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  1. What is the second largest pro wrestling federation in America today?
  2. Louder ovation for Ring of Honor return: Samoa Joe or AJ Styles?
  3. How do you unlock the 08 ECW title on WWE 13?
  4. James Mitchell aka sinister minister or Paul Bearer who was a better manager?
  5. custom extreme rules match card please rate?
  6. is mark henry underrated?
  7. Is TNA's only competition ROH Wrestling?
  8. Wow, did The Rock avoid being booed tonight?
  9. Will The Undertaker appear tonight on Raw?
  10. Would you consider Pro Wrestling NOAH an Indy promotion in Japan?
  11. Why hasn't anyone posted videos of WM29 on YouTube?
  12. Is IWC like Paul Heyman?
  13. How did a rated-r superstar like Edge work for WWE during the pg era?
  14. Does wwe smackdown have cancer now? read below?
  15. When will WWE stop punishing Orton?
  16. Is WWE good at plssing off the IWC?
  17. Another Ole chant from the wwe fans....what is wwe waiting for?
  18. Who will John Cena face at the next PPV?
  19. Is WWE using Big E right?
  20. How angry would you be if Heath Slater ended The Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania?
  21. Is Triple H one of the greatest wrestlers ever?
  22. So the WWE kills the crowd with a tag team match?
  23. Should the WWE divas have there own royal rumble match at the pay per view like the men?
  24. Do you people seriously think kane is a better wrestler than D-Bryan?
  25. Who is better Vince Mcmahon or Paul Heyman?
  26. How could Vince let Alberto win last night? Doesn't vince care about us real americans?
  27. so? cena beats the rock! OMG! DOES THIS MEAN A THIRD MATCH NEXT YEAR?
  28. The Tombstone used to be a sure finisher.........but now everyone gets to kick out of it?
  29. Wrestling Section: Are you a Lucha Libre fan?
  30. If the WWE crowd chanted random stuff, why not chant TNA to show WWE needs to step up?
  31. How would you react if there is Cena vs Rock Part 3?
  32. Did The Rock cried and took his balls with him and went home?
  33. How angry would you be if Santino Marella ended The Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania?
  34. After WM29 which was BS, anyone thinking of switching to TNA full time?
  35. shouldn't undertakers streak be a lot higher then it is?
  36. Was this the suckiest Wrestlemania in the past 15 years?
  37. Wow! The WWE is giving Fandango a big push!?
  38. Hey guys did you know that Wrestling isn't real?
  39. exactly how?? did triple h defeat the monster brock lesnar?
  40. How many O's are there in a Ric Flair "Wooo(?)!"?
  41. Is tonights crowd great or what?
  42. The Shield vs Team Hell No & Taker at Extreme Rules?
  43. is John Cena bringing back the FACE thuganomics or his 05/06 edgy face gimmick?
  44. How angry would you be if Zack Ryder ended The Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania?
  45. Do you think WWE will be dumb enough to do Rock vs Cena 3 next year?
  46. Who will be Undertaker's final opponent at Wrestlemania 30?
  47. Is WWE consider a sell out right now?
  48. Why do niggas always complain no matter what WWE puts out?
  49. What happened to kennith cameron from nxt?
  50. Is CM Punk overrated?
  51. Why did the WWE pick The Rock to face John Cena at Wrestlemana and not some one better?
  52. Who should be blamed for Zack Ryder's decline?
  53. Who would win this match?
  54. Does Brock Lesnar have a passion for wrestling?
  55. WRESTLING : What is your theme song for WM 29 ----->?
  56. What did Teddy Long say when the kid insulted him?
  57. Is anybody surprised The Rock hasn't shown up once via satellite this year?
  58. What was Triple H's reaction when he found out Brock Lesnar will be on Raw tonight?
  59. How old were wrestlers Randy Orton and The Rock when they became the youngest WWE champions?
  60. Help! Girl won't stop hitting on my boyfriend?
  61. If you could choose your wrestling name what would it be?
  62. Where Are WWE Superstars Evan Bourne, Ezekiel Jackson & Ted Dibiase?
  63. Do you think that WrestleMania 29 will be the worst WrestleMania in history?
  64. Who's your least favorite RAW GM?
  65. Brock Lesnar returned the night after Wrestlmania last year who will it be this year?
  66. John Cena has confirmed he will leave wwe?
  67. Luke Skywalker vs Cody Rhodes @ WRESTLEMANIA?
  68. Who is your favorite WWE superstar?
  69. What was the final WWF Pay Per View?
  70. What do you think of my gimmick?
  71. Why do people still watch the WWE?
  72. How to buy WrestleMania 29 on DISH cable?
  73. Do you agree with Dolph Ziggler about part time wrestlers?
  74. What's next for Brock Lesnar?
  75. WWE - Dream Match?!?!?
  76. I the Peoples Champion say i will win at wrestlemania Who Thinks im right?
  77. WWE has a part time champ, Tna has a active champ, that shows WWE can't use talent?
  78. WWE - Dream Match?!?!?
  79. Why So Many WWF/WWE Wrestlers That Died, Died From A Heart Attack?
  80. Can someone please give me a link that has WWE Summerslam travel packages because I cannot find...
  81. Who sings "Somebody Call my Mama"?
  82. What do you think the Punk vs Taker build up would've been like if Paul Bearer haven't died?
  83. What genre or style of music is Chris Jericho's theme?
  84. Will The Rock receive an Attitude Adjustment at Rasslemania?
  85. Did WWE even put effort into the build up of WM 29?
  86. Who Is Your Favourite WWE Superstar?
  87. Do you think Ashley Massaro will ever return to WWE?
  88. KOTR Round 2 who will win?
  89. What Will be Your Reaction to CM Punk if he beats the undertaker?
  90. All deaths in CZW?? People who know what it is?
  91. Tna , aces and eights story getting boring now ?
  92. What wrestlemania match are you most looking forward to?
  93. Do you guys think Goldberg is coming back to WWE after WM 29?
  94. should i be a wwe superstar?
  95. if the anonamys gm was hornswoggle...?
  96. is eve torres in house shows on wwe?
  97. Are there any chances for Triple H,Undertaker or Rey Mysterio to retire this year?
  98. Why Does it feel like WWE Is Turning There Promise stars into Jobbers?
  99. if you could change any past main event what would it be?
  100. Is it just me or Undertaker streak is getting stale?
  101. Will Triple H lose and retire after Wrestlemania 29 or he will beat Brock Lesnar?
  102. Will Randy Orton Turn Heel At Wrestlemania 29?
  103. Will anyone else be pissed if Ryback beats Mark Henry?
  104. Do You Like It When Mark Henry Says "That's What I Do" .. !?
  105. Believe it or not, TNA can fit everything into 2 hours unlike RAW who has 3 hours?
  106. Who'd Win Dolph Ziggler vs The Rock vs John Cena For Wwe title?
  107. Why doesn't WWE have good quality wrestling matches?
  108. Did WWE go too far with the Droz storyline?
  109. Who is your best ever WWE & TNA wrestler?
  110. Why doesn't WWE care about wrestling anymore?
  111. What did Ric Flair say when he called 911?
  112. Which match are you looking forward to the most at WM 29?
  113. Do Yo Think The Big Show Should Turn Face?
  114. King of the Ring round 1 who will win?
  115. Is WWE the wrestling program for real?
  116. why are superstar like kane , khali overlooked now a days?
  117. What happened to Skip Sheffield?
  118. What makes you watch WWE?
  119. Will Batista Ever Return To WWE?
  120. WM SHOCKER! Cena Turns Heel, Joins Laurinaitis!?
  121. Who Do You Think Will Get The Upperhand On The Raw Before WrestleMania 29 .. !?
  122. Which Is Better .. The People's Elbow Or The 5 Knuckle Shuffle .. !?
  123. Do you think John Cena the Dr. of Thuganomics should return at WrestleMania 29?
  124. Why hasn't Paul Bearer been involved in the Punk Vs Taker feud?
  125. Does Denver deserve a pay per view?
  126. Would WWE fans ever accept an openly gay wrestler?
  127. Should people take the wrestling section less seriously?
  128. Why does John Cena use illuminati signs?
  129. Your thoughts on a possible CM Punk taking time off with WWE after WrestleMania 29?
  130. Who would win in a fight, Bruce Lee(1972) or Brock Lesnar(2010)?
  131. Should Randy orton Turn Heel or stay Face After Wrestlemania 29?
  132. Where Can I Watch WWE Wrestlemania 29?
  133. 3 Most Asked in WS: When will Dolph cash, Cena almost heel, punk will win?
  134. Was this Reid Flair's only appearance on Nitro?
  135. Who was the better Pro Wrestler? Tully Blanchard, the late Eddie Gilbert, or the late Brian Pillman?
  136. Do you think CM Punk will break the streak?
  137. How to win a wrestle match against sister?
  138. Do You Think The Rock Will Try And Do A 5 Knuckle Shuffle At Wrestlemania 29 .. !?
  139. Are you amazed Ricardo's broken ankle is already heal?
  140. What are your thoughts on the opening of tonights WWE friday night smackdown?
  141. Helooooo...recently my sister has intorduced me to the world of wrestling and I want to no more
  142. will ric flair ever win the wwe title again?
  143. people john cena is turning heel?
  144. who would have won between andre and ric?
  145. If I become a WWE wrestlers, would I have success with kids?
  146. How would Chris Jericho feel if NJPW bought Super Liger back?
  147. Will The Rock will leave WWE again after Wrestlemania 29?
  148. Who will wake up with another W on April 8th?
  149. Did The Rock not knowing who John Laurenitis is prove he doesn't watch WWE?
  150. What do you think of JBL saying The Rock is going to face one of the best of all time in John Cena?
  151. what were dusty rhodes, million dollar guy, and rowdy roddy piper like during their careers?
  152. Does anyone find JBL trys too hard to be funny?
  153. what would happen Lebron James & Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.......?
  154. What do we want on WWE2K14 ?
  155. wrestling fans! who would win these REAL FIGHTS?
  156. What are your thoughts on Brock Lesnar's current run in WWE?
  157. Any sportbars showing wrestlemania 29 in nyc?
  158. WILL the rock kick cena's candy ass? make him eat fruity pebbles?
  159. Who's the best manager? Bobby Heenan or Paul Heyman?
  160. Am I the only one who feels upset that HHH might retire?
  161. If Vince lets Alubrto win at Wrestlemana does that mean Vince supports illegal mexicans
  162. who is your favorite ecw wrestler?
  163. Paul Heyman's ego vs Hulk Hogan's ego. Who wins?
  164. Is here filled with mostly WWE marks?
  165. How old is Alberto Del Rio?
  166. Why the hate on sin cara?
  167. Are Alburto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez married to each other?
  168. Is Ryback mentally challenged?
  169. Did this 4 on 4 mixed tag match ruin Cody Rhodes face turn?
  170. Would you like to say Sheamus vs Orton at Extreme Rules?
  171. Do you think Randy Orton will turn heel at WM?
  172. What are your thoughts on last night's friday night smackdown?
  173. Who had a better career: Shawn Michaels or Kevin Nash?
  174. Don't You Just Love It When The Rock Says Never .. AND THE ROCK MEANS EVER .. !?
  175. Are You Looking Forward To Ryback vs Mark Henry In A Weight Lifting Contest .. !?
  176. Ryback Beat The Record .. Mark Henry Is Just A Sore Loser .. !?
  177. Why Doesn't John Cena Be On Smackdown Whilst The Rock Does .. !?
  178. Do You Think Ryback Will Become A Big Star In The Wwe .. !?
  179. Does It Feel Like There Is Only 9 Days Left Until WrestleMania .. !?
  180. Do You Think Ryback Can Give A Shellshock To Mark Henry .. !?
  181. Who Do You Think Will Be Wwe Champion Heading Into Wrestlemania 30 .. !?
  182. Who is the better General Manager, Vickie Guerrero or Booker T?
  183. Where do you want to see Randy orton in the next few months?
  184. thank god people power has returned....what are your thoughts on Mr.Excitement returning?
  185. Is it just me or is it that all 3 ROH/WWE/TNA are doing group story lines as of 2012-2013?
  186. Perfect manager for the shield?
  187. Paul Heyman is the best manger to ever live but why do people dislike him?
  188. I'm a girl and I like watching WWE?
  189. WWE Breaking News! John Cena is behind the shield?
  190. Who would win in a WWE match? 3rd Round?
  191. Why are Cena fans hypocrites?
  192. how did ric flairs son die?
  193. what was andre the giants greatest weight?
  194. wrestling menia 29 taker's easiest match ever?
  195. Do you know who actually is ruining tna?
  196. What's wrong with Jim Ross's mouth?
  197. Is there any chance WWE won't be so predictable and Rock will WIN instead of lose?
  198. No one really comes on here when smackdown is on tv cuz it already aired beforehand?
  199. Did Shawn Michaels invent the sweet chin music during a match or a promo?
  200. Is mr. mcmahon ever going to get the guts to bring the attitude era back?
  201. What are your thoughts about the challage between Mark Henry & Ryback tonight on friday night...
  202. Wwe stuff only one question?
  203. Will WWE ever recognize Drew McIntyre's unlimited potential?
  204. why did WWF/WWE end the attitude era?
  205. Would you like to see RKO added to the Alberto Del Rio match?
  206. Where do wrestlers get the money to start their own promotion?
  207. If TNA is having hardcore matches than why can't WWE PG have hardcore matches?
  208. Were you surprised Taz called Jeff Hardy's fans kids not creatures of the night?
  209. Did you like Taz's nickname for Garrett Bischoff?
  210. When Taryn Terrell said that she could get physical with anybody she wanted was that Todd...
  211. Was Hernandez lifting both Kaz and Christopher Daniels more impressive then Ryback lifting two
  212. Why the heck didn't AJ Styles try to help out James Storm against Aces and Eights?
  213. Does Taryn Terrell regret becoming a Knockout after Gail Kim and Tara beat her up?
  214. If you were AJ Styles what option would you choose that James Storm gave you, drink beer or fight?
  215. Do you think Taryn Terrell gets paid more as a Knockout rather than as a referee?
  216. If you were Impact Wrestling GM Hulk Hogan, would you listen to Sting or completely ignore
  217. Do you applaud Mike Tenay for trying to balance the TNA commentary?
  218. Would WWE buying T In A be worth it?
  219. What do you think of Jeff Hardy choosing a Full Metal Mayhem match?
  220. Do you agree with Mr. Anderson, does Jeff Hardy keep getting shot after shot because he sells...
  221. Who do you want to return at wrestlemania 29?
  222. Could you kick Undertaker's ass?
  223. Wrestlemania 30 main event?
  224. Creatures, would you feel let down if Jeff Hardy doesn't get his TNA title back from Bully Ray...
  225. Is Booker T a good General Manager? Who Would you prefer To Be GM?
  226. Reid Flair dead at 25?
  227. Would you be more scared to face the Undertaker at WM or fight Mike Tyson from the '80's?
  228. Why Did Vince Choose John Cena to be "The Face" Of The WWE?
  229. Should I, Sheamus, dye my hair, so the other wrestlers will stop making fun of me?
  230. What do you think of Extreme Rising?
  231. Santino Marella..................?
  232. Am I, Sheamus, a bad wrestler?
  233. Who's going to win at Wrestlemania?
  234. Tonight is Friday Night Wars, Are you ready?
  235. Which wwe era you like most from these?
  236. weird observation WWE is like a human?
  237. Which wwe raw or smackdown general manager you liked most?
  238. Who would win in a WWE match? 2nd Round.?
  239. Undertaker and Cain velasquez vs Brock Lesnar and John Cena. No holds barred.?
  240. Who are these WWE wrestlers?
  241. What is WWE Drew McIntyre's real name?
  242. What is WWE Sheamus' real name?
  243. Why can't I understand WWE Drew McIntyre when he talks?
  244. Which one is WWE Sheamus' real name?
  245. Why can't I understand WWE Sheamus when he talks?
  246. Which WWE wrestler would you date: Sheamus or Drew McIntyre?
  247. Which one is WWE Drew McIntyre's real name?
  248. TNA puts on a better show than all 7 shows that WWE has right?
  249. How do you pronounce WWE Drew McIntyre's name?
  250. Is WWE Drew McIntyre really Scottish?
  251. Are WWE Sheamus and Drew McIntyre related?
  252. What are these WWE wrestlers' real names (first+middle+last+nickname)?
  253. Wholy crap! Adam Pearce in tna wrestling?
  254. Who do you think will win the gut check match next thursday?
  255. Do You Remember When The Rock Said "I Am Never Ever Going Away" .. !?
  256. Are You Ready For The Rock To Return To His Show .. The Premiere Show .. Smackdown .. !?
  257. True/False: You Look Forward To The Raw After Wrestlemania As Much As Wrestlemania Itself .. !?
  258. how much do WWE wrestlers earn/year?
  259. What are your thoughts about this wrestling video game called WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain
  260. What if the Undertaker........?
  261. OMG Wrestlemania is cancelled details inside?
  262. Cody Rhodes or Val Venis?
  263. Cody Rhodes or Val Venis?
  264. How do u become hall of famer?
  265. Do you believe this about Aces and Eights?
  266. Will Phil Brooks be the one?
  267. Which monday night wrestling shows do you used to watch back in the day?
  268. Is Vince McMahon racist?
  269. Weightlifting Contest: Mark Henry vs. Big E Langston?
  270. Are "WWE Main Event" live tickets cheaper than Raw and Smackdown? What about Saturday Morning Slam?
  271. Would You like to see the Match - Goldberg And The Undertaker VS The Shields? WHO WILL WIN?
  272. Dolph Ziggler vs. Brock Lesnar?
  273. Who would you like to see face Taiji Ishimori and Naomichi Marufuji at ROH Border Wars?
  274. How would you differentiate a excellent wrestling match,and a 5 star wrestling match?
  275. Is Miami losing a sign of undertakers streak ending?
  276. Is TNA just another WCW, does it even compare?
  277. Why do people not know the answer to "Who'd win"?
  278. Do you think cheering and supporting heels is cool?
  279. WWE QUIZ THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  280. What would you do if cm punk breaks the streak?
  281. You do know that Alberto Del Rio is the first Mexican WWE champion and not Eddie Guerrero, right?
  282. Did Vince McMahon only induct one incarnation of the Four Horsemen to avoid putting Chris
  283. What do you think about the Ku Klux Klan wrestling stable(includes pictures)?
  284. Should I wrestle when I go to high school?
  285. Shouldn't the Four Horsemen have been the Five Horsemen?
  286. The rock is going to retain his wwe champion ship?
  287. whos excited to see a rematch between Cena and Rock at wrestlemania 30?
  288. Who do you want to win at Wrestlemana 29 Brock Lesnar or Triple H?
  289. Who do you want to win at Wrestlemana 29 The Rock or John Cena?
  290. Who do you want to win at Wrestlemana 29 Undertaker or CM Punk?
  291. When will The Rock and John Cena stop hogging the spotlight?
  292. What are your thoughts about this wrestling video game called WWF No Mercy (N64)?
  293. B B King vs Wilfred Brimley in an insulin on a pole match. Who wins?
  294. How do you unlock the X-Pac storyline on WWE 13?
  295. what do uou thin about mu next sumerslam maint event?
  296. Which wwe wrestler or diva theme song you like most?
  297. Do you think Vince McMahon will do another "fake death" angle?
  298. Should Ryback Win The Wwe Title After WrestleMania 29 .. !?
  299. Whats going on with Sarah right now? (Undertaker's EX Wife) Why did he marry Michelle Mccool?
  300. What are your thoughts about this wrestling video game called Fire Pro Wrestling Returns?
  301. Does it annoy you when Cena takes off his shirt looking for a fight acting like he tough guy?
  302. Who would you like to become champions in the WWE?
  303. Michael Jordan vs The Undertaker both in their prime. Who wins?
  304. Do some people abuse yahoo answers. Specifically the wrestling section?
  305. Why do people still defend Chris Benoit?
  306. Does Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels go hunting together?
  307. Has there ever been a retarded wrestler?
  308. What are your thoughts on the new evolve championship design(picture included)?
  309. what Possible Explanations for John Laurinaitis Return on SmackDown?
  310. Does Chris Benoit's wrestling legacy make up for his final days?
  311. who y d like win and why: Ryback or mark Henry?
  312. Which wrestlemania do you prefer: 17 or 19?
  313. So is marky marks finally going to turn heel?
  314. was john cena ever a heel?
  315. Could you see this happening with The Rock and Cena?
  316. What are the chances for these matches happening at WrestleMania 30, who wins and how would tey be?
  317. More Wrestlemania 29 match?
  318. who you expect being the future of WWE ?
  319. Top 10 most underrated superstars in the wwe?
  320. Which wrestler do you want to see as a wwe champion in 2013-2014?
  321. Why did Hitman bury the hatchet with HBk all of a sudden?
  322. Favorite Wrestlers of all time?
  323. Is this possible in the HHH vs Lesnar match?
  324. Can A girl join wrestling?
  325. Your thoughts on Justin Gabriel?
  326. the anniversary for wrestlemaina is approaching?
  327. Who is stronger.....?
  328. Should Terry Funk and Mick Foley have an impromptu match at the HOF Ceremony?
  329. Are ppvs worth paying for?
  330. WWE '12 HELP PLEASE!?
  331. What do you guys think of the tag team name of Brodus Clay and Sweet T?
  332. Is Booker T under-rated by fans?
  333. Do dogs care if you pee on them?
  334. Just announced: 4 on 4 mixed tag match?
  335. I'm gonna be asking questions of any category in this section to keep my TC badge, so +WQ?
  336. Rank the WrestleMania matches by which one you want to see the most?
  337. Just announced: Barrett vs Miz for the IC title?
  338. Does Cesaro not know he sounds retarded when he yodels?
  339. Does Fandango currently get the most heat in WWE?
  340. Is there anyone who seriously thinks Cesaro has a better chance of being a Hall of Famer than Kane?
  341. How Impressive Has Ryback Been Lately .. !?
  342. Which WWE Diva is better looking in your opinion: Torrie Wilson or Candice Michelle?
  343. Are CM Punk's Best Days Behind Him .. !?
  344. Which wrestling game do you prefer more: Smackdown vs Raw 2010 or WWE 13?
  345. Am I good enough to be in WWE one day (video inside)?
  346. Is WWE writers running out of ideas so they have to use real life problems as story line?
  347. If John Cena is so nice, why do everyone say he's a "bad" wrestler?
  348. When will Dolph Ziggler cash in his money in the bank contract?
  349. When was Bret Hart put in the WWE Hall of Fame? What Year?
  350. What's left for john cena?
  351. What is better TNA or WWE?
  352. Wrestlemania 30 double main events....Brock vs Rock and Cena vs 'Taker?
  353. Why do people keep stats about themselves in the wrestling section as if it matters who gave you a..
  354. Is wwe wrestling real or fake?
  355. Why were the fans being so mean to cena monday night?
  356. Who is the best WWE Diva of all time?
  357. what is your opinion on Jack Swaggers recent actions on wwe raw and smack down?
  358. How did I beat my boyfriend on arm wrestling ?
  359. Can someone please tell me who this wrestler is?
  360. Is Killer Kowalski still training wrestlers?
  361. Why was Cena being a little pssy saying The Rock didn't beat me and saying he's better than Rock?
  362. CM Punk is the only one making WWE worth watchable, anyone else agree?
  363. Would watch Monday Night Raw the night after Wrestlemania if........?
  364. Did Smackdown already reach the 1000 episodes like RAW if yes when was it if no when will be it?
  365. do you think wrestler deaths led to the pg era or was it all on Linda Mcmahon after
  366. Is the wwe 100% reality show?
  367. Create a dream royal rumble match ( 30 men)?
  368. should i go back to playing my SVR WWE universe mode?
  369. Which current wwe wrestlera are friends in real lif BQ?
  370. I trained, said my prayers,and took my vitamins,but don't have 24 inch pythons. What am I doing
  371. Do You Think Cm Punk Has Done Enough To Urn Himself A WrestleMania Match With The Undertaker .. !?
  372. Wrestling: How would you describe the Richards/Edwards matches from ROH?
  373. Who is your..........?
  374. Don't you find this hilarious? + BQ?
  375. will Rock or Cena turn heel at WM?
  376. What are some good wrestling themes for a girl ( not used or old songs )?
  377. What are some good wrestling themes for a girl ( not used or old songs )?
  378. Why did WWE get rid of Trent Barreta ?
  379. Who will bully ray face at the next ppv?
  380. Swimming in wrestling/jiu jitsu?
  381. 15 Man Battle Royale - 1st Round?
  382. WWE Fans, did John Cena gets booed by the WWE Fans on WWE?
  383. What are your thoughts on last night's monday night raw?
  384. Can we have a future triple h vs wade barrett feud?
  385. What's TNA's version of Wrestlemania?
  386. Who Do You Want To Win At Wrestlemania 29 .. !?
  387. Are WWE Events fun (Going to SMACKDOWN tonight)?
  388. what caused the ruthless agression era to be slowed down and stopped into wwe pg universe?
  389. Can a WWE rookie become the face of the company?
  390. how many heart attacks did eddie guerero have in the ring BQ did benoit snap becasue of eddie?
  391. Do you think Yoshi tatsu will ever get anywhere in wwe?
  392. Can someone explain Raw to me?....?
  393. True ! in WWE if you want be pushed, you have to pay bookers to do a good fued for you?
  394. Could a Rock Win Lead to a Huge Turn for John Cena?
  395. Ways The Miz Has Failed as a Babyface?
  396. Agree or Disagree: WrestleMania should be held in March, not April.?
  397. Do you think WWE will push Fandango to be a top heel for the future?
  398. What will The Rock do in the WWE after WrestleMania 29?
  399. When was the last time someone's career wasn't on the line at Wrestlemania?
  400. What was the last thing WWE did that really kept you on the edge of your seat?
  401. What did you guys think of the debate with the Rock n Cena?
  402. Do you miss Eve Torres?
  403. Why did Jack Swagger steal Kurt Angle's Ankle Lock and Olympic Slam?
  404. Do you think PG Road to Wrestlemania Promos are boring and less physical?
  405. Is The Rock no longer funny anymore or are the writers forcing him to be more serious and not funny?
  406. Do you think The Rock and Cena will hang out together in Philly and grab some Philly cheeseteaks?
  407. Who do you think would win between Sheamus vs Cm Punk if they had a match on Monday Night Raw Today?
  408. What channel does WWE Superstars come on?
  409. Are beats worth the price tag?
  410. Did you lose respect for Mick Foley when he said he is a John Cena fan?
  411. Are you surprised Damian Sandow is hanging around the Bella twins since they aren't smart?
  412. If the Bella twins are such fans of hair why don't they like Jerry Lawler's back?
  413. Which one of the five legends did you think asked the best question in the Q and A?
  414. Do you agree with Jerry Lawler is Seth Rollins is the most vicious member of The Shield?
  415. Which Woman would you rather play video games with AJ Lee or Velvet Sky?
  416. Why does John Cena say he hasn't won the big one?
  417. Name some dream matches that u like to see at wrestlemania ?
  418. Were you surprised the five legends didn't move when The Rock and John Cena fought?
  419. What do you think of Michael Cole saying he tried to go out with AJ Lee?
  420. Would C P Munk gain anything by beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania (Plus BQ)?
  421. Are IWC the smarter and better than WWE wrestling fans?
  422. Which WWE wrestler has the most ignorant and obnoxious fan base?
  423. Is AJ Lee's rear end a "10"?
  424. Who is the greatest African American WWE wrestler of all time?
  425. The Rock vs John cena, who will win?
  426. Who would win in a WWE 6 man tag the Shield vs 3MB?
  427. What do you guys think of The Miz new finisher: the Figure 4 Leglock?
  428. Wwe greastest finishers of al time?
  429. has big show turned into face? or good guy? or still feuding with sheamus?
  430. Who else thinks Wrestlemania is not worth watching this year?
  431. Your thoughts on what happen between rock and cena monday?
  432. wwe fans what match are you all looking foward to the most at wm 28?
  433. Should Raw bring back the guest hosts?
  434. Haha who else loved the ending of Raw?
  435. Who's going to win at Wrestlemania?
  436. If you were Bret Hart would you come back to the WWE?
  437. Who is the greatest WWE wrestler that never won the WWE title?
  438. how did Cameron and Naomi grow up watching the bella's when..?
  439. Last episode of Smackdown ?
  440. Could somebody please...?
  441. Will the Aces and Eights be the downfall of TNA Wrestling?
  442. Do you think the weight lifting competition between ryback and mark henry will actually happen?
  443. WWE: After Rocks and john cena segment last night on Monday night raw i came to this
  444. 5 legends (Booker T,Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Lawler) in the ring at the same...
  445. Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee at Wrestlemania?
  446. Does Cena know what he is saying?
  447. Would the Rock be a better champion if he wrestled more?
  448. If WWE monday night raw is live then what happens when they go to commericals?
  449. Where is this "International Wrestling Community"?
  450. Am i in a good shape for wrestling?
  451. Are you going to buy Sandow's robe?
  452. Guys i'm watching RAW and what do you think:it have any chance of Randy Orton and
  453. Going to WWE Live Event Alone?
  454. How come the IWC dislikes Rey Mysterio so much?
  455. Why did triple h hit cheaply at wade barret, triple h should realise that wade barrett will
  456. Who will win in a real fight between wade barrett and triple h?
  457. Is everyone forgetting Fandango is Johnny Curtis?
  458. Whose the bttch who comes out with Fandango?
  459. Why are they using the Uso's to job, they should get a bigger push?
  460. I'm the guy wearing the black "We Hate Cena" shirt?
  461. Have you ever tried watermelon juice?
  462. HBK or Hitman, who was the better man?
  463. Whose the best wrestler today?
  464. WWE FANS: When will aj lee betray dolph ziggler and who is she going to leave him for?
  465. What are your thoughts on Ziggler facing Y2J tonight on monday night raw?
  466. Will Wrestlemania 29 be Worth watching this year?
  467. What are some funny/interesting signs you've seen fans hold?
  468. Which underfeated streak was ended worst, Goldberg or Ryback?
  469. Does Undertaker still have it?
  470. can Vince Mac beat Dana White?
  471. what do you think ifWWE create division just for divas?
  472. Will Fandango beat Y2j at WM 29 ?
  473. anyone like randy Orton as a Babyface?
  474. Is John Cena really a bad guy in real life?
  475. if a day Stephanie McMahon learns that Triple H had an affair with an affair with some
  476. Do you think HHH will ever retire?
  477. why cant there be this stipulation match?
  478. when are these wrestlers going to retire?
  479. Should The Rock Stay WWE Champion After Wrestlemania 29?
  480. will any PPV ever come to Ohio!@?
  481. why does Fandango get to go to WrestleMania when...?
  482. Who is better the Rock, or Cena & y?
  483. Dolph Ziggler will walk out of WrestleMania with the World HeavyWeight belt AND Tag Team belt?
  484. I missed a couple wwe shows.. why is big show with orton&sheamus?
  485. how would you feel if the shield took over the wrestlemania 29 main event?
  486. What are your thoughts about these WWE video game series?
  487. Whats funny is how they are hyping rock vs cena like its the first time its happening?
  488. Who's your fav WWE superstar?
  489. Best John Morrison moment?
  490. What are your thoughts on another Alberto Del Rio vs Antonio match?
  491. Do you think CM PUNK is going to beat THE UNDERTAKER?
  492. did you know rock will defeat cena at wm?
  493. do you like the rock?
  494. do you hate the rock?
  495. do u think the rcok is funny?
  496. Why does PWG love Kevin Steen so much?
  497. what are your thoughts on Colt Cabana's wrestlemania debut?
  498. What did you think about Fandango saying his own name wrong?
  499. Who has a better theme Mil Mascaras or Ultimo Dragon(videos included)?
  500. after wrestlemania, would it be wise for undertaker, triple h to retire for good?