  180. I heard Booker T was arrested before lol?
  181. who will win punk or the rock?
  182. should the bella twins go to tna?
  183. Do you agree/disagree with these WWE related comments?
  184. That promo proved that Punk will beat Rock?
  185. Did CM Punk really call himself GOD last night ?
  186. Who performed the Greatest Heel turn in Pro Wrestling?
  187. what do you think is wrong with the wwe?
  188. Where was Vickie Guerrero tonight?
  189. Wow does anyone else think this crowd is dead?
  190. Are most wwe fans stupid and immature?
  191. What were the most best stuff that happend in wwe?
  192. Why Was Brad Maddox Asking To Be The Referee Last Night .. !?
  193. Which five wwe superstars should be in nxt?
  194. WS Legend Cameo: What do you mean "breaking kayfabe"?
  195. Where can I download wrestling shoot interviews?
  196. Agree or Disagree : WWE/Be A Star alliance is hypocrisy?
  197. Are You Looking Forward To CM Punk (c) Vs Ryback Tonight .. !?
  198. how is tna doing financially?
  199. What's the worst wwe catchphrase?
  200. HoW Do i download the dlc from svr 2011 on ps3,can you explain please?
  201. Why would changing the venue of Wrestlemania Seven have anything to do with the threats?
  202. Who will win royal rumble? undertaker returns to royal rumble 2013?
  203. How does ANYONE still like CM Punk?
  204. who will win the Royal Rumble?
  205. What did u think of raw ?
  206. Undertaker vs brock lesnar @wrestlemania 2013?
  207. Do You See The Rock Crossing Paths With Cena Tonight .. !?
  208. What are your thoughts on John Cena?
  209. who is the best Wrestler in History pound for pound?
  210. Is this group of friends the modern day Kliq?
  211. What are your thoughts on WWE Diva Sasha Banks?
  212. Why is Kofi Kingston still saying "boom boom boom"?
  213. What would be your reaction if Antonio Cesaro attacked The Rock and CM Punk at The Royal Rumble?
  214. Who Do You Think Will Start The Show Tonight .. !?
  215. Why didn't WWE offer ION Superstars or N-X-T instead of Main Event?
  216. Where have i heard this CM Punk promo before?
  217. What if Vince McMahon buys Japan's and Mexico's top promotions?
  218. Should a Wrestling fan for over 20 years stop watching wrestling.?
  219. Anybody Else Think Dolph Ziggler Will Cash In On Raw 20th Anniversary .. !?
  220. Do you feel sorry for Great Khali?he can't even bend over?
  222. Which wwe superstar should be on the biggest loser?
  223. Who is the best us champion?
  224. Name this wrestlers real names?
  225. Which wrestler should be at a Justin Biber concert?
  226. What is this wrestling move called?
  227. From these superstars who is breakout superstar of 2012?
  228. Royal Rumble 2013, who is your pick to win?
  229. Do you think old Kane will return if he gets so angry and robbed of victories?
  230. If cm punk left would you still watch wwe?
  231. Who do you think is the greatest Heel EVER in Pro Wrestling?
  232. What are the best wrestling shoes?
  233. why doesn't wwe use tweeners anymore?
  234. big e lankston or david otunga?
  235. How many times you think sheamus will face Ziggler in 2013?
  236. I know this is late. But why have Ziggler use all his moves and finishers and still lose?
  237. Do you think the Shield is going to interfere in CM Punk vs Ryback?
  238. WWE best match and wrestler of the years 2000 to 2012, do you agree?
  239. Anyone agree by the end if 2013 Antonio ceasora should be world champion ?
  240. Who do you think is going to win CM Punk or Ryback?
  241. Does the Rock really deserve a title shot against Punk?
  242. who will next wwe champ be?
  243. Did Rocky forget that Snickers and M&Ms have nuts ?
  245. For you, what were the mistakes he made WWE in 2012?
  246. Do you see Brad Maddox getting involved?
  247. What day is Royal Rumble, Who Will win that match, and what to expect from Rock tonight, also...?
  248. How long was Christian World Heavyweight Champion?
  249. whose going to win the royal rumble this year?
  250. Will Dolph Ziggler ever beat Cena cleanly?
  251. Agree or Disagee Brock Lesnar would be an afterthought once he returns?
  252. Are you excited for the TLC match?
  253. Which gimmick would you like to see in WWE?
  254. Is John Cena the least talented wrestler in wwe history?
  255. Who'd win these matches?
  256. Are you a Paul Heymen guy?
  257. Can you help me marry Selena gomez?
  258. No offense but is Jim crockett the biggest nerd in ws?
  259. Dont you think that vicky guererro is hot?
  260. Anyone know what this WWE pregame pandemonium thing is?
  261. Rate my My idea for tonight on raw?
  262. What do you think The Rock is gonna do tonight on WWE?
  263. Why did the fans start to boo Cena back in 2005?
  264. Is there a height requirement to compete for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship?
  265. Should someone in NJPW have a nazi gimmick?
  266. do you like the wwe and why?
  267. Why does NJPW cut the wrestlers entrance music out now?
  268. what happened to the undertaker?
  269. Is it me or did Rikishi get way to in to his stinkfaces?
  270. Why is wwe so boring?
  271. Does AJ Flores or AJ Max sound like a good pro wrestling name? IM trying to think of a name...
  272. What is the recent news of the WWE?
  273. Storyline idea your opinions?
  274. is paul heyman facing ryback tonight on raw? like vince mcmahon said he had to?
  275. Are Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio a tag team?
  276. Wwe13 questions ps3 Please answer?
  277. So Rey Mysterio would beat Big Show up for real?
  278. why did Undertaker divorce Sara?
  279. why are WWE fans so rude with John Cena?
  280. what will be the 3 Big Wrestlemania matches?
  281. Who will Undertaker face at Wrestlemania?
  282. Name your 5 dream tag teams?
  283. (TNA FANS URGENT!) When did this happen in TNA?
  284. Is anyone else annoyed that WWE'S sound effects are so fake?
  285. Watching TNA and the main event is pretty good?
  286. who is a better actor John Cena or the Rock?
  287. WWE first RAW of 2012, Ryback or CM Punk?
  288. 5 superstars from nxt that you think deserve to be in the wwe?
  289. Is this true? wwe match undertaker vs john cena?
  290. Dont you think that wade barret deserves to be a world champ?
  291. If these divas could have 2 finishing moves what would you want it to be?
  292. If mickie james asked you to kiss her feet would you do it?
  293. Are you lookin forward to seeing The Rock on RAW?
  294. What PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla) events would you reccomend to a newcomer to the company?
  295. Is the Royal Rumble match scripted as well?
  296. Which do you perfer, watching WWE on tv or playing WWE13?
  297. Does anyone else not like CM Punk and still want to see him beat The Rock at the Royal Rumble?
  298. In WWE who wants to see wm 33 Kurt McIntyre vs Vince Mcmahon for control of WWE?
  299. Why can't I eat the yellow snow?
  300. Can wwe 12 dlc work in wwe 13?
  301. Did Dean Ambrose ever fight in the "new" NXT?
  302. Is Hulk Hogan a good wrestler?
  303. How come Billy Gunn got a giant push in the late 90's but never won a title?
  304. i want to start wrestling?
  305. Who will win the Royal Rumble 2012?
  306. If the McMahon incest storyline did happen what would it had done to the WWE?
  307. jeff hardy returning to the wwe inn royal rumble 2013?
  308. Tna superstar of the year?
  309. Who are your top 10 favorite wrestlers in history?
  310. Will wwes diva division end soon?
  311. People who watches tna?
  312. Are you looking forward to Wrestlemania 29?
  313. Are Scott Lost and Frankie Kazarian related?
  314. What 5 cities in america have the biggest indie fans?
  315. Trivia:Who is the only american wrestler to win the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship and the?
  316. (Only if you watch it)What are your thoughts on WWE Main Event?
  317. When was the last time a wrestler won using a normal sleeper hold ?
  318. Punjabi Playboy Khali OR Playboy Buddy Rose?
  319. Would the pitched idea of Baron Von Bava be acceptable into today's WWE?
  320. Question about leaving home to become a professional wrestler?
  321. Dream tag teams what are they?
  322. Should wwe make Ron Simmons a GM ?
  323. If you were in charge of wwe what would you do with john cena?
  324. If this was a wwe battle royal who would win?
  325. Which is the best ecw guy?
  326. Will you still buy Fruity Pebbles now that John Cena will be on the cover of the box?
  327. Best return of raw 2012?
  328. If you were a wrestler what would you be..?
  329. wwe 13: What is the pack 1, and 2 feuds thats unlockable?
  330. What are your thoughts about The Four Horsemen?
  331. If you were a wrestler what would you be..?
  332. Question about Randy Orton's old entrance (Burn In My Light)?
  333. Should angelina love return to tna?
  334. Who did HBK betray to join Vince and The Rock, and rest of the corporatoon?
  335. Why doesn't Vince russo like to work with Hulk Hogan And Eric bishoff?
  336. Is it true that when a wrestler reaches age 35?
  337. I was not a jobber in WWF?
  338. Choose your Top 5 Dream matches?
  339. Tna: beautiful people. bq?
  340. What's the most violent incident in wrestling history?
  341. Royal Rumble 2013 prediction - What do you think?
  342. From velvet skys entrance to the ring, do you think shes Awesome in bed?
  343. should wwe push drew mcintyre?
  344. Vote for wwe slammys my own?
  345. Do you think that corey graves would be a big star in the future?
  346. If you won velvet sky for the day, which means she has to do whatever you say. what would
  347. Which was the best wwe champion?
  348. What are your thoughts about Dangerous Alliance?
  349. Once Undertaker retires, how low will the Wrestlemania buyrate go down?
  350. Team WCW vs Team ECW in a 7-on-7 Elimination match?
  351. Does Masato Tanaka have the worse finisher in japan?
  352. If you were a wrestler what would you be..?
  353. Do you think mickie james and kaitlyn should start using the stinkface?
  354. Shouldn't the WWE focus on their 2nd Generation Divas?
  355. How would you book the WWE from now until Wrestlemania?
  356. Which current WWE Diva could do well in TNA's Knockout's Division?
  357. Is The Rock Suppose To Be In Royal Rumble & Wrestlemania This Year?
  358. What matches are set for the Royal Rumble so far?
  359. Who is Undertaker going 2 wrestle at Wrestlemania this year?
  360. Your frvt wrestler plz..?
  361. Why do people watch Wrestline if it's 100% scripted?
  362. Who Is Most Likely To Face The Undertaker At Wrestlemania 29 .. !?
  363. Do You Think Batista Or Goldberg Will Show Up At Raw 20th Anniversary .. !?
  364. Who would win this elimination chamber match?
  365. What would be your reaction if mickie james made randy orton tap out to a camel clutch?
  366. In WWE im going to debut as Kurt Mcintyre future of everything?
  367. In WWE im going to debut as Kurt Mcintyre future of everything?
  368. WWE is going down the crapper its getting worse?
  369. who will win the 2013 royal rumble?
  370. Don't you think Smackdown is getting VERY predictable?
  371. Which WWE veteran has put the most young wrestlers over?
  372. Regardless of how low WWE used him, was Kaval (Low Ki) over with the WWE Universe?
  373. Why do you watch OILY, Buff Men Tackling eachother?
  374. Why do you watch wrasslin' if it is boring, fake and gay?
  375. Can you name the list of all the wrestlers that have debuted by beating up Cena at the...
  376. Who is your 23rd favorite wrestler?
  377. How does WWE fake poop?
  378. Tna: did you hear/read?
  379. Do You Like It Better When Your Favourite Wrestler .. !?
  380. Does Rock even deserve to be champ?
  381. Does anyone find Vickie Guerrero attractive?
  382. What would happen if Eric Bishoff just randomly shows up on Raw?
  383. Who would win this match: The Big Show vs The Big D?
  384. What was the shortest title reign in WWE history?
  385. Is smackdown live tuesday or did they just break kayfable on the commercial?
  386. What would be your reaction if Scott Steiner was in the aces and 8's? 2 bq?
  387. How do i go about my love for aj lee?
  388. When Will Undertaker Return?
  389. Will you tune into Raws 20th Anniversary?
  390. Royal Rumble Card Please Rate!?
  391. should william regal get a wwe championship run before he retires?
  392. How to be a pro wrestler..i will die if i could not make it to wwe...?
  393. who ill be the next person inducted in the tna hall of fame?
  394. Since NWA On Fire is on a National Network (Tuff TV) (more inside)?
  395. when do you think they WWE will stop feeding us stupid Ryback?
  396. Is it legal if a wwe wreslter goes to tna and beat up a wreslter because he was mocking wwe.?
  397. Do you think this year will end bad for Sheamus?
  398. In your opinion is Big Show fat?
  399. Why is smackdown so predictable?
  400. Is Brooke Tessmacher ugly or sexy?
  401. For who do you watch smackdown?
  402. Wrestling fans to answer?
  403. How can i be a wwe wrestler..?
  404. What do you think of WWE?
  405. WWE 2012 year end awards please vote?
  406. If Jeff Hardy goes to WWE?
  407. where did boogeyman go?
  408. what wwe 13 match should i play?
  409. Why are people asking all these questions about women and submission moves?
  410. "Hunico" Sin cara or "Mistico"Sin Cara?
  411. Why do you watch wrestling if you know it's fake and gay?
  412. Do you watch TNA Impact Wrestling?
  413. What is CM Punks really first & last name? first person to tell me gets 10 points! :D?
  414. maryse face smoother gail kim?
  415. What ever happen to rossie lotttalove? 2 BQ?
  416. Quick question about mickie james?
  417. did you love when????????????/?
  418. If tamina's finisher was the camel clutch would her opponents tap out?
  419. Sarita's Future? BQ?
  420. What is your your favorite WWE era; Golden, Attitude, Ruthless Aggression, or PG?
  421. Imagine john cena(rap gimmick) & cm punk in the wwe attitude era,all i can say is omg!?
  422. Do you think Antonio Casearo is being pushed too soon?
  423. Once Sheamus is a partner during a tag team match?
  424. What's vince mcmahons greatest ever achievment?
  425. Do you think wrestlers compete to see who can knock the steel steps the farthest?
  426. When do you think Randy Orton will be a Raw Superstar again?
  427. Do you think Brock Lesnar will be... in shape? When he returns?
  428. I can't unlock Mike Tyson in WWE' 13 please help!?
  429. Mickie james storyline idea please rate?
  430. Wouldnt the camel clutch be a great finisher for mickie james?
  431. The most beautiful in wwe or tna?
  432. Where I can buy Chris Jericho Light up Jacket?
  433. Should I follow my dreams of becoming a pro wrestler?
  434. Is it really THAT weird to be a girl and love wrestling?
  435. Is Wrestling Fake ? WWE?
  436. When is wwe main event taped?
  437. Cross California Championship Wrestling + WQ?
  438. What does JBL mean when he calls Miz a Kardashian brother?
  439. Do you think John Cena can fight in real life?
  440. So the two worst wrestlers in the wwe are a tag team and Natalya's their manager?
  441. Who are the strongest WWE superstars out of the ones listed?
  442. Why does WWE drown out the Ryback boos and Goldberg chants?
  443. wasnt Cena and Miz tag team partners before?
  444. Best Wrestling Schools in NYC?
  445. People who watches tna. bq?
  446. Booker T is going to put a Tag Team match?
  447. What The WS leaderboard looked like when I came here in 2011?
  448. Am I a glory hunter ?
  449. Rock shows up monday. but he's also supposed to show up on smackdown, is it today?
  450. Why didn't Natalya win the Guinness World Record for the most fart on a show?
  451. What if all of us in the ws ended up in wwe around the same time?
  453. Are there any dream matches left in tna?
  454. What good is it to be 7' 6" and 560 pounds and be a wrestler?
  455. What are your thoughts on WWE being interested in indie star Samuray Del Sol(video if you
  456. Would you believe me if i said i had a wwe contract?
  457. What if these were the champions in WWE?
  458. How did hornswoggle born with a Cigarette in his mouth?
  459. What is best match of 2012?
  460. Who to you want to be wwe champion at wrestlemaina this year?
  461. Other than ale berto del rio who would attack Santa?
  462. Which is the best superstar?
  463. Is TNA Impact Wrestling PG or what?
  464. What's the best team ever?
  466. If kaitlyn's finisher was the boston crab would her opponents tap out?
  467. Do you believe Austin Aries said all those things about Brooke Hogan to help Hulk Hogan out?
  468. What was Kelly Kelly's reaction when Mike Knox was revealed as being a part of Aces and Eights?
  469. Who do you think are the 5 hottest wwe divas today?
  470. What are your top 5 favorite TNA matches?
  471. Did you like when that girl was playing with Mr. Anderson's beer bottle?
  472. Do you find aksana hot?
  473. What are your thoughts on Mike Knox being with Aces and Eights?
  474. Is Paige's gimmick kind of hypocritical?
  475. Who's got the brightest future out of the 3 S.H.I.E.L.D. members?
  476. does anybody else want the psycho mickie james?
  477. What WWE wrestlers will hear the words "YOUR FIRED!" by the end of 2013?
  478. Why hasn't John Cena gone for the Intercontinental championship?
  479. Should John Cena go for the Intercontinental Championship?
  480. How do you become a pro wrestler?
  481. Three New Raw and SmackDown Appearances Announced for The Rock by WWE?
  482. So who has The Shield attacked?
  483. Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake and gay?
  484. Can you imagine Batista going to TNA instead of returning back to the WWE?
  485. tna build your tag team "bq"?
  486. My mom won't let me watch wrestling she says brodus Clay's dancing is to dangerous what can I do?
  487. Why do only PG Era fans feel the current ratings are good?
  488. Why did Angelina Love sell herself out when she joined TNA?
  489. Will Del Rio feud with Big Show now?
  490. Who can be my manager for wwe?
  491. take the power away from Aces and 8s?
  492. What do I need for backyard wrestling ?
  493. why does wrestling suck now?
  494. which version of jeff hardy do you like better?
  495. The Miz Sucks, Really? Really?
  496. Does Anybody Else Not Like Teddy Long .. !?
  497. Why is Davey Richards so disrespectful to the japanese people?
  498. Are You Excited That The Rock Is Returning To His Show .. Smackdown .. !?
  499. If mickie james finisher was the camel clutch would her opponents tap out?
  500. What is Hulk Hogan's problem?