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  1. True or False: You have no life?
  2. Do you think Brooke Hogan is a secret member of Aces and Eights?
  3. How many times has Hulk Hogan said brother?
  4. So how many of today's "professional wrestling" fans realize that it's all 100% staged?
  5. Extreme Rules my thoughts
  6. tna haters are not real wrestling fans, read why?
  7. How is dixie carter selling out?
  8. Hi new WS fan here, what are some things TNA and WWE can and can not do?
  9. Is extreme rules 2013 going to be the most boring ppv in recent memory?
  10. Wwe extreme rules 2013 going to be the most boring wwe ppv in recent times?
  11. When will wwe christian return?
  12. Why do people still argue about tna and wwe?
  13. Is Brock Lesnar a Raw wrestler or Smackdown wrestler?
  14. Why Does tna still feel the need to point out that divas are models?
  15. Why did Edge retire from WWE?
  16. When you hear the Psychedelic Furs "Pretty in Pink", do you think of Gail Kim?
  17. What matches do you think Mick Foley has in store for Saturday Morning Slam this Saturday?
  18. Who is the better worker in this battle of giants?
  19. Is Colt Cabana really the mayor of chicago?
  20. Why isn't WWE superstar Hunico noticed as the first Mistico?
  21. who do you think undertaker will fight at Wrestlemania 30 and do you think he will win?
  22. Did luchador (wrestler) Mil Mascaras ever wrestle for CMLL or AAA?
  23. What would you say were the most legendary matches and rivalries in Lucha Libre history?
  24. Do you think Jim Crockett will return to the Wrestling business this year?
  25. Is New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) worth watching in your opinion?
  26. Did Dolph Ziggler "win" his feud against Cena?
  27. Do you like Joseph Park?
  28. Who do you think is better?
  29. Who's going to win at Extreme Rules?
  30. How about this WrestleMania 30?
  31. who like me think WWE & TNA have do contract to let Sting do a last run in WM 30 and inducted...
  32. Why is Damian Sandow on WWE NXT?
  33. How much money could TNA save by firing Hogan and Bischoff (+BQ)?
  34. Will TNA stay true to their word?
  35. John Cena is over rated in terms of strength!!!?
  36. If Impact and Smackdown was on the same night at the same time?
  37. Suicide returns next week on Impact...who do you all think it's going to be?
  38. Why is the ROH June 22nd ppv is called "Best In The World"?
  39. What do you think of Taz regretting giving the "no" to Jay Bradley?
  40. Do you agree with Taz, does Mike Tenay put you to sleep?
  41. Do you think Mike Tenay stole Taz's opinion?
  42. What happened to the friendship between Taz and Mike Tenay?
  43. herman munster vs lurch in steel cage match- who wins?
  44. What do you think about the stipulation that if Sting losses to Bully Ray he can never go for the...
  45. Do you guys think that have any chance of Ryback win the WWE Championship against John Cena...
  46. Who is great wrestler among Sheamus and Randy orton..?
  47. who will win Ryback vs Goldberg in his prime?
  48. Are you sick of this match every minor show?
  49. Who would win, Fandango or Disco Inferno?
  50. Wrestling: Can anybody here tell me the name of song playing at 5:00 in this video?
  51. I want Ryback to play Terminator?
  52. When Paul Levesque-McMahon takes over WWE will thinks change?
  53. Women in sports entertainment.?
  54. Is anyone else tired of marks on ws?
  55. What would of happen if it was Mike Tenay that got Austin Aries' name wrong?
  56. How come you never hear a WWE chant?
  57. What do you think about this wrestlemania 30 match card?
  58. which superstar has been world champion (wwe and world heavyweight) the most?
  59. WWE Extreme Rules to be a TV-14 event?
  60. Will Jeff Hardy ever return to WWE?
  61. what was the worst babyface and heel turns in wrestling history and why?
  62. Boyfriend is friends with a slut?
  63. Is anyone going to see 12 rounds 2 staring Randy Orton?
  64. Mark Henry vs Big E Langston?
  65. When do you guys think CM Punk will return?
  66. Do you kinda miss Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, Maryse, Kelly Kelly & Melina?
  67. What is former owner of JCP/Mid-Atlantic/Georgia Championship Wrestling Jim Crockett Jr up to...
  68. What is good about AJ Lee?
  69. Could a wrestler allowed to work with WWE and TNA at the same time?
  70. What would you do if WWE made John Cena end Takers Streak?
  71. Has CMLL Lucha Libre Wrestling always had models/ring girls on the stage ramp?
  72. Do you like Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling)?
  73. What wrestling company is the most stale in your opinion?
  74. is it considered childish to play a wwe ppv in a bar instead of mma?
  75. Would having Ambrose win bring credibility back to the US Title?
  76. Is there a wrestler that everyone likes but you don't?
  77. How about this Wrestlemania 30 card?
  78. When somebody makes a mistake on a pro wrestling show?
  79. Rate my bound for glory card and choose the winners?
  80. Want to know how gay i,@the rassling critic, am?
  81. WRESTLING : Do you still think ryback and Goldberg has something in common ------>?
  82. John Cena should turn heal for the sake of WWE.?
  83. Do you think Undertaker is ever in attendance at the Hal of Fames?
  84. Who did The Rock beat for his 7th WWE title at Vengeance 2002?
  85. Who became the 2nd wwe superstar to become a 3 time WWE champion?
  86. Which place is nicer to visit this time of year Death Valley or Parts Unknown?
  87. Who in your opinion is the greatest US champion in WWE history?
  88. Rate this Wrestlemania 30 card please?
  89. Can the WWE attitude era be revived?
  90. how can i,@real american, kiss@ss like john cena?
  91. The Shield vs. Blue Man Group?...?
  92. wwe needs to push damien sandow?
  93. Tell me some good wrestling jokes.?
  94. Do you think Ryback owns this?
  95. Is the shield still undefeated because they lost last Monday?
  96. Will TNA turn pg after austin aries scandal?
  97. Is the shield still undefeated?
  98. Would the Undertaker get mad if I called him a phony?
  99. TNA marks (sheep) are stupid and pathetic,based on their reasons why www sucks?
  100. If could go on a date with these two tna knockouts, what would you do bq?
  101. Where i can read articles about wwe(no bleacherreport) ?
  102. Wwe marks(sheep) are stupid and pathetic, based on their reasons why tna sucks?
  103. Is there any way to turn the national wrestling alliance into a company rather than a...
  104. If taker entered the hall of fame in 2014, win, lose or draw, would his wrestlemania 30 match
  105. Why do cena fans only like cena and no one else?
  106. Of streaks and rematches?
  107. How would you rate Kurt Angle's wrestling ability? from 1 to 10?
  108. Does it matter who wins the HHH/Brock Lesnar match?
  109. Why hasn't Brock Lesnar won a match since last year?
  110. Wade Barret vs Antonio Cesaro?
  111. Aren't you glad the shield is so unpredictable?
  112. Why wont wwe fire zack Ryder?
  113. Is Wwe Trying To Create A Extreme Rules Streak For John Cena .. !?
  114. Is it just me or has TNA been more entertaining than WWE lately?
  115. Do you wrestling fans prefer the Sports-Entertainment Lucha Libre brings or traditional
  116. What wrestling company do you see being in the second and third largest in the USA by next year?
  117. If you were dating velvet sky and could have a three way with another knockout. which knockout...
  118. What is your dream divas match?
  119. Why is The Rock a part time wrestler?
  120. When two heels rassle,who is the live crowd suppose to cheer for (+BQ)?
  121. Who do you think Kaitlyn's secret admirer is?
  122. HHH has a bad rap for always "burying people",but can you name a superstar he put over?
  123. Were Maryse and Melina on steroids?
  124. Who is Fandango's valet?
  125. Who is your favorite WWE Wrestlers and who do you hate?
  126. WWE management thinks Antonio Cesaro is boring. I agree. Do you?
  127. Which tna knockout made a bigger impact to make the ko division great at the begining?
  128. Who made the bigger impact with ko division?
  129. Describe Randy Savage's Fringe...?
  130. on WWE whos you favorite wrestler?
  131. What do you think about MVP might signed a TNA contract?
  132. who are the most underrated and the most overrated wrestlers on the WWE roster?
  133. Should Dolph Ziggler be the next superstar to be in an action movie?
  134. Is this website legit?
  135. Is Sheamus WWE's version of Kermit the frog?
  136. Why are WWE calling John Cena the King of Extreme?
  137. Which Chris Jericho do you like better?
  138. How much would it cost to buy the nwa wrestling promotion and all its rights?
  139. Should WWE induct Braden Walker into the HOF?
  140. Best wwe superstars' theme songs?
  141. What links Wrestlemania 12, Royal Rumble 1999 and Wrestlemania 16?
  142. do i miss anything when i don't watch yesterdays RAW?
  143. Rate this WrestleMania 30 please?
  144. well does anybody has any extreme?
  145. What's your take on John Cena? Do you think he takes steroids?
  146. Klhoe Kardashian vs Vickie guerroro for wrestlemania 30?
  147. If Vickie Guerrero pulled a Austin Aries move on you what would you do?
  148. If the great khali wanted to hook up with you would u do it?
  149. What punishment do you think Double A got?
  150. Is wwe fake? is TNA (impact wrestling) fake?
  151. Why antonio cesaro lose to a junkie like Randy Orton?
  152. I'm getting my top contributor badge back +WQ?
  153. Which feud in the PG era felt like you were watching the attitude era?
  154. do you think that the fall of the shield is near?
  155. Is Jericho pushing Fandango a little too well?
  156. Triple H is trying very hard to look tough.?
  157. Will the WWE let Jack Swagger and Brock Lesnar win this Sunday?
  158. which extreme rules 2013 match card is the best?
  159. My mom wont let me wrestle.?
  160. Who is you most fav heel wrestler ever?
  161. should vince McMahone buy UFC?
  162. Why vince mcmahom buried antonio cesaro?
  163. Is antonio cesaro the best wrestler in wwe todays?
  164. Would you compare the NWO of WCW to Aces & Eights of TNA?
  165. What is the team name of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries?
  166. Which dancer would you rather dance with Summer Rae or Edyta Sliwinska?
  167. Do you think Ryback should've hit John Cena's ankle more than once?
  168. Tna impact wrestling sexual harassment.?
  169. How was raw yesterday?
  170. to my wrestling fans, is the WWE getting a bit less exciting this year compared to past years?
  171. Big E is the future of WWE Because he looks like a buff Carlton from Fresh Prince?
  172. What happened to Evan Bourne? (WWE)?
  173. Will CM Punk come back?
  174. From 2000 to 2013, what are some sexist and womanizing things wwe has done with their
  175. Which tna ko would you like to get a lap dance from?
  176. WWE: How long of a process is getting into Brock Lesnar's physical condition?
  177. "Feed Me More" Or "Ryback Rules" .. !?
  178. Do you think the secret admirer is AJ Lee?
  179. What do you think of Jerry Lawler having a comic book collection?
  180. on a scale of one to ten what would you rate raw?
  181. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying he won't be able to date AJ Lee?
  182. What do you think of Darren Young giving Titus O' Neal a hair comb?
  183. Does Dolph Ziggler appearing on the WWE app instead of the Raw show mean WWE doesn't like
  184. Do you believe JBL was sick at Wrestlemania when he was in a I Quit match with John Cena?
  185. Do you think Triple H cares that other superstars and divas use his office?
  186. Is Triple H the biggest Slab of meat in the WWE Universe?
  187. Does Fandango have everything?
  188. Eliminate the worst Wrestlers: Round 2?
  189. Tonight is my first RAW this year. A Dance Off. Has it really gotten this bad?
  190. Do you think Triple H has bought all the objects Brock Lesnar destroyed in his office?
  191. What do you think of Jerry Lawler being in a cover band?
  192. Do you think the fact that Jerry Lawler has to explain his jokes is bad enough?
  193. How great was Billy Kidman?
  194. NOW TRENDING 3 hours is too long for Raw?
  195. Are you glad that HHH/Lesnar feud is finally over?
  196. Was The Miz or Ric Flair the Real Worlds Champion?
  197. What WWE wrestler should turn from Heel to Face?
  198. Who would you predict to join the shield?
  199. Is this Tensai's dance instructors?
  200. In your opinion which wrestlers if they had their time again would have made good MMA fighters?
  201. Are wwe(pg fans) hypocrits?
  202. Did you notice Cena bullying Vickie last week?
  203. who else thinks the rock is a sell out?
  204. Why dosent edge wrestle?
  205. Has a heel ever won a Strap Match?
  206. sheamus and mark segment strap on?
  207. Big e singlet is more showing than the divas attire?
  208. does ryback actual rule?
  209. extreme rules predictions(from last night on raw)?
  210. anyone else agree that this ppv is looking quite good at the moment?
  211. How will the Triple H Vs Brock Lesnar Match End at ER?
  212. Dammit, Why Summer Rae, the other girl is way better?
  213. will CM Punk leave the WWE?
  214. who you abdolutly need return to WWE, MVP, John Morisson, Vatista or Christian?
  215. anyone else notice...?
  216. you agree with me, WWE sucks after Edge retirement?
  217. TNA beats WWE now do you agree?
  218. Finally????????????????????
  219. what kind of sick mentality do the obsessed wwe and tna fans have?
  220. Will Brodus Clay ever become a champion of any sort on the main WWE roster?
  221. If D'Lo Brown really wanted to wrestle, wouldn't he come back to the WWE?
  222. Does Alberto Delrio have the best win loss record?
  223. Is Triple H getting fatter everytime we see him?
  224. NOW TRENDING: Previously on Dragon Ball Z?
  225. Isn't Fandago's chance of winning a dance off?
  226. Do you wish gimmicks were still a little more cartoony?
  227. Is WWE'S lack of cruiser weights pissing you off to!?!?
  228. Does Dolph Ziggler have a real concussion or is it just part of acting?
  229. When is Test gonna return to WWE?
  230. Does this say much for today's Last man Standing matches?
  231. Who else thought there wasn't a 10 second count-out rule?
  232. Will Daniel Bryan be the first individual wrestler?
  233. So who is the 'Face' wrestler during this match?
  234. Is it possible for a wrestler to continue a match?
  235. Which individual wrestler do you think will beat The Shield first?
  236. When was the last time HHH won a clean fair match?
  237. how come bret hart never really blamed goldberg for ending his career?
  238. Do you believe Cena is the King of Extreme like Lawler claims?
  239. Ryback from Las Vegas?
  240. Is Ryback wearing a beanie because?
  241. Why do the RAW commentators keep thinking Cena won't be in 100%?
  242. Will Dean Ambrose win the US title?
  243. Why doesn't TNA have dance off's or kissing contests like RAW does?
  244. The 900lbs Squasher(Happy)Humphrey on top of a 10 foot high cage leaps off and?
  245. why do the commentators always say cena is an underdog every match yet he never loses?
  246. WrestleMania XXX, Buy or Bye?
  247. Elliminate the worst Wrestler: Round 1?
  248. Does anyone hate Josh from Smackdown's Commentary?
  249. Anyone want to see John Cena lose his WWE Championship to Ryback at Extreme Rules?
  250. Which do you prefer WWE Raw or Smackdown?
  251. Why are people getting angry over double A putting his balls by christys face?
  252. was Muhammad Hassan's beard really shaved and trimmed down or was it actually fake?
  253. What are four of your favorite wrestling companies on TV?
  254. What WWE wrestler should turn from Face to Heel?
  255. WWE Big E Langston and Ryback Tag Team?
  256. do you think tensai could be the face of the wwe?
  257. I was watching ROH a few days ago, why is ROH doing better than WWE?
  258. Do you think Chris Jericho should get another title run?
  259. who else wants rvd and mvp to return to wwe?
  260. Which of these divas are hottest/ugliest?
  261. Who is this TNA wrestler (year 2007)?
  262. What are the usual tips to avoid pro wrestlers on the street?
  263. Besides the popular ones, who are the pro wrestlers to look out for?
  264. How exactly does blood make a wrestling match better?
  265. How do you define a true wrestling fan?
  266. I ask and answer but what I want to know is, Daniel Bryan's YES or NO?
  267. Should there be a contract clause not allowing WWE hall of famers to jump to TNA?
  268. Will the WWE return to its attitude era? Will the rock come back to WWE after his injuries?
  269. Which damaged the Wrestling business more: Vince McMahon killing the (NWA) territories or WWE...
  270. Did WWE kill Ryback?????
  271. If WWE 2K14 have Pre-Order,depending on the exclusives features will you buy it?
  272. Will John Cena turn into a heel?Will John Cena lose his wwe title against Ryback in extreme rules...
  273. Why hasn't The Miz been on raw lately?
  274. Who has the most predictable moveset?
  275. Who do you like better CM Punk or Brock Lesnar?
  276. Who is your past fav wrestler and who is your current fav wrestler?
  277. True/False: Lawler can wrestle 5-star match on this day but cant do the proper
  278. whats happened to CM Punk??????????????????????
  279. Why did the creative team let shawn micheals lose to kurt angle at WM 21?
  280. Do you like Ryback as a heel more than a face?
  281. How many scoops does Ryback use when he makes his protein shakes?
  282. Why do people say Aj Lee isn't hot?
  283. Who was more unprofessional on TNA Impact this week?
  284. Who else misses these WWE eras?
  285. Who's better between these wrestlers?
  286. Is kelly kelly's butt really that big?
  287. Bully ray vs abyss vs hardy, monsters ball match?
  288. Can we just stop this with this whole TNA and WWE copying each other thing?
  289. Do you think the Shield will still be undefeated after Extreme Rules?
  290. Is brick or aluminum harder?
  291. Will Hulk Hogan come back to retire in WWE one more time instead of TNA?
  292. what would your reaction be if tna invaded wwe tomorrow?
  293. John Cena haters, i got somethin to say?
  294. What moves make a japanese junior wrestler?
  295. Are there any wrestlers that have used "El Hijo del" but weren't the son of the wrestler?
  296. How many Villaņos are there?
  297. What do jamaican people feel about pro wrestling?
  298. Tna is copying wcw, not wwe. silly wwe fans pro wrestling are for mature people?
  299. Who is this TNA wrestler?
  300. Would you love to see Stone Cold Steve Austin join a WWE roster?
  301. What do you think about wwe still denying that they dont watch tna?
  302. @Extremenator 1. Beautiful people came before laycool?
  303. who was better this week? TNA or WWE?
  304. Why is brock lesnar with paul heyman?
  305. What is with Ziggler and Big E Langston?
  306. Do you think that Ryback should become a Paul Heyman guy?
  307. Who do you think is better?
  308. What's happening on TNA these days?
  309. WWE Ryback storyline: working or back to OVW?
  310. Did Mark Henry really break a world record?
  311. John Cena Vs Goldberg who will win the match if the match is at Wrestlemania?
  312. WWE VS TNA, The Shield or Aces & eights?
  313. Do you think that the Shield will ever break up?
  314. Do you prefer Heels or Faces as WWE Champions?
  315. Where the fuck is the miz?
  316. what do you think, do you agree?
  317. Have you ever wanted to know how to do Triple H's entrance?
  318. Is Sheamus' theme song lyrically the strongest compared to other WWE themes?
  319. Favorite Wrestling Organization of all time: WWF, WCW, TNA, or WWE?
  320. Do you think Lita deserves to be in the Hall of Fame just as much as Trish Stratus?
  321. Do you think that someday there may arise a Brazilian fighter in WWE?
  322. Did anybody notice josh Mathews "TRYING" to turn heel?
  323. is sherri martel in the HOF? BW she helped create hbk agree?
  324. if batista is so tough, then how come we dont hear about his mma fights? has he fought?
  325. why doesnt the wwe HOF honor real deserving wrestlers and stop being so darn political BQ...
  326. where to watch smack down right now online BW is the brittish bull dog in the HOF?
  327. What can i do to ake my ground game better?
  328. Wait just a dang minute?
  329. Anyone know when wwe Christian coming back?
  330. What was the first Pro Wrestling company you thought was the most well-known to the "casuals"?
  331. Do you watch Championship Wrestling from Hollywood?
  332. What is your opinion about the The Shield in the WWE?
  333. Do you even care to watch the WWE version of Pro Wrestling?
  334. When will you think John Cena's heel turn will happen?
  335. why do people keep saying HHH is going to take over?
  336. What's the match of the year?
  338. who else misses the attitude era?
  339. Jeff Hardy is coming back to WWE at Extreme Rules, your thoughts?
  340. Did you find it funny when Josh Matthews told JBL he has never faces Ryback?
  341. Which Great Khali disguise did you like more the Rey Mysterio mask or the Cody Rhodes mustache?
  342. Do you agree with what AJ Lee said about Kaitlyn?
  343. Do you think Josh Matthews can be a better heel commentator than JBL?
  344. Do you agree with what Kaitlyn said about AJ Lee?
  345. Do you still believe Cody Rhodes is still underrated after losing to Kofi Kingston?
  346. Do you remember when Josh Matthews said Great Khali was a future Hall of Famer?
  347. Do you think JBL feels dumb after he said he didn't think Mark Henry could pull the two trucks?
  348. Why did the WWE decide to do this (Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon)?
  349. What do you think that WWE should do with Evan Bourne?
  350. Who would win this match?
  351. Was anyone else surprised that Abyss uses a cell phone?
  352. What do you think was Joseph Park's reaction when he saw his brother, Abyss, return to TNA?
  353. Do you ever look up old matches on youtube?
  354. What are your thoughts on Mark Henry pulling 110,000 lbs and 50 tons on Smackdown?
  355. What if the 900lbs Squasher Humphrey put his finisher?
  356. Did Daniel Bryan get his wrestling move inspiration from Chris Benoit?
  357. What if Rikishi climbed to the top of a 10 foot high cage?
  358. Is the reason Josh Matthews was angry on Smackdown was because he regrets walking away from AJ Lee?
  359. Did Randy Orton help out Tons of Funk because he has a crush on Naomi and Cameron?
  360. When mark Henry pull that tractor was it actually real?
  361. So WWE is doing the BE A Star campaign?
  362. Austin aries vs aj styles?
  363. Why is everybody so obsessed with this Austin/Punk rivalry?
  364. Who do you think is going to play Suicide when the character returns to TNA?
  365. What is The New Gimmick Of The Undertaker 2013?
  366. Is a WWE crowd paid to cheer and boo?
  367. If aces and eights go for the tag titles, who should the team be?
  368. WS Universe mode 3rd PPV:Game vs Phenom?
  369. Who in the shield has the most potential?
  370. Was the Mark Henry 2 truck pull scripted or real?
  371. Why is Big E Langston trying to be like Lebron James?
  372. Assuming the Shield will break up one day , what do you think will be the future for them?
  373. When do you think Christian will finally make his return?
  374. When will WWE set up a match like this one?
  375. How many people do you think were in attendance total from last night's TNA Impact Wrestling show?
  376. Abyss vs bully ray for tna world title?
  377. Would you rather have more TNA TV programs in the USA or continue their mission to gain new viewers?
  378. Was the real Teddy Long abducted by aliens?
  379. Ummm, is Josh Mathews doing a heel turn?
  380. Sick of the KO punch?
  381. why does jeff hardy do drugs when he could just mow a lawn?
  382. so is tna going to stay on the road until they go bankrupt or find another studio?
  383. Was that Rey Mysterio?
  384. Who is more hated right now?
  385. Now the shield is winning individually?
  386. What does FTW stand for?
  387. Does Todd Keneley have to take his commentary vitamin pills?
  388. Do you feel sorry for D'Lo Brown now that Doc lost and won't get his cut back?
  389. Did you find it funny when Austin Aries got on top of the turnbuckle where Christy Hemme was?
  390. What do you think of TNA Impact going back to its original time on May 30th?
  391. What do you think of Taz saying his favorite Knockout is Gail Kim?
  392. Do you agree with Taz, Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley shouldn't make fun of Christy Hemmer for the
  393. Would you like to go with Aces And Eights to look for women?
  394. 80's Wrestling Fans, I need your help!?
  395. tna vs wwe match card?
  396. What do you think of Abyss coming back to TNA Impact?
  397. How do you think Todd Keneley felt when Aces And Eights tossed his papers to his face?
  398. Were Big Show and Mark Henry recruited to the WWF just because of their size?
  399. Who is the greatest gaijin of all time?
  400. Was The Ultimate Warrior ever put into the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  401. Why are jobbers required?
  402. Does anybody else think its rediculous that Randy Savage NEVER beat Hulk Hogan once in his career?
  403. what happens when they have the ''Big Guys Sit on Rey Mysterio'' match?
  404. what happens when Squasher humphrey puts the big squash on lil Rey Mysterio?
  405. Rey Mysterio vs Squasher Humphrey who wins?
  406. Is Matt Morgan going to join aces and eights?
  407. Great Khali giving love advice to Kaitlin? why?
  408. who was stronger in prime: hulk hogan or ultimate warrior in gym?
  409. Epic fail????????????
  410. who is Kaitlin's secret love? could it be a woman?
  411. Where the hell is CM Punk?
  412. What do you think will be the lowest rated segment of Impact?
  413. Why didn't Brock Lesnar get arrested?
  414. is anybody expecting anything big to happen in tna tonight?
  415. Hustle loyalty and....?
  416. Who has the worst/most annoying gimmick in WWE?
  417. who in the WWE in the mid card could carry the company when John Cena retires?
  418. Do you think Sheamus is a good wrestler?
  419. Why are so many WWE stars not used anymore?
  420. What would the WWE be like now if Vader had won the world title back at SummerSlam 1996?
  421. why Randy Orton Is in a Holding Pattern with No Apparent Direction in WWE?
  422. Predictions for money in the bank winner?
  423. What is this I am hearing about WWE and Yahoo teaming up?
  424. At what age should you stop playing with action figures?
  425. What if they did this to Rey Mysterio?
  426. TNA, TNA, TNA, Who else has TNA Fever?
  427. What's your opinion on the current WWE?
  428. CM Punk or John Cena?
  429. who won on wrestlemania Takervspunk?
  430. who won on wrestlemania rockvscena?
  432. Is it wwe real? I need answer from a proffesional.?
  433. Who won triple h vs Lesner?
  434. Attitude Era , Ruthless Agression Era or PG Era?
  435. What would happen if the Big Show climbed to the top of a 10 foot tall steel cage and?
  436. Why do people think i'm a John Cena fan because i don't like Rey Mysterio?
  437. why doesnt the wwe wcw nitro 2 dvd's have the benoit bret hart tribute match to owen?
  438. WWE Who is Fandango's dancer?
  439. how do i meet a hollywood undead singer or WWE superstar?
  440. Who would you like to see as Tag Team Champion: The Usos or The Primetime Players?
  441. is it possible that Chris Benoit will get inducted into the Hall Of Fame someday? or No?
  442. Who was better Chris Benoit or Bret Hart?
  443. why are people say Aces and eights are the Best in wrestling today?
  444. If Rey Mysterio turned heel would you take him seriously?
  445. WWE WrestleMania dream match: Who would win a fantasy match?
  446. WWE: Rate my Wrestlemania card.. please? Its easy?
  447. How are the crowds for a Dragon Gate USA wrestling event?
  448. will jeff jarett be stings and angles partner for their tag match tonight?
  449. WWE Pay-Per View matches from the Golden Era: Do you Agree?
  450. what are the remaining matches?
  451. Agree/DisAgree Khali is now like a local jobber?
  452. Brock lesnar/triple h, batista/triple h and undertaker vs the shield,,,, who will win?
  453. WWE: What do you think of Randy Orton's new theme song?
  454. Top Ten: What are your favorite matches/ppv of all time?
  455. With the main event superstars depleting do you think randy orton will be called?
  456. Can you use someone elses finisher for backyard wrestling?
  457. Out of ten how would you rate last weeks raw?
  458. Raw rating drops to lower than 3.0?
  459. Do you think wwe will ever go back to TV 14?
  460. Is TNA Impact returning to 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm starting 05/30/13 because how successful they were...
  461. Which superstar is stronger?
  462. How undertaker takes strong punches?
  463. Did the undertaker chokeslam bigshow or mark henry or great khali?
  464. Undertaker's best chokeslam in history?
  465. Who do you think is Kaitlyns crush?
  466. This may not be popular to say, but.. I think Del Rio should be put back in the WWE
  467. What if Wade Barrett does a Wasteland on me?
  468. Why can't Wade Barrett just carry me away?
  469. What if Wade Barrett pinned me?
  470. I think it'd be cool if Wade Barrett kidnapped me?
  471. What if Wade Barrett doesn't like me when I meet him? Will he give me a BullHammer?
  472. What happens if I never ever take off my Wade Barrett shirt?
  473. when will the wwe finally come out and admit it? half the roster are fags?
  474. did fans ever NOT chant 'you suck' to kurt angle?
  475. What if I want Wade Barrett?
  476. WWE: Does every match at Extreme Rules have some sort of implication? Or just some?
  477. Repost: Does each match on the WWE Extreme Rules pay per view have some kind if stipulation?
  478. Is Justin Gabriel underated?
  479. WWE Pay-Per View matches from the New Generation Era: Do you Agree?
  480. Do they ever plan on making a new TNA game?
  481. Is Bautista returning to WWE?
  482. I believe there is still hope for a thuganomics return,dont you?
  483. Heel vs Heel???????????
  484. Am I the only one that doesn't like taryn Terrell?
  485. What would think of christian cage returns to tna as a wrestler?
  486. Who competed on the final episode of Sunday Night Heat?
  487. is kurt engle best real wrestler ever in wwe or tna? didnt he win gold?
  488. In WWE NXT, why has Bray Wyatt been compared with the movie Cape Fear?
  489. Should Chikara Pro have their version of the Ghostbusters?
  490. WWE: Should Ryback in a mid card title picture?
  491. do you think john cena should take a break when cm punk comes back?
  492. WWE: Eventually the Ziggler clique is going to split, where do you think that will leave Big E?
  493. Hypothetically,do y'all think Jushin Liger(1995) vs Shawn Micheals(1997) would be one of the
  494. Isnt this funny and pathetic?
  495. Do you think WWE Superstars give advice to Kaitlyn about who may be her secret admirer?
  496. Why does WWE have so much talent but focus on only certain superstars?
  497. WWE are burying a lot of thier REAL talent now?
  498. Wrestling: Your favorite time in Mick Foley's career?
  499. What does WWE, and Undertaker have in common?
  500. Which one is most destructive:Brogue Kick or W.M.D?