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  1. Does Mike Tenay not know women?
  2. Did Jessie Godderz and Robbie E. shop together?
  3. Do you think Suicide will show his face and give the X division title back?
  4. Did aj lee really date lilian the timeskeeper and the other guy?
  5. How did Austin Aries change his voice when he had the suicide mask on?
  6. So is it official that The Shield is on a 5 match losing streak?
  7. What do you think of Taz saying about Sting "I can't stand this guy, I can't stand this guy"?
  8. When is Jeff Jarrett gonna return and why?
  9. What's up with Bobby Roode?
  10. What wrestling holds do you like better?
  11. Who will win in a real fight cm punk vs brock lesnar?
  12. Is it fair to say John Cena is a poor mans Rock?
  13. Why do people like today's roster?
  14. I will bring all the WS stables to court?
  15. Do you agree that you cannot call yourself a true WWE fan if you never seen the attitude era?
  16. Do you think Jesse Godderz should lay off the carbs?
  17. Did anyone notice that Bully Ray didn't greet Taz when he came out to the ring?
  18. Do you think James Storm and Gunner look like scientists?
  19. Did you cry when you saw Velvet Sky crying after losing her match to Mickie James?
  20. If you were a WWE/TNA wrestler, would you want your friend to win a major WWE/TNA title?
  21. Do you agree with Kurt Angle when he says this is the "improved" Main Event Mafia?
  22. What is worse: being called "butterface" or "hoeski"?
  23. Can you believe wikipedia is already updated for MEM?
  24. will wwe ever stop giving cena the belt, i mean he is soon going to rival ric flair?
  25. What is a good alternative wrestling company to TNA, ROH, and CMLL?
  26. What is your favorite day that has wrestling aired on TV?
  27. Who did you feel for more once you saw them cry: Kaitlyn or Velvet Sky?
  28. do you agree that 2000s kids had wwe's john cena while we 90s kids had wwe's stone cold steve
  29. Should Velvet Sky have been patient and waited until her knee was 100%?
  30. do you agree that people born in 1993 and after dont know anything about the WWE's attitude era?
  31. Hugo Savinovich always fell off a chair when someone went through the Spanish announce table?
  32. Why does no one in the WWE (or TNA) use the Shining Wizard?
  33. R.I.P Doink the clown?
  34. What the hell happen to the shield and to the other teams on this wrestling section?
  35. Wwe ice cream barssss?
  36. Who would win in Rick Rude vs Jake Roberts? First correct answer gets best answer?
  37. Who would win in Bret Hart vs Daniel Bryan? First Correct answer gets best answer?
  38. Which wrestling company would you rather watch for 12 hours straight: CMLL or WWE?
  39. Who would you say are the two biggest wrestling stars in Mexico right now?
  40. What Lucha Libre CMLL years should I watch (more inside)?
  41. How come TNA, ROH, and wwe are the only wrestling companies with nationwide TV deals in the US?
  42. Main event mafia is the worst team ever?
  43. What wrestlers are participating in the money in the bank match?
  44. Why can't WWE let Cody Rhodes win a match?
  45. New Member of ???!!!!!?
  46. what with this ??? stuff? what stable should i join?
  47. Why did Stone Cold Steve Austin retire from WWE?
  48. Old beard 2.0 just came out of closet?
  49. Who would win in Andre the Giant vs Big Show? First correct answer gets best answer?
  50. WWE : What the hell happened to Kane?
  51. Who do today's wrestling fans not care about the past when wrestling was actually great?
  52. Is brock lesnar switching full time?
  53. lol MEM going downhill?
  54. Does anyone remember George "The Animal" Steele?
  55. What you guys think about Mickie James heel?
  56. what is the difference between a no DQ match and a street fight match?
  57. Curtis axel??where are u report me now?
  58. Remember how i beat up 3MB?
  59. Who wants to join Team Johnny and take out ??? S????? and DX?
  60. Favourite Wrestlemania?
  61. Should WWE bring back the Hardcore title?
  62. Remember that Lakers vs Nuggets match back in 2009?
  63. Are you all jealous that I'm drinking coffee?
  64. How do I accomplish this?
  65. Which WWE matches ended up outside the arena ?
  66. Which is more likely to happen this year: Impact Wrestling getting a rating of a 1.5+ or TNA buying
  67. who wrestled the most matches in wwe?
  68. WRESTLING : Do you think starting a war with WWE would help TNA become more popular (ALSO)?
  69. Do you remember the all-female wrestling-entertainment company, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW)?
  70. John Morrison..Can someone explain this to me?
  71. What WWE matches are like this ?
  72. Is the next episode of TNA Impact Wrestling going to be LIVE or taped?
  73. What th heck was that?
  74. randomly points at everyone in the wrestling section?
  75. WRESTLING : Didn't I tell you (THAT)------->?
  76. Isn't Mark Henry the most awesome guy in the WWE right now?
  77. Rey Mysterio in the Hall of Fame, and Why/Why Not?
  78. What the hell is so bad about TNA?
  79. What happen on Monday night Raw?
  80. Do you think Paul Heyman has something to do with Brock Lesnar?
  81. lol who said the has S????? disband?
  82. What new features will be in WWE 2K14?
  83. Who do you think aj lee will date next?
  84. U see so many teams had formed kindafunny?
  85. Which wrestling company would you say produces "better" female wrestling matches between ROH...
  86. Who would win: Chris Benoit vs Owen Hart +BQ?
  87. Why is this the case in the WWE?
  88. the ?????? better stable than NWO and MEM?
  89. What would happen if Vince Russo was made head writer in WWE today?
  90. Which stable should I join to have the best chance...?
  91. What does Ricardo Rodriguez say before Alberto del Rio comes out?
  92. Chris Jericho vs Ryback?
  93. Are slams aloud in highschool wrestling?
  94. we need more members!?
  95. Why does Teddy Long like to make tag team matches?
  96. why are people trying to stop the S?????!?
  97. Do you think ziggler will turn face?
  98. Will The Shield vs The Wyatt Family be a good feud?
  99. Zeb revitalizing Cesaro's career?
  100. shield stable..........?
  101. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : The shield needs a SENZUE BEAN?
  102. is 5'9 175lbs too small to be a pro wrestler?
  103. Who do you think is gonna win smackdown money in the bank?
  104. Join the Heyman Stable?
  105. Who is the best wrestler in the WWE ?
  106. Why does John Cena always do this?
  107. you WS Stables are a bunch of puppets?
  108. why are you people so obsessed with what basically boils down to a gay male soap opera?
  109. Which wrestler has the face that you just want to punch?
  110. Should i join a team in the wrestling section?
  111. Who else is sick of The Shield?
  112. True of false, the WS is officially dead?
  113. What does it mean to be a sellout in the wwe?
  114. What does it mean to be a sellout in the wwe?
  115. Is Trish Stratus the Madonna of WWE?
  116. If Paul Heyman gets another cleint, who would you want that person to be?
  117. Will WWE 2K14 be on PS4 and Xbox One?
  118. How would you feel if John Cena ends The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak?
  119. Should this be the new theme for the WWE Divas?
  120. Should WWE make this a stable?
  121. How come in WWE the match never ends during the commercial?
  122. Who is better, John Cena or Brock Lesnar?
  123. Does anyone know the full roster of wwe 2k14 and please provide details?
  124. How do you respond when people say WWE is fake?
  125. Why is the anaconda vise illegal in wrestling.?
  126. Remember this WWF theme song?
  127. When is The Money In The Bank pay-pe-view taking place?
  128. What is your favorite WWE PG era feud?
  129. Does ryback wear 4 inch lifts because he is 6'3 and in tough enough he looked 5'10?
  130. How did Ziggler lose his WHC?
  131. What happened to the Sin Cara black?
  132. Wrestlemania 30 Prediction Matches? Say Agree or not happening!?
  133. which superstars do you think deserve these titles?
  134. who wwe wrestler have the best look?
  135. CM Punk wasnt wearing his bandage on his arm Monday Night! Reason being?
  136. i want to start a universe mode please give some ideas?
  137. Was Fandango scripted to win the Intercontinental title since his replacement Curtis Axel won it
  138. please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  139. Did you think mark henry was going to retire?
  140. are wwe doing a feud between hhh and vince mcmahon like the scsa and mcmahon feud?
  141. Where will Jack Swaggers Real America gimmick go now that his number one enemy Alberto Del Rio is a
  142. Who do you think RVD will feud with when he comes back?
  143. Who is bigger Superstar, RVD or Jeff Hardy?
  144. Was anyone else besides me bummed we didnt get the Ziggler vs Del Rio vs Swagger title match
  145. Can Punk seriously put up a good fight against Lesnar?
  146. Best seats for WWE raw?
  147. Does Sincara have to lose the mask and gain a personality if he is to ever go anywhere?
  148. What would your WWE/TNA name be and why?
  149. Will Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk be one of the most fan divided matches in a long time?
  150. Does anyone else the William Regal is EXTREMELY underrated?
  151. wanna see something scary?
  152. Any updates for WWE 2k14?
  153. How is Antonio Cesaro a sellout for joining zeb colter?
  154. Which of these matches is the best for the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX?
  155. Raw sucked because Hardee's wasn't promoted?
  156. Do you think WWE is finally getting better?
  157. Why isn't JR a WWE commentator anymore?
  158. WWE: So........what's next for Ryback?
  159. How much money do you think people like John Cena & Undertaker get payed a year?
  160. Should i marry wwe diva kaitlyn if i get a chance?
  161. Chances we see Curtis axel and lesnar vs punk and RVD at summerslam?
  162. So what will be for Ryback?
  163. What are some developmental wrestling territories in myrtle beach sc?
  164. Is the anaconda vice a legal submission hold in college wrestling?
  165. Just wondering, does AJ Lee kinda remind you of Trixie Tang from the Fairly Oddparents?
  166. Who else is happy that Christian back?
  167. Is it possible to do a folk style wrestling half-Nelson with your legs?
  168. Will Ricardo Rodriguez still be with Del Rio even though he's a heel?
  169. Has TNA ever had a swimsuit/bikini contest like the WWE did in the past?
  170. Do you see TNA surpassing WWE in popularity here in America?
  171. Should TNA replace the blue ropes with black ropes?
  172. Are you disappointed or satisfied with MMA overtaking professional wrestling in popularity in
  173. Which notable WWE Superstars do you think will not compete at the Money in the Bank ladder...
  174. Is this presale password right?
  175. How would you rate the Honky Talk Man? Was he a good wrestler?
  176. best raw all year without a doubt?
  177. 1-800-fella help is just a brogue kick away?
  178. If Mike Quackenbush was to sell Chikara Pro who would you like to see buy it?
  179. Thoughts on WWE Money In The Bank match Cena vs Henry?
  180. Does Seth Rollins hair look cool?
  181. Who cuts the best promos out of this list of WWE Superstars?
  182. What is 1-800-fella o?
  183. Was mark henry's retirement speech Promo of the Year?
  184. who is the actual best european wrestler?
  185. Did Brock Lesnar Prove Last Night That He Is A Better Talker Than CM Punk .. !?
  186. Brock Lesnar will lose to the God-CM Punk?
  187. Why can't smarks and IWC members stop b!tching ADMIT that Cena is the top guy in this company?
  188. Chris Jericho can win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam?
  189. Do you think members of shield ,antonio cesaro and wade barrent are future THE WORLD
  190. Is WCW Scripted or Real Wrestling?
  191. can wade barrett be a main eventer if he jump to TNA, or he will just do jobbing on?
  192. Why are Daniel Bryan's mic skills as weak as a goat?
  193. who is the best european wrestler todays?
  194. is Del rio turn heel again?
  195. Should WWE be renamed "John Cena and friends"?
  196. So what exactly was it that made AJ crazy?
  197. Do you agree that feuding with John Cena is career suicide?
  198. Are there any wrestlers who dislike Kevin Nash in real-life?
  199. Do you think Ziggler should change his twitter handler to @Face Ziggler now that he is a babyface?
  200. Who sings CM punk entrance theme?
  201. Who do you think is next in line for retirement in wwe?
  202. What's your thoughts on the brock lesnar and cm punk storyline?
  203. If Brock Lesnar gave CM Punk an F5 on Monday Night RAW, who will turn face?
  204. Are there any wrestlers who dislike John Cena in real-life?
  205. What was Undertakers longest match?
  206. Since John Cena LOST his first televised WWE match, what does that say about the notion...
  207. Do you think Chris Jericho deserves a final title run before he retires?
  208. Does AJ Lee have the entire Divas Division against her?
  209. Does Jim Crockett realize that he makes himself seem like a?
  210. Hey Yo, you know who i am? but you don't know why i am here.?
  211. When do you think Chris Jericho is leaving again?
  212. AJ Lee vs Stephanie McMahon at Money in the Bank 2013 -- Will it happen?
  213. Woogieman needs to learn the english language?
  214. If there was a Divas version of the Austin vs McMahon rivalry, could AJ be the Austin to...
  215. Why was everybody fooled by Mark Henry's retirement swerve?
  216. Who do you think is better CM Punk or Brock Lesnar?
  217. What's going on in WWE?
  218. Do TNA fans have any knowledge about wrestling?
  219. All three Paul Heyman guys on RAW in one night?
  220. Is Russo Mania a homosexual?
  221. Does the divas division look like it finally has some hope?
  222. TNA and WWE suck1!!!!!!!!!11?
  223. Do you think Kurt Angle or Batista will ever return to WWE?
  224. Do you think Triple H refuses to fight Curtis Axel because he is scared of him?
  225. Did you know CM Punk sucks?
  226. What did Mark Henry think of to try to cry for real?
  227. Since Punk is a face now does that mean?
  228. Last night raw update Christain returns, mark henry vs. John cena at mitb.?
  229. what if the rumors are true?
  230. How does it feel to know that your hero Stone Cold is a woman beater?
  231. So who should Vickie listen to in order to keep her job?
  232. UFC isn't fake an gay like wwe and tna?
  233. Did Rosa Mendes not want a title shot against AJ Lee for the Diva Championship?
  234. Is what AJ Lee did to Kaitlyn degrading to women?
  235. Now that Dolph Ziggler is a face will he leave AJ Lee and Big E. Langston?
  236. Which pink would you rather wear Mark Henry's pink tuxedo or Dolph Ziggler's shirt?
  237. Do you think Antonio Cesaro is going to try weed now with Jack Swagger?
  238. How do you think the Primetime Players feel about Mark Henry not retiring?
  239. Is AJ Lee an example to women all over the world because she's,strong brilliant, and courageous?
  240. How long do you think it'll be until Rob Van Dam fails a drug test?
  241. Do you want to call 1-800-fella to save you from hearing Jerry Lawler's bad jokes?
  242. WWE: At MITB, how many MITB ladder matches do they have?
  243. Did paul heyman set up Cm Punk last night? Should Punk leave heyman?
  244. Why did the screen go black during Kaitlyn and AJ Lee fighting?
  245. Do you think either Brad Maddox or Vickie Guerrero were on the phone when Triple H called RVD?
  246. What do you think about Rob Van Dam returning to WWE at Money In The Bank?
  247. Who Else Thinks Mark Henry Deserves An Emmy For His Incredible Acting On Last Nights WWE Raw?
  248. What do you think Triple H said on the phone to Rob Van Dam to get him signed to WWE?
  249. Why does WWE have to make things racial with Mexican wrestlers?
  250. WWF Smackdown Ps1 does anybody know how to get Debra+ as a characteristic?
  251. What's your thoughts on Rob Van Dam returning to WWE?
  253. Do you think that tonight's match with Randy Orton made Daniel Bryan doubt himself even...
  254. So did Alberto Del Rio turn heel?
  255. Aren't you glad wwe did this?
  256. Do you think the shield would ever break up? If so what would each member be like solo?
  257. Did Anyone Else Just Mark Out That Christian Just Returned?
  258. do you think kaitlin and the WWE divas should know better than to interrupt stephanie last
  259. Who else saw that coming?
  260. wwe money in the bank matchcard prediction (updated)?
  261. So did Mark Henry retire or not?
  262. What would you feed Ryback?
  263. Were You Surprised That Even Super Cena Couldn't Kick Out Of The Shell Shock .. !?
  264. Can We Go Back To The "Feed Me More" Chants Now .. !?
  265. Should Ryback Get Another Wwe Championship Match Against John Cena .. !?
  266. Are you looking forward to Brock Lesnar and CM Punk match?
  267. Should WWE do fast pace wrestling?
  268. Alright Christian is back, WWE planning to bury him?
  269. What do girls think of male WWE fans?
  270. Antonio Cesaro is a Zeb Colter guy?
  271. How many of you actually think Stephanie Mcmahon was a good wrestler and is a better wrestler...
  272. WRESTLING : Who in your opinion can destroy brock lesnar that's currently in the wwe?
  273. What would be your reaction if Mark Henry won the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank?
  274. WRESTLING : Who do you think would win LESNAR vs SHEAMUS?
  275. last nights Raw was one of best Raws in a while!?
  276. WRESTLING : Who do you think should have an appreciation night just like bret hart did?
  277. Summerslam matches prediction?
  278. What's your wrestlemania xxx main event predictions?
  279. now that ziggler is face can aj lee and big e become face too?
  280. Can you believe this?
  281. Did Alberto Del Rio turned heel?
  282. Brothers of Destruction vs the Shield?
  283. What is your favorite WCW/NWA Match ever?
  284. Wrestling: Have anyone here noticed SQ85 crossed 10k BA's in US top answerers list in WS?
  285. What the hell was CM Punk thinking when he grew those sideburns?
  286. do you agree that their should be a money in the bank match for DIVAS!!?
  287. Haven't watched in a very long time. Can anyone fill me in quickly on the storylines?
  288. What happened with Alberto Del Rio?
  289. Did Axel screw that ddt up or was it supposed to look like that?
  290. Where can I buy a lamb mask like the Wyatts?
  291. Stupid btchs in this section, i told u del rio turned heel, it was not just the chicago crowd?
  292. is this going to work?
  293. Is this a triple turn in WWE?
  294. How freaking awesome was that?
  295. who has the best night on raw?
  296. So RVD is coming back, how did you know? give me footage, and explanation?
  297. So what is Mark Henry going to do with the other boot?
  298. McMahon vs Hemsly?????
  299. How does JBL say half the things he says with a straight face?
  300. Will Rob Van Dam be on Monday Night Raw tonight?
  301. What happened to Bryan that he couldn't continue?
  302. Why does everyone whine when?
  303. Did Stephanie have you in her corner until?
  304. Why is Chris Jericho a part time wrestler?
  305. Why hasn't there been a chikara throwdown lowdown,event center,Podcast a go go etc in like a week...
  306. The match between Christian and Wade Barrett is not over?
  307. What is the crowd chanting when Sheamus is getting ready to use the brogue kick?
  308. Is Alberto Del Rio a heel now or is he just corny?
  309. Was smackyourtv messing up for anyone else last night?
  310. Do you agree that there's a difference between a good worker and a good wrestler?
  311. Will Rob Van Dam be getting in shape for his WWE return?
  312. Oh wow RVD comes back to WWE?
  313. Is John Cena really stronger and tougher in the wrestling ring?
  314. Were you satisfied with the results of wwe payback last night?
  315. Poll: Has Anyone Heard Any Updates On Christian Or Evan Bourne And when They're Gonna Return To wwe?
  316. Why did they boo alberto del rio at payback?
  317. Does Mil Mascaras have any nicknames?
  318. Did the Wyatt Family debut last night at Payback?
  319. How many times have you seen a man fall through a ambulance?
  320. How many times was CM Punk champion?
  321. Do you think Triple H should get a final title run before he retires?
  322. RVD is back full time what are you thoughts?
  323. Anyone else sick of Bray Wyatt getting shoved down our throats?
  324. Who was the franchise player of the attitude era?
  325. Who is WWE Biggest Star today?
  326. how to watch WWE Payback ?
  327. Who else thought Payback was lame?
  328. Reasons payback sucked lets start?
  329. Is it true ! RVD returning to WWE?
  330. If Cody Rhodes ever went to TNA should he become the new Curry Man?
  331. Im Going To My Boyfriends Brothers Wrestling Match..?
  332. Would You watch if this was WrestleMania XXX?
  333. when did Jerry Lawler stop talking about puppies?
  334. why is Dwayyyyyne ''the rock'' johnson on everything?
  335. How would you rate these MITB matches?
  336. What has happened in WWE since Extreme Rules?
  337. 2 questions: How did Fandango get hurt and how did McGillicutty get a push and a new name?
  338. Who thinks Del Rio should'nt have won the World title?
  339. do you think Damien Sandow should have a big push by WWE?
  340. How would you feel if Christian returned tonight with Tyson Tomko to feud with ADR for
  341. What were the results of wwe payback?
  342. Will there be any restrictions to RVD's wrestling style? +BQ?
  343. whsts next for these WWE superstars?
  344. Is AJ gonna turn face again soon?
  345. WRESTLING : So whats next for ryback?
  346. will we see CM Punk vs RVD ?
  347. alberto del rio now shall be hated? go ziggler?
  348. WRESTLING : Do you think the WWE is becoming way too predictable with matches?
  349. Best current WWE entrance themes?
  350. Serious answers only: Is Hollywood Hogan and the nWo still part of WCW Nitro tomorrow night?
  351. Who win the WCW World title on Bash at the beach tonight?
  352. who do you think is the most overrated and underrated wrestler ?
  353. how was it announced that RVD was going to return?
  354. Who is the greatest wrestler to never work for WWE? Correct answer gets 10 points?
  355. will CM Punk on raw tomorrow ?
  356. Did Alberto Del Rio turn heel or is it just the crowd?
  357. Who won the match tonight between Disco inferno and Norman Smiley for the WCW US Title?
  358. why do people say john cena ?????
  359. will kane team up with Rob Van Dam again in 2013 or future?
  360. who will beat kane's brother at wrestlemania?
  361. Who misses John Cena The Doctor of Thuganomics?
  362. How did Curtis axel win the IC Title.?
  363. Need wwe smackdown vs raw for android in apk data, where to download free?
  364. What happened between Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler?
  365. Is there a pre-show for Payback?
  366. How do you think the MITB card should look following Payback?
  367. In WWE what is the date that kane hates a lot?
  368. who won the first stage of hell?
  369. Here is an idea??????
  370. WWE buried Ryback by not letting him win?
  371. CM Punk won???????????????????
  372. Wrestling ? Can someone post Payback results?
  373. Have you noticed that everytime an announcer asks about the outcome...?
  374. Why hasn't Ryback one a REAL PPV match?
  375. Is Alberto Del Rio turning heel?
  376. Will Curtis Axel have a respectable title reign?
  377. cm punk looks like wolverine?
  378. The Shield is getting old...?
  379. Jeff Hardy and WWE. ?
  380. What is your favorite John Cena match?
  381. Will the Sheamus/Sandow match be a total waste of time?
  382. How well of a Father's Day celebration will this PPV be?
  383. Why isn't there blood spilled or dripping during a PPV?
  384. Will WWE ban The Brogue Kick, once Sheamus giver his opponent a concussion?
  385. So RVD is coming back?
  386. wwe to get rating higher then ever wwe needs to?
  387. Why are the fans booing Del Rio?
  388. This pay-per-view not going as you expected?
  389. YOUR Payback 2013 Predictions?
  390. Is the Mexican Del Rio still a Face wrestler?
  391. Does the referee count to 3 at the same speed every time?
  392. Wwa4 This school says you can stay for 3 years there but how long does it take to graduate from it?
  393. my wrestlemania 30 card, you like it don't cha?
  394. The revived ECW had some good things right?
  395. Are these wrestlers related?
  396. What Are The Lyrics To Sheamus's WWE Theme Song?
  397. Is the British Flag a good design for a WWE outfit for a girl?
  398. How do i watch the payback kickoff on yahoo?
  399. How did A.J. Lee (from WWE) train for WWE?
  400. Who would you bring back to TNA?
  401. how do u think cm punk will turn face ..if he does?
  402. An idea for Bray Wyatt's debut?
  403. why people don't like John Cena?
  404. Why does Hulk Hogan lie about contacting wrestlers to join TNA?
  405. Do you think CM Punk will be rusty when he returns at WWE Payback?
  406. Do you think any WWE Superstars/Divas are happy for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby
  407. why do you nuthug the rock?
  408. would you like to see bobby roode humiliate john cena in a match?
  409. Which Superstar/Diva has the most pressure to win tomorrow night at WWE Payback?
  410. Do you agree that Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander are one of the best tag teams in...
  411. rear naked choke hold?
  412. Should I watch ROH Wrestling tonight or UFC?
  413. Why didnt Rock vs Shawn Michaels ever happen?
  414. The Top 5 hottest WWF/E divas of all time w/ 1 being the hottest?
  415. Why do you watch wrestling when you know its fake and boring as hell?
  416. Are the following gimmicks just gimmicks or are they real backgrounds?
  417. Would you want Shane McMahon back to WWE?
  418. In wwe who is your favorite masked superstar?
  419. Breaking news, CM PUNK returns at payback?
  420. who are currently the tallest wrestlers in wwe now?
  421. What is your favorite dream match that you want to see?
  422. what happened to trolls of wrestling section?
  423. CM Punk v Rob Van Dam WrestleMania 30?
  424. WWE: When is the Wyatt's gonna debut?
  425. WWE: Are you going to Hardee's tomorrow?
  426. What channel is Ring Of Honor on comcast?
  427. Should the WWE and WORLD titles be unified?
  428. can someone give me updates?
  429. Did Stephanie break kayfabe when she called her husband 'Paul' on TV?
  430. Were you surprised a match from Smackdown was brought to us by Hardees Super Bacon Cheeseburger?
  432. Do you think Kaitlyn was out of control tonight on Smackdown?
  433. Did JBL finish that Super Bacon Cheeseburger in just 5 minutes on Smackdown?
  434. Why does WWE show full replays?
  435. What was your reaction when you saw Aksana laughing at Kaitlyn on Smackdown?
  436. How uneasy did Kaitlyn look walking backstage?
  437. What could Kaitlyn have done with the $10,000 that Teddy Long fined her for?
  438. If Booker T was the Smackdown GM tonight, do you think Booker T would've fined Kaitlyn $10,000?
  439. Is Renee Young married?
  440. Why is WWE treating the World Heavyweight Championship as an upper level Intercontinental belt?
  441. Could Kaitlyn appeal her $10,000 fine if she wants to?
  442. Is anyone else surprised at the amount of money Kaitlyn was fined for slapping a WWE...
  443. So Daniel Bryan can beat the Shield but The Undertaker can't?
  444. Do you think the part time wrestlers (Rock,Brock,Taker,HHH) should just stay away?
  445. Where would the WWF/E version of the NWO gone if Hall and X-Pac didnt get fired? Nash didnt get
  446. Is Chavo being used better in TNA than he was in WWE? I dont watch Impact but would like to check...
  447. The Viper Randy Orton or The Legend Killer Randy Orton?
  448. Is JBL a good commentator?
  449. If you had to make a list of 10 wrestlers who have really entertained you/ who'd they be?
  450. Was TNA better when Jeff Jarrett, Jim Cornette, Dutch Mantel, Dusty Rhodes, and Don West was in TNA?
  451. Why is Kane extremely weak In WWE now?
  452. wwe payback this sunday?
  453. where do you guys get these spoilers about wwe shows,feuds,returns etc?
  454. What are some great WWE matches that aren't that famous ?
  455. What time and day does wwe nxt come on?
  456. how many european-born superstars are there in wwe?
  457. should this be the Wyatt Family theme?
  458. Do you agree with Hulk Hogan's decision to leave Brooke Hogan at home?
  459. WWE: HELP Can someone find out who this wrestler is?
  460. Who do you want to win MITB(WWE) this year?
  461. is this the best definition for and of wrestling?
  462. Did you know curt hawkins was roomates with nick newell the undefeated one armed mma fighter?
  463. Has WWE worked with any of these charities?
  465. Wrestlemania 30 (true WWE fans)?
  466. which wwe diva made you ejumculate more?
  467. If CM Punk is God of the WWE who's The Devil of the WWE?
  468. where is mason ryan in wwe now?
  469. did the bella twins get a boob job?
  470. who will be my tag team partner in this wrestling section?
  471. who is the world champion of this wrestling section?
  472. Should WWE ban kicks to the head because of the risk of concussions?
  473. Does the rock have passion for wrestling?
  474. is it true that chris jericho leaving wwe after money in the bank ppv?
  475. why can't kane lift wrestlers up in air like Ryback does?
  476. Your thoughts on the WWE 2K14 roster?
  477. Who else could have been Paul Heyman's third client?
  478. How does one go about starting a fan club for Emma from NXT?
  479. So is Carls Jr called Hardees in other parts of the country?
  480. Why does anyone watch the WWE anymore?
  481. commercials Are better than diva matches?
  482. And this is why I hate smack down ......?
  483. Does anyone else find Curtis Axel completely boring and think hes the reason why the ratings...
  484. So who is Sting going to bring in his group as the new Main Even Mafia?
  485. Did the ref put on gloves in the middle of the match?
  486. When was the last time wade Barrett won a match?
  487. How many moves does Daniel Bryan do during a match?
  488. If the Shield had to use the ramp would they get lost trying to find it?
  489. Has this loss for The Shield means they'll lose their next 6 matches in a row?t?
  490. how sexy do i look in those pics?
  491. Would Christian vs. Dolph Zoggler for the WHC make a good feud?
  492. Is The Shield scheduled to lose in a 3 on 1 hardcore handcap match in the near future?
  493. Was it worth the wait????
  494. The Shield no longer undefeated?
  495. If you lose to Heath Slater should you be rethinking your career choice?
  496. Will daniel bryan be pushed for a wwe title shot?
  497. What happened with TNA and ROH?
  498. 20-Team Mix-Up WWE Tag Team Tournament Round 1. Who do you vote through to round 2?
  499. will the Shield ever learn how to set up a camera?
  500. Who will be in the main event mafia in tna?