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  1. When Fandango debuts is he gonna say...?
  2. During the Monday Night Wars was the orgrinal WWF the TNA of WWF vs WCW?
  3. Why do some wwe wrestlers go to tna impact wrestling?
  4. Does Sting have a bigger name than Undertaker?
  5. What do you think about the Olympics getting rid of wrestling?
  6. Bully Ray, you better not be cheating on Brooke Ray-Hogan!!?
  7. What do you think National Geographic's favorite couple, Great Khali and Natalya did for...
  8. Who would have won an wrestling match between Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Mohandas Gandhi?
  9. What do you think of Aces and Eights texting Taz "Lol This is awesome" during the match?
  10. Did Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez steal the shirts from Austin Aries and Bobby Roode's locker?
  11. What do you think of Taz saying he never liked James Storm?
  12. Was it Hulk Hogan's fault Aces And Eights came out and were about to attack him?
  13. What do you think of Austin Aries and Bobby Roode doing the poke of doom?
  14. What would be your reaction if the Prime Time Players showed up in TNA?
  15. How much money do you think Bully Ray is going to spend on Brooke Hogan for Valentines Day?
  16. Should I go to the Fillmore downtown Detroit to see TNA Wrestling & pay $100 round trip
  17. I pooped my knickers at an important basketball game, should I switch schools?
  18. Can anyone make me laugh by making wrestling jokes?
  19. What are your favorite Wwe matches of all time?
  20. Why haven't Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan kissed in the mouth since their wedding on Impact Wrestling?
  21. Is Brooke Hogan like her dad Hulk Hogan sneaky and underhanded?
  22. Do u think Vickie & Heyman should be an item?
  23. What's the difference between Mexico and the WWE Creative Team?
  24. WWE: Who am I? (20 characters)?
  25. Do you think chris jericho will ever be wwe/whc champ again?
  26. What do you think Triple H did for Valentines Day?
  27. Trivia Question: What move was used to win the very first Elimination Chamber?
  28. Is this about when the TNA marks come on the Wrestling Section?
  29. If someone knocked of takers streak,don't you think that the fans would boo that wrestler FOREVER?
  30. What year did cm punk debut in TNA?
  31. What was the first ever wwe/wwf wrestling match you ever saw?
  32. Should WWE do a show of altitude era collection?
  33. Should WWE do a show of altitude era collection?
  34. When did the era of the champ needing legit skills end with regard to holding the title?
  35. WS : What are your top 5 favorite finishing maneuvers of all time?
  36. What are the chances that Jeff Hardy will return to the WWE?
  37. How come Chris Benoit is not in the hall of fame? I refuse to erase the memory of Chris Benoit?
  38. Why isn't the WWE responding to the Olympic's plans to drop Greco~Roman wrestling like TNA?
  39. Will The Undertaker return at elimination chamber?
  40. Are you looking forward to this year's WWE Title match at Wrestlemania?
  41. Why did John Cena always do this in his matches against Rikishi?
  42. John Cena vs New Jack in a shoot match?
  43. Most legit Shooters in Pro Wrestling today?
  44. why cant wwe dvd blu-rays be just like regular wwe dvds?
  45. The legit single most tough guy in Pro Wrestling?
  46. Elimination chamber and WrestleMania 29 predictions?
  47. Does Rey Mysterio go out to bars and beat people up?
  48. WS : Who in your opinion was the superstar that --------->?
  49. Will this happen at Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania?
  50. Shelton Benjamin or Kurt Angle! Who did a better job on ECW?
  51. when will Mason Ryan return to WWE?
  52. is this really sin cara without his mask?
  53. will JTG turn face in WWE?
  54. If John Cena can branded with Fruity Pebbles then why can't Stone Cold be branded with...
  55. when will David Otunga return to WWE?
  56. Why do parents of little kids let them watch WWE if they could be watching PBS like Barney or...
  57. Who would win in a fight The Undertaker or The Boogeyman?
  58. Who thinks The Rock vs Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam 2002 was the best match in the history of WWE?
  59. When will Christian return to WWE?
  60. When will Ezekiel Jackson return to WWE?
  61. When will Fandango debut on WWE?
  62. When will Evan Bourne return to WWE?
  63. Do you think turning babyface is a career death for all "MONSTER HEELS"?
  64. Who is going to win the Elimination Chamber match 2013?
  65. could angle make jericho tap?
  66. What does John Cena have to do with this woman named "Kendra"?
  67. Goldberg & The Undertaker VS The Shields?
  68. What did Rikishi mean when he said this about Rey Mysterio?
  69. Who will CM Punk face at Wrestlemania 29?
  70. Are you jelouse that John Cena gets to date Nikki Bella?
  71. could angle make cena tap?
  72. could angle make del rio tap?
  73. could angle make phenry tap?
  74. could angle make rock tap?
  75. could angle make punk tap?
  76. could angle make lesnar tap?
  77. could angle make big show tap?
  78. could angle make orton tap?
  79. What did Iron Sheik use to say after the Anthem?
  80. how exciting will it be when cm punk reclaims the title he never really lost at elimination chamber?
  81. What would WWE be like today if?
  82. who would win if brock lesnar fought andre the giant both in their prime?
  83. who is worse rybotch or sin botcha?
  84. who is your pick to win the elimination chamber match this sunday?
  85. Is The Rock even a REAL CHAMPION?
  86. Which of these Money in the Bank Ladder matches do you like?
  87. Who are your top 10 Stables in any wrestling company?
  88. What should I name this finisher?
  89. Is anyone else getting annoyed by these impact uk tapings?
  90. How do I make a mud wrestling pit?
  91. Which NXT Superstar will be the next to make it to the Main Roster?
  92. Why do wrestlers wear what they wear?
  93. big changes made to elimination chamber match details inside?
  94. after i'm done with the shield who's career should i bury next?
  95. should i propose to AJ?
  96. will you be cheering me on when i face the rock at wrestlemania 29?
  97. What is the name of the song playing in the background of the rocks wwe magazine commercial?
  98. What do you think Heyman owes Vince?
  99. If The Rock Vs CM Punk Vs John Cena Were To Happen At Wrestlemania 29 .. !?
  100. Why Can't CM Punk Just Face The Rock Like A Real Man .. !?
  101. Will The Rock's Record Ever Be Broken .. !?
  102. The Wrestling Road Diaries 2?
  103. Will Chris Jericho Win The Elimination Chamber This Sunday .. !?
  104. is there too much talk in the WWE?
  105. WWE who is Tony Dawson?
  106. do you think that dolph ziggler would be better as a face?
  107. Who wins this crazy 10 man tag match Team Angle vs Team Lesnar?
  108. Do you think Wrestlemania rematches has become an annoying habit in the WWE?
  109. This is what it's like trying to talk to a cena fan lol?
  110. When is Billy Gunn returning to the WWE?
  111. Who would win this 14 man tag team match?
  112. Kurt Angle or Shawn Michaels, who is the greatest wrestler of all times?
  113. is teddy long a tool?
  114. what do you think of this rock video?
  115. how sexy is teddy long?
  116. why does teddy long look so good?
  117. what if when john cena gives rock an aa at mania this happens?
  118. which is harder for rock being a tooth fairy or knowing deep down he sucks?
  119. will cena force feed rock a box of fruity pebbles at mania?
  120. WWE WrestleMania: Impossible, who will win these impossible matches?
  121. Elmination Chamber Stipuation?
  122. hello is there link where i can watch last weeks wwe raw?
  123. CM Punk ever had a clean win over these Superstars ?
  124. How come Hornswoggles billed height on Wikipedia is 8'2"?
  125. is there an 8th member of Aces and Eights?
  126. could teddy long beat paul heyman?
  127. tag team name for Brodus and Tensai?
  128. do you like jack swaggers triple k gimmick?
  129. WWE website not working?
  130. did booker t own teddy long when he told him his idea sucked?
  131. will the Boogeyman return to WWE Raw?
  132. Why is wwe being so dumb now?
  133. Answer this question, hotshots!?
  134. did eve own teddy long when she slapped him?
  135. Save Wrestling! Sign The Petition!?
  136. Do any of you still play WWF No Mercy for the Nintendo 64?
  137. remember when hulk hogan gave vince a lie detector test?
  138. did eve own teddy long when she slapped him?
  139. Save Wrestling! Sign The Petition!?
  140. Do any of you still play WWF No Mercy for the Nintendo 64?
  141. remember when hulk hogan gave vince a lie detector test?
  142. Do you think Jack Swagger's new racist gimmick will lead to a feud with Antonio Cesero?
  143. WWE Fan that wants 10 easy points?
  144. If u could have a single or tag team return from the attitude era who would it be and why?
  145. What's the name of that song that plays on RAW while King & Cole talk?
  146. how come we never hear of dave batista now? in his mma career?
  147. Which superstar do you think would perform best in Japan's "Ninja Warrior"?
  148. Have you ever noticed that some wrestlers chew gum in the ring?
  149. Why is it that WWE is sooo predictable?
  150. what if WWE did this?
  151. How sexy is Randy Orton?
  152. did undertaker beat bret hart at wrestlefest?
  153. Agree or Disagree this should be the accurate card for WM29?
  154. Does WWE discriminate against super heavyweights?
  155. WHY IS IT? wwe wrestlers egos are so huge all of them think they will win oscars?
  156. Jeff Hardy resigning with TNA? But promises to come back to WWE?
  157. does mark henry like kfc?
  158. the rock got pinned by stephanie mcmahon once?
  159. Where should WrestleMania 30 be held?
  160. should roady chodes have been in the chamber match?
  161. Anybody else think rybacks head is small in proportion to his body?
  162. Did John Cena really need to win another Royal Rumble match?
  163. Why on earth is del rio a 3 time world champ,he's a mid-carder at best,wwe have lost their marbles?
  164. Who's the funniest WWE superstar you can think of past or present?
  165. Who do you want to be WWE champion come WrestleMania 29?
  166. why does tna ruin peoples careers?
  167. has mark henry ever lost a match?
  168. who would win this fatal four way match?
  169. Which wrestler has the greatest ever catchphrase?
  170. Is it possible to slap someones face right off their face?
  171. Is WWE fake ?.....?......?
  172. Which WWE Diva would you like to make love to?
  173. Am I the only one that thinks Sheamus is WAY better than Ryback and Cena?
  174. Do you think I deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  175. could kane beat hulk hogan?
  176. whos better cena or punk?
  177. What Chikara Pro wrestlers should have their own shows or movies?
  178. What do the japanese fans think about Amazing Kong/Awesome Kong/Kharma?
  179. How about the WWE bringing in Matt Hardy to feud with Brock Lesnar?
  180. What is your opinion on Matt hardy?
  181. who got wwe 13 the game?
  182. Do you believe every year for his birthday Antonio Cessaro doesn't eat cake or ice cream?
  183. What did Cena do to the Sheild last night on raw?
  184. WWE Attitude Era Roster 50-Man Battle Royal FINAL ROUND. Who do you choose as the winner?
  185. Was chris benoit schedueled to become ecw champ just before he died?
  186. Why would wwe put a rubbish wrestler like Bruno Sammartino in da hall of fame?
  187. Has Cm Punk broke away from Paul Heyman?
  188. Vickie Guerreo & Brock Lesnar vs HHH & Stephanie Mc Mahon?
  189. The Miz & HHH vs Lesnar & Undertaker?
  190. Edge is SO overrated?
  191. Do you think Ron Simmons (Farooq) is underrated?
  192. Who is the guy who says "DAMN!"?
  193. WWE Attitude Era Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 8. Which 3 do you eliminate?
  194. Is WWE any good nowadays?
  195. would it be too risky to follow this dream?
  196. am i the only person thinking that the rock is already getting boring?
  197. Who has Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley ever dated? Rumored or not?
  198. WWE Attitude Era Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 7. Which 5 do you eliminate?
  199. does anyone know who Fandango is?
  200. Will Ziggler win the WWE Championship at WM 29?
  201. Would you rather stonecold have dethroned punk than rock?
  202. Wwe question winner gets 10 points!!!!!!!!?
  203. Jimmy Jacobs. Zombie Princess.?
  204. Has The Shield been the best stable in WWE since Evolution?
  205. WWE Attitude Era Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 6. Which 5 do you eliminate?
  206. is the EC match 1 or 2 chamber match?
  207. do you think i can make it as a pro wrestler?
  208. A question about NXT? or FCW?
  209. Do u feel sorry for Triple H?
  210. Your thoughts BRUNO SAMMARTINO in the wwe HOF?
  211. how many superbowl's was there than wrestlemania's?
  212. Is jack swagger a heel?
  213. What would happen if this guy joined WWE?
  214. Will Brock Lesnar be staying in WWE for good now?
  215. WS : Do you think mark henry and ryback will make a good feud?
  216. My favorite wwe wrestlers?
  217. Am I the only one who doesn't care about Wrestlemania 29?
  218. Is it true Daniel Bryan was the goat in the Doritos Superbowl commercial?
  219. What did you think about Big Show not giving autographs or pictures?
  220. Your thoughts on Sheamus winning against Kane?
  221. What do you think Vickie Guerrero offered Brock Lesnar in his contract?
  222. What are your thoughts about Jericho winning against CM Punk?
  223. Was The Miz trying to impress Maryse by taking on Brock Lesnar?
  224. My Elimination Chamber 2013 Card?
  225. WWE Attitude Era Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 5. Which 5 do you eliminate?
  226. Should Goldberg come back to have a match with Ryback and bury him?
  227. How come when a wrestler turns face he is superman?
  228. Is Stone Cold going to be in Wrestlemania this year?
  229. Ryback is just an other awful wwe over pushed wrestler?
  230. Where was Dolph Ziggler, AJ and Big E Langston tonight?
  231. Is team hell no heel or face?
  232. If wcw was still around what wwe wrestlers would be there now ?
  233. Who will be the next inductees into the Hall of Pain?
  234. Where was Triple H last night I thought be was going to return to feud with Lesnar?
  235. Who is best wrestling company of all time?
  236. Lol did anyone else hear King said come at me bro towards the end of Raw?
  237. Is Suicide a good wrestler?
  239. Should Vicky turn face or leave WWE?
  240. where is the forklift in wwe 13 attitude era Rock vs Mankind?
  241. What are your thoughts on Mark Henry return 2night?
  242. What do you think about this?
  243. What pay per views aired in 2008?
  244. Rate my WrestleMania 29 card?
  245. WWE Current Roster 60-Man Battle Royal Round 3. Which 10 do you eliminate?
  246. WWE Attitude Era Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 4. Which 5 do you eliminate?
  247. What are your thoughts about WWE the sheild?
  248. 2 submissions and 2 finishers impossible to kickout or handle?
  249. Do you miss stone cold?
  250. Who thought hell froze over when the WWE announced that Bruno Sammartino has been inducted in the...
  251. Did u know this is the first Alberto Del Rio vs Cody Rhodes match that ever happened?
  252. 2 heel wrestlers you like?
  253. Why is The Shield from WWE so freaking awesome?
  254. So are you looking forward to Rock/Cena part 2 at WM29?
  255. WWE Attitude Era Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 3. Which 5 do you eliminate?
  256. Why cant people shut up?
  258. Who would win in a real fight: Undertaker in his prime or Brock Lesnar now?
  259. Why was the WWE Universe cheering for Mark when he is a heel?
  260. My "WWE Active" isn't working, I'm voting for Chris Jericho?
  261. They should've returned Mark Henry as a Face?
  262. Finally .. The Rock Has Come Back .. !?
  263. What Do You Think Of John Cena Vs The Rock Only Have A 3 Week Build Up For Wrestlemania .. !?
  264. Another uneventful raw with a stupid segment who agrees?
  265. WWE Attitude Era Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 2. Which 10 do you eliminate?
  266. Do You Gets Chills When You Hear Brock Lesnar's Theme Song .. !?
  267. How Does It Feel Knowing You Wont See The Wwe Title On Raw Tonight .. !?
  268. Are You Looking Forward To Paul Heyman Being On Miz Tv .. !?
  269. What Part Will Ryback And John Cena Play In The Elimination Chamber .. !?
  270. Isn't It Incredible How Excited The Wwe Fans Gets When Someone Mentions Their Home Town .. !?
  271. Tips on losing weight for wrestling?
  272. If rock retained at wrestlemania & stayed on,would you be happy?
  273. Didn't you love these two wwe/wcw titles together?
  274. What are your thoughts on WWE acknowledging Chris Benoit on Twitter?
  275. Can I join off season wrestling at my school?
  276. What is Johnson Shuffle?
  277. Wow, wouldn't that have been a great opportunity for John Cena to turn heel?
  278. Do you remember that one time on Raw, Matt hardy called Edge by his real name?
  279. What happened to the good old days??
  280. whats a fair number to give this raw up to this point from 10 stars?
  281. Who was better during the Attitude era Stone Cold or Mankind?
  282. Does anybody think WWE should care more about the divas?
  283. What are the reasons u still watch WWE?
  284. Do you like WWE's Ryback?
  285. Don't try to beep me in this hotel?
  286. Is Ray Lewis the anti Chris Benoit?
  287. where is jtg in wwe wrestling?
  288. Does CM Punk care about that kids birthday?
  289. CM Punk: Says hes "People's Champion" and "Best In The World", unoriginal?
  290. Did you download the WWE app?
  291. can i become a professional wrestler?
  292. Is everyone in TNA a part of Aces & Eights?
  293. WWE Attitude Era Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 1. Which 10 do you eliminate?
  294. The Rock: Is he coming on Raw tonight?
  295. If WWE goes TV-14 can they bring back ECW?
  296. What are your favorite WWE promos of all time?
  297. where can i see the raw active stream online?
  298. can i become a professional wrestler?
  299. WWE Current Roster 50-Man Battle Royal FINAL ROUND. Who do you choose as the winner?
  300. will John Morrison ever comebackk to the wwe?
  301. Will you watch the NBA All-star game or the Elimination Chamber WWE PPV?
  302. Is "I'm the best" something a heel is more likely to say, or ....?
  303. Is it difficult for someone like Sting to work with Hulk Hogan?
  304. What do you guys think of my dream WM 29 card?
  305. Question about Mysterio?
  306. John Cena vs. The Rock?
  307. What would be your reaction if the Big Show left WWE for Kaiju Big Battel?
  308. Wwe Raw Active Question?
  309. WWE Title match, 12 man elimination battle royal? Part 6?
  310. Which match would you rather see at Wrestlemania: the Undertaker vs Cm Punk or Brock Lesnar vs the..
  311. I want to become a professional wrestler?
  312. If Super bowl is on Monday night?
  313. Most improved: Ryback or Cesaro?
  314. What do you think of this?
  315. who are some wwe superstars and divas that have been released or fired in the past 5 years?
  316. WWE Current Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 8. Which 3 do you eliminate?
  317. Wrestlemania 30 being at madison square garden would be dumb?
  318. What would u do if Rock does beat Cena at WM 29, and retire as WWE Champion?
  319. Which Food Product Should Ryback Advertise .. !?
  320. The People Who Stopped Supporting The Rock Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves .. !?
  321. Who else thought the shield was gonna come out and beat up Flacco?
  322. Don't You Think That CM Punk Is Awesome .. !?
  323. Would You Like The Rock To Use His Old Theme Song .. !?
  324. Does Anybody Else Think Undertaker Is Gonna Return This Monday Night .. !?
  325. The Wwe Locker Room Does Genuinely Hate The Rock .. !?
  326. Who Draws More Ratings .. The Rock Or Brock Lesnar .. !?
  327. Name the most awsome catchphrase of all time?
  328. Anyone else thinking that this years wrestlemania is set to be one of the worst?
  329. Is there any pyro at WWE house shows? For those who have gone to one before....?
  330. What do you think...?
  331. When two heels feuded with each other last time in WWE?
  332. Conor O'Brien or Conan O'Brien?
  333. Do u think John Cena will be WWE Champion again? Well I dont.?
  334. What is going on with the Ace and eight?
  335. Punks set to leave wwe this year?
  336. True or false all the women and kids like Cena but the adults like wrestlers such as Chris Jericho?
  337. How to join wrestling? Is it too late now?
  338. I hate myself for missing Extreme Rules 2012, what to do?
  339. Why did the Shield try to attack the Ravens today?
  340. If you were at a Raw taping or PPV which chant would you join in?
  341. What Channel is WWE Raw on normal TV?
  342. I'm going for a John cena haircut Tommorow what photo should I save on my iPhone Tommorow?
  343. So what did Mark Henry have in store for Triple H?
  344. Whatever happen to Fandango?
  345. Today Marks The One Week Anniversary Of The Rock's Historic Wwe Title Win .. !?
  346. were should me and my brother stay for wrestlemania 30 in new Orleans?
  347. Do you think WWE superstars really care what the business has planned for them?
  348. So will 99.999% of black people going to watch the Superbowl?
  349. Did you guys know Scott Hall was Razor Ramon in the WWF?
  350. Anyone else get annoyed by Joseph Parks?
  351. Who is better Cm Punk or Austin Aries?
  352. Sting vs Undertaker Overrated?
  353. WWE Current Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 7. Which 5 do you eliminate?
  354. How would you feel if you were a Shelton Benjamin, Jack Swagger, or Charlie Haas?
  355. Is CM Punk's Personality putting him over?
  357. Will The Rock leave The WWE after Wrestlemania 29?
  358. Wrestlemania card predictions?
  359. Do You Think Wwe Fans Will Riot On Raw .. !?
  360. When I say our Straight Edge Savior CM Jesus what does that make you think?
  361. Does Percy Watson still work for WWE?
  362. Every One Day Of The Rock's Title Reign .. Represents 2 Weeks Of CM Punk Historic 434...
  363. Does The Rock Even Need To Pay His Electricity Bills .. !?
  364. WWE Current Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 6. Which 5 do you eliminate?
  365. What is the name of the california promotion where WSX got most of their wrestlers?
  366. Wrestling is super real?
  367. Is it true that wrestlers make more money in japan than they do in america(all japanese promotions)?
  368. It Will Be A Sad Sad Day In Proffesional Wrestling When The Rock Retires .. !?
  369. What is your favorite Stone Cold Steve Austin matches of all-times?
  370. Who is your favourite wrestler?
  371. Do wwe figures sometimes get mispackaged?
  372. Which of the four Undertaker Wrestlemania matches did u like the best?
  373. what are some good workouts for wrestling?
  374. Where do the best amateur wrestlers come from?
  375. Do you think in another year TNA will be ready for Monday Night Wars?
  376. Sunday Night Heat vs NXT what do you think is better?
  377. Is the Met Life Stadium the biggest stadium in New York City?
  378. Does anybody actually want to see The Rock vs Cena 2 at WM?
  379. Witch match would You relther see happen?
  380. Thoughts on this match?
  381. What is your favorite WWE Intercontinental Championship matches?
  382. Did you notice CM punk gave a signal in the Rock match?
  383. WWE Current Roster 60-Man Battle Royal round 1.Which 10 do you eliminate?
  384. Who would win this 50 man Royal Rumble?
  385. Brock lesnar vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 29?
  386. Do you think Vince should be a little worried now that Tna will be going on the road?
  387. Why are so many people high on dolph zigglar?
  388. Are Paul and Brock still "bringing Legitimacy to the WWE" (+more)?
  389. Why is The Great Khali not champion?
  390. Wrestlemania 29 tickets help please?
  391. will there ever be another punjabi prison match again?
  392. Does anyone know when the Undertaker is returning?
  393. That wrestler is this entrance song?
  394. Does anyone know if triple h will be back for the brock lesner story line?
  395. why do people call Khali a bad wrestler?
  396. Wil every wwe show be taped for now on?
  397. Mark henery or stone cold steve austin?
  398. Randy orton or the rock?
  399. WWE Current Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 5. Which 5 do you eliminate?
  400. Bret Hart or The Rock?
  401. 10 Points:! Is it possible that John Cena can be a major Heel?
  402. Has Tensai turned face?
  403. how many punjabi prison matches were there in history?
  404. What was your favorite WWE Era besides attitude era?
  405. whats your whc shot at wrestlemania elimination chamber match?
  406. Should WWE change back to there stages from before 2007?
  407. Did Brock Lesnar signed a 2 year contract in The WWE?
  408. Undertaker may not be at Wrestlemania 29?
  409. How many WWE Live Events have you been to?
  410. Dolph Ziggler vs CM Punk, whose better?
  411. Isn't This One Of The Best Wwe Entrances Ever .. !?
  412. Do You Think Ryback Will Win Next Year's Royal Rumble .. !?
  413. If This Is The Undertaker's Last Wrestlemania .. Do You Think He Will End The Show .. !?
  414. How Amazing Was It .. When The Rock .. !?
  415. I Hope The Wwe Universe Boo John Cena Out Of The Arena When He Pins The Rock At Wrestlemania .. !?
  416. Ryback Better Win The Wwe Title After John Cena Does .. !?
  417. Will You Miss The Rock On Raw This Monday Night .. !?
  418. Do You Think CM Punk Is Sitting Down Right Now .. With A Big Bucket Of Ice-Cream .. !?
  419. Do You Think CM Punk Will Ever Win The Royal Rumble .. !?
  420. Why are ECW Wrestlers little Nancy boys?
  421. What Do You Think Would Happen If The Rock Went Upto Vince McMahon And Said .. !?
  422. How would you like to walk into work one day and get attacked by your coworker with a pipe?
  423. When is Smackdown gonna get good again?
  424. Who would win a match between John Cena and Fred Flintstone?
  425. (Kayfabe): Why don't wrestlers press charges for backstage attacks?
  426. Why the hell didn't Jack Swagger return as a face?
  427. When will they start selling more Wade Barrett merchandise on WWE Shop??!!?
  428. Are u going to order wm this year?
  429. WWE Current Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 4. Which 5 do you eliminate?
  430. Should Team Rhodes Scholars be called Team Child Molesters?
  431. do you like my wm 30 kard? (hosted by k.kard)?
  432. Jack Swagger vs Kurt Angle possibility at WM 31?
  433. Name 5 superstars who You think are the future of WWE?
  434. Bret Hart Buries Triple H?
  435. What are your thoughts on Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey becoming the first NXT Tag Team champions?
  436. elimination chamber tickets help! 10 points!?
  437. who will be in the elimination chamber matches themself?
  438. WWE Current Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 3. Which 5 do you eliminate?
  439. Would you rather see HHH vs Lesnar at EC then Lesnar vs Taker with HHH as special ref at WM29?
  440. Do you agree with Jack Swagger in that you are also disappointed in the direction WWE is heading?
  441. What hotels are the WWE wrestlers staying at in Chattanooga tonight?
  442. How come Fozzy is never played on the radio?
  443. Who was this Japanese manager and what wrestling promotion did he work for?
  444. Elinmation Chamber Rate my card?
  445. What are your thoughts on Goldust?
  446. Hi my name is dolph ziggler.?
  447. Why Do Fans Get Annoyed By The Rock's Catchphrases .. !?
  448. If You Could Choose 5 Superstars To Accompany You In A Zombie Apocalypse .. !?
  449. Didn't CM Punk Say That The People Don't Get To Win .. !?
  450. When Will CM Punk Apologize To The Rock .. !?
  451. Isn't The People's Elbow The Most Electrifying Move Of All Time .. !?
  452. Doesn't CM Punk Go To The Gym .. !?
  453. What do you think is next for WWE agent Paul Heyman?
  454. Do You Think John Cena Will Get More Heat Than Last Time When He Feuded With The Rock .. !?
  455. Did CM Punk Get A Tattoo Of The Rock's Size 15 Shoe .. !?
  456. Why Is CM Punk So Overrated .. !?
  457. King of the Ring match: Do you agree?
  458. When will The Undertaker return?
  459. Would you like to see Punk vs Foley at Wrestlemania 29?
  460. Has Paul Heyman Left CM Punk For Brock Lesnar .. !?
  461. Is There Anyone In The Wwe Who Could Beat Brock Lesnar In A Real Fight .. !?
  462. Is Anybdy Else Just Waiting For That Gong On Raw .. For The Unnddeerrtakkkerr .. !?
  463. Do The "Feed Me More" Chants Get You Hyped Up .. !?
  464. Do u agree with my rank of top 15 WWE active wrestlers/superstars, as of 2013?
  465. Who Will Be The Shield's Next Victim .. !?
  466. Did Anyone Else Know Someone Was Gonna Return On Raw Last Night .. !?
  467. A great injustice has been done to CM Punk,do you agree?
  468. who will be in the elimination chamber matches?
  469. Why do so many wrestlers become fully aroused when wrestling?
  470. when will rey mysterio retire?
  471. If you could date any current WWE diva, which one would that be?
  472. Does TNA stand a chance vs WWE?
  473. Cena is the man behind the shield.?
  474. TNA Saturday Night Xplosion at the IMPACT Zone from 6PM to 8PM on SPIKE T.V.?
  475. When will Dolph and AJ break up?
  476. Brock lesner to fight the undertaker at WM29 ?
  477. where are these wrestlers?
  478. when does NXT come on and where do i watch it?
  479. subscribe to my channel and get best answer on my wwe questions for life?
  480. Was there any story where a guy tried to steal anything from Wrestlemania fan axxess?
  481. Can Brock Lesnar save the WWE?
  482. When will AJ turn face again?
  483. when does WWE Superstars come on and where can i watch it?
  484. Whos more hardcore Nick Gage or Mick Foley?
  485. In a company that steals, are Austin Aries and Bobby Roode still getting robbed?
  486. Why did Butterbean and Bart Gunn box at WrestleMania XV?
  487. WWE Current Roster 50-Man Battle Royal round 1. Which 10 do you eliminate?
  488. Tna fans to answer...?
  489. Cm punk character change idea?
  490. Who will be the next wrestler to leave wwe?
  491. going to wwe event??????
  492. Will CM Punk be facing Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
  493. Have Drake Younger & Robert Anthony ever went 1v1?
  494. Which 5-10 moves will WWE let El Generico keep?
  495. If you were Samoa Joe would you want Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco to have your back?
  496. Why did some of the WWE wrestlers went to TNA?
  497. Do you think Devon is upset that Magnus called him out and can't be with women in the...
  498. do you think the rock and chris jericho would make good tag team champions?
  499. SPOILER ALERT: New members revealed for Aces and Eights?
  500. Did TNA finally look somewhat major league last night?