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  1. If you were Todd Keneley or Mike Tenay, who would you rather sit next to you at commentary, Taz
  2. Trivia who is the only wrestler to win the NWA Heavyweight Championship in mexico?
  3. How often does the WWE app update WWE Active?
  4. Wwe 13 question ????
  5. Why do wrestlers in AAA give Marisela Pena hugs and kisses before matches?
  6. TRIVIA: Which wwe wrestler has won the most wwe belts in wwe history?
  7. Do you agree with Taz, the show (Impact Wrestling) doesn't start until Taz arrives?
  8. Why do people think Bret Hart was better than Ric Flair when Ric Flair was sooo much better...
  9. Do you think the Undertaker vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 29 would be Predictable? or Unpredictable?
  10. Who is scheduled to appear on WWE Smackdown Tuesday April 30?
  11. Who think it will be Brock Lesnar vs Triple H vs Undertaker?
  12. Gut Check the ladies edition?
  13. Did you guys seen this WWE Shop commercial?
  14. Why is TNA back in the impact zone?
  15. WWE: If you could restore one fued from the last 5 years, what would it be?
  16. Who was a better wrestler in their prime: Owen Hart or Chris Jericho?
  17. Smackdown: What are tonight's spoiIers?
  18. Did Undertaker return or is returning?
  19. Will CM Punk vs. Undertaker happen at WrestleMania 29?
  20. Should WWE do away with the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame?
  21. What Happen's After Wrestlemania?
  22. Which 2 main events did you hope to see at WrestleMania 29?
  23. If you could have lunch or spend a full day with any WWE superstar would you pick?
  24. Am i right in saying that rock v cena II at mania 29 will be the most predictable match in
  25. If you were a wrestler who got to choose his name and gimmick, what would they be?
  26. WWE: How much of each match is choreographed?
  27. WWE: How do you think they should go about returning Ted DiBiase, Jr.?
  28. WWE: Do superstars get to choose their name and gimmick ever?
  29. Did anyone see the segment with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger referring to Glenn Beck?
  30. Do you think Brodus clay ,santino should be fired!?
  31. How is Undertaker's 20 - 0 Wrestlemana winning streak so important is the wwe scripted?...
  32. Wwe new for wwe fans. what do you think?
  33. Are Triple H and Brock Lesnar good friends?
  34. Who is this wrestler?
  35. Is tna better than wwe?
  36. Do you like Jack Swaggers new gimmick?
  37. What do you think of the new WWE championship belt?
  38. When will pro wrestling die?
  39. How many WWE Encyclopedia books are there, and from what year does the wrestler list begin?
  40. Who is the best current indie wrestler?
  41. Randy orton need heel???dont he?
  42. Wwe veterans only,why did sid justice leave after wrestlemania 8?
  43. What is the best current indie promotion?
  44. Wrestles who deserve to thrown out of WWE?
  45. is wwe fake?10 points?
  46. Do you think that WWE Main Event will end up like WWE Superstars?
  47. Do you think the "WWE Superstars" show should be renamed to WWE Jobbers?
  48. If Bully Ray doesn't want hand outs or special treatment why is he making matches
  49. Eve Torres vs The Undertaker at WM 30,Who will win?
  50. Imagine john cena with long hair lol?
  51. Are these the best WWE matches, 2000 to 2013?
  52. Is brock lesnar wwe's greatest ever beast?
  53. Wrestling fans that chant rocky,rocky are really chanting for rocky balboa aren't they,not the rock?
  54. Do you think that brock lesnar will become wwe champ again?
  55. Who are the two girls in Triple H'ss entrance theme?
  56. the iron sheik vs bret hart vs cm punk who would win?
  57. Zeb colter vs Brock Lesnar?
  58. Will The Undertaker return at comin RAW or Smackdown?
  59. So do you agree with orton that Kane is no more a big red machine?
  60. Three best entrances and them songs in WWE?
  61. rey mysterio question?
  62. why does my friend`s wife like to make videos of teenage boys wrestling?
  63. WWE fans...would you consider these to be heels or faces...?
  64. How did nexus disban in the wwe?
  65. Will Extreme Rules be good this year?
  66. I found a copy of Vince McMahons "To Do" list?
  67. Should I get Twitter for Social Media Smackdown tomorrow?
  68. Rate on a scale of 1-10 on how good these events were?
  69. Help with losing weight for wrestling season?
  70. I'm a little lost, what's the whole situation with glenn beck and wwe?
  71. Do you think Jack Swagger and Cm Punk could defeat The Rock and John Cena in a Tag Team match?
  72. The Shield, CM Punk & Barrett vs Team Hell No, Sin C. & Rey M. And Kofi K. In a WWE 10
  73. Question about the NWA?
  74. do you find this shout funny "lets go cena! - cena suck!"?
  75. wwe sucks now? true or false?
  76. Have Undertaker and Bret Hart ever faced each other? if yes when?
  77. Did Brock Lesnar sign a 2 year contract to WWE?
  78. Do you think that Bret Hart was playing politics when he refused to put Shawn Michaels over at
  79. Should Undertaker face Michael Cole at Wrestlemania?
  80. I have a funny feeling that cm punk will end takers streak at mania 29?
  81. Why does every say Sunny was the first Diva when??
  82. If the rock loses at mania,what happen's to his wwe title rematch?
  83. Forget the undertaker !!!! stone cold vs cm punk?
  84. Why do most of you fans keep banging on about lesnar wrestling after mania 29?
  85. When was the last 3 stages of hell match?
  86. Why is WWE called wrestling?
  87. Will Barney the Dinosaur show up on WWE?
  88. Which current wwe divas would make good submission specialists?
  89. Does Wwe championship change if john cena will won the wrestling mania 29?
  91. Out of 1 to 10: How strong is Brock Lesnar?
  92. how are we going to have a live social smackdown when smackdown is taped?
  93. Who thinks they can beat me in WWE 13 on Xbox 360?
  94. who is a sexy wwe diva who danced?
  95. The rock beat women also...?
  96. Who would win in a WWE SteelCage fatal 4way Ryback vs Batista vs Goldberg vs Cesaro (US
  97. So the undertaker is luving Mc D' burgers with coke,dont he????c?
  98. who are the current rookies and pros on NXT season 6?
  99. how do you win WWE NXT?
  100. Why did Main Event showed the match of John Cena vs CM Punk from Monday Night RAW as the
  101. If mark henry & sheamus became a tag team,would they be called chess board?
  102. Ever thought what happen's if the rock retains?
  103. Who would you rather see perform at wrestlemania,john cena or justin bieber?
  104. So is it official,rock v cena II?
  105. Is CM Punk technically still an atheist?
  106. Do you think the Triple H vs. Lesnar match at WM29 is going to be bloody?
  107. Could CM Punk be the one to retire John Cena?
  108. Which WWE Stars Are Being Misused In Your Oppioun and Should Be at The Top?
  109. Who is this Fandango wrestler?
  110. So is Vince gonna face Paul Heyman at WM 29?
  111. How good was RAW on Monday?
  112. Anyone else tired of wrestlemania rematches?
  113. Is anyone even looking forward to wrestlemania?
  114. WWE Fan. You know what I did to Brock Lesnar?
  115. Is Twitter any good?
  116. Now that we pretty much know the Wrestlemania 29 card how about these top matches for...
  117. do you think its true that The Rock is being harassed by other wrestlers backstage?
  118. WWE: Who has the best dropkick?
  119. is Undertaker returning on Smackdown!?
  120. Your thoughts on Vince being furious about CM Punk's piledriver last monday night RAW?
  121. WWE: Who would you rather win Rock vs. Cena II?
  122. Would u rather fight brock lesnar or layla in front of a cop?
  123. Am I the only one who doesn't care about Wrestlemania?
  124. Trivia. what wrestlers on the current roster have had a match against the rock?
  125. WS : Do you guys miss -------> PEOPLE POWER?
  126. If the undertaker is the answer,what is the question?
  127. How big is DTU in mexico?
  128. Will WWE make El Generico learn more english?
  129. WWE Wrestlemania 29: Rate my match card?
  130. Which Is More Popular .. Wwe Or Ufc .. !?
  131. if a fully grown, and healhy german shepard and a strong wrestler fought won do you think would win?
  132. On a scale 1 to 10 how would you rate Chris Benoit at his very best,on these attributes?
  133. Who else wants heel Sheamus to return and destroy John Cena?
  134. Why has the WWE buried the World Heavyweight Championship?
  135. Should I, Sheamus, get a tan, in order to be a "liked" wrestler?
  136. why do they tape smackdown?
  137. Should I, Sheamus, become HeavyWeight Champion?
  138. Do you think that John Cena will commit suicide if he loses to The Rock at WM 29?
  139. Why did tna hire jeff hardy when wwe fired him?
  140. are there any good pictures of 2012 - 2013 Layla in booty shorts!?
  141. WWE '14 requests?
  142. What would you do if ultimate warrior showed up on raw?
  143. What happened that night in Montreal with Bret Hart, Shawn Michael's and Vince Mcmahon?
  144. Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania?
  145. where is THE UNDERTAKER at?
  146. What's your all time favourite wwe moment?
  147. What conversation do you think Triple H and Brock Lesnar has backstage after the brawl?
  148. How many jobbers does it take to beat Kane?
  149. Better heel: Jack Swagger or Cm Punk?
  150. How bout for Mania we have a MITB with the shield in the contest and Dean Ambrose getting
  151. What if Rikishi went up to the top rope?
  152. In which brand is Jack Swagger and The Miz?
  153. Cena vs the rock again????whyyyyy?
  154. How many Paul Haymen guys are here?
  155. Soooo ...... did anyone hear about the Miz and Maryse ?
  156. what is real height of rey mysterio ?
  157. Wrestlemania 29 stale card but good quality matches?
  158. David Otunga vs Phoenix Wright. Who will win?
  159. anyone knows why del rio stopped bringing his rented cars?
  160. How would you be as a WWE Wrestler?
  161. Which theme song do you like better: Smackdown or Raw?
  162. Why can't wwe allow cena to have more movesets?
  163. WWE: Do you know anything about that Fandango guy debuting this Friday?
  164. So now that I'm Top Contributor, I have a question?
  165. Will Cowboys Stadium guaranteed to host a Wrestlemania eventually one day?
  166. When is Ted Dibiase Jr coming back?
  167. Name a TNA wrestler who is better than a WWE wrestler?
  168. So Chris Jerichos new show starts tonight?
  169. Name as many WWE wrestlers as you can?
  170. Besides Triple H or Stephenie: Who would you most expect to take over the company when Vince...
  171. Diamond Cutter or RKO?
  172. smackdown wrestling is fake?
  173. How much money would you say you have spent on WWE?
  174. WS : Name your top 2 favorite moments you'll never forget during the attitude era?
  175. Will Big Daddy V ever return to the WWE?
  176. WS : IN YOUR OPINION : Name 3 things ryback needs to do in order to build his reputation?
  177. Do you think wwe is real?
  178. when is jeff hardy getting released from tna and coming back to wwe?
  179. What Wrestler Today Would you Wanna See Join The Shield?
  180. Is Angelina Love The Sexiest Knockout/Diva In Any Wrestling Company today?
  181. Better Heel CM Punk or Randy "Viper" Orton????
  182. What happend on monday night raw yesterday?
  183. how far was the shield promo into the show?
  184. How Good Was John Cena vs Cm Punk Match?
  185. does anything happen after the cm punk vs John Cena match?
  186. Why Is WWE So Easy To Read?
  187. did anything importend be said in Jack swagger and aLBERTO mIZ tv?
  188. WWE Divas?? or TNA Knockouts?
  189. Why is John Cena such a sh*tty wrestler and in the main event most every show?
  190. how long is wwe raw (without comercials)?
  191. WWE: Should they bring back Shelton Benjamin?
  192. How Come Brock Lesner and Cm Punk Seem To Avoid Each Other?
  193. was brock lesnars blood real?
  194. Who's better Dean Ambrose or John Morrison?
  195. Who is better Brock Lesnar or The Rock?
  197. What happend beetween cena and punk no1 contender match?
  198. Is Triple H now a full time wrestler?
  199. Do you like it when I, Sheamus, call other wrestlers, "fella"?
  200. Where can i watch the cena punk match from last night?
  201. who is better the rock or cena?
  202. Do you think I will enter the WWE Hall of Fame oneday?
  203. Do you think that I, Sheamus, should defeat my colleague, Wade Barrett?
  204. Is the Undertaker gonna wrestle at Mania or not?
  205. do you think the shield will attack in this match?
  206. so far they have shown more commercials than the actual match?
  207. Do you feel honored that the match that you were supposed to see once in a lifetime is
  208. what would your reaction be if...?
  209. After seeing Zeb Coulter's moustache should anyone make fun of Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan's beard?
  210. Did The Miz feel good tonight because he got engaged to Maryse?
  211. which wwe divas have potential of becoming pornstar?
  212. Don't you agree that????
  213. Jack Swagger 3:16 Says We the people?
  214. i used to hate brad maddox but he makes me laugh?
  215. Are any of you going to watch Smackdown this week because of Fandango's debut?
  216. Would you had preferred Michael Cole to host the Oscars instead of Seth Macfarlane?
  217. Do you think Sheamus is jealous of Wade Barrett?
  218. Did Triple H come back to WWE to promote his Twitter account?
  219. Did Triple H push Brock Lesnar hard into the ring post?
  220. Why do UFC fans invade this section and start hating on WWE?
  221. Do you think Ryback has become obsessed with The Shield?
  222. Why was R-Truth buried?
  223. Did Sheamus take off his Tuxedo because he didn't want to make it dirty?
  224. Do you think tomorrow Sheamus will return his rented Tuxedo and go to a Irish bar and drink?
  225. CM Punk got screwed yet again?
  226. Wrestlemania 29th Rate My Car 1 - 10 best answer 10 points?
  227. Did anybody else say to themselves "great another title shot for John Cena" after he beat CM Punk?
  228. Do you believe Jerry Lawler watches WWE Smackdown?
  229. NO Undertaker dafuq!?
  230. who else was shocked to see blood in wwe tonight?
  231. Who do you think has been hated more: Micheal Cole or Vickie Guerrero?
  232. BROCK LENSER VS JOHN CENA ! Who is beast?
  233. Does it bother you that WrestleMania 30 will not be in MSG?
  234. Why did they ban blood in the WWE anyways?
  235. WS : Who is really stronger between cena & lesnar?
  236. Can You See The Rock Having One More Wwe Title Reign After This One .. !?
  237. Do You Want To See The Undertaker Vs CM Punk At Wrestlemania .. !?
  238. I guess tonight means for wwe this that?
  239. Step one in how to bury a superstar?
  240. Have The Wwe Ruined The Return Of The Undertaker .. !?
  241. who is the best wrestler between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg?
  242. WWE RAW QUESTION about 2004 lita/kane/matt love triangle storyline.?
  243. Who the hell is MONDAY NIGHT RAW hiring these days?
  244. Which WWE superstars are dating WWE Divas?
  245. I have finally learned to respect John Cena, what about u?
  246. LOL,Triple H owned Brock Lesnar?
  247. Who would win a match between Geoff Harvey and Brett the hitman Clark?
  248. Did Disco Inferno successfully defend his US title against Norman Smiley on WCW Monday Nitro
  249. Who is the current WWF Champion on Raw is War?
  250. super cena is back????????????
  251. WWE's erasing Benoit from history is getting ridiculous?
  252. Which outfit would velvet sky look sexy in?
  253. Wwe raw I missed the first 20 minutes ?
  254. Why is WWE high up on Dolph if they book him to lose every match?
  255. Who is a better gm, vickie or hogan?
  256. what are some other venues I can watch?
  257. Is rock vs cena sucks the Yahoo Answers version of Barney the dinosaur?
  258. What were the most common moves in lucha libre during the 70s and 80s?
  259. Will Brock Lesnar appear tomorrow on Monday Night Raw?
  260. WWE: Do you all know if Brock Lesnar is scheduled for a WM match? If so, who?
  261. Would you like to see Glenn Beck appear on Raw tomorrow?
  262. what was the last ppv or wwe you been to?
  263. Why are The Shield unpopular?
  264. so i guess Swagger is not fired or suspended since he will be there tonight and at WM29?
  265. Do you like Jack Swagger's new entrance music?
  266. why is vlad the most annoying john cena fan boy?
  267. Is Glenn Beck not coming to Raw because he's scared he's gonna get beat up?
  268. Why is sara del rey is only just a trainer for the wwe?
  269. Who is the hottest current tna knockout?
  270. 1. Did you notice HHH's pants 2. Lesnar's blood 3. Punk should win since we want it?
  271. What are you're top ten favorite wwe ppv's?
  272. Who is most likely gonna mock Glenn Beck tomorrow?
  273. Do u agree with hulk hogan?
  274. I heard CM Punk is facing cena and the rock at mania? Why are people saying he will face taker?
  275. WrestleMania 29 & XXX plans for the Undertaker?
  276. why is cm punk so goddam amazing in the ring and on the mic?
  277. I am Triple H like to tell you.?
  278. what matches are booked for raw tomorrow night?
  279. Triple H returns during Heyman Vs McMahon! What are your thoughts?
  280. Agree or Disagree Vince McMahon is the WWE?
  281. Mark Henry vs. Big E Langston - Who would win?
  282. Poll: Why Do People Say Ryback Is Overrated .. !?
  283. WWE: Is there any particular reason why Rey Mysterio started wearing a shirt in the ring?
  284. Do You Think The Wwe Will Confiscate Signs Saying "Weed The People" On Monday Night Raw .. !?
  285. Whats your favorite wwe wrestler entrance song?
  286. Is this what is wrong with TNA?
  287. Will The Undertaker return today on Raw?
  288. Are you going to Wrestlemanina29?
  289. How does that guy in the we hate Cena shirt show up every week?
  290. Can you give me a list of submissions that actually hurt?
  291. i know that John cena vs CM punk match will end as a draw,what's your opinion?
  292. what did u think of undertakers return?
  294. My Wrestlemania 29 Card?
  295. Do you believe WWE's claims that they outperform all these other networks?
  296. Who Has the best Ring Attire In WWE Today ?
  297. 5 Worst Themes in WWE today?
  298. WWE: Who is the current most underrated superstar?
  299. What Do You Think The Main Event Of Wrestlemania 30 Will Be .. !?
  300. Who is your wwe celebrity crush.?
  301. Dont you hate when wwe fools us like that?
  302. Who is the hottest WWE diva ever?
  303. Does it annoy anyone else when they constantly relate Alberto Del Rio to Mexico, Latinos, or...
  304. Anyone else loved and enjoyed that State of the union address promo from jack and zeb?
  306. wwe is more predictable than ever?
  307. Strongest Wrestler in WWE Currently (aside from Mark Henry)?
  308. Doesn't Zeb Colter look like a safari tour guide?
  309. Which FACE gets a fairly poor/non-responsive reception from the fans?
  310. When undertaker returns whenever he does?
  311. Why did Dutch Mantel become Zeb Coulter?
  312. What's left for Ryback?
  313. What are your thoughts on the EC pay per view?
  314. Who's botch was worse last night? ADR's failed bucket kick, or skinny Punk failing to...
  315. Is it true Boogeyman is coming back to WWE?
  316. Where would you like WrestleMania XXXI to be?
  317. Is Montreal an important WWE city?
  318. What are your Thoughts on Jack Swagger winning the Elimination Chamber Match Last Night?
  319. Who hates the New Alberto Del Rio?
  320. Who do u want to see undertaker face when he return?
  321. Agree or not? CM Punk should have won?
  322. If you could change one thing about WWE, what would it be?
  323. how could this have happened to me?
  324. Do u think the shield is wwe best stable?
  325. how cool was it to see ambrose make me his b'otch?
  326. Did Anyone Else Think Booker T Was Introducing Shelton Benjamin?
  327. What do you think of the news about WrestleMania XXX next year?
  328. Is raw pre recorded and the ppv's?
  329. C.M. Punk vs Rock last chance?
  330. Why did you watch elimination chamber last night if you knew it was so BS?
  331. Tonight .. The Rock Goes To Sleep .. !?
  332. What was the point of this poster?
  333. Seriously, what was the point of this "ONCE IN A LIFETIME" poster?
  334. jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio for the Workd Heavyweight Championship ar WM 29. People paid...
  335. Who's better? Edge or Jericho?
  336. who starting out the elinmation chamber 1st?
  337. Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler in the making?
  338. has anyone else be elinmated?
  339. Daniel Bryan is elinmated?
  340. is jack swagger a main eventer?
  341. The Iron Sheik is in LA, who will he humble?
  342. Attitude Era vs. Oldest Era Wrestling (all in their prime)?
  343. Is there any professional wrestling schools in florida?
  344. Whats jack swagger new theme song called??? 10 points?
  345. Where does the SHIELD go from here?
  346. Agree or disagree cm punk got screwed last night?
  347. Will me and Cameron be fired by Brodus Clay tonight?
  348. Guranteed dolph ziggler will cash in at wrestlemania on jack swagger.?
  349. Why the heck did WWE have extras from GI Joe interviewed?
  350. Wrestlemania 29th Rate this card?
  351. Elimination Chamber 2013 results?
  352. So where does last night leave cm punk at?
  353. Which member of the Shield is the best?
  354. Who are the 10 most annoying WWE superstars?
  355. Why do people wanna see ryback vs big show ?
  356. Anyone else hate when the World Heavyweight Championship match is the first match on the PPV?
  357. hahahahaha, cm punk lost again?
  358. what would your reaction be if...?
  359. Yeahhh thank god the shield won?
  360. Did anyone find a live stream of the Elimination Chamber 2013 PPV?
  361. After Tonights Pay-Per View, What would your extreme rules 2013 card be like?
  362. i told you dolph ziggler would NOT cash in?
  363. WWE vs TNA PPV who would win these matches?
  364. how did the wwe elimination chamber wwe title match end?
  365. Agree or Disagree, Kaityln does a better spear then the Big Show?
  366. if you were in a dark alley surrounded by thugs and could have one WWE wrestler on your side who?
  367. Do you remember Sgt. Slaughter?
  368. What do you think about Jack Swagger's new theme?
  369. if mick foleys 'characters' came to life?
  370. is this a good way to turn Cena heel?
  371. Who do you like better David A list Otunga or The Peoples champ the Rock?
  372. Really these three? Any but orton please?
  373. Who agrees del rio is a stale and boring champion?
  374. Why are people so certain of cena vs te rock 2?
  375. Wwe did the right way by making the shield win?
  376. Which of these WWE Matches of 2011 do you like?
  377. Do you want the undertaker to return for mania or aren't you bothered?
  378. And antonio cesaro wins :D?
  379. Anyone else feel bad for Kofi Kingston or is it just me?
  380. Will we get three times in a lifetime?
  381. cena ryback sheamuse lost?
  382. How Honoured Are You Seeing The Rock In A Wwe Match Right Now .. !?
  383. Which Is More Exciting .. !?
  384. Believe In The Shhiiieelllddd .. !?
  385. It's Time .. For The Elimination Chamber .. !?
  386. would it be better to watch raw and elimnation chamber 2 days later or watch them live?
  387. Rock fans,Can you tell me one good thing Rock has done since he stole CM Punk's title?
  388. Will del rio vs swagger still the show at mania if not who will?
  389. Would you like to see an Elimination Chamber match live?
  390. What will happen at elmination chamber?
  391. Can Rock fans not count or something?
  392. Oh my god! Swagger wins the Ec Match! What are your thoughts?
  393. Why can't the wrestlers on RAW or Smackdown powerbomb their opponent?
  394. The Shield picks up a huge win against Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback. What are your thoughts?
  395. How would you rather turn Cena heel?
  396. Who else knew Mark Henry wasn't going to win?
  397. What are your thoughts on ADR vs Big show match at EC 2night?
  398. wrestling match who would win ?
  399. what would happen if i fought hiroshi tanahashi?
  400. Why do Kurt Angle and CM Punk hate eachother?
  401. Mark Henry is eliminated by Randy Orton. What are your thoughts?
  402. Thoughts on the result of the EC match?
  403. Thoughts on Kane and Daniel tonight?
  404. WCW Superstars 60 man Royal Rumble match, Round 1. Which of these 10 WCW Wrestlers do you like to...
  405. may be a stupid question but can wwe stars actually fight like you know if they were...
  406. Elimination chamber predictions?
  407. YOUR Elimination Chamber 2013 Predictions?
  408. Whos gunna win WWE Elimination chamber?
  409. What do you think of my WrestleMania 29 fantasy match card?
  410. Possibility for Ziggler tonight?
  411. What makes ESW so different from other backyard feds?
  412. will be conducting a live news broadcast tomorrow at noon. What's this about?
  413. What are the top 10 puroresu catchphrases of all time?
  414. The Rock will also appear at next year's WM-30. Who keeps inviting the Rock?
  415. What happen last night on WWE friday night smackdown?
  416. Am I the only one who wants to see this match, The sheild vs DX members Shawn, HHH, & X-pac?
  417. Are you going to watch Elimination Chamber tomorrow night?
  418. who is your favorite wrestler of all time?
  419. Do you think Batista and Candice Michelle would make a really good couple?
  420. Is this the most awkward moment in WWE history?
  421. Why did Matt Striker look scared that Mark Henry was going to eat him?
  422. Why do mad CM Punk fans hate The Rock?
  423. What happened to Armageddon, Judgment Day, Backlash, No Way Out, New Years Revolution, and...
  424. Why do you watch wwe wrestling?
  425. Are minis in mexico trained by other minis or normal sized wrestlers?
  426. do you think Antonio Cesaro is a coward?
  427. Do you think Hogan vs HBK should've happened at Wrestlemania?
  428. What went on between CM Punk and the Rock backstage after their last match?
  429. What are your Predictions of WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 matches?
  430. Could D'Angelo Dinero actually become the next Pope?
  431. who do you think john cena will challenge at wrestle mania?
  432. Why haven't the following Attitude Era stars ever returned to WWE since they left?
  433. Should I stay up until 4am to watch Elimination Chamber?
  434. Why does Ryback swing his arms back and forth like a two year old?
  435. anyone else think kane would do great in tna?
  436. This Sunday,The Rock is going DOWN?
  437. When will Christian come back to WWE in 2013?
  438. Don't you feel cheated that the rock will not be defending wwe title inside the chamber?
  439. Who's going to win the WWE belt at Wrestlemania?
  440. i thought martha hart did not want the wwe to use anything of owen anymore?
  441. Anyone else thinks Y2J...?
  442. Wwe title,triple threat,mania 29,rock,punk,cena,who would you root for?
  443. is this wwe interview for free anywhere?
  444. Did Chris Benoit hate ECW in the END?
  445. How sad were you when chris beniot died?
  446. WOW! was that last Diva match, the longest one on record so far?
  447. Why do certain wrestlers wear gauzes, wraps, bandages, or even braces when they don't even need...
  448. Is it kinda weird how the fans like Tensai all of a sudden?
  449. Can anyone believe how unbelievable some pro wrestlers are?
  450. Instead of turning John Cena heel should they just make his character arrogant ?
  451. Are you dissapointed with current WWE?
  452. do you think the shield even likes their gimmick that they have?
  453. how many times has mr. mcmahon been in a match?
  454. does it make you mad when your favorite superstars lose at wrestlemania?
  455. People who have seen interview with a vampire movie?
  456. Do you think The Shield will attack CM Punk at the elimination chamber PPV?
  457. What are some really good and old WWE pay-per-views?
  458. Agreed or not,the ultimate warrior electrified the crowds more than the rock?
  459. was wwe Kharma really pregnent?
  460. Can someone please tell me website besides stubhub that I can buy 1 WWE WM29 ticket?
  461. has ricky steamboat ever axedently burned himself?
  462. what are the top 10 axedents in wwe history?
  463. Why do Cena Haters boo him?
  464. When is the Marine 3 supposed to be coming out?
  465. Do you think Brock Lesnar will give Cm punk an F5 someday and then turn Face?
  466. is there a list showing every wwe/wwf superstar if all time?
  467. Who would win these matches based off physical feats,and all around ability, at there best?
  468. Should Brodus Clay have turned heel?
  469. Who's better Randy Orton or Bobby Rude?
  470. Why can't people get over the attitude era?
  471. What did you think about Big Show getting angry at Chris Jericho?
  472. Is Brodus Clay and Tensai something you'd see in the Serengeti?
  473. What if Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba never created NJPW and AJPW?
  474. Would Tensai and Cameron make a good couple?
  475. Which team would win this match?
  476. Do you think The Rock in one night will make CM Punk never touch the WWE championship?
  477. What do you think about Josh Matthews wanting a Valentines Day Text from JBL?
  478. Why did Antonio Inoki leave his own company(NJPW)?
  479. Do you have to be a freak of nature to be a wrestler?
  480. Which promotion do you prefer UWFi or IGF?
  481. What do you think about JBL saying he never liked Hornswoggle?
  482. Will Candice Michelle ever appear in the WWE again?
  483. What Do You Think Of This Reported Summerslam Main Event?
  484. What ethnicity is Tamina Snuka? 10 points :)?
  485. Who's ur favorite wrestler?
  486. If you were stranded on an Island,Which Current WWE Superstars do you wanna get stuck with?
  488. why does WWE Raw and Smackdown use white ropes now?
  489. What is CM Punk's ethnic background?
  490. When does the CM Punk funk pop figure get released?
  491. What was the last wwe pay per view you watched?
  492. Plz plz WWE fans help,for iphone wwe games??plz help?
  493. Y2J hosted a lot of reality shows?
  494. How come The Rock goes on Raw and SD but CM Punk doesn't?
  495. So Big Show will win st EC to face Y2J at Wrestlemania?
  496. Will Kane ever be WWE Champion again?
  497. Does The Undertaker have a part time job that pays the bills?
  498. How do you watch the hidden features on my WWE DVD?
  499. Are you a jericoholic?
  500. What do you think john cena really thinks about all the cena haters?