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  1. Do you agree with JBL was Natalya giving Nikki a painting was a nice gesture but it was still god
  2. Professional Wrestling: What do you expect from John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt?
  3. WRESTLING : You had WHAT for breakfast ?
  4. Do you agree with JBL if you want to make a name for yourself you pick a guy like
  5. Professional Wrestling: The Great Khali Vs Giant Gonzalez?
  6. WRESTLING : Which kind of match do you find more fun to watch : LADDER or TABLES match?
  7. How do you think JBL felt when John Cena said he and JBL beat the crap out of each other in
  8. Matches that people wouldn't think of but could be awesome?
  9. Your favourite mask/best mask in history of pro-wrestling.?
  10. Will Smackdown ever go live permanently?
  11. Is WWE Network the downfall of Vince McMahon?
  12. Is Natayla annoying to anyone else?
  13. What's the best feud that's underrated?
  14. What's the worst wrestling dream you've ever heard someone say they wanna see?
  15. Professional Wrestling: Imagine IF Lemelson Capital bought out Vince McMahon and
  16. Professional Wrestling: What did you think of Dolph Ziggler Vs Batista on Friday Night Smackdown!?
  17. Professional Wrestling: Has The Past Plagued World Wrestling Entertainment for The Future?
  18. Professional Wrestling: Outside of the whole Twin Tag-Team, why do people cheer The Usos?
  19. Professional Wrestling: Who currently in the World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar roster do you
  20. Who are all the members of the vince mcmahon kiss my ass club?
  21. Professional Wrestling: Lemelson Capital? What hole did these folks crawl out of?
  22. Professional Wrestling: Anyone else think The Kick-Out looked weird after Erick Rowan hit Claw
  23. Why did WWE's stock fall?
  24. list of championships won at house shows?
  25. why was Michael Cole referring Bray Wyatt as a man?
  26. where is big show?
  27. should they use Bo Dallas to cost John Cena his match at Payback?
  28. Are Harper and Rowan getting tag team championship shots?
  29. WS: Do you like Adam Rose?
  30. Professional Wrestling: Why do people criticize Santino's Cobra?
  31. What do you think about The Rumors that Triple H is frustrated with Vince McMahon because...
  32. WWE HOF Class of 1995, worthy or not?
  33. WWE HOF Class of 1994, worthy or not?
  34. WWE HOF Andre The Giant (1993) worthy or not?
  35. How to sent letter to vince mcmahon?
  36. Do you agree that Stone Cold Steve Austin is the better all around performer/entertainer than...
  37. Why do fans show up here to damage control TNA?
  38. Why does WWE always make factions that are boring?
  39. When was the last time a fan chanted WWE at a TNA show?
  40. Who do you think is better Kurt Angle or The Undertaker?
  41. Do you think the attitude era is overrated or prestigious? BQ?
  42. Where do you see a company like TNA in 30 years?
  43. WRESTLING : Which country IYO.....contains better skilled wrestlers in pro wrestling
  44. How come wwe can have factions/stables but tna can't?
  45. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE : Ending the streak has really ruined the UNDERTAKER'S reputation?
  46. Why do the WWE script writers make the Cobra Strike from Santino as devastating move as
  47. Professional Wrestling: Why did absolutely nobody complain about The Undisputed Championship?
  48. What's this breaking news thing about the wwe stock that came out today?
  49. Professional Wrestling: Why do people complain about John Cena taking on a group of people
  50. should wwe have a few shows per year with no flashing lights?
  51. WS Poll: Do you like the name Amy or Amy Flower better as a username?
  52. Evolution runs the New Gen tag team gauntlet?
  53. did you know that Alexander Rusv just goes by Rusev now?
  54. Why Are Two Established Divas Going for The NXT Championship?
  55. What are some Unneccesary changes that sucked?
  56. One moment you would change in WWE history? And where would WWE be now if you did?
  57. If I merge any pro wrestler what would they be?
  58. Where will HHH rank when he retires?
  59. Do you agree with EC3 what better way for Kurt Angle to leave than passing the torch to Ethan
  60. What do you think of Mike Tenay saying say hello to my little friend and Taz saying no?
  61. What do you think of Taz saying saying he's going to call Tiger Uno Tiger?
  62. what do you think of Taz saying he didn't have cheerleaders like Rebel when he was in High School?
  63. Your reaction to seeing Samuel Shaw in a straitjacket?
  64. Does Taz got an eye for talent?
  65. What do you think of Taz saying he tried to do the splits like Rebel on Wednesday and got up on...
  66. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about WWE new Multi-Year Deal with NBCUniversal?
  67. Do you think the Beautiful People will ever show respect to Gail Kim?
  68. Will Paige vs Aj live up to the hype?
  69. What is the greatest Promo/Segment of all time?
  70. Your dream match that never happend, but can still happen?
  71. Who is the most well rounded wrestler of all times?
  72. Your Unpopular Opinions?
  73. professional Wrestling: Should Rusev win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?
  74. Professional Wrestling: Who do you think the best X-Division member in Total Nonstop Action is?
  75. Why is triple HHH such an a$$hole?
  76. Who Agrees that Ultimo Dragon would wrestle circles around DB?
  77. Batista vs Brock lesnar vs The Rock in a steel cage match?
  78. Wrestling section Which is gimmick is the worst the circus gimmick in TNA or the party gimmick in...
  79. Professional Wrestling: How many Professional Wrestlers do you think Total Nonstop Action
  80. What would you say the main reason kane is not scary anymore?
  81. How do you like heel Kenny king and Lashley and MVP?
  82. Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart? 60 Minute Iron Man Match who wins? What's the final score?
  83. Who in your opinon is the greatest wrestler to never hold the WWE Title?
  84. Professional Wrestling: Was Christian Cage's Career really that special in TNA?
  85. Professional Wrestling: What Coaching would Gillberg need to be a Major Champion in World
  86. Is it unfair that JBL stripped Paige from the NXT womens title? read below!!!!?
  87. Professional Wrestling: Which Professional Wrestling Promotion Fanbase is the worst?
  88. If you were Jeff Jarrett, who would you pick up?
  89. Wrestling poll?
  90. Why do people complain about something becoming stale, yet expect guys like Big Show,
  91. Professional Wrestling: What's peoples opinions on Total Nonstop Action's nWo 2014?
  92. Do you like Daniel Bryan's current character?
  93. Professional Wrestling: Why doesn't Total Nonstop Action just have Samuel Shaw join up with Abyss...
  94. Do you believe WWE is an illuminati organization?
  95. How dumb are wwe fans?
  96. Is the current evolution a Wcw Nwo rip off?
  97. If you were waiting for Bully Ray in her house what would you do while waiting for her to get home?
  98. Are you surprised Brian Stiffler the TNA referee can keep his focus after seeing Velvet Sky...
  99. Professional Wrestling: When was the last time Total Nonstop Action has Pyros?
  100. Why can't wwe ever admit that wwe has their faults and have copied other companies but
  101. Why, all of a sudden, were Edge and Christian not brothers anymore?
  102. WRESTLING : Wasn't BATISTA trained by one of the rocks uncles / relatives as a beginner?
  103. Why is the WWE doing the McMahon-Helmsley sh*t again?
  104. Name 7 People in the WWE Right Now you would like to see Stone Cold put the Stunner on?
  105. Wrestling section why do you watch a promotion that you don't like?
  106. Was Dave Hytmen correct about Austin Aries leaving TNA?
  107. Who's better? Trish or Lita?
  108. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania XXVIII?
  109. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania 29?
  110. What does it take to be pro wrestler?
  111. Tna is going out of business 2014!?
  112. Professional Wrestling: Do you Bo-Lieve in Sanada?
  113. Professional Wrestling: What's peoples opinions on Total Nonstop Action's nWo 2014?
  114. Professional Wrestling: Notice how bored the crowd sounded tonight on Impact! Wrestling?
  115. Anyone want to see bully power bomb Dixie through a table?
  116. What I don't get?
  117. So what are your thoughts about bobby lashley being heel?
  118. list of currently injured wwe wrestlers?
  119. Professional Wrestling: Why do people expect WWE to hand New Professional Wrestlers from another...
  120. What is the most racist thing WWE has ever done?
  121. Can you point out all the problems TNA is currently having?
  122. Professional Wrestling did you enjoy Shaquel O Neil, Floyd Mayweather, and Mr. T's
  123. WRESTLING : What is it that VINCE McMahan have against the hart family?
  124. Can someone catch me up on tna ?
  125. who is better stone cold or undertaker?
  126. Professional Wrestling: Did you enjoy Rampage Jackson, King Mo and Tito Ortiz's Professional...
  127. Professional Wrestling: You ever think, Maybe Impact! Wrestling isn't all that bad?
  128. What time should I be at the gates to get into Smackdown?
  129. WRESTLING : Is BRRROOOCK LESSNER, getting anymore matches.....whats next for the beast?
  130. Do you think it would be a good idea or bad idea for WWE to sign Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin,
  131. Was Damion Sandow's "pipebomb" worth it?
  132. A fair question wrestling fans will you tune in to Impact Wrestling tonight?
  133. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania XXVII?
  134. What superstar Did the WWE Drop the Ball With?
  135. Is Vince Mcmahon the chairman of WWE overrated?
  136. Professional Wrestling: On a pure Professional Wrestling Level in your opinion do these type of...
  137. Which one is the better catchphrase?
  138. Professional Wrestling: Why do people think I'm part of the Cenation?
  139. Professional Wrestling: Why does Parental Guidance World Wrestling Entertainment suck so much?!?
  140. Do you think Daniel Bryan will make it through Neck surgery?
  141. Professional Wrestling: What do people have against World Wrestling Entertainment...
  142. Wrestling section do you agree with this?
  143. Was Razor Ramon a better face or heel?
  144. Why is Dean malenko so underrated?
  145. WS: Can you rate these superstars mic-skills?
  146. Professional Wrestling: Is Gimmicks to blame for not getting over or the Professional
  147. Professional Wrestling: How was WCW/TNA Worst better then anything WWE was doing or has done since?
  148. Do you Miss watching Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle the Austin 3:16 Era?
  149. WRESTLING : GUY'S...Pick a WS user.....and which finishing move would you like to perform on them?
  150. WRESTLING : Many of them are gone....but if you had to only wish 1 wwe superstar back to life,
  151. Professional Wrestling: Why does everybody who win a championship or stars in the main
  152. WRESTLING : Do you find ADAM ROSE gimmick very annoying AF?
  153. Professional Wrestling: How much Build up can Impact! Wrestling do before June 15...
  154. WRESTLING : If you just starting working for the wwe booking team....what would be the...
  155. What are your top 5 matches this year so far?
  156. WRESTLING : If CHRIS BENOIT was still you think he would still be relevant
  157. Do you think WWE should do a Money In The Bank Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight...
  158. Professional Wrestling: Is Montel Vontavious Porter a big draw name for Total Nonstop Action's...
  159. Do yo agree or disagree?
  160. Professional Wrestling: Should R-Truth win The Possible Vacated WWE World Heavyweight Championship?
  161. WRESTLING : Do you think TNA going to war against the wwe would make thing better for
  162. WRESTLING : Guess whoooo #3?
  163. What are the pros and cons of building a promotion around young wrestlers?
  164. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania XXVI?
  165. Is Trish Stratus overrated? 10-POINTS!!!!!?
  166. I wish women wrestlers were like Stephanie, Trish and Lita!!!!!?
  167. WS: What Dream Matches would you choose if....?
  168. WS: Can you name your top five underrated matches in WWE history?
  169. What legends would you like to see have a Battle Royal match?
  170. Is this exposing WWE fanboyism properly?
  171. Your thoughts on Alicia Fox going crazy after her match?
  172. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania XXV?
  173. Is it a good idea for TNA to spoof the Jay-Z thing?
  174. Is it fair that Vince Russo gets such a bad rap from wrestling fans/critics?
  175. So, Foley is working for Jeff Jarrett now?
  176. Since TNA is doing monthly PPVs again, what should their plan be to competive with WWE's PPVs?
  177. does Alicia fox know what under-rated means?
  178. is Alicia Fox going to get rewarded a championship shot just for throwing tenter
  179. Why do you think they're not letting Sandow win?
  180. do you like Rusev?
  181. what goes around comes around for Owen Hart?
  182. who is currently the most brutal wwe wrestler?
  183. do you agree that Renee Young is the best interviewer in wwe history?
  184. Does Reigns have the best arsenal in his matches?
  185. I know alot about wrestling, but the question is... Why did they sign Rusev, he's not good?
  186. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on R-Truth?
  187. Why does Triple HHH feel Entitled to everything it's annoying to me?
  188. Beyond Goldberg and The Hardy boyz, what wrestlers beated brock Lesnar?
  189. Professional Wrestling: Which World Wrestling Entertainment moment make you think of The...
  190. PaulFACT: How is World Wrestling Entertainment 'More Boring' Then Ever?
  191. Professional Wrestling: Is Vickie Guerrero Underrated?
  192. Why Tommy Dreamer quits from TNA?
  193. Which was more edgy to you?
  194. When Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon will come back to RAW and Smackdown?
  195. Who was the last wrestler to have won any World Championship in the WWE while they were in...
  196. 'Actual' Professional Wrestling Question: Would you rather see Rybaxel or The Usos as...
  197. Do you prefer 3 single matches or the 6 man rematch between Evolution and The Shield?
  198. Why does Rusev only picks fights with Black People?
  199. What's happening with Alicia Fox?
  200. Professional Wrestling: Has Ethan Carter III done absolutely anything inside the ring since...
  201. Who should challenge Bad News Barrett on WWE Payback?
  202. If Daniel Bryan doesn't make it to Payback (because of the neck injury), what match would...
  203. What do you think The Miz will do when he's done filming Marine 4?
  204. Is Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella ever happening?
  205. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about people who claim World Wrestling Entertainment is
  206. Rumoured 2015 WWE HOF names?
  207. The WWE sucks now What channel does TNA come on?
  208. Professional Wrestling: What makes these TNA/WWE 'Divas'/Knockouts so damn special?
  209. WS: Is TNA honestly worth watching right now?
  210. WS: Why don't people remember all the stupid gimmicks we had in the Attitude Era?
  211. Why don't the divas wear face masks and capes to the ring?
  212. Professional Wrestling: The American Wolves Vs The Beard and The Best?
  213. Professional Wrestling: Do some people honestly think 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan could have pulled
  214. Physique wise: Whose bigger than Cena?
  215. Wrestling Section:Which female is a better wrestler?
  216. Is there a place for a comedic style wrestler?
  217. Have you ever particpated in an e-wrestling federation?
  218. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania 23?
  219. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania XXIV?
  220. Will we ever see The Rock Stone Cold or The Undertaker ever wrestle again?
  221. Do you Miss Biker Undertaker Big Evil Deaman Inc?
  222. Do you think Roman Regins or Seth Rollins will ever be World Heavyweight Champion & or WWE Champion?
  223. If Daniel Bryan is stripped of the title would you like for this to happen?
  224. WRESTLING : Don't you realize these day....mostly the heels have manager's but the faces dont?
  225. Why Did Hulk Hogan Leave WWF For WCW?
  226. Daniel Bryan Vs Goldberg?
  227. Where can I watch old WWE episodes?
  228. Do you agree Kane is better than HHH?
  229. Does anyone else hate Michael Cole?
  230. What is the most painful submission move in WWE?
  231. who is your favorite TNA Knockout currently in TNA?
  232. Lita vs Mickie James vs Paige vs Natayla vs Aj Lee Who's the better diva based on wrestling skills?
  233. today CM Punk surpassed CMSD as the top search that starts with "CM"?
  234. Favorite Entrance Ever?
  235. John cena or cm punk ?
  236. What was the worst WWE belt design ever?
  237. Professional Wrestling: Justin Gabriel Vs Seth Rollins?
  238. A question regarding tape libraries?
  239. Wrestling fans, do you buy stocks of WWE and Sinclair Broadcast Group (owner of RoH)?
  240. So, Daniel Bryan having surgery is Legit and not a story?
  241. Did the Shield steal their gimmick from the Big Boss Man?
  242. Professional Wrestling: Which one of these World Wrestling Entertainment 'Divas' deserves a high...
  243. WRESTLING : Is DANIEL BRYANS neck surgery for real.....or just part of the script?
  244. Professional Wrestling: Is Previous WCW/WWE Professional Wrestler 'The Man' Bill Goldberg
  245. Whats with all the wrestlers marrying divas? Alot of wrestling marriages end in divorce with only...
  246. If Daniel Bryan can't defend the wwe title within 30 days because of his injury should he be
  247. Is Batista a better actor in movies than he is in wwe?
  248. Do you think Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns mic skills are getting much better as of late?
  249. Professional Wrestling: Is the problem with WWE/Professional Wrestling today there aren't enough
  250. Don't you find it funny everytime triple hhh gets attacked he rolls out of the ring he does not...
  251. Wouldn't it be awesome if fans could throw stuff in the ring in WWE?
  252. Professional Wrestling: Whose Undefeated Streak do you respect more?
  253. WRESTLING : What do you ROMAN REIGN mic skills getting any better or worst?
  254. why do you think a man was holding up a "I'm a Dean Ambrose Girl" sign?
  255. Professional Wrestling: Why are people giving Adam Rose a chance, yet Hornswoggle Vs El
  256. Currently what's your favorite match?
  257. What match would be better: 1.) Seth Rollins vs Jeff Hardy or 2.) Seth Rollins vs Rob van dam?
  258. In the video Stephanie McMahon vs Trish Stratus?
  259. I am 19 years old and I am a girl but why do I fancy Wwe wrestler bray Wyatt?
  260. What was your opinion on that ridiculous lame party gimmick on Raw?
  261. If you were a wrestler/diva what would your finisher move be?
  262. Why does the sheild hate Ryback so much?
  263. Name one wrestler you wished faced Undertaker at a wrestlemania also BQ?
  264. WRESTLING : Why is DAMIAN SANDOW currently being treated as a jobber?
  265. Shawn Michaels vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat?
  266. Wrestling question?
  267. 1995 Shawn Michaels vs 2000 Jeff Hardy in a Ladder Match who wins?
  268. WRESTLING : How many times so far has RYBACK fell victim to the triple power bomb?
  269. Professional Wrestling: Why are people hyping Alicia Fox because of her overdone hissy...
  270. The Undertaker vs Sting Casket Match?
  271. Professional Wrestling: What makes The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and John Cena any different?
  272. 5 Greatest heels ever?
  273. WRESTLING : SO....What did you think of RAW tonight.....what grade would you give it from A+ to F-?
  274. Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho?
  275. who is your favorite royal rumble winner?
  276. Does Mick Foley come off as whiny and egotistic to anyone else?
  277. Do you think if there was no such as "Hulkamania" there would be no WWE?
  278. Do you think Ryback is underrated?
  279. Why does Rusev only beat up black wrestlers?
  280. WRESTLING : How would you feel if BRYAN'S carreer ends up to be over so EDGE?
  281. Professional Wrestling: World Wrestling Entertainment's Adam Rose, Failure or Success?
  282. CM Punk= Sister Abigail?
  283. Who are your top 5 wrestlers of all time?
  284. Who would you say is the greatest mic worker of all time?
  285. Who's hotter: Lana or Layla?
  286. who is your favorite wwe diva of all time?
  287. In a legit fight who would win Brock Lesnar or Bobby Lashley?
  288. Do you like Vret hart better as a heel or face?
  289. Professional Wrestling: By Internet Wrestling Community Logic Wrestlemania 13 Bret Hart Vs...
  290. Which did you like more Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb or Rob Van Dam's 5 Star Frog Splash?
  291. If Daniel Bryan and Cm Punk had a iron man match do you think it would be better then the
  292. Who would win in a Tables Match Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns?
  293. In your mind who made more of a impact on wrestling Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart?
  294. Wrestling poll/survey?
  295. Bret Hart vs Cm Punk Who was the better wrestler in their prime?
  296. Cesaro vs Roman Reigns?
  297. Daniel Bryan vs Bret Hart who was the. better wrestler in their prime?
  298. Which Shield member has the best wrestling skills?
  299. What was the best feud last year in the WWE?
  300. Are WWE going in the right direction with Emma?
  301. Who has the worst personality in WWE?
  302. Professional Wrestling: Why No One Complain about 'Super'"Stone Cold" Steve Austin?
  303. WS: Did you find WWE superstar's Eugene's gimmick offensive?
  304. Shawn Michaels vs Daniel Bryan vs Cm Punk vs Bret Hart ?
  305. Will Roman Reigns slowly get boring and booed?
  306. Who is more awesome - John Cena or Roman Reigns?
  307. Why are WWE screwing over Batista?
  308. Out of the two Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon ladder match's which did you like better?
  309. I am a huge fan of the WWE?
  310. Agree or disagree with this?
  311. If Andre the Giant was still alive would he still involved with Wrestling in some way?
  312. Agree or disagree, wwe is turning Bryan into cena and hogan?
  313. Professional Wrestling: Is World Wrestling Entertainment Professional Wrestler Randy Orton
  314. Professional Wrestling: What Redeemable qualities does Total Nonstop Action's Impact!...
  315. WWE Autograph Signings?
  316. Can this be counted as girls wrestling?
  317. Andre the Giant vs The Giant/Big Show both in primes who wins and why?
  318. who will be the new evolution member?
  319. Why isn't there a Top Heel that people love to hate anymore?
  320. Alicia Fox, the most underrated diva ever?
  321. Anyone noticed Shanna in Adam Rose's party?
  322. What's the thing with Alexa Bliss?
  323. What do you think of JBL saying Michael Cole does Crossfat?
  324. What do you think of JBL saying he's never liked Russia as much as he does right now?
  325. Was the reason Emma and Santino mad at Layla and Fandango because they haven't kissed yet?
  326. How would you react if you saw Velvet Sky naked?
  327. Does Michael Cole keep making stupid excuses for Triple H's vendetta even though they are
  328. What would your reaction be if you saw Velvet Sky naked?
  329. Does Michael Cole fail as a comedian as he fails being a commentator?
  330. Professional Wrestling: Going by Current WWE/TNA Television Product Rank these...
  331. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about WWE Unified Tag-Team Championships (The Pennies)?
  332. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania IX?
  333. What was Doink the Clown's win-loss record?
  334. Why Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool , Melina, Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres quit from WWE?
  335. Wrestling section what are your thoughts on MVP heel turn?
  336. Who agrees smackdown is so watered down now?
  337. Professional Wrestling: Nothing like watching Friday Night Smackdown with a
  338. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania XII?
  339. Which Wrestle Mania did Umaga fight Batista?
  340. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania 13?
  341. Since when is it such a bad thing for Wrestling Fans to remember recently Deceased Wrestlers?
  342. Was Basion Booger a Superstar or a jobber?
  343. is there a website to show old school WWF raw?
  344. Now that Prince Devitt is done with New Japan do you think he will sign with WWE?
  345. Do you think some people give Kevin Nash a little to much hate?
  346. Are Adam Cole (RoH) and Magnus (TNA) good wrestlers? One day, they will work in WWE?
  347. Why TNA changed the gimmick of AJ Styles of "Phenomenal" for "Biker"?
  348. If WWE dislikes TNA Wrestlers, why WWE bring R-Thruth?
  349. What singer you want see in Wrestlemania 31?
  350. Is Batista leaving early to promote his movie?
  351. How a man can beat Brock Lesnar? Is this possible? Is he invencible?
  352. is kurt angles finisher called the ankle lock or angle lock?
  353. Professional Wrestling: 'The Celtic Warrior' Sheamus Vs 'The Man Who Loves To
  354. Professional Wrestling: Why do people think The Wyatt Family needs a fourth member
  355. Would you say the wrestler Ivory is Underated?
  356. Follow The Buzzards: What IF 3MB Joined The Wyatt Family?
  357. Question for dave hytmen?
  358. Professional Wrestling: This might be controversial, but why do people hate Michael Cole?
  359. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania XI?
  360. On a scale 1 to 10,how would you rank John Morrison?
  361. going by looks, who is the most overrated and underrated diva?
  362. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania X?
  363. i am officially a dolph ziggler fan now?
  364. I know this isn't a wrestling question, but who do you think has better legs, Debra,Stacy
  365. Professional Wrestling: What would you change about World Wrestling Entertainment?
  366. Professional Wrestling: Anyone here going to M.C.W Friday Night Fights in Greektown Square...
  367. Professional Wrestling: What did you think about Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling 5/8/2014?
  368. Is John Cena this generations Hulk Hogan?
  369. Why are they called 3MB when there are 4 of them?
  370. Can you name a segment that made you embarrassed to be a wrestling fan?
  371. If Kane wins the WWE Championship will people complain?
  372. Who would you rather see face Shawn Michaels. Daniel Bryan or Cm Punk?
  373. Daniel Bryan vs Rob Van Dam?
  374. Which diva slept around in the AE Era?
  375. Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy?
  376. Is Randy Orton going to get his rematch for the WWE WHC?
  377. WRESTLING : What would you say to CM PUNK if you spotted him waiting at the bus stop?
  378. Professional Wrestling: Can Total Nonstop Action go under already?
  379. Cm Punk vs Rob Vam Dam?
  380. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania VIII?
  381. Andre the Giant the greatest big man in wrestling history?
  382. WRESTLING : Why all of a sudden the WARRIOR is that he's gone?
  383. Tyler Breeze obviously won?
  384. What was the most dangerous and violent match in WWE history?
  385. What did you prefer in the 80's, 90's and Early 2000's, NWA/WCW or WWE or ECW?
  386. Why would anyone want TNA Impact to go out of business?
  387. How can anyone think Sting, Kurt Angle or Aj Styles is over-rated?
  388. Is The Edge the most selfish WWE Superstar of all time?
  389. Should tna do a booty shaking contest between rebel, velvet and tessmacher?
  390. Do you think that Kassius Ohno would've been a Paul Heyman Guy instead of Curtis Axel?
  391. Professional Wrestling: Would Sheamus Vs Bad News Barrett to unify Intercontinental Championship
  392. Can you believe that tna haters are comparing abyss/Mitchell with taker/moody?
  393. Who else watching tna, thinks rebel has an nice @ss?
  394. To all the haters?
  395. Professional Wrestling: Should World Wrestling Entertainment bring back The Saskatchewan Hardcore
  396. Name top 3 guys who should get a world title shot?
  397. What is the big deal about Paige?
  398. Is comparing todays TNA to a couple years ago like comparing Mayberry R.F.D. to the Andy
  399. How woyld you handle a 3 hour Raw?
  400. Chris Jericho or Bret Hart?
  401. Cm Punk vs Chris Benoit? The Match that never happend?
  402. Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler? Whos the better wrestler and seller?
  403. why do most kids like John Cena?
  404. Professional Wrestling: Will you be seeing Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy?
  405. WRESTLING : Why do you think LESNAR didn't deserve to end takers streak?
  406. who are your top 10 wrestlers of all time?
  407. Professional Wrestling: Did World Championship Wrestling's greatest moment happen in 2001?
  408. Do you think a Randy Orton vs Alexander Rusev match would be awesome to see?
  409. WRESTLING : Who would win between these WS users?
  410. Professional Wrestling: Who a better wrestler John Cena or Lex Luger?
  411. don't you think it should have been Masked Kane to break Undertakers streak?
  412. Who's better at selling Shawn Michaels, Seth Rollins, or Dolph Ziggler?
  413. just wondering who are 5 wrestlers you feel are overrated and 5 you feel is underrated?
  414. Sheamus gets into a fight backstage?
  415. Wrestling section here are some of the wrestlers that someone has said is overrated?
  416. Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart?
  417. Why Vince mcmahon didn't have HBK or Kane to end the streak?
  418. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania VII?
  419. wwe app ruined by the wwe network?
  420. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania VI?
  421. Do you think wrestling critics look at WWE even more as a joke Since it has been PG?
  422. Would you like too see these matches at Payback?
  423. Professional Wrestling: Is Randy Orton a Professional Wrestling God?
  424. Wyatts & Cena break Kayfabe thanks to a midget?
  425. WWE/TNA vs Japan?
  426. How come you all hate John Cena?
  427. True or false that dinosaur looking Brodus clay is one of the worst ever?
  428. Should WWE G instead of PG?
  429. TNA: What do you expect from Ethan Carter III Vs Kurt Angle/The Wolves Vs The Bro-Mans
  430. What would you say is the most shocking thing vince mcmahon have done?
  431. Why are fans still complaining about something that they wanted?
  432. Jeff Hardy vs Seth Rollins?
  433. Sandow won is first match in 3-4 months!?
  434. Is Mick Foley a piece of work?
  435. Will sheamus or Barrett ever be a main eventer?
  436. Which diva and knockout is the hottest to you?
  437. Should regal manage Barrett?
  438. Wrestling: Best match so far in 2014?
  439. Who will win the MItb match this year?
  440. Since AJ Lee has proven to be better than Paige, will Paige drop the belt back to AJ when AJ
  441. What HHH and McMahon Family think about AJ Styles?
  442. Is Bobby lashley better wrestler or fighter of MMA?
  443. Wrestling fans, What your favorite fighters of UFC and Bellator?
  444. AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy are better than Kurt Angle and Randy Orton?
  445. Wrestling section can you answer this question?
  446. What's your opinion on Daniel Bryan?
  447. Which match Would have been better Chris jericho vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania or Kurt Angle...
  448. Would you let a wrestler give you the piledriver?
  449. Wwe: are factions/stables in wwe overdone and overrated?
  450. Does Pro Wrestling looks real if your went to see it in person?
  451. Should WWE attempt to sign Vladimir Kozlov to a New WWE Contract?
  452. Wrestlers who use the powerbomb move?
  453. of the current WWE superstars, which 6 would you put in The Money In The Bank match?
  454. Professional Wrestling: The Why do some people think the attitude era was overrated?
  455. Is it more or does Stephanie Mcmahon face from Raw scared me?
  456. Professional Wrestling: Can somebody give me Current Day Footage of what makes AJ Styles,...
  457. Professional Wrestling: The Best Professional Wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment today?
  458. What do you guys think of Jeff hardy being called underrated?
  459. Professional Wrestling: You have to repackage all these Professional Wrestlers and make...
  460. Tna: what do you think of MVP turning heel?
  461. today would have been Owen Hart's 49th birthday. What was your favourite Owen Match?
  462. WS: What was the most emotional moment in WWE history for you?
  463. do you think Randy Orton Will ever turn Face Again or turn on evolution?
  464. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania I (1985)?
  465. WRESTLING : Who IYO...are the top 5 wwe superstars that will become successful in the future?
  466. Why do the crappiest wrestlers for WWE have a lot of fans?
  467. Professional Wrestling: Since 2005 what was the last Phenomenal thing AJ Styles did that earned...
  468. Professional Wrestling: Whose tired of Adam Rose already?
  469. Professional Wrestling: Why are World Wrestling Entertainment Jobbers being pushed to the moon?
  470. Dave can you tell me how pg Kane is a monster compared to attitude era monster kane?
  471. Professional Wrestling: Is John Cena becoming 1997 Bret 'Hitman' Hart?
  472. after the awesome Extreme Rulew ppv, was last night's raw a let down?
  473. Would you rather see more attention on The Shield vs The Wyatt's or do you like the way it is...
  474. Why WWE stars leave UFC(or any other MMA promotions)?
  475. Am I the only one happy about evolutions return?
  476. Who would win,Jushin Lyger(1995) or Bret Hart(1997)?
  477. If ur great as ur weakest link, and since Eva marie is wwe weakest, what does that tell you?
  478. Is there any wrestler you respect as much as The Undertaker?
  479. Which wrestler should go to GFW?
  480. Best moment in tna?
  481. WRESTLING : Can you name wwe superstars from A-Z....lets play together?
  482. WRESTLING : Whats left for RANDY ORTON to do in the you think things will get
  483. WRESTLING : Is the IC title more valueable than the UNITED STATES title?
  484. WRESTLING : Who would you say is respected more as a legend in the history of pro wrestling :...
  485. WRESTLING : Do you think BROCK LESNAR has anything else to prove in the wwe after what he've...
  486. WRESTLING : SO....What is it gonna take in order to bring CM PUNK back to the wwe where he belongs?
  487. Is Damien Sandow being punished for something?
  488. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania 2 (1986)?
  489. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania IV (1988)?
  490. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania V (1989)?
  491. Which of these are your favorite match of WrestleMania III (1987)?
  492. will Erick Bischoff ever be on WWE again?
  493. Wrestling section is Sting overated?
  494. Professional Wrestling: You own your very own Promotion, You have to push every single
  495. Professional Wrestling: How does winning an Olympic Gold Medal with a Broken Freakin' Neck in...
  496. WS: What is so impressive about Ryback?
  497. A 2009 Kofi Kingston would have beaten Alexander Rusev?
  498. What was up with all the crappy camera work on Raw tonight?
  499. How many devices are you allowed to watch the WWE Network on?
  500. Did you ever think kane would had been turned pg?