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  1. What in your opinion was the best match if the PG era and why?
  2. Is it more impressive to be undefeated for 470 days like Crimson or be WWE champion for 434
  3. ryback hasnt won a PPV since when?
  4. Do you think raws low ratings have anything to do with cena being champion.?
  5. How to become a wrestler?
  6. Do you think ODB should Thank God a man like Austin Aries looks at her more than a couple of...
  7. YES!!! Since Sting is making a new Main Event Mafia, does that mean Kevin Nash will return to TNA?
  8. What do you think the envelope has inside that'll make everybody happy?
  9. Did you think the gift Velvet Sky had for Mickie James was going to be a friendship ring or a
  10. What do you think of Taz's comments about Sting's New Main Event Mafia?
  11. Has James Storm had more partners than Taylor Swift?
  12. What do you think of Sting making a new Main Event Mafia?
  13. Y2J and Del rio Vs Ziggler and Langston?
  14. Is the pg era underrated?
  15. How do I get songs onto WWE 12?
  16. Is there a difference between scripted and fake?
  17. What are your predictions for WWE Payback +BQ?
  18. If you have been wondering....Crimson has been in OVW?
  19. Is Mickie James a heel now?
  20. What is wwe did this?
  21. What would you think of this wwe fans?
  22. Best wrestler on the Independent Curcuit?
  23. Which is the official theme song already released for WWE wrestlemania 30?
  24. Why is everyone cheering for heels in WWE, Jim Crockett if you could answer?
  25. If you were a pro wrestler, where would you go ROH, TNA, WWE, or the Independent circuit?
  26. The first Raw after Extreme Rules & you heard the ambulance?
  27. Who will win stage 1 & 2 This sunday with John Cena and Ryback?
  28. hm so Sting is going to get his own stable huh?
  29. best WWF Segment ever?
  30. Wrestling in high school?
  31. WWE Payback predictions?
  32. where do you get your wrestling news?
  34. Which wrestler would you love to see back in wwe?
  35. Are the WS sheep jealous of David Otunga's massive biceps?
  36. Why are WWE sponsoring diabetes in a bun?
  37. AJ lee time is now for winning the gold?
  38. Should SpikeTV move (TNA) Impact Wrestling to Tuesday nights?
  39. Is WWE did you know fact legit?
  40. is it okay if I run in my wrestling shoes?
  41. How come RAW & SmackDown never start off with an opening pyro anymore?
  42. Describe a perfect WWE Female Wrestler?
  43. Does the WS users even lift?
  44. in a real street fight who win: Ryback or big E Langston?
  45. Austin Aries should come to WWE?
  46. Are you excited for WWE 2K14?
  47. Is WWE coming to Denver Colorado 2013?
  48. Who ll be next face/show stopper of wwe after john cena's retirement?
  49. Was Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins a PPV main event worthy match?
  50. Was Vince Russo really the problem in TNA?
  51. WWE fans Agree or Disagree: Daniel Bryan is the hottest asset to the company right now?
  52. Who is the greatest 11 time world champion?
  53. Did Austin Aries ever get disciplined for his supposed sexual harrasment?
  54. Really? James Storm not in BFG?
  55. Is Ken Anderson the only remotely cool member of aces and eights?
  56. Anybody else get the felling that Mickie James is going to be a pathetic villain.?
  57. I cant think of who it was?
  58. So, does Joseph Park get two paychecks?
  59. Is comparing John Cena to the Rock or Steve Austin like comparing Lebron James to Michael Jordan?
  60. If Ryback loses at Payback, was he overrated his whole career?
  61. this 2009 pic of cm punk and macho man?
  62. Does Wade Barrett have a future in commentary?
  63. Did Tons of Funk save Brodus and Tensai?
  64. does anybody realize sheamus was almost champion for a year?
  65. Should WWE allow NXT superstars to wrestle in small indie companies?
  66. does every main wrestler get a break off from TLC?
  67. Why did the WWE hire back Tensai aka A-Train/Albert?
  68. Should Big Show lose weight so he can be good like in 1999 when he was The Giant or Paul Wight?
  69. Do you need Huluplus to watch Main Event, NXT, and Superstars on Hulu?
  70. Why doesn't Josh Matthews commentate on Smackdown anymore?
  71. best wwe interview ever?
  72. What do you think of wwe making Justin Gabriel and Ted DiBiAse an official tag team?
  73. Are indy fans the hipsters of the wrestling world?
  74. Why does everyone want Christian back?
  75. What do you think the average iq of the people who think that blood is going to make...
  76. Does Iron Sheik really hate Hulk Hogan?
  77. Wwe avoiding the push of young Wwe superstars?
  78. why is chris benoit not answering the phone?
  79. ever thought about this?
  80. Is comparing John Cena to The Rock or Steve Austin like comparing Lebron James to Michael Jordan?
  81. Should Aj Lee Go Back To Being On Her Own In The Wwe .. !?
  82. Rolling back the years-who remembers these promos from the rock?
  83. Does anyone else think Aksana should be a backstage interviewer?
  84. Why dont people believe the fact that wwe christian is my uncle?
  85. Who do you find more entertaining-lesnar or ryback?
  86. Wwe christian of 2004/05 or the current wwe christian?
  87. Is Vader's moonsault the most impressive move ever in wrestling (+BQ)?
  88. Is possible for Cena to get over any further?
  89. what happened to Sheamus?
  90. Do you see TNA ever becoming the top wrestling promotion/company in the US?
  91. Who Would Win The Rock or Randy Orton?
  92. Is Bray Wyatt a ripoff of Mideon?
  93. Do you think CM Punk will actually return at Payback to face Chris Jericho?
  94. What movie is The Rock gonna be in, Alexander, Ceasar, Hercules?
  95. In the WWE, do you think it's harder to defend the title or go for the title?
  96. Whom do you prefer wwe christian or wwe john cena?
  97. Will we have to wait another year before we see the Undertaker?
  98. Why do you hate John Cena? He is a good wrestler.?
  99. Has there even been a gay wrestler in the wwe?
  100. How many people will Rampage Jackson beat up in TNA?
  101. Have you ever voted no best answer on your own question just to get the points back?
  102. WWE.Com choose Sting as The best none WWe wrestler in history, what signs for Sting?
  103. How can CM Punk call himself the best in the world when its PG and most wrestlers just
  104. Why are the TNA crowd chanting "Cena sucks" and "Yes! Yes! Yes!"?
  105. Are the flat tracks merely a ruse by England to catch their opponents off guard?
  106. Will we see these matches at bfg ppv. bq?
  107. What's next for John Cena?
  108. Will cm punk return as a face on payback ppv?
  109. Are WWE pushing The Usos?
  110. Who's going to win at Payback?
  111. What's the deal with Seth Rollins' faggy hair? Is he gay?
  112. Is bleach report writer justin labar a wwe sheep or just a tna hater?
  113. Where is that chick lady tapa who won gutcheck?
  114. Is Jeff Jarrett not in TNA because he had an affair with Kurt angle's wife?
  115. Am i the only one that still isn't buying into this whole thing about Taryn Terrell being a...
  116. Who else is shock at all great feedback taryn terrell is getting for her match slammiversary?
  117. Beet hardcore moment wwe history?
  118. Anybody else think Sabin's finisher is pretty awesome?
  119. Once a year, should tna showcase the knockouts beauty...?
  120. Rank all the divas in wwe from hot to not?
  121. Who will become the first WWE NXT Women's champion?
  122. Are you enjoying this edition of Impact Wrestling?
  123. in ring wrestling it it safe to say Daniel Bryan has shades of chris beniot and dynamite kid
  124. What are your thoughts on WWE stealing Umaga's nickname from a rugby player?
  125. Is Fandango just another Buff Bagwell?
  126. Should the Usos start eating their opponents?
  127. Beet hardcore moment tna history?
  128. Why did they start putting Ricardo on commentary?
  129. Is taryn terrell making velvet sky run for her money?
  130. How many pay-per-views does TNA have each year?
  131. Is Curt Hawkins going to fight more frequently?
  132. Kimi raikkonen or sebastian vettel?
  133. Top three women wrestlers in tna history?
  134. Rate my summerslam 2013 card ?
  135. Taryn terrell has impressed me sunday, anyone else who saw slammiversary ppv?
  136. Anybody else feel like the Uso are finally getting a push?
  137. Does WWE blur out the old WWF logos on DVDs because it stands for World Wildlife federation now?
  138. Is this rumour true that wwe christian will return at mitb and won the mitb ladder match?
  139. Is Howard Finkel the announcer still alive some of his intros still send shivers down my spine?
  140. Could AJ Styles be the main eventer in WWE or one of top faces or top heel or WWE will just
  141. Top three women wrestlers in wwe history?
  142. What wrestling company has the best women matches in your opinion.?
  143. Why is Antonio Cesaro german now?
  144. Who are the top ten talents in tna?
  145. Am I tnas verison of torrie wilson or kelly kelly?
  146. What is your favourite RKO ?
  147. Will CM punk's fanbase rise or fall if he becomes a face?
  148. Wwe is finally doing it?
  149. Can anyone predict the entire WWE Payback card?
  150. Where is Swagger???????????
  151. Fake is wrestling watch why it?
  152. What high flyers in wwe can look great in the ultimate x match?
  153. What are you going to watch at 9pm eastern time, 6pm pacific tonight?
  154. Is the Money In The Bank a curse for the WWE?
  155. if christian returned to tna why is he in wwe 13?
  156. Who is the next Divas Champion?
  157. Wwe bray wyatt or the shield?
  158. Isnt it funny how majority of tna haters on here, have current/pass tna guys as their profile
  159. Who are the top ten talents in wwe?
  160. Hey tna fans, who else is tired of hearing wwe fans b*tchin about impact?
  161. Who would you like to see return to wwe ?
  162. TNA treat thier womens division better than WWE? Agree?
  163. What wrestlemania did john cena first win the title?
  164. Is Jack Swagger the only wrestler who have swag?
  165. Was that the best match Sheamus and Barrett have ever had?
  166. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying every time a strap falls down he knows bad things
  167. Who'd win in a wrestling match between Fandango and Goldberg?
  168. What is the best of Survivor Series PPV you ever watch?
  169. What six wrestlers do you view as being boring in the ring?
  170. Question for WWE fans: What is the oldest wrestling company in existence?
  171. Which wrestling company do you think has the most value?
  172. Does anyone think this girl looks like paige from WWE NXT?
  173. Will the shield flop like nexus?
  174. Which is more entertaining to you: WWE and TNA or CMLL and AAA?
  175. Who is the Perro Aguayo jr of WWE?
  176. Tna vs wwe ppv. rate, choose winners and comment?
  177. WWE vs TNA Fantasy Card What Do You Think of My Card?
  178. What is one wrestling promotion in the world do you think could compete with the WWE?
  179. do you think john cena should leave the WWE and pass the torch to CM punk?
  180. Do you agree that the Wyatt Family is nothing more than a Duck Dynasty ripoff?
  181. Why do fans betray their favorite wrestlers?
  182. did dixie carter just sign randy orton it cant be stonecold so is it really randy orton why did
  183. Why didn't Curtis axel get disqualified,when rubs I attacked cena?
  184. WS Outlaw Q&A - Ep.2: When will WWE do something with Ted DiBiase JR.?
  185. If Austin returned to face CM Punk would idiotic wrestling fans bash Austin during the...
  186. Which Wwe Superstar is coming to Tna this year?
  187. Should Bo Dallas and Ryback feed more off what the crowd says?
  188. Right now in tna, who is the best...?
  189. WS Outlaw Q&A - Ep.1: Has it ever struck you Nicky from The Spirit Squad is the WWE World...
  190. Run! The Wyatt Family are Coming!?
  191. What are some tna dream matches you would like to see?
  192. Is Luke Gallows and Mike Knox in TNA or House of Hardcore?
  193. In WWE whos the dancing guy that beat Chris Jericho at 'Mania?
  194. WRESTLING : Do you think the undertaker is not worthy anymore?
  195. What is the best of summerslam ppv you ever watch ?
  196. Are you excited for WWE Payback?
  197. When will wwe do a rise and fall dvd?
  198. if you was wwe's creative writer what matches and segments would you have for next weeks raw?
  199. Do You Think Randy Orton Will Make A Better Heel Than CM Punk ..?
  200. What doesTNA's shark boy?
  201. Question????????????? Thanks!?
  202. Who was in your opinion the best seller in WWF/WWE history?
  203. Did bret hart forgot to wash his dirty ugly face for the bret hart appreciation night?
  204. Did bret hart forgot to wash his dirty ugly face for the bret hart appeeciation night?
  205. Did bret hart forgot to wash his dirty ugly face for the bret hart appreciation night?
  206. Did bret hart forgot to wash his dirty ugly face for the bret hart appreciation night?
  207. WWE need a face faction after wyatt familly imminent arrival?
  208. the shield member that should turn face?
  209. John Cena vs ultimate warior at his prime, who would win in real fight?
  210. What was stone cold's ECW gimmick again?
  211. sould 3MB turn faces?
  212. Why is Wrestlemania held so early?
  213. Tna vs wwe dream card?
  214. Did you know about these injuries?
  215. sting vs unertaker wrestlmania 30 rumours of sting interested in having the match your thoughts?
  216. Who is/was the greatest bad guy heel wrestler of all time and why?
  217. What is the full form of wwe?
  218. Will Slammiversery end this way?
  219. Wwf vs tna vs wwe dream match?
  220. Agree or Disagree: Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander are one of the best tag teams in ROH
  221. Which do you think would cause more damage to your physical body (choices inside)?
  222. With the Wyatt Family making their debut soon do you think there are too many heels on the roster?
  223. Did anyone else think this?
  224. Which championship is more prestigious right now in your opinion: ROH World Title or TNA WHC?
  225. TNA 2004-2009 = TNA's Attitude Era... agree?
  226. 6-sided ring vs 4-sided ring?
  227. Who would you want to win the wwe championship on Payback? Cena or Ryback?
  228. Do you think Christian should return to TNA!?
  229. What is so great about Daniel Bryan?
  230. Who Is the Perfect Opponent for Curtis Axel?
  231. Why are SOME CM Punk fans so dumb?
  232. What are the three largest wrestling promotions in the WORLD today?
  233. So,Am I supposed to believe Michael McGillyCutty is on the same level as Cena and HHH and a
  234. Why hasn't Kofi Kingston changed his entrance music since debuting with the wwe?
  235. Why does Vince McMahon hate Natalya?
  236. Have there ever been a Japanese wrestling show on American TV?
  237. Rock vs Brock at WM 30?
  238. Redemption vs Immortality-CM Punk(face) vs The Undertaker-SummerSlam?
  239. Who is the current champion of wwe?
  240. if CM Punk and John Cena form a tag team,what would you name their team(10 points)?
  241. WRESTLING : Besides brett "hitman hart"...who do you think is the best Canadian wrestler?
  242. How about this WrestleMania 30 card?
  243. who do you like the most? roman reigns, seth rollins or dean ambrose.?
  244. Can you make a decent living as a indy wrestler?
  245. Who is this WWE Superstar? 1st correct answer gets BA (10 points)?
  246. Do you think The Shield should win both MITB ladder matches?
  247. Am I the only one who perfers the deadman gimmick over the Undertaker's ABA gimmick?
  248. Can you please tell me who this WWE superstar is? I am really curious and confused?
  249. batman vs spiderman on wwe match, who will win?
  250. Should tna do a rewind ppv, to reignite fueds, for one night only?
  251. why WWE should not push wade barrett?
  252. Finally the WWE is taking more than one good step?
  253. The wyat family vs the shield, who will win?
  254. what if CM Punk Never Returns to WWE?
  255. What's your top 5 favorite wrestlers?
  256. Batman vs Spiderman in a WWE match, who win?
  257. Hey wwe fans...guess what?
  258. Why doesn't Sheamus have any competition left in the WWE?
  259. Will this match between Cena/Curtis Axel last over 4 minutes?
  260. Do you think Sheamus and Orton could still win against The Legion of Doom?
  261. Can Someone Help Me Find This Video?
  262. WWE pushes people who they mess up with (Fandango was Johnny Curtis) (C. Axel was Michael...
  263. Why keep "Tensai" if there not even keeping his gimmick, why not go back to Albert, or A-Train?
  264. NJPW VS ROH Pick winners?
  265. Would Curtis Axel, Colt Cabana, and Adam Pearce be a good fit for TNA ?
  266. So, is anybody else getting a deliverance vibe from the Wyatt Family?
  267. Who in tna, should win/or regain the world title?
  268. What are your thoughts on last night's monday night raw?
  269. What happened the first 30 min of raw?
  270. Kurt angle dont look too healthy?
  271. What are your thoughts on Punk facing Y2J at Payback?
  272. What are all of CM Punk's theme songs that he has used?
  273. What would you do if you met the WWE script writers?
  274. Greatest technical wrestler ever?
  275. Does anyone else think that Evan Bourne should be pushed in WWE?
  276. Wrestling: Who would win this elimination match?
  277. Are you shock to see the Owen Hart sign in the crowd?
  278. With the exception of WOW, what all women wrestling promotion is similar to GLOW?
  279. Aj lee...........................??
  280. Are you serious Natalya losses to the bella twins in her home town on her birthday?
  281. Which Lucha Libre wrestling promotion do you like more: AAA or CMLL?
  282. Should tna do this ppv?
  283. What wrestling promotion would you compare Lucha Libre AAA to?
  284. Explain to me this?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
  285. Anyone else loving Curtis Axel?
  286. Didn't I tell you people?
  287. OMG...Are They A Tag Team?
  288. When will WWE do something with Ted DiBiase JR. ?
  289. In tnas 11 years, have any fans started a brawl in the crowd like wwe fans did yesterday cause
  290. Anyone else find the Whyatt family promo creepy?
  291. I thought The Great Khali couldn't speak english?
  292. The real reason why Triple H lost to Curtis Axel was?
  293. What do you think of my WWE 13 Survivor Series card?
  294. What did I miss in the first 20 minutes of Monday Night Raw?
  295. Are you watching the post-show right now?
  296. If you were a WWE Wrestler, what would your name be?
  297. do u prefer 2010-2011 the miz or 2012-present the miz?
  298. In the distant future when Kofi Kingston has do you think his championship resume...
  299. NXT question????????
  300. Did anyone else expect to hear "Holler, if you hear me?" when that siren went off?
  301. Who thinks Bret Heart will bring up the Montreal Screwjob/Shawn Michaels tonight(+BQ)?
  302. Did anyone else thing Scott Steiner returned when Ryback brought the ambulance out ?
  303. Does Bully Ray deserve to be a heavyweight champ?
  304. Who are those 3 Hillbillies when Raw showed their vignettes?
  305. Was it just me or did Chris Jericho look like?
  306. So Bray Wyatt and Bo dallas are brothers?
  307. Who will be the next NXT rookie to debut after Wyatt?
  308. what is TCW wrestling?
  309. What were the fans looking at?
  310. would you say that batista 1. never returns to wwe 2 failure in mma and 3.?
  311. Are squash matches necessary in WWE?
  312. The crowd was looking at a fight in the crowd, your thoughts?
  313. Isnt it funny how the live crowd was more entertain by an audience fight than wwe?
  314. Did anyone else think it was freaking awesome when axel used the perfect plex on Cena?
  315. Could this happen????
  317. What in the WWE is scarier?
  318. Did Kaitlyn just turn heel?
  319. How long is wade Barret's contract for?
  320. Were they the Highlanders?
  321. Do you have the WWE app?
  322. What creepy commercial was that with the lamb masks on WWE?
  323. do u think lesnar is gunna attack jerico?
  324. Was Cody Rhodes the last legitimate intercontinental champion?
  325. Can you name this WWE wrestler?
  326. It's official! Jericho vs Punk at Payback! Your thoughts?
  327. Are the Wyatt's going to be better than the Shield?
  328. Was that the dumbest ending to a match ever?
  329. Which title do you like best?
  330. Is the tag title match still going?
  331. Hooray For Summer Rae?
  332. So what was up with the German soldiers in the WWE Memorial Day Tribute?
  333. Did John Cena just make Payback more interesting?
  334. WWE Raw is dedicated to the US military tonight? And WWE is in Canada? A bit odd, huh?
  335. What was Teddy Long's answer in math class when asked what 2 x 2 is?
  336. Has RAW ever had more viewers on one night, then all the other cable channels on the same
  337. Why does RAW advertise 'R' Rated movies?
  338. Do you hope the fued between SuperDelRio and Langston?
  339. Why is the United States Championship match taken place in Canada?
  340. Why is WWE making Del Rio look as strong as Mark Henry or even Goldberg?
  341. Wasn't that theme different for Curtis?
  342. Do you think WWE made a mistake making RAW in Canada on Memorial Day?
  343. Isn't DDP a great man?
  344. When Kofi wins back the United States Championship belt?
  345. Who agrees John Cena is now a boring wrestler?
  346. Can you see wade Barret as a face?
  347. did anyone else notis that ryback's music?
  348. The return of the three stages of hell match, your thoughts?
  349. Sierra Hotel Echo India Lima Delta?
  350. What website can I found out about the WWE tour dates?
  351. Aj Lee?????????????????????????
  352. Hunico is way better than Sin Cara and he gets a thuggish Chicano gimmick. Your thoughts?
  353. I really don't want to see another "Rytard + Ambulance" segment. Do you?
  354. Should Triple H be 100% owner of the WWE after Vince OR should Stephanie be 100% owner after Vince?
  355. Don't you think Gunner was great when he took out Shark Boy and Robbie E?
  356. Would you play a wrestling video game featuring past dead wrestlers as zombies?
  357. POLL: Do you like my new icon?
  358. Do you think the WWE is purposely linking Daniel Bryan with Chris Benoit?
  359. Sooo... what do you think of Curtis Axel?
  360. Which Non-American Style Is Better: Japanese Wrestling OR Mexican Wrestling OR Puerto Rican...
  361. "AJ" on google gets a gazillion results for AJ Lee and zero for Styles. Should TNA be ashamed?
  362. why is it when I google Ryback I get this?
  363. Mr. Perfect just rolled over in his grave?
  364. Adios Sin Cara. Holla Samuray del Sol. Your thoughts?
  365. Why wasn't La Parka part of the Invasion storyline?
  366. If tna did a storyline where...?
  367. What's different between TNA & WWE?
  368. Do you like legends and hall of famers returning for one night only in royal rumble only to...
  369. I will always be a fan of Triple H, but do you think it hurt him when he said...?
  370. Do you think The Usos can save and improve the WWE tag team division?
  371. Are you impressed by Curtis Axel so far?
  372. Does TNA need to get rid of Hogan and Bischoff?
  373. is the rassling critic, who looks like jim cornette, RETARDED? OR ON DRUGS?
  374. Will Raw be live this Monday?
  375. Do you think Aces and 8s gets splinter groups?
  376. Would you rather work WWE or UFC?
  377. Name 5 future world champions in WWE who had never won the title before.?
  378. What would your reaction be if i came to the WWE?
  379. WWE will be releasing a handful of wrestlers by the end on June. Who do you think is on the list?
  380. Do you get sentimental when you see your car go up on a garage lift or when it gets towed?
  381. Should La Parka end The Undertaker's streak at WM-30?
  382. Am I the only one who didn't/doesn't like Ruthless Aggression Era?
  383. Who is the next face of wwe in your opinion , who will take john cena's place?
  384. How old are The Usos (2013)?
  385. Which game do you prefer, WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2006(PS 2) or WWE Day of Reckoning
  386. Which of these WWF/E Raw and SmackDown! years do you like better?
  387. Which Divas&Knockouts of all time, are all around more beautiful, iyo?
  388. Why do some matches have contract signings and some don't?
  389. If you were gay would you make love with cm punk or dean ambrose?
  390. When should the Shield go there seperate ways?
  391. Who Will Beat The Shield?
  392. do u guys still think wwe may still have something with nash cm punk and nwo since nash...
  393. Name the wrestlers you think should not still be Jobbling and state your reasons why?
  394. Do you like my WWE Payback Match Card?
  395. If you were in wwe and you had the chance to join the shiel or become cena's sidkick witch one...
  396. Did this article go too far?
  397. Is TNA only on "Spike TV"?
  398. How lame was that botched move from The Big Show?
  399. Who do you think is better Stone Cold or Kurt Angle?
  400. WWE Smackdown question?
  401. Is John Cena balding?
  402. WRESTLING : Which wwe superstars do you think needs to retire from the ring?
  403. Wrestlemania in outer space...?
  404. WRESTLING : What if SHIELD was to invade TNA -------->?
  405. Why do you continue watching wrestling even though it's at it's worst in over 20 years?
  406. Payback custom match card please rate?
  407. who would win this tag team match: lita and beth phoenix vs chyna and trish stratus?
  408. What are some movies that a WWE superstar has been in ?
  409. What is the name of the rap song of John Cena's promo at wrestlemania 29?
  410. What the heck is WWE doing with Natalya?
  411. What is next for The Shield, Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel?
  412. Would you sh1t yourself if?
  413. who wins this anything goes match: andre the giant or big show?
  414. Why is John Cena so much better than your favourite wwe superstar?
  415. Do you think you can untie the "Guardian Knot"?
  416. Are you surprised Sheamus solved and broke the Aerobics Cube while he was a kid?
  417. Shouldn't WWE fire the people who played Fandango's music during matches?
  418. Why has Smackdown been worse/more boring without GM Booker T on the show?
  419. Why do people watch wrestling?
  420. What's next for Kane?
  421. How much can Paul Heyman help Curtis Axel (Joe Hennig) progress in his WWE career?
  422. What is that one gimmick you wish had have worked out?
  423. Ryback becoming a heel?
  424. When you heard Teddy Long's music, that automatically meant tag team right?
  425. WWE Raw Old And New Info, Which do you prefer?
  426. Are any former WWE Divas returning soon?
  427. Does anyone have an update on the status of Ezekiel Jackson?
  428. Do you think it's going to end up being Axel vs Jericho on Raw?
  429. Will we ever serious see that Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio match they were hyping last year?
  430. Who could see this happening?
  431. Do you agree with Wade Barrett is Fandango a waste of skin?
  432. Are you surprised JBL hasn't watched Pirates of The Carribbean?
  433. is Chris Jericho like Johnny Depp always reinventing himself?
  434. Do you think JBL and Michael Cole paid for their shows promotion?
  435. Does Fandango look like a bag of Skittles?
  436. Does anyone else like watching matches over again after a few years?
  437. What are your thoughts on WWE rumors, Stone Cold facing Wade Barrett & Wrestlemania?
  438. Do you agree with Sheamus should Damian Sandow get a girlfriend?
  439. Is it too early to see Punk win the WWe title or face Ryback?
  440. Are you ready for another Cena vs Punk storyline or is it too soon?
  441. Are you ready to see Punk vs DB again?
  442. Should Punk go to Smackdown & challenge Ziggler for the world title?
  443. Do you want to see Punk vs Lesnar?
  444. Mick Foley/Dude Love Video?
  445. Wwe is gonna take over the world one day?
  446. I believe in the shield??
  447. Which wrestler do you think that would end The Shield's winning streak?
  448. How old are you? and what was going on in the WWE or WWF when you first started watching it?
  449. So what do you think it's next for Damien Sandow?
  450. What's a good place to start watching the Attitude Era?
  451. Triple H is an egomaniac?
  452. Cm punk vs Daniel Bryan?
  453. Dolph ziggler is AWFUL?
  454. Triple H learnt to Hate and thrive on that hate?
  455. What wrestler do you think needs a face turn?
  456. do you think the shield are best ever in wwe? of all time?
  457. It's official???
  458. Did AJ Styles remind you of Nightwing when he arrived to Impact Wrestling on a motorcycle tonight?
  459. Did anyone else get goosebumps by the reaction Hulk Hogan got in his hometown on Impact tonight?
  460. Why does Brooke Hogan feel she is making TNA bad? She made the Knockouts division what it is...
  462. I haven't watched wrestling since Dean Ambrose beat Kane on SmackDown, what has happened since?
  463. Do you think AJ Styles regrets drinking beer since he wasn't planning on staying in Aces And Eights?
  465. Who would win this Super Tag Team match?
  466. did any real 2000s kids grew up watching john cena wrestle?
  467. Did AJ Styles look good wearing The Aces And Eights colors?
  468. Did Stone Cold ever tap out to a submission before Unforgiven 2001 to the Kurt Angle?
  469. Can x division still cash the belt in for a world title shot. bq?
  470. What happens first: Impact Wrestling gets a rating of a 1.6 or higher or TNA merging with...
  471. Do you think Sharkboy and James Storm are drinking right now?
  472. Is Bully Ray responsible for Hulk Hogan not being able to run TNA Wrestling?
  473. Do you think AJ Styles is going to turn to an alcaholic?
  474. What happens during a Last Man Standing match?
  475. Did I call it????????
  476. I don't know much about gunner?
  477. Was anyone laughing when Bobby Roode told James Storm to pick Robbie E as his tag partner?
  478. What do you think of Bobby Roode having his worst four years of his career and life with
  479. How classy is it that Mickie James wants to fight Velvet Sky at 100 percent?
  480. What do you think of AJ Styles joining Aces And Eights?
  481. Who is this WWE superstar? Hints and BQs?
  482. Are you surprised Bully Ray thinks of Brooke Hogan when he wakes up and thinks about her when he
  483. Did Brooke Hogan Resign?
  484. When are Cm Punk and The Rock coming back?
  485. What is your favorite Undertaker theme song of all time?
  486. I'm making a heel turn?
  487. Did WWE say how Booker T got injured?
  488. Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake and gay?
  489. What do you think of D' Lo Brown getting Ice and washing the Aces And Eights motorcycles?
  490. Since Brooke Hogan loved that "jerk" Bully Ray, is she responsible for the state TNA is
  491. Who else thinks AJ won't join aces and eights?
  492. Who had the Best Night-Impact Wrestling?
  493. Should TNA vacate the TV Championship off Devon?
  494. what kind of WWE fan would i be?
  495. WWE thought they killed WCW but it turned into TNA?
  496. How do you pronounce the ReDragon tag team in ROH of O'Reilly and Fish?
  497. Exercise with Jeff Hardy?
  498. Does Triple H look less intimidating with his new haircut?
  499. Which two members of Aces And Eights would you take out with the sledgehammer?
  500. What are your thoughts on the mistreatment of Drew McIntyre?