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  1. Why doesn't TNA have a replay show like they use too?
  2. Why is the wrestling section so Dead without me?
  3. Anybody notice the commentary from Tenay & Borash?
  4. Are you relieved that Impact Wrestling won't be sued by Bully Ray?
  5. If there was a case of "Bully Ray v Impact Wrestling", would the trial be shown on TV?
  6. Stacy Keibler Being paired with Daniel bryan if she returns?
  7. Can Impact Wrestling afford to have a lawsuit filed against them?
  8. Is Jeff Hardy a krump dancer?
  9. Why did WWE throw Drew Mcintyre to the curb?
  10. Can anyone catch me up on WWE ?
  11. What do you think the Wrestlemania XXX card should look like?
  12. Is The Vital Witness the Y!A version of Hannah Montana?
  13. Do you think Vince McMahon or Triple H laughed that TNA may face a lawsuit from Bully Ray?
  14. Why doesn't CM Punk do the Pepsi Plunge anymore?
  15. If you could go back in the past and...?
  16. Why do people hate Cena so much?
  17. And people wonder why the will TNA go out of business jokes exist?
  18. Is ROHPunk the Y!A Version of Scooby-Doo?
  19. Has Jeremy Borash seen AJ Styles wrestle more times than anyone on this planet?
  20. Is Big E Langston the WWE version of Popeye the Sailor?
  21. Since The Miz is the host of Summerslam, will he get involved in any matches?
  22. Do you think Olympics should or shouldn't band wrestling from there choice of sport?
  23. What do you think of Jeremy Borash being at Mickie James' concert?
  24. How many wrestling games do you have? and what are they called?
  25. What do you think of Christopher Daniels never beaten Samoa Joe?
  26. Good job TNA??????????????
  27. Where is Taz? Does he make his own schedule as to when to show up in TNA?
  28. Is AJ Lee the WWE version of Olive Oyl?
  29. WWE vs The Rest ....?
  30. Can you guys tell me what current storylines are going on in TNA right now?
  31. Do you think Mickie James wearing the TNA Knockout Championship at her concert too much?
  32. If the rock and the undertaker return in 2014, Who will be their opponnents?
  33. Why did Randy Orton call himself "The Legend Killer"?
  34. Why is Trent Barreta a jobber on TNA?
  35. What WWE/WWF/WCW Superstar deserves a three disc collection?
  36. Who didn't see this Chris Sabin being stripped of the title thing coming from a mile away?
  37. That old......weird sounding Kevin Nash right?
  38. What is this thing about Kevin Nash tearing his quad again as Bully Ray's lawyer?
  39. Why is Velvet Sky so hot?
  40. Did Chris Sabin have the best wrestling match in his career against Bully Ray?
  41. Is it a real sign TNA is in trouble now that Dixie Carter has had to issue a public statement?
  42. Do you believe Sting when he said last week was his best day in his career?
  43. Do you hate Cookie Puss?
  44. Do you think Velvet Sky made a mistake letting Mickie James know she was injured?
  45. What is former WWF President Jack Tunney doing in TNA?
  46. Who is the better female ref?
  47. Why watch Wrestling when you kinda know it's fake?
  48. What if vince brought back wcw nitro instead of ecw?
  49. Why hasn't Kassius OhNo been on The main roster yet?
  50. If Zeb Colter hates immigrants than why has he aligned himself with Antonio Cesaro who is from
  51. Who else thinks aj lee is the hottest diva in the wwe?
  52. Is Big Show a good rapper?
  53. Fake wrestling is watch it why do you?
  54. Do you think Chris Sabin should hire Joseph Park as his attorney?
  55. OMG OMG How many moonsaults can Daniels do?
  56. WWE : Who want Brock to beat punk real bad?BQ?
  57. Who thinks Vickie Guerrero should be inducted into the WWE hall of fame one day?
  58. Who is the old wrestler with the snake?
  59. WWE is looking for an African American babyface to lead the company alongside Cena, who do you...
  60. Who should main event Summer Slam John Cena & Daniel Bryan or CM Punk & Brock Lesnar?
  61. *Spoiler alert* Christian is the #1 contender for the WHC?
  62. WWE is real and UFC is fake ?
  63. Agree/Disagree, these superstars should be inducted to the Hall of Fame?
  64. Who is the most hated WS user currently?
  65. If you could book a WWE/TNA crossover ppv, what would the card be?
  66. How long did Batista LAST in MMA?
  67. Do you think CM Punk is going to defeat Bork Lazer at Summerslam?
  68. Who would win between QuagMire,Cleveland,and Peter Griffin Vs The Shield?
  69. Why is CM Punk,AJ Lee,and ROHPunk better than all of you?
  70. which 3 wrestlers do you think might return to the wwe in 2014?
  71. AJ Lee's character obviously has trouble with men, should she try girls?
  72. Possibilities of RVD going heel soon?
  73. WRESTLING : Why is MR McMahan so attracted to big men?
  74. Does The Rock make a good sandwich?
  75. How come Abdullah The Butcher Never went to WWF/E?
  76. WRESTLING : Who is a better well skilled wrestler, SWAGGER or CESARO?
  77. Why is Sheamus called "The Great White"?
  78. WRESTLING : Who will be our next WHC after alberto in your opinion?
  79. WRESTLING : Like RVD, who else would you like to see return to WWE?
  80. Besides Cena, who would you most want to see go against Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX?
  81. Is it true that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan shouldn't have never made it to the WWE?
  82. Is Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk Just Like Hulk Vs Wolverine?
  83. Isnt wrestling star tazz funny but pathetic?
  84. Good wrestling/ring name?
  85. Could WWE's current roster produce edgier product?
  86. Who are the trolls on WS that you wish were gone?
  87. Are all CM Punk fans crazy like these fans?
  88. What's The Worst WWE Finisher To Date?
  89. Why are Jack Swagger & AJ Styles both going for the "I don't groom" look?
  90. Is Fandango the WWE version of Chazz Michael Michaels?
  91. Isn't it sad that CM Punk fans wished death on Paul Heyman when Punk got owned by Heyman?
  92. Who's the most talented WWE Diva?
  93. Why do you people in the wrestling section dislike me?
  94. Did they have Alister Overeem face Anderson Siliva?
  95. what can I expect in the Wrestling Section (I'm new)?
  96. why did JR stop going on commentary?
  97. who is your favorite wwe wrestler?
  98. If you were a wrestler, what would your height and weight be billed as?
  99. Can someone explain Big Show's "Iron Clad Contract" please?
  100. what is the best gimmick for John Cena Heel Turn?
  101. How come The Great Khali never uses the Khali vice grip or the claw anymore?
  102. who is your least favorite WWE wrestler?
  103. Why do they keep saying Damien Sandow betrayed Cody Rhodes at MITB? It was every man for himself!?
  104. Do you agree that Amanda should leave this section?
  105. Is TNA the current version of WCW?
  106. Is TNA better than WWE?
  107. Do you like Ryback????????????
  108. what is the best theme song?
  109. Is CM Punk overrated?
  110. what is your favorite wwe moment?
  111. What is "YOU On Demand"? I know Shane McMahon became CEO and Chairman of it after he Quit WWE?
  112. Which divas wear red lipstick the most?
  113. Agree or disagree: the shockmaster is the best gimmick of all time?
  114. Does Orton vs Bryan for title now look more likely?
  115. Which of these Incarnations of D-Generation X do you like better?
  116. Who do you think are the top 10 wrestlers in TNA?
  117. Who do you think is a better wrestler Christian or Randy Orton?
  118. Eric Bischoff the new creative head for TNA: Your thoughts?
  119. Is this the year Daniel Bryan earns a five-star match from Dave Metzler?
  120. How did Ryback change from VERY STRONG to WEAK?
  121. Who was your favorite nexus member?
  122. Who has played the best heel since the PG Era started?
  123. Where are the Smackdown Spoilers?
  124. What do you think about my SummerSlam predictions?
  125. A couple wwe questions?
  126. Remember when people would say Daniel Bryan reminded them of Chris Benoit?
  127. Tna vs wwe, wrestleforglory ppv?
  128. Why do adult male wrestling fans hate John Cena but NOT Triple H?
  129. Are CM Punk fans emo?
  130. WWE Dream Matches : I think It Would?
  131. Did you know?One year ago AJ was named new GM and CM Punk owned Raw 1000 and Turned Heel?
  132. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010?
  133. What wwe divas have posed for playboy?
  134. Have you noticed that The Wyatt family are in the movie "Your Next"?
  135. what do you think of Sin Cara?
  136. How did Donald Trump and Mike Tyson make it to the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  137. Has randy orton ever beaten mark henry?
  138. WRESTLING : HONESTLY, did the rock ever taken steroids before?
  139. Why did WWE Turn Awesome Heels into Faces?
  140. Do you think pro wrestlers wear lifts in their boots I wonder if some have 4inch lifts
  141. Alex Riley still works for the WWE?
  142. Find out this ex wwe superstar?
  143. What's a WWE match that you would love to see but has never happened?
  144. Why is this the case in the WWE?
  145. What all happened on Raw this week? I missed it?
  146. Wrestling news world premium account?
  147. Can DB actually win the WWE Championship?
  148. Did you laugh when the wrestling legend Ryback buried Daniel Bryan?
  149. When you look at John Cena what do you see?
  150. Have you seen the new X Division Title?
  151. So is Big Show returning on Friday or something?
  152. Big Show is gonna save Daniel Bryan and feud with Ryback?
  153. Is the Wyatt Family gonna come out?(WWE)?
  154. Do you like the new guys on the wwe ( The Wyatt Family) ?
  155. why does an amazing athlete like daniel bryan waste his time rasslin when he could be a great...
  156. which wwe superstar could be undefeated in tna? and which tna superstar could be undefeated in wwe?
  157. Can anyone recommend any good wrestling blogs?
  158. why did you watch rasslin tonight when you knew it was going to be fake and gay?
  159. What's your favorite ppv theme song so far?
  160. Is Zack Ryder better than Andre the Giant?
  161. Which of these are your favorite NWA/WCW Starrcade matches?
  162. Do you still watch WWE Main Event?
  163. Do you defend John Cena when people claim he destroyed the WWE?
  164. Why is people so shocked with the Bella's nip slip?
  165. Was Teddy Long holding the bag of Smackdown and now the bag is running Smackdown?
  166. What do you think of Dolph Ziggler and JBL having something in common, all their exes are in Texas?
  167. Is The Miz getting lazy at hosting "Miz TV"?
  168. Was Booker T vacationing on his La-Z-Boy couch while Teddy Long was on vacation?
  169. Do you think Jerry Lawler was looking at Eva Marie in a wrong way?
  170. Who is going to win, Dolph Ziggler or Big E?
  171. If Ryback hates average does he hate himself?
  172. What happened on WWE Raw wrestling tonight?
  173. WWE Live events the same?
  174. Who would be the best candidate to replace CM Punk in Paul Heyman's stable?
  175. How useless was the Miz TV with the cast of "Total Divas"?
  176. do you think ANY of the TNA wrestlers can beat THE UNDERTAKER?
  177. Who thinks Cena will come out at the end to help Daniel Bryan?
  178. Why did wwe lie about the coming back of the big show?
  179. How would you rank these 4 wrestlers from best to worst?
  180. Why does Eva Marie sound like a adult film star name?
  181. Everyone is Top Contributor now, what should we do?
  182. Who should be the New Face of WWE?
  183. Do you think "Brad Maddox" is alright at being a GM?
  184. How do i learn wrestling?
  185. Names for a wrestling brand/company?
  186. Do you think the RAW taping for next week is gonna suck?
  187. Is Jerry turned on by their Puppies?
  188. Will Vince McMahon buy tna?
  189. Bound for Glory: Is TNA Mimicking WWE's WrestleMania?
  190. How Does The Point System Works In TNA?
  191. What wwe divas have had nip slips/wardrobe malfunctions?
  192. Dang Antonio Cesaro very impressive tonight?
  193. I'm shell-shocked!!!!!?
  194. Wrestling legend Ryback is dead?
  195. WWE Fans, was Booker T and Teddy Long been thrown out of Smackdown before Vickie Guerrero...
  197. will Big show interfer and beat up ryback?
  198. Do you think Daniel Bryan is mad at John Cena?
  199. Do you think Daniel Bryan Is a Shawn Michaels Replacement?
  200. Anyone else see the nip slip from one of the bella's (Forgot which one)?
  201. Where is the wrestling legend Ryback tonight?
  202. Guys it's FanDIEGO Birthday ChaChaLaLa?
  203. how will we celebrate HBK's birthday?
  204. Why is Mitchell Cole so annoying on Commentary?
  205. do you feel a Booker T vs Taggy Long at SummerSlam?
  206. Do you Jim ross is mad that fan chanted Oklahoma sucks?
  207. Hunter Hearst Helmsley is so annoying?
  208. Why is DZ facing jobbers like Darren Young?
  209. are you excited that Phillip brooks aka CM Punk is here?
  210. Are you suprised that FanDannyDevito Lost to Cody rhodes?
  211. How much do seats directly in front of the ring cost?
  212. is AJ Lee And Big E the WWE Version of Beauty and the beast?
  213. how can i watch raw live for free, answer quick please, 10 POINTS for the first WORKING website?
  214. When did the Prime Time Players become WWE's top jobbers?
  215. How many of the WS users downloaded the WWE App?
  216. Will Big Show be one of Daniel Bryans opponents?
  217. Who is the best heel in WWE right now?
  218. AJ Lee VS new diva Jojo Circus who wins?
  219. Kestion about wwe championships backplate?
  220. Is anyone else ready for a wrestler to tell Cole no one cares what network they are on
  221. So this is what the divas division has come to?
  222. Who do you think are the top 10 wrestlers in WWE?
  223. Who is your favorite wwe diva?
  224. Do you think AJ is jealous of Big E.'s boobs?
  225. Wut Da Hell....!!!!!!!?
  226. Who's interrupting this match?
  227. Should I take a "We've Cena nuff" sign to the next RAW that comes here?
  228. How will wwe celebrate Faandaagooos Birthday?
  229. Is this the start of a Teddy Long heel turn?
  230. Why do people hate Bo Dallas so much?
  231. Should WWE bring back the cruiserweight title?
  232. John Cena is a demon worshipper.?
  233. Sandow won't be cashing in....?
  234. picking a fight with disabled people? is this a good way to get recognised and to then go into
  235. Anyone else tired of everyone booing Cena?
  236. Why is WWE so boring now compared to the 90s?
  237. How do you feel about the Miz hosting summerslam?
  238. I'm the first Top Contributor to be on Level 2 Y!A Points System (Greatest Heel in WS)?
  239. Why does AJ Lee suck?(in both ways)?
  240. kane vs abyss who would win sting vs undertaker who would win?
  241. Is this the reason why Ryback is a legend?
  242. WWE: What current mid card superstar deserves a main event push the most? And why?
  243. Aj styles better then austin aries?
  244. Is it true that Over The Limit is now called Battle Ground?
  245. What kind of wwe diva would you like to see?
  246. Do you think The Shield actually have backstage heat?
  247. Did Evan Bourne fall into a black hole?
  248. Which WWE Diva do I resemble past or present?
  249. Did ''Did I do dat'' just say he was the greatest WS heel?
  250. I'm always so fucking hungry!?
  251. Who were the 3 special guest referee's at Cyber Sunday 2008?
  252. Wich wrestlers theme song do you like the most (CURRNET and OLD)?
  253. When Big Show returns, who will he feud with?
  254. Would you like to see a scene/emo/punk/rockstar type diva?
  255. Wrestlemania 30 Dream Card, Is it Realistic and would you buy it?
  256. Aj lee gifs? who ever gives me the most gets best answer!?
  257. I want to ask a serious question. no hate please.?
  258. Who do you think will win this?
  259. What Main Event Would You Rather See At Wrestlemania?
  260. Will Damien Sandow be the one to cash in the money in the bank briefcase?
  261. Blah blah where is Senor Booker?
  262. Wrestling : TNA wrestling?
  263. which signiture move do you think is the best out of those two?
  264. Anybody else ever called 1-800-Knees2Faces?
  265. Will WWE ever be TV 14 again?
  266. why do the greatest wrestlers dont have lyrics in their theme song?
  267. Is it weird that i love Tom Hardy?
  268. The WWE divas are in shambles?
  269. Who won the wwe champainship at money in the bank?
  270. One of Takers best moments?
  271. Should Bryan vs Cena or Lensar vs Punk main event Summerslam?
  272. Who will be more successful?
  273. What do you think will be the biggest surprise in Monday Night Raw?
  274. Will the assholes in wrestling talk about real wrestling?
  275. What Handicap match In Wwe Do You Want To See The Most?
  276. What is going on with the WWE right now?
  277. why is fare to do this to sheamus?
  278. why did wwe do this to randy?
  279. what do you think of paul heyman?
  280. is wwe fake? or is it real?
  281. is curtis axel a heel or a face?
  282. Does Justin Gabriel remind anyone else of a Ken doll?
  283. Why cant people get it through their thick skulls?
  284. Ric Flair from Dynasty to Tragedy?
  285. When Obama takes a dump, what angle does he lean forward at?
  286. What kind of name is "Kassius Ohno"?
  287. What Do You Think Of The Big Show Coming Back To Monday Night Raw------ With A New Theme Song?
  288. Why did Zeb take my tweet to heart and block me?
  289. How does a Wrestler make that thumping Sound when he hits the enziguri?
  290. Which tna guy would you like to see jericho face?
  291. Team Attitude vs Team Golden: Who Would win 6 man tag team match?
  292. Would Ryback gain anything from joining the Wyatt Family?
  293. Is it fair for Undertaker to sit out a whole year and come back and make a younger hard worker job
  294. Push, fire and keep, wwe and tna?
  295. Do you think that Natalya from WWE looks like this girl?
  296. Was it fair for the Rock to come back and end CM Punks epic title reign?
  297. What titles/championships still have "meaning" right now?
  298. Any Footage Of Owen Harts Death?
  299. How too become a wwe diva?
  300. Who wins the match between....?
  301. Why does Zack Ryder have fans?
  302. Do you think Dean Ambrose would fit in The Wyatt Family ?
  303. CM Punk seems to be more overrated than John Cena?
  304. Why does everyone hate John cena?
  305. Do you think Brock Lesnar would be more over with the crowd if he had the Kenny Shamrock gimmick?
  306. If WWE sucks so bad why are they still selling out arenas?
  307. If you could bring back one WWE ppv, what would it be?
  308. If The Ultimate Warrior were to enter the WWE HoF who would induct him?
  309. Scenario 2: What would you do if...?
  310. Randy Orton 2008 or Randy Orton 2009-Which year of Orton did you like better?
  311. When is the last time WWF/WWE held a Pay Per View event in Pittsburgh, PA?
  312. Does Cm Punks breath smell bad?
  313. Push one, keep one, fire one, and make a jobber?
  314. Are you a real American?
  315. is batista set to make a return to wwe and where has evan bourne and big show?
  316. is sting going to wwe?
  317. Who Are You're Top 5 WWE Superstars? And Why?
  318. whos AJ's next Boyfriend?
  319. Which dream match would you rather see Sting vs Undertaker or HBK vs The Rock at WM?
  320. Which would you rather see a HBK & HHH comedy movie or a WWE comedy movie?
  321. Do You Think vickie guerrero Deserves To Be The Genereal Manager Of SMACKDOWN?
  322. Who is better wrestler ryback or ryback?
  323. Did you love the wrestlemania 20 match HBK VS Triple H vs Ben-Stevie Richards?
  324. Have you ever had JR's BBQ?
  325. Does any one have any aj lee gifs?
  326. Keep One,Fire one,Push one?
  327. When is UFC, How many times a week is it, what day, and what time? PLEASE ANSWER IN FULL DETAILS?
  328. Should I even try? Wrestling?
  329. Is Big E Langston a Bobby Lashley wanna be?
  330. Keep One,Fire one,Push one,Jobber one?
  331. What if that Diva show is a total flop?
  332. Why aren't there more users using TNA avatars in this Section?
  333. Who is better wrestler stone cold steve austin or john cena?
  334. Scenario: What would you do if...?
  335. What superstars on the current roster got "depushed"?
  336. After his likely match with Ziggler at SS, what's next for Big E. Langston?
  337. Scenario 2: What would you do if...?
  338. Which is better wrestler undertaker or the rock?
  339. Will Dixie Carter rehire Doc?
  340. Did everyone hear about the exciting news in TNA, New World Heavyweight Champion, and New...
  341. Do you thing aj lee has a big butt?
  342. Whose the best TNA star of all time?
  343. Why do I puke every time I see Cm punk wrestle?
  344. Who is the hottest divas in wwe right now?
  345. Summerslam 2013 question?
  346. Rate my summerslam card?
  347. Push one, keep one, fire one, and make a jobber?
  348. Isn't Cena technically a heel?
  349. Who was the last WWE wrestler to win the main title fight recently?
  350. Should the wrestling legend ryback shake his a$$ like dolph Ziggler?
  351. Is Zeb Colter the WWE version of Yosemite Sam?
  352. Who's left for John Cena to fight?
  353. Rachel Jeantel VS The Great Khali in a speaking contest who wins?
  354. Why Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar won't work?
  355. Will the wrestling god ryback beat the streak at wrestle mania?
  356. Who do you think would win between Cm Punk and RVD if they faced each other today?
  357. Would WWE sticking a mid card on Ryback benefit anyone?
  358. Could Titus O'Neil be a main eventer?
  359. Is Kane being set up to join the Wyatt Family?
  360. Does Alex Riley deserve to be back on the main roster?
  361. Will Paul London or Brian Kendrick Return to WWE/TNA any news on them about WWE/TNA?
  362. I heard Evan Bourne was returning a while back, was that scrapped?
  363. Is CM Punk more popular than Jericho ever was?
  364. Keep one push one fire one?
  365. How bad of shape is TNA in?
  366. Why is RVD wearing Ryback's tights?
  367. I think most wwe superstars take acting classes what do u think?
  368. Is this the first time Cody Rhodes has ever been a face?
  369. Why is Vickie mad at Brad Maddox?
  370. Would Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode(Selfish Generation) make a great team?
  371. Where is Sheamus?????????
  372. Did anyone see Eva Marie tell Fandango "I think you need me" on the Total Divas commercial?
  373. Is anyone else really surprised that John Cena would date a bully like Nikki Bella?
  374. What do you think was Eve's reaction when she saw Booker T and Teddy Long have been fired...
  375. If you were Paul Heyman, would you be nervous if CM Punk threatened you but you had Brock
  376. How do you feel about Paul Heyman swearing on his kids and yet he still lied?
  377. Since Big E.Langston kissed AJ Lee's forehead, will she be able to sleep tonight?
  378. What was more disturbing: Mark Henry using his family to "retire" or Heyman swearing on his kids?
  379. Now that Booker T has no job in WWE, will he consider going back to TNA and maybe join the...
  380. Your thoughts on John Cena telling Nikki Bella it's difficult to talk while staring at her boobs?
  381. Which slap hurt more Vickie Guerrero's or Kaitlyn's?
  382. Does anyone else think Big E.Langston would be stupid to date AJ Lee?
  383. Do you think it was a smart idea for The Miz not to ask Paul Heyman any questions?
  384. What do you think about John Cena's response to Nikki Bella when she asked about marriage?
  385. Which dream fued would you like to see?
  386. Do you think Big E. Langston was scared AJ Lee doesn't like black guys?
  387. Are you going to watch Total Divas? If you are, will you get on Yahoo Answers during the show?
  388. Why didn't Booker T Scissor Kick Vince McMahon on Smackdown?
  389. Did you see Booker T's eyes when Vince McMahon said the GM of Smackdown was Vickie Guerrero?
  390. Do you think Booker T has called Sharmell and told her he now has no job?
  391. If John Cena had chosen to face Yoshi Tatsu or Hornswoggle at Summerslam, would the match have...
  392. What do you think of JBL saying if he was John Cena he would've chosen Hornswoggle or Yoshi Tatsu?
  393. So a match Booker T made (Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton) will take place on Smackdown?
  394. Now that Booker T is no longer Smackdown GM, anyone want to see him return to commentary?
  395. Was anyone else glad to see Teddy Long get escorted out of the building?
  396. would you like to be in?
  397. Would you want to be protector of the Money In The Bank Case?
  399. Cm Punk vs Daniel Bryan?
  400. Wrestling fans does this make you laugh?
  401. What are you guys finding the feud between Brock Lesnar and CM Punk?
  402. Garrett Bischoff vs his cousin Eugene?
  403. Is Sting going to the WWE after his K runs out?
  404. Will Kurt Angle join Aces and 8's?
  405. Don't you hate when people don't give you RESPECT?
  406. Will WWE buy out TNA down the road?
  407. I'm 57 Years Old why am I still watching WWE?
  408. who had the best night on smackdown?
  409. who had the worst night on smackdown?
  410. Isnt is sad how wrestling is a joke now compared to how it was during the Attitude Era?
  411. Remember when Daniel Bryan made Randy Orton tap out?
  412. Mark Henry didnt do so good during his first face? Why is he turning face again?
  413. What would be a cool name for a championship belt?
  414. When are these wrestlers coming back to WWE?
  415. Chris Jericho gonna lose as usual?
  416. Who's your favorite wwe wrestler and why?
  417. What is the point of Total Divas?
  418. Anyone else think it's pathetic that some guy made three Ryback accounts just to troll?
  419. Sabin vs aries or sabin vs styles or sabin vs magnus at bfg ppv for the belt?
  420. Which WWE, WWF or WCW wrestler had the best intro theme song?
  421. Remember when CM Punk beat Orton cleanly?
  422. do you like BIGLee(AJ And Langston couple name)?
  423. Is Ryback a Bald Steroid wrestler?
  424. Is Seņor Booker the Y!A Version of Bugs Bunny?
  425. Should we petition Vince McMahon to let Booker T be GM Again?
  426. Has a person from the audience been injured by the chairs and other objects that the wrestlers
  427. Seņor Bookers vs the Ryback accounts, which group do you think is worse at trolling?
  428. is john cena white or black?
  429. Would you look at Nikki Boobs too if you were John Cena?
  430. your thoughts on Damien Sandow?
  431. should tna invest in Strickland propane?
  432. should kane return with a propane gimmick?
  433. Ouch Vickie guerrero just B*tch Slapped Brad Maddox?
  434. do the wyatts use propane for their lantern?
  435. could bill,dale and boomhauer beat the shield?
  436. Could bill,dale and boomhauer beat the wyatt family?
  438. Triple Threat All Era's Kane vs Kane vs Kane?
  439. Do you wiish Titus O'neil would shut that Whistle up?
  440. did you like the way chris sabin used a propane tank to win the title?
  441. WWF/E Careers vs WCW Careers?
  442. Can an extreme pro wrestling promoion succeed today as ECW once did?
  443. Breaking live report....Professional WWE superstar, Fandago was cut from Americas Got Talent?
  444. Best tna wrestling coverage site?
  445. If you were to replace 5 WWE mainroster stars with NXT stars who would the superstars be?
  446. What do you people who think the WWE is real wrestling think about the recent leaks of matches?
  447. Should The Miz stay face or go back heel?
  448. Interesting coincidence with Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel?
  449. Should recently released TNA and WWE wrestlers sign with Ring Of Honor?
  450. Why wasn't Tazz on TNA Impact last night?
  451. Was remasking Kane worth it or did they make him look even more pathetic?
  452. Is Kane going to join the Wyatt's?
  453. What skin colour is Dave Batista?
  454. Which WWE Theme Is Best Out Of?
  455. Do you see the line in the sand?
  456. Why is Dean Ambrose on TNA?
  457. Would Wrestlemania 30 be better then WM17?
  458. Breaking News Alberto Del Rio is a undercover drug lord.?
  459. TNA: Old Main Event Mafia vs. New Main Event Mafia: What do you prefer better?
  460. Do you think del rio deserves the title run?
  461. 5 WWE Superstars who need a Song Change?
  462. When Edge returns to raw this monday.....whats he doin?
  463. did randy orton really get a divorce?
  464. Why was I so happy when Chris Benoit died?
  465. Who are some wrestlers that have been released in the past few years that you wish weren't released?
  466. Why did Bobby Roode had to break Jeremy Borash's laptop?
  467. Do you think Taz was the one driving the truck Bully Ray put Kurt Angle in?
  468. Do you think Mike Tenay regrets saying he didn't think Chris Sabin could beat Bully Ray?
  469. Was anyone else excited to see LAX backstage?
  470. What was the truck that Aces and Eights put Kurt Angle on during Impact Wrestling tonight?
  471. Did you enjoy TNA with or without Taz's bias commentary tonight at Destination X?
  472. hey Trent Baretta you wanna change your name?
  473. What do you think of Mike Tenay saying he's never seen that look in Chris Sabin's eyes?
  474. How nervous do you think Chris Sabin is right now before he goes for the TNA World Title?
  475. Who is/was the bigger underdog: John Cena at WrestleMania 29 or Chris Sabin tonight at
  476. Anyone else worried about where Aces and Eights may take Kurt Angle?
  477. What do you think Aces And Eights will offer Kurt Angle?
  478. Will you tell your kids about how Mickie James turned Music City to "Mickie City"?
  479. Is anyone else disappointed Sonjay Dutt won the Triple Threat X Division match?
  480. Is Chris Sabin beating Bully Ray at Destination X the greatest upset in TNA History?
  481. What do you think of Chris Sabin winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship?
  482. Now that Chris Sabin is TNA World Champion, will the Knockouts want to date him?
  483. Why can't pro wrestlers wear coats, jackets, capes, vests and robes while they fight in the ring?
  484. WWE Trivia Game #1?!?
  485. How many followers does Dixie Carter have?
  487. What do you think of Doc turning in his colors because he was angry Mr. Anderson got voted VP?
  488. If wwe wrestling was real what would happen?
  489. Sabin vs bully ray for the world title in a cage match at hardcore justice on impact in august?
  490. Is the Main Event Mafia overrated?
  491. who agrees ryback is a steroid freak and no talent bum who dies young?
  492. All hail new world champ sabin?
  493. Sabin vs bully ray for the world title in a cage match at hardcore justice on impact in august?
  494. Who is your favourite superstar in wwe today?
  495. The Ultimate WrestleMania Dream Card?
  496. Is the PG era coming to an end, or is the WWE slightly improving?
  497. WWE Summerslam 2013 Match Card Predictions?
  500. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is fake?