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  1. LOL,I just got to know that Yoshi Tatsu beat up Sheamus in a real life fight 3 years ago?
  2. WWE Fans:Do you think the IWC take the Buyrates way too seriously?
  3. WS Poll:Who has better wrestlers WWE or TNA?
  4. WS:Rate the Brock Lesnar/Triple H match at Summerslam?
  5. Don't you think that The Rock should learn from Chris Jericho and put over talent?
  6. Who else wants The Shield to kick FAAAANDAAANGOO's A$$?
  7. Do you think that Fandango should be renamed Gaydango?
  8. Do you guys think Fandango (Faan-daan-goo) is going to make his debut at WrestleMania 29?
  9. Will Mark Henry be the first to pin Ryback cleanly?
  10. The Bella's burned Cameron and Naomi!?
  11. was this moment scripted or real?
  12. for the first time on smackdown vs raw 08 i made it..?
  13. What is more predictable? The NBA or WWE?
  14. who is are new saterday morning slam gm?
  15. Who would you rather see turn heel again: Randy Orton or Chris Jericho?
  16. Wait so what happened with Brad Maddox and Chris Jericho on Smackdown last nite?
  17. What do you think Bruno Sammartino thinks about the WWE Championship?
  18. WWE: What's a Dark Match?
  19. WWE: Does anyone agree that Ddolph Ziggler could pull off a successful face turn?
  20. Will dolph cash in at Wrestlemania?
  21. What did I missed on smackdown so far, i'm watching the Cody Rhodes vs Sheamus match.?
  22. What are your thoughts on the sheild promo tonight on smackdown?
  23. What happen to Kane's push? Am I the only one pissed about what just happened?
  24. How much potential do you see in Big E. Langston?
  25. Who would you rather see on Sheamus & Ortan team, Big Show or Ryback?
  26. why Is WWE Struggling to Build The Next Big Star?
  27. Can Ryback unify the World titles?
  28. So Swagger will win World Title and Ziggler will feud with him and turn face?
  29. where was John Cena this week?
  30. The Rock was 275 lbs. in 2000, now that he is bigger in PG era, he is only 260?
  31. so...anyone see the swerve wwe pulled with Ryback?
  32. No matter what, Edge and Cm Punk are best.?
  33. I thought fandango had to compete?
  34. What are your thoughts of last night's WWE smackdown?
  35. Why do people keep saying WWE was PG before?
  37. Does Sheamus hold the record for fastest World Heavyweight Title win?
  38. based on wrestling who is better wwe or tna?
  39. Do people really believe WWE would fire Cm Punk if he refused to do a storyline?
  40. Who will win in a real life fight between wade barett and john cena?
  41. Wrestling Section, I'm back!! (Wrestling question inside)?
  42. Will Chris Jericho's Killer Robots take over the WWE?
  43. Has anyone ever been to a WWE event that isn't on tv?
  44. What are your thoughts on Kofi Kingston feeling that he's close to being a main-eventer?
  45. Would you rather see Khali as a heel or just fired?
  46. WCW Tag Team fantasy match: Who would win a dream match?
  47. Did Tommy Dreamer drink The Undertaker's spit?
  48. Is it strange that Dolph started fueding with Bryan and Kane?
  49. Can the Mercedes Benz Superdome fit 100000 people?
  50. How exactly, "did" Ace & Eights take over TNA's website?
  51. What do you think of wrestling fans response in chicago for impact last thursday?
  52. is Fandango every going to debut?
  53. Do you find Dolph Ziggler overrated? If so, why?
  54. Can you give some info on WWE Sheamus?
  55. Does WWE Sheamus eat doughnuts?
  56. How do you pronounce WWE Sheamus' name?
  57. Is WWE Sheamus really Irish?
  58. Velvet sky vs taryn terrell for ko title, would you like to see it?
  59. if you disrespect vickie then ur disrecpting eddie?
  60. Do you think tna should do this?
  61. Wrestling Poll: what is up with WWE?
  62. What is WWE Sheamus' real name?
  63. What do you think are the new rules for the x division?
  64. Who will win in a real life fight between wade barrett and mark henry?
  65. Do you think the WWE would be better if The Rock would've never came back?
  66. what is that crap on Sting's chin?
  67. Will Sting join Aces & Eights?
  68. Fake WWE vs. real UFC. What's better?
  69. 40 man battle royal ROUND 6?
  70. who did william regal used to say this about?
  71. Is Hulk Hogan still raking in significant money?
  72. At wrestlemania 30 should they?
  73. Can Kurt Angle Stop The Shield?
  74. WWE Who would win at Wrestlemania 29?
  75. is paul bearer now with katie vick?
  76. Austin Aries vs. Bo Dallas?
  77. Do you think John Cena should have been the one to face The undertaker?
  78. Was TNA lockdown any good?
  79. Is MVP making a return to the WWE?
  80. sign to Aj Lee for her birthday :)?
  81. How much do you think the Divorce of Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan will be?
  82. Do you think TNA Impact is better going to different cities instead of staying in Orlando Florida?
  83. does Aj Lee wrestle on the 3/15/13 Smackdown Taping?
  84. What happened to the intros for RAW and SmackDown?
  85. who was the first samoan in rikishi's family to join the wwf?
  86. Do you think it sucks to be Sting right now?
  87. What's a good name for this finishing move?
  88. Is it obvious Austin Aries and Bobby Roode need to wash their feet?
  89. Did AJ Styles return tonight because the man who attacked James Storm was not AJ Styles?
  90. What do you think was the reaction of AJ Styles' to AJ Styles returning on Impact Wrestling tonight?
  91. Do you think Bully Ray slept in the couch in the Bully Ray-Brooke Hogan household this week?
  92. Why didn't any of the TNA wrestlers attack Taz at the end of Impact Wrestling tonight?
  93. So bully ray is part of aces & eights now?
  94. TNA is DOOMED!!! Aces and Eights are unstoppable!!! R.I.P. TNA (2002-2013)?
  95. did jimmy garven and precious have a wwf run or the rock n roll express?
  96. WM29 which match will happen?
  97. Anyone else live this side AJ STYLES?
  98. Did Brock Lesnar really beat the heck out of Ryback backstage?
  99. When did WWE ban blood?
  100. Any Men out their over 20 or 30 like john cena?
  101. Was The Undertaker the fake Kane?
  102. Are cans of arrogance still on the market?
  103. who are the best heel clan in wrestling?
  104. Should CM Punk be the next pope?
  105. Why Former TNA Star Would Be a Great Fit in WWE?
  106. who are the most glorious wasked wrestler in the history?
  107. what do you think aj styles will say when he returns?
  108. what happened right at the end of impact?
  109. i don't really know what to make of aj styles return?
  110. what have i missed on impact so far?
  111. where is crimson? will he return as a face to take out aces and eights?
  112. lol aces and eights have taken over the website too?
  113. has wrestlemania lost its shocker appeal?
  114. Hey guys what do you think about these Fan Made covers for WWE'14? Which one do you like the most?
  115. News to the wwe universe?
  116. Who would ever thought Bubba Ray Dudley would ever become a World Heavyweight Champion?
  117. dammit i am very disapointed?
  118. Is The Rock gonna fight at SummerSlam?
  119. Why is Jericho jobbing to nobodies?
  120. What's Booker Ts role gonna be at WM?
  121. Is it possible for The Sheild to face Punk Cena and Rock in the future?
  122. Is Brock Lesnar the real best in the world?
  123. How long till Big Show turns face?
  124. Are Punk and Lesnar gonna have a feud?
  125. WWE Who Am I? (20 characters)?
  126. Which wwe stars are in tna?
  127. Who will win in a real life fight between wade barrett and the rock?
  128. Why do people hate Triple H?
  129. Poll: WCW vs. nWo World Tour vs. WCW/nWo Revenge vs. WWF WrestleMania 2000 vs. WWF No Mercy?
  130. is it true brock lesnar had fight with ryback?
  131. Do you think john cena will ever turn heel ever again or anytime soon?
  132. One of The Rock's nicknames?
  133. who will win a real street fight between The Nexus and Aces 8?
  134. Will Bill Goldberg ever return to WWE?
  135. Why is 75% of the TNA Roster fired Jobbers from the WWE?
  136. Will anyone ever take the moniker of "Mr. Wrestlemania" away from Shawn Michaels?
  137. What month/day does spring begin?
  138. What do u think of the Kuwait accident?
  139. What u r best for a dream card WWE vs TNA?
  140. So does vince mcmahon need to fire more wrestlers to make them job to Aces and Eights?
  141. Does Brodus Clay have the best entrance music?
  142. Who will win in a real life fight between wade barrett and brock lesnar?
  143. Chris Benoit (Prime) vs. "Flyin" Brian Pillman (Prime): Who would in a Dream match?
  144. who is Triple H version in TNA ?
  145. Who will win in a real life fight between wade barrett and triple h?
  146. who are john cena version in TNA?
  147. Why do WWE fans hate TNA fans, and TNA fans hate WWE fans?
  148. Is it just me or TNA filled up a arena with WWE fans?
  149. Do you think Dolph Ziggler should become the World Champion?
  150. Would you injure John Cena if it would get you a run at the top?
  151. When does WWE Summerslam packages go on sale especially since Summerslam tickets are on...
  152. in u r view, who should be the WWE Tag team champions?
  153. Does Sin Cara have any future with WWE?
  154. What do you make of Dave Batista being cast as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy?
  155. in u r view, who should be the WWE Tag team champions?
  156. Are the rules different for Mexican wrestling?
  157. 40 man battle royal ROUND 5?
  158. do you like my MITB 2013 CARD?
  159. Which of the 3 was a better feud?
  160. Was lesnar's F5 to Mr.McMahon scripted?
  161. Is Hulk Hogan still a wrestling legend?
  162. How many kane vs undertaker matches have there been?
  163. Hey tna haters..looks full in the arena?
  164. The Rock VS John Cena?
  165. Where is WWE on demand?
  166. Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio WrestleMaina 29?
  167. Is Taichi from NJPW really gay?
  168. How great would it be if we had prime Rock & Edge (Rated R verison) fued?
  169. Who'd win in this MIXED Tag Team Match?
  170. What is your top 5 favorite wrestlers?
  171. Do you agree Kane deserves a push for the WWE world title or world title?
  172. Who would you rather see as WWE Champion Rock or Kane?
  173. How to get started in wrestling?
  174. Should Sting go to WWE?
  175. I'll bet Daniel Bryan is no longer a vegetarian if he's dating Brie Bella?
  176. What would Brian Lawler's career be like now if he wouldn't have gotten arrested for drug
  177. Why does Bully Ray wear a redneck flag if he was born and raise in NYC and he's also of Italian
  178. Does Wade Barrett deserve a better push than the IC Title?
  179. Will Brad Maddox be punished for his lousy segment this past Monday on RAW?
  180. Have you noticed it's been a long time since Rytard cut a promo?
  181. Jesse sorence not a wrestler anymore?
  182. Which match is currently heading in to WM-29 as the better match?
  183. What would you think, if orton goes to tna?
  184. Pick the winners of these matches?
  185. Were you aware of the band Living Colour before CM Punk started using the song Cult Of Personality?
  186. What injury is CM Punk dealing with now?
  187. Does Chris Jericho deserve to be acknowledged as the current best superstar in the world?
  188. Is Triple H jewish or is he a christian?
  189. Do you think Muhammad Hassan was a great heel?
  190. Who would you rather hook up with Nikki Bella or Brie Bella?
  191. Was CM Punk injured last night on Raw?
  192. Do u know who Vader is?
  193. What do you think of?
  194. Are velvet sky and angelina love still dating crimson and chris sabin?
  195. Do you think The Rock on WWE is scripted?
  196. Do you know who I am?
  197. What you like to see? John cena as a heel or face?
  198. will WWE make more rating if made more MMA fight style in ring?
  199. why Michelle McCool retired from wrestling?
  200. Did The Undertaker and Paul Bearer hate each other?
  201. Why is WWE treating Swagger better than Benjamin?
  202. Do u know who Vader is?
  203. Why do most wwe fans hate cm punk?
  204. were can i watch wrestlemania 29?
  205. Impact Wrestling and SmackDown ratings are getting real close, can TNA capitalize?
  206. If a lot of WWE wrestlers are Americans, Why does Jack Swagger always brag about being American?
  207. Which actual wwe roster can reform the Four Horsemen ?
  208. DId you hear fans chanting "Miz is Awful" after Jericho Rolled the footage of Marine III movie?
  209. What is your thoughts on Brock lesnar vs Triple h at wm29?
  210. Agree or not Undertaker was the most handsome WWE wrestler ever!?
  211. Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter realy brainwashed or?
  212. Is Fandango ever going to have a match?
  213. Why do you watch W.W.E and not TNA.?
  214. Which ones can angelina love play, based on her look?
  215. What's better W.W.E or T.N.A?
  216. What is your favorite WWE era?
  217. Do you think The Rock sucks as WWE Champion? (READ BELOW first pls)?
  218. Who thinks Heath Slater sucks?
  219. What's your opinion with steroids back in the WWE? Do you agree or disagree with it?
  220. What would you do with them?
  221. Did the WWE Booking team changed the 6 man tag team match for WrestleMania 29?
  222. Does anyone else think this whole Ryback and Goldberg comparison is ridiculous?
  223. Do you guys see a pattern here?
  224. When do you think Kevin Steen will make the jump to WWE or TNA?
  225. What if Vince screwed Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker at wrestlemania?
  226. What category would you place these WWE Attitude Era Wrestlers in?
  227. Do you think TNA is wasting their best talents?
  228. WS : Who is more supreme as a team (SHIELD VS EVOLUTION)?
  229. Can Rybac vs Mark Henry make more huge and fun than Rock vs Cena or Punk vs Undertaker?
  230. Who is better broke lesnar or goldburg?
  231. Should tna do this...?
  232. ifHulk hogan had 30 years less and still in the wwe, who should be The wwe top face Hulk or...
  233. Is Wrestlemania 29 the most predictable Wrestlemania of all time?
  234. Do you agree that Punk ending the streak is the only hope for Wrestlemania 29?
  235. Why do people call Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter racist when illegal Immigration is a serious problem?
  236. who is better Hulk hogan or lesnar ?
  237. Why hasn't WWE made Ric Flair the GM of Raw yet?
  238. Am I saying it right? Faaaandaaangooo?
  239. Who are ROH's hottest prospects?
  240. What's your top 10 Undertaker Wrestlemania matches?
  241. What do you think will be the next fad that WWE will copy?
  242. Do do think after Wrestlemania we will enter the dawn of a new era?
  243. Will Kharma be back now that the Bella Twins are back?
  244. Who will in a real life fight between the great khali and brock lesnar?
  245. What would be the better main event Rock v Cena, Punk v Taker or Brock v The game?
  246. who's from actual wreastler in wwo is the most rich or have more business outside the...
  247. what do you think about Bray Wyatt?
  248. who in the wwe roster is a former military ?
  249. Was Paul Bearer cremated?
  250. WWE confirmed that IC Wade Barrett will defend his title on next week's RAW from Pittsb?
  251. What are your thoughts on last night's monday night raw?
  252. WWE fans plz help???plz?
  253. WWE cares more about social media than wrestling..?
  254. who is the hotest and who is the strongest diva in wwe roster?
  255. Any chance of brock lesnar becoming wwe champ,if rock can hold it part time,why not the beast?
  256. Which past wwe stars need to return this year?
  257. New age outlaws return good?
  258. What are the chances of Punk breaking the streak?? Less or more than 20%?
  259. What do you think about what went down at Lock Down this past Sunday? What will happen on...
  260. TNA : Aces and Eights angle Do you Agree or Disagree...?
  261. What is Michelle McCool and the undertaker baby's name?
  262. After Cena wins the title?
  263. What the hell has happened to tensai?
  264. Is there going to be any undercard matches at Wrestlemania this year?
  265. Who has the better theme song chris Jericho or CM Punk?
  266. Who's better Ophidian or Hieracon aka Jonathan Gresham(videos included)?
  267. If the NJPW NEVER championship is for young stars why is Masato Tanaka the champion?
  268. When chris sabin returns, where should he go?
  269. Which show (TNA, WWE) has a better wrestling intro?
  270. Stan Hansen VS Don Frye who would win?
  271. WWE: What's your favorite match in Undertaker's 20-0 streak?
  272. is UFC scripted or fake?
  273. WWE: Is it safe to say that Batista had the best pyro in the history of the company?
  274. Should CM Punk be leader of The Shield?
  275. will the Bella Twins wrestle?
  276. Can someone explain what a "3 Stages of Hell" match is..?
  277. Why did Fandango called Justin Roberts "Joshua"?
  278. Did anyone know that former WWF/WWE current TNA Tara is the owner of The Squared Circle
  279. When will these guys return?
  280. why did raw go off the air before finishing the Cm vs Kane match?
  281. did CmPunk or Kane win tonight on RAW?
  282. 40 man battle royal last 30 remaining?
  283. If Chris Benoit was still around and he was applying the Crossface on Brad Maddox What
  284. are Undertaker and Kane really brothers, and paul bearer Father?
  285. Why do u think Cm Punk can break the streak?
  286. How come Undertaker is from Smackdown but appears on Raw?
  287. What if The Undertaker...?
  288. WWE Quiz............?
  289. Who's had the most successful career out of the wrestlers in this picture?
  290. Would you be mad if you were backstage with the Bella Twins and were forced into a match?
  291. Should Jerry Lawler go backstage and choose one of the Bella Twins before they fight over him?
  292. Do you have more respect for Wade Barrett since he turned down many Hollywood offers?
  293. Do you think Zeb Coulter met The Bella Twins backstage?
  294. Did anyone notice when John Cena came to WWE?
  295. Was that the fastest you've seen Undertaker walk down the ramp in a while?
  296. What superstars have won the Royal Rumble at number 1?
  297. Is Austin Aries better than CM Punk?
  298. Where do you buy a vest like the one Zeb Coulter has?
  299. If Triple H doesn't accept Brock Lesnar's match will he let down his kids, wife, and Vince McMahon?
  300. Do you think Kane grabbed and threw Alex Riley because he was the easiest to fight?
  301. Triple h ,Undertaker ,Cm punk?
  302. Why did John Cena competed in a match on 03/11/13 after Raw went off of the air and not when it
  303. Wrestling fans: Do you prefer wrestling or football?
  304. If that tragic accident in 1999 never happened do you think Owen Hart will be WWE Champion?
  305. man how disrespectful is punk?
  306. From today's currant wwe roster,which finisher do you think is the most difficult to perform?
  307. Are Kane and Undertaker Brothers?
  308. Hmm....Cm Punk hitting Kane with the Urn, then stealing it?
  309. Did anyone else almost pass out when they seen the Bella Twins on Raw?
  310. Is The Rock The Busiest Man In The World .. !?
  311. Should WWE stop advertising movies?
  312. Why did Rey Mysterio, Benoit, Chavo and more look up to the sky to Eddie?
  313. What Are Cm Punk Fans Called .. !?
  314. What do you think of CM Punk interrupting the Paul Bearer tribute?
  315. Your thoughts on WWE using Paul Bearers death as a storyline?
  316. What fan category do you fall in?
  317. Anyone else thinks that a 3 hour Raw is a little much?
  318. Will The Rock Ever Get His Revenge On The Shield .. !?
  319. Which Match Would You Rather See At WrestleMania 30 .. !?
  320. The Rock Vs Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 30 .. Who Should Win .. !?
  321. Quick notes of matches of last night's RAW?
  322. Who's currantly your favourite wwe face & heel wrestler?
  323. Is John Cena Gonna Run His Mouth About The Rock Tonight Without Him Even Being In The Building .. !?
  324. CM Punk Doesn't Even Want To Face The Undertaker At Wrestlemania .. !?
  325. Did Maddox forgot his lines?
  326. Should madison raynes and velvet sky reunite to bring back beaitiful people?
  327. Does Kane have one more real good WHC reign in him?
  328. Does this mean Kane isn't going on the picnic?
  329. How great is Brad Maddox on the mic?
  330. Will there ever be a Stone Cold vs Brock Lesnar match?
  331. Pick the stipulations for Brock & Triple H's WM Match?
  332. Do you guys think both Sheamus and Randy Orton should stay as Tag Team?
  333. If you were in Drew McIntyre's shoes...How would you feel when...?
  334. Did anybody get excited when the Bella Twins came back?
  335. Do you think D-Von Dudley is underrated?
  336. Are you guys happy that The Bella Twins are back in WWE?
  337. Should Matt Morgan join the Aces & Eights?
  338. What is the second wrestler to win more matches in the history of Wrestlemania?
  339. Should Ryback have his own Wrestlemania streak?
  340. CM Punk fans why, I don't get it?
  341. Where is John Cena because he was not on Raw (03/11/13) for the tribute show to Paul Bearer (rip)?
  342. WWE: Am I the only one that likes the recaps, it makes the promos look badass?
  343. Where's John Cena?
  344. Zeb Colter or Paul Heyman?
  345. Do mostly Woman or Man like WWE?
  346. Favorite show: Miz, Y2J, or Edge's show?
  347. How come X-Pacs not coming back but Billy Gunn and Road Dogg is?
  348. So we're called "WWE Universe" instead of WWE fans because we're part of the script...?
  349. Mark Henry vs. Big E Langston?
  350. Yea, Bellas are back, nice.?
  351. Did you like Mark Henry better as Sexual Chocolate?
  352. Who rather have Kelly Kelly back then the Bella Twins on Raw 03/11/13 plus Bonus Question?
  353. Do you agree with, "We The People"?
  354. Are you marking the F out?
  355. who do you want to be the new gm?
  356. Why did the Bella Twins return to the WWE?
  357. So this is the end of New Age Outlaws since Brock Lesnar beat them up?
  358. Will the shield interfere in taker/punk- wm or kane/punk- tonight?
  359. Is anybody else mad at Sweet T Tensai?
  360. Why is WWE copying TNA (the shield)?
  361. Will The Rock ever leave a Wrestlemania with the WWE title?
  362. WWE Raw Road to Wrestlemania?
  363. How does Brother Love get his face so red?
  364. WWE: Who's your favorite talent to debut in the last three years?
  365. Official Wrestlemania 29 card? Rate it 1-10 and my results predictions?
  366. Anyone else thinks The Rock should win at Wrestlemania?
  367. So Taker can't lose for sure, cuz of Paul Bearer?
  368. Who would win a real life fight between Swagger and Del Rio?
  369. What are the chances Brock Lesnar will accept Triple H's challenge?
  370. What do you think will start off tonight's Raw: A match or a promo?
  371. Would you like to see The Rock vs Brock Lesnar for the main event of Wrestlemania 30?
  372. If cm punk beats taker at mania,will he be put back in the wwe title picture?
  373. Should TNA hire The Miz for better ritings?
  374. Who will win in a wwe match between christian and john cena?
  375. If someone were to end Undertakers streak, would you rather have it be a legend or an up and comer?
  376. How many of you are looking forward to Brock being on RAW tonight? PLEASE ANSWER!!! 10 points?
  377. Who would win these Pro Wrestling dream matches if they ever happend?
  378. What exactly happened to the texas tornado kerry von erich?
  379. Sincr jeff hardy is injuried, who will bully ray face for the title?
  381. HHH or Brock Lesnar? 10 points for any answer?
  382. If John Cena is the answer,then what is the question?
  383. I want to become a sumo wrestler?
  384. Why do wrestling fans think that Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler of all time?
  385. Do wwe wrestlers earn your respect or not?
  386. how may years does sting have left on his contract for tna?
  387. WWE : who is your all time favourite wwe diva in these 10?
  388. Anyone else supporting CM Punk here at wrestlemania?
  389. Why is TNA having only 4 PPVs this year?
  390. I have a feeling that Brock will accept the challenge if HHH puts his career on the line?
  391. Bully Ray new World Heavyweight Champion and the President of Aces and 8's?
  392. Wouldn't it be awesome if...?
  393. Agree/Disagree-The Rock deserves to burn in hell?
  394. Is Miami heat's streak better than the undertaker's?
  395. when and what time is it gonna be WRESTLEMANIA 29?
  396. Tna lockdown 2013 vs wwe rematchmania 29?
  397. what divas will have matches at wrestlemania?
  398. Who's the least attractive wwe wrestler currantly active?
  399. Where is chrestian? we need u !!?
  400. wwe should hire AJ Styles for better ratings?
  401. Which WWE superstar's finishing maneuver looks like it would hurt the most in real life?
  402. Is Triple H a part time wrestler now?
  403. TNA: Do you realize that Bully Ray is the president of Aces and Eights?
  404. Should I, Sheamus, become WWE Champion, again?
  405. Do you think that I, Sheamus, should change my WWE entrance song?
  406. I have been influenced by wwe too much, way too much...?
  407. Which Tag Team Do You Like with Hernandez?
  408. Bubba Ray Dudley finally a World Champion!?
  409. What ever happened to Gangrel?
  410. so what do think is going to happen today in raw?
  411. What is the best/greatest WWE matches in the 2000's (2000-2009)?
  412. the one who have to end undertaker streak is suppose to be a face not a heel like punk who...
  413. to tell u the truth even if punk is a face or heel i will still hate him?
  414. Rey Mysterio Question?
  415. if punk beats undertaker it will be the biggest mistake wwe made?
  416. Do you agree that the Cobra is the most devistating finisher in WWE history?
  417. When I'm 30 should I be a czw wrestler?
  418. Has bully ray become tna champ?
  419. HA HA I've just been in footy section & called footy fixed & gay?
  420. What happened in the bully ray v Jeff Hardy fight?
  421. when is randy orton gonna get pushed or turn heel?
  422. What happened to christian in wwe?
  423. Anyone else happy we are seeing the return of the legendary Team 3D/ The Dudley boys?
  424. Why do some dumba$$es in this section think Cena deserves the WWE Title?
  425. Who are the best WWE superstars under 6ft?
  426. Would The Rock and Deuce been a good tag team?
  427. Kane for wwe champion?
  428. Why is WWE scripted...?
  429. Was Paul Bearer (William Moody) Jewish?
  430. WWE : Who is your favourite wrestler or Superstar in these ten?
  431. How do you feel about Paul Bearer passing away?
  432. Do you find Kane attractive?
  433. Who will win in a match John Cena vs CM Punk vs Y2J vs Ryback vs Sheamus?
  434. what is dean amborse's personality and voice?
  435. Cody Rhodes and Damien just announced there back as a team?
  436. brock lesnar took smackdown to the top and it competed against raw as wwe best show now the...
  437. Bully Ray vs.Jeff Hardy any predictions?
  438. What WWE pay-per-view do you think is the best?
  439. So Mickie James has a sx tape?
  440. Was Smackdown the beggining of Dolph and AJ's breakup?
  441. Is Thea Trinidad formally known as Rosita is Fandango's dancer?
  442. Is Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston & AJ Lee the WWE version of Team Rocket?
  443. Besides Chyna, is it true Trish Stratus has a sx tape?
  444. How much longer will Zack Ryder be in WWE?
  445. Which match will open wrestlemania 29?
  446. Do you think cm punk should bulk up to be more believable or don't you care?
  447. How can I win a wrestling match?
  448. Should Ricardo's new gimmick be getting women wet?
  449. Remember the days when Raw and Smackdown were equal?
  450. Can wrestlers hit fans & can fans hit wrestlers?
  451. Anyone watching tnas lockdown?
  452. Wouldn't it be funny if rock/cena was the first match at mania 29?
  453. Why is "not from concentrate" orange juice better than "from concentrate"?
  454. what is you most memorable moment of wwe?
  455. What's the first thing you'll do when john cena retires?
  456. Who is a better wrestler, Jeff Harvey or Bret the hitman Clark?
  457. Paul bearer tribute video song ?
  458. Which WWE Diva should be the Women's Champion?
  459. Are people afraid to admit that TNA is a wrestling company and WWE is an entertainment company?
  460. Did Disco Inferno win on WCW Nitro last week?
  461. Why won't vince induct owen hart,guilty conscience perhaps?
  462. tna lock-down match card predictions?
  463. top 5 reason wrestlemania 29 will suck?
  464. Am I the only one surprised that AJ Lee was in a match?
  465. Who Is The GM For Saturday Morning Slam ?
  466. Does anybody know if Thea Trinidad formally known as Rosita...?
  467. Do you think wwe will ever induct the nwo,seen as how they almost put wwe out of buisness ?
  468. Who was a better stable,dx or nwo?
  469. Should I, Sheamus, Fight The Big Show tomorrow, on Monday Night Raw?
  470. Book Wrestlemania 29 without rock lesnar undertaker or triple h?
  471. Do u think Undertaker will show up on Raw tommorrow?
  472. Imagine a threesome betweem Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes and Kaitlyn?
  473. is wwe 13 worth getting?
  474. Is it going to be The Big Show, Shaemus, and Randy Orton vs the Shield at WM?
  475. WWE: Which superstar had the best spinebuster?
  476. WWE without THE UNDERTAKER?
  477. Your top five wrestlers?
  478. Now that brock has signed a 2 year extension,do you think he will beat triple h at mania 29?
  479. How many of you were smart and knew the SECOND John Cena entered the RR he would win and face the...
  480. WWE: What past superstar (that hasn't been inducted) deserves a spot in the HOF?
  481. Why does the WWE keep going through the trouble of giving ppl a push only to suddenly end it?
  482. If the undertaker nailed you with the tombstone for real would you survive?
  483. WWE: Who has the best Swanton Bomb?
  484. Why does Randy Orton whine like a lil girl to turn heel?
  485. Cm Punk will lose at wrestlemania!?
  486. How do i send off for wwe/wwf dvds through the post?
  487. TNA: Who do you have for tomorrow's Lockdown?
  488. How to become a WWE superstar?
  489. Why doesn't TNA fire Jeff Hardy?
  490. wwe 13 universe mode?
  491. what is your favourite moment/Match and your worst moment/match in wwe/wwf history?
  492. Who is the greatest Women's Champion in WWE history?
  493. Vickie Guerrero is awesome!!?
  494. The rock is african american?s?
  495. What would you think if eric young joins aces and eights?
  496. TNA Lockdown, the PPV is this Sunday, Who is going to win?
  497. Did Ricardo get Aj all wet on Smackdown?
  498. is cody still dashing?
  499. Agree or Disagree? : Everything Zeb Colter says is actually true.?
  500. Poll: AJ Lee or A.J. Styles?