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  1. Sheamus vs Randy Orton fued needs to happen?
  2. How i can beat an opponent in a street fight?
  3. was batista the most over rated piece of crap in wwe history?
  4. the wrestler fandango reminds me of another wrestler.?
  5. How does WWE tough enough compare to military training? is military harder? how much harder?
  6. Your top 20 WWE superstars of all time?
  7. WWE is teaming up with yahoo, so they're teaming up with us?
  8. What happened to Bo Dallas?
  9. How do wwe matches work?
  10. WWE: Is Brock Lesnar a future World Heavyweight Champion?
  11. Whats your predictions for the LMS match between ryback & cena (EXTREME RULES)?
  12. So what exactly did Antonio Cesaro do to piss off management so much?
  13. Wrestling - the boogeyman - were those real worms in his mouth?
  14. Were the WWE right to fire Jeff Hardy?
  15. Who is your favorite WWE diva of all time?
  16. who is the real monster in WWE?
  17. Should I forfeit a wrestling match against a girl?
  18. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : Most heels gets more respect once they've become face again ----->?
  19. Are there any chances that these WWE wrestlers return?
  20. Do you think Triple H will run WWE when Vince Mcmahon dies?
  21. Is WWE teaming up with Yahoo to learn from WS fans because WWE are running out of ideas?
  22. to all john cena haters, will you like him if he turn heel?
  23. Do you think the WWE will be canceled if they keep up with what they are doing?
  24. Is Robbie E the TNA version of Zack Ryder?
  25. Becoming a WWE superstar, why would you do it?
  26. Am I The Only One That Noticed That Brie Bella Got Breast Implants?
  27. Should Brock Lesnar be the World Heavyweight Champion?
  28. Who is the most forgotten WWE champion, and who is the most forgotten World Heavyweight champion?
  29. Does anybody agree joining WWE and TNA together would be epic?
  30. is Ryback the new big red machine?
  31. What do you think was the first thing Triple H did when he entered his trashed WWE office today?
  32. Does wwe really need Batista to come back?
  33. are there any chances that these WWE wrestlers return?
  34. What will happen with the wwe when ALL the legends leave?
  35. Bully Ray will handle D Lo?
  36. Why isn't Matt Morgan in Aces & Eights?
  37. What's the difference between the WWE chamionship tittle and the HW championship title?
  38. Wwe superstars that may return soon?
  39. Is the World Wrestling Entertainment big in Sweden?
  40. Will wwe ever become tv-14 againg +BQ?
  41. How would you feel if melina put you in the camel clutch and made you tap out?
  42. How Goldberg career was ended/ended?
  43. If Brock lesnar vs Kimbo slice happen , Who will win?
  44. Should WWE have a video game where it's all a Mortal Kombat ripoff game?
  45. Is wrestling in wwf/wwe real?
  46. Do YOU believe in the Shield?
  47. Who is the better pro wrestler between John Cena and Daniel Bryan?
  48. What would you rate these female wrestlers on a scale of 1-10 based on looks?
  49. When will Bully Ray lose the TNA World Heavyweight Championship?
  50. Who's better than Kurt Angle?
  51. Would you rather have AJ lee put you in a crossarm breaker or maryse put you in a...
  52. Which member of The Shield do you believe can last until WrestleMania 40?
  53. How would you feel if michelle mccool put you in the sharpshooter and made you tap out?
  54. Do you find wwe diva Tamina Snuka attractive?
  55. Why is WWE turning ryback heel?
  56. What if Undertaker went against The Shield at Wrestlemania?
  57. Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins?
  58. What would your reaction be if Mike Adamle became new Raw GM?
  59. Do you think Cm Punk will return as a Face or a Heel?
  60. Why do you watch this wrestling crap when you know it's fake?
  61. Fantasy wrestling - Southern Tournament (1991) 2nd round?
  62. Fantasy wrestling - Independent Tournament (1991) 2nd round?
  63. WWE 13 or MLB 2k13 what a better game?
  64. Could Kofi kingston ever be world champion?
  65. Should ROH create another Embassy stable after SCUM disbands?
  66. Agree or Disagree: ROH has a better in-ring product than TNA?
  67. Which stable do you prefer: SCUM, Aces and Eights, or the Shield?
  68. Fantasy wrestling - TV Tournament (1991) 2nd Round?
  69. Is ROH Wrestling your favorite Wrestling company as of now?
  70. What was Triple H's reaction when Lawler didn't get his pizza?
  71. Remember during the Attitude Era when every RAW every week was like RAW after mania today?
  72. Is this the greatest promo in WWE history?
  73. Cm punk is an instigator?
  74. What if Eddie Guerrero was still alive in WWE?
  75. Cena vs Ryback? Who do you want to win?
  76. What are your WTF moments in WWE/F?
  77. Who watches WWE RAW ?? I want to know your favourite wrestler and why ?
  78. Fantasy wrestling - tag team tournament (1991) CONSOLATION round 4?
  79. My dad is always touching his dick and balls!?
  80. Would you like to see the Briscoe Brothers (from ROH) sign with TNA when their contract expire?
  81. Would you like to see TNA and CMLL work out talent exchanges?
  82. Should TNA Impact Wrestling leave Thursday nights?
  83. Who is your best current WWE n TNA wrestler now in 2013?
  84. Why are wwe fans so whiny?
  85. What would your reaction be if?
  86. Is the Prime Time Players the new Cryme Time?
  87. Who in your opinion is the best wrestler to come out of the hart dungeon from now and the past?
  88. If maria kanellis put you in the sharpshooter and made you tap out,how would you feel?
  89. Paul heyman vs zeb coulter : who would win?
  90. Will Goldberg Return To The WWE After Summerslam 2013?
  91. WWE Monday Night Raw 1993-2002 vs. WCW Monday Nitro 1995-2001?
  92. What do you think Thug Life Cena would rap about Justin Bieber?
  93. why did wwe make antino cesaro a jobber now?
  94. Is anyone realy buying that Cena is injured?
  95. Pick the wrestler(s) or stipulation. Who would win these matches?
  96. Is Dean Ambrose a hypocrite?
  97. Wwe question plz help?
  98. How would you react if 3MB were the first team to beat the shield?
  99. If this is the Official WrestleMania XXX card...?
  100. When will the eliminator make his debut match?
  101. Jbl Cole or King, whos your favorite?
  102. will da Shield turn face by SummerSlam?
  103. who do you like better: nexus or the shield?
  105. If you liked Kaitlyn, would you also be afraid of telling Kaitlyn you like her?
  106. If Kaitlyn's secret admirer was Great Khali, what would Natalya do to Kaitlyn?
  107. Is Jerry Lawler to be blamed for Fandango attacking Great Khali?
  108. If I told you 5 months ago that Brad Maddox and Vickie would work better than Booker T and Teddy...
  109. If AJ Lee was in TNA, which wrestlers do you think she'd date?
  110. Since Kaitlyn has a secret admirer in the WWE, do you think she'll be able to go to sleep tonight?
  112. If you admired Kaitlyn,would you give Kaitlyn that ugly cap?
  114. Since NBA Center Jason Collins came out as gay, what if Kaitlyn's secret admirer is a woman?
  115. What if Kaitlyn's secret admirer isn't in WWE but in TNA?
  116. Who had the Worst Night-Raw?
  117. Who had the Best Night-Raw?
  118. What are your thoughts about Kaitlyn and her secret admirer?
  119. How can I challenge John Cena to a match at wrestlemania 30?
  120. Favorite good guy???
  121. What is your favorite WWE championship design?
  122. Since Dominos didn't deliver their pizza to Jerry Lawler, will you be hesitant to order
  123. What do you think about Jerry Lawler writing a song called, "you broke my heart so I broke...
  124. Is Dominos Pizza horrible at delivery since they gave the Pizza to the crowd not Jerry Lawler?
  125. When will The Shield be stopped?
  126. Would you rather have a good career or sleep with Trish Stratus?
  127. What do you think about AJ Lee saying Michael Cole has to give her chloroform to kiss her?
  128. Is the only reason The Bella's came back to the WWE because WWE promised them a reality show?
  129. Did the black referee reverse the decision on the match because Naomi and Cameron are black?
  130. Do you think Jerry Lawler called Domino's Pizza to tell them he never received his Pizza?
  131. How much money do you think Jerry Lawler spent on Domino's Pizza?
  132. Do you think Hornswoggle is Kaitlyn's secret admirer?
  133. Do you think Summer Rae likes Fandango?
  134. Difference between a casual wrestling fans and a hardcore wrestling fan?
  135. If you were Dolph Ziggler would you be worried about losing your title after Alberto...
  136. Were you surprised AJ Lee ended up in the arms of another man?
  137. Is Undertaker wrestling more this year because Michelle McCool wants him to buy her expensive
  138. Do you think John Cena would allow himself to get buried to any of the three new WWE superstars?
  139. 5 moves of death versus a-bomb?
  140. If tamina snuka put you in the boston crab and made you tap out how would you feel?
  141. Yooou look sooooo good to me?
  142. will john cena defeat ryback in next match extreme rules?
  143. your opinion of wrestler mark henry?
  144. IWC vs Casual Fans battle royal?
  145. Did Mick Foley no sell at King of the Ring 98?
  146. Is john cena really hurt?
  147. My Wrestlemania 30 match card, thoughts?
  148. the shield should turn face?
  149. So who exactly are the corporate masters to the WWE?
  150. Is the movie Pain and Gain?
  151. wwe 13 long loading times?
  152. So much for Cena retiring eh?
  153. How long do you think WWE will last?
  154. What is the worst WWE finisher ever?
  155. WWE Universe mode plus bq?
  156. in 20 yeras, will John cena be the next Hulk Hogan?
  157. Would Randy Orton be a believable heel with a Rhodestache?
  158. if WWE have to hire one TNA wrestket, should be AJ Style or Bobby Roode ?
  159. Do you think if Taker plans to retire at WM30 he should finish his career off full time?
  160. WHy does evryone want to see John Cena vs The Undertaker at WM?
  161. Team Hollywood vs. Team Wolfpac: Who would win a dream match?
  162. If kaitlyn had you in the camel clutch how would you escape? Getting to the ropes aint an option?
  163. who the best ever heel in wwe history?
  164. Bobby Roode is the next top heel hire to WWE?
  165. Lets Start our own Universe mode?
  166. Is Khali a disgrace to the world of dance?
  167. How many people know Robbie Rage who was tag team partner with Kenny Kaos?
  168. Is wwe fake or real??
  169. So I guess John cenas injury is to just make him look weak till extreme rules right?
  170. Why is Brad Maddox even on TV?
  171. Why did Terra Ryzin never come back to WWE after leaving for WCW?
  172. Did The Rock have big boobs in his corporation days?
  173. Something un-PG just happened in the Cesaro vs Alberto Del Rio?
  174. Ok I admit it, I sent the hat to Kaitlyn?
  175. Do you think Zeb Colter was the reason RAW was sold out tonight?
  176. In the last year who did The Rock have the more entertaining feud with - CM Punk or John Cena?
  177. am sick of u always hating the legends and part timers?
  178. How did Kahli become a jobber?
  179. ople really think rookies should be pushed?
  180. With her look, can angelina love be a great vampire in a movie?
  181. If Trish stratus put you in the sharpshooter and made you tap out,how would you feel?
  182. Why is wrestling ??????
  183. Would anybody else pay 500 bucks to see the Shield lose?
  184. Next money in the bank winner?
  185. Does Dean Ambrose look mentally handi-capped to anyone else?
  186. Is the twin magic thing getting old to anyone else?
  187. Is Swagger going to get squashed?
  188. Is Michael Cole the secret admiror?
  189. Is Dolph ever going to wing a freaking match by himself?
  190. do you think all weapons should changed to pillows and plastic toys in the current pg product?
  191. another terrible raw with all the faces winning?
  192. why has vince turned his back on the hardcore wrestling fans?
  193. Should HHH switch the sledgehammer for a shovel?
  194. Anybody else surprised at how good the Orton Rhodes match was?
  195. was syco sid a great wrestler?
  196. Should Daniel Bryan draw diagrams for Randy Orton to remember his lines?
  197. Is Triple H gonna take on the 3 kids at WrestleMania in a tables match?
  198. When is Orton gonna turn heel?
  199. WWE Trivia, 5 questions, let's go. Plus 3 BQ?
  200. WWE fan poll; which WWE Diva past or present do I resemble the most to you?
  201. Do you think these little kids could take down Ryback?
  202. Who booked this match?
  203. Why do they put Colter in matches?
  204. I thought Cena got injured?
  205. Does anybody know what shows they tape with SmackDown?
  206. Will john cena drop the title?
  207. Since is everybody doing their WrestleMania XXX lineup,what do you guys think of mine?
  208. When was the last time CM Punk and AJ Lee saw each other at a house show?
  209. When will AJ Lee and CM Punk get back together?
  210. Who is stronger Brock Lesnar or Mark Henry?
  211. Did Sugar Dunkerton steal his gimmick from this wrestler?
  212. Women Wrestling Association Ep.76 presented by BVW. Is it good?
  213. Is The Rock going to stay in WWE?
  214. Who do you think are the 3 hottest wwe divas at the moment?
  215. Can you imagine if Triple H decided to go to TNA?
  216. Would you take a stinkface (rikishi's move) from kaitlyn?
  217. Will the WWE Championship be Vacated?
  218. Rate this WrestleMania 30 card please?
  219. If torrie wilson had you in the camel clutch,how would you escape?
  220. Can you still become a mma/ufc/wrestler if you wear glasses?
  221. Who would you say is the true wrestling fans of the WS in it current state?
  222. Which is more dangerous finishing move, Brock Lesnar's F5 or Samoa Joe's Muscle Buster?
  223. Do you see Mark Henry and Big E Langston teaming up in the future?
  224. who is wes adams? has anyone here heard about him?
  225. Who can shake their @ss better?
  226. Velvet sky vs angelina love?
  227. If mickie james put you in the boston crab and made you tap out,how would you feel?
  228. John cena got injured?
  229. Who do u think is going on wwe spring cleaning list this year?
  230. John Cena 'injury' a work?
  231. What's the next ppv?
  232. Do yall think it would be cool if you could upload a created storyline in WWE 14?
  233. Most overrated Royal Rumble winner?
  234. Which one can you see velvet sky being?
  235. Which one can you see angelina love being, based on how she look?
  236. Team WCW vs. Team nWo: Who would win a dream match?
  237. What is your favorite Chris Benoit matches?
  238. Divas tv show or knockouts website?
  239. Fill in the blank. John Morrison+Justin Gabriel=_________?
  240. Are you watching Saturday morning slam?
  241. What would the Undertaker be without the streak?
  242. Do you think Rasche Brown should have won the ROH World Championship?
  243. Who suffers more concussions a pro wrestler or a freestyle wrestler?
  244. Who would win tatanka boogey man or Kevin thorn?
  245. Who could have been Beth Phoenix's Miss Kitty?
  246. Which Kane do you like better?
  247. hey playas what if john cena and randy orton formed a tag team called the justice league?
  248. would halle berry be a good divas champion?
  249. what do you think of nikki bella's new breast implants?
  250. could the shield beat the original power rangers?
  251. could john cena beat galactus and thanos in a handicap match?
  252. is Ryback John Cena Next Victim?
  253. Hey guys help me about wwe 2013(videogame)?
  254. could kurt angle out wrestle captain america?
  255. Which wrestling show should I watch, WWE or TNA?
  257. Why can't WWE turn Cena heel?
  258. Is Kofi Kingston's theme song by Sean Paul?
  259. how would you book wwe?
  260. Has CM Punk really left WWE?
  261. Cena injured during EU Tour?
  262. So what's this about CM Punk leaving?
  263. How long can a wrestling contract last?
  264. Mendes being fired by WWE?
  265. What's Cenas best promo to date?
  266. How can we improve WWE?
  267. Raw or smackdown which is better?
  268. could honey boo boo beat rey mysterio?
  269. I want to be a pro wrestler?
  270. do you like my summerslam 2013 (LA) card, mate?
  271. Rate my WrestleMania 30 card?
  272. what do you think of the Undertaker's new look?
  273. is The Undertaker becoming more active?
  274. If Lita had you in the camel clutch how would you escape?
  275. Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta; SHIELD?
  276. Why did so many casual wrestling fans confuse William Moody for Bruce Pritchard?
  277. what would you think if alberto del rio became the jobber he should be?
  278. WWE who is currently the Strongest wrestler?
  279. Does anybody remember video game called WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It on PlayStation 2?
  280. WWE: Is Ryback stronger than Sheamus? And has Ryback become stronger than before?
  281. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns?
  282. Question for wwe fans?
  283. Fandango reminds me of Don Flamenco from Punch Out?
  284. Is WWE getting good again?
  285. Will Bryan and AJ get back together?
  286. Taker's Old School finisher, what was it called originally?
  287. Will Big E Langston turn face?
  288. Do you miss Edge today?
  289. Would todays WWE fans even know it if the product started getting really good?
  290. Do you like my Wrestlemania XXX match lineup?
  291. I thought Michael Cole was a heel ?
  292. Trivia:What country did the chivas gimmick originate from?
  293. What happened to the WHC from WM20 - SS04?
  294. What the largest Pro Wrestling company in the world today?
  295. Samoa Joe dancing: Cool or Ridonkulous?
  296. Why is Triple H's sledgehammer so weak?
  297. If melina had you in the boston crab how would you escape?
  298. Who would you want to lead The Shield?
  299. Is is this true about Benoit?
  300. Does the TC badge mean anything anymore in the WS?
  301. Why do wrestlers do this sequence?
  302. good wrestling names for twin girls? my sister and i are going to start wrestling in the fall?
  303. Rate this Wrestlemania 30 card?
  304. What is the Best WCW: World Championship Wrestling (1988-2001) matches of all-times?
  305. Torrie wilson or eve torres?
  306. Would this be a Good card for WrestleMania XXX?
  307. im going to start wrestling in the summer and want a wrestling name? something sexy?
  308. Why did The Shield attack The Undertaker?
  309. When u watched wwf in 1990s...?
  311. TNA: Will Fourtune really be re-formed?
  312. How long until WWE puts TNA out of business?
  313. Can The Miz Come Back To WWE?
  314. Does anyone want to know the name of Fandangos new dancer?
  315. Which WWE diva has the hottest abs?
  316. Taylor wilde vs angelina love, whos hotter?
  317. wwe changed? plz anwser?
  318. What are your thoughts on the brand of justice served to The Undertaker?
  319. What do you think of jack swagger finally defeating a$$hole del rio?
  320. Are T In A marks worse than WWE marks?
  321. could bobby roode tap cm punk out?
  322. I have two nipples??????
  323. Why doesn't cm punk wrestle that much?
  324. All hail king sabin. bow to the king?
  325. Why did they have Regal job twice in England?
  326. Was The Rock really injured?
  327. Does watching wrestling affect our memory?
  328. What happened to the users Seņor Booker and Super Plex?
  329. Was Teddy Long booking the matches this week?
  330. Does SD have a better card than Raw?
  331. Well the Fandangoing popularity didn't last long?
  332. Did anybody follow Y2Js Robot Combat League?
  333. Didn't this match happen last week?
  334. Are most of the commercials from WWE programming about Sonic?
  335. The WHC has earned more prestige than the WWEC?
  336. Who wants Cm Punk and The Rock to come back?
  337. -WWE LIVE EVENT- What size cameras are allowed?
  338. Is The Undertaker a Raw wrestler or Smackdown wrestler?
  339. Are you looking forward to the new diva show on E!?
  340. Name 1 heel that is worse than Ryback?
  341. Would you date aj lee?
  342. anyone else liking this NO DQ Match to kick of smackdown?
  343. Which WWE wrestler is the "Best in the World"?
  344. Where can I wrestle at in the state of Maryland?
  345. Anyone want Ryback to win at ER?
  346. Why does everyone hate John Cena?
  347. Did you want Sting to hit Hulk Hogan when he came back to TNA Impact?
  348. How nice was it to see the 3D by Bully Ray and Devon to a table?
  349. Does ODB look like Steven Van Zandt but with boobs?
  350. Would you had liked to see a Fortune reunion?
  351. Do you think one day Todd Keneley will be the best at something in TNA?
  352. If Bobby Roode reunites with Fortune will that be a "very very bad move Mr. Roode"?
  353. Did you know AJ Lee was 20 years old before she found out cars had a front seat?
  354. Why doesn't WWE ever use the Championship Scramble anymore?
  355. Why isn't Brooke Hogan in the new Knockout website?
  356. Why is Daniel Bryan so popular?
  357. Why do all of WWE's superstars go to TNA?
  358. Who are your 3 favourite wrestlers, past and present?
  359. whos along side with John Cena in the face of the company reign what i mean by this did you ever?
  360. In three syllables explain why you like WWE.?
  361. Will Fandango be a champion?
  362. Why can't Kane set people on fire anymore?
  363. When will Colt Cabana become a star in WWE or TNA?
  364. could robert roode beat john cenath for the wwe title?
  365. do you agree with these ten reasons why tna is better than wwe right now?
  366. Which former WWE Diva would be more fun to hang out with and why - Kelly Kelly or Maryse?
  367. Did any of you guys notice that A.j looks Asian?
  368. I'm a wrestler. Who am I?
  369. Who will lose John Cena or Ryback?
  370. Why does Brock Lesnar call his finisher the F5? What is a F5 is that a reference to something?
  371. Will Dave Batista return to WWE?
  372. Aj lee or trish stratus?
  373. Which wwe diva or tna knockout would you like to go out with and why?
  374. What is wwe payback?
  375. Rate this Wrestlemania 30 Card based on matches and outcomes (Based on a 4 hour show)?
  376. Why doesn't WWE talk or mention Chris Benoit?
  377. How would you rate Shawn Micheals, on a scale 1 to 10?
  378. Which current WWE diva has the cutest belly button?
  379. NWA/WCW 1983-2001 vs. WWE 1979-2002: Which one of wrestling promotion is better?
  380. Are my seats at the MEN arena Manchester any good? WWE RAW LIVE NOVEMBER 11 2013?
  381. All hail king sabin...?
  382. will WWE bring back the Hardcore title?
  383. will Carlito resign with WWE?
  384. will Shad Gaspard resign with WWE?
  385. will Jesse resign with WWE?
  386. will DH Smith resign with WWE?
  387. will CM Punk return to WWE?
  388. will the million dollar title return to WWE?
  389. Will Too Cool and Rikishi resign with WWE?
  390. will MVP resign with WWE?
  391. How did the Great Khali end up with Natayla and Hornswoggle?
  392. Did Lita debut in the WWE with Essay Rios.?
  393. Do you think WWE wrestlers privately browse the wrestling section on Y!A?
  394. Which Undefeated Streak do You want to see come to and End and to whom?
  395. Is Lesnar gonna go after the WWE title once he takes care of HHH?
  396. Which US Wrestling promotion was this ?
  397. What do you think about Michael Cole being the only person AJ Lee's turned down?
  398. How did the WWE title rivalry go from Punk vs Rock to Cena vs Ryback?
  399. Chris Jericho vs Cm Punk in a promo-off: Who wins?
  400. Rate this Wrestlemania 30 Card based on matches and outcomes (Based on a 4 hour show)?
  401. Is Ryback the worst heel in history?
  402. How long will Undertaker be used for?
  403. When are Daniel Bryan and Kane going back to the main event scene?
  404. Is it true that The Undertaker is gonna face Dean Ambrose on SmackDown?
  405. Would you turn Cena heel if it meant turning Punk face?
  406. What is more surprising?
  407. Are He The Rock Muslim ?
  408. What do you think of my dream Wrestlemania 30 Card?
  409. Why do IWC guys love Dolph Ziggler so much?
  410. Rate this Wrestlemania 30 Card based on matches and outcomes (Based on a 4 hour show)?
  411. Where can i find pictures or videos of the first two Percy Pringles'?
  412. Who needs a heel turn more: Sheamus or Randy Orton?
  413. I want ask to John Cena, but I don't know I communicate with him?
  414. Which former WWE wrestler was in DX but for some reason WWE never mentions it?
  415. Are WWE rebuilding the Divas division?
  416. Who do you think is better The Shield or Aces and Eights?
  417. What would u do for a Klondike Bar?
  418. Do you think AJ Lee will win the Divas Championship?
  419. Wrestling : what do you think of wwe now?
  420. Michael Bay urges The Rock to quit wrestling. Your thoughts?
  421. Rate this Wrestlemania 30 Card (and provide your own)?
  422. Fantasy wrestling - world tournament (1991) CONSOLATION round (5)?
  423. Was Lita pretty much the female version of Jeff Hardy back in wwe?
  424. will John Morrison resign with WWE?
  425. will Heath Drew and Jinder from 3MB turn face?
  426. should Bo Dallas and Evan Bourne form a tag team?
  427. will RVD resign with WWE?
  428. what happened to Bo Dallas?
  429. can I have a prediction to the WWE2K14 roster please?
  430. will JTG win a WWE title in WWE?
  431. should WWE bring back the WWE Cruiserweight title?
  432. If chyna had you in the boston crab how would you escape?
  433. Did you find former wwe diva kara drew aka "cherry" hot?
  434. What are your thoughts on the Pain & Gain director saying The Rock need to grow up and stop...
  435. Did Vince McMahon really kill Owen Hart for breaking Stone Cold's neck?
  436. will the Bella Twins turn face?
  437. What the biggest match in wrestling that never happened ?
  438. Who do you think is the current ugliest WWE Diva?
  439. Do you agree the WWE is a big joke?
  440. What are your thoughts on Cesaro jobbing to Ryder at a house show?
  441. Undertaker wrestling on Raw?
  442. Like the Old wwf when they just fight had no story line?
  443. breaking news, Antonio Cesaro say he' enjoy TNA & perhaps he will do the maint event in?
  444. why did kofi kingston never past to the next level?
  445. who is the best: Cm Punk or Austin Aries?
  446. Was that zeb coulter's facial hair or was he eating a muskrat?
  447. How do people know how matches turn out?
  448. Happy Birthday John Cena?
  449. you can all suck on it playas tag team matches are the best?
  450. Is it easy to be wwe preformer ?
  451. Monday on Raw- Cena/Ryback vs The Shield
  452. When will WWE let Ricardo Rodriguez wrestle?
  453. What i would do if i was running tna?
  454. is brock lesnar the toughest man ever in wwe? in real fights?
  455. What kind of wrestling move is the ''Squishie''?
  456. Rey Mysterio vs Rikishi in a shoot match?
  457. Will Rey Mysterio squash the Big Show flat?
  458. The most manly female wrestler in the WWE?
  459. What the worst/flattest you've ever seen a wrestler gets squashed?
  460. Is the Big Show in danger of being destroyed by Rey Mysterio?
  461. Lesnar vs bieber or big show vs bieber?
  462. Do you fear Rey Mysterio?
  463. Undertaker vs goldberg or undertaker vs john cena?
  464. This is going to happen tonight isn't it?
  465. Why do people waste money on WWE PPV when they can watch it on Youtube for free?
  466. Wrestlemania 30, I know it's early but lets see some cards based on guesses, assumptions, or wants?
  467. How do I get Fan Axxes on WWE '13?
  468. Should WWE stop targeting kids and target more on teenagers?
  469. Which one of these superstars do you think is most likely to become a champion first?
  470. Why do you think CM Punk left wwe raw?
  471. Has starting The Shield off against main event stars been a wise move?
  472. Rhyno vs. Ryback??????
  473. Could Daniel Bryan have a comic book made after him?
  474. When is the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame dvd coming out?
  475. When CM Punk does return from his break or whatever he is doing what do you think he should do?
  476. The WWE or the World Heavyweight Championship belt?
  477. Why does every hate on John Cena (hear me out)?
  478. Does Chris Benoit's personal life reflect your opinion of him as a wrestler?
  479. Anyone noticed that extreme rules will be on may19? Maybe we may about kane...?
  480. Would you let taryn terrell beat up :)?
  481. Should Rey Mysterio just retire?
  482. WRESTLING : Wouldnt it been a good idea for the wwe to put mason ryan with shield?
  483. Which one you like most : Undertaker or Cena or Brock Lesnar or Hhh??
  484. Raw Results Last Night?
  485. who was the new girl with fandango last night?
  486. Was Shawn Michaels ever the top guy in WWF/E?
  487. Will Fandango be WWE Intercontinental Champion?
  488. will the shield win WWE tag team gold?
  489. when will Evan Bourne return to WWE raw?
  490. Why is extreme rules not extreme anymore?
  491. is their a 4th member of the shield?
  492. Who would win these fights?
  493. Wrestling poll: do you wish dzhokhar tsarnaev to get a beating from wwe wrestlers?
  494. If John cena died in your arms what would you do?
  495. If you were a serial killer in a movie, what would you do to cena if he were in it?
  496. Death match John cena vs slenderman?
  497. Is the AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn match for the Divas Championship gonna be a Steel Cage match?
  498. Do you actually think you're going on to wtestlemania and becoming the wwe champion?
  499. Do you think Jerry Lawler would give up his crown for Miss Fandango?
  500. If Lady Godiva was next to Michael Cole would he notice the horse?