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  1. Undertaker returned in 2000 (Judgement Day) but why did he leave beforehand, and when?
  2. Is Randy Orton going to turn heel at WrestleMania?
  3. Are you glad The Bella Twins are back?
  4. If one wrestler had to end the Undertaker's streak...?
  5. Wwe themes that sound similar? Past and present?
  6. If Vince McMahon Sr didn't give the WWE to Vince McMahon Jr, where do you think the WWE would be...
  7. What is your wrestling figure list?
  8. what if Monday night raw was the final wwe tv show ever how would you feel?
  9. Why aces n eight storyline sucks in my oppinion?
  10. Why do wwe fans think the divas division will get better if they bring people back?
  11. Does anybody else dislike Ryback from wrestling?
  12. Who is your current favourite wwe wrestler and diva now?
  13. The undertaker wants to do WM as the american bad as$ !!!?
  14. Why is it Big Show,Orton and Sheamus vs The Shield now?
  15. What ideas would you bring to wwe. like new wrestlers, story lines, ect?
  16. Wrestlemania 29 Cancelled is this true?
  17. Wrestlemania 29 predictions?
  18. Can anyone find other pictures of this championship?
  19. Anyone like Fandango?
  20. Do i have to be graduated to enter in WWE?
  21. Look likes wwe having the same problem like tna, cant bring back former divas?
  22. What are each of these wrestler's best SummerSlam match?
  23. Raw before Wrestlemania X-7?
  24. Why does it matter so much if your mask is taken off in WWE?
  25. No opening intro video for SmackDown and Raw anymore?
  26. My freinds and I are taking bets on Wrestlemania: got any ideas for fun props to bet on?
  27. Should the Rock direct films for the WWE?
  28. What do you think WrestleMania XXX would be like if WWE were still in its Attitude Era?
  29. Should the WWE focus on bringing back former WWE Divas or introducing new ones to
  30. Do you think that Brooke Hogan belongs in the professional wrestling industry?
  31. Do you think fans who purchased tickets to attend WrestleMania 29 are regretting their purchase?
  32. What would be your reaction if The Rock defeats John Cena at WrestleMania 29, and retains the
  33. Wwe how will wrestlemania play out?
  34. Why Do You Think The Mid Card Titles are Irrelevant Today?
  35. Who'd Win Chris Benoit vs Cm Punk?
  36. Who'd Win Randy Orton Vs Kurt Angle (2000)?
  37. will goldberg return to wwe this year?
  38. if you could change 5 things in the wwe what would it be?
  39. Who is turning heel, Booker or Teddy?
  40. What happened to Eddie Murphy's nipple?
  41. What were your favorite angles in wrestling?
  42. Wrestling: Would you consider yourself a big Indy wrestling fan?
  43. Do you think brock lesnar can bring back some prestige to the whc/wwe title(s)?
  44. Who'd Win Drew Mcyntire vs Chris Jericho?
  45. Who would win in a fight Ryback or Brock Lesnar?
  46. Is this good for wrestling?
  47. Which of these Shawn Michaels WrestleMania Matches do you like?
  48. So Big Show is babyface (Wrestlemania 29)?
  49. What time is WrestleMania 29?
  50. who would like to see Ryback vs Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar in a triple threat 3 stages of hell
  51. Kofi Kingston best high flying moment?
  52. Who do you think is better Tiple H or Brock Lesnar?
  53. Why does the wwe hire mma fighters?
  54. Are heel better wrestlers than face?
  55. Did you know that today is The Undertaker's 48th birthday?
  56. What are your thoughts about WCW Monday Nitro?
  57. Should Jack Swagger wrestle as Todo Americano and face Alberto Del Rio in a lucha libre match?
  58. The Rassling Critic _________________________?
  59. What did Kevin Nash say when he crashed his ATV?
  60. Who's your favorite WWE wrestler? Past and present!(:?
  61. Who will face Antonio Cesaro at WrestleMania?
  62. What is the real list of wwe pay per veiw events 2012?
  63. What are good WWE diva theme songs?
  64. someone in the WS gimme the results to RAW last week ?
  65. should cena have fought punk instead of rock at wrestlemania?
  66. which one should is buy? WWE 13?
  67. WWE: is Christian a highflyer?
  68. Where is John Morrison?
  69. can someone explain to me how wwe is a better "wrestling" product than tna?
  70. what do you guys think is better tna or wwe?
  71. Is it premature to dub CM Punk one of the greatest heels of all-time?
  72. How much does Wrestlemania cost to buy in the USA?
  73. Why does WWE have more talking than less wrestling?
  74. Do WWE not care about their title divisions anymore?
  75. Which of these Triple H WrestleMania Matches do you like?
  76. Wrestling Trivia: 10 points for all correct answers!?
  77. Did anyone else notice that Jericho kinda walks like a gay guy now?
  78. Who else agrees CM Punk is overrated?
  79. At Wrestlemania will the only person AJ Lee hasn't dated be the referee?
  80. What do you think about AJ Lee wantiing to have kids with Dolph Ziggler?
  81. What went wrong with drew mclytire*** thought he was gonna be future wwe champ?
  82. How do you think JBL's wife felt about JBL saying AJ Lee looked cute sitting on the announce table?
  83. Do you think Big Show has dated women bigger than The Miz?
  84. Will Chris Jericho leave WWE again after Wrestlemania 29?
  85. Do you like HHH's haircut?
  86. How Can Todays WWE Stars Corss Over to Main Event Status?
  87. Cocaine and roids can make your promo much more entertaining?
  88. Another match from last friday, Swagger vs Y2J. What are your thoughts?
  89. Should The Shield Get To hold tag titles and Roman Reigns gets Us Title?
  90. Who'd Win Chris Masters vs Antonio Cesaro For Us Title?
  91. How come fans complain about WWE and not TNA?
  92. Does anyone else think Orton is playing with Big Show & Sheamus?
  93. State your wrestlemania predictions.....Intrade style?
  94. What city was tonights smackdown episode taped in?
  95. Which wm 29 match do you think will be the last match on the card at the end of the night?
  96. What are your thoughts on Jake the snake Roberts might be having 1 more run with WWE?
  97. y2j vs ic or vs fandango or both?
  98. Should & Will Matt Hardy return to WWE?
  99. WM29 what will the divas match b?
  100. Is WWE wrong for acting like Chris Benoit never exited?
  101. what musical act will play wm29?
  102. Who are the 5 BEST japanese in-ring wrestlers, performers, you have seen of all time?
  103. Who is your favorite wwe diva and why ?
  104. Is Ric Flare the greatest of all time to ever step in the ring, if not who is?
  105. hottest divas 1-10??????
  106. Why is Shawn Michaels nicknamed Mr. Wrestlemania?
  107. What are your thoughts on Lex Lugar?
  108. Why was the King of the Ring tournament deleted? + BQ.?
  109. What are your thoughts on Former WCW/WWF wrestler Scott Hall?
  110. When is CM Punk gonna to retired?
  111. is stone cold steve austin an alcoholic?
  112. Wrestling fans, thoughts on wrestlers who wear shirts while wrestling?
  113. Would The Shield Benefit Orton As There Leader?
  114. Question about TNA Knockouts, for TNA Fans?
  115. Why was Jeff Hardy wrestling on this week's Impact?
  116. Is Aj Lee jealous of Big E Langston?
  117. What Do WWE Wrestlers Today Need To do to be Wrestlemania Material?
  118. Why is Kofi facing Zolph Ziggler again when the same thing is going to happen?
  119. What happens if a guy stores whey protein shake in a shaker or a bottle and drinks it after 8 hours?
  120. Is it just me or HHH and Bobby Roode almost alike in terms of gimmick and personality?
  121. Do you think Chris Jericho is worthy enough to face Undertaker at a WrestleMania?
  122. Who is not going to order WM29?
  123. If you could fire anyone in WWE or TNA right now, who would you fire?
  124. Should WWE resign Chris Masters?
  125. Should WWE main event & superstars be cancled?
  126. Does Teddy long work FOR or WITH Booker t?
  127. Would it be a bad thing if Rock retained the WWE Title at WrestleMania 29 ?
  128. Has NWA figured out what will be the biggest promotion since CWFH is no longer with the
  129. Are people scared to admit that Chris Jericho is murican?
  130. What would be your reaction if Ryback picked Big Show and Mark Henry up at the same time?
  131. Do you guys think that someone of The Shield have any chance in singles competition?
  132. Who Else thinks that Alberto Del Rio should lock in the ole' Cross Arm Breaker on Zeb Colter?
  133. What are your thoughts on last night's WWE smackdown?
  134. Did you hear that Vinnie Mac wants to make WWE?
  135. didnt ddp in wcw enter the ring by going through the crowd for his matches?
  136. WWE Trivia Questions (Hard)?
  137. do you think Big Show is going to join the Shield?
  138. Who's gonna be the next big thing?
  139. the undertaker's streak?
  140. Are you ashamed to be a wrestling fan?
  141. Help, For tna impact fans?
  142. Why are naomi and cameron in the WWE when they're ugly and can't wrestle?
  143. If miz is so awesome why couldn't he win the IC championship?
  144. Chris Masters saves mother from fire.....?
  145. How's with WWE's ratings?
  146. WWE UNIVERSE! Which shirt is newer?
  147. was this a prolific vision brother love's character had at Paul bearer's debut?
  148. Is Chris Jericho a Smackdown wrestler or a Raw wrestler?
  149. is Sheamus becoming Cena 2.0?
  150. did the undertaker use the tombstone as the american badass?
  151. What are your thoughts on this wrestling picture?
  152. Would you like to be signed to TNA since Taryn Terrell "can get physical with anyone at anytime"?
  153. If Earl Hebner got stuck under the ring would you need a forklift to get him out of there?
  154. Were you happy to see Sonjay Dutt back in TNA Impact?
  155. Do you think any father would want their daughter to be married to Bully Ray?
  156. How dumb was Kenny King when he said he needs energy and took out a 5 hour energy?
  157. If you were AJ Styles would you take Taz's offer and become a prospect in Aces And Eights?
  158. How do you think Taryn Terrell will do as a wrestler?
  159. Is anyone disapointed that Jeff Hardy is the number one contender for the TNA World
  160. Why does WWE like to waste talent?
  161. How cool if Bully Ray change his World Heavyweight championship style?
  162. how did wrestling fans rant before the internet?
  163. Are wwe house shows recorded?
  164. What do you think of this?
  165. If John Cena a day jump to TNA, what will be his first promo on TNA?
  166. Are you ready for Hulk Hogan's latest biggest lie on earth?
  167. TNA has Dudley Boyz, what the hell does WWE have?
  168. Chyna or lita.........?
  169. who is the best overall performer in the wwe?
  170. If the WWE fired John Cena, who would be next in line to be the face of the WWE?
  171. How old are you? And what was going on in the WWE (WWF) when you first started watching it?
  172. Is it very obv that AJ styles is the new Sting?
  173. when was the last time triple h and shawn michaels became world champions?
  174. My WWE 2013 Predictions?
  175. Who will Antonio Cesaro face at Wrestlemania 29?
  176. WWE: The current match card is below, who do you want to win each match?
  177. why do some people actually think the streak will end at WM29?
  178. Survey for wrestling fans......?
  179. Is sonjay back for good in tna or is it just for the match?
  180. What are your thoughts about these four wrestling video games on Nintendo 64?
  181. WS:What if Sheamus turns heel at Wrestlemania instead of Orton?
  182. Cm punk one of the best mordern era superstars?
  183. When CM Punk Takes Time Off After Wrestlemania 29 .. Who Should Replace Him .. !?
  184. Kofi Kingston Question?
  185. Who was you first favorite wrestler?
  186. What do wrestling fans think of Chris Masters? saving his mom?
  187. Who will be the best 8 wrestlers for next money in the bank lader match 2013?
  188. Do you Know that WWE RAYBAK is a major fan of English team Arsenal?
  189. Wrestling: Can someone list all the titles in TNA right now, and what they'd be called in the WWE?
  190. Why do people say that Lesnar got scared and quit UFC?
  191. Did you like the Brock Lesnar vs Triple H match at SummerSlam?
  192. WWE Fans why haven't we never seen The Rock vs Shawn Michaels?
  193. The Truth behind HBK and The Rock's hatred towards each other?
  194. would it be funny if the Big Show has a small *****?
  195. Before a wrestling match after starving to get down to weight will drinking honey improve your...
  196. Do u know who will win these two matches at wm29?
  197. Why have so many former WWE superstars switched to TNA?
  198. Which of these Fire Pro Wrestling Video Games do you like?
  199. Why do wrestling fans call John Cena "Super Cena"?
  200. Which part timer are you most looking forward to seeing at wrestlemania, Brock, The Rock or The
  201. Ryback John Cena Sheamus randy Orton in a team?
  202. Wrestling: Carbon Footprint or Brogue Kick?
  203. What do you think of the new x division rules?
  204. For the men out there: would you f*Šk Sunny (Tammy Sytch)?
  205. WWE: Your favorite Wrestlemania of all time?
  206. What was the worst Wrestlemania ever?
  207. Ryback is black or John cena?
  208. Fortune vs. Racdialz 8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match?
  209. Would you want John Cena to be a heel?
  210. Ryback John Cena sheamus?
  211. Is Slammiversary TNA's version of Wrestlemania?
  212. Best wrestler of today tournament: WWE and TNA.?
  213. Does anyone else hate how Bully Ray says "frickin" instead of "fucking"?
  214. Will the Jack Swagger/Alberto Del Rio match be the opening match of WM29?
  215. Do You Think The WWE should Have a Heavyweight title For The Midcarders?
  216. where can i watch wwe Armageddon 2008 Free online?
  217. From your own side, wat is the best timeline for the WWE?
  218. Will ECW ever come back?
  219. Does anybody know the lineup for WrestleMania 29?
  220. I watched WWE for the first time in about 10 years Monday night, what the hell happened?
  221. Where is Christian? Do you think he deserves another run with the world title?
  222. Can wrestlers win titles from any organizatin while working for WWE or TNA?
  223. Don't you think that Paul Bearer should have stopped going to McDonalds?
  224. Who else would like to spend a night in a hotel room with AJ Lee?
  225. It was sad that Brock Lesnar lost to me at Extreme Rules?
  226. how would you describe the reason behind this?
  227. What Time Will Be Wrestlemania?
  228. Wrestlemania 30 Matches Confirmed!!!?
  229. WM29: What is Rock, Punk, Lesnar, and Shield actually won?
  230. Survey for wwe fans to answer?
  231. Did you laugh too when cm punk was marking Paul barrel* Monday lollllllllll?
  232. Survey for tna fans to answer?
  233. What is your reaction to WWE wanting to be even more family friendly?
  234. Is E.T. Stonecold the future of wrestling?
  235. TNA Fans, help me with this question ?
  236. Ughh,I am watching Raw right now and I have not watched it for a while,who is this gay dancer?
  237. Who has made more money The Rock or Kevin Nash?
  238. I am 5'8'' and i weigh 55 kg (121 lbs ) you think any WWE diva would be able to lift me?
  239. Is anyone else tired of seeing interviews of wwe stars saying why they wont go to tna or...
  240. Do you want Brock lesnar to beat the heck out of shield after wm29?
  241. it's true that wwe summerslam 2013 will be in england ?
  242. Do you give a flying F*** about "House Shows"?
  243. The Shield VS Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan Who's better?
  244. Best wrestler of today tournament: WWE and TNA.?
  245. Do you think Wrestlemania sneaked up on WWE this year?
  246. Are any of the WWE divas ReTurning in 2013?
  247. how did paul bearer get out of the cement?
  248. how would it make you feel if when john cena's run is finally over, wwe decides to make...
  249. Why do WWE DESTROY their heel?
  250. Why are Chyna and the WWE so angry at each other?
  251. Is undertaker 20-0 or 19374837447847848483-0 at WrestleMania?
  252. Is John Cena black idk if he is?
  253. Agree or disagree: they should have done rock vs undertaker this year?
  254. Which one you like most Undertaker or Cm punk?
  255. Which one you like most Rock or John cena?
  256. Which one you like most Brock lesnar or Triple h?
  257. Will this be Triple H last match?
  258. should i become a cop or a wwe wrestler?
  259. Did anyone knew Sting and Undertaker is coming soon?
  260. Why do people want certain superstars to return to WWE?
  261. Is Jeff Hardy in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 for the Wii?
  262. Why doesn't Vince want to bring the Attitude Era back?
  263. Is it true WWE has banned its wrestlers from drinking alcohol on the job?
  264. Does anyone want to see Brock Lesnar destroy the c.ra.p out of HHH at WM29?
  265. Wrestling fans, have you heard about Chris Masters' heroic deed?
  266. Is anyone else shocked at how bad Undertaker looks for his age?
  267. is it getting sad wwe needs to ride out rematches to headline wrestlemanias nowBQ respect punk?
  268. Would you take Dolph Ziggler seriously as World Heavyweight Champion?
  269. what wwe superstar these days can you see becoming both wwe and whc champion at the same damn time?
  270. What do you guys think about former WWE Superstar Chris Master saving his mom from the
  271. Why tf is Big E Langstons first match is going to be a Wrestlemania ?
  272. Why Is CM Punk So Injury Prone .. !?
  273. Why isnt Randy Orton a heel?
  274. Do you think hogan is with aces n eights, being the eric bischoff of the group or no?
  275. Will wade barrett beat sheamus in a real life fight?
  276. Wrestling: How does one go about joining an independent circuit promotion, like Chikara?
  277. What happened to these following wwe superstars?
  278. Please can someone link me to the wwe royal rumble JOHN CENA promo?
  279. What are your thoughts on the real arm injury Cm Punk suffered to Kane?
  280. Do you think they should have kept Edge undefeated at Wrestlemania?
  281. Tna verses wwe: champs vs champs?
  282. Wwe vs tna, who will win?
  283. Is No Holds Barred HHH's proving ground?
  284. Lower Level Or Floor Seats For Monday Night Raw Live?
  285. Does Brock Lesnar know what he got himself into?
  286. Did WWE misuse Hercules Hernandez?
  287. wrestling fancy dress night out help?
  288. Should Dolph Ziggler's And Big E Langston's Tag Team Be Called .. !?
  289. Does anyone still do the Batista Bomb/Power bomb in WWE?
  290. are wade barrett and sheamus real freinds?
  291. Does It Make Sense If I Told You That .. !?
  292. are Fandango a GAY in WWE Storyline?
  293. How many of you already know the WWE is going to let Triple H beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemana 29?
  294. Worst wwe Superstar on the roster?
  295. Are some of the wrestling websites tna haters?
  296. WRESTLING : To all fans of the dead man... Give me 5 things you like about the undertaker ------>?
  297. WS : Which match are you more willing 2 see (BETWEEN THESE 3) ------>?
  298. Who's the women who gives shout outs to the wrestlers as they enter the ring. (WWE)?
  299. WS : Which 5 superstars would you pick for the hall of fame class of 2014 ------>?
  300. Why can't the wwe get rid of the wrestlers no one wants to see?
  301. Is Ric Flair back in the wwe ?
  302. Where are the following wrestlers?
  303. Which of these versions of nWo (new World Order) do you like?
  304. Choose: Triple H or The Rock?
  305. Did you think that the Ruthless Aggression era was a good time to watch wrestling?
  306. can we expect a greatous WHC match in WM29?
  307. Will CM Punk be the one to break the Undertaker's WrestleMania winning streak?
  308. Are there any jobbers or less popular wrestlers that you like?
  309. is it going to be Khali vs Fandango at WrestleMania or Y2J vs Fandango?
  310. Who will win in a bare knuckle fight between wade barrett and sin cara?
  311. Who will win in a real fight between wade barrett and randy orton?
  312. what's the best stable of 2000's?
  313. Did you imagine if Aces & 8 goes to WWE?
  314. dis WWE & TNA spy each other?
  315. Who's wrestler they don't be afraid from an anger Vince Mcmahon?
  316. did WWE Splitting Up Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez?
  317. This is it, John Cenas final push! Who will the torch be passed to?
  318. What do you do when you're parents Tag Team against you?
  319. Do you guys think Randy Orton is going to turn heel at WM 29?
  320. Isnt the Rock as WWE Champion a joke since he isnt on the show every week. Wasnt it a bad...
  321. How bad is Brock Lesnar going to destroy Triple H I mean he needed a hammer to fend off Lesnar?
  322. If tna brought back one former ko and x division guy, who should it be?
  323. What is your favorite WWE superstar taunt or pose?
  324. Wrestling: Enrtrance music ideas?
  325. Wrestling: Is there a good independent circuit organization on the East Side of the US?
  326. will CmPunk vs Undertaker be a ladder match for the Urn?
  327. why did Paul Heyman make Triple H...?
  328. WWE: Anybody know what the song in the promo for Summerslam's Jeff Hardy & CM Punk TLC Match was
  329. If tna did something like?
  330. Montreal Screwjob a big fat WORK?
  331. will Undertaker vs CmPunk be a Urn on the pole match?
  332. why did Alberto Del Rio attempt to attack Zeb Colter when...?
  333. is Big Show turning Face again, or is he going to still be heel?
  334. who was the USA chants for, on Raw?
  335. If CM Punk is half as good as he thinks he is Why hasn't been in a movie yet?
  336. Is TNA Impact wrestling fake?
  337. was it an axedent that CmPunk dropped the urn?
  338. Please don't tell me that the WWE will let Alberto beat Jack at Wrestlemana 29?
  339. Who's going to win at Wrestlemania?
  340. Anyone agree Bully Ray is a better heel than CM PUNK?
  341. Does Jerry Lawler work with dumbbells every time he works with Michael Cole?
  342. Who's hotter Angelina Love vs Brooke Tessmacher?
  343. Do you think the Brock, Triple H match would be better if the loser or winner gets...
  344. Are The Shield more scared of Big Show then Sheamus and Randy Orton?
  345. Who would you rather see as WWE/World champion Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes?
  346. Is Chris Jericho the greatest Intercontinental Champion?
  347. If WWE raw sucks tonight, why not do something else?
  348. Did you see Triple H's face he looked like he regretted signing that contract?
  349. How old is Christian (2013)?
  350. Who would you rather see in WWE Big E Langston or Ezekiel Jackson?
  351. What do you think of wwe asking to use paul moodys death and lawlers heartattack as a tool for heat?
  352. How does Stephanie mcmahon feel about triple h?
  353. Who's Ryback undertaker Steve?
  354. Who's Ryback undertaker Steve?
  355. Who's Ryback undertaker Steve?
  356. Who's Ryback undertaker Steve?
  357. Did Dixie carter go to Wrasselmania?
  358. Who's Ryback undertaker Steve?
  359. Is wwe really going with obvious matches for wrestlemania?
  360. Name of both songs for this Rock/Cena 2 promo?
  361. (10 pts, B.A) What happened so far on Raw?
  362. Also, Del Rio got a new theme? Ricardo is good at acting hurt from an ankle lock by Swagger?
  363. How do you think the wrestlemania 29 matches look on a 1-5 scale?
  364. Agree/Disagree: John Cena Vs The Undertaker Will Bring In More Ratings Than John Cena Vs The Rock...
  365. Do you think team hell no will lose the tag titles at WrestleMania XXIX?
  366. Does anyone remember the feud between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho in 2008?
  367. Did you guys notice this Booker promo they showed the "We Comin' For You...!"?
  368. when was this match announced?
  369. Why is Wrasslemania the only PPV that has a chronological order?
  370. Why Do People Say Ryback Has Awful Mic Skills .. !?
  371. whats going to happen on raw tonight?
  372. why wont WWE allow this match?
  373. Do you think Ricardos ankle was legit broken by Jack Swagger last night?
  374. Will Ryback be able to perform his finisher on Mark Henry?
  375. Who do you want to win each match at Wrestlemania?
  376. WHAT happended on RAW LAST NIGHT? i no longer get usa?
  377. Is Anybody Else Looking Forward To Seeing What CM Punk Will Do On Raw .. !?
  378. Has undertaker ever tapped out?
  379. Who's Got More Of A Chance Of Winning At Wrestlemania 29 ..?
  380. Has CM Punk Ever Beat Ryback In The Wwe .. !?
  381. Why does CM Punk hate Juggalos?
  382. Who's Corner Will Paul Heyman Be In At Wrestlemania .. CM Punk Or Brock Lesnar .. !?
  383. Is April 7th 2013 The Start Of Ryback's Undefeated Wrestlemania Streak .. !?
  384. Is The Rock Coming Back To The Wwe Next Week .. !?
  385. What do you think of this?
  386. Did You Know Sheamus Has Wrestled More Matches Than Stone Cold In The Wwe .. !?
  387. Should Vince McMahon compete with Ultimate Fighting?
  388. Is CM Punk in the same league as Bob Backlund and Kurt Angle?
  389. Who's Ryback undertaker Steve?
  390. Who's Ryback undertaker Steve?
  391. Who's Ryback undertaker Steve?
  392. Bella Twins or The Funkadactyls,who's better?
  393. Who's Ryback undertaker Steve?
  394. Does anyone actually know what the Rock is cooking?
  395. Wrestling fans, can you believe that the Heat vs Celtics game is better than RAW?
  396. Are the WWE Touts depressing to you?
  397. If cm punk was'nt a wrestler, should he beeing a top actor or what?
  398. what have Dixie carter to do for Hiring The Rock to TNA?
  399. What is your opinion on WWE now?
  400. if Dixie carter had to hire one wrestler to TNA from those?
  401. Owen Hart fall video - anyone have it?
  402. who do you think will Survive the No Holds Barred Match?
  403. WWE best and worst of 2013 so far?
  404. Brock Lesnar vs Triple H?
  405. Is Jack Swagger insane?
  406. Is Brock Lesnar a white Hulk!?
  407. Why did WWE change the WM 29 theme song?
  408. Is No Holds Barred match basically fighting UFC style?
  409. Big E. Langston vs Bobby Lashley?
  410. What is the name of these WWE Meme's?
  411. Best wrestler of today tournament: WWE and TNA.?
  412. Cena & PTP - Worst segment ever?
  413. Do you guys like the remix version of Alberto Del Rio's entrance theme music?
  414. Booker T into the WWE HoF?
  415. why David Otunga Refused to Link His WWE Character to Jennifer Hudson?
  416. should WWE improuve US title & IC title to WWe & WHC statuts?
  417. todays still WWE pay royalities or other primes to Hulk Hogan?
  419. Should they get a speech therapist for Justin Roberts?
  420. Should The Usos jump to TNA?
  421. HOW much longer will sheamus and alberto del rio be good guys?
  422. Is AAA Fusion for rookies?
  423. Any cool wrestling moves out there and how to do it? btw not like wwe or ufc...real wrestling?
  424. Is John Cena copying CM Punk's yellow shirt?
  425. who wins in real fistfight? brock lesnar or an angry ryback?
  426. Top 5 Challengers for Antonio Cesaro's United States Title?
  427. Is anybody else thinking of turning the channel?
  428. Which is the most overrated wrestling promotion in history?
  429. So for you TNA fans and have a Youtube account?
  430. Bubba Ray Dudley or Bully Ray?
  431. My WrestleMania 29 predictions what do you guys think and what are yours?
  432. Who will win in a real life fight between wade barrett and rey mysterio?
  433. 2 heels you like the most?
  434. Does anyone else think that this will be the official match at Wrestlemania?
  435. 2 heels you like the most?
  436. Face/Heel turns to look for in the next month?
  437. What will Lesnars stipulation be?
  438. Is CM Punk's injury serious?
  439. Who is the worst face and the worst heel?
  440. what is jeff hardy's silver belt for?
  441. Will The Rock be on Raw tonight?
  442. Top 10 matches of 2006?
  443. Did Big Boss Man really eat Al Snows dog pepper?
  444. What WWE Fueds Do you want to see Happen and put in The Books?
  445. What was the ruthless aggression era?
  446. Has WWE ruined Wade Barrett?
  447. Does wwe have to many shows?
  448. Bound for glory 2013 in chicago?
  449. Do you think we?ll see the return of a face faction in TNA?
  450. Do you feel Mr. Perfect would have become WWE champion eventually had he lived?
  451. Right now, who are the male and female face of tna?
  452. any good mma style pro wrestling matches?
  453. Which WWE Superstar is stronger: Ryback or Big E. Langston?
  454. What do you think of this?
  455. Show some respect, tna can make stars that wwe couldnt?
  456. Dixie carter vs stephanie mcmahone?
  457. *close to tears*wtf now they mocking paul bearer?
  458. Jillian hall might being joining tna?
  459. hay do you think rick flair going to get another hall of fame ring for evolution?
  460. Why do people dont realize the facts that wwe is not fake?
  461. what if mick foley missed the announce table in his hell in a cell match with undertaker?
  462. Is it really true??about WWE'13???PLZ HELP?
  463. Will Cody Rhodes turn face and end up with Kaitlin?
  464. Wade is so awesome. He's better than God. How does he manage that?
  465. Do you think CM Punk will lie on the floor for minutes at a time like Triple H did at WM?
  466. What do wwe superstars do backstage on raw?
  467. Are there a lot of women who are interested in professional wrestling?
  468. WWE: Who would you rather become face again... Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, or Cody Rhodes?
  469. Are there any pictures or video of CM Punk's brother Mike?
  470. What do you prefer more: TNA or WWE?
  471. Do you feel like The Rock is the worst WWE champion of all time?
  472. Is CM Punk the closest to something new in Pro wrestling?
  473. is the shield better or aces and eights and why is one better than the other?
  474. Would you appreciate pro wrestling promotions if this were the format? (More inside)?
  475. john cena has been in WWE for 10 years how many more years will cena be wrestling for one or two
  476. Why did WCW go out of business?
  477. Who's Ryback undertaker steve?
  478. Who's Ryback undertaker steve?
  479. Who's Ryback undertaker steve?
  480. Who's Ryback undertaker steve?
  481. Why did the undertaker get screwed?
  482. Who's Ryback undertaker Steve?
  483. what Fueds or stuff in WWE do you want to see Happen?
  484. What do you think of those who actually think TNA is better than WWE?
  485. WRESTLING : What was your favorite form of the undertakers gimmick (1-2 OR 3) ----->?
  486. What do you think of WWE PPV TLC?
  487. Should WWE do a storyline where Steph McMahon has a black baby from Mark Henry?
  488. Should WWE do a storyline where Linda McMahon had a love child with Teddy Long?
  489. Undertaker vs cm punk at wrestlemania 30?
  490. Hilarious video wrestling fans must see?
  491. Can you guess the wrestler?
  492. Who's the most shocking person to join aces and eights?
  493. Who did Kurt Angle fight in his last match before going to TNA?
  494. What do you think about a fan punching bully ray in chicago?
  495. Why do people hate Paul Heyman? Want him to be RAW GM, how about you?
  496. What company have more real wrestling fans? TNA or WWE?
  497. Who would win a dream match?: Evolution vs The Four Horsemen?
  498. WWE: Who's the hottest current diva? And who's the hottest Attitude Era diva?
  499. Is this really Damien Sandow?
  500. Who will win in a real life fight between:Hornswoggle,Yoshi Tatsu and John Cena?