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  1. Is it selfish?????????????
  2. Which move does more injury to the opponent?
  3. Should Ryback be given a manager?
  4. Did you find it funny when Ryback said "Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up"?
  5. Where was Cameron, Alicia Fox, Natayla, and Rosa?
  6. Did AJ Lee name Dolph Ziggler Zigglypuff because Dolph Ziggler puts her and people to sleep?
  7. What do you think of this storyline I have come up with in regards to the shield?
  8. Do you find youself even today mindlessly repeating "WCW/nWo, WCW/nWo, WCW/nWo" to yourself?
  10. Who has a uglier tattoo Ultramantis Black or Icarus?
  11. Wrestling fans, do you know someone like this?
  12. How funny was it when Jerry Lawler said "Nice outfit can I talk you out of it"?
  13. Wouldn't this be a great match!?
  14. John Cena vs Edge or John Cena vs Randy Orton which rivalry was better in your opinion and why?
  15. Why does Cena call Ryback "The Ryback"?
  16. who is the best wrestler of all time?
  17. Ryback is right isn't he?
  18. hey playas how awesome was it to see tha undatakah return to raw in a tag team match non the less?
  19. who is the best wrestler of the 90s?
  20. Everyone can you say with me Happy 36th birthday to (04/23/13) WWE Superstar John Felix
  21. Is John Cena the only wrestler to lose his debut match?
  22. Why does Mick Foley keep coming back to get in other people's business?
  23. The Undertaker vs. The Shield at SummerSlam 2013 or WrestleMania XXX?
  24. Why was that battle royal not over the top rope?
  25. What did you think of Ryback's mic skills this Monday?
  26. Were the Brothers of Destruction not that destructive tonight?
  27. Do you think Ryback has good mic skills?
  28. WWE 12man tag team winner?
  29. Why could Undertaker not win tonight?
  30. Why don't people like Jerry Lawler's jokes if they're better than JBL's?
  31. Is it true that Cena was begging Vince to turn him heel but Vince kept saying no?
  32. Is that how Ryback really talks or does he make that voice?
  33. who is the best technical wrestler of the 90s?
  34. Kurt angle vs Daniel Bryan?
  35. Who's going to win at Extreme Rules, Skip or Cena?
  36. Kurt angle vs Daniel Bryan?
  37. Who's going to win at Extreme Rules, Skip or Cena?
  38. who is the best technical wrestler of the 90s?
  39. Is that how Ryback really talks or does he make that voice?
  40. which team is better? Aces and eights or the shield?
  41. The Undertaker vs Daniel Bryan - The winner gets Kane as their tag team partner!?
  42. WWE: How long do you think they'll run Ryback as a heel?
  43. When AJ jumped into the arms of Tamina?
  44. Does Mick Foley come back to the WWE to sell DVD's?
  45. Anyone else tired of WWE using legends to give Cena cheap pops?
  46. who is better kurt angle or y2j?
  47. Do you GUYS think a HS female wrestler is hot?
  48. I heard that wwe is looking for 4th member of the shield, who can it be and will he be leader ir
  49. Would you do it with kaitlyn?
  50. who has the greatest entrance song in WWE?
  51. Do you think Ryback should be a new member of The Shield?
  52. Do you wish you were in Boston today?
  53. Is it me, or did the Brisco Steen match outdo every match in Wrestlemania 29 ?
  54. Other than the Brooklyn Brawler,who is the best jobber to never win a championship?
  55. Did CM Punk officially retire from WWE?
  56. Is Magno of TNA better than WWE Sin Cara?
  57. Anyone know where this Booker T/Teddy Long angle is going ?
  58. How dumb does the WWE really think we are?
  59. How would you react if the leader behind The Shield was?
  60. why did wwe have a spot monkey like kofi beat a real wrestler like Antonio cesaro for the us title?
  61. why did gut check choose that guy who botched three times over the talented adam pearce?
  62. Where is RAW live from tonight?
  63. Raw is boring, the crowd has spoken?
  64. Name a list of wrestlers that you want Vince to fire and join TNA?
  65. Why does mark henry keep attacking sheamus?!?
  66. Woah did Nikki Bella get a bewb Job?
  67. Wasn't those boring chants for Cena, not Ryback?
  68. why do fans hate team hell no for no reason?
  69. are wes briscoe and garrett bischoff punks?
  70. Who else loved what Sheamus had to say?
  71. Do you think Taylor Wilde will ever come back to TNA?
  72. Will Ryback be champion by the end of the year?
  73. wwe superstars billed from?
  74. Does Dolph Ziggler remind anyone else of Mr. A** Billy Gunn?
  75. Wade Barrett loses.....Really?!?
  76. So there was a bomb in Boston? What happened, anyone die?
  77. Is AJ Lee a good luck charm?
  78. Feast or Famine with Cesaro?
  79. What Divas were faces in early 2012?
  80. What's a gimmick match?
  81. Did you know JTG has been enhancement talent for 7years now?
  82. How much does it cost on average to attend wrestlemania?
  83. Why do WWE only fans have no class?
  84. Raw's Main event or Tna's main evet what was better this week?
  85. What state has the best wrestling in high school?
  86. When was the last Ron Simmons "Damn" segment?
  87. The reported main event of Extreme Rules is Brock Lesnar vs HHHH,thoughts?
  88. Is the women's division in wrestling dead?
  89. Who here would get turned on every time trish stratus came on tv?
  90. Do You Think Its Sad How WWE Doesnt Have Enough Stars Who Can Draw?
  91. Favorite entrance right now?
  92. Wwe Fans: Which Of These Were Louder .. !?
  93. real fight: Brock Lesnar vs Ronnie from jersey shore?
  94. What are the Wrestling programs that are available for you on TV?
  95. Does anyone see Fandango having a big career in WWE?
  96. Should I start watching Lucha Libre Feds full-time?
  97. what if triple h spanked Stephanie in the ring?
  98. Were You Impressed With The Rock At WrestleMania 29 .. !?
  99. If you were head of WWE, how would you?? (Be creative)?
  100. Is an moonsault basically you jumping up then going into a bridge and landing on your stomach?
  101. Tag Team Tournament to determine greatest tag team semi finals?
  102. How do we get this old Kane back?
  103. THQ R.I.P. A New Age Begins? (2 Questions At The Bottom)?
  104. Could The Rock possibly fail a wellness policy test if he were to take a test right now?
  105. Did the crowd reaction for Ziggler walking down to cash in his MIB contract made you feel...
  106. Why can T In A not compete the way W See W did?
  107. Other than Chris Benoit,who is the most controversial wrestler of all the times?
  108. What cities do you think are great for WWE pay per views?
  109. Did WWE already give up on Bo Dallas?
  110. who's stronger: Mark Henry or Big E Langston?
  111. Should TNA just give up and file for bankruptcy?
  112. What would you do if WWE said Undertaker was in a coma on tv,but then he appeared at a UFC event?
  113. was WrestleMania 29 too predictable?
  114. Anybody know when WWE are going to bring in the next class of NXT talent?
  115. Does matt hardy still use the twist of fate in ring of honer?
  116. Why is Bryan Danielson such a jabroni?
  117. Do You think we will Ever See Batista vs The Rock?
  118. WWE 13 - I never hear any chants?
  119. Do you think wwe will just get rid of the divas division?
  120. Who would win in a real fight Big Show or Yoshihiro Takayama?
  121. Why do the wrestlers and referees go crazy everytime a fan jumps over the barricade?
  122. Extreme Rules 2013 predictions?
  123. Where can I find a wrestler's autograph?
  124. Should the WWE revamp their championships...?
  125. Why every year people predict the The Undertaker will lose and every year The Undertaker wins? LOL!?
  126. What is Mick Foley's most recent match?
  127. Who is this woman wrestler?
  128. WS: I need your help..?
  129. What were the best Divas feuds in the WWE?
  130. Why did WWE on Raw have a vote on who was going to face the Big Show?
  131. What is the difference between "fake" and scripted?
  132. is wade barrett the coolest or what?
  133. Why would Big Shows "Iron Clad" contract be in any danger because of Booker T?
  134. If Booker T has more power then Vickie on Raw, then why doesn't he just take over Raw?
  135. Whats going on with the WWE Referees?
  136. Why does Antonio Cesaro keep getting buried by everyone?
  137. who is better: john cena or the rock?
  138. How does "Oz The Great And Powerful" relate to "Wizard of Oz"?
  139. now: mark henry and ryback bith bench pressed 225 for 53 reps so 1. is ryback stronger?
  140. Is wrestling real or fake? Is Cena WWE version of Barney? WWE or TNA? Favorite wrestler?
  141. Will Booker T wrestle again?
  142. Has the booking for Ryback been good or bad?
  143. Is Big E Langston, Dolph Ziggler's boyfriend?
  144. Which of the following Wrestlers are jerks and which are nice guys?
  145. Who will face bully ray for the title next?
  146. Does anyone else sense a battle rap between John Cena and rapper Ray J?
  147. What if WWE actually goes TV-G?
  148. I said, I will win in WWE PPV WrestleMania. I did just that.?
  149. christy hemme on looks alone?
  150. Who's the biggest botch maniac at this point in WWE?
  151. Can A MITB Briefcase Holder Decide A Stipulation For The Match When Cashing In .. !?
  152. Who's played Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth?
  153. What is the WWE???????????
  154. Singing Fandango's Theme Or "Feed Me More" .. !?
  155. How did the term "Sports Entertainment" come about?
  156. Anyone here a Dolphin?
  157. Whose more opinionated as a commentator Mike Tenay or JBL?
  158. Who calls out their superstar better Ricardo Rodriguez or Big E. Langston?
  159. When were Cena and Miz tag team champions together?
  160. What wrestling company do you see being the largest in size in the next five to six years?
  161. Is it always a smart idea when wrestling Feds merge together to form one promotion?
  162. Would you consider UFC being more of a threat to WWE than TNA and TCW?
  163. If you had enough finances, would you invest money into a Pro Wrestling company or Sports
  164. Bruce Campbell Evil Dead..?
  165. Will CM Punk eventually main event a Wrestlemania? Your thoughts?
  166. How do you do a moonsault on a bed/ or grass?
  167. Would this be a Good Tag Team?
  168. Are you like me - I can't help but thinking that the wrong guy won the Brock Lesnar -
  169. who else is 15 and wants to be a wwe super star when older?
  170. who is better cena or orton?
  171. Is Triple H going to be on Raw April 15th?
  172. Bring back hollywood rock next time vince?
  173. is it going to be Mark Henry and Big Show vs Randy and Sheamus?
  174. is Mark Henry forming an aliance with The Big Show?
  175. Tag Team Tournament to determine greatest tag team ever round 3?
  176. What's better WWE or TNA?
  177. did you see me beat daniel bryan on sesame street I mean uh Saturday slam this morning?
  178. Do you like Brad Maddox?
  179. Who should be Dolph Ziggler's opponent?
  180. Ziggler vs Swagger at Extreme Rules or a triple threat with Alberto?
  181. Am I the only WWE fan that thinks that AJ will screw Dolph of the title?
  182. Why do you think Triple H peed his pants?
  183. would you want to see Vince Mcmahon wrestle at WM30?
  184. Should WWE promote hardcore matches?
  185. Why did Booker T make such an unfair match?
  186. Who Do You Think Is Better Overall .. CM Punk Or Daniel Bryan .. !?
  187. Do you think TNA will ever be a threat to the WWE?
  188. finally uploads the alternate belt designs?
  189. Is Shawn Michaels sang Sexy Boys ( Song ) in wwe/wwf ?
  190. Im playing WWE 13 , im making a tag team entrance and is says single entrance on or off...
  191. Can someone please help me with this match in wwe 13? please read.?
  192. What band does this old Tamina Snuka theme song? ( I added the link to the song ) 10 points if...
  193. Is Big Show better as heel or face?
  194. Who should Brock Lesnar destroy next?
  195. what is up with Teddy Long and his disrespect for Booker T? is he jealous?
  196. WM29 OR Royal Rumble 2013?
  197. So What Was the Point in Triple H Being There on SmackDown?
  198. What do u like better: WWE or WWF?
  199. Poll: WM29 or last monday night RAW?
  200. What are your thoughts on last night friday night smackdown?
  201. What are your thoughts on Batista wanting to come back to WWE?
  202. What Do You Think Of These Alternative Wwe Title Designs .. !?
  203. Is Undertaker going to be the one to stop the Shield?
  204. Does Vince tell Michael Cole and King what to say on commentary?
  205. Are wwe results already decided?
  206. Were You Suprised That Ryback Was Able To Lift Mark Henry For The Shell-Shock .. !?
  207. Ryback or John Cena (WWE)?
  208. Who was your favorite wwe diva of alltime?
  209. Anyone think wwe made a mistake turning ryback heel?
  210. Is it easy to break your neck doing handstand? want to do that kinda thng bt scared,advice pls?
  211. Do you wanna see another Y2J vs Ziggler match?
  212. Should Zeb Colter single out Kofi Kingston for not being an real american?
  213. WS are links to see taker vs punk or lesner vs hhh or cena vs rock not up yet?
  214. Who would you rather the Sheild face HHH,HBK, & X-Pac or Brothers of destruction & DB?
  215. Fantasy wrestling - world tournament (1991)?
  216. Terryn Terrel or Velvet sky? BQ pic your favorite knockouts on tna or whod would like to return too?
  217. When is Christian returning to WWE?
  218. Will we see The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30?
  219. Fandango or Goldust & why?
  220. A new rivalry fella????????
  221. WWE Edge fans help plz?
  222. Hello everybody who do you guys think is better John cena or the rocklets just say John cena is the
  223. Who are the top 10,most effective submission pro wrestlers EVER?
  224. Which member of the shield will be the most successful?
  225. Why is pro wrestling criticise for being scripted and not LA movies and TV shows?
  226. Tag tournament to determine greatest tag team ever Round 2?
  227. Do you agree with Taz, should Joseph Park stay out of Bully Ray's business?
  228. If Hulk Hogan named Matt Morgan the number one contender at Lockdown would none of this
  229. What do you think about Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez winning the TNA tag team championships?
  230. Was the Full Metal Mayhem match better then the No Disqualification match at Wrestlemania 29?
  231. Is Mike Tenay very opinionated on commentary?
  232. Taryn Terrell wins a one match and gets an interview while Taz didn't get one when he
  233. If you were AJ Styles With who would've you join?
  234. Did Aces And Eights get AJ Styles' size wrong the last time and that is why he didn't join them?
  235. Is AAA Lucha Libre Wrestling worth watching in your opinion?
  236. Who wants to get physical with Taryn Terrell?
  237. Wrestling section: AAA or wwe?
  238. Is Joseph Park ever going to become Abyss again?
  239. Which wrestling company is larger: NJPW, CMLL, AAA, or wwe?
  240. What did you think of the Full Metal Myhem match between Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray?
  241. Really Taz, Texas is the only state with a flag?
  242. Did Jack-in-the-Box name their "Hot Mess" burger after Taryn Terrell?
  243. Should Joseph Park stay out the family business of Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan?
  244. Who in your opinion is the sexiest wrestler of all time?
  245. Do you think the wm 30 audience would riot IF?
  246. If this doesn't get Taz fired from TNA, what will?
  247. Tag tournament to determine greatest tag team ever?
  248. When it comes to being a heel?
  249. My WWE Extreme Rules Match Card 2013?
  250. The Shield vs The Colony?
  251. What Does Ryback Say Just Before He Is About To Hit The Shell-Shock .. !?
  252. Granted the constraints of PG, what would you do if you were Vince?
  253. Can someone make me this WWE '12 CAW?
  254. Which 2013 WWE Hall of Famer had the best speech?
  255. Do you think the New Jersey crowd will let Vince make changes to the WWE?
  256. Does J.R. seem like he's always in favor of WWE biased, like WWE can't do no wrong?
  257. When Do You Think The Rock Will Get His Rematch For The Wwe Championship .. !?
  258. Remember when christian was the greatest wrestler/heel in 2004/05?
  259. Which of these Survivor Series matches do you like?
  260. Will wee jbl in hall of fame soon?
  261. Who would you choose if a WWE Diva had to face a TNA Knockout?
  262. What was you reaction to The Miz losing the intercontinental championship the day after he won it?
  264. WWE: Will Evan Bourne return to television?
  265. Who was booed at wwe hall of fame and why?
  266. Why is Brock Lesnar a part time wrestler?
  267. Do you think Jeff Hardy is going to beat Bully Ray for the title?
  268. Is it me or is it awkward watching taryn terrell?
  269. How long do you think Ziggler is going to World Heavyweight Champion?
  270. Is the PG era stopping?
  271. Which wrestler you dont want to see on wwe roster?
  272. what is the WWE2K14 roster please?
  273. do you imagine that Dixie carter is near 50 years old?
  274. can we expect brodus clay & tensai turn heel & win the tag team champ?
  275. who's federation have the hotest divas: WWE or TNA ?
  276. breaking news Cody Rhodes leave WWE, will see him in TNA in 3 months?
  277. what 5 best fueds should WWE start after WM 29?
  278. who is the hotest women, stephanie mc mahon or dixie carter?
  279. So, did you see GI Joe? Was it any good?
  280. if some day we can see confrontation betwen WWE & TNa, who be the perfect opposent of
  281. Who's line is it anyway Randy?
  282. WWE: Question about Summerslam 2011?
  283. WWE: With his new heel turn, do you think Ryback's gimmick will fit better?
  284. Wwe heel cm punk or heel christian?
  285. Are you guys excited to see me on impact tonight?
  286. why is zack ryder so annoying?
  287. Why is kane still wearing a wig when his hair is already long?
  288. Your thoughts on tonight's TNA episode?
  289. What are the top 5 best WWE crowds in the US?
  290. Whose better, WWE or TNA?
  291. WS: Are Trolls Still Annoying?
  292. What was/is the better WWE/WWF Superband Downstait or The DX Band?
  293. Did wwe take the Eddie Guerrero "death" storyline too far?
  294. Are any of you Wrestling fans going to view Impact Wrestling tonight?
  295. Was Ricardo Rodriguez an extra in a porn video?
  296. The Rock getting his rematch?
  297. What was more brutal for for HHH Wrestlemania 27 or 29?
  298. Why do CM Punk fans hate John Cena so much?
  299. WWE or TNA, which show do you prefer and why?
  300. Dixie carter is nearly 50 y old, why she's looking really good for her age.?
  301. What are your thoughts on AR Fox becoming the first EVOLVE champion?
  302. What do you think about the ROH Television champion Matt Taven?
  303. What are your thoughts on Amasis' return to Chikara Pro?
  304. Who has the better beard Daniel Bryan or Kassius Ohno?
  305. Top 5 feuds you would want in the WWE that does not consist of part timers?
  306. How good a wrestler was "Dick the Bruiser?" He wrestled in the Indianapolis area years ago.?
  307. Should I start watching TNA?
  308. If you for some reason could only watch WWE, or only TNA, which would you pick?
  309. Are you a huge Fandango fan now?
  310. Is this what The Rock sang after Wrestlemania?
  311. Was The Rocks injury real or fake?
  312. Question for WWE fans?
  313. Is it true that brock lesnar is currently taking steroids ------->?
  314. Who is the real Best in the World?
  315. Which wrestler do you think looked better with long hair rather than short?
  316. Is masked kane as same as unmasked kane ?
  317. Which current NXT superstars/divas will make it to the main roster this year 2013?
  318. WWE Main Event results?
  319. Could anyone else stop laughing?
  320. do you think kelly kelly looks better as a brunette or blonde?
  321. wrestlemania 30 date?
  322. TNA Impact Information?
  323. HHH vs Ryback no hold barred?
  324. Who is your favorite Mistico...Sin Cara or Hunico or the current Mistico?
  325. Does Alicia Fox look buffer than ever?
  326. Hardy weinberg help please?
  327. Help with backyard wrestling finisher ideas?
  328. What are your thoughts on Jay Briscoe winning the ROH World Championship?
  329. Am i am a paul heyman type guy?
  330. Help with backyard wrestling finisher name?
  331. What was that song at WrestleMania 29 that was playing on the past WrestleMania videos part?
  332. Wrestling VS Body Building - Which would you prefer ?
  333. if a wrestler from wwe want go to TNA, he have to wait 6 month to compete on?
  334. Does TNA Tape Impact Live?
  335. can we expect john morisson return to wwe in 2013 or he wait for an offer from TNA?
  336. why Drew McIntyre not leave WWE where he do kid shows to wrestle in TNA ?
  337. Does WWE really like to waste talent?
  338. what are the odds of each of these matches being on the WMXXX card?
  339. WWE: Daniel Bryan could be a really good superstar, maybe even a main eventer, if Team...
  340. WM-29 Trivia: Not one wrestler broke a sweat since WM-29 was held outdoor in 25 degree weather?
  341. When is Extreme Rules 2013 pay-per-view taking place?
  342. WRESTLING : So far who is the best champion you've seen in the wwe since the past 4 years?
  343. Am i the biggest cm punk fan in here or?
  344. How many of us in this section are a paul heyman type guy?
  345. When will cm punk back on wwe again?
  346. do u enjoy Wade Barrett & antonio cesaro join their force in a tag team?
  347. Don't u think that the wwe are turning cena heel very slowly?
  348. Look into my eyes what do you see?
  349. How long do you think CM Punk will be in WWE?
  350. How old is UNDERTAKER ( Wrestler ) ?
  351. Do you guys think that Ziggler's Cash in was the most anticipated Cash in of WWE history?
  352. is cody rhodes the wwe's most underrated wrestler?
  353. WWE: Should WWE go back like it use to be?
  354. Last monday april 7 on raw why did ryback attack john cena?
  355. What should the name of my finisher be?
  356. Why is the WWE breaking WrestleMania tradition?
  357. why Drew mcIntyer separate from Taryn Terrell (actual TNA Knockout)?
  358. How do i pronounce fandango properly?
  360. which was the better raw crowd, the one from the izod center or last years after wm?
  361. Why were people booing Donald trip and the hall of fame?
  362. Did you know that after Raw when people were driving home they were honking Fandangos theme in...
  363. WWE: R-Truth was really good as a heel, correct?
  364. WWE: R-Truth was really good as a heel, correct?
  365. Did you know that after Raw when people were driving home they were honking Fandangos...
  366. Do you hope the crowd sings Fandangos theme next week too?
  367. WWE: That Wrestlemania was pretty bad because it seemed rushed, right?
  368. WrestleMania 31 at FedEx Field?
  369. Is alberto del rio's accent fake?
  370. Why do triple hhh and brock lesner hae each other?
  371. Rank the following superstars from best to worst?
  372. Were You Impressed With Fandango .. !?
  373. WWE: Do you like the fact that Dolph Ziggler is our new WHC?
  374. Would you like to see this card for Wrestlemania next year?
  375. How are happy are you that Dolph Ziggler cashed in him money in the bank?
  376. What did you think of Wrestlemania 29?
  377. hottest girls in wwe are bella twins and aj?
  378. Who would win in an I Quit Match between John Cena & The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30?
  379. Will fandango be like john cena?
  380. Why can't every crowd be like the one we watched on RAW last monday?
  381. If The Rock decide to return?
  382. Why did Big Show attack Randy Orton?
  383. Who Do You Think Would Win The Rock Vs John Cena 3 .. !?
  384. Does anyone over the age of 16 still watch WWE anymore?
  385. Do You Think The Wwe Would Ever Dare To Put The Undertaker .. !?
  386. Why Did John Cena Look At Ryback As If He Were Insane.. !?
  387. Why Is Wwe Making Brock Lesnar Less Intimidating .. !?
  388. Why Was CM Punk Not On Monday Night Raw ... !?
  389. Does Anybody Else Think The Next Appearance The Rock Makes Won't Be A Welcoming One .. !?
  390. Would You Rather See CM Punk Vs Brock Lesnar Or Ryback Vs Brock Lesnar .. !?
  391. How Are 16,000 Fans On Raw Louder Than 80,000 Fans At WrestleMania .. !?
  392. Do You Think The Rock Regrets Coming Back To The Wwe .. !?
  393. Do you like Mark henry wwe theme song ,If yes then just download it from here in HQ Direct link?
  394. Wwe fans tell me the result of this match?
  395. Do you think we will see The Rock vs. John Cena again at Wrestlemania 30?
  396. Do You Think The Wwe Title Suits Ryback .. !?
  397. How would Vince handle an unscripted title change?
  398. Why do people hate John Cena?
  399. Are you upset that The Muppets didn't get inducted into the HoF this year?
  400. Is wrestling useful in a fight?
  401. Who has the best harlem shake WWE OR TNA OR CMLL?
  402. Do you think Miz can one day be the face of wwe.?
  403. All the Rock the Great One lost his passion?
  404. Who is the best opponent against Brock Lesnar?
  405. is Sergeant slaughter gay?
  406. Does anyone know what The Shield say at the beginning of their theme?
  407. WRESTLING : Which 2 superstars are you looking foward to see collide ----->?
  408. How to get in shape for wrestling?
  409. Can cena be WWE champion for a long time?
  410. How old do I have to be to enter a WWE live event by myself?
  411. what do you think of donald trump at wrestling menia 29?
  412. WRESTLING : Who would be a good manager to lead ryback if you had a choice ---->?
  413. What is the the move where Low Ki hold his ankle back and kicks the back of his opponent's head?
  414. WWE wrestling: Cena defeats Johnson. Opinions?
  415. Who is the better man?
  416. Is Fandango a Pornstar?
  417. How to become a wwe diva?
  418. Does AJ give anyone else a "woody?"?
  419. When do you think will be the next time we have another crowd like last nights?
  420. Last night was the best crowd in WWE history?
  421. Anyone else watching curt angle on tna?
  422. What was your favorite chant from last nights crowd?
  423. Who'd Win Ryback vs John Cena For WWE Title?
  424. I'm thinking of buying the new wwe replica belt, should I buy it from,
  425. So was the ECW crowd better than the crowd tonight?
  426. Has anyone noticed this about Cm Punk?
  427. I know Benoit Killed but why do little jimmys think Ziggler is better?
  428. Is there any similar shows to TNA and WWE?
  429. Best newcomer in the last year?
  430. what time is the wwe hall of fame on tonight?
  431. What is hulkamania and what does the phrase sports entertainment mean?
  432. why do people say that the WWE started to suck after 2002-2004?
  433. is it going to be Brothers Of Destruction + Daniel Bryan vs The Shield at Extreme Rules!?
  434. Does anyone see a Rock vs Cena 3 at extreme rules?
  435. Why are people surprised by Ryback turning Heel?
  436. What did John Cena say to the camera on the 8 4 13 WWE Raw when he first came out?
  437. Who do you think would win in a real street fight,Mark Henry or John Cena?
  438. there shouldve been a benoit chant last night on raw!?
  439. Why is the crowd different?
  440. Now that Ryback has turned heel, will everybody pretend they've been fans of him throughout his
  441. Which video game character are you a mark of?
  442. Do you still think Triple h can beat Brock Lesnar without knowing the reality?
  443. Did you guys enjoy John Cena's "Heel Turn" Last night?
  444. Could Fandango make a tissue dance?
  445. Do you think Dolph Ziggler needs to get rid of AJ Lee and Big E Langston now that he's a champion?
  446. Do you think Paul Heyman regrets not having the match with Triple H be a loser gets
  447. Do you think AJ Lee is going to give Dolph Ziggler a gift later tonight for winning the
  448. Do you wish Dolph Ziggler cashed in the Money In The Bank to John Cena's Championship instead?
  449. Can you remember today is the day while Cena slapped Lesnar last year?
  450. Did the JBL, Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole were happy to hear their names chanted?
  451. Don't you think dolph ziggler....?
  452. Can Ziggler be World Heavyweight Champion for a long time?
  453. What in the world was with the fans at WWE Raw last night in East Rutherford, the
  454. Were you surprised Ryback attacked John Cena after his match?
  455. why did booker t say, mark henry didnt earn the shot, when mark henry WON his match at
  456. will there ever be a crowd, like that again in wwe?
  457. Why did lesnar, jack swagger and cm punk all lose at wrestlmania 29?
  458. list all the awesome crowd chants that stood out, at raw last night?
  459. What did John Cena say to the camera on the 8 4 13 WWE Raw when he first came out?
  460. How many TNA wrestlers would make it big in WWE?
  461. Wrestlemania 30 matches?
  462. Dolph ziggler made some peeps happy didn't he?
  463. Is Ryback a heel now?
  464. Does John Cena think he is funny?
  465. Why didn't the Rock show up tonight?
  466. Is a person deceiving himself or herself when he or she claims that John Cena isn't strong?
  467. Does John Cena Know That He Is Not Entertaining ..?
  468. Does that mean AJ Lee is the toughest Diva after taking that powerful blow in the chest from Big...
  469. Why do people still like The Rock when his still a sell out, how come people forgave him so quickly?
  470. Is Anybody Else Just Not Pumped Up For Raw Tonight .. !?
  471. Wasnt the raw crowd awesome last night?
  472. Who's the strongest out of Bill Goldberg (in prime), Ryback, and John Cena?
  473. Why did The Rock and Cena hug at the end?
  474. Why is John Cena the best pro wrestler in the history of the WWE?
  475. The crowd made that cash in even better?
  476. Why does vince sacrifice so much for Linda?
  477. What is cheap but weights a lot?
  478. Why did they let Fandago beat Jericho?
  479. Wouldn't it be funny if the hat Cena threw was thrown back at him.?
  480. what championship titles has the undertaker had throughout his career?
  481. Summerslam Trish Stratus Ice cream interview?
  482. is RVD coming back to the WWE?
  483. Big Show Is not scary?
  484. Did Disco Inferno win the US title from Norman Smiley on WCW Monday Nitro this week?
  485. Wwe Fandango is the next big star?
  486. John Cena has NEVER beat CM Punk for the title, does this automatically make Punk number...
  487. Jericho Is jealous of Fandango?
  488. What Will Randy Orton Do Next?
  489. Did Dolph happen to make a face turn?
  490. Dolph Ziggler has won the World Heavyweight Championship, your thoughts?
  491. Is John Cena the bestest wrestler of all time?
  492. Fandango won ,Cena won ,triple h won???? Weird WWE!!!?
  493. Cena vs Ryback wwe championship?
  494. Who is Fandango's valet?
  495. Positives from Wrestlemania 29?
  496. Did Ryback turn heel tonight?
  497. At their peaks, Who was more popular?
  498. Why Is The Crowd Disrespecting Orton And Sheamus Match?
  499. Is it just me or is this WWE crowd a HEEL crowd?
  500. Has there ever been a KENTA versus AJ Styles match?