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  1. How come Shane O Mac isn't involved in the WWE like the rest of his family?
  2. Why are people mad that Rock beat Punk with the People's Elbow?
  3. Lol anyone watching IMPACT WRESTLING notices that MMA countdown clock on the bottom
  4. Will Kurt Angle ever return to WWE?
  5. Tna is taking the biggest risk in history will it pay off?
  6. What happened to wwe wrestler funaki?
  7. will the rock face cena again at wrestlemania? why? is wwe this?? boring now?
  8. Would Kurt Angle have been the only one to end Undertaker's streak if he never left WWE?
  9. Who would win a prime tag team match: DX vs. Beer Money?
  10. Who will be Taker's WM29 opponent?
  11. Choose a wrestler that you would like to see fo from tna to wwe. or wwe to tna?
  12. What are your thoughts on Paige?
  13. Are you guys going to miss Team Rhodes Scholars?
  14. Do you think Brodus Clay and Lord Tensai will make a good Tag Team?
  15. who would win a wrestling match between?
  16. Agree/Disagree TNA needs to move out of the Impact Zone?
  17. Do WWE fans really think its real?
  18. Can someone create me a japanese strong style wrestling moveset without ripping off people...
  19. Who are the wrestlers that you can't stand?
  20. RAW or Smackdown!? You choose.?
  21. Bret Hart said that Triple H has never had a great match, agree or disagree?
  22. What is "The Kliq"?
  23. Does John Cena Burry or put over Talent?
  24. How long did the Godfather last in the Royal Rumble?
  25. Agree or Disagree: Both The Rock and Chris Jericho are future WWE Hall of Famers?
  26. WWE Current Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 2. Which 10 do you eliminate?
  27. Is the Undertaker really dead?
  28. Cena and Rock won - did you give up?
  29. Paul Heyman behind The Shield and Maddox
  30. Finally good lord cm punk loses his title god he was a boring champion he's the bore of the world?
  31. Is there any place to watch wwe royal rumble?
  32. What time does the 2013 Royal Rumble start in Brisbane, Australia?
  33. Royal Rumble 2013 results?
  34. Which Randy Orton do you like the legend killer or the viper?
  35. Alright people tell me what you liked and didn't like about the royal rumble?
  36. how did rock win the title?
  37. Can we please stop calling the creative team creative lets give these lazy worthless
  38. Wow royal rumble gets worse and worse each year crappy surprise entrance and a predictable winner?
  39. Should I get my money back for the Rumble because my screen went black?
  40. finially the rock has won the wwe championship or not...?
  41. Three Underrated Participants Who Have a Chance to Win the Royal Rumble That You Don't Know About!!?
  42. Was anyone really surprised that John Cena won the Royal Rumble match?
  43. CM Punk will retain the WWE title:Who agrees?
  44. Royal Rumble prediction game?
  45. YOUR Royal Rumble 2013 Predictions?
  46. Your predictions for the Royal Rumble PPV? 10 points to whoever gets the most correct!?
  47. Omg I'm in shock cena won the royal rumble omg I never saw that coming I'm in disbelief here omg?
  48. GOLDUST! its keeps getting better and better lol?
  49. Why do Divas not have hard fought matches, yet they are paid pretty well?
  50. what will be the very last match tonight?
  51. Where Can I Get That Chris Jericho Jacket?
  52. Royal Rumble stream link?
  53. How come the Divas don't have a Royal Rumble like the men?
  54. What the hell is going on? royal rumble match now?
  55. Where can I find a free live stream of the 2013 royal rumble PPV?
  56. So are you ready for royal rumble 2013?
  57. who do you guys think the leader of aces and eights is?
  58. Does anyone remember Tony Atlas as the Saba Simba character?
  59. Tamina new finisher????????
  60. Could Terry Funk have pulled off The Mankind character?
  61. Why are so many of you kids hating on Rocky?
  62. Brock Lesnar in the royal rumble?? BQ?
  63. Mark Henry in the royal rumble? 2 BQ?
  64. Shelton Benjamin royal rumble?
  65. Why did The Rock agree did face CM Punk at Royal Rumble?
  66. Predictions for the rumble? BQ?
  67. Bully ray vs jeff hardy at lockdown ppv?
  68. Why did batista turn heel?
  69. does any one know were the royal rumble 2014 will be?
  70. Why do people waste their time watching wrestling when...?
  71. The royal rumble this sunday.?
  72. Who is repacling ryback i think alberto?
  73. Who should have ended Goldberg's streak?
  74. Why don't WWE change that crappy ring entrance song from Wade Barrett?
  75. Three Underrated Participants Who Have a Chance to Win the Royal Rumble That You Don't Know About!!?
  76. Question about wwe ppv?
  77. Should the Mystery General Manager remain anonymous?
  78. Micheal cole as General manager?
  79. Who was the new nxt debut guy?
  80. What do you think that wwe needs to be better than tna?
  81. Is there any chance at all of Shelton Benjamin winning Royal Rumble?
  82. When Does XWT Opens Up Registrations Again ? Thank You?
  83. Does Anybody Else Have A Feeling That The Winner Of The Royal Rumble .. !?
  84. Shelton Benjamin's Momma is gonna win the Royal Rumble!!!!!!!!!?
  85. Chris Jericho got Screwed At Extreme Rules!!!!!?
  86. Won't Don't People Like Brock Lesnar .. !?
  87. Ultimate Wrestling Match?
  88. Do you think the Rock will beat CM Punk at the Royal Rumble?
  89. Who's is/was a bigger WRESTLING star,hogan,stonecold or the rock?
  90. Why is everyone turning face and how many heels are left?
  91. The rock vs cena part 1 was awful so why would they want to do it again !!!!?
  92. WM30 legends vs legends?
  93. When will Ziggler cash in, and on who?
  94. survival skills website?
  95. How will you rank the royal rumble entrants?
  96. What would you do if given this power in the WWE?
  97. Wwe rejects......really?
  98. is there a way to watch the WWE royal rumble 2013 free on a live stream?
  99. Goldberg vs the Undertaker?
  100. Trivia:Who is the richest wrestler in the world?
  101. Rate my WrestleMania 29 card?
  102. Whose funnier team Hell No or Bobby Roode & Austin Aries?
  103. Trivia what was the first sumo match in WWE history?
  104. Name the Top 5 greatest/memorable ECW matches?
  105. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of Divas have been released lately?
  106. Which wrestler would you love to sleep with?
  107. What are your thoughts on there being a NXT Star in the Royal Rumble this year?
  108. YOUR Royal Rumble 2013 Predictions?
  109. Was this the first time Team Hell No said WE are the Tag Team Champions?
  110. Would you have liked to see Kane and Daniel Bryan draw numbers 1 & 2 in the Royal Rumble?
  111. Smackdown is on, where are all the fans?
  112. What will the Divas do at the Royal Rumble PPV?
  113. How many autographs so superstars sign at Axxess?
  114. One Of These NXT Superstars Will Be In The Rumble - Which One? +BQ?
  115. Where could I find The WWE's The Shields Outfit?
  116. With the current ko division, if tna did a lesbian storyline, who should they use?
  117. What can make WWE fun to watch again?
  118. Do you think AJ Lee could be in the Royal Rumble match?
  119. If anyone could beat The Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania who should it be?
  120. Are you a fan of Cm Punk?
  121. Who Do You Think Will Interfere In Rock Vs Cm Punk Sunday Night .. !?
  122. What does TNA stand for?
  123. Describe Cm punk in one word?
  124. What would you think if tna did a lesbian storyline between?
  125. Who are the top 10 technical wrestlers in the indies currently?
  126. Do you feel sorry for WWE Divas?
  127. My wrestling dream card?
  128. If you were a wrestler what finisher would you create?
  129. Were Goldberg and Scott Steiner good wrestlers?
  130. How good are the odds that one of the As and 8s members is..?
  131. who is sin cara wrestling?
  132. What do you think of my dream wrestling card?
  133. Should WWE bring back Simon Dean?
  134. who do you think are the worst tag teams ever in wrestsling?
  135. why did we not get to see these dream matches? are these matches cool?
  136. Can't wait next weeks TNA Impact Wrestling? Anyone can't Wait? Look at the huge crowd in UK.?
  137. Undertaker vs Goldberg feud at wrestlemania? would it be a great match?
  138. If The Rock wins the WWE Championship, will he introduce a new belt?
  139. Does it bother you just a little during Raw or Smackdown?
  140. Are you tired of Team Hell No's gimmick?
  141. Possible storyline tna could do now since hardy is out?
  142. isnt the wwe getting boring with cm punk winning all the time thanks to the shield?
  143. Does Anyone know who this old-time wrestler is?
  144. Does anyone recognize this old-time wrestler?
  145. Name your favourite year of wwe?
  146. Do u agree that ecw was the best company in the world?
  147. Aries and roode are new tag champs?
  148. Who will win WWE title: Punk or Rock?
  149. What would you think if there was a Falls Count Anywere PPV In WWE?
  150. who had the first ever theme song in wwe history (and what year was it)?
  151. wwe: who do you like better?
  152. Was the WCW/WWE NWO theme released officially?
  153. What is the name of wwe's the sheld theme?
  154. WWE Fans, Feed Ryback: Feed Him ______ what? Fill up the blank. What are you going to feed him?
  155. What did Aces and Eights do to Taz?
  156. Is the Aces and Eights clubhouse somewhere in Universal Studios Orlando because Mr.Anderson got...
  157. If Aces and Eights wanted a commentator/announcer for their group,why didn't they get Mike Tenay?
  158. Is this the 1st Spear in wrestling from 1989 by brian pillman against lex luger?
  159. Has anyone noticed that most of the good to great superstars left before WWE went PG?
  160. Is the "higher power" Taz keeps referring to Vince McMahon?
  161. Night befor wrestling tourney need to cut 1 kg help plz?
  162. CM PUNK + Rock Bottom =?
  163. 3MB vs The Shield......who will win?
  164. Who will win all the matches in Royal Rumble?
  165. What happened to Mysterio and Cara?
  166. HOW DO I JOIN WWE ?!?!?!?
  167. Who would you push as the next era of WWE?
  168. How hard is it for Mike Tenay working with someone like Taz who can send his goons after Tenay?
  169. Why doesn't anyone in the TNA roster call out Taz for "Open Fight Night"?
  170. Describe wrestling HATERS in one word?
  171. How come TNA's roster page hasn't changed Brooke Hogan's name to "Brooke Ray"?
  172. Had Taz still been in WWE as a commentator, would he have joined The Shield like he did with Aces...
  174. In wrestling, why is "hogging the spotlight" a bad thing?
  175. Why can't people see that the undertaker has been doing the same crap for 20 years?
  176. I need help creating a professional wrestling gimmick!?
  177. What does the CM stand for in CM Punk?
  178. If Eddie Guerrero was still alive and in WWE, what current superstar would be best to be his tag...
  179. Cm punk can win or not with rock?
  180. It is legal if a wwe superstar came and ask removal of pg policy and no blood policy?
  181. Is Ryback getting overpushed?
  182. When was wwe turned pg?
  183. WS : If you were to choose 5 superstars for wwe hall of fame 2013 (WHO)?
  184. 5 finisher impossible to kickout..?
  185. Should wwe decrease it schedule?
  186. True or False: the key to wrestling a bigger opponent is getting the bigger opponent off balance?
  187. Is Del Rio on the path of Sheamus, turning a great face from a great heel?
  188. Has THQ quit to make wwe games?
  189. WWE: Why do people like these superstars so much?
  190. Can stone cold do wa dat do and dat do a what's doo wa data?
  191. Any website i can watch NXT On?
  192. Is wrestling allowed in Islam?
  193. TNA fans, will AJ Styles transfer to WWE?
  194. Wwe stinks know why is it answer?
  195. Should I get these WWE Blu-ray sets?
  196. Why did they stop ECW?
  197. (tna) jeff jardy vs (pg era) john cena, who is more oveerated?
  198. What did Cena mean on Raw when he said "You can Bret Favre yourself on Facebook"?
  199. 3 wwe questions.....?
  200. Why is Raw above Smackdown nowadays?
  201. What is a better wrestling company as if today wwe or impact?
  202. Is it true that 2k will take over wwe series this year?
  203. Why is it so hard to find old WWE PPV?
  204. natalya and tyson kidd?
  205. Randy orton vs sheamus?
  206. Do you think Antonio Cesaro could do the neutilizer on the big show?
  207. do you want to see punk vs taker wm29? I don't?
  208. there used to be an internet wrestling thing?
  209. what are HHH and CM Punk saying wile the mic is off?
  210. What are your thoughts on Rockstar Spud winning TNA British Boot Camp?
  211. has rey mysterio left wwe?
  212. Describe jeff hardy in one word. lets get over 20 answers?
  213. TNA Impact Wrestling Toronto?
  214. Do you think it is right that the WWE still has no reference to Chris Benoit even today?
  215. How much would you pay to own Al Snows head?
  216. Who is the hottest wrestler of all time?
  217. who won at wrestlemania in that randy orton vs sin cara match?
  218. WHO THINKS undertaker should face brock lesnar at wrestelmania?
  219. who thinks cm punk beats the rock, faces undertaker at wrestelmania?
  220. Which WM30 will WWE host in?
  221. Rey Mysterio vs. Rikishi in a real fight?
  222. Has CM Punk ever been married/engaged?
  223. Does Pete Gass still wrestle?
  224. Describe AJ Lee In One Word?
  225. If Rikishi sat on Rey Mysterio?
  226. Did an injury really cut short edges career?
  227. Wwe rumor. what do u think?
  228. What are your predictions for the 2013 royal rumble match?
  229. Will AJ cause dolph to lose the rumble?
  230. Do you think altitude is coming back to wwe?
  231. What be your reaction if a stone cold look like do da samethings what stone cold does?
  232. What would be more shocking?
  233. Besides Brodus Clay Whats The Worst Gimmick In The Wwe Today?
  234. Should alberto create a pin finisher so he could retain his world title?
  235. does The Rock really have a lung injury or is it kayfabe?
  236. Did anybody catch the rare botch by Vince Mcmahon on Raw?
  237. Was The Rock spitting real blood on Raw or was it stage blood like blood capsule?
  238. (Wrestling) If The Rock Wins At The Rumble Do You Think He Will Stay To Defend The Title?
  239. When did Edge and Randy Orton win tag team championships?
  240. Out of every wwe brand that vince has made....who do you think is best in the world?
  241. Can shawn michelas still wrestle? or is he to old to fight anymore?
  242. Should The WWE get rid of The Main Event and bring back ECW?
  243. How big of an Ego does a wrestler have, if they compare themselves to God?
  244. Where is The undertaker! Wrestlemania is approaching & I've heard no word of him. Will he
  245. who is weaker? zack ryder or santino?
  246. you like my WrestleMania 29 card, dont cha?
  247. Who would win a fight?
  248. Why the lights go out when the shield attacks + BQs?
  249. What is the current song played on Raw during the previews?
  250. Can they make the tna tag title Prestige with roode and aries as champ. bq?
  251. Can someone tell me what arena is this?
  252. Breaking news? Jeff Hardy wins again!?
  253. What if your worst enemy joined WWE?
  254. what should I wear to axcess wwe?
  255. Who do you think would have won between Cm Punk vs Chris Benoit?
  256. Who is the GOAT and the GOATFACE of the WWE?
  257. And then she asked me, do I look alright?
  258. Do you think Cm Punk and Daniel Bryan would make a good Tag Team?
  259. What Would Mean More To The Rock .. !?
  260. Wouldn't It Be An Honour To Have The Rock As Our .. Wwe Champion .. !?
  261. Do You See The Loser Of The Wwe Title Match Entering The Royal Rumble .. !?
  262. What Goes Through Your Mind When You Hear .. !?
  263. And Just As I Was Starting To Like The Shield .. They Attack The Rock .. !?
  264. What would the WWE be like if the crowds cheered all the Heels and booed all the Faces?
  265. Which Match Should Be Last .. The Rock Vs CM Punk Or The Royal Rumble Match .. !?
  266. Do you think Cm Punk is frustrated he can't goet booed as a heel?
  267. can I go to wwe axcess and wrestlemania29 on the same day?
  268. Do you think Jack Swagger will return to the WWE as a Face?
  269. Is CM Punk Really A Threat To The Undertaker's Streak .. !?
  270. Why do so many people hate the Rock?
  271. How Do You Think Vince Feels About John Cena's Promo .. !?
  272. How Long Do You Think Ryback's First Wwe Title Reign Is Going To Be .. !?
  273. Would you rather better at Wrestlemania: Rock Vs. Cena or CM Punk vs. Lesnar?
  274. If you were the Chairman of WWE would you care about money?
  275. I made my brother so angry?
  276. What do you think of team of Aries & Roode?
  277. Did You Hear The Boos When The Shield Delivered The Powerbomb On The Rock .. !?
  278. Does Anybody Else Think That .. !?
  279. On A Scale Of 1-10 .. How Excited Are You About The Royal Rumble .. !?
  280. what are some features and match types WWE should put in there next video games?
  281. Is It True That Roman Reigns Did It .. For The People .. !?
  282. do you think the pay-per view ideas is stupid now in wrestling?
  283. what company should take over wwe video games?
  284. Do you think dolph zigglers frustrated with wwe creative for not letting him cash in yet?
  285. Question about a playstation 2 game?
  286. is there any way you can unlock everything in wwe 13 like arenas and superstars without having to
  287. Bow down to the...bow down to the king?
  288. If you were the raw general manager - what would you'r match card be?
  289. So Alicia Fox a heel or not?
  290. Does anyone know what actually happened to AJ styles after turning point?
  291. What is the easiest way to get a TNA contact?
  292. Do you think two or three greatest stars ever should end Undertaker's streak in a handicap match?
  293. Are you happy now that The Rock is not bringing it via satellite anymore?
  294. Do You Like Seeing Face Vs Face Feuds .. !?
  295. who's your final 6 participant at royal rumble?
  296. Big Show has a hog locked in a cage?
  297. will the shield play a factor in the match between CM Punk and the Rock at the Royal Rumble?
  298. WWE PG era fail confirmed?
  299. since wwe champions and wwe worldheavyweight champions are not aloud to compete in the royal...
  300. Punk wins with help of Maddox?
  301. What past wrestlers does everyone think will be in the royal rumble this year?
  302. who won the battle royal after raw went off the air?
  303. How can sheamus lose to cm punk?
  304. What happened to these WWE Superstars?
  305. WWe Kaitlyn is finally champion now she can quit jobbing, your thoughts?
  306. WWE raw WHo did you hug when kane and daniel said hug?
  307. Will Triple H's wresting schedule look similar to Undertaker's from now on?
  308. Something that gets on my nerve?
  309. will the Royal Rumble be on the regular TV channels?
  310. Do you think we won't see Stone Cold in WWE until next year?
  311. Who do u want to win the win the 2013 royal rumble match it can be anyone alive?
  312. Did they gave the bad microphone to a member of 3MB on purpose?
  313. Does The Rock getting down into the ring with a WWE ticket prove WWE needs to improve their...
  314. Were you surprised WWE has that many microphones?
  315. Is Dr. Shelby a bad teacher if only two students in the whole class graduated?
  316. What does AJ Lee mean when she said she used to kiss guys in the mouth now she kisses them all over?
  317. Do you think either Vickie Guerrero or Paul Heyman told The Shield to attack The Rock?
  318. Did you find it funny when Sheamus said to AJ Lee, "What are you doing you crazy"?
  319. Has CM Punk made the WWE Championship important and prestigious?
  320. What do you think the cop(s) who gave The Rock the ticket got in exchange for the ticket?
  321. Are you hoping now that, The Shield interferres in The Rock and CM Punk's match?
  322. Is Triple H going to wrestle again?
  323. Will you be saying "free at last, free at last " if The Rock beats CM Punk for the WWE Championship?
  324. Do you believe Antonio Cessaro owns 12 Swiss watches?
  325. Do you agree with Paul Heyman, is Vickie Guerrero the sexiest General manager in the history
  326. Warrior vs Savage...Career ending match?
  327. How does the Raw Roulette work?
  328. Who do you think will open Raw?
  329. Why did the officer buy a ticket when he's working backstage that night?
  330. Who do you think will win the Beat The Clock challenge?
  331. Are you glad Daniel Bryan and Kane passed anger management?
  332. When DDP wins the Rumble, what are these liars gonna say?
  333. Please defend that Cena promo someone. That was horrible!?
  334. Should Brad Maddox replace Jerry Lawler on commentary?
  335. Are your eyes glued to the television everytime Vickie is on?
  336. Does John Cena owns an Xbox 360?
  337. who is wwe cm punk dating?
  338. Would you say that John Cena is the Mickey Mouse of the WWE?
  339. WWE: Who would you rather have beat CM Punk for the title?
  340. has aj lee apeared on raw yet (9:23 pm)?
  341. what did aj lee do tonight on raw?
  342. i watched raw last night for the first time in months - this is quite long!!!!?
  343. What beat the clock match are we on?
  344. What was your favorite WWF/E WrestleMania in each era?
  345. Will Drew Gulak be a huge star in wrestling one day?
  346. I have some old wwf from the mid to late 90's are they worth anything now?
  347. So its perfectly fine if WWE Have weddings but when TNA have one they suck?
  348. How Am I Not A Top Contributor In The Wrestling Section Yet .. !?
  349. The GTS .. Or The Rock Bottom .. Which Finisher Is Better .. !?
  350. Agree/Disagree: Rock As Wwe Champion = Ratings .. !?
  351. The Rock's Entrance Or CM Punk's Entrance .. Which Is Better .. !?
  352. Why is a wrestling ring called a squared circle?
  353. Would You Say That The Rock Is A Wwe Legend .. !?
  354. Who Do You Think Will Get The Upper Hand Tonight .. The Rock Or CM Punk .. !?
  355. So .. How Many Big Moves Will Dolph Ziggler Hit On Cena Tonight .. Before Cena AA's Him And Wins...
  356. WRESTLING : In your opinion...which superstar has more followers on twitter & facebook (BETWEEN)?
  357. what happens if someone headlocks me?
  358. how i want the royal rumble and folowing raw to go.?
  359. in the uk what time is raw starting is it 1am?
  360. Who Was The Last Wwe Wrestler To .. !?
  361. Dont you think its stupid that the winner of the beat the clock gets to pick there number for the...
  362. Has Any Wwe Wrestler Replied To You On Twitter Before .. !?
  363. What do you think cm punk really thinks of cena in real life?
  364. Did you all give someone a hug?
  365. Is this years Royal Rumble going to be a 30 man, or 40 man Royal Rumble?
  367. Cm punk loses title,then enters r rumble & wins it?
  368. Was chris jericho a better talker or wrestler?
  369. What are TNA doing with Kurt Angle Samoa Joe and AJ Styles at the moment.?
  370. Could you beat John Cena in black Ops 2?
  371. Will CM Punk stay in the main event without the WWE Championship?
  372. can you name 30 superstars who are going into this years royal rumble?
  373. According to Vince McMahon, if The Shield interferes in The Rock vs Punk match, Punk will...
  374. Did Brodus Clay finally lose his horrible gimmick?
  375. Why did they make Tensai a jobber, why is he being punished by bookers?
  376. Anybody else think Dolph Ziggler has the most annoying entrance theme song?
  377. Is 2013 the year of John Cena?
  378. Ryback vs The Rock.......Who You Think Will Win?
  379. did vicky just change the outcome of the RR because ziggler won the beat the clock?
  380. Whats John Cena going to do on RAW tonight?
  381. What injustice did The Rock do that merited the beatdown from The Shield?
  382. Is This Team Hell No Acting Gay......KANE IS SUPPOSE TO BE A BEAST?
  383. Do WWE tickets really allow people to walk down the ramp and into the ring?
  384. Who do you think is going to win the Rumble? and at what number?
  385. How many Divas are left in the WWE women's locker room?
  386. do you still think that wwe cm punk might still like aj lee?
  387. So, did you enjoy seeing Zack Ryder getting squashed by the Big Show?
  388. Beat the Clock, closest guess gets best answer?
  389. What is Brad Maddox's role in the WWE exactly?
  390. What do you think The Shield will do at the Royal Rumble?
  391. Why did WWE release The Brian Kendrick?
  392. Is TNA losing money because they are down to 4 ppv's?
  393. RAW - Beat the Clock
  394. Why doesn't Ryback just come to the ring with a chainsaw and scare Dean Ambrose away?
  395. What should we expect on Raw tomorrow?
  396. When was the last time in WWE there was a chair shot to the skull?
  397. When Heymen is done managing Punk and Lesnar, should he replace Michael Cole on the announce table?
  398. Do you agree that Vince should just drop dead and give WWE to HHH and Stephanie?
  399. was wwe 13 really a good game or was it just like wwe 12 is wwe 13 worth buying?
  400. Is The Miz gonna be the next Ric Flair?
  401. Royal Rumble Predictions?
  402. Should fans hate women wrestlers for retiring early?
  403. Why hasn't WWE or TNA signed Luke Robinson?
  404. for WWE 14 what would you like to see in the game that hasn't been done in years or ever for
  405. am i the only person who thinks rock is the leader of the shield?
  406. Do you want REY MYSTERIO to Retire?
  407. Is there any other overrated pro wrestling dream matches other than Sting vs Undertaker?
  408. Has CM PUNK become an asshole ?
  409. Tna isn't full of wash up wwe guys?
  410. CM Punk is about as mature as a 8 year kid, proof inside?
  411. WWE 13 Kick out problem?
  412. If the big show farted,would he win his wrestling match by technical ko?
  415. Will 2013 be good for REY MYSTERIO ?
  416. Who will AJ LEE move on to next?
  418. what are the royal rumble results?
  419. Where can i watch kelly kelly expose?!?
  420. Is WWE ever going to do something different with Cena?
  421. Was Tensai offended by Kung Fu Naki?
  422. So is there anyone who doesn't want The Rock to win at the Royal Rumble against CM Punk?
  423. why do you like wwe aj lee?
  424. WWE 14 What Would You Like To See?
  425. Who should start the royal rumble?
  426. werstling it is gay??
  427. Wrestlers you would like to see come back just so you can hear their theme entrance?
  428. What time does the Royal Rumble show start in EST time?
  429. A lot of wrestlers say that Bruiser Brody deserved getting killed like a dog. Do you agree
  430. Anybody ever think the shield just doesn't like people ?
  431. Would a number one contender scramble match be a good match?
  432. Is the Rock's character outdated?
  433. Kapernick vs Mark Henry wrestlemania 29?
  434. Why is wwe superstar CM Punk the best wrestler in the world?
  435. Why did wwe make Chris Jericho a total noob?
  436. really now, what is tna thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  437. Who do u think will return in the 2013 royal rumble?
  438. So why did Tazz leave WWE back in 2008?
  439. If the big show farted would the wrestling ring explode?
  440. Is it true about the Royal Rumble 2013?
  441. When will WWE start putting commercials in there PPVS?
  442. Did Psycho Sid and John Cena really crap their pants in the middle of a match?
  443. If you were to create a new finisher, what would it be?
  444. Did anyone see the Jimmy Kimmel Unnessesary Censorship clip from Raws 20th Anniversary?
  445. How long do you want the Cm Punk vs The Rock match to be?
  446. How do u guys like del rio as a face?
  447. What are you looking more forward to: Dolph Zigglers face turn or Randy Ortons heel turn?
  448. who are your wwe 13 universe mode champions?
  449. Who is the best Professional Wrestler of all time?
  450. 5 strongest finishers in wwe?
  451. will mr. mcmahon become the gm of raw again soon?
  452. Who is the best wrestler of all time?
  453. If wwe gives u a chance to date a diva and make her do what you want what it would be...?
  454. How come no one loves rey like they do eddie?
  455. Since daniels doesn't beat hardy for the title?
  456. What is the rock really after ?
  457. Orton or taker who should win the rumble?
  458. who would win this legend vs legend match-up?
  459. why do people think cm punk is overrated ?
  460. Do you think it's time for the Instant Classic Christian Cage to return to Impact Wrestling?
  461. What i expect on Royal Rumble Next Week!!!!!!!!?
  462. I'm gonna got out on a limb and predict something. Let me know if you agree.?
  463. If shield doesn't attack champions how come they fight with tag team champion: hell no?
  464. what is cm punks profile picture of?
  465. What would happen if John Cena died?
  466. who were some great wwe wrestlers that started out as amateur wrestlers?
  467. Should The WWE Bring Back The Cruiserweight Division?
  468. Anyone thinking about going to getting v.i.p for wwe axcess?
  469. What sign should I make?
  470. The Rock is on the poster for Elimination Chamber?
  471. Why is brock lesnar getting paid 5 million to NOT show up?
  472. Anyone seen WWE Smackdown live?
  473. Best WWE Tickets for kids?
  474. Who will win the Royal Rumble?
  475. Is there some kind of rule in the WWE that babyfaces have to be funny all the time?
  476. do you think Ricardo Rodriguez will turn on Del Rio?
  477. Whatever happened to the Undertaker in WWE? Did he retire?
  478. do you like wwe cm punk as a face of a heel?
  479. How to cut fast weight in wrestling?
  480. WWE: Royal rumble 2013 predictions?
  481. Who do you think will win Royal Rumble 2013?
  482. Get mad for wrestling tournament?
  483. TNA Fans, why did Taz turn his back on TNA and join Aces & Eight?
  484. Was this part of the script?(Link inside)?
  485. Don't you hate it when WWE has to ruin monster heel characters?
  486. Do you think Sheamus won't be allowed to enter Ireland anymore?
  487. Do you agree with what JBL said, The Dudleyz aren't good single competitors?
  488. Do you agree with JBL, is Teddy Long behind Eve getting fired?
  489. Would you quit if after your match you had to be interviewed by Matt Striker?
  490. Does the Anvil know her daughter (Natalya) is now a punjabi princess?
  491. Who do you think was the better dancer Booker T and or Sheamus at Alberto Del Rio's party?
  492. Will Dolph get rid of AJ real soon?
  493. Katilyns title win is overrated. bq?
  494. are grown men who watch big muscley wrestlers in tight spandex costumes , closet gays ?
  495. Create Your Own WWE Survivor Series Card?
  496. When did John Cena wear this t-shirt?
  497. Which would be more sad? John cena or kaepernick death?
  498. How do the crowd not see wrestlers under the ring?
  499. Is the undertaker almost as good as John Cena?
  500. Who is better the miz or Alberto del rio?