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  1. WWE: Several Big Names Missing from Rumored SummerSlam Card?
  2. Dean ambrose or wes brisco?
  3. Could CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar be feud of the summer?
  4. Did anyone else notice Rampage Jackson grab his nuts when Samoa Joe asked if he was thirsty?
  5. Who do you think will win at summerslam CM Punk or Brock Lesnar?
  6. WWE top three wrestlers of all time?
  7. WS:Top 10 Trolls list and Everyone I'm not a troll,I'm just asking you to troll those Ryback trolls?
  8. in primes: who wins hell in a cell match? lesnar or undertaker?
  9. If those Ryback fans say Ryback's a legend then I say I'm Randy Orton-the legend killer?
  10. Should tna stop traveling, to save money, since its a problem?
  11. Who cares about Chris Sabin and TNA....All hail Mr. MITB Randy Orton?
  12. would cm punk have any chance vs lesnar?
  13. do you use propane and propane accessories?
  14. why wont that fandango boy stop dancing like a sissy and go get himself some propane?
  15. i am here by taking over the ws for the sake of propane and propane accessories?
  16. is mr strickland a better boss than mr mcmahon?
  17. should the shield fight the injustice of charcoal?
  18. Hell In A Cell Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  19. Homicide is back! Are you ready for the gringo killa?
  20. is it true dat randy orton could make all yall his phuckboys?
  21. Why WWE making AJ Lee look slutty and low self esteem like?
  22. What do you think of this?
  23. Is it just me or are Impact Wrestling t-shirts really ugly?
  24. would you like john cena if he abandoned charcoal for propane?
  25. Why Doesn't Ryback Chant ' Feed Me More' Anymore?
  26. Should Wrestlemania have a permanent location just like Summerslam?
  27. Rybak and I have the same birthday?
  28. Who should I pass the torch to? (I'm leaving the WS and might return in September)?
  29. What happen to hacksaw jim duggan?
  30. Can you see The Wyatt Family taking The Sheilds belts?
  31. Why do people chant "GoldBerg" at RyBack? WWE?
  32. Why do long-haired wrestlers wet there hair before coming to the ring?
  33. Is this counted as stage combat? See video below?
  34. Did John cena pick ryback?
  35. what did you think about the game wwe all stars?
  36. Will ryback learn to bury young talent?
  37. Should John Cena really have won the belt again?
  38. Is Zack Ryder better than Andre the Giant?
  39. What would you think if Rey Mysterio came back and he was 6'5 ft tall?
  40. SummerSlam Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  41. do you want the wwe to bring back the nwo wolfpack as they were planning on doing?
  42. Name your 5 favourite wrestlers.?
  43. Did Justin Gabriel change his entrance music?
  44. wwe is gm mode in svr 2006 addicting and really fun?
  45. Which of these are your favorite WWE Royal Rumble (Non-Royal Rumble match) matches?
  46. Did WWE Main Event become 2 hours?
  47. Is it true that TNA may go out of business soon?
  48. Is TNA go to sunk ??????
  49. Who will win between Stone Cold E.T and Brock Lesnar?
  50. why PG wwe is better than TV 14 TNA ?
  51. Was ECW(not pg ecw) The best crowd ever in History?
  52. Will Raquel Diaz(eddie guerrero's daughter) be the last Guerrero to become a wrestler?
  53. Would Booker T and Taz be the best commentary team ever?
  54. What wrestlers will be at the general admission fan axxess for summerslam?
  55. team hell no & rhode scholars are officialy disbanded. your thoughts?
  56. Is it true that the Miz's Dad is racist?
  57. what do you think of chris benoit?
  58. should kane and randy orton team up and be the greatest tag team ever?
  59. should i stop letting my son watch wrestling now that it's pg?
  60. Where do you watch nxt?
  61. could bret hart in his prime out rassle cm punk?
  62. On Main Event during the Gabriel vs Slater match did they even mention their history as former...
  63. what controllers does wii WWE 13 need?
  64. How come you don't see many wrestlers passing the torch to their kids?
  65. Am I the most annoying WS user?
  66. is kane the best rassler ever?
  67. Is that bray wyatt gay?
  68. Do you have an idea for a new match type?
  69. WWE: What is your ideal pay-per-view line up?
  70. Where to watch WWE Money In the bank?
  71. Was CM Punk's Las Vegas pipebomb promo fully scripted?
  72. WWE: If Daniel Bryan does prevail at Summerslam, how long should he reign as champ?
  73. why is it so common for indie ppl who never made it to always bash and bring down new ppl with...
  74. Why is WWE MAIN EVENT a week late?
  75. WrestleMania XXX Card Version 2.0?
  76. Where to watch WWE Money In The Bank FULL SHOW?
  77. Why aces and eights storyline is better then nexus one then?
  78. What is WWE MAIN EVENTS time slot?
  79. Is Brad Maddox a future Hall Of Famer?
  80. Should I Go on my own and leave Big E langston or Date somebody else?
  81. Why Is Everyone Attacking Fandango All Of A Sudden .. !?
  82. Would you like to be a bella?
  83. What are your thoughts on Vickie becoming permanent SD GM?
  84. A question about tag team names?
  85. Why does the Knockout division suck so much now?
  86. Should TNA sign Ryback to a deal?
  87. Should The shield attack guest commentator and senor booker?
  88. Did CM Punk Get What He Deserved At Money In The Bank 2013 .. !?
  89. meeting wwe superstars?
  90. Do you think Big E Langston will be AJs new BF?
  91. WWE: Is Dolph Ziggler out of the World Championship picture now?
  92. Which of these former superstars deserved another chance?
  93. Who would win the match for the botching championship?
  94. Did Randy Orton learn to bury superstars from Triple H?
  95. Is triple h still wrestling?
  96. Which beatdown was better? Shield/Henry or Wyatts/R-Truth?
  97. is chris benoit the best in the world after bret the hitman hart?
  98. This question has never been asked before in the WS?
  99. True or False The Vital Witness is the GOAT when it comes to the WS?
  100. Bray Wyatt is a boss on the mic?
  101. David Otunga is the best in the world not CM Punk!?
  102. Anyone excited about randy orton winning the Raw briefcase?
  103. HELP!! Does Anyone Know Who This WWE Wrestler Is?
  104. When Matt Hardy returns to Raw in 2 week.....whos his rival?
  105. When is kelly Kelly returning to WWE?
  106. I know Daniel Bryan is great and popular but why did the fans choose him to face Cena over everyone
  107. Who on the TNA Roster should win TNA Gold?
  108. Tna vs wwe? Who would win?
  109. WWE rapping skills, John Cena VS R Truth? whos the best.?
  110. Why is The Rock on WWE2K14 and this guy dont even wrestle?
  111. Why didn't John Cena pick Rob Van Dam?
  112. Who is more high right now? RVD or Jeff Hardy?
  113. Do you see WWE slowly going into a new era?
  114. WRESTLING : Who would be your dream chairman of the WWE after vince Mcmahan?
  115. There was blood at MITB does this mean PG era is finally over?
  116. who do you think is the greatest professional wrestler of all time?
  117. MITB holders
  118. WS Users,when i say US,you say O....,US?
  119. Has Cena learn anything besides 5 moves of doom?
  120. What match did Shawn Michaels break his back in? Was it in a match against The
  121. Would you eat some Nutella off Ryback's a$$ cheeks?
  122. When was the last time John Cena lost legit?
  123. Are the Wyatts really related?
  124. Should WWE compete with Days of our lives?
  125. If you get chosen by WWE?
  126. Current WWE champions?
  127. What is up with you people and hating on my shield?
  128. How would you react if Ryback puked on Kane's head?
  129. What if a wrestler puked during match?
  130. Do you think Cody will win MITB and have Sandow turn on him?
  131. Should bray wyatt replace kane at Mitb?
  132. What do you think about these news wrestling fans?
  133. Do you see Lucha Libre AAA getting bigger in America than TNA?
  134. What happen to wwe if cena retires?
  135. Does Chris Sabin have any shot at beating Bully Ray?
  136. Why did wwe christian lose to kane?
  137. Some were scared of the Wyatt Family's debut last night on Raw. Were you?
  138. WWE Raw Presale 2013-The Q Arena?
  139. Is the world heavy championship less prestigious now?
  140. I hate daniel bryans thighs?
  141. Please name the Wrestlers that you think should retire right away?
  142. My sister dominated me in wrestling?
  143. What's the name of the WWE wrestler who used to wear a dress while he competed?
  144. Do you think that RVD will have main event status when h returns to WWE at money in the bank?
  145. Was the Wyatt family debut epic on a scale of 1 to 10 what did you think?
  146. What kind of gimmick is the Wyatt family in the wwe?
  147. Did Sin Cara get his name from the Lucha Legend Cein Caras?
  148. IM indian how to watch wwe live in india?
  149. What does Silver King's quote "mal mal mal mal" mean?
  150. why is christian loosing to the other money in the bank participants?
  151. IS wwe comes live only on usa network?
  152. is that Ryback #1 fan cmpuke111?
  153. Will John Cena and Daniel Bryan be in total divas?
  154. Is your money on Barret to win WHC mitb?
  155. Can I join WWE during High School? I'm going to NXT?
  156. Who will WWE crowd cheer for in WHC Mitb since they're all heels?
  157. Why does Cm Punk look and sound incredibly bored since he returned?
  158. Jackhammer or shell chock?
  159. Did you like the ryback ambulance entrances?
  160. What do you think Ryback's hall of fame induction speech will be like?
  161. Who is better, Cheis Beniot or Ryback?
  162. Who is better, Goldbotch or The Great One Ryback?
  163. Ryback defeated legends like Bret Fart, HBGay, Stone Cold Drunk Austin and many more, and cm punk...
  164. Has our legend ryback come to save wwe and wrestling?
  165. You jelly Ryback can get |3itches like Vickie Guerrero?
  166. Is there some type of wrestling in high school for submissions?
  167. Why do people complain so much about Part Time Wrestlers?
  168. Should Ryback be WHC?
  169. Who Is better randy orton or Kane?
  170. What's the future for CM Punk leading up to WM30?
  171. Did that pretty much guarantee RVD will come back as a Paul Heyman guy?
  172. Does Dolph Ziggler seem strange to anyone?
  173. How did tna use rob van dam's name if it is his stage name in wwe?
  174. Is RVD really one of a kind?
  175. Will this happen at money in the bank part 2?
  176. So Vince a heel chairman?
  177. Will Big Show replace Kane in the MITB All Stars match?
  178. How many Señor Booker related names are there?
  179. Is it obvious that Daniel Bryan will win at money in the bank?
  180. Should Vickie Guerrero be rehired as Brad Maddox's personal assistant?
  181. John Cena Botching AA on Mark Henry?
  182. Who had the best spear?
  183. What is relation between? 1-wwe and spike tv 2-TNA, Impact wresting and spike tv?
  184. Why did wwe christian lose to kane?
  185. Is Vickie Geuerrero working for UFC now?
  186. Why didn't Jeff Hardy join the WWE?
  187. So Paul Heyman making fun of Lawler's heart attack was more edgy than anything in the attitude era?
  188. WWE or TNA and why with a good reason please?
  189. Why isn't Drew McIntyre world champ yet?
  190. Who do you think would win: Triple H or Austin Aries?
  191. should the Irs man go in to the wwe hall of fame?
  192. Would Sting's legacy be any worse off if he WWE instead of TNA?
  193. Were you surprised the Wyatt family got a huge pop?
  194. the vickie job evaluation made no sence?
  195. Does AJ Lee smell like food since Kaitlyn wants to go after her?
  196. Why do people consider wade barret a heel?
  197. Why did Shawn Michaels choose The Undertaker to end his career?
  198. Does anyone know what johnathan good is like outside the ring(dean ambrose, Jon moxley) ?
  199. Which Triple H quote do you like better "time to play the game" or it's bad for business"?
  200. hi what is wwe plans with rvd, will he be used ok or not?
  201. SummerSlam Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  202. Why did wwe christian lose to kane?
  203. how long will Brad Maddox last as Raw GM?
  204. What if you wanted to be a wrestler but you were a woman?
  205. Will Daniel Bryan win MITB with assistance from the Wyatt Family?
  206. Who does RVD feud with when he returns?
  207. Is Total Divas going to help or hurt the Divas division?
  208. Is there anyone you do not want to win the WHC MITB match?
  209. Does anyone else hate the sound of little kids chanting?
  210. Will Daniel Bryan win on Sunday?
  211. Do you think the guy behind RVD that's doing his gesture is happy to see himself on TV every...
  212. Who wins? Orton or Punk?
  213. What channel is money in the bank being broadcast in? in the uk?
  214. Does wwe turn in a horror show whenever The Wyatts come?
  215. who do you want to be the next face of WWE, Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose?
  216. Are you a Dean Ambrose fan?
  217. Did I miss the Wyatt Family Debut?
  218. (Non-related wrestling question) What do you guys think about that upcoming USA Network show
  219. Do you see TCW Wrestling replacing ROH as third largest wrestling company in the US?
  220. What does Randy Orton's pose mean?
  221. Which is more likely to happen in the wrestling world by next year: Another Monday
  222. Did anyone else think the crowd ruined the wyatt part?
  223. What is with the Husky Harris chants?
  224. Why do people give Vicky Guerrero such a hard time?
  225. If a zombie apocolapse happens in vegas does is stay in vegas?
  226. Do wrestlers like to work out?
  227. Will Kane ever be the same Kane that we all know and love?
  228. wow an actual ECW highlight?
  229. Is Mark Henry John Cena's dad?
  230. Will Vickie Guerrero manage Ryback now?
  231. This is the funniest reaction to being fired ever lol?
  232. I'm actually happy to see brad Maddox named gm, I think he's hilarious?
  233. Will Brad Maddox be the best general manager since AJ Lee?
  234. Would you go into a dark room with bray wyatt?
  235. Wait do they have all the members of the nexus?
  236. What do you think Wade Barrett things about former Nexus member Husky Harris returning?
  237. Do wrestlers like Kaitlyn & Aj Lee fight on plain on their way to home?
  238. The Miz better watch out, there will be no distractions for Curtis Axel this sunday at MITB?
  239. Has anyone ever been to a WWE Raw show?
  240. Who will be a worse Raw GM? Brad Maddox, Mike Adamle, or the laptop?
  241. How many dollars are in the Money In The Bank briefcase?
  242. so now we have two heel groups?
  243. Does anyone else think Raw has much better Wrestlers than Smackdown?
  244. Do you think Vince McMahon is really bad at hiring RAW GMs?
  245. Who saw Michael mcguilicutty's name pop up on Christians titantron?
  246. Why are the Bella Twins so awful?
  247. Can we finally let Señor Booker down easy?
  248. Is Santino Marella still employed?
  249. do we have Ryvick( couple Name for vickie and ryback)?
  250. WWE having a referee as a gm?
  251. yes Husky harris is back!?
  252. Triple H looks stoned?
  253. Hooh yeeaah i was witing for them they are here the wyatt family enjoy :-D?
  254. is christian new name michael mcgillicutty?
  255. Why would anyone want to use the wwe app during the show?
  256. Christian likes to clap before his matches?
  257. Who had worst night on Raw?
  258. Funny, you ruin my jacket?
  259. Why didn't Dean Ambrose make his case for the MITB match?
  260. Does anybody know what event Fandango said his name after a match hurt?
  261. Who's better Hulk Hogan or the legend ryback?
  262. Should Heyman & Colter team up?
  263. What would your reaction be if lesnar faced the legend ryback at WM 30?
  264. What's next for Vickie now that she's unemployed?
  265. Why doesn't John Cena wrestle on raw anymore?
  266. Should Michael Cole challenge the Undertaker in a streak vs streak match at WM30?
  267. Epic Monday Night Raw dance-off: Brodus Clay vs Tensai vs Fandango vs Chris Jericho?
  268. Do think Vickie Guerrero will lost her Job tonight on WWE Monday Night RAW?
  269. Who do you think will win the WWE Championship this Sunday in MITB PPV?
  270. If Tyson Kidd and Natalya have a baby, could you see him/her becoming a wrestler?
  271. Did any one notice the mini tintantron mistake?
  272. What are some ryback dream matches?
  273. Will we ever see stuff like this in wwe again?
  274. How do you think The Undertaker will retire?
  275. WWE Fans yea cool anyway i dont know yea about we are WWE Family now do you think that RVD Will win
  276. was the wwe hardcore championship originally destroyed by Mr. Perfect?
  277. Who will win at MITB, Ryback or Chris Jericho?
  278. Kaitlin is a piece of dog do do crap?
  279. Wait!!! This isn't twitter?
  280. Is AJ Lee another one of those wrestlers that isn't cool enough for the Internet...
  281. Do you think ever match will be this good tonight?
  282. Is this the future for Vickie Guerrero?
  283. Do you think the new GM of RAW he be better then Vickie was?
  284. What do you think of those douches chanting husky harris?
  285. Do you think the Usos and the shield feel disrespected because they're fighting for free?
  286. Who Believe in The Shield of injustice?
  287. Is the WWE show Raw two hours tonight?
  288. Why isn't there a mixed tag team title?
  289. Wait!!! This isn't a disscusion board?
  290. When is Ricardo Rodriguez returning from his injury?
  291. Ryback is a legend!!!!, who agrees??!?
  292. What shampoo do you think roman reigns uses?
  293. Do you think John Cena will do a lot of strength training during the week so he can lift Mark Henry?
  294. What do you think of the matches of raw so far?
  295. Will Curtis axel beat Miz this sunday and retain?
  296. Does wwe's aj lee?
  297. Orton vs cm punk will be a good match, who agrees?
  298. Do you like my wwe storyline?
  299. Wouldn't it be cool if Sheamus won money in the bank and turned back heel?
  300. How would you feel if they kept pushing the Wyatt family debut like they did with Brodus?
  301. Who has bigger a$$ cheeks, ryback or aj lee?
  302. If u saw The Undetaker on the street...?
  303. What kind of gimmick does the Wyatt Family have anyway?
  304. Has any of the roster for WWE 2k14 been released yet?
  305. Why isn't RVD in a match?
  306. Who do you think will win the two Money In The Bank ladder matches this sunday?
  307. How long did it take for the makeup artist to give Paul Heyman that shiner?
  308. Do you think Emma and Paige are the future of Raw?
  309. Who can dance better Emma or Paige?
  310. Do you think hunico should return as the black sin cara and form a tag team with sin cara?
  311. If this was real match,who do you think would of won?
  312. Will this be the year somebody cashes in money in the bank and loses?
  313. Who do you think deserves to win the WWE MiTB?
  314. It's official, Ryback now a joke?
  315. Besides John Cena, which WWE superstar sells the most merchandise?
  316. Has The Rock lost his attitude that he had during 1999-2002 years?
  317. Would you like to be LIVE at a RAW wrestling event?
  318. Did that shoulder shot to the cornerpost hurt Cena's arm?
  319. If Del Rio had Cena scouted, then why did he try to clothesline him after his two shoulder blocks?
  320. why was CM Punk at Wizard World?
  321. So who is the 'Face' wrestler during this match?
  322. is dakota runnels the niece of wwe wrestler cody runnels?
  323. who had the best night on Raw?
  324. What do they say about living in glass houses and throwing stones?
  325. Do you think RAW would have LESS humor and funny segments?
  326. Rate my Wrestlemania 30 match card?
  327. How does Punk not trust Curtis Axel?
  328. When is little jimmy returning?
  329. Who is the Best WWE Female Wrestler from each era?
  330. whats your favorite wwe game?
  331. whats with the world heavy weight championship honors tonight?
  332. Why does Mark Henry sweat just cutting a promo?
  333. Do you think Brock Lesnar is scared to come back to RAW?
  334. can someone tell me what the hell is going on in the WWE?
  335. 5 WWE questions. Easy 10 points.?
  336. How did Bob Backlund win the WWF Championship?
  337. Do you think Fandango is Mad at Curtis Axel?
  338. what would be your opinion if wwe were to show chris benoit on the past world champions tonight?
  339. Are you surprised that Micahel Cole didn't say Vintage Orton?
  340. Did you think the WWE was in Canada?
  341. Is Ziggler the WWE's new Dungeon Dragon?
  342. Do you think there is a way for daniel bryan can call 1800-FELLA so sheamus can brogue kick himself?
  343. is Stone Cold and the Rock the 2Pac and Biggie Smalls of Wrestling?
  344. What was your favorite ultimate oppurtunist edge moment?
  345. Why do people say pg is not the problem with WWE when in reality it is?
  346. has zack ryder ever speared undertaker?
  347. Rate my WM 30 card plssss?
  348. How did they do the Limo Explosion / Vince death anglr?
  349. Is it tough to learn the Wrestling moves.?
  350. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan fined by WWE!! LAME REASON?
  351. Why is American Wrestling so popular?
  352. What happens backstage after WWE shows?
  353. Ladies and Gentlemen I Present to you the REAL cover WWE 2k14?
  354. is vince mcmahon pro mexican immigration to america or anti mexican immigration to america?
  355. Who will win in a basketball match between pakistan and usa?
  356. Will Kaitlyn dress as AJ tomorrow on Raw?
  357. Why are pile-driver banned in WWE when Kane and Undertaker still do it?
  358. Was the name and Personality of Rob Van Dam in any way influenced by Jean Claude Van Damme?
  359. WTH, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan fined by WWE?
  360. is it normal that I cant stop doing the Emma dance and listen to Emmas theme?
  361. Is the WS MEM dead.............?
  362. True or False: Vince McMahon and Sheamus have never shared a segment on TV?
  363. there is a new stable in tooooown?
  364. are you a fan of aj lee?
  365. i want to know who is face in wrestling section?
  366. Did you know today is the 28th birthday of Cody Rhodes?
  367. do u like me to date aj lee again?
  368. can someone tell me all the stables in yahoo answers in ws?
  369. WS best section on yahoo ans.?
  370. Is Zack Ryder still employed?
  371. Who wanna see Brock beat the crap out of john cena?
  373. why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake and gay?
  374. Has anybody else noticed Cm punk kinda sucks now?
  375. Fruit punch and oreo milkshake?
  376. @Old Beard: Do you remember the fun times we had in 2011?
  377. Why do you watch this Wrasslin' crap when you know it's fake?
  378. So what is the deal about Bully Ray and Hogan's daughter?
  379. The shield lost to Christian and the Uso's really?
  380. WWE?s original ?Doink the Clown? dead at 55?
  381. If WWE is fake, why do you watch it?
  382. why would you watch fake wwe?
  383. who else thinks this feud should happen starting at royal rumble ending at wrestlemania 30?
  384. Why didn't Teddy Long include any 3MB members on the jobbers MITB ladder match match?
  385. what's the point of watching FAKE wwe matches?
  386. What if the death of Chris Benoit was a joke?
  387. Two simple questions...?
  388. what is does WS mean?
  389. How much does the wwe creative team get paid?
  390. What do you think of the real WWE 2K14 cover?
  391. who else thinks brock lesnar vs curtis axel battle of they heyman guys should happen at
  392. Is it weird that I think ODB from TNA is pretty dang attractive?
  393. Do any professional wrestlers have aspergers syndrome?
  394. Is the creative team more important than the wrestlers?
  395. Does Undertaker have kids?
  396. What is Kane's favorite color?
  397. why do people hate John Cena?
  398. who agrees with my wrestlemania 30 card?
  399. WrestleMania 30 Predictions.. thoughts?
  400. Who is a better wrestler Dean Ambrose or Wade Barrett?
  401. which superstars do you think want to punch me in the face?
  402. Is CM Punk overrated?
  403. My cousin gets bullied because he likes the WWE help please?
  404. who do you think will win money in the bank ladder matches?
  405. i just found out something about jimmy snuka!why is he in the hall of fame?and chris...
  406. if it was possible which its not who else would love to see this match happen?
  407. Is Dean Ambrose the best wrestler in the world?
  408. who is MEM members??????
  409. Wrestlemania 30 match card rate?
  410. I'm going to a WWE house show on July 27. What should I expect?
  411. do you think i need to date a diva again?
  412. Do you think the best way to cure Sleep Disorder is making someone watch my match?
  413. Guess what happened when I took a girl to a date....she fell asleep because I'm Randy Boreton LOL?
  414. Is it true that everyone left during WM 25 main event because they wanted to sleep as I'm Randy
  415. Where can i buy WWE Merch in £'s?
  416. What would you do if kane came to your house and asked for a hug?
  417. Is WWE wrestling real?
  418. What do you think would happen if wwe bought TNA?
  419. Why is WS filled with these lame stables?
  420. Are you guys jealous because I get to sleep with Lita every night?
  421. This is AJ Lee and I signed into CM Punk's account?
  422. ROHPunk,You betrayed nWo and now the nWo will destroy you ROHPunk?
  423. Should Muhammad Hassan return to the WWE?
  424. Who do you want to see win the WHC MITB Match?
  425. That Randy Orton guy is wrong,I'm winning the RAW MITB because Steph slept with me?
  426. LOL,I,Randy Orton slept with Stephanie McMahon last night so I'm gonna win Raw MITB?
  427. what is you reaction wwe superstar?
  428. Why are Cena fans so butt hurt?
  429. Why is kelly kelly returning?
  430. Is CM Punk the hottest guy on this planet?
  431. I can't believe no one mentioned this?
  432. Daniel Bryan or CM Punk, who is better?
  433. What wrestler is this?
  434. Will Jimmy Crockett Promotions Fan make it the 1# on top answers?
  435. How do you do a sleeper hold in wrestling?
  436. What are some wrestling moves to do at home?
  437. King of the Ring Gauntlet match?
  438. Mike Tyson Vs Brock Lesnar(At their best)?
  439. Do you like John Cena?
  440. Do you agree that John Cena is the best wrestler in the world?
  441. What are some wrestling moves I should learn for when I wrestle my friend?
  442. How many WWE superstars watch Nascar?
  443. WWE Attitude Era: Will it ever return?
  444. Wrestlers that you think could make it in UFC?
  445. What's been happening on TNA?
  446. The Shield is far better than The Nexus. True or false?
  447. which wwe superstar do u love and why?
  448. This Week WWE Raw was excellent.?
  449. (Serious question) What is the difference between Greco-Roman wrestling and Freestyle wrestling?
  450. What wrestler do you think would make a good MMA fighter?
  451. Are there any legit wrestling schools in England?
  452. Why did vince mcmahon fight his daughter stephanie?
  453. Who will the WWE Booking Team have win WWE MITB?
  454. Why is wrestling fake?
  455. Does anyone else want to see Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk 1 on 1?
  456. Which male WWE superstar has the hottest body in the world?
  457. Where can I get old WWE/WWF PPVs?
  458. Is it true that Rey Mysterio is almost retiring?
  459. Why is it that wwe does not allow chairshots to the head but allow guys to use steel steps in the...
  460. have you ever applied a submission move so strong it made yourself tap out?
  461. Did AJ Lee blow all of those balloons?
  462. Who won the match between Sheamus and Damien Sandow (why do people ask questions like that)?
  463. What are the Smackdown results?
  464. Could you see Matt and Jeff Hardy returning to WWE?
  465. why is the wyat family on wwe advertised to be creepy when they just look dumb?
  466. Do you think Kane should retire?
  467. Do you miss The Rated R Superstar?
  468. Is The Great Khali underrated?
  469. If AJ Lee dated Mark Yeaton, what has stopped her from dating Mr. McMahon?
  470. Which was the most shocking death in wrestling history?
  471. Which Side are you on?
  472. Do you think it was unnecessary for Dolph Ziggler to attack Ricardo?
  473. Agree or disagree, WWE will always be better than TNA?
  474. CM Punk becoming face?
  475. How far do you think the streak will go?
  476. When did Mark Henry win these titles?
  477. Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake?
  478. Rumor has it "Did I Do Dat?" is looking for a stable...?
  479. Is there a website for wrestling videos?
  480. Cryback! Cryback! Cryback!?
  481. does anyone else hate the terms mark and smark?
  482. What do you think of the new WWE2K14 video game cover?
  483. poll:do you listen to mike patton?
  484. help pro rasslin is turning me gay make it stop?
  485. Goldberg vs Ryback..........?
  486. Are you glad that the Divas are finally getting a storyline?
  487. did you watch your pretend rasslin show tonight?
  488. regarding the comments made by those punk NWO kids?
  489. how disgusting did kaitlyn look skipping around dressed as me?
  490. Wrestling fans why do u have no life?
  491. What is world wrestling entertainment ?
  492. whats the last real good live wwe event you went to?
  493. who had the best smackdown?
  494. John Cena Identity.......?
  495. John Cena vs Goldberg who will win?
  496. Who face John cena in money in Bank ?
  497. What is cover of wwe2k14 ?
  498. What do you think of Taz saying he doesn't trust anyone who wears a mask?
  499. Do you agree with Taz were the Main Event Mafia wearing cheap suits?
  500. What do you think Of Velvet Sky crying?