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  1. who do you think will win the 2013 royal rumble match?
  2. how would your royal rumble match go?
  3. how can the rock just walk in and say he's getting a title shot at a ppv without earning it?
  4. I was speaking to a friend about Gail Kim and how good looking she is read more?
  5. Do you think Miz mimicking Ric Flair's gimmick will put him over as a face?
  6. What do you think of this WM 29 card.?
  7. What do you think of an IC title match of Barret vs Regal.?
  8. Who is failing badly? Usa or Wwe?
  9. Which wrestling fraction/stable is better: nWo (WCW) or Ace's and Eights (TNA)?
  10. Looking at the tna roster, create three tag teams and names for them. best gets 10 pts?
  11. What channel does this come on ( cabelvision)?
  12. Who are guys the WWE released in the past 4 years, that you thought had potential?
  13. What were the matches and results of WWE: Saturday Morning Slam 1/19?
  14. do you miss aj lee and cm punk?
  15. Is WWE back to PG-14? 10 Points..!?
  16. WTF?Sheamus and Del Rio are now friends?
  17. Who else is tired of seeing these questions?
  18. How can Indian guy go into FCW Wrestling School?
  19. Thoughts on this match?
  20. Are Smackdown tickets worth it?
  21. Anybody interested in an authentic Rey Mysterio mask autographed?
  22. I would like to give a piggyback rides but afraid im not strong enough?
  23. Does anyone even care that this is Smackdowns 700th episode?
  24. Since jeff hardy will be "taken out" by aces and eights.?
  25. Is that true that john cena died?
  26. tna impact 1/24/13 spoilers?
  27. Was BLKOUT really fired at CZW Ascension or was it just a storyline?
  28. What do you think of Tommy Dreamer being on WWE, CZW and TNA all in one week?
  29. what would happen if CM PUNK and THE ROCK........?
  30. How was impact wrestling last night what good and bad happened?
  31. How do the matches in the WWE work?
  32. jay bradley on gut check?
  33. my girlfriend gets horny when she sees wwe's cameron and naomi rub there asses together?
  34. Is Kaitlyn the new Trish Stratus of WWE?
  35. Is AJ Lee the new Mickie James of WWE?
  36. Who wins these dream matches?
  37. who is the most decorated superstar of all times? correct answer 10 points!?
  38. Is John Cena the leader of the shield?
  39. List the top 6 most inspiring wrestling theme songs that make you feel good about yourself?
  40. I'm a girl and I want to join my high-school wrestling team?
  41. Since WWE has been near the border, Do you think?
  42. did John Cena really crap on himself during a match?
  43. Damn The Miz is killing Ric Flair's legacy?
  44. Is anyone else dressed in a tuxedo suit right now because of the Brooke Hogan/Bully Ray wedding?
  45. What would you be telling Bully Ray right now hours before his wedding if you were backstage?
  46. This is a horrible,horrible night. Brooke and Bully Ray didn't marry?
  47. Anyone else wanted to cry when Dixie Carter was talking to Brooke Hogan backstage?
  48. Who was more of a party pooper: Aces and Eights with the Bully Ray wedding or the Shield...
  49. Poor Tommy Dreamer first gets attacked by The Shield in WWE and now gets attacked by Aces and
  50. Would you show up to a wedding if you weren't invited?
  51. Why didn't Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray marry somewhere else and not in a wrestling ring?
  52. Does Tommy Dreamer regret having Taz as Best Man for his wedding since he ruined Bully
  53. Will Nick Gage return to wrestling when he gets out of jail?
  54. Who would you rather walk with in a wedding Brooke Tessmacher, Mickie James or Christy Hemme?
  55. Which WWE Diva is hotter....Kaitlyn or Eve?
  56. BREAKING NEWS: Bully Ray said he invited Paul Heyman to his wedding on Impact?
  57. Do you think the TNA wrestlers backstage are disappointed there won't be a wedding party?
  58. Were you disappointed that the TNA roster wasn't watching the wedding from ringside?
  59. Did you notice Brooke Hogan's dress was coming off?
  60. How much do you think Bully Ray spent on the three tuxedos from Uptown Tux?
  61. What would you be telling Brooke Hogan right now hours before her wedding if you were backstage?
  62. Do you agree with Austin Aries saying TNA has moved ten years back?
  63. WWE signs NCAA wrestler Clayton Jack, thoughts?
  64. ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!?? Taz just ruined Brooke and Bully's night?
  65. What do you think about Taz joining Aces And Eights?
  66. What do you think Bully Ray and his friends did for his bachelor party in New York?
  67. How do you think both Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray are feeling hours before their wedding on Impact?
  68. Do you think Bully Ray is mad at Taz for not going to his bachelor party?
  69. Do you think Devon was jealous his brother was getting married to Brooke Hogan?
  70. Name the last 5 rumble winners and who the eliminate last winner gets 10 points. Ill chose...
  71. Your thoughts on Bully Ray's friends Tommy Dreamer and Spike Dudley showing up to Bully Ray's...
  72. Jeff hardy vs Aces and eights storyline needed?
  73. Would it be ok to take a 9 year old to WWE live?
  74. Wrestlemania 29 card rate it?
  75. The Hardy Boys Returning To WWE This Year?
  76. Is this a sign that Sting is signing to WWE sometime later this year?
  77. will jeff hardy lose to christopher daniels and lose his world title?
  78. Is Freight Train from $5 wrestling for real or is it just a gimmick, is he really that stupid?
  79. Wrestling section: isnt this sad?
  80. Why sheamus lost his touch?
  81. Should wwe banned the sheild?
  82. What do you think of the team of roode and aries?
  83. This is why little kids shouldn't watch wrestling?
  84. Should tna stars take shots at wwe stars on tv or twitter?
  85. WWE Potential Royal Rumble Winners & Mania Opponents?
  86. Tna/wwe: which is better?
  87. Do you think Wrestlemana will ever be held in Denver Colorado?
  88. Is it true or just a rumor that the undertaker will be defeated this wrestlemania?
  89. Am i only one who misses Scott Hall & Kevin Nash?
  90. Which of these Wrestling Video Games do you like on PlayStation 2?
  91. Was tna better than raw this week?
  92. Names for wrestling promotion/federation?
  93. How can I make a custom wrestling championship belt?
  94. Can someone give me a recap of yesterday's Main Event?
  95. Tna lockdown ppv..rate me?
  96. Should John Cena start wearing diapers to the ring?
  97. TNA fans only!!? I'm confused?
  98. who else was shocked that tazz is in aces and eight?
  99. WS : In your opinion.....Which superstar brings more ratings when it comes to PPV'S --->?
  100. 5 favourite wwe moves?
  101. Am I the only one who thinks CM Punk is hugely overrated?
  102. When you first saw Litas Real Name didn't you ROTFL?
  103. Give reasons why John Cena is indeed the VIRUS of WWE.?
  104. What r ur thoughts about taz joining aces and eights?
  105. How many relationships did AJ LEE have?
  106. Help with highschool wrestling?
  107. To wwe marks, how was taz joining aces and eights predictable?
  108. Will wwe crowds ever be loud like this? Video?
  109. Is WWE Road to Wrestlemania event better then Raw and Smackdown?
  110. Why is Billy Graham complaining again?
  111. Who else will be revealed. bq?
  112. Judas Messiah is returning to tna?
  113. why do you like ryback?(answer if you actually like him)?
  114. What has been happening on tna ?
  115. Do you guys think Christian will be the one that will take the WWE US Title away from Antonio...
  116. Is Brock Lesnar still in the WWE?
  117. What Do You Think Of Paul Heyman .. !?
  118. Do You Think Ryback Will Win The Wwe Title In 2013 .. !?
  119. If You Could Make A New Chant In The Wwe .. !?
  120. Who Is Most Likely To Enter Wrestlemania 29 Wwe Champion .. !?
  121. How Long Do You Think Wwe Will Be In Existence .. !?
  122. Do want to be a WWE super star or diva?
  123. dumb question but i am going to ask anyway?
  124. Poll: Are You Excited For The Return Of Brock Lesnar .. !?
  125. wwe isint fake got proof?
  126. If John Cena Wins The Royal Rumble .. !?
  127. If you can date a tna/wwe star who would it be?
  128. How can I get better at arm wrestling?
  129. Is there a Decent autobiography book on a WWE wrestler?
  130. Which of these Wrestling Video Games do you like on PlayStation?
  131. Which of these Wrestling Video Games do you like on Nintendo 64?
  132. Why isn't the X Division exciting the way it used to be back 2005?
  133. which legends do u expect to return in the rumble ?
  134. Does the gimmick of "Real Wrestler" fascinate sports entertainment fans?
  135. Why is everyone so certain WWE is going to have Rock vs. Cena 2 at WrestleMania?
  136. Isn't it surprising that Rock/Punk has completely overshadowed John Cena-The poster boy of WWE?
  137. Will we be seing Cm Punk and Alberto Del Rio feud for the World HeavyWeight championship pretty...
  138. Is Rock/CM Punk about to reach the legendary status of Rock/Austin?
  139. What will be your reaction if Super Cena wins the Royal Rumble?
  140. Who should TNA induct in their Hall of Fame this year?
  141. How to improve the tna tv title?
  142. With Eve Torres Gone .. Will Wwe Call Back Kharma .. !?
  143. Would Anyone Like To See Dr Shelby In The Ring .. !?
  144. Should of Jimmy Snuka been the one to bring the WWF in to a new era?
  145. Do You Like It When Ricardo Rodriguez Introduces Alberto Del Rio .. !?
  146. Raw results two nights ago?
  147. alberto del rio or wade barrett?
  148. What's your favorite wrestling theme song ever?
  149. did anyone else notice this?
  150. Who will Brock lensner feud with , after he returns?
  151. What type of wrestling is wwe?
  152. why every tna wrestler has country are rock music?
  153. What Has Happened To The WWE Divas?
  154. Who Would Win The Royal Rumble If These Were The Last 10 Entrances?
  155. Who is the GM of MAIN EVENT?
  156. What do you think of this?
  157. Do you think Chris Jericho will make a guest appearance at the Royal Rumble?
  158. Should Kamala get financial aid for his diabetes bills?
  159. How is Kamala able to foot the bills of his diabetes treatments?
  160. Where did Dr Shelby get his diploma from?
  161. Does having a real wrestling background increase success?
  162. Wrestle Mania 29 card with story line for every match?
  163. First WWE House Show tickets help!?
  164. what are your wwe top 5 diva's?
  165. Team Hell No and Dr Shelby vs Team Rhodes Scholars and Dr Phil?
  166. Dr Shelby or Dr Phil?
  167. Was The Rock Concert the best part of Raws 20th Anniversary?
  168. im going to a wwe signing sheamus and randy orton what to say what not say say or do really
  169. Is this a good Wrestlemania 29 card?
  170. Wwe raw's 20th anniversary draws 4.5 rating thoughts?
  171. Does the WWE lie about listening to the fans?
  172. Why WWE not so great these days?
  173. Who's the better wrestler between these wrestlers?
  174. Did anybody saw when John Cena pulled down Dolph Ziggler's trunks?
  175. Why did the Rock get so huge?
  176. who are the #1 contender's for the following titles?
  177. Is The Rock Vs CM Punk Bigger Than The Royal Rumble Match .. !?
  178. On A Scale Of 1-10 .. How Good Has The Rock/Punk Feud Been So Far .. !?
  179. Why wont the WWE Fans and TNA Fans just get along in the WS?
  180. True/False: The Wwe Universe Are Louder When The Rock Is In Attendance .. !?
  181. any new wrestlers coming to wwe 2013?
  182. who would win this royal rumble?
  183. is WWE main event worth watching?
  184. Would you miss John Cena if he left the WWE for good?
  185. how old do you have to be to see smackdown in the uk at the o2?
  186. What is up with WWE Network?
  187. Favorite Vampire Wrestler?
  188. Do You Think randy orton is going to beat antonio cesaro?
  189. should Kevin torn or Judas Mesias be the next Undertaker?
  190. why are all the wwe diva's leaving?
  191. When will the WWE get AJ Lee Lithium for her bi polar disorder & 20 different personalty's?
  192. Does Anybody Else Get Excited When You Hear The Shield "Theme Song" .. !?
  193. Ok so I need to vent/ask a question why the hell is wwe having Ziggler get buried by cena?
  194. Was Wwe Saving The Legends Return For The Royal Rumble .. !?
  195. Cena vs. Rock II: only way to turn Cena heel?
  196. Is Vincent Kennedy McMahon the enemy of professional wrestling?
  197. The Women's Championship or Divas Championship?
  198. how did the crowd know ric flair was gonna be the special guest on the miz tv before the
  199. If Benoit ever goes into the hall of fame, it will be the worst moment in WWE history?
  200. WWE Ryback using Vader theme?
  201. 10 Best wrestling themes of all time?
  202. WWE royal rumble surprise entrants?
  203. AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena and Nikki bella,is it a good match?
  204. The Rock vs Sheamus,Randy Orton,or John Cena for wrestlemania?
  205. Should Divas Champ Kaitlin be Booker T's new assistant for smackdown?
  206. What are the WWE and Sonic the hedgehog counterparts?
  207. Do you agree 20 years of Raw anniversary is 20 years down the drain?
  208. Just in case i survive where can i find Vince Mcmahon's secret formula?
  209. Where should us Wrestling fans meet up if we survive?
  210. Is there anything you didn't get to do as a wrestling fan?THE END IS NEAR?
  211. Oh my gods it's gonna really happen do any of you wrestling fans have anything to say?
  212. What do you think former WWE Superstar Virgil and Davey Richards were talking about at
  213. What are your thoughts on El Generico's farewell speech in Montreal?
  214. What are WWE Superstars doing at the moment,are they all at Vince's house?
  215. Tna fans to answer...?
  216. Why is there so much muscle men in the WWE that can't cut talk on the mic?
  217. When Jim Ross came out did you think he was going to replace JBL on commentary?
  218. Top ten favourite wrestlers at this moment and why?
  219. Is the only place for CM Punk to lose the title Wrestlemania?
  220. Which wrestlers are nerds?
  221. The Rock Is God .. Not CM Punk .. !?
  222. Who will win the Royal Rumble this year?
  223. Which wwe wrestler would you like to kill?
  224. Why Does Wwe Keep Having John Cena Vs Dolph Ziggler .. !?
  225. Is it fair to say that CM Punk is going to hold the WWE title until Wrestlemania?
  226. Who do you like more as a wrestler: John Cena or Shawn Micheals?
  227. If The Shield Attack The Rock And The Royal Rumble .. !?
  228. will cm punk defeat the rock at rumble? what other matches are set?
  229. What were the ratings for WWE 20th Anniversary of Raw?
  230. wasnt rocks song to vicki: you look horrible tonight funny as hell?
  231. Could Someone send me the link to the OFFICIAL WWE Facebook Page? ill give you 10 points :)?
  232. What do you think of this create a wrestler idea for WWE 13?
  233. Will the Wild Cat and Cowboy attack John Cena?
  234. who's better kurt angle or big show?
  235. How did WWE write off Eve Torres?
  236. Do you agree we need more of Dr. Shelby?
  237. do you think it will be jeff hardy vs christopher daniels at lockdown?
  238. Is it just me, or is there a lot of complainig in the wrestling section?
  239. Can you see Brock Lesnar ending the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania someday?
  240. What could be the next big gimmick for a new WWE superstar?
  241. Do you think the Rock is on steroids?
  242. WWE and its current programming state?
  243. Isn't this funny......?
  244. Any one got a link to last nights RAW?
  245. If The Rock Beats CM Punk For The Wwe Title .. !?
  246. Who do you think is gonna win the Royal Rumble?
  247. Why did the 20 anniversary of Raw felt like it was the same as each Monday
  248. On Brock Lesnar Here Comes The Pain Collector's Edition, is the Iron Man match vs. Kurt shown in
  249. The Undertaker isn't scary!?
  250. Raw's 20th anniversary SUCKED?
  251. In Order .. Who Do You Think Would Get A Bigger Ovation .. !?
  252. Isn't It Electrifying When The Rock Says .. !?
  253. OUCH! On a scale of 1-10, how much does this make u twitch?
  254. At The Royal Rumble .. Is It Time Up For CM Punk .. !?
  255. True/False: Vickie Guerrero is more entertaining than most of the superstars on the WWE roster?
  256. Knees 2 Faces .. Or Boots 2 Asses . !?
  257. Who do you think is the hottest diva in the WWE?
  258. Did anyone else see Finlay?
  259. Had a dream Undertaker faced JBL at this years Wrestlemania, what are your thoughts?
  260. Cm punk or the Rock in wrestle Mania ?
  261. What would Damien Sandow say...?
  262. What did I miss so far on RAW?
  263. What if Maria Kanellis returned to WWE but...?
  264. Who is the longest reigning world champion in professional wrestling history?
  265. is zack ryder really leaving wwe?
  266. Wwe wrestling the shield?
  267. remember when michael cole was?
  268. What would you do or have said if the crowd in today's show just got up and started leaving because?
  269. Has any one seen the DVD History & Tradition: Story of the National Wrestling Alliance?
  270. If The Undertaker shows up for Raw's 20th anniversary, do u think he'll show up with the mohawk?
  271. What in the hell was that are you kidding me the 20th anniversary of raw and it sucked so much
  272. What if tna and wwe were together?
  273. Why do people still watch wwe?
  274. What was this jobbers name?
  275. Miz or Antonio Cesaro?Who is better?
  276. What is going to a live WWE event like?
  277. Had you ever watched G@Y p0rn and Wrestling at the same time?
  278. Do you think Jeff Hardy will return to WWE?
  279. John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler steel cage what happened?
  280. Should WWE create Women's Championship Wrestling?
  281. Shouldn't WWE had Vince fire Vickie and hired a new GM on RAW 20th anniversary?
  282. wwe royal rumble?!!>>>?
  283. I was watching RAW tonight, and Cena was talking, and I heard him say Benoit's name?
  284. Do you think tna this thursday will be better then raw tonight?
  285. Who cares about WWE anymore?
  286. The rock says wwe is a pg family show but he said penius?
  287. Was raws mainevent was a let down, just like the whole show?
  288. Who agrees!?????!!??!?
  289. Did tonight prove to you, sheep, that wwe sucks?
  290. Is It Me or Is Kane Acting Soft?
  291. What Do You Think The Rock Is Gonna Do At His Concert?
  292. What's Wrong With Ric Flair?
  293. In your opinion, who is the greatest WWE/TNA/etc. wrestler of all time?
  294. Anyone else think the only way genisis PPV will be successful if AJ STYLES comes back?
  295. Do you think if the Rock wins at the rumble they would put him in the elimination chamber?
  296. Will they finally let Ziggler win tonight ? Or will we be seeing supercena again?
  297. Is today Raw's 20th anniversary, or is that next week?
  298. is it me or is this RAW or RAW IS BORE?
  299. Will mark Henry ever return to wwe?
  300. this is a raw 20th anniv show it sucks so far who agrees this raw should of been off
  301. Eve Torres is leaving WWE, thougts?
  302. So are most wrestlers on both raw and smackdown?
  303. Sad that I lost my wrestling match?
  304. Would this be a good storyline for Alberto Del Rio if he doesn't fight for the WHC at WM29?
  305. Breaking new for wwe fans?
  306. Why does CM Punk have to be so good?
  307. Will El Generico be a jobber in WWE or in a comedy role?
  308. Who Do You Think Will Start The Show Tonight .. !?
  309. Why do Wrestlers wear thongs?
  310. Would you let Sheamus hit you in the chest 10 times for 1 million dollars?
  311. Are you expecting any major face or heel turns on tonight's 20th anniversary?
  312. Why are TNA only having 4 ppvs this year when they had 12 the last 8 years.?
  313. Nexus,Core,3MB,sheild together vs. Aces and eights?
  314. What does Brock Lesnar's sword tattoo mean?
  315. when will irs return to wwe? or zeus?
  316. Will The Undertaker show up for Raw's 20th anniversary?
  317. Do You Think WWE Should Follow TNA and Make 4 PPVs Every Year Instead of 12?
  318. Will TNA ever have two brands like WWE.?
  319. What PPV did WWE use Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor?"?
  320. If you could be trapped in wwe/nxt superstar who would it be?
  321. Do you think tonights 20th anniversary of Raw will be a big dissappointment like Raw 1000?
  322. Who here preferred,Sable over Torrie Wilson?
  323. Should tonight's RAW 1/14/13, be 4 hours long?
  324. Who was the more talented wrestler of the MCMG,Chris Sabin or Alex Shelley?
  325. Who is coo in the script of wwe?
  326. are wwe championships real?+2BQ?
  327. So is Brooke and Bully Ray getting married?
  328. Do you think tna needs to make a few kos vallets or managers, while being wrestlers?
  329. How do I beat Kane vs Stone Cold In WWE 13?
  330. Who else besides Vince McMahon do you think could've changed the landscape of wrestling?
  331. WWE, match and wrestler of the years 2000 to 2013; do you agree?
  332. What is another name for the inverted Gory Special?
  333. Whose theme song is this WWE?
  334. If Chris Nowinski and David Otunga Become a WWE Tag Team, What Tag Team Name Would Be?
  335. I r@ped my wife by accident..?
  336. why am i am so obsessed with wwe diva Aj Lee?
  337. Should Randy orton Lead the Shield To Greatness?
  338. Which wrestlers CM Punk can and can't beat in the WWE?
  339. How do you feel alberto del rio as a face?
  340. If you were the gm of raw/smackdown what matchs would you make?
  341. If you collect wwe figures tell me which ones?
  342. CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs Jeff Hardy?
  343. Which WWE Divas have been in porn, or posed fully nude?
  344. What are these wrestlers real names?
  345. Was Ultimate Warrior telling the truth when he said Hulk Hogan does lines of coke?
  346. The Rock vs. CM Punk - Who will win at Royal Rumble and why?
  347. Greatest match in WWE history?
  348. Can i meet Super Dragon if i go to a PWG show?
  349. What is the best joshi promotion?
  350. What will close and start raw tommorow?
  351. Tna fans to answer...?
  352. Would you do dirty mud wrestling with your mom?
  353. Is this a good Wrestlemania 29 card?
  354. Wrestling fans to answer?
  355. whats your favorite wrestling quote of all time?
  356. Will you order royal rumble 2013?
  357. Who does these aerial,and even lucha moves the best,in your opinion(Poll)?
  358. who would win in a fight?
  359. awesome matches form ring of honor, tna. and wwe from 2000-2012?
  360. Do you think Ricardo Rodriguez would make a good ring announcer?
  361. since the rocks 2013 returns has his mic work sucked has the rock lost it is he out of the loop now?
  362. What would be your reaction if The Undertaker did the Big Wiggle during his wrestlemania match?
  363. Is Ultimo Guerrero related to the famous Guerrero family?
  364. Is this a WS Wrestling promotion?
  365. Who should be the first NXT Women's champion?
  366. What wrestling school would you say is better?
  367. Can a WWE Superstar get fire if he comes out of the closet?
  368. Why did Shawn Michaels retire Ric Flair?
  369. Which match at Starrcade was your favourite from WCW?
  370. what will it take for fans to like me i'm a wrestler?
  371. Isn't it about time we rejuvenated the WS?
  372. Mason Ryan Alex Riley Become a WWE Tag Team What Should There Tag Team Name Be?
  373. What's happened in WWE lately?
  374. What do you think about Alberto del Reo Winning the Heavyweight Championship last night on...
  375. Are the chairshots and slaps in the WWE real?
  376. Aren't wrestlers afraid of jumping off ladders, being upside-down, etc?
  377. Who is better sheamus or cm punk?
  378. What wrestler do you hate with a passion?
  379. Bully Ray & Brooke; fact or fiction?
  380. Best theme song ever?
  381. My car just broke down and this stranger with a hook wants to give me a ride should I trust him?
  382. Oh no I got one ball bigger then the other?
  383. Yo someone is trying to Rob my car should I stop the person or call the police?
  384. What are the top 5 best matchs?
  385. What are your thoughts on NXT getting Tag Team Championships(HBK explains in video inside)?
  386. Which wwe wrestler do u look like?
  387. What's your dream wwe superstar vs superhero match?
  388. What wwe superstar should be a rock star?
  389. Which wwe superstar is ugly?
  390. Shawn Michaels is sooo overrated!?
  391. Do u remember The Boogeyman?
  392. Is it just me? Or Vickie Guerrero is hot!?
  393. Do you agree that Andy Kaufman was one the best wrestling heels of all time?
  394. Who really killed Chris Benoit?
  395. Cody Rhodes copied mustache from Joey Ryan?
  396. I'm not jealous but why do you think these wrestlers have tons of followers?
  397. who is the BEST WWE HEEL of ALL TIME?
  398. Agree or Disagree: The Prime Time Players need to turn face?
  399. What happens if Santino turns heel and won the intercontinental champion?
  400. How come the don't have mitb contract for other championship tittles?
  401. Who would win in a real fight? R Truth or Cm Punk?
  402. Dream match for Wrestlemania?
  403. What do you think of JBL calling Great Khali and Natalya inter-species?
  404. What's going onw/ Bully Ray and Hogan's daughter?
  405. What would happen if Hulk Hogan came back to the WWE?
  406. What are good pump up songs for a wrestling match?
  407. If Bane Was In The WWE......Would He Be A Boss?
  408. How do you think Booker T reacted after Alberto Del Rio became the new champion?
  409. was aj lee wearing a bra on smackdown?
  410. Should these be the members of 3MB?
  411. WS : Who do you find more attractive between -------->?
  412. Which wrestler do you think has the coolest tattoos?
  413. Do people know that Smackdown is on?
  414. Do You Think The Shield Could Be Big as Evolution?
  415. Nexus VS The Sheild ?
  416. Finally, The Rock has come back to Smackdown?
  417. Which of these legends do you respect/admire the most and why?
  418. Who'd Win Justin Gabriel vs Seth Rollns?
  419. Who's the creepiest WWE wrestler?
  420. Do wrestlers have to be retired to get into the Hall Of Fame?
  421. Am I the only one who thinks Big Show is hot?
  422. Isn't it a bit of a coincidence that every time I'm about to get Best Answer?
  423. Who's the wrestler u hate the most?
  424. Rey Mysterio's MOST recent fight?
  425. Smackdown or tna which is better?
  426. Wrestlemania match card "Fake"?
  427. If Jim Cornette had created Smokey Mountains Wrestling in 93?
  428. Check this out! HBK explaining how he got to the top?
  429. Wrestlemania match that would never happen?
  430. If you had the power.Which next 5 Superstars would you release?
  431. Will You Mark Out If Batista Returns At Raw This Monday Night .. !?
  432. Do You Think This Road To Wrestlemania Is Going To Better Than The Last .. !?
  433. True/False: The Rock Will Win The Wwe Title Once Again .. !?
  434. Poll: Do You Think Brock Lesnar Could Take Out The Shield In A Real Fight .. !?
  435. Does Anybody Think John Cena Is Going To Get Booed When He Enters The Royal Rumble .. !?
  436. Ok .. Lets Say The Rock Vs John Cena 2 Does Happen .. !?
  437. Is Kane the Tag Team Champions, or is Daniel Bryan the Tag Team champions?
  438. How to win in matt games(wrestling) in p.e.?
  439. Which whc title victory was better?
  440. WWE'13 is there a possible way to disable the attitude era wrestlers from universe?
  441. Tna wrestling fans to answer?
  442. What is the song that plays during matches on wwe smackdown?
  443. Which wrestlers could still continue the match and still win?
  444. Who's the best wrestler of ALL TIME?
  445. Why is Rap music more popular on RAW then rock music?
  446. Is the wwe poll on raw fixed?
  447. Who would win these matches at WM (dream card)?
  448. Why hasn't The Undertaker been inducted into the H.O.F yet?
  449. Who thinks aj will turn on dolph?
  450. Is Alberto Del Rio Face & World Heavyweight Champion?
  451. Undertaker vs cena at wm?
  452. Would I need an adult to go with me to watch wwe live at the O2?
  453. Is it true that John Cena died from a head injury?
  454. What's the worst wwf superstar?
  455. Why does Roman Reigns need help to do powerbombs?
  456. The Undertaker said he bowed down to no man but he did bow down to one man?
  457. Aleberto del rio is tougher then shumeas?
  458. Brian Cage or Jay Bradley?
  459. Do you think Bully Ray asked Triple H for any advice on marrying someone's daughter who is...
  460. Which one you like better: WCW vs. nWo World Tour (N64) or WCW/nWo Revenge (N64)?
  461. Why aren't other wrestlers allowed to hit or throw Horneswoggle around during a match?
  462. Anyone else think Brock lesnar is going to win the rumble .? Then it will be Brock vs Rock WM?
  463. Which of these King of the Ring tournament do you like?
  464. Lol why did Big E had to do that to the midget?
  465. Did you know that Layla vs Beth Pheonix at Over the Limit was better than Cena vs Lesnar at
  466. Did dolph ziggler and aj get hit with crap or just brown paint or what?
  467. Dream WM 29 card + Pick winners?
  468. Do y'all think Triple H is doing a good job at being head of talent relations?
  469. So does this mean Alberto Del Rio is stronger then Sheamus?
  470. Is Bully Ray trying to pull a Triple H?
  471. Someone tell me how they let del rio beat big show in a last man standing match CLEAN?????!!!!?
  472. Why did wwe ended blood match,bra and panties match,hardcore?
  473. Will CM Punk defeat The Rock at Royal Rumble 2013?
  474. What do you think of this?
  475. Would you want to see Triple H vs Brock Lesnar again?
  476. What's harder to do: pass the Bar Exam or train for professional wrestling?
  477. are there any websites that have wwe polls on them?
  478. Is the tag team of Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are a dream team?
  479. Why did Brooke Hogan need a kart to get to the other side of the Impact zone?
  480. Did you wish you were in Robbie T's position so you could've kissed Brooke Tessmacher?
  481. How do you think Austin Aries feels about Brooke Hogan getting married?
  482. Would you had been intimidated by Hulk Hogan if he did that face he was doing to Bully Ray at you?
  483. Was Mr. Anderson complaining to Aces And Eights because no girl was with him?
  484. Why couldn't Sting just buy a new baseball bat?
  485. Why did Brooke Hogan come in a golf cart and not a limo?
  486. Do you agree with Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, do they deserve the TNA title more than Jeff Hardy?
  488. Do you think Hulk Hogan feels like he failed as a father?
  489. How many times has a WWE event been cancelled?
  490. How long is tna gonna carry aces and eights before they actually reveal someone as the leader?
  491. Has the undertaker ever botched a tombstone piledriver?
  492. Any one else think it would be interesting if they let Ziggler win the rumble lol?
  493. Who will win at the Royal Rummble The Rock or CM Punk?
  494. Who is a better stable 3 man band or the shield and say why.?
  495. Is this right for wrestling?
  496. Do you think if wwe hadn't of messed up Zack Ryders push he'd be the next face of the company?
  497. Did Brook just call Bully Ray by his real name(Mark)?
  498. Evolutiin returns monday at raw?
  499. How does someone(Joseph Parks) who has been training for 2 months get a TNA match?
  500. How big does a feud have to be to be settled in a hair vs hair match?