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  1. Would this be the best send off for the Undertaker?
  2. Who would win these wrestling matches?
  3. Just trying to stay active. Just say anything abou wrestling?
  4. WWE: Scorpion Deathlock or Bret/Owen Hart's Sharpshooter?
  5. WWE'13 questions plz help?high points for sure sure sure???plz help?
  6. Was WWE 13 everything you expected it too be?
  7. WWE: Which is better, HBK's diving elbow or Macho Man's diving elbow?
  8. Your favorite WrestleMania moment?
  9. What do you think about the new WWE Title?
  10. Besides the obvious 6 what do u think the other 2 or 3 matches will be?
  11. why did wwe say the gm will be picked on this saterdays slam when...?
  12. Have fans who have called Bryan Danielson overrated ever watched any of his matches
  13. will wwe give a tribute to Paul Bearer on Raw?
  14. Will wwe film paul bearers memorial service?
  15. Should i start watching tna & become a fan?
  16. how do wrestlers fall safely from great hights such as the top of the hell in a cell?
  17. How many active wrestlers are their in total in the wwe?
  18. Do you think Big Daddy V is hot?
  19. Ur reaction if CM Punk ends the streak?
  20. Does anyone else care less if Fandango ever debuts?
  21. Wrestling Section: Your opinion of Fandango?
  22. Is their any chance whatsoever of swagger winning whc at mania because of his recent arrest?
  23. who is are new Sat-day morning slam GM?
  24. Has anyone seen kanes movie see no evil?
  25. What are your thoughts on Hiroshi Tanahashi?
  26. What are your thoughts on KENTA?
  27. What are your thoughts on KENTA?
  28. What are your thoughts on Davey Richards?
  29. Who'll retire first ,undertaker or kane?
  30. What are your thoughts on AJ Styles?
  31. Who will end the streak at wrestle mania 30?
  32. Will you mark out if cena ends the streak at WM30?
  33. are we going to see the first ever 3 vs 2 vs 1 match?
  34. who won: Aj Lee or Danial Bryan?
  35. Who in The Shield do you think will be the breakout star?
  36. Why did WWE put AJ and daniel bryan in a segment together?
  37. What did Daniel Bryan mean on Smackdown?
  38. Can anyone single handedly stop the shield?
  39. What are your thoughts on last night Friday night smackdown?
  40. Does anyone actually think Cm Punk will break the streak?
  41. What does Sheamus shout as he gets ready for the brogue kick?
  42. WWE: Who is the best commentator in the history of the company?
  43. Has anyone ever manhandled and beat John Cena like this?
  44. Who do you want to be the WWE tag team champions & why?
  45. wwe '13 players, I need some CAW ideas?
  46. Is amateur wrestling different from professional wrestling?
  47. If a person was use to turn someone heel?
  48. If Ryback is the next Goldberg, who is the next next wrestler?
  49. Should it be called World Champion or Smackdown World Champion?
  50. Why did they do this to Yoshi?
  51. Who would you rather see as World Champion, Jack Swagger or Dolph Ziggler?
  52. Am I the only one who thinks The Undertaker is hot?
  53. Is the man with Swagger a racist, or is he just telling the truth?
  54. famous WWE superstar that have real fighting styles?
  55. Can I use a megaphone at a wwe show?
  56. On Main event, did they mention Paul Bearers death? Or will that be on SMACKDOWN?
  57. who will win at wreslemania 29?
  58. who is the greatest of all time?
  59. WWE's tribute to Paul Bearer, how good is it?
  60. explain to me antonio cesaros Gimmick?
  61. 40 man battle royal round 3?
  62. WWE: Who's the best heel in the company right now?
  63. Does anybody else miss the R Truth from 2008?
  64. AGREE or DISAGREE: Do you think the actor Charlie Hunnam looks like John Cena?
  65. Detailed Wrestlemania 29 predictions?
  66. WWE: What superstars has Vince personally brought in?
  67. What did AJ Lee mean by this?
  68. TNA: Do you realize that D'Lo Brown is a vice president of Aces and Eights?
  69. WWE: Why aren't they letting Dolph win any matches?
  70. Will John Cena ever win the WHC again?
  71. Musical performances at WrestleMania 29?
  72. Pop Quiz: Name the list of Chris Jericho's opponents when he wins the Intercontinental title?
  73. why are people calling WrestleManiaXXX the biggest WrestleMania since the first one?
  74. Who looks better Allysin Kay or Barbi Hayden or Marti Belle or Reby Sky (pictures included)?
  75. Why did wwe drop the ball with mordecai?
  76. Do you feel sorry for Taz since he got fired from Gut check and nobody told him?
  77. Even though they lost do you think Velvet Sky, Hernandez, and Chavo Guerrero should be a team?
  78. Do you agree with Taz, Does Garrett Bischoff look like a movie star?
  79. Was it rude for both Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray not to say thanks to Austin Aries for wishing them
  80. Do you agree with Taz that the last segment with Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy had a lot of butt kissing?
  81. Who is more brainwashed: AJ Styles in hiding or Jack Swagger with Zeb Coulter?
  82. Since D'Lo Brown was revealed as the VP of Aces and 8's...Does that mean Hulk Hogan is the
  83. Is that AJ Styles the AJ Styles that made you become a fan of his?
  84. Jimmy and Jey Uso question?
  85. Imagine these five as a wwe stable?
  87. What would you do for a WrestleMania ticket?
  88. Do you agree with Taz blondes should not be referees?
  89. Is it true that if you don't respect Kurt Angle you have no respect for this business?
  90. How messed up was that of the fan to hit sting with a beer?
  91. wresting legend......?
  92. What are your thoughts about these Eras of WWF/E History?
  93. Wwe veterans only,why didn't lex luger win world title at summerslam 93?
  94. If they had John Cena & Undetaker to vs Rock & CM Punk which side you think will win?
  95. who would like to see the animal batista return to wwe?
  96. Didn't WWE own that picture of Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer that TNA showed?
  97. Anyone have a suggestion for how to lose weight quickly for wrestling?
  98. 40 man battle royal round 2?
  99. Who is currently the best wrestler in the world(outside of WWE and TNA)?
  100. should cm punk make fun of paul bearer in order to piss undertaker off?
  101. Do you think Cena should turn heel at Wrestlemania either by losing the match or cheating to win?
  102. Do you think Vince Mcmahon is underrated as an in ring performer?
  103. What would happen if The Undertaker...?
  104. Which match will be the main event at Wrestlemania 29: Cena vs the Rock or Cm Punk vs the
  105. Wrestlemania 29.....the worst ever?
  106. This is for, TNA and WWE Fan. Thanks.?
  107. Wrestling fans to look at?
  108. How much has the wrestling section improved?
  109. tell me if im wrong (WWE)?
  110. Is their any currant wwe wrestler that wears a wig besides kane?
  111. Do you think wwe will allow cena to catch up to flairs 16 world titles?
  112. Is Batista gonna be in UFC?
  113. WWE TRIVIA: How many non-americans currantly wrestle for wwe?
  114. Will randy orton ever be whc again?
  115. Can anyone name ATLEAST 5 superstars that Randy Orton has never faced one-on-one?
  116. Wrestlemania 29 Predictions?
  117. Wrestlemania 29 predictions?
  118. Can Big Show "Stop" The Shield?
  119. How do you think undertaker will retire?
  120. how to get started in wwe?
  121. Since the passing of Paul Bearer is there anyone left that the WWE can bring in as a manager?
  122. Is joe diamond a good wrestling name?
  123. If the undertaker died,would he still be referred as the deadman?
  124. Advice for getting into Professional Wrestling as a manager?
  125. What are the chance's of bully ray becoming tna champ at jeff hardys expense?
  126. If aj styles joined wwe,would the wwe bury him?
  127. Is the rock the wwe version of johnny bravo?
  128. Does anyone miss mmmmmiiiisssstttteeerrrrr kkkeenneeedddyyy?
  129. Wonder if I could take Rick Flair in a street fight?
  130. is chucky ever going to go in to the celebrity wing of the wwe hall of fame?
  131. Is the TMZ Paul Bearer segment wrong?
  132. Brock Lesnar & Batista VS The Shields?
  133. Will Shield or Paul Heyman interfere Undertaker's match?
  134. How can i ask a wrestler to sadie hawkins?
  135. Wrestlemania 29 Predictions?
  136. If you could draft one TNA wrestler to the WWE, who would it be and why?
  137. When is the NCAA D1 Wrestling tournament?
  138. Are The New Age Outlaws back as a tag team in WWE?
  139. WWE: What face would you most want to turn heel, and why?
  140. why is TMZ making fun of Paul Bearer's death?
  141. How does CMLL manage to have over 100 wrestlers on their roster?
  142. Is it possible for a man's peanus to enter another man's urethra?
  143. John cena haters,did you like the doctor of thugonomics gimmick?
  144. WWE: Is Randy Savage in the Hall Of Fame?
  145. Why didn't the writers plan for a cm punk vs randy orton at mania?
  146. Are you going to WrestleMania?
  147. What did I miss between 2005 to 2010? What storylines are worth checking out between this time
  148. Is it really worth having CM Punk as the next victim of the Undertaker's wrestlermania streak?
  149. Should Sting do the bald look?
  150. Do you agree that outdoor Wrestlemanias are better than the ones that were held indoor?
  151. Is it lame for the Divas to escort Mae Young as if she's helpless considering Mae still wrestlers?
  152. When Jack Swagger got pulled over by the police for his DUI...?
  153. Imagine brodus clay & tensai doing the gangnam style with music to the ring?
  154. Who wants to pay tribute to Randy Savage and snap into a slim Jim?
  155. I've just heard about Paul Bearer. What a shame. I was thinking that Paul Bearer could have...?
  156. How is Undertaker going to defeat God at Wrestlemania?
  157. WWE: If you could draft anyone from ROH to the WWE, who would it be?
  158. if Chris Benoit just comittied suicide would he be in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  159. Do you think the undertaker will go to paul bearers funeral as the undertaker deadman gimmick?
  160. do you like alberto del Rio as Heel or face?
  161. Ryback vs Mark Henry Wrestlemania 29, who would you root for?
  162. 8 Womon diva's battle royal - Who Wins?
  163. whats your 2 favorite WWE diva's?
  164. WIll there ever be a feud between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton?
  165. Were you dissapointed how Undertaker's match was set up?
  166. Can we expect good rivarlies between Punk and Cena in the future?
  167. What will Ryback do at Wrestlemania 29?
  168. Do you feel that Team Hell No has had their run?
  169. could we see a more fired up and maybe even more of a monster kane this upcoming raw?
  170. Look in my eyyyyyyes, what do you see?
  171. could the death of paul bearer (rip legend) actually make the cm punk vs taker match
  172. Ace's and Eights vs Main Event Mafia?
  173. 40 Man Battle royal Round 1?
  174. Who is scripted to win these matches at Wrstlemania?
  175. Which matches would like to see?
  176. Paul Bearer Question?
  177. The NEXUS vs ACES & ?
  178. Does The Undertaker sign autographs before or after shows?
  179. if randy orton turn heel, u d like him to be the new leader of The Shield?
  180. If Samoa Joe came to WWE, which of these match would have been the best?
  181. who is the best team: Nexus or The Shield?
  182. Don't you think that taker v punk should go on last at wrestlemania 29?
  183. if Dixie carter came to wwe and HHH go to TNA?
  184. Does tna stand for,total nonstop a**?
  185. Who your 5 favorite wrestler from TNA you'd like to see in WWE?
  186. is wade barrett the best english wrestler?
  187. How will everyone remember Paul Bearer?
  188. What would you think if randy orton goes to tna?
  189. Was there ever a manager that put over of a wrestler better than Paul Bearer?
  190. New Age Outlaws vs Team Hell No at Wrestlemania?
  191. who would you like to see end the undertaker's wrestlemania streak?
  192. Is this going to be a tiresome schedule while I am going to be in NY, NY for TNA, Jerry...
  193. Wrestlemania 29 Predictions?
  194. If john cena,cm punk & randy orton left for tna,would you watch tna wrestling?
  195. Were undertaker and Paul bearer actually friends.?
  196. Why did Ultimo Dragon have to take a back seat in,the cruiserweight division?
  197. Why is wrestling in the sports section?
  198. Is John cena a modern day hogan?
  199. Did Paul Bearer pass away?
  200. Since Paul Bearer managed Taker on his debut match in 1984, is it fitting for Taker to retire now?
  202. So is Big Show turning face again for like a 100th time?
  203. Why did WWE said "Once in a Lifetime?"?
  204. When might Lita go into the Hall Of Fame?
  205. TRUE OR FALSE : Undertaker is not worthy to compete anymore ----->?
  206. When will The Undertaker retire?
  207. Who do you think has the bigger DI**, Bully Ray or Brother Devon?
  208. Did you guys here the news? Paul Bearer has died :(?
  209. who likes my new WWE profile pic :D?
  210. Do u think WWE will use Paul Bearer's death to end The Undertaker?
  211. why wwe hall of fame has blacklist wrestlers?
  212. Why do you watch pro wrestling when you know it's real?
  213. I would like to dedicate this question to the greatest manager of all time, Paul Bearer?
  214. Should I, Sheamus, get a new wrestling gimmick?
  215. Which match would u rather have had at wrestlemania?
  216. Please someone explain how on earth does the brogue kick not hurt?
  217. would u like this to happen at wrestlemania?
  218. Do you think that I, Sheamus, should defeat my colleague, Damien Sandow, again?
  219. Should I, Sheamus, dye my hair, so the other wrestlers will stop making fun of me?
  220. Should I, Sheamus, wrestle Zack Ryder, or Cody Rhodes?
  221. Didn't Paul Bearer look older than 37 in 1992 when he was the Undertakers manager?
  222. DOES ANYONE think cm punk will defeat undertaker?
  223. Am I, Sheamus, your favourite wrestler?
  224. Are you guys sad Paul Bearer the former manager of The Undertaker died today?
  225. If Randy Orton left WWE and came to TNA, what do you think?
  226. Thoughts on Monday raw last night?
  227. WS : Who would win in a real life brawl (BETWEEN) ---->?
  228. Did anyone ever see cm punk wrestle in the old ecw?
  229. Will Undertaker be a full time wrestler again?
  230. Is this a good name for a professional wrestler?
  231. Links to last nights show?
  232. Wrestlemania 29 Predictions?
  233. What are your thoughts on Paul Bearer passing away?
  234. When might the wwe fire AJ Lee?
  235. Should I, Sheamus, change my wrestling gimmick?
  236. Do you like it when I, Sheamus, call other wrestlers, "fella"?
  237. Should I, Sheamus, defeat John Cena, on Friday Night SmackDown?
  238. Are you guys excited that I, Sheamus, am turning heel in 2014?
  239. Am I, Sheamus, a good wrestler?
  240. How bad was that crowd yesterday on raw?
  241. What If vince hadn't bought wcw ?
  242. What do you think about former pro wrestler China?
  243. WWE: Why won't they allow Cena to be a heel?
  244. WWE: What will you remember most about Paul Bearer (William Moody)?
  245. WWE: Who's the greatest "passed on" wrestler?
  246. Do you find wwe diva natalya hot?
  247. Who else thinks there is somebody more deserving than The Rock to be WwE Champion?
  248. How many are dissapointed with undertaker's return at last night raw?
  249. I have confirmation that mark'undertaker'calloway has requested to wwe creative for the streak
  250. Is John Cena on the verg going Heel?
  251. How to bearhug a woman and KO her?
  252. Who is the worst best worst best worst wrestler to ever be in the WWE?
  253. What would you think if WWE through us a curve ball and Sheamus, Show, or Orton won?
  254. Why did Kofi Kingston not win by Forfit!?
  255. I want the Raw logo entrance way, not the HD one?
  256. Anyone else thinking that Punk will end the Undertakers streak?
  257. What do you think of what I think will happen at WM?
  258. WWE: What is your favorite weapon ever used in a match?
  259. Please give me ONE good reason why cm punk sholdn't beat the streak?
  260. Do you wish you had a swing set like Rosa Mendes in your backyard?
  261. Why was The Great Khali and Mark Henry standing next to each other in Mae Young's cake?
  262. Were you sad to hear Stephanie McMahon and her kids crying looking at Triple H in the hospital?
  263. Do you think Darren Young is going to get sick after putting a hundred dollar bill in his mouth?
  264. Do you like Jerry Lawler's name for Tensai and Brodus Clay?
  265. Are you excited about CM Punk vs The Undertaker?
  266. Mark my word's everyone,cm punk WILL BEAT taker at mania?
  267. CM Punk Needs To Put Something On The Line Against The Undertaker At Wrestlemania 29 .. !?
  268. WWE: What superstar has the best spear?
  269. How cool was CM Punk to interrupt Mae Young's celebration by just walking through like nothing?
  270. What's your favourite movie starring a wrestler?
  271. When cm punk knock's off takers streak will you then have a new found respect for chicago made punk?
  272. Is Orton gonna turn heel at WM by turning on Sheamus and Big Show?
  273. For people who wanted to see Big Show vs Taker?
  274. Didn't AJ Lee realize that if she didn't turn on John Cena, she would be relevant in Wrestlemania?
  275. How many F5s could Triple H tank?
  276. Does anyone still want to know why people watch wrestling?
  277. What are your thoughts on cena vs rock rematch and undertaker match at wrestlemania?
  278. Link These Wrestlers to There Nicknames....Old and New.........,?
  279. Is Fandango A Bigger Troll Than Chris Jericho .. !?
  280. Cm Punk vs Taker??? opinions?
  281. Any Matches Excite You?
  282. What happened to the winner of the reality wrestling show that stone cold hosted?
  283. What do you think of the Wrestlemania card so far?
  284. Will Dolph Ziggler be allowed to use his money in the bank against the Undertaker to end his streak?
  285. Natayla/Kaitlyn storyline Part 3 Please rate this for easy 10- points.?
  286. will undertaker defeat cm punk, then retire after wrestlemania?
  287. Anyone else hate Dolph Ziggler and co. with a burning passion?
  288. I just got proof of Undertaker returning tonight?
  289. WWE: Anybody know who's booked to win Rock vs. Cena II?
  290. why are wrestling fans so stupid?
  291. These Wrestlemania matches, who wins?
  292. What if dolph ziggler is behind the shield?
  293. Going to TNA Lockdown Sunday and have heard that you can go in 2 hours early and meet the...
  294. Agree or Disagree Today's wwe audience could not handle edgier storylines?
  295. Fan Dan Goooooooo???
  296. Please Rate My Storyline Kaitlyn/Natayla "Lesiban Storyline Part 4"?
  297. Natayla Kaitlyn Storyline Part 3 Please Rate? 10 points?
  298. Can ryback even lift mark henry?
  299. Wrestlemania 29th rate my card?
  300. Angelina Love to wwe?
  301. Does Fan Dan Go? Need a personal ring announcer to announce his name?
  302. Will there be a diva match tonight on raw?
  303. Are You Ready For The Rock And John Cena To Face Off On Raw One More Time .. !?
  304. What's the chances of cm punk breaking the streak? BQ?
  305. If Kane Faced The Undertaker In His Last Wrestlemania Match .. !?
  306. Is the undertaker really mr wrestlemania?
  307. Do You Hope CM Punk Gets A Tombstone Piledriver Tonight .. !?
  308. We the People vs People Power?
  309. Which Wwe Superstar Said This .. !?
  310. cm punk wins? at wm yes or not?
  311. 21 - 0 or 20 - 1: Who should be the one to take on the Streak & face Undertaker at WM (29) XXIX?
  312. Is Velvet Sky Bi???????
  313. Superior Quality 85 (PTSF) vs The Dragon vs "Jim Crockett Promotions Fan", who would win?
  314. What does wwe need to do to get that spark back?
  315. Who do you think is going 2 win at Wrestlemania, Rock or Cena?
  316. What will happen tonight in wwe monday night raw?
  317. Tna's Rosita aka Thea Trinidad tryout in the wwe?
  319. In numerical order who is the sexiest?
  320. Old school raw & no hbk,am i missing something?
  321. What is your favourite commentating partners in WWE history?
  322. Wow, way to go Buffalo, what a poor ovation for the New Age Outlaws.?
  323. Do you think that CM Punk will win the WWE Championship on June 16,2013?
  324. 3 Hour Raw:-Why doesn't WWE give us more matches like Cena/Punk?
  325. For those who call CM Punk arrogant?
  326. why are rock and cena fighting again if they were friends in the storyline?
  327. Bret Hart Says Undertaker vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 28 Was a "4 out of 10"?
  328. Who will win between The Rock & John Cena at Wrestlemania 29?
  329. What Undertaker done last night at Raw old school epic????fans plz help?
  330. Why are they going to let CM punk win to face the undertaker?
  331. will Ryback face Henry at wm29?
  332. Will May Young collapse live on TV?
  333. If punk beats undertakers streak,do you think they will shake hand's after?
  334. Agree/Disagree-Daniel Bryan is overrated by the IWC?
  335. What? No Sexual Chocolate this year!!!?
  336. Predict your wrestlemania 29 match card?
  337. who side are u on john cena or the rock.?
  338. What are your thoughts on Fandango?
  339. is the wwe ppv payback a gimmick ppv?
  340. What is it with all the questions about who is the sexiest male/female wrestlers?
  341. Yes the secret's out,i am returning tonight my creatures of the night?
  342. When's the last time Ziggler won a match?
  343. Is the undertaker coming back tonight?
  344. Since it's Old School RAW tonight do you guys think for one night only WWE is going to be TV-14?
  345. Was Henry beating Ryder a major upset in WWE history?
  346. when tna goes on the road (march 14th) do you guys think jeff hardy will get a good reactio?
  347. a look at jeff hardy since hes been clean?
  348. seriously only kids and woman want any wrestler other than cm punk face taker?
  349. What do u think going to happen on monday night raw tonight?
  350. Why do none wrestling fan's keep coming on this section?
  351. Will the wwe pg era end this year?
  352. How many exclusive matches are shown on WWE's other shows...?
  353. Cm punk vs taker will steal the show at mania?
  354. With sheamus being a milk bottle,when his career goes sour will his skin turn yellow?
  355. Who from the Attitude Era would you like to see facing The Rock for the WWE championship...
  356. When is WWE 14 Coming Out ?
  357. Which Real Wrestling fans want to be a part of Team TNA?
  358. Could you see this as how the Undertaker makes his return?
  359. Who wants to join WS efed (wrestling world) + WWE BQs?
  360. Who are the following better known as faces or heels?
  361. Who would you rather have as the face of WWE, Cena or Sheamus?
  362. Give me the list of names of Triple H's opponents when he wins the WWE/World Heavyweight title?
  363. who went to wwe in cleveland today?
  364. WWE Deal or No Deal #2?
  365. WWE Deal or No Deal #3?
  366. Mickie James Return to wwe?
  367. What storyline's would you like to see in 2013?
  368. Why do John Cena seems to botch a lot his five knuckle shuffle?
  369. Who's the sexiest Taryn Terrel, Madison Rayne, Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, or Brooke Hogan?
  370. Who's the most attractive & least attractive male wrestler currantly in wwe?
  371. AJ Lee hot #$$ pic video?
  372. Any other popular professional wrestling promotions other than WWE, TNA & ROH?
  373. Is cm punk as intelligent as he make's out?
  374. Why are heavyweight boxer's relatively small compared to heavyweight wrestlers?
  375. So what's going on in Superstars, NXT, Sat. Morning Slam, and Main Event?
  376. fandango is sexy wwe?
  377. Who's better,rock,cena,triple h,brock lesnar,undertaker or randy orton?
  378. Why did Kurt Angle leave WWE?
  379. do they edit the crowd cheers/boos in wwe?
  380. What is the most asked question in this section?
  381. Can Wrestling Masks be washed in the washing Machine?
  382. Anyone know when Jason and Mark are returning to World Wrestling Entertainment?
  383. do you like my predicted wm card?
  384. Why have wwe buried cody rhodes career?
  385. "Movies are fake ,but we still watch" darn it?
  386. Who will win in a wrestling match between me and Fred Flintsone?
  387. Who will win in a wrestling match between Godzilla and Funkasauras?
  388. Who will win in a wrestling match between Winnie the Pooh and Brock Lesnar?
  389. Who is better Randy Orton or The Undertaker?
  390. Wwe undertakers droids/demons?
  391. Who is better Hornswoggle or The Undertaker?
  392. Why is AJ Lee the best Diva in the history of WWE?
  393. Who will be the next face of WWE The "Poster Boy" 5-10 Years from now?
  394. Pick the winner dream matches?
  395. I'm running scared now,wwe creative are going to end my streak to punk at mania aaaggghhh?
  396. Tna fans, what do you think of this?
  397. How longer will Ricardo Rodriguez be Alber Del Rio's ring announcer?
  398. will?? or will not??? a. undertaker be at wresatlemania b. cm punk be involved?
  399. How to become a wwe superstar?
  400. Cena vs rock again at wm 29??how many will watch that?
  401. When will WWE be more popular than TNA?
  402. What were your thoughts on this past WWE friday night smackdown?
  403. If wwe wrestling is the answer,then what is the question?
  404. Whatever happened regarding The Intercontinental cup?
  405. Where have chris benoit and eddie gurrerro disappeared to recently?
  406. Do you guys think John Cena will win the WWE Champion at WM 29 against The Rock?
  407. why is wrestling so popular in the midwest?
  408. Give me the list of names of Randy Orton's opponents when he wins the WWE/World Heavyweight title?
  409. Does anybody know if Scott Hall is doing okay right now?
  410. If i return tommorow,will the ratings go through the roof?
  411. Who's better Hulk Hogan or Randy Orton?
  412. When will owen hart return to wwe?
  413. What was the last wrestling match you watched?
  414. What happen's to cm punk after wrestlemania?
  415. When is someone gonna eat the bowl of spagetti on dolph zigglers head?
  416. Is Vince Mcmahon built under the suit?
  417. Am i right in saying,that i'm the undertakers longest serving fan of 22 years?
  418. Isn't McMahon sort of a hypocrite..?
  419. Why do people say wwe is fake?
  420. When i mention cm punk,what's the first word that spring's to your mind?
  421. Am i the only one that wants John Cena to turn heel before WM29?
  422. In which wwe game I can see these stars???plz help plz?
  423. Why are so many people complaining about Wrestlemania when it is gonna be one of the best?
  424. Which is best: American, Japanese or Mexican wrestling?
  425. Who will stop watching wwe if hhh will win at wm29?
  426. How would you change the National Wrestling Alliance?
  427. Kaitlyn Natayla storyline part 2 Rate?. Giving ten points to the best answer?
  428. In your opinions: Who's going to be the undertaker opponent at wrestlemania 29?
  429. Why did they say its live smackdown when it's taped?
  430. I was watching national geographic and I was wondering if this is possible ?
  431. Was stone cold really fired by Vince in the "ATTITUDE ERA"?
  432. Most dangerous Finisher in WWE???need only funny answers?
  433. Is Cody Rhodes using Kaitlyn?
  434. Do you think Christian will return Monday?
  435. I know Fandango is a spanish dance, but doesnt everyone think of the Movies when you hear Fandango?
  436. Is WWE (world wrestling entertainment) fake?
  437. Did The Big Show win that match from a DQ by Sheamus?
  438. Have the wwe gone soft? Why wasn't jack swagger suspended?
  439. When cena becomes champ a 13th time will you respect him them?
  440. It's official,the rock won't be at extreme rules,get ready for 13 time w champ john cena?
  441. Who was a better WWF champion, Bob Backlund, or Pedro Morales?
  442. Is Cm Punk the wwe verson of Cm punk?
  443. What would your reaction be if....?
  444. Would cm punk make a good heel in movies?
  445. Will World Wrestling League be a lucha libre promotion?
  446. Why does Alberto Del Rio call everyone a dog?
  447. So what is your opinion on the rumored wrestlemania 29 card?
  448. Why did Matt Striker screw it up for everyone?
  449. How was the smackdown active poll voted on? when it was pretaped on tuesday?
  450. Extreme rules rate my card?
  451. Question abou jack swagger's old theme song?
  452. Why did sin cara (mistico) go to WWE?
  453. Jack swagger's old theme song or the new one?
  454. Will kelly kelly ever return to wwe? or go to tna?
  455. Is TNA Wrestling better than WWE ? Yes or For Sure ?
  456. Why do people not like wwe?
  457. Is sting the biggest and most popular icon in the 90's along with Undertaker,Austin? etc?
  458. Who was a better wrestler?
  459. Who was a better NWA champion, Dusty Rhodes, or Harley Race?
  460. How come we have no diva's anymore?
  461. Should I, Sheamus, become HeavyWeight Champion, again?
  462. Are you guys excited that I, Sheamus, am turning heel in 2014?
  463. Do you think that I, Sheamus, should become a heel, or should I stay a face?
  464. Should I, Sheamus, use a fake American accent, to be a "liked" wrestler?
  465. Do you think that I, Sheamus, should keep using my Brogue Kick?
  466. Do most Americans believe WWE wrestling is real?
  467. What was Triple H's reactions when he saw Chung Chogan post his "To Do" list on Yahoo! Answers?
  468. Who was a better WWF champion, Bruno Sammartino, or Hulk Hogan?
  469. How many of you think undertaker is immortal and will yet again at wrestlemania?
  470. How many of you agree that John Cena is better then stone cold?
  471. Who is the best WWE superstar of all time?
  472. does WWE live events have pyro now?
  473. Does anyone have the video of Kurt Angle unmasking that guy on TNA a few days ago?
  474. what do WWE fans think of glenn beck trashes WWE?
  475. Is Jack Swagger World Champion?
  476. Which wrestler has the silliest name in history?
  477. What's it called when you give up?
  478. Top 5 most hardcore match's of all time?
  479. Girls wrestle boys at tournaments/school meets in America? Pro or con?
  480. Should Lei'd Tapa go to WWE and team with Tamina?
  481. why was smackdown taped on tuesday?
  482. What if they do a Team WWE vs Team TNA in a 6 vs 6 eliminate tag teamatch no dq & what side you...
  483. Y will it be bad for WWE & good for TNA if John Cena leaves WWE to join TNA?
  484. How can I become a TNA or WWE superstar?
  485. What do you think of this?
  486. What all pay per views has Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson been apart of since his return?
  487. WWE: What did Lex Luger have to do with Miss Elizabeth's death?
  488. WWE: Is it true that Randy Savage had something to do with Miss Elizabeth's death?
  489. On a scale 1 to 10,how would you rate John Cena,based on what you know he can do?
  490. How do you watch what happens during commercials on the WWE app?
  491. WWE RAW amazing rant ?
  492. True or false, WCW had better wrestling matches, but WWF had the better entertainers.?
  493. Are you actually paying attention to the show right now?
  494. Did anyone else get that joke kaz made?
  495. Why do they not have an I quit match on story mode on WWE13?
  496. Who do you think was the last member of the Aces and 8's that got his mask taken off by Kurt Angle?
  497. WWE: How far ahead do they plan?
  498. Are you on Yahoo! Answers in honor of Social Media Smackdown?
  499. Will tonight's smackdown be live?
  500. Did Austin Aries get the idea for his facial hair from this guy?